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Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal (遊☆戯☆王 ZEXAL (ゼアル) Yūgiō Zearu?) is the fourth Yu-Gi-Oh! anime television series by Nihon Ad Systems and TV Tokyo. It is directed by Satoshi Kuwahara and produced by Studio Gallop. The series aired in Japan on TV Tokyo between April 11, 2011 and September 24, 2012. A second series, Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal II, began airing from October 7, 2012. The show also premiered on Toonzai in North America on October 15, 2011. The story follows the young duelist Yuma Tsukumo who partners up with an ethereal spirit named Astral, as they search for the 100 Number Duel Monsters cards, which will restore Astral's memories.

Six pieces of theme music are used for the series: three opening and three ending themes. For episodes 1–25, the opening theme is "Masterpiece" (マスターピース Masutāpīsu?) by mihimaru GT while the ending theme is "My Quest" (僕クエスト Boku Kuesuto?) by Golden Bomber.[1] For episode 26–49, the opening theme is "Braving!" (ブレイビング! Bureibingu!?) by Kanan while the ending theme is "Freesia of Longing" (切望のフリージア Setsubō no Furījia?) by DaizyStripper. For episodes 50–73, the opening theme is "Soul Drive" (魂ドライブ Tamashī Doraibu?) by Color Bottle while the ending theme is "Wild Child" (ワイルドチャイルド Wairudo Chairudo?) by Moumoon. For the 4Kids and Konami English Dub versions, the opening theme is "Take a Chance" for all episodes.

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

No. in series No. in season English dub title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
1 1 "Go With the Flow: Part 1" / "I'm Feeling the Flow!"
"Kattobingu da ze, Ore!!" (かっとビングだぜ、オレ!!) 
April 11, 2011[2] October 15, 2011[3]
Yuma Tsukumo is an ambitious student who is underachieving in both school and in duels, but can never turn down a challenge. One day, he and his friend Tori Meadows spot their other friend, Bronk Stone, get beaten in a duel against Reginald "Shark" Kastle who takes his deck as a result. When Yuma stands up to him, Shark breaks the key he got from his parents and kicks half of it away, though he gives him a chance to put his own deck on the line in a duel to win back Bronk's deck. Noticing Yuma looking less ambitious but still willing to fight against Shark, Bronk manages to return the second half of his key to him. The day of the duel between Yuma and Shark comes, and Yuma's amateur duel skills put him at a disadvantage against Shark's deck. As Yuma defends himself against Shark's assault, his key suddenly repairs itself and he finds himself in front of a strange door, which he opens with his key. A mysterious being emerges and tries to merge with Yuma, but this fails and the memories and power of the spirit are divided into 50 Number cards, which then fly off in different directions. Upon returning to the real world, Shark is possessed by a Number card and summons the Xyz monster Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, while Yuma is greeted by the mysterious spirit. 
2 2 "Go With the Flow: Part 2" / "My Name is Astral"
"Waga na wa Asutoraru" (わが名はアストラル!) 
April 18, 2011[2] October 22, 2011[4]
The being, known as Astral, speaks to Yuma, who is the only one who can see or hear him, explaining he is a duelist whose memories have been divided into 100 Number cards. Yuma manages to inflict some damage to Shark, but it is then revealed that Number monsters can only be destroyed by battle with another Number monster. Realizing he will disappear if Yuma loses the duel, Astral starts sharing his duel tactics with him, and gives him an Xyz Monster, Number 39: Utopia, which Yuma summons to deal some damage to Shark. Although Shark manages to bring Yuma's life points down to 100, Yuma's determination not to give up allows him to draw a Spell card that allows him to double Utopia's attack points and destroy Leviathan Dragon, winning the duel. After the duel, Astral claims the Number card that possessed Shark, even while his gang deserts him. Then, Shark apologizes and returns Bronk's deck. 
3 3 "In the End: Part 1" / "To Summarize, It's a Case!"
"Todo no Tsumari Jiken desu!" (トドのつまり事件です!) 
April 25, 2011[2] October 29, 2011 [5]
A virus is spread throughout the city, causing systems to go haywire. Meanwhile, Astral gets trapped in a world inside Yuma's key, and Yuma later discovers he no longer has his Number card and thus loses to the class president, Caswell Francis, in a duel. Later that day, Yuma's sister, Kari, deduces that the origin of the virus came from somewhere in Yuma's school and asks Yuma and Tori to go on a stakeout. They find Caswell, who inadvertently sets off a virus, and with his help they discover the culprit is their teacher, Mr. Kay, who has been possessed by one of the Numbers. With a virus bomb which will spread throughout the network in 30 minutes, Astral reappears and tells Yuma to battle Kay in a duel. Kay soon summons his Number monster, Number 34: Terror-byte, using its ability to take control of one of Yuma's monsters. 
4 4 "In the End: Part 2" / "Countdown to a Comeback! Astral is the Secret Plan!?"
"Gyakuten no Kauntodaun! Hisaku wa Asutoraru!?" (逆転のカウントダウン! 秘策はアストラル!?) 
May 2, 2011[2] November 5, 2011[6]
Yuma's reluctance to listen to Astral's advice drives him further into a corner against Mr. Kay's Terror-byte combo. With his life on the line, Astral starts using reverse psychology to get Yuma to play the cards he needs. Yuma summons out Number 39: Utopia, though Kay summons out Super Crashbug, which switches monster's ATK and DEF points. Yuma then summons out Number 17: Leviathan Dragon, and follows Astral's advice to destroy Super Crashbug, returning all of the monster's ATK and DEF points to normal, and allowing Yuma to defeat Kay, and gain Number 34: Terror-byte and a piece of Astral's memory. The timer counts down to zero, but instead of a virus, it switches on the lights in a building, allowing a large Crashbug and some fireworks to be displayed in the sky. 
5 5 "Flipping Out: Part 1" / "The Duel's Flip Side!"
"Dueru no Ura wo Yomu Ura!" (デュエルのウラを読むウラ!) 
May 9, 2011[2] November 12, 2011[7]
A strange kid named Flip Turner constantly tries to offer Yuma a card named Baby Toragon, though his friends try to keep him from taking it. Meanwhile, Astral continues to explore Yuma's key, finding a machine he is able to activate. Flip eventually manages to get the card to Yuma under the guise of a fan letter. The next day, Yuma is accused of causing several pranks and is shunned by his classmates. Afterward, Flip challenges Yuma to a duel, where he tricks Yuma into summoning Baby Toragon so he can take control of Utopia, before revealing a secret Ante Rule, meaning if Flip wins, he can keep Utopia. 
6 6 "Flipping Out: Part 2" / "Traitorous Numbers!?"
"Uragiri no Nanbāzu!?" (裏切りのナンバーズ!?) 
