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The second Polish series of X Factor premiered on TVN on 3 March 2012 and finished on 2 June 2012. The final 9 were declared on 14 April 2012. The live shows started a week later.


The 16-24s were mentored by singer Tatiana Okupnik

The 16-24s category was mentored by Tatiana Okupnik. Contestants in this category were soloists aged 16 to 24. The five candidates were Anna Antonik, Ewelina Lisowska, Bożena Mazur, Dawid Podsiadło and Klaudia Szafrańska. Okupnik chose:

Anna Antonik[edit]

Anna "Bajka" Antonik (aged 22) was born in Lędzin near Katowice. She studies in Katowice and works in an office. As a teenager, she used to sing in a choir. She has been the vocalist in a band called Fireinthehole for last few years. She was eliminated in week 3 with only her mentor, Tatiana Okupnik voting in her favour.[1]

Ewelina Lisowska[edit]

Main article: Ewelina Lisowska

Ewelina Lisowska (aged 20) studies English Philology in Wrocław. She came from a small village Cerekwica. Lisowska graduated from Musical School in Wrocław. For past four and a half years, she has been a vocalist in a band Nurth, where she is known by her stege name Evelynn. She was eliminated in the Semi-Final with only her mentor, Tatiana Okupnik voting in her favour.[2]

Dawid Podsiadło[edit]

Main article: Dawid Podsiadło

Dawid Podsiadło (aged 18) was born in Dąbrowa Górnicza. He has been singing for eight years. This year, he is graduating from high school and musical school. Then, he plans to continue his education at Musical Academy. He won the second Polish series of X Factor and received PLN 100,000 and a recording contract with Sony Music.[3] His favourite artists are: Katie Melua, The Head and The Heart, Queen, Julian Casablancas, The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay, The Fray, Civil Twilight, John Legend.[4]

Over 25s[edit]

The over 25s category was mentored by Kuba Wojewódzki

The Over 25s category was mentored by Kuba Wojewódzki. Contestants in this category were of either sex, aged 25 or over. There was no upper age limit. The five candidates were Paweł Binkiewicz, Thomas Grotto, Joanna Kwaśnik, Izabela Mytnik and Marcin Spenner. Wojewódzki chose:

Paweł Binkiewicz[edit]

Paweł "Biba" Binkiewicz (aged 29) came from Grójec. He studied Politology. Since 2008, he has been a vocalist and guitarist in a band called Salt Hill and for last four months he has been singing in a band Flying Umbrellas. He is a fan of Queen, Hendrix and Eric Clapton. He was eliminated in week 2.[5]

Joanna Kwaśnik[edit]

Joanna Kwaśnik (aged 29) came from Wrocław. She is a vocalist in The Crackers Band. She graduated from Musical Academy in Katowice. Since the age of ten, she has attended vocal lessons. Kwaśnik is interested in computers and ecological cuisine. She was eliminated in week 4 with only her mentor, Kuba Wojewódzki voting in her favour.[6]

Marcin Spenner[edit]

Marcin Spenner (age 25) came from Gdynia and works in a catering company. He studies international relations in Gdańsk. He has been singing for three years. Spenner attends private vocal lessons. He sings in a band called Inside Out. He became Runner-up of the second Polish series of X Factor. His favourite artist is Chris Cornell.[7]


The groups were mentored by singer Czesław Mozil

The Groups category was mentored by Czesław Mozil. Acts in this category were duos or vocal groups. All members must have been aged 16 or over. The five candidates were Che Donne, The Chance, De Facto, Okay and Soul City. Mozil chose:

The Chance[edit]

The Chance are a three-piece girl band consisting of Magda Adamiak (aged 23), Agnieszka Latusek (aged 25) and Monika Marcol (aged 17). They all auditioned as soloists, but failed to get through to the judges' houses stage, so were put together in a band and joined the groups category. They came third in the second Polish series of X Factor.[8]

De Facto[edit]

De Facto are a boy band formed with three soloists, who failed to get through the bootcamp stage and joined the groups category. The three members are: Ali Al-Ani (aged 22), Kamil Czostkiewicz (aged 25) and Kuba Werel (aged 21). They were eliminated in week 1 with only Kuba Wojewódzki voting in their favour.[9]

Soul City[edit]

Soul City is a band formed by Michał Bober, who came up with the idea of the project, inspired by popular television series Glee. With current members, Soul City exists for five months. They arrange popular music in a choir way. They were eliminated in week 5 with only Kuba Wojewódzki voting in their favour.[10]


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