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Known band organ models once produced by the Rudolph Wurlitzer Company of North Tonawanda, New York, USA and information regarding currently active models and their locations include:

Style: Active organ information and locations:
#18 N/A
#50 American Treasure Tour (several), Oaks, PA
Caliola Idlewild Park, Ligonier, Pennsylvania, alongside a Wurlitzer 03 (see below), alternatively playing a roll on one organ, then playing the other organ while the first one rewinds

Harold Warp's Pioneer Village, brass whistles, Minden, NE
Jasper Sanfilippo Collection, ex Harold Shaner Collection, brass whistles with keyboard and drums, Victorian Palace, Barrington Hills, Illinois
Virginia Musical Museum, Williamsburg, Virginia
Chris Carlisle Collection, Missouri, from Lenny Marvin movie prop house collection, Los Angeles

#103 1931 PTC Carousel, Idlewild Park, Ligonier, PA (facade made by Artizan, nicknamed "The Wurlitzan"), alongside a Wurlitzer Caliola (see above), alternatively playing a roll on one organ, then playing the other organ while the first one rewinds

Flying Horses Carousel, Oak Bluffs, Massachusetts, USA
Cedar Point Sandusky, Ohio, 1925 Dentzel carousel, in storage

#104 Merry - Go - Round museum, non-operational

Bronson Collection, Michigan
Private Collection, DesPlaines, Il

#105 (Note: Two completely different instruments were given the model designation 105 by Wurlitzer. Early 105s were essentially the model 125 but without percussion. An example is located in the Sanfillipo collection in Illinois. Later, the more familiar style 105, with wooden trumpets, was developed.)[1]

Jasper Sanfilippo Collection, Victorian Palace, Barrington Hills, Illinois (early model)
Museum Carousel, Museum of Carousel Art and History, Sandusky, Ohio, USA, turns on and off with carousel
DeBence Antique Music World,[2] 1261 Liberty Street, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

#125 1901 Parker Carousel, Heritage Center of Dickinson County, Abilene, Kansas, USA

Private Collection, Illinois, from Arnold Marcus Chernoff Western History Collection, DeKleist made 125 updated by Wurlitzer, used by Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show

1900 Dentzel Carousel, Pullen Park, Raleigh, NC, Pullen Park Carousel

Gilson Collection, WI

Roseneath Carousel, Roseneath, Ontario, Canada [3]

#126 Private collection, under restoration
#127 No known
#145-A Olcott Beach Carousel Park, Olcott Beach, NY, plays constantly
#145-B Lakeside Carousel, International Market World, Auburndale, Florida, USA

Private Collection, Fond du Lac, WI

Private Collection, Kankakee, Il

#146-A Dr. Floyd L. Moreland Carousel (added bells and duplex roll frame), Casino Pier, Seaside Heights, New Jersey, USA constantly plays

1920 Wurlitzer 146A in Pueblo CO at The City Park Rides 1911 C.W. Parker Carousel

1920 Allan Herschell Carousel, Ross Park, Binghamton, New York, USA

1912 Parker Carousel, Burnaby Village Museum (added bells), Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, plays constantly

#146-B 1925 Allan Herschell Carousel, Recreation Park, Binghamton, New York, USA

1926 Wurlitzer 146-B Band Organ (modified with a Wurlitzer 153 Band Organ facade) at 1928 Paragon Park Carousel, Nantasket Beach, Hull, Massachusetts, USA[4]

1924 Spillman Engineering Carousel, DelGrosso's Amusement Park Tipton, PA. Plays constantly.

Unknown Year, Private Collection in Gloversville New York, Restored.

#147 1917 Broad Ripple Park Carousel, The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

Private collection, under restoration

#148 DeBence Antique Music World, 1261 Liberty Street, Franklin, Pennsylvania, USA

Private collection, Ohio

Liberty Antique Mall, Powell, OH

#150 1906 Bartholomew Murphy Carousel, City Park, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Jasper Sanfilippo Collection, Victorian Palace, Barrington Hills, Illinois, USA

Nevada City Music Hall (Removed Drums)

Private collection, Hillside, New Jersey, USA

#153 1926 Dentzel Carousel, Kennywood Park, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, nicknamed "The Soul of Kennywood" plays constantly, oldest (possibly first) of its kind built in 1916

Private collection, Dunbar, Pennsylvania, nicknamed "Hurdy", plays in local events

1898 Antique Carousel, Canobie Lake Park, Salem, New Hampshire, USA

1913 Herschell Spillman Carousel, Greenfield Village, Dearborn, Michigan, USA (Artizan 'C' with replica 153 façade converted to play Wurlitzer rolls)