May 16, 2011[8] November 19, 2011[9]
Due to possessing Utopia, Flip is possessed by the Number and Astral is weakened. Yuma manages to summon out Leviathan Dragon, but Flip takes control of it as well, putting Astral in a cocoon-like state. Meanwhile, Tori and Bronk investigate the cause of the forged photographs, learning that Flip was the one behind them. As Flip explains his bullied childhood led him to play dirty, Astral tells Yuma to protect Baby Toragon at all costs. After being pushed into a corner, Yuma manages to use Baby Toragon's effect with one of his other monsters to send Flip's traps back to his hand, allowing him to regain control of his Numbers, restore Astral and win the duel. Afterwards, Yuma tries to return Baby Toragon to Flip, however, Flip decides to let him keep it as proof of their new-found friendship. 
7 7 "The Sparrow: Part 1" / "Lavish Justice! The Sparrow Arrives!!"
"Seigi no Ōbanfurumai! Esupā Robin Sanjou!!" (正義の大盤振る舞い! エスパー・ロビン参上!!) 
May 23, 2011[8] November 26, 2011[10]
Astral becomes interested in a television show called "The Sparrow". After Yuma and his friends attempt to sneak a peak at a rehearsal by Sparrow's actor, Nelson Andrews, he notices Yuma is a duelist and brings him to his dressing room, where it's revealed that he is actually easily frightened off-screen. Nelson asks Yuma to become his friend and duel him, but he is sent away by his mother, who wants him to maintain his image. Later that night, Nelson finds a Number card and is possessed by it, going around town dressed as The Sparrow and attacking people. Yuma confronts Nelson, who truly believes himself to be The Sparrow, and challenges him to a duel. Nelson Advance Summons his key card, Esper Star Sparrow, and brings out his Number card, Number 83: Galaxy Queen, which gives his monsters piercing damage. 
8 8 "The Sparrow: Part 2" / "The Sparrow is Forever"
"Sutā Robin yo Eien ni" (スター・ロビンよ永遠に) 
May 30, 2011[8] December 3, 2011[11]
Yuma asks Tori to try to get in contact with Nelson's mother before bringing out Utopia, though Nelson manages to reinforce his side further. As Yuma follows Astral's advice to stay in the game, Nelson's mother tries to get through to Nelson, who brings out his ultimate monsters, D.D. Jet Iron, with an attack power of 8000. However, Yuma manages to use his traps to stop Jet Iron's attack and cease Galaxy Queen's protection. As Yuma targets Galaxy Queen for the win, Nelson has one of his other monsters take the hit instead. After Astral regains Galaxy Queen and another piece of his memory, Nelson's mother apologizes to Nelson. 
9 9 "Feline Frenzy" / "Cathy's Surprising Cat Deck!?"
"Kyatto Odoroku Neko Dekki!?" (キャットオドロく猫デッキ!?) 
June 6, 2011[8] February 4, 2012
As Yuma just begins to realize that he has been coming to school in bizarre outfits for a week, he learns from Astral that a cat-like thief has been sneaking into his room. The next day, Yuma gets word that Tori has allegedly been kidnapped and goes to a mansion where he meets Cathy Katherine, who challenges him to the duel. As he fights against her, Cathy admits she often feels ignored in class and tries to confess some feelings to Yuma, but he is too focused on the duel, which he wins. He later learns that Tori hadn't been kidnapped after all, but was just playing with her cats. 
10 10 "Shark Attack" / "Shark's Counterattack!"
"Gyakushū no Shāku!" (逆襲のシャーク!) 
June 13, 2011[12] February 11, 2012
As Yuma's friends become curious as to the whereabouts of his Number cards outside of duels, Yuma learns that Shark had been skipping school since their duel. Yuma goes to challenge Shark to another duel, but he tells him that he's quit duelling. Yuma continues to challenge him the next day, getting him to agree to a duel by putting his key on the line, deciding he will try not to use his Numbers. Shark immediately summons out his key monster, Aero Shark, and starts calling on Yuma to bring out his Numbers. Yuma, realising there's more than pride on the line, summons out Utopia, but falls into a play by Shark. Shark then summons out another Xyz monster, Black Ray Lancer, which negates Utopia's effects to not be destroyed, and defeats Yuma, though he decides not to take Yuma's key. 
11 11 "The Pack: Part 1" / "Yuma and Shark: The Injury-Filled Tag Duel"
"Yuma to Shāku Kizu-darake no Taggude~yueru" (遊馬とシャーク 傷だらけのタッグデュエル) 
June 20, 2011[12] February 18, 2012
Bronk becomes annoyed with Yuma for breaking his promise to not use Numbers in his duel against Shark. Meanwhile, Shark learns that some of the delinquents he is hanging out with, Scorch and Chills, possess Number cards and a planning to steal a priceless deck from a museum. As one of the other delinquents chicken out on the heist, he goes to tell Yuma, who had been reading up on Shark's history, about the trouble Shark is getting into. As Yuma confronts the three, Shark decides to side with Yuma in a Tag Duel. Scorch and Chills use their advantage as a tag team to summon several level 5 monsters, allowing Scorch to summon his Number card, Number 61: Volcasaurus, and deal a lot of damage to both Shark and Yuma. 
12 12 "The Pack: Part 2" / "Combo of Hope! Armored Xyz Activates!"
"Kibō no Gattai! Āmādo Ekushīzu Hatsudō!" (希望の合体! アーマード・エクシーズ発動!) 
June 27, 2011[12] February 25, 2012
Yuma strives to prevent Shark from being defeated by Scorch and Chills, who not only stop Utopia from attacking, but manage to summon Chills' Number, Number 19: Freezadon, which gives Volcasaurus more overlay units. Shark soon figures out that Scorch and Chills had been cheating, but this brings up the topic about how Shark was disqualified from a tournament for looking at his opponent's cards. However, Yuma stands up for Shark and the two manage to knock Chills out. As Scorch makes it so the others may lose by his next Standby phase, Shark gives Yuma a spell card, Armored Xyz, which allows Yuma to equip Utopia to Shark's Black Ray Lancer and defeat Scorch. As Astral retrieves the two Numbers and learns of a terrible incident that happened to his world, Yuma makes up with Bronk whilst Shark allows Yuma to keep Armored Xyz. 
13 13 "The Number Hunter: Part 1" / "Hunter of Souls! The Number Hunter Appears!"
"Tamashii o Karu Mono! Nanbāzu Hantā Genru!" (魂を狩る者! ナンバーズ・ハンター現る!) 
July 4, 2011[12] March 3, 2012
A thief wielding a Number card holds a stickup at a mall where Yuma is attending. However, before Yuma and Astral can reach him, a Numbers Hunter with the ability to stop time, Kite Tenjo, defeats him in a duel and forcibly takes his Number and his soul, leaving him old and decrepit. As Kite's younger brother Hart uses trash from Heartland City to attack Astral World, Kite converses with Mr. Heartland, who then converses with the mastermind, Dr. Faker, who seeks to obtain the Number cards and destroy Astral World. The next day, as Yuma tries to save Tori from a speeding truck, time stops again and Yuma is confronted by Kite, who forces him into a duel. Kite immediately summons out two Numbers monster, Number 10: Illumiknight and Number 20: Giga-Brilliant. 
