List of World Heritage Sites in Luxembourg

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Location of UNESCO World Heritage Site in Luxembourg.

Luxembourg has only UNESCO World Heritage Site and a further one on the tentative list.

World Heritage Site[edit]

Name Image Location Date UNESCO data Description
City of Luxembourg: its Old Quarters and Fortifications Luxembourg City Night Wikimedia Commons.jpg Luxembourg, Luxembourg 16th century-1867 699; 1994; iv The fortifications of Luxembourg were regarded as some of the most impressive in Europe, giving it the nickname "The Gibraltar of the North."[1]

Tentative list[edit]

The tentative list is an inventory of important heritage and natural sites that a country is considering for inscription on the World Heritage List, thereby becoming World Heritage Sites. The tentative list can be updated at any time, but inclusion on the list is a prerequisite to being considered for inscription within a five- to ten-year period.[2]

  1. The Town and Castle of Vianden, Diekirch[3]


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