List of World Heritage Sites in Israel

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This is a list of World Heritage Sites in Israel with properties of cultural and natural heritage as inscribed in UNESCO's World Heritage List or on the country's tentative list.

The list includes ten sites within the State of Israel.

World Heritage Sites[edit]

The table is sortable by column by clicking on the Sort both.gif at the top of the appropriate column; alphanumerically for the site, area, and year columns; by state party for the location column; and by criteria type for the criteria column. Transborder sites sort at the bottom.
Site; named after the World Heritage Committee's official designation[1]
Location; at city, regional, or provincial level and geocoordinates
Criteria; as defined by the World Heritage Committee[2]
Area; in hectares and acres. If available, the size of the buffer zone has been noted as well. A value of zero implies that no data has been published by UNESCO
Year; during which the site was inscribed to the World Heritage List
Description; brief information about the site, including reasons for qualifying as an endangered site, if applicable

World Heritage Sites located in Israel[edit]

Site Image Location Criteria Area
ha (acre)
Year Description Refs
Bahá’i Holy Places in Haifa and the Western Galilee Large white buildings in a landscape garden. Haifa District and Northern District
32°49′46″N 34°58′18″E / 32.82944°N 34.97167°E / 32.82944; 34.97167 (Bahá’i Holy Places in Haifa and the Western Galilee)
63 (160); buffer zone 255 (630) 2008 [3]
Biblical Tels: Megiddo, Hazor, Beer Sheva Ruins of building consisting of low walls of unhewn stones. Northern District and Negev
32°35′50″N 35°10′56″E / 32.59722°N 35.18222°E / 32.59722; 35.18222 (Biblical Tels–Megiddo, Hazor, Beer Sheba)
96 (240); buffer zone 604 (1,490) 2005 [4]
Incense Route – Desert Cities in the Negev Ruins of buildings in a desert. Negev
30°32′28″N 35°9′39″E / 30.54111°N 35.16083°E / 30.54111; 35.16083 (Incense Route – Desert Cities in the Negev)
2005 [5]
Masada Ruins of a building made of unhewn stones. Southern District
31°18′49″N 35°21′10″E / 31.31361°N 35.35278°E / 31.31361; 35.35278 (Masada)
276 (680); buffer zone 28,965 (71,570) 2001 [6]
Old City of Acre A fortress or a tower of a fortification. Western Galilee
32°55′42″N 35°5′2″E / 32.92833°N 35.08389°E / 32.92833; 35.08389 (Old City of Acre)
63 (160) 2001 [7]
White City of Tel Aviv—the Modern Movement White modern building. Tel Aviv
32°4′0″N 34°47′0″E / 32.06667°N 34.78333°E / 32.06667; 34.78333 (White City of Tel-Aviv – the Modern Movement)
140 (350); buffer zone 197 (490) 2003 [8]
Sites of Human Evolution at Mount Carmel: The Nahal Me’arot / Wadi el-Mughara Caves Tabun-jamal-elWad caves.jpg Mount Carmel
32°40′12″N 34°57′55″E / 32.67000°N 34.96528°E / 32.67000; 34.96528 (Sites of Human Evolution at Mount Carmel: The Nahal Me’arot / Wadi el-Mughara Caves)
54 (130); buffer zone 370 (910) 2012 [9]
Caves of Maresha and Beit Guvrin in the Judean Lowlands as a Microcosm of the Land of the Caves Beit Guvrin 1.JPG Southern District
31°36′0″N 34°53′44″E / 31.60000°N 34.89556°E / 31.60000; 34.89556 (Caves of Maresha and Bet-Guvrin)
259 (640) 2014 [10]
Necropolis of Beit She’arim: A Landmark of Jewish Renewal Cave of coffins.jpg Haifa District
32°42′8″N 35°7′37″E / 32.70222°N 35.12694°E / 32.70222; 35.12694 (Necropolis of Bet She’arim)
12 (30); buffer zone 64 (160) 2015 [11]

List of properties in the tentative list[edit]

In addition to sites inscribed on the World Heritage List, member states can maintain a list of tentative sites that they may consider for nomination. Nominations for the World Heritage List are only accepted if the site was previously listed on the tentative list.[12] As of 2015, Israel recorded 18 sites on its tentative list. The sites, along with the year they were included on the tentative list are:[13]

Site Image Location Criteria Year
Triple-arch Gate at Dan & Sources of the Jordan PikiWiki Israel 43948 TEL DAN.JPG Northern District Mixed:
Early Synagogues in the Galilee ויקיפדיה אוהבת אתרי מורשת 2014 - אתרי עתיקות בצפון הארץ - גוש חלב (2).JPG Northern District Cultural:
The Galilee Journeys of Jesus & the Apostles Israel Tiberias3 tango7174.jpg Northern District Cultural:
Sea of Galilee & its Ancient Sites TiberiasNorthward.jpg Northern District Mixed 2000
Khirbat al-Minya Hurvat-Minim-50.jpg Northern District Cultural:
Mount Arbel (Arbel, Nabi Shuayb, Horns of Hattin) Mount-Arbel-049.jpg Northern District Mixed 2000
Degania Alef & Nahalal PikiWiki Israel 4368 delonix regia.jpg Northern District Cultural:
Beit Shean Roman street in Bet She'an National Park, Israel.jpg Northern District Cultural:
Caesarea Maritima Caesarea maritima (DerHexer) 2011-08-02 098.jpg Haifa District Cultural:
White Mosque of Ramla רמלה המסגד הלבן.JPG Central District Cultural:
Jerusalem (extension) MtZion from Abu Tor.jpg Jerusalem District Cultural:
Mount Karkom Southern District Cultural:
Timna Valley Timna 7.JPG Southern District Mixed 2000
The Crusader Fortresses מבצר מונפורט בזריחה.JPG Various districts Cultural:
Makhteshim Country Har 'Arif Makhtesh 041014.jpg Southern District Mixed 2001
The Great Rift Valley – Migratory Routes – Hula Valley Hulah Valley, Israel, Buffalo.jpg Northern District Natural 2004
Lifta (Mey Naftoah) – Traditional Mountain Village Lifta9.JPG Jerusalem District Cultural:
Ein Kerem, a Village & its Cultural Landscape EinkaremvillageC.jpg Jerusalem District Cultural:

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