List of Yu-Gi-Oh! (1998) episodes

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Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 27
Original network TV Asahi
Original release April 4 – October 10, 1998
Season chronology

Yu-Gi-Oh! is the first anime adaptation of the manga with the same name. The series was produced by Toei Animation, and was shown on TV Asahi. It is based on chapters 1-59 of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga series. This series did not receive any kind of English Dub.

Episode list[edit]

# Title Original air date
1 "Furious Battle - A Shadow Game"
"Gekiretsu Batoru - Yami no Gēmu" (激烈バトル 闇のゲーム) 
April 4, 1998[1]
A shy and meek young boy named Yugi Mutou is a student, who is bullied by his classmate Katsuya Jonouchi. The hall monitor, Tetsu Ushio, forcibly becomes Yugi's bodyguard, beating up Jonouchi and Hiroto Honda, and then says that Yugi owes him money. Ushio later beats up Yugi, but Jonouchi and Honda try to intervene, only to be beaten up as well. One day, Yugi solves the Millennium Puzzle after working on it for eight years, heralding the return of the Shadow Games. In the process, he unknowingly changes his own life forever by releasing an alter-ego, who is the "King of Games", and challenges Ushio to a Shadow Game. Ushio loses after a failed attempt to cheat, and Yugi enforces a Penalty Game upon him, which results in Ushio hallucinating that there were monsters coming out of a body of water that were about to eat him. After all of that, Yugi, Honda, and Jonouchi become life-long friends, with Yugi's childhood friend, Anzu Mazaki, and Honda's crush, Miho Nosaka, joining the group. 
2 "The Devil Gamer - The Trap of Hell"
"Akuma Gēmā - Jigoku no Wana" (悪魔ゲーマー 地獄の罠) 
April 11, 1998[2]
A criminal escapes from jail, disguises himself and gets a job at the restaurant Burger World. When his true identity is exposed, he holds the restaurant and the people inside, Yugi, Honda, Jonouchi, and Miho hostage, while also taking Anzu as a prisoner. When Yugi reacts angrily to the criminal slapping Anzu, his other self in the Millennium Puzzle emerges and wastes no time in challenging the criminal to a Shadow Game in order to get her back. The game this time is that the two contestants are allowed to choose one finger to use, as soon as the game begins they can do whatever they wish with it, the criminal chooses his pointer to fire a gun, but is outsmarted when Yugi uses his to light a lighter to light his cigarette, but then puts it on his hand, so he may not fire, or allow the lighter to fall on the alcohol he is about to consume. But the prisoner does not fall for it and attempts to kill Yami Yugi. In revenge, Yugi subjects him to a Penalty Game, causing the criminal to believe he is on fire. As a result, Anzu develops a crush on the man who saved her, unaware that it was Yugi's alter-ego. 
3 "Clash! The Strongest Monster"
"Gekitotsu! Saikyō no Monsutā" (激突!最強のモンスター) 
April 18, 1998[3]
Seto Kaiba, a new student in Yugi's class is a Duel Monsters expert and the head of a company known as the Kaiba Corporation. After he steals the Blue-Eyes White Dragon from Yugi's grandfather, Yugi's other self challenges Kaiba to a duel where the monsters from the cards are real. The game ends in a tie, and Yugi gets his Grandpa's card back. 
4 "Theft! The Legendary Super Rare Watch"
"Gōdatsu! Chō Maboroshi no Geki Rea Tokei" (強奪!超幻の激レア時計) 
April 25, 1998[4]
