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This is a list of albums, mixtapes and EPs released by artists affiliated with the Wu-Tang Clan, known as the Wu-Tang Killa Beez or the Wu-Family.


Title Artist Release Date Label
United We Slam Spark 950 & Timbo King February 1, 1994 Street Life Records, Scotti Bros. Records
AKA the Rugged Child Shyheim April 19, 1994 Virgin/EMI Records
6 Feet Deep Gravediggaz August 9, 1994 Gee Street/Island/PolyGram Records
The Lost Generation Shyheim May 28, 1996 Noo Trybe/Virgin/EMI Records
Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars Killarmy August 5, 1997 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
The Pick, the Sickle and the Shovel Gravediggaz October 14, 1997 Gee Street/V2/BMG Records
The Pillage Cappadonna 1998 Razor Sharp Records/Epic Street
The Sunz of Man Mixtape Sunz of Man 1998 Red Ant Entertainment
Take Ya Time EP Shabazz the Disciple 1998 Red Hook Records
Don't Go Against the Grain GP Wu January 27, 1998 MCA Records
Heavy Mental Killah Priest March 10, 1998 Geffen/MCA Records
The Last Shall Be First Sunz of Man July 21, 1998 Red Ant/BMG Records
Wu-Tang Killa Bees: The Swarm Wu-Tang Killa Bees July 21, 1998 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
Dirty Weaponry Killarmy August 11, 1998 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
The Prophecy Buddha Monk October 20, 1998 Edel Records
Antidote Deadly Venoms October 20, 1998 A&M/PolyGram Records
Heist of the Century La the Darkman November 17, 1998 Supreme Team Records
Steel Valley Project 4th Disciple 1999 Steel Valley
Pop Da Brown Hornet EP Pop Da Brown Hornet January 19, 1999 Smoke Records
The First Testament Sunz of Man January 31, 1999 Red Hook Records
Wu-Chronicles Various March 23, 1999 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
Wu-Syndicate Wu-Syndicate April 21, 1999 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
Manchild Shyheim November 2, 1999 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
Pretty Thugs Deadly Venoms 2000 DreamWorks/Interscope/Universal Records
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai (soundtrack) Various April 11, 2000 Razor Sharp/Epic/SME Records
View from Masada Killah Priest May 9, 2000 MCA/Universal Records
Yesterday, Today Iz Tomorrow Royal Fam July 3, 2000 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
Remedy EP Remedy 2000 Fifth Angel Records
The Undaground Emperor Pop da Brown Hornet September 12, 2000 MCA/Universal Records
Visions of the 10th Chamber Popa Wu October 31, 2000 Stargate Records
King of New York EP Solomon Childs 2000
The Yin and the Yang Cappadonna 2001 Razor Sharp Records/Epic
New York's Most Wanted Ruthless Bastardz 2001 Chambermusik/Inscarcerated Entertainment
1st Amendment Othorized F.A.M. 2001 Self-released
The Genuine Article Remedy May 1, 2001 Fifth Angel Records
When All Hell Breaks Loose Hell Razah June 26, 2001 Ghetto Government
The Mental Chambers Cilvaringz July 1, 2001 Ringz Family Music
Wu-Chronicles, Chapter 2 Various July 3, 2001 Wu-Tang/Priority/EMI Records
Priesthood Killah Priest July 10, 2001 Proverbs Music/Artemis/Koch Records
Fear, Love & War Killarmy September 11, 2001 36/Loud/Relativity Records
This One Joe Mafia 2002 58 West Diamond Street Records
Invisible Army Soul Kid Klik 2002 Yalloppin Entertainment/Soul Kid Records/Chambermusik
Journals from a Desert Planet G-Clef Da Mad Komposa 2002 Yalloppin Entertainment/Soul Kid Records/Chambermusik
Digital Recording Sampler Dreddy Kruger 2002 Digital Recordings
Death's Birth: The Grip of Behemoths The Unknown (Bronze Nazareth & Kevlaar 7) June 5, 2007 Chambermusik Special Products
Wu-Tang Killa Beez: The Sting Various March 12, 2002 Koch Records
Nightmare in A-Minor Gravediggaz April 9, 2002 Empire Musicwerks/BMG Records
Nightmares That Surface From Shallow Sleep Warcloud April 2002 Skarekrow Music
Protect Ya Neck Collection Various April 26, 2002 Protect Ya Neck Records
Welcome EP Killah Priest May 28, 2002 Opius Media
Tera Iz Him Dom Pachino June 1, 2002 Napalm Recordings
Smuggling Booze in the Graveyard Warcloud June 2002 BMG
Still Standing Deadly Venoms June 25, 2002 Rocks the World/Caroline/Virgin/EMI Records
Saviorz Day Sunz of Man September 3, 2002 Rivera Records
This One Joe Mafia October 10, 2002 58 West Diamond Street Records
All Star Collection Box Cilvaringz December 14, 2002 Ringz & Partners Inc.