14 14 "The Number Hunter: Part 2" / "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon Descends!"
"Gyarakushī Aizu Foton Doragon Kōrin!" (『銀河眼の光子竜』降臨!) 
July 11, 2011[13] March 10, 2012[14]
Kite tributes his Numbers to Special Summon his ace monster, Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, using its special ability to absorb Utopia's Overlay Units and grow stronger. Meanwhile, Mr. Heartland proposes a World Duel Carnival to Dr. Faker in order to draw out the Numbers. With both Astral's life and Yuma's soul at stake, Yuma starts to become paralyzed with fear but comes to his senses when he thinks of his father. However, both Yuma and Astral's tactics are seen through by Kite. As Kite is about to win the duel, he stops when he learns that Hart has collapsed from overusing his power and leaves. As time resumes, both Yuma and Astral are left reeling from their near-loss. 
15 15 "Training Days: Part 1" / "Battle at the Duel Sanctuary, Legendary Monsters Resurrect!!"
"Shitō, Kettōan, Densetsu no Monsutā Fukkatsu!!" (死闘、決闘庵 伝説のモンスター復活!!) 
July 18, 2011[13] March 17, 2012[15]
As Astral laments his near-loss whilst Yuma hears about the World Duel Carnival, his grandma Haru sends him, Tori and Bronk to deliver vegetables to a strange man named Roku who lives in a temple. There, Yuma discovers a room filled with statues of legendary Duel Monsters, with Roku explaining that his home is a Duel Lodge where duelists train. He challenges Yuma to a duel using the statues and wooden cards. However, as the duel begins, Yuma's consciousness is switched into the body of Dark Magician whilst Roku summons out Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon and defeats him, giving him an understanding of fear from a Monster's point of view. The next day, Roku is approached by his former student, Kaze, who beats him in a duel before heading inside the temple to claim a Legendary Deck. However, Yuma decides to stand in his way and challenges him to a duel. Kaze summons out his Xyz monster, Blade Armor Ninja, dealing some damage to Yuma, who decides he wants to protect his monsters. 
16 16 "Training Days: Part 2" / "The Deadliest Ninja Arts! The Most Terrifying Ninja!"
"Hissatsu Ninpō! Sai Osore Ninja Ara Waru!" (必殺忍法! 最恐忍者あらわる!) 
July 25, 2011[13] March 24, 2012
As Haru and Kari come to observe the duel, Yuma struggles against Kaze and loses a lot of life points, though his belief in his monsters allow him to make a comeback. However, Kaze then reveals he has a Number card, Number 12: Crimson Shadow Armor Ninja. Yuma soon remembers the feelings of the Monsters and manages to summon out Utopia to defeat Kaze. As Kaze once again tries to attack the statues, Yuma stands in front of him, helping him overcome his dark feelings. As the gang leaves, Roku decides to give Yuma his hidden deck, though Astral still has doubts over whether he can face Kite again. 
17 17 "It's in the Cards: Part 1" / "The All-Seeing Fortune–Teller: The Terrifying Fortuneteller - Fortuno"
"Subete o Mitōsu Mono Kyōfu no Uranaishi Jin" (すべてを見通す者 恐怖の占い師・ジン) 
August 1, 2011[13] March 31, 2012
As a Number Hunter named Fortuno retrieves more Number cards for Kite, Astral admits he is still too afraid to face Kite again. With Yuma refusing to tell them anything, Tori, Bronk, Caswell, Flip and Cathy decide to form a Numbers Club and find out the secrets behind the Number cards. There investigation leads them to Fortuno who, after telling them about the Numbers, traps them. As Cathy escapes to inform Yuma, Fortuno possesses her and tells Yuma to come and duel him in order to free his friends. Despite Astral's fears, Yuma goes to face Fortuno, who puts in a deep spot by seemingly reading his cards and bring out his Number card, Number 16: Shock Master. Worse yet, Fortuno reveals that as Yuma loses Life Points, the platform suspending his friends above a pit of lava starts to collapse. 
18 18 "It's in the Cards: Part 2" / "Chaos Xyz Evolution! The Light of Aspiration: Utopia Ray!!"
"Kaosu Ekushīzu Chenji! Kibō no Hikari Hōpu Rei!!" (カオスエクシーズ・チェンジ! 希望の光ホープ・レイ!!) 
August 8, 2011[13] April 7, 2012
Yuma manages to follow Astral's advice and bring out Utopia to beat Shock Master. However, Fortuno then summons out his Rank 7 Number, Number 11: Big Eye, which he uses to take control of Utopia. With Yuma's life down to 100, Fortuno offers to release his friends if he surrenders, with Astral prepared to make that deal, even if it means his disappearance. However, Yuma rejects that idea as he considers Astral a precious friend as well. Yuma then deduces that what was thought to be Kite spectating the duel was really a decoy used to peek at Yuma's cards. The awakened friendship activates a power in Yuma's key which grants Yuma the power to perform a Chaos Xyz Evolution, turning Utopia into Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray, defeating Fortuno. Shortly afterwards, Fortuno muses that he hidden his 3rd Number card in order to prevent Astral from claiming it. Just then, Kite Tenjo arrives, and Fortuno pledges loyalty to him, staying that he would do anything for Kite. However, the only thing that Kite wants is his Number card, and as a result, they duel for Fortuno's remaining Number card (this duel occurs off-screen). Fortuno loses, and Kite takes Fortuno's Number and his soul, while thanking him for his loyalty. 
19 19 "The Edge of the World" / "The Promised High-Fiving the Sky"
"Yakusoku no Kattobingu" (約束のかっとビング) 
August 15, 2011[16] April 14, 2012
A visitor's day is to take place at Yuma's school, but Yuma decides not to tell Haru or Kari about it since they have plans for reunions on the same day. As Yuma forgets his key at home, he tells Astral about his father, Kazuma, who taught him all about 'feeling the flow'. One night, when he and his wife Mira were caught by an earthquake, Kazuma allowed himself to fall down a chasm in order to keep Mira safe. Kazuma briefly ended up in another world where he encountered a being similar to Astral who gave him the King's Key which he later gave to Yuma. As Kari end up hearing about Yuma's visitors day, she and Haru decide to leave their reunion parties to pay Yuma a visit. 
20 20 "Roots of the Problem" / "The Pitch-Black Number: Dark Yuma Vs. Bronk"
"Shikkoku no Nanbāzu Yami Yūma vs Tetsuo" (漆黒のナンバーズ 闇遊馬vs鉄男) 
August 22, 2011[16] April 21, 2012
After Yuma wins a duel against another Number holder, Astral sees a vision of the Earth's destruction while Bronk gets mad at Yuma for his reckless tactics. As Bronk accidentally knocks away Yuma's key, the Numbers card Yuma had won, Number 96: Dark Mist, takes over Astral and holds Yuma hostage. Before being taken over, Astral instructs Yuma to give Utopia to Bronk, who is protected by Yuma's key. Bronk challenges Number 96 to a duel, who controls Yuma to duel for him and summons a copy of itself (Dark Mists' card form), Number 96: Dark Mist, which has the ability to steal the attack points of other monsters. Bronk summons Utopia, but he gets overwhelmed by Dark Mist's ability. However, Yuma manages to follow Astral's advice and pretend to side with Number 96, in order to advise him to destroy the wrong card, allowing Bronk to use the right cards to win, which allows Astral to return to normal and reabsorb Number 96. When he does, Astral wonders if there are other Numbers like Dark Mist. 