Honda buys a watch for Miho, and he gets lucky because he gets the last one. When a guy that obsessively collects watches sees that there aren't anymore watches, he steals the watch from Honda who in turn gets slapped by an angry Miho. Yugi follows and gets beaten up as he attempts to reclaim the watch. However, when the guy manages to beat him, Yugi's alter-ego emerges, who promptly challenges him to a Shadow Game for the watch. The watch collector loses and Yugi returns the watch to Miho. As punishment, the man becomes a living watch with watches embedded in his entire body, to reflect his obsession for watches. 
5 "Now Revealed!! Yugi's Secret"
"Ima Abakareru!! Yūgi no Himitsu" (今暴かれる!!遊戯の秘密) 
May 2, 1998[5]
A man from ancient Egypt comes to the museum where he sees Yugi with the Millennium Puzzle. He travels in Yugi's mind to see if the puzzle really belongs to Yugi. In there, the man from Egypt is challenged to a game where he must find the alter-ego's "True Room". The man from Egypt loses and he tells Yugi that he really is the owner of the Millennium Puzzle. He also reveals his name to be Shadi. 
6 "Desperate Situation!! The Passionate Battle of Friendship."
"Zettai Zetsumei!! Atsuki Yūjō Kessen" (絶体絶命!!熱き友情決戦) 
May 9, 1998[6]
Shadi, the man from Egypt, attacks Yoshimori. He then infiltrates Yugi's mind room in order to force Yugi's alter ego into a shadow game. 
7 "The Underhanded Digital Pet Rebellion"
"Urawaza Dejitaru Petto Sōdō" (裏技デジタルペット騒動) 
May 16, 1998[7]
The popularity of Digital Pets leads to a contest, and Honda trains Miho's pet, so they can take the paid trip. Meanwhile, Yugi is worried for his friend Hayama, who seems to be pressured into some shady business by the bullying Kujirada. However, Hayama turns out to be controlling Kujirada by giving him money; Yugi plays a shadow game with Kujirada involving their Digital Pets and wins. 
8 "The Four Game Masters Finally Move Out"
"Gēmu Shitennō Tsuini Ugoku" (ゲーム四天王ついに動く) 
May 23, 1998[8]
Yugi is kidnapped by Kaiba, and forced to duel the first of his four Game Masters, Count Ridley Sheldon who has a strong obsession with dolls. Can Yugi defeat his doll monsters? 
9 "Explosion - The Ultimate Secret Yo-Yo Technique"
"Sakuretsu - Yō-Yō Kyūkyoku no Higi" (炸裂 ヨーヨー究極の秘技) 
May 30, 1998[9]
The gang is concerned and confused when they see Jonouchi with a gang wielding yo-yos as weapons. Has he turned his back on his friends for good? 
10 "The Pressing Beautiful Teacher - The Secret Mask"
"Semaru Bijin Kyōshi - Himitsu no Kari" (迫る美人教師 秘密の仮) 
June 6, 1998[10]
Anzu clashes with the beautiful but strict Ms. Chono, and organizes a petition to change the school rules. But Chono's underhanded counterattack threatens to ruin the petition, forcing Yugi to step in, and ensure that Chono gets what she deserves. 
11 "The Rumored Capmon - It's a New Arrival"
"Uwasa no Kapumon - Shin Tōjō da ze" (噂のカプモン 新登場だぜ) 
June 13, 1998[11]
Yugi's friend Warashibe is obsessed with Capsule Monsters, and Miho. When she spurns his advances, Warashibe decides to eliminate her friends--his competition for her affection. In revenge, Warashibe poisons Anzu, Jonouchi, and Honda with tainted water, causing the three teenagers to fall ill during class, and forcing them to be sent to the Nurse's Office for treatment. An enraged Miho confronts Warashibe, but Warashibe manages to beat her. When things gets crazy, Yugi interveres and challenges Warashibe to a Capsule Monsters game with a twist. Thanks to Yugi's powers, the monsters themselves are brought to life. Now it's up to Yugi to end Warashibe's prank and his unhealthy obsession with Miho once and for all. 
12 "The Extremely Lucky Enemy - The Invincible Legend"
"Kyōun wo Yobu Teki - Fuhai no Shinwa" (強運を呼ぶ敵 不敗の神話) 
June 20, 1998[12]