Fear is the Mind Killer Rayzd 2003 Chambermusik
The Struggle Cappadonna 2003 Code Red Entertainment
Inmates to the Fire... Sunz of Man 2003 WTCKillaBeeZ,Inc.
The Black Market – The Mix Tape Vol. 1 – The Dead Street Scrolls Killah Priest & Tragedy Khadafi 2003 N/A
Gangsta Chronicles Timbo King 2003 Fort Knox Records
Pro's Laboratory Warcloud & The Professional 2003 Pro's Laboratory Records
Code: Red Remedy January 21, 2003 Code Red Entertainment
Life Frukwan February 4, 2003 BMG
Every Night is a Black Knight Black Knights March 2003 Black Ball Entertainment
Earth Rising EP Sahara May 4, 2003 Armed Records
Granddaddy Flow 9th Prince May 28, 2003 Armyourself Entertainment
Black August Killah Priest July 8, 2003 Artemis Records
Love, Hell or Right Mathematics August 26, 2003 High Times Records
The Book of Shabazz (Hidden Scrollz) Shabazz the Disciple October 7, 2003 BattleAxe Records
Black August Revisited Killah Priest October 2003 Think Differently Music/Babygrande Records
The Horsemen Project The HRSMN October 20, 2003 Think Differently Music/Babygrande Records
Pro's Laboratory Warcloud & The Professional December 2003 X-Ray Records
G-Clef's Drama Breaks G-Clef 2004 Yalloppin Entertainment/Soul Kid Records/Chambermusik
Years Months Dayz Royal Fam 2004 N/A
71Raw Project 71Raw 2004 Chambermusik
Undadogz Vol. 1: House Gang Animalz House Gang 2004 Chambermusik
Earth Power Makeba Mooncycle 2004 Nyamu Recordings/Chambermusik
Nothing New Under the Sun Sunz of Man 2004 N/A
Throw Black Series Part 1 Timbo King 2004 Fort Knox Records
Live From Amsterdam Timbo King 2004 Fort Knox Records
Throw Black Series Part 2 Timbo King 2004 Fort Knox Records
Funeral Talk (The Eulogy) Solomon Childs 2004 Chambermusik, Yalloppin Entertainment, Soulkid Records
Fire EP Suga Bang Bang 2004 N/A
Unreleased Dom Pachino January 2004 Napalm Recordings
Bobby Digital Presents Northstar Northstar January 20, 2004 Koch Records
U-GODZILLA presents the Hillside Scramblers Hillside Scramblers March 16, 2004 Synergy Music
6 Feet Under Gravediggaz March 30, 2004 X-Ray/Cleopatra Records
Wu-Tang Collective Various April 29, 2004 Empire Music
Elements Sunz of Man July 13, 2004 X-Ray/Cleopatra Records
718 Theodore Unit August 3, 2004 Sure Shot Recordings
The Catalog 1994-2004 Shyheim October 2004 Bottom Up Records
Domination Dom Pachino October 2004 Napalm Recordings
Freedom of Speech 4th Disciple, Hell Razah October 26, 2004 X-Ray/Cleopatra Records
The Greatest Story Never Told Shyheim December 2004 Bottom Up Records
Real Estate Allah Real 2005 Chambermusik
Project Oblivion Dungeon Masta 2005 Chambermusik/Duck-Lo Records
Lotus Notes Black Lotus 2005 Chambermusik
For the Streets Mixtape Vol. 1 Ill Knob 2005 Flawless Entertainment/Chambermusik
Out of the Blue Blue Raspberry 2005 Chambermusik
West Coast Killa Beez Northstar 2005 Chambermusik Special Products/Northsteezar Records
I Came to Warna Brotha Babyface Fensta 2005 Chambermusik/Duck-Lo Records
Balance Makeba Mooncycle 2005 Chambermusik
Now Justice Zu Ninjaz 2005 Chambermusik/Duck-Lo Records/Kamakaze Records