21 21 "Battle with the Bot" / "Yuma Vs. The Litterbot, Lillybot"
"Yūma vs Osōji Robotto Obomi" (遊馬vsお掃除ロボット オボミ) 
August 29, 2011[16] April 28, 2012
While a burglar named Goda uses a group of Litterbots (cleaning robots) to rob a jewelry store, one of the Litterbots gets knocked into the river while protecting a family of ducks. The Litterbot is found and fixed by Yuma and his friends, who names it Lillybot and befriends it. However, later that night, Lillybot is called by the Goda to participate in another robbery, which Yuma discovers the next morning, while Kari is making a report about it. With Astral's help, Yuma and friends find Goda, who sends in Lillybot to attack them. Yuma decides to duel Lillybot, who summons out its Xyz Monster, Wind-Up Zenmaister, while Yuma defends with his Gagaga Monsters, hoping to bring back Lillybot's memory of him. Just then, Goda activates a self-destruct timer on Lillybot, giving Yuma only one minute to win the duel. Yuma uses a spell card left behind by Lillybot to summon Utopia, allowing him to win the Duel, stop the countdown, and return Lillybot to normal. As Goda is foiled by his own Litterbots, Lillybot starts living with Yuma. 
22 22 "The Shark Hunter" / "The Seized Emperor's Key! Showdown, Kite Vs. Shark"
"Ubawareta Ou no Kagi! Gekitotsu Kaito vs Shāku" (奪われた皇の鍵! 激突カイトvsシャーク) 
September 5, 2011[16] May 5, 2012
As Astral tells Yuma about the contraption inside his key, Kite learns that Yuma's key is not from this world and decides to obtain it for himself. He sends his robot, Orbital-7, to steal Yuma's key while he is swimming, but Shark stands in his way. Believing he possesses a Numbers card, Kite appears and challenges Shark to a duel. As Kite summons one of his Numbers, Number 30: Acid Golem of Destruction, Shark takes control of it, only to fall prey to its hidden effects. Kite defeats Shark, taking both his soul and Yuma's key, with Astral still inside it, even while Yuma and his friends arrive on the scene. 
23 23 "Hunting Down The Hunter: Part 1" / "The Destined Duel! Astral Vs. Kite"
"Shukumei no Kettou! Asutoraru VS Kaito" (宿命の決闘!アストラルvsカイト) 
September 12, 2011[17] May 12, 2012
After admitting Shark into hospital, Yuma and friends get help from Kay to help track down the key's location. Meanwhile, as Kite experiments on the key, he manages to find a way to enter the realm inside the key where he finds Astral and challenges him to a duel for all his Numbers. As the duel goes on, Astral's fear of facing Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon again puts him in a dire situation. As Yuma and his friends manage to break into Kite's hideout thanks to Kay, Astral decides to face his fear and stand up to Kite. 
24 24 "Hunting Down The Hunter: Part 2" / "The Soul's Xyz Summon! ZEXAL"
"Tamashii no Ekushīzu Shōkan! Zearu" (魂のエクシーズ召喚!ZEXAL) 
September 19, 2011[17] May 19, 2012[18]
While his friends distract the security robots, Yuma goes on ahead to hack into a terminal, where he learns about Hart and also sees a vision of the door he first saw, which tells him about a power known as Zexal. Meanwhile, Astral summons Utopia while Kite summons Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, proving to be a challenging opponent even after Astral summons out Utopia Ray. As Yuma manages to regain his key, he obtains the power of Zexal which allows him to merge with Astral, allowing them to summon the Zexal Weapon - Unicorn Spear and equip it to Utopia Ray. This allows them to destroy Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon; however, Kite manages to use Photon Shock to bring the Duel to a draw. After Kite returns Shark's soul, his hideout self-destructs, with Yuma barely managing to make it out alive. 
25 25 "Frozen in Time" / "The Time Comes, Three Suns Appear"
"Toki no Otozore, Arawareshi Mittsu no Taiyō" (時の訪れ 現われし3つの太陽) 
October 3, 2011[17] August 18, 2012[19]
As Yuma and Astral contemplate the nature of Kite's Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and why he is unaffected by the Numbers, time stops and three strange suns appear in the sky. The Yellow Sun is from Earth, the Blue Sun is from Astral World, and the Red Sun is from Barian World (which Kite is familiar with). Astral and Kite hold their own investigations into the incident, looking into the sites of Yuma's past duels. Dr. Faker tells Mr. Heartland that energy waves from both Astral World and Barian World (indirectly mentioned) caused time on Earth to stop temporarily. Dr. Faker then says that the appearance of the 3 Suns indicate that both worlds are drawing closer to Earth, and that soon, the final stage shall be set. As the suns disappear and time resumes again, Kite tells Yuma to come to the World Duel Carnival to settle things. 

Season 2[edit]

No. in series No. in season English dub title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
26 1 "Let the Duels Begin" / "Begin! World Duel Carnival!"
"Kaimaku! Wārudo Dueru Kānibaru" (開幕!WDC) 
October 10, 2011[20] August 25, 2012
The World Duel Carnival, where Duelists from around the world will wage heated battles, is swiftly approaching. Yuma, seeking to fulfill his dream of becoming Duel Champion, excitedly rushes to the tournament. But what will Yuma do when he has no Heart Pieces, which serve as the proof of participation for the WDC? Meanwhile, Mr. Heartland and Kite make their preparations to gather the Numbers that are likely to assemble before them in this tournament. 
27 2 "A Team Performance" / "WDC Kickoff! The Flame Striker, Striker"
"Wārudo Dueru Kānibaru Kikku Ofu! Honō no Sutoraikā Kunitachi Kakeru" (WDCキックオフ!炎のストライカー・国立カケル) 
October 17, 2011[20] September 1, 2012
Yuma's first opponent in the World Duel Carnival is the soccer kid, Striker. Striker transforms the surrounding with his Field Spell Card "Stadium of Dreams", as the Duel kicks off. With his "Offside Trap", Striker brilliantly seals Yuma's strategies, while his teammate monsters use teamwork to frantically keep beating Yuma up with a combo of offense and defense and with such sheer strength, it seems as if Striker's victory is all but decided... 
28 3 "Heavy Metal" / "Construction Site Duel! Destroy the Construction Equipment Deck!!"
"Kōjigenba Dueru! Jūki Dekki wo Uchiyabure!!" (工事現場デュエル! 重機デッキを打ち破れ!!) 