Game show champion Ryuichi Fuwa (Kaiba's second game Master) moves to Domino City and starts attending Domino High, ending up in the same class as Yugi and the gang. Although he seems friendly, Ryuichi's tactics for summoning Yugi's alter-ego soon turn dangerous... 
13 "Target the Schoolgirls - The Fangs of Great Prophecies"
"Onna Seito wo Nerau - Dai Yogen no Kiba" (女生徒を狙う 大予言の牙) 
June 27, 1998[13]
Fraudulent psychic Kokurano has his eyes on Anzu. Though Anzu does not believe his predictions at first, her desire to see her mysterious savior leads her right into Kokurano's grasp. Then Yugi challenges him to a shadow game. The episode ends with Anzu discovering a burn mark on Yugi's hand, causing her to realize that Yugi saved her (since both Yugi and his alter-ego share the same body). 
14 "A Bomb Game Makes for the Worst Date"
"Bakuha Gēmu de Saiaku Dēto" (爆破ゲームで最悪デート) 
July 4, 1998[14]
When Anzu realizes that Yugi is her mysterious crush, she invites him on a date to an amusement park, intending to "put herself" in danger to see his alter-ego. But she finds herself in real danger when a mad bomber challenges Yugi to a twisted card game of balloons and explosions. 
15 "Scary Woman!! Unable to Transform"
"Kowai Onna!! Henshin Dekinai" (怖〜い女!!変身できない) 
July 11, 1998[15]
A new girl named Risa Kageyama wants Yugi's rare Violet Hectate card, and tries to get to it by pretending to be Yugi's girlfriend (much to Anzu's anger). 
16 "Turnabout by a Hair's Breadth - The White-Robed Crisis"
"Ippatsu Gyakuten - Hakui no Kiki" (イッパツ逆転 白衣の危機) 
July 18, 1998[16]
Jonouchi has a crush on Miyuki, who is the nurse taking care of his sister, Shizuka. But when a corrupt doctor who is more interested in playing golf than caring for the well-being of his own patients fires her, Jonouchi is forced to keep his mouth shut, because if he talks, Shizuka will be kicked out of the hospital. As a result of seeing his distress, Yugi's alter-ego emerges, intending to challenge the doctor to a Shadow Game, with the hope of stopping the doctor for good. 
17 "A Last Minute Match - The Model that Invites"
"Girigiri Shōbu - Izanau Moderu" (ギリギリ勝負 誘うモデル) 
July 25, 1998[17]
Kaiba's third Game Master, the famous model Aileen Rao, challenges Yugi to a game of Raijinhai. Aileen also happens to be Anzu's model, and also prides herself on taking away the most important things from the ones she defeats. If Yugi loses, then Aileen's pet tiger will attack Anzu, the most important person to him. This forces Yugi's alter-ego to emerge and play a game in hopes of saving Anzu's life. 
18 "Don't Touch the Forbidden Game"
"Kindan Gēmu ni Tewodasuna" (禁断ゲームに手を出すな) 
August 1, 1998[18]
Yugi befriends a bullied boy named Imori, and the two discover the forbidden game Dragon Block. The evil game takes control of Imori, and then he challenges a clueless Yugi to play the game. The evil Imori overcomes Yugi, causing him to lose his soul. However, it turns out that Yugi's other self is still there, and Imori challenges him to a game of Dragon Block, with both of their souls on the line. 
19 "The Great Melee!! A Popularity Contest"
"Dai Ransen!! Ninki Kontesuto" (大乱戦!!人気コンテスト) 
August 8, 1998[19]
With Honda's support, Miho enters a popularity contest against arrogant school beauty Kaoruko Himekoji. When Kaoruko resorts to cheating and hurts Miho, Yugi challenges her to a shadow game she is bound to lose. 
20 "It's Here!! The Strongest and Final Trump Card"
"Deta!! Saikyō Saigo no Kirifuda" (出た!!最強最後の切り札) 
August 15, 1998[20]
Kaiba's butler Daimon, an old man kept alive through machinery, duels Yugi as the final Game Master. In the process, he reveals how Kaiba used to be, and implores Yugi to restore Kaiba's kindness. 