Da Nightmare B4 X-Mas EP Da Monstar Mob 2005 Skarekrow Music/SKM Music/Deep Waterz/Chambermusik Special Products
Put It On The Line Ghostface Killah & Trife Da God 2005 Starks Enterprises
No Power on Earth King Just 2005 Chambermusik
The Revival Anthai the Protagonist 2005 Chambermusik
Modus Operandi (Revisited) NLZ 2005 Chambermusik/Digable Records
Wu-South Cappadonna 2005 Chambermusik
Prophecy Reloaded Buddha Monk 2005 Chambermusik, Duck-Lo Records
The Prophecy Revisited Buddha Monk 2005 Chambermusik, Duck-Lo Records
Black Presidents Mixtape Vol. 1 Hell Razah 2005 N/A
My Life: Heaven and Hell Hell Razah 2005 N/A
Rapid Refund Mixtape Hell Razah 2005 N/A
Black Castle Royal Fam 2005 Nature Sounds
Power of Words Timbo King 2005 Fort Knox Records
Throw Black Series 3 Timbo King 2005 Fort Knox Records, Two Train Productions
Throw Black Series 3 & 4 Timbo King 2005 Fort Knox Records, Two Train Productions
Napalm World Team Napalm January 14, 2005 Napalm Recordings
Black Market Militia Black Market Militia March 22, 2005 Nature Sounds
Zu-Chronicles Vol. 1: Throwbacks Buddha Monk March 30, 2005 Duck-Lo Records
Blood Sweat & Years Hidden Aspects presents Bolo's Kitchen May 3, 2005 Hidden Aspects Music/Chambermusik
Monster Reborn Vol. 1 Y-Kim the Illfigure June 7, 2005 Sick-Main Records
Return of the Prodigal Sunn Prodigal Sunn June 21, 2005 Free Agency Recordings
Street Education Streetlife June 21, 2005 X-Ray/Cleopatra Records
The Problem Mathematics June 28, 2005 Nature Sounds
Northstar presents: West Coast Killa Beez Northstar July 13, 2005 N/A
The Upgraded Edition Vol. 1 Timbo King July 25, 2005 Fort Knox Records
The Arsenal Dom Pachino August 12, 2005 Napalm Recordings
Super Sista Njeri Earth September 27, 2005 Earth's Rotation Records
Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture Various October 14, 2005 Think Differently Music/Babygrande Records
Operation Warfare Dom Pachino October 14, 2005 Napalm Recordings
Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture Dreddy Kruger Presents...Think Differently Music October 18, 2005 Think Differently Music, Babygrande Records
Zu-Chronicles Vol. 2: Like Father, Like Son Buddha Monk October 30, 2005 Duck-Lo Records
The Grunge Compilation Dom Pachino November 2, 2005 Napalm Recordings
Out of the Blue Blue Raspberry December 8, 2005 Chambermusik
The Invasion Team Napalm December 21, 2005 Napalm Recordings
Chambermusik Freestyles Vol. 1 various 2006 Chambermusik
Off Da Blok Family 5 Foot Hyper Sniper 2006 Chambermusik
Me Being Me Begga Ooh 2006 Chambermusik
Gunz an Glory (A Soldier Story) P.R. Terrorist 2006 Napalm Recordings/Chambermusik
The Greatest Story Never Told Black Jesus 2006 Chambermusik Special Products
What I Got 2 Lose? Fes Taylor 2006 Chambermusik/Two 4 War Entertainment
Warning We Are At War! Fes Taylor 2006 Chambermusik
Innocent Till Proven Guilty Fes Taylor presents Shadow Government 2006 Chambermusik
Drop City S.I.M.P.S.O.N. (Staten Island Most Popular Son) Lounge Lo 2006 Chambermusik
Moneta Two 4 War & Fes Taylor 2006 Chambermusik
Classic Throwbacks Makeba Mooncycle 2006 Chambermusik Special Products