October 24, 2011[20] September 8, 2012
Whilst at a construction site looking for more opponents, Yuma and Tori are saved from a falling girder by a boy named Cody Callum, who challenges Yuma to a duel with his Heavy Industry Deck. As the noise from Cody's ace monster, Digvorzhak, King of Heavy Industry makes it hard for Yuma to hear Astral's instructions, they learn they have the ability to speak telepathically. Learning how even a tiny bolt helps keep aloft mighty machinery, Yuma manages to use his low level monster to take down Digvorzhak and win the duel. 
29 4 "Love Hurts" / "Railroad Deck Takeoff! Runaway Duelist Anna"
"Tetsubō Dekki Hasshin! Bakusō Duerisuto Anna" (鉄道デッキ発進!暴走決闘者アンナ) 
October 31, 2011[20] September 15, 2012
Yuma and Tori find themselves being chased by Anna Kaboom, a girl who allegedly bullied Yuma in her childhood because she has a crush on him. After a lengthy chase involving a rocket launcher, Yuma challenges Anna to a duel, who declares that if she wins, he will be hers. Anna proves to be trouble with her Railway Deck, especially when she summons a Rank 10 Xyz Monster, Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Gustav Max. Yuma summons his new Xyz Monster, Temtempo the Percussion Djinn, and manages to use his traps to turn Anna's overwhelming firepower against her and win. After the duel, it is revealed that Anna had confused Yuma for someone else. 
30 5 "No Tomato" / "Yuma's Greatest Ordeal! Fight to Death, Vegetable Death Match"
"Yūma Saidai no Shiren! Shidō, Yassai Desumacchi" (遊馬最大の試練! 死闘、野菜デスマッチ) 
November 7, 2011[20] September 22, 2012
Yuma encounters Tombo Tillbitty, a farmer who wants Tori to become an image girl for his home-grown tomatoes. Yuma challenges him to a duel, which Tombo makes into a 'Vegetable Death Match', in which players have to eat a vegetable whenever they attack. This proves to be a tricky rule for Yuma as he hates tomatoes, leaving many opportunities to attack pass by. After some pushing from Tori and Astral, Yuma finally gives in and eats a tomato, coming to like it, and wins the duel with his Xyz Monster, Melomelody the Brass Djinn. 
31 6 "Life Is a Carnival: Part 1" / "His Name is Charlie, the Man with the Strongest Luck in History"
"Sono Mei wa Chari! Shijo Saikyo no Un wo Motsu Otoko" (その名はチャーリー!史上最強の運を持つ男) 
November 14, 2011 September 29, 2012
Kari is contacted by a thief named Charlie McCay, who she used to have a thing with. She sends Yuma to meet up with him, who encounters Shark along the way and hears his motivation for entering the WDC. As Yuma meets up with Charlie, he learns that he possesses a Number card, Number 7: Lucky Straight, as well as extraordinary luck during dice rolls. As the police approach him, Charlie uses his Number card to create a whirlwind that takes several people's cards, including one of Yuma's Number cards, and allows him to escape. After hearing about Charlie from Kari, Yuma manages to confront him on a runaway monorail and challenge him to a duel. 
32 7 "Life Is a Carnival: Part 2" / "Invincible Luck! Number 7: Lucky Straight"
"Muteki no Kyōin! Numbāzu Nana Rakkī Sutoraipu" (無敵の強運!No.7 ラッキー・ストライプ) 
November 21, 2011 October 6, 2012
Charlie uses the luck granted to him by his Number card to increase his life points to high levels and summon out Lucky Straight. As the monorail runs out of time before it crashes, Kari informs Yuma that Charlie's luck comes from his card. As Charlie manages to take control of Utopia, Yuma manages to pull some luck on his own and neutralize Lucky Straight's power, taking away Charlie's luck and allowing him to win the duel with Utopia Ray. As Kari helps to stop the monorail in time, Charlie goes to see his niece, May, who is due for an operation, and gives Lucky Straight to her for good luck before saying his farewells to Kari. 
33 8 "Foolish Fans" / "Tag Duel of Hell! Fiendish Hero Quattro"
"Jigoku no Taggu Dueru! Akuma no Hīrō Fō" (地獄のタッグデュエル!悪魔のヒーローIV) 
November 28, 2011 October 13, 2012
As the second day of the WDC begins, Bronk and Caswell are invited by Quattro to participate in a Battle Royale for all their Heart Pieces. Although he acts innocently enough, he soon reveals his true purpose is to gather Numbers and summons his ace monster, Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder, using its ability to use their Xyz Monsters against them and defeat them. As Yuma seeks revenge on Quattro, Shark arrives on the scene. 
34 9 "Shark Bait" / "The Determined Revenge, Tragic Duelist, Shark"
"Ketsui no Fukushū Kanashiki Dyuerisuto Shāku" (決意の復讐 哀しき決闘者シャーク) 
December 5, 2011 October 20, 2012
As Shark prepares to face Quattro, he is forced to duel his brother, Trey, instead, whilst Quattro leaves with a completed Heart Pass. As Tori and Bronk take Caswell to the hospital, Yuma and Astral stay to observe Shark's duel. Shark brings out Black Ray Lancer whilst Trey summons Number 32: Shark Drake which deals massive damage to him. As Shark takes control of Shark Drake, he is almost possessed by the Number's power, but overcomes it due to remembering Yuma's words. Trey then summons his ace monster, Chronomaly Crystal Chrononaut, but Shark sees through Trey's traps and wins the duel. 
35 10 "Bad Developments: Part 1" / "The Shocking Scoop, Tori's Dangerous Future!"
"Shōgeki no Sukūpu! Kotori no Kiken-na Mirai!" (衝撃のスクープ!小鳥の危険な未来) 
December 12, 2011 October 27, 2012
Kari's boss Editor in chief sends her to investigate a cameraman named Cameron Clix who is allegedly able to take photos of future events. After witnessing this ability firsthand, Kari gets Yuma to search for Cameron. Meanwhile, Tori, who had gotten annoyed with Yuma's moping, encounters Cameron, who is an old friend of hers, and gets her photo taken before boarding a blimp. Afterwards, Yuma witnesses Cameron defeating someone with a Numbers card. As Yuma and Kari confront Cameron, he shows a future photo of Tori in a dangerous situation aboard the blimp, just as one of its engines blows. As Kari rushes to save Tori and everyone else on the blimp, Yuma confronts Cameron in a duel, where Cameron takes a future photo allegedly foretelling Yuma's defeat. 
36 11 "Bad Developments: Part 2" / "The Power to Create the Future! Utopia Ray"
"Mirai wo Kiri Hiraku Chikara! Kibō Hōpu Rei" (未来を切り開く力!希望皇ホープレイ) 
December 19, 2011 November 3, 2012
As Yuma struggles to fight against Cameron who can predict his moves, the second engine on the blimp blows, further endangering Tori, who is shocked to hear about Cameron's change in personality. Yuma decides to make his own future and rejects the strategy Cameron had planned for him. Cameron summons his Number card, Number 25: Force Focus, but soon finds that Yuma's change of actions has affected his foretold future. After disabling Force Focus's effects, Yuma summons Utopia Ray and defeats Cameron. However, the blimp is still on a crash course, but miraculously Kite arrives and brings the blimp into a safe landing, whilst Cameron returns to his old self. 
