List of World War I Czech flying aces

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Austro-Hungary's Luftfahrtruppen contained many aviators of Czech origin. The flying aces among them are listed below. At least one flier in the German Luftstreitkräfte was also of Czech origin.

Name Victories Notes
Julius Arigi 32 victories Austro-Hungarian Empire's second scoring ace served in World War II in the German Luftwaffe
Paul Billik 31 victories Served in the German Luftstreitkräfte
Eugen Bönsch 16 victories Served in the Luftwaffe during World War II[1]
Ernst Strohschneider 15 victories[2]
Otto Jindra 9 victories Postwar commander of the Czech Air Force[3]
Heinrich Kostrba 8 victories First commanding officer of the Czechoslovakian Flying Corps[4]
Josef Friedrich 7 victories[5]
Otto Jäger 7 victories[6]
Andreas Dombrowski 6 victories[7]
Karl Nikitsch 6 victories[8]
Kurt Nachod 5 victories[9]
Karl Patzelt 5 victories[10]
Karl Teichmann 5 victories[11]

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