1914 Bushnell Park Carousel, Bushnell Park, Hartford, Connecticut, USA[5] Plays constantly

1925 Spillman Engineering Carousel, Tuscora Park, New Philadelphia, Ohio, USA, plays constantly, modified with MIDI

Jasper Sanfilippo Collection, Victorian Palace, Barrington Hills, Illinois, USA

Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio, USA, Non operational

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA, plays constantly

Hersheypark Hershey, PA, plays constantly

Bayernhof Museum of Mechanical Music O'Hara Township, PA, USA, under restoration

Private Collection, Shreveport LA, "Katy Lou" from Paul Eakins Collection

American Treasure Tour Collection, Oaks, PA (3, 2 under restoration)

Dr. Ted's Musical Marvels : 11896 South US 231 Dale, IN 47523, found by Ozzie Klavestad brand new in the shipping crate

1914 Mangels-Illions Grand Carousel, 'Special' facade Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Columbus, Ohio, USA, plays upon request

#155 1909 Wurlitzer 155 Band Organ (model nicknamed "Monster"), Elitch Gardens Carousel, Kit Carson County Fairgrounds, Burlington, Colorado, USA

Gilson Collection, Middleton, WI

Elise Roenigk Collection, Eureka Springs, AK

#157 1928 Spillman Carousel, Public Museum of Grand Rapids, factory converted to Caliola rolls and back to 165 rolls in restoration, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

1926 PTC Carousel #79, nicknamed "The Queen of Kings Island", play from time to time, essentially unrestored Kings Island, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA[6]

Knott's Berry Farm Dentzel Carousel, Buena Park, CA, From Hersheypark, unrestored

Arnold Chase Collection from Disneyland, factory converted to Caliola rolls and back to 165 rolls in restoration, Connecticut

Sanfilippo Collection, Victorian Palace, early one w/o clarinets and piccolos, Barrington Hills, Il

Lakeside Amusement Park, sold in 1924 by the Berni Organ Company, Denver, Co, resides in park owner's house

Ex Torin, Ames, Milhous,and Andrews Collections, Sold May 2, 2015 at auction, whereabouts unknown, sold in 1924 by the Berni Organ Company a Wurlitzer agent to Luna Park, Coney Island for use on PTC 66, later under the ownership of the McCullough Brothers it was used on three other Coney Island carousels including Ward's Kiddieland and Feltman's, fully restored with a Rosa Patton decorated facade, McHenry, Il

#160 Band Organ (model nicknamed "Mammoth") (modified in 1915 to a Wurlitzer Style 165[?]), Joyland Amusement Park, Wichita, Kansas, USA
#164 American Treasure Tour, Oaks, Pa.; named "The General"

There were two other 164s built: One which was destroyed by fire and another whose whereabouts and condition are unknown.


1914 Undisclosed location, in storage

1915 Jasper Sanfilippo, Victorian Palace, Barrington Hills, Illinois (serial #2943)

1916 American Treasure Tour Collection, Oaks, Pa. (serial #2992)

1917 Circus World Museum - Baraboo, Wisc. (serial #3030)

1918 American Treasure Tour Collection, Oaks, Pa. (serial #3106) (former West View Park carousel organ)

1918 Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Santa Cruz, Calif., on its Looff carousel; modified with MIDI[7] (serial #3124)

1921 Robert Gilson, Middleton, Wisc. (serial #3378)

1921 Arnold Chase, Hartford, Conn. (serial #3358)

1922 Winstead family, Warwick, R.I. (serial #3437)

1924 Glenn Thomas, New Jersey (serial #3629) from John Davis carousel Lincoln Park, Los Angeles, Ca

1926 Glen Echo Park, Glen Echo, Md., on its 1921 Dentzel carousel (serial #3779) factory conversion to caliola rolls and back to 165 rolls in restoration

1939 American Treasure Tour Collection, Oaks, Pa. (serial #4338) Constructed in 1927 incorporating a #157 front w/o lights, sold in 1939 to the Davis Carousel in Griffiths Park, Los Angeles

#166 Two built: One destroyed by fire, another whose whereabouts and condition are unknown
#175 One known 175, located at the American Treasure Tour Collection in Oaks, PA, sold to Broadway Roller Rink, Denver, Co in 1918
#180 Jasper Sanfilippo Collection, Victorian Palace, Barrington Hills, Illinois (serial #3439; 1922), first 180 built

Nevada City Music Hall, Virginia City, Montana; factory conversion to Caliola/A.P.P rolls, converted to 165 rolls by Art Reblitz, keyboard equipped; no façade. (serial #4182; 1929), originally sold to St. Mary's Catholic Church, Amsterdam, NY

Alan Bies & Steve Boehck, Houston, Tex.; plays Caliola/APP rolls. (serial #4275; 1930), last 180 built

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