Hell Has A Face Dungeon Masta presents Morbid Society 2006 Chambermusik/Soh-Lo Records
A Prelude to the Offering Killah Priest 2006 N/A
Operation Takeover Da Monstar Mob 2006 Skarekrow Music/Chambermusik
M*A*S*H Fes Taylor presents The Warriors 2006 Chambermusik/Two 4 War Entertainment
Brain Food Popa Chief 2006 Chambermusik/Burnt Bizkut Productz
Worldwide 2.0 Popa Chief 2006 Chambermusik/Burnt Biskut Productz
Lost Files Harlem 6 2006 Chambermusik Special Products
Mixtape Conquer Harlem 6 2006 Chambermusik Special Products
Burn Babylon Burn Hell Razah 2006 Self-released
The King Kong of New York Solomon Childs 2006 Chambermusik
Learn My Name Solomon Childs 2006 Chambermusik
The Wake Solomon Childs January 2, 2006 Chambermusik
The Passion of the Hood Christ Shabazz the Disciple January 20, 2006 Block Exchange
Passion of Christ EP Christ Bearer March 2006 Chambermuzik
Unreleased Throwback Vol. 2 Budd March 4, 2006 Chambermusik/Hush Hush Entertainment
The Old Testament Sunz of Man April 4, 2006 Green Streets Entertainment
9000 Miles Dragonfly April 11, 2006 Hidden Aspects Music/Chambermusik
Zu-Chronicles Vol. 3: Unleash the Fury Buddha Monk April 2006 Duck-Lo Records
4 Security Reasons Dom Pachino May 23, 2006 Napalm Recordings
The Great Migration Bronze Nazareth May 23, 2006 Babygrande Records
Soul of a Man Mathematics June 13, 2006 Nature Sounds
Revelations 1:1 Hidden Aspects July 7, 2006 Hidden Aspects Entertainment
Renewed History Begga Ooh July 7, 2006 Hidden Aspects Music/Chambermusik
Addiction Services Yukon Black August 6, 2006 Hidden Aspects Music/Chambermusik
The 45 King Wigs August 25, 2006 Chambermusik
Blue Sky Black Death presents: The Holocaust Blue Sky Black Death September 5, 2006 Babygrande Records
Learn My Name Solomon Childs September 14, 2006 Chambermusik
Best of Napalm Recordings Dom Pachino September 22, 2006 Napalm Recordings
Gunz An Glory: A Soldier Story P.R. Terrorist November 20, 2006 Chambermusik
Black Castle Royal Fam December 2006 Capitol Records/Nature Sounds
Queens Hall of Science Lost Secret 2007 Yalloppin Entertainment/Soul Kid Records/Chambermusik
10th Anniversary Killarmy & Co Defendants 2007 Vam Music Group
Manchuz Dynasty (Zu-Chronicles Vol. 4) Da Manchuz 2007 Duck-Lo Records/Chambermusik
Zu-Chronicles Vol. 5: Back Then Buddha Monk & Popa Wu 2007 Chambermusik, Duck-Lo Records
Freedom of Speech: Classic Edition Hell Razah & 4th Disciple 2007 Chambermusik Special Products
Dead Presidents La the Darkman & Willie the Kid 2007 CMP Entertainment
Simpstonian Institute Lounge Lo 2007 Chambermusik
Gods of War Part One Black Jesus & Don Kundalini 2007 Chambermusik Special Products
Have Sword, Will Travel Cilvaringz 2007 Chambermusik
Taylor Made Fes Taylor 2007 Chambermusik
King of Hearts Heart Foundation 2007 Chambermusik
Needles, Thread & Fabric Fes Taylor 2007 Chambermusik
The Art of Making Love & War Solomon Childs 2007 Chambermusik
Mathematics presents Wu-Tang Clan & Friends Unreleased Mathematics February 7, 2007 Nature Sounds
Let Freedom Reign Freemurda February 20, 2007 N/A
Renaissance Child Hell Razah February 20, 2007 Nature Sounds
I Cilvaringz April 9, 2007 Babygrande Records