37 12 "Double Jeopardy: Part 1" / "Disqualified from the WDC!? Heartland's Assassins, Dextra and Nistro"
"Daburu Di Shi Shikkaku!? Hātorando no Shikyaku Dorowa ando Gōshu" (WDC失格!? ハートランドの刺客ドロワ&ゴーシュ) 
December 26, 2011 November 10, 2012
Noticing he is falling behind in the carnival, Flip attempts to get Heart Pieces by trading with other duelists using fakes, but he soon caught by Mr. Heartland's officials, Dextra and Nistro. Displeased by Flip's treatment, Yuma challenges both of them to a duel, faced with disqualification should he lose. Meanwhile, Astral, who is inside the key, encounters Number 96, who has teamed up with the Numbers to fight him, telling him his mission is to destroy mankind. However, Utopia steps in to defend him. 
38 13 "Double Jeopardy: Part 2" / "Bound To Hope! Hope Sword Mars Slash!!"
"Kibō wo Tsunage! Hōpu Ken Māzu Surasshu!!" (希望をつなげ! ホープ剣マーズ・スラッシュ!!) 
January 9, 2012 November 17, 2012
Yuma manages to survive Nistro's attack, but finds he can't summon his Numbers without Astral around. Astral instructs Utopia to go to Yuma's aid, whilst Number 96 takes the other Numbers unto himself. As Yuma summon Utopia, Dextra summons her Xyz Monster, Photon Papilloperative, the same type as Kite's monsters, leading her and Nistro to learn of Yuma's involvement with Kite and the Numbers. Nistro also summons his Xyz Monster, Photon Strike Bounzer, bringing Yuma's life points down to 100. As Yuma struggles to think of a comeback, Tori and Flip help get his confidence back, which in turn helps to free Astral from Number 96's grip and come to Yuma's aid. Powering up Utopia, they attempt to defeat Dextra, but Nistro takes the hit instead, resulting in Yuma's victory. 
39 14 "Pets Peeved" / "The Destined Showdown! Cathy Vs. Pip"
"Shukumei no Taiketsu! Kyatto-chan Bāsasu Doggu-chan" (話宿命の対決!キャットちゃんvsドッグちゃん) 
January 16, 2012 November 24, 2012
As Yuma and co meet up with Cathy, who has two Heart Pieces, a group of dogs steal Yuma's Heart Pass. Thanks to Cathy's ability to communicate with cats, they track them down to a warehouse, where they encounter a supposedly talking dog named Roscoe who leads a gang of dogs. Roscoe challenges Cathy to a duel, in which the fate of both cats and dogs will be decided. Roscoe summons out his Xyz Monster, Sumo King Dog, but Cathy manages to survive his attack and summon Cat Girl Magician. It is then revealed the voice behind Roscoe is a young girl named Pip, who had hidden inside Roscoe because she was scared of others. Cathy convinces Pip to continue the duel, though when she gets timid about Cathy's tactic, Yuma and the others convince her to fight to the end, allowing her to make a turn around and defeat Cathy. Afterwards, Pip returns Yuma's Heart Pass whilst Cathy awards Pip her Heart Pieces. 
40 15 "About Hart" / "Visitor from Heartland: Hart"
"Hātorando Kara Raihōsha Haruto" (ハートランドから来訪者 ハルト) 
January 23, 2012 December 1, 2012
As Hart notices the pain Kite is going through for his sake, he breaks free from his restraints and winds up in Heartland City, where he is found by Yuma and Tori. They soon discover that, besides some mysterious powers, Hart is also able to communicate with Astral. Yuma takes Hart back to his place, where he appears to strike up a friendship with Astral. Later that night, Hart runs off in search of Kite, so Yuma and Tori follow him to a windmill plant. Nistro and Dextra arrive to try and take Hart back home, but Hart uses his powers to escape. They arrive at the top of a windmill, but Hart can't find what he was searching for and goes berserk. Astral reads Hart's memories, in which he was protected by Kite until Mr. Heartland captured him. Using this knowledge, Yuma manages to calm Hart down. However, another servant of Vetrix, Quinton, arrives and takes control of Hart, who reveals his mission is to destroy the Astral World before leaving with Quinton. 
41 16 "Losing Hart" / "Missing Hart! The New Enemy: Vetrix"
"Kieta Haruto! Aratanaru Teki: Toron" (消えたハルト!新たなる敵 トロン) 
January 30, 2012 December 8, 2012
Nistro and Dextra, later joined by Kite, confront Yuma about the whereabouts of Hart, managing to provide a description of the kidnapper thanks to Astral. After Nistro and Dextra leave, Kite agrees to let Yuma help search for Hart. Whilst Astral deduces that Mr. Heartland has a strong role in the mystery surrounding Hart, Hart is brought before Vetrix, who performs a ritual to transfer Hart's powers into his body. Hart's painful cries for help are heard by both Kite and Astral, leading them to a castle in the middle of a lake. Upon entering the castle, Yuma and Kite are confronted by Trey and Quattro, who force them into a Tag Duel. 
42 17 "A Dubious Duo" / "Yuma & Kite: A Spirited Tag Duel"
"Yūma to Kaito Tamashii no Taggu Dyueru" (遊馬とカイト 魂のタッグ・デュエル) 
February 6, 2012 December 15, 2012
As the Tag Duel begins, Kite shows little willingness to work with Yuma, who learns from Quattro about how Kite is gathering Numbers to cure Hart's illness. Trey summons his Number card, Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech whilst Yuma summons Utopia. However, Quattro then summons out Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder to destroy Utopia, but Yuma manages to protect Kite from his attack. Quattro then torments Kite by showing him Hart's torture, provoking him to summon Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, falling into a trap laid out by Trey, weakening Galaxy Eyes and preparing to deal massive damage to Kite. 
43 18 "The Dragon Awakens" / "The Miraculous Overlay! Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon"
"Kiseki no Ōbārei! Neo Garakushī Aizu Foton Doragon" (奇跡のオーバーレイ!超銀河眼の光子龍) 
February 13, 2012 December 22, 2012
Yuma sacrifices some of his own life points to protect Kite. He then brings out Utopia Ray and manages to destroy Giant Grinder, but fails to defeat Quattro, who summons a new Xyz Monster, Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings, Yuma once again reducing his own life points to keep Kite from losing. As Yuma convinces Kite to convince fighting, his screams help Hart fight against Vetrix, giving Kite a new power. Using Yuma's monsters, Kite manages to summon the Xyz Monster, Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, defeating both Trey and Quattro. 
44 19 "Rock and a Hard Place" / "The Forked Paths of Destiny! Yuma Throws Away Dueling!"
