List of World War II aces from Belgium

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Raymond "Cheval" Lallemant, pictured in July 1944

This is a list of fighter aces in World War II from Belgium. For other countries, see: List of World War II aces by country.


Name Kills Awards Notes
Balasse, Maurice Arthur Leon 8 KIA 23 January 1945
Boussa, Lucien Adolphe 7


Name Kills Awards Notes
Detal, Charles Firmin Joseph 7 KIA 23 March 1944


Name Kills Awards Notes
de Hemricourt de Grunne, Rodolphe Ghislain Charles ♣ KIA 25 May 1941 [1]


Name Kills Awards Notes
Lallemant, Raymond/Ramond A "Cheval" 6 DFC & bar
Le Roy du Vivier, Daniel Albert Raymond 5
Van Lierde, Remi/Remy "Manu" "Mony" 50 (6 aircraft, 44 V1's) DFC & 2 bars


Name Kills Awards Notes
de Moulin, Charles Joseph V G 5
du Monceau de Bergandel, Yves Georges 'Miss' 8


Name Kills Awards Notes
Offenberg, Jean Henri Marie "Pyker" 7 DFC ♣ KIA 22 January 1942 [2]
Ortmanns, Victor Marcel M "Vicky" 7 ♣ POW 1941, KIFA 8 August 1950


Name Kills Awards Notes
Philippart, Jacques Arthur Laurent 6 ♣ KIA 25 August 1940
Plisnier, André Marie Alfred "Plis" 6


Name Kills Awards Notes
Venesoen, François Auguste "Sus" 5 DFC ♣ KIA 6 June 1944 [3]


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