The Kryme Wave Kryme Life June 8, 2007 Babygrande Records
The Best of 740: Vol. 1 4th Disciple June 18, 2007 Blakglobe Records
Crime and Punishment in America 4th Disciple & One Man June 18, 2007 Blakglobe Records
Rice & Beanz Dom Pachino June 23, 2007 Napalm Recordings
1st Blood Dom Pachino June 23, 2007 Napalm Recordings
The Offering Killah Priest August 21, 2007 Good Hands Records
Polluted Water Ice Water Inc. August 28, 2007 Babygrande Records
Lost in Translation Long Axe September 10, 2007 Chambermusik/Hidden Aspects Music
The Art of Making Love and War Solomon Childs October 4, 2007 Chambermusik
Razah's Ladder Blue Sky Black Death & Hell Razah October 23, 2007 Babygrande Records
Prince of New York 9th Prince October 30, 2007 Armyourself Entertainment
Zu-Chronicles Vol. 5: Back Then Buddha Monk w/ Popa Wu October 30, 2007 Armyourself Entertainment
The Order of Battle Falling Down 2008 Chambermusik Special Products
Wishful Thinking Dungeon Masta 2008 Chambermusik
Digital Dope Music: Dosage One Hell Razah 2008 N/A
Kinetic Radio Vol. 1 Kinetic 9 aka Beretta 9 2008 Royalsunn Enterprises, Illegit Recordz
Da Garden of Eden Popa Chief 2008 Chambermusik
Return of the Darkman La the Darkman 2008 CMP Entertainment
The Notorious L.A.D. La the Darkman & DJ Drama 2008 Gangsta Grillz
Unreleased Chambers Buddha Monk 2008 Chambermusik Records
Enter the Bottom Shyheim 2008 Bottom Up Records
Sex, Crime and Audiotape Dr. Ama 2008 Chambermusik
Fresh Air Fund Fes Taylor 2008 Chambermusik
Legend of Taylor Fes Taylor 2008 Chambermusik
Staten Island vs. Tha Industry Fes Taylor & Two 4 War 2008 Chambermusik
You Don't Want War Solomon Childs 2008 Chambermusik
Volume 1: Aim for the Crown Shadow Clan Productions 2008 Chambermusik
Hot Like Sahara Sand Othorized F.A.M. 2008 Chambermusik
Caffeind Fes Taylor 2008 Chambermusik
Unstoppable Dainjamentalz January 8, 2008 Chambermusik Special Products
The Breaking Point Fes Taylor January 8, 2008 Chambermusik Special Products
The Devil's Pie on God's Plate Unknown Mizery January 8, 2008 Chambermusik Special Products
First Contact Stone Mecca February 22, 2008 Touch the Mic Records
Zu-Chronicles Vol. 6: King Monk Buddha Monk March 6, 2008 Duck-Lo Records
Behind the Stained Glass Killah Priest May 16, 2008 Good Hands Records, Traffic Entertainment Group
Hell Hop: Volume Two Hell Razah June 2, 2008 Chambermusik
Visions of the 10th Chamber Pt. II Popa Wu June 6, 2008 Future Chamber Entertainment
Welcome to Red Hook Houses Hell Razah & Shabazz July 4, 2008 Babygrande Records
The Vault (Hidden Safiyahz) Shabazz the Disciple July 4, 2008 T.H.U.G. Angelz Music, Chambermusik Records
The Becoming of the Disciple 94 B.C. – 00 A.B. Shabazz the Disciple July 4, 2008 T.H.U.G. Angelz Music, Chambermusik Records
The Cappatilize Project Cappadonna July 22, 2008 Cappadonna Records
Exit 13 Tommy Whispers & Kryme Life of TMF Presents: Hawk & Kryme September 11, 2008 Chambermusik Records
Drastic Measurez Myalanksy September 20, 2008 Syndicate Entertainment
Ultra Sounds of a Renaissance Child Hell Razah September 23, 2008 Hell Razah Music Inc.