"Unmei no Wakaremichi! Dyueru wo Suteta Yūma!" (運命の分かれ道!デュエルを捨てた遊馬!) 
February 20, 2012 December 29, 2012
As Trey and Quattro's powers protect them from having their Numbers taken, they are teleported away by Vetrix before Quinton appears and returns Hart, who has fallen into a coma after giving Kite his power. He then proceeds to tell Yuma that his father, Kazuma, is alive in the Astral World before disappearing. Yuma becomes conflicted as to whether he should collect Numbers to either restore Astral's memories and learn about Kazuma's whereabouts or help cure Hart's illness. Yuma prepares to leave home in search of Kazuma, but is stopped by Roku, who challenges Yuma to a duel in order to remind him about his love of dueling. Meanwhile, as Vetrix begins to experiment with the power he had managed to take from Hart, Roku tells Yuma about Mr. Heartland and Dr. Faker and how they relate to Kazuma. 
45 20 "Ruffled Feathers" / "A Nemesis Shows Up Late! The Sparrow Vs. Nistro"
"Okuretekita Kyōteki! Robin VS Gōshu" (遅れてきた強敵!ロビンVSゴーシ) 
February 27, 2012 January 19, 2013
As the final day of the WDC preliminaries begins, Nistro and Dextra start collecting Heart Pieces. Spotting Nelson, who had accumulated several Heart Pieces himself, Nistro challenges him to a duel. Nelson manages to summon the Rank 10 Xyz Monster, Superdimensional Robot Galaxy Destroyer, but Nistro manages to summon his own Xyz Monster, Heroic Champion - Excalibur. Then, Nistro uses Excalibur to destroy Galaxy Destroyer, allowing him to win the Duel. 
46 21 "Family Leave" / "For the Sake of Family... The Gentle Avenger: Trey!!"
"Kazoku no Tameni... Yasashiki Fukushūsha Surī!!" (家族のために…優しき復讐者・Ⅲ!!) 
March 5, 2012 January 26, 2013
While searching for an opponent, Yuma encounters several duelists that had become severely beaten after facing against Shark. Determined to figure out what's wrong with him, Yuma challenges Shark to a duel whilst Trey, who had managed to see Astral during following his tag duel with Yuma, spectates. It soon becomes apparent that Yuma is losing on purpose to remind Shark that duelling is supposed to be fun, helping him to overcome the hatred in his heart caused by the Number fragment. Afterwards, Trey goes to Yuma's house, becoming interested in his way of fighting. After spending dinner with Yuma's family, Trey is reminded of how his own family once was, and becomes jealous of Yuma's easy way of life. Reaffirming his loyalty to his family, Trey challenges Yuma to a duel. 
47 22 "Sky's the Limit" / "Yuma's Denied!? The Stolen "Feeling the Flow"!"
"Yūma ga Kiken!? Ubawareta "Kattobingu"!" (遊馬が棄権!? 奪われた「かっとビング!」) 
March 12, 2012 February 2, 2013
Yuma confronts Trey, who has been given a strange power from Vetrix which allows him to notice Astral's presence. Trey summons Number 33: Chronomaly Machu Mech, along with his ace monster Aztec Mask Golem, but Astral helps Yuma defend against his attacks. Infuriated by Yuma's attempts to help him, Trey uses the power Vetrix gave him on Yuma which turns his suit into a Roman gladiator armor, causing him to act as if he never learned how to "feelin the flow" and becomes a scaredy cat, unable to see Astral or his key. Trey then proceeds to use his power to chain Astral to a tower, leaving him helpless to aid Yuma. Trey proceedes to laugh maniacally at Yuma's despair. 
48 23 "Exit: Astral" / "Astral, Dead...!?"
"Asutoraru, Shisu...!?" (アストラル、死す…!?) 
March 19, 2012 February 9, 2013
As Yuma becomes too scared to face up against Trey, he comes in danger of losing the duel. Before the final blow can be struck, Astral uses up his power to recover some of Yuma's memories so he can defend himself, prompting Trey to assumedly kill Astral. As Yuma's friends try to help Yuma remember, Trey uses his power against them too. Just then, the figure of Kazuma from inside of Yuma's key manages to break Trey's power and recover his memories. After learning of Astral's death, Yuma remembers the advice he gave him and destroys Machu Mach with Utopia, but Trey summons a new Number monster, Number 6: Chronomaly Atlandis. 
49 24 "Crestfallen" / "The End of a Fierce Fight! Utopia Ray Vs. Atlandis"
"Gekitō no Hate! Hōpu Rei VS Atorantaru" (激闘の果て!ホープレイVSアトランタル) 
March 26, 2012 February 16, 2013
Yuma summons out Utopia Ray, but Trey manages to stop his attack. Just then, Trey starts to feel the side effects of using Atlandis with Vetrix's power and activates a trap card which will take them both out on his next turn. However, this also begins to destroy the real world location, with Trey becoming unable to stop it. When Yuma mentions they may be able to save everyone using the power of ZEXAL, he takes on the power of Trey's crest and overcomes its curse to revive Astral. As Atlandis absorbs Trey, Yuma and Astral use ZEXAL, summoning the Zexal Weapon - Phoenix Bow to power up Utopia Ray and win the duel. As Trey separates from Atlandis, the power of his crest is broken, and he loses his crest. As the world returns to normal, Trey asks Yuma to help restore his family and leaves behind his Numbers and the final Heart Piece Yuma needs before returning to Vetrix. Trey then falls into a coma. 

Season 3[edit]

No. in series No. in season English dub title/Original translated title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
50 1 "Party Panic" / "The Eve of the Storm! The Diabolical Duelist Vetrix Appears!"
"Haran no Enyasa! Sugata o Arawashita Akuma no Dyuerisuto Toron" (波乱の前夜祭!姿を現した悪魔の決闘者・トロン) 
April 9, 2012 February 23, 2013
Yuma and his friends, along with the other finalists, are invited to a special event for the World Duel Carnival. Yuma has trouble getting in when he forgets his invitation, but is allowed in by Nistro. During the events, many conversations are occur between the finalists, which include Kite, Shark, Quattro, Quinton, Nistro, and Dextra. As the party goes on, Mr. Heartland's speech is interrupted by the arrival of Vetrix, who tells him his intentions of crushing him and glances at both Yuma and Astral before disappearing. The party is soon plunged into chaos following Flip's attempt to sneak into the party himself. After the party, Yuma has a brief talk with Kite while Quinton hires a group of duelists known as the Triad of Terror to target Yuma. 
51 2 "Roller Duel" / "Head to the Finals! The Duel Coaster is Ready to GO!"
"Ikuza Kesshō Taikai! Dyueru Kōsutā de GO!" (行くぜ決勝大会!デュエル・コースターでGO!) 
April 16, 2012 March 2, 2013
The day of the WDC finals comes, with finalists set to duel on a Duel Coaster for the knockout phase. However, Yuma ends up leaving the Heart Piece required to start the Duel Coaster at home. Tori and the others manage to get the piece to Yuma, though Tori trips and ends up going on the Duel Coaster with Yuma. As the other duelists progress, Yuma is challenged to a 3-on-1 duel against the Triad of Terror. 
