List of World War II weapons of Germany

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This is a list of air and land weapons used by Germany during World War II.

Weapons by popular name[edit]

Few German weapons of World War II were given popular names, and those that were recognized officially as such numbered even fewer.

  • Flakvierling: A concatenation of the official type designation for the four-barrel 20 mm antiaircraft cannon.
  • Panzerfaust: A German weapon which went only by its name and not a traditional designation, the Panzerfaust was produced in a number of marks, each adding a new number after the name correlating to nominal range of the weapon
  • Panzerschreck

Weapons by type[edit]

The Germans used a number of type designations for their weapons. Each section is headed by the official name for the weapon type along with its usual abbreviated form in parenthesis, followed by the weapons using the designation in series number order. Usually, the type designation and series number (i.e. FlaK 30) are sufficient to identify a system, but occasionally multiple systems of the same type are developed at the same time and share a designation, at which point one must reference the calibre to differentiate.[1]

  • (FK): Field gun
    • FK 38: 75 mm field gun
    • FK 97(f): 75 mm field gun of French origin
    • FK 231(f): 75 mm field gun of French origin
  • FlugzeugabwehrKanone (FlaK): Antiaircraft gun
  • FlugzeugabwehrKanonevierling (FlaK v): Quad antiaircraft gun
  • Gebirgsflugzeugabwehrkanone (GebFlaK): Mountain antiaircraft gun
  • Haubitze (H): Howitzer
    • H 503(r): 203 mm howitzer of Russian origin
    • H 520(i): 210 mm howitzer of Italian origin
    • H M 1: 355 mm howitzer
  • Kampfwagenkanone (KwK): Tank gun
  • Kanone (K): Gun/cannon
  • leichte Feldhaubitze (leFH): Light field howitzer
    • leFH 18: 105 mm L/28 light field howitzer
  • leichter Granatwerfer (leGrW): Light mortar
  • Maschinengewehr (MG): Machine gun
    • MG 13: 7.92 mm machine gun
    • MG 34: 7.92 mm machine gun
    • MG 42: 7.92 mm machine gun
  • Mörser (Mrs): Mortar
  • Panzerabwehrkanone (PaK): Antitank gun
  • Raketenpanzerbüchse (RPzB): Antitank rocket launcher
    • RPzB 43: 88 mm antitank rocket launcher
    • RPzB 54: Antitank rocket launcher
  • schwere Feldhaubitze (sFH): Heavy field howitzer
    • sFH 18: 149 mm heavy field howitzer
    • sFH 37(t): 149 mm heavy field howitzer of Czech origin
    • sFH 443(r): 152 mm heavy field howitzer of Russian origin
  • schwerer Granatwerfer (sGrW): Heavy mortar
  • schweres Infanteriegeschütz (sIG): Heavy infantry gun
    • sIG 33: 149 mm L/11 heavy infantry gun
  • SturmGewehr (StG): Assault Rifle


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