Beautiful Minds Killah Priest & Chief Kamachi September 23, 2008 Good Hands Records
Hell Hop: Volume One Hell Razah September 26, 2008 Chambermusik
Power Rulez Dom Pachino November 11, 2008 Napalm/Chambermusik Records
The Legend of Taylor Fes Taylor November 16, 2008 Two 4 War Entertainment/Urban Iconz
Ghetto Poetry Popa Chief November 2008 Chambermusik Special Products
For Every Will There Is a Way Northstar December 2008 Northsteezar Records
History of Poetry American Poets 2099 2009 Chambermusik
The Gold Rush Goldminerz 2009 Gold Bones Music/Chambermusik/New Age Music Group
The Outfit LP Phil Anastasia 2009 Chambermusik
Combat Loaded Falling Down 2009 Chambermusik Special Products
Flight 10304 (T-2 Fly) Inspectah Deck presents Fes Taylor 2009 Chambermusik
Superb Clientele Lord Superb 2009 Chambermusik
For the Luv of Money Green Back Gorillaz 2009 Chambermusik
Meet Da Family Volume 1 Dungeon Masta presents Da Dirty Clanzmen 2009 Soh-Lo Records/Chambermusik
Utopia Dainjamental 2009 Chambermusik
Masterpiece Dainjamental 2009 Chambermusik
Unbutton Your Holsters Vol. 1 Kevlaar 7 2009 Chambermusik/Black Day in July Productions
The Eternal Thought of Killah Priest Killah Priest 2009 N/A
Disrespectfully Speaking Shyheim 2009 Bottom Up Records
Grimlenz Wu-Syndicate 2009 Digital release
Slang Originator Cappadonna & J-Love 2009 N/A
S.I.N.Y. (Bottom of the Stat) Shyheim 2009 Bottom Up Records
Slang Prostitution Cappadonna January 27, 2009 Chambermusik
I Killed the Devil Last Night Killah Priest March 7, 2009 Proverbs Records
Split Personali-d Dr. Ama April 17, 2009 Chambermusik
The Exorcist Killah Priest May 15, 2009 Iceman Music Group
Better Late Than Never Trife Diesel July 17, 2009 Diesel Music Group/T.D.L.
Unbutton Your Holsters Vol. 1 Kevlaar 7 July 20, 2009 Black Day in July Productions
Welcome to Goonsville Fes Taylor September 22, 2009 Chambermusik Special Products
Castleton Ave. Solomon Childs September 22, 2009 Wu Music Group
Elizabeth Killah Priest October 16, 2009 Proverbs Records
Assassination Order Watchmen 2010 Chambermusik Special Products
The 6 Man Wetting Killarmy 2010 N/A
It All Comes Down To This Remedy 2010 APRC Records
The Stolen Legacy Vol. 1 Black Knights 2010 Black Ball Entertainment
Sunz of Man Presents 60 Second Assassin – Remarkable Timing 60 Second Assassin 2010 Holy Toledo Productions, Sound Records & Entertainment
The Young General Solomon Childs 2010 Chambermusik
Out of Chef's Kitchen Hanz On March 16, 2010 Chambermusik
American Poets 2099 American Poets 2099 March 23, 2010 Chambermusik/Know the Names Music Group
The Old Testament (The First Scroll Mixtape) Rook Da Rukus June 4, 2010 New Age Music Group/Chambermusik
The 3 Day Theory Killah Priest July 16, 2010 Man Bites Dog Records
I'm Not A Rapper! Fes Taylor August 31, 2010 Chambermusik
Heaven Razah Hell Razah September 24, 2010 Nature Sounds
Legacy Dainjamentalz November 2, 2010 Chambermusik Special Products
Hood Scripturez Shabazz the Disciple & DJ Extremidiz November 4, 2010 Metal Barz Records
Joy and Sorrow Dainjamental 2011 Chambermusik
Who's Eatin Mixtape Vol. 1 Stumik 2011 Chambermusik
Operation D.B.H.N. Sic-Min 2011 Chambermusik
Asylum Chapters Dainjamental 2011 Chambermusik
Killarmy Greatest Hits Killarmy 2011 Wu Music
Jus P and the Supafriendz Jus P 2011 Chambermusik Special Products
The Strength - The Appetizer Dom Pachino & Shyheim 2011 Bottom Up Records
T.I.M. (Throne Is Mine) Timbo King 2011 Think Differently Music, Nature Sounds
Embassy Invasion La the Darkman January 10, 2011 Street Records Corporation, Embassy Entertainment
Who Got the Camera? Kevlaar 7 February 1, 2011 Black Day in July Productions
Perb Made It Possible Lord Superb February 1, 2011 Chambermusik Special Products
Hood Hymnz Popa Chief March 29, 2011 Chambermusik Special Products
The Tower of Babel Lost Children of Babylon June 14, 2011 Chambermusik
Awaken Dainjamentalz August 3, 2011 Chambermusik Special Products
Loudmoufs Tommy Whispers, Unspoken August 25, 2011 Chambermusik Special Products
From Babylon to Timbuk2 Timbo King August 30, 2011 Nature Sounds
School for the Blindman Bronze Nazareth September 2011 Babygrande Records
Deja Wu D.L.A.H. October 11, 2011 Chambermusik
Hood Hopera (Theatrica Biblica) Shabazz the Disciple October 18, 2011 Chambermusik Records
The Pilgrimage Cappadonna November 15, 2011 Fat Beats/Chambermusik
Within the Solace KDB & St. Peter December 1, 2011 Chambermusik
Knowing Project Manzu Project Manzu December 13, 2011 Chambermusik
Dtach & Vs One Dtach & Vs One 2012 Chambermusik
Die Ageless Kevlaar 7 May 29, 2012 Black Day in July Productions
4 Generations 2 Come Dainjamentalz October 9, 2012 Chambermusik Special Products
Pay Me In Respect Fes Taylor August 21, 2012 Chambermusik
Sophisticated Movement Kevlaar 7 & Woodenchainz September 11, 2012 Black Day in July Productions
Hell Has A Face Vol. 2 Dungeon Masta presents Morbid Society December 18, 2012 Chambermusik Special Products
Flood Ritual The Flood 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
Built For War Loyal -N- Lazlo 2013 Reality Music/Hype-Gnosis Music/Chambermusik Special Products
Bad Newz Adlib 2013 Chambermusik
The Dark Knight Buddha Monk 2013 Chambermusik
Sign of the Times (Return to Oceania) Chris Stylez Tha Shadow Figure 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
Rick James Fes Taylor 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
After the Storm Fes Taylor February 5, 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
Eyrth, Wynd and Fyre Cappadonna February 12, 2013 RBC Records
The Psychic World of Walter Reed Killah Priest February 25, 2013 Proverbs Records
Wu-Tang 4 Life 2 Solomon Childs March 5, 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
Living After Death Hell Razah March 31, 2013 Hell Razah Music Inc.
Hannibal the Great Hanz On April 20, 2013 Hanz On Music
Wu-Tang 4 Life Solomon Childs April 25, 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
The Producer, Volume 1 G-Clef August 27, 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
The Answer Mathematics October 1, 2013 All Maf Productions
Wu-Tang 4 Life 3 Solomon Childs November 12, 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
The Chessmen! 2 Knights & A King LP Black Knights, Shaka Amazulu the 7th 2014 Black Stone of Mecca
Medieval Chamber Black Knights January 14, 2014 Record Collection
Every Night is Still a Black Knight Black Knights March 31, 2014 Wu Music Group
World of Tomorrow, Vol. 2 American Poets 2099 vs. Mysterious May 6, 2014 Chambermusik Special Products
The Producer, Volume 2 G-Clef May 14, 2014 Chambermusik Special Products
Hook Off Cappadonna June 22, 2014 God Love Family Entertainment
Buzz Killer EP Fes Taylor November 11, 2014 Chambermusik Special Products
Jewels for Wu-Tang Zippy Kid November 23, 2014 mARS label
The Almighty Black Knights 2015
In Pro's Laboratory 3 American Poets 2099 February 10, 2015 Chambermusik Special Products
Planet of the Gods Killah Priest June 4, 2015 Proverbs Records
Monsters in My Room Solomon Childs July 28, 2015 Chambermusik Special Products
Back at Pro's Lab Warcloud August 28, 2015 Thirce Great Records
The Pillage 2 Cappadonna November 27, 2015 God Love Family Entertainment
The X Tape Dirty Clanzmen 2016 Chambermusik Special Products
The Hood Transporter Hell Razah 2016 Ghetto Government Inc.
The ChessMen! Knights & Armour LP Black Knights, Shaka Amazulu the 7th 2016 Black Stone of Mecca
The Wu Files 1 DJ Flipcyide Presents Hell Razah 2016 N/A
A Beautiful Soul (Resting in Honor) Kevlaar 7 2016 Black Day in July Productions
G.O.D. VIII: Generate, Organize, Destroy Rubbabandz, Shaka Amazulu the 7th, Solomon Childs 2016 Black Stone of Mecca
Se7en V: 7 Signs of the Apocalypse Royal Fam, Shaka Amazulu the 7th 2016 Black Stone of Mecca
G.O.D. II: Glory or Death Solomon Childs 2016 Black Stone of Mecca
Wu-Goo Ghostface Killah & Killah Priest 2016 N/A
The Hood Transporter 3 Hell Razah 2016 N/A
Road Kill Solomon Childs February 12, 2016 Chambermusik Special Products
Insanity Genius Fes Taylor April 1, 2016 Chambermusik Special Products
The Hood Transports Vol. 2: Refueled Hell Razah April 13, 2016 Ghetto Government Inc.
Tablet of Destiny: Secrets of the MultiVerse LP Vega X August 10, 2016 Chambermusik Special Products
Sins of the Unforgiven Dylan James October 14, 2016 Chambermusik Special Products
Heru the Face of the Golden Falcon: Rise of the Shemsu Har Rasul Allah 7 September 9, 2016 Chambermusik Special Products
Best of Both Hoods King Just & Pop Da Brown Hornet October 7, 2016 Thrice Great Records
Blaxploitation (A Piece of the Action) Hell Razah & Ayatollah 2017 N/A
The Xtra Files DJ Flipcyide Presents Hell Razah 2017 N/A
Wu Triad: Organised Crime DJ Flipcyide Presents Hell Razah 2017 N/A
Don't Ask Permission, Ask For Forgiveness Solomon Childs 2017 N/A
Beginning of the End Dylan James January 21, 2017 Chambermusik Special Products
Excalibur Black Knights March 5, 2017 N/A
The Hood Transporter 6 Hell Razah March 9, 2017 Hell Razah Music Inc.
Barca Hanz On March 17, 2017 Hanz On Music
Trials and Tribulations Dylan James, Pharoah March 31, 2017 Chambermusik Special Products
Supafriendz 2 Jus P May 17, 2017 Chambermusik Special Products
The Lost Children of Babylon presents Rise of the Underground Dylan James & Rasul Allah 7 June 30, 2017 Chambermusik Special Products
MMA Martial Art August 18, 2017 Chambermusik Special Products
Zayin: You Only Live Twice Heaven Razah September 19, 2017 Hell Razah Music Inc.
The Lavish Vs. The Savage La The Darkman October 31, 2017 AMG/ APHILLIATES
G-Clef's Drama Breaks Vol. 2 G-Clef Da Mad Komposa December 15, 2017 Chambermusik Special Products
New Wu Generation Zu Keeper January 1, 2018 ZuFilms, Black Stone of Mecca
No Fake Made Up Shit

Fes Taylor 31 August, 2018

Chambermusik Special Products Project Pope II Trife Diesel July 14, 2018 852588 Records DK
The Madman's Revenge EP 9th Prince 30 October 2018 Granddaddy Flow Ent. LLC/ Blackstonemecca Productions
780 Trife Diesel November 14, 2018 852588 Records DK
Heist of the Century II La The Darkman November 23, 2018 AMG/ APHILLIATES

Affiliates of affiliates[edit]

This is a list of records released under one of the Wu-Tang sub-brands (such as Chambermusik) that may be from an artist that doesn't necessarily represent that Wu-Tang style or sound.

Title Artist Release Date Label
My Soul to Keep Sha Stimuli 2009 Chambermusik
Best Kept Secret Louieville Sluggah 2010 Chambermusik
Overtime: My Soul to Keep Sha Stimuli August 24, 2010 Chambermusik Special Products
Unsung Vol. 1 – The Garden of Eden Sha Stimuli January 18, 2011 Chambermusik
The Proposal (The Breakup, Part 2) Sha Stimuli, DJ Victorious April 11, 2011 Chambermusik Special Products
The Resurrection of the Golden Wolf Krumbsnatcha October 4, 2011 Chambermusik Special Products
Self Induced Illness Meyhem Lauren 2012 Chambermusik Special Products
Most Interesting Man Alive J-Love October 1, 2012 Chambermusik Special Products
Pardon My Intrusion J-Love 2013 Chambermusik Special Products
Respect the Fly Shit Meyhem Lauren April 1, 2014 Chambermusik Special Products
Mandatory Brunch Meetings Meyhem Lauren May 15, 2014 Chambermusik Special Products

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