21 "Complete!! The Ultimate Game Land"
"Kansei!! Kyūkyoku no Gēmu Rando" (完成!!究極のゲームランド) 
August 22, 1998[21]
Kaiba kidnaps Yugi's grandfather, and dares him to come to Death-T, an amusement park full of death trap games. But Yugi is hesitant to put his friends in danger. 
22 "Breakthrough - Borderline Shooting"
"Yabure - Genkai Shūtingu" (破れ 限界シューティング) 
August 29, 1998[22]
Yugi and his friends heads through Death-T, making their way through a laser tag game with actual lasers, and a game of wits with a giant killer robot. 
23 "Capumon King! Showdown for the Top!!"
"Kapumon Ō! Chōjō Kessen!!" (カプモン王!頂上決戦!!) 
September 5, 1998[23]
With Honda seemingly dead, an enraged Yugi battles Mokuba, Kaiba's younger brother, in Capsule Monster Chess. This is the first time Jonouchi and Miho see his alter-ego. After Mokuba loses and faces the penalty of the Penalty Game, Yugi saves him, ultimately going to Death-T 5, to defeat Seto Kaiba in a game of Duel Monsters. 
24 "Now! The Time of Decision and the Miracle Friendship"
"Ima! Ketchaku no Toki Kiseki no Yūjō" (今!決着の時奇跡の友情) 
September 12, 1998[24]
With the lives of his grandfather and friends at stake, Yugi duels Kaiba, with his three Blue-Eyes White Dragons, while Jonouchi and Miho battle Ryuichi and Aileen. With his friends's support, Yugi pulls off the unbeatable combo--Exodia. 
25 "A New Development - The Handsome Boy who Attacks"
"Aratanaru Tenkai Osō Bishōnen" (新たなる展開 襲う美少年) 
September 26, 1998[25]
Yugi and his friends meet Ryo Bakura, a gentle new student with an interest in role-playing games. Little do they know that he has an alter ego as well, one that seeks to take Yugi's Millennium Puzzle for himself. He also had a history of playing shadow games with people, although people are unaware that it was Bakura's alter-ego. One day, Yugi and his friends visit Bakura's house to ask if they play a game of Monster World. They end up playing, but with a twist - players that are defeated will have their souls transferred into their respective figures. 
26 "Clash of Rivals - The Greatest Pinch"
"Raibaru Gekitotsu - Saidai Pinchi" (ライバル激突 最大ピンチ) 
October 3, 1998[26]
Yugi's other soul aids the others, who are reduced to figurines, against Dark Bakura and his RPG (Role Playing Game)'s boss, Dark Master Zorc. Both Yugis see each other for the first time, and although Yugi's friends are surprised that there are two Yugis, they do not believe that it matters. They continue the game and eventually defeat Zorc. 
27 "Friendship - From Legend to Myth"
"Yūjō - Densetsu Kara Shinwa e" (友情 伝説から神話へ) 
October 10, 1998[27]
Even when seemingly defeated, Zorc rises again and threatens to overwhelm the gang. It is up to Bakura to defeat his evil counterpart with the other Yugi and the group aiding him. Eventually, Ryo Bakura is able to shatter Dark Bakura's possessed dice, saved from death himself by Yugi's friends, and allowing the gang to win the game. Afterwards, their souls are freed from their figurine look-alikes. 

Theme songs[edit]

"A Yell of Thirst" (渇いた叫び, Kawaita Sakebi)
Lyricist: Miho Komatsu / Composer: Miho Komatsu / Arranger: Masazumi Ozawa / Singers: FIELD OF VIEW
"Even if You Break Tomorrow" (明日もし君が壊れても, Ashita Moshi Kimi ga Kowaretemo)
Lyricist: Izumi Sakai / Composer: Aika Ouno / Arranger: WANDS / Singers: WANDS

Video releases[edit]

VHS Volume Content Release Date
Episodes 1-3
December 10, 1999
Episodes 4-7
December 10, 1999
Episodes 8-11
December 10, 1999
Episodes 12-15
January 21, 2000[28]
Episodes 16-19
January 21, 2000[28]
Episodes 20-23
February 21, 2000
Episodes 24-27
February 21, 2000


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