List of World War II weapons of the United Kingdom

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Small arms[edit]


  • De Lisle Carbine - Specialist issue,129 made
  • Enfield Pattern 14 (P14) - Used as a marksman weapon until the No.IV Mk.I(T) was introduced, also issued in large number to the LDV.
  • M1917 Enfield - Issued to LDV.
  • Martini-Enfield - Used as a reserve arm by Commonwealth troops from India, New Zealand, etc.
  • Lee Enfield No.1 Mk.III* - Lee Enfield rifle in service at the beginning of the war, supplemented and replaced by the No.4 Mk.I by mid-war.
  • Lee Enfield No.4 Mk.1 + No.4 Mk.I(T) - Lee Enfield rifle that replaced the No.I Mk.III* in larger numbers mid-war.
  • Lee Enfield No.5 Mk.I "Jungle Carbine" - Introduced in 1944 to replace the longer No.1 Mk.III* for service in the jungle.

Submachine guns[edit]

Machine guns[edit]




Infantry anti-tank weapons[edit]


Anti-tank guns[edit]

Guns and howitzers[edit]

Anti-aircraft artillery[edit]



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Light tanks[edit]

Medium tanks[edit]

  • Tank, Medium, Mk.II - Used in small scale in the early battles in North Africa, from then; dug into ground with turret protruding for defence, in North Africa, & Great Britain.
  • General Grant - Medium Tank M3, purchased from America, to British specification.
  • General Lee - Medium Tank M3, provided under Lend-Lease from America.
  • General Sherman - Medium Tank M4, provided under Lend-Lease from America.

Cruiser tanks[edit]

Infantry tanks[edit]

Other tanks[edit]

Self-propelled guns[edit]

Other armoured fighting vehicles[edit]

Utility vehicles[edit]

Aerial bombs[edit]

Gas bombs Smoke bombs

4,000 lb HC (High Capacity)
8,000 lb HC
12,000 lb HC.

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