52 3 "Roller Coaster Rampage!" / "The Duel Coaster Vs. The Roaring Express"
"Dyueru Kōsutā VS Bakusō Ressha!!" (デュエル・コースターVS爆走列車!!) 
April 23, 2012 March 9, 2013
As Yuma struggles against the combined attacks of the Triad of Terror, Anna appears and joins the fight against them. As Anna soon finds herself in danger, Nistro also appears on the scene to help them out, knocking out Coyote. Yuma then overlays his, Anna's and Nistro's monsters to summon One-Eyed Skill Gainer, defeating Jackal. As the leader, Wolfsbane, makes a desperate attack on Yuma, Anna intercepts the attack and is knocked out, allowing Yuma to knock Wolfsbane out before he collides with him. 
53 4 "Test Your Luck!" / "The Fated Rail: Try Your Luck On A Trap Card!?"
"Unmei no Rēru, Wana Kādo de Un Tameshi!?" (運命のレール 罠カードで運試し!?) 
April 30, 2012 March 16, 2013
As the duelists move onto a new area, Nistro challenges Quinton and Dextra tries to get as many life points as possible in order to face Vetrix whilst Yuma ends up losing more life points after carelessly running into traps. As Quinton prepares to defeat Nistro, Yuma, who had managed to regain some life points on a gamble trap card, steps in to protect Nistro before taking him to the same trap card so he can try to regain some life points too. As the duelists are dwindled down to the last eight, Dextra steps in to face against Vetrix in the Jungle Field. 
54 5 "Welcome to the Jungle" / "Vetrix Vs. Dextra: The Deadly Butterfly's Invitation! A Life-or-Death Jungle Field"
"Toron VS Dorowa: Shishō no Sasoi! Inochigake no Jangaru Fīrudo" (トロンVSドロワ 死蝶の誘い!命懸けのヂャンガルフィールド) 
May 7, 2012 March 23, 2013
The duel between Vetrix and Dextra begins, with Dextra seemingly having the advantage due to her increased life points and field advantage, instantly bringing out her Photon Papilloperative and setting up a powerful spell combo. She recalls how she trained with Kite and eventually fell in love with him, wanting to protect him as he protected his little brother, Hart. As Yuma and Tori arrive to spectate the duel, Vetrix summons out his Number card, Number 8: Heraldic King Genom-Heritage, using its abilities to turn Dextra's combo against her before using his powers on her to make her lose her will to fight. Yuma manages to bring Dextra back to her senses, as she summons Photon Alexandra Queen in an attempt to bring the duel to a draw, but Vetrix manages to negate her attack and defeat her, using his powers to take away her memories of Kite. Before leaving, Vetrix tells Yuma that he will be ready for him. Yuma is determine to get Vetrix for what he has done. 
55 6 "Portal of Doom" / "Galaxy-Eyes Sealed!? A Cosmic-Class Number Appears!"
"Gyarakushīaizu Fūin!? Uchū-kyū Nanbāzu Arawaru!" (ギャラクシー・アイズ封印!? 宇宙級ナンバーズあらわる!) 
May 14, 2012 March 30, 2013
Returning to the Duel Coaster, Yuma and Tori run into Orbital 7, who leads them to the Space Field where Kite and Quinton are dueling. Quinton summons out his Number, Number 9: Dyson Sphere, which Kite is unable to see or attack. As Yuma arrives on the scene, Quinton reveals how his father, Byron Arclight, joined Dr. Faker, revealed to be Kite's father, and Kazuma on an expedition to find a gate to a new world. However, Faker betrayed Kazuma and Byron in order to activate the gate, sending them to another world. It is then revealed that Byron eventually returned in the form of Vetrix, while Kazuma was trapped in Astral World. As the duel resumes, Kite summons Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon while Quinton reveals Dyson Sphere's true form. 
56 7 "Cosmic Chaos" / "The Great Decisive Battle of Outer Space! Neo Galaxy-Eyes' Counterattack"
"Uchū Daisakusen! Neo Gyarakushīaizu no Gyakushū" (宇宙大決戦!ネオ・ギャラクシーアイズの逆襲) 
May 21, 2012 April 6, 2013
Quinton explains how, after becoming separated from his family, he met Kite and became his instructor, meaning he knows quite a lot about Kite's strategy. Quinton soon manages to destroy Galaxy-Eyes and bring Kite's life points down to 100. Unwilling to give up, Kite manages to draw a spell card given to him by his father, allowing him to summon Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and win the duel. After the duel Quinton asks Kite to help save his father, before leaving his Number behind and collapsing alongside Trey. 
57 8 "Depths of Darkness" / "Shark Torpedoed! The Nightmarish Fan Service"
"Shāku Gekisan! Akumu no Fansābisu" (シャーク撃沈!悪夢のファンサービス) 
May 28, 2012 April 13, 2013
Yuma and Tori arrive at the Magma Field where Shark and Quattro have begun their duel. Shark summons his Aero Shark whilst Quattro defeats it with his Giant Grinder. Just then, Shark summons the Number card he got from Trey, Shark Drake, and defeats Giant Grinder. Just then, Vetrix appears, revealing his plan, which included having Quattro push Shark into a trap and hurt his sister, is for the sake of pushing Shark heart's into darkness so he can be controlled into taking down Faker. Not willing to accept that he is not chosen to take down Faker, Quattro summons Number 40: Gimmick Puppet of Strings, using it to repeatedly attack Shark while Yuma stands helpless, taunted by Vetrix. 
58 9 "Swimming With Sharks" / "Shark Reawakens! A New Chaos Number Appears"
"Shāku Kakusei! Aratanaru Kaosu Nanbāzu Arawaru" (シャーク覚醒!新たなるカオス・ナンバーズあらわる) 
June 4, 2012 April 20, 2013
As Shark becomes weak from Quattro's attack, Shark Drake once again attempts to put him under his influence, but Shark continues to reject him. As Quattro is shunned by Vetrix, he sacrifices Strings so he can bring out a new Number card, Number 88: Gimmick Puppet of Leo, which will guarantee his victory once its Overlay Units are used up. However, Vetrix manipulates Shark into giving into the darkness of the Number, gaining the power to evolve Shark Drake into Chaos Number 32: Shark Drake Veiss and defeat Quattro. After the duel, Quattro explains how a spell card he received from Vetrix ended up hurting Shark's sister, but he managed to save her life, apologizing for his actions before leaving. 
59 10 "Rockin' and Rollin'" / "A Fierce Fight! Yuma Vs. Nistro: This is my Dueling Soul"
"Gekisen! Yūma VS Gōshu Kore ga Ore no Dyueru Tamashii" (激戦!遊馬VSゴーシュ これがオレのデュエル魂) 
June 11, 2012 April 27, 2013
Yuma finally arrives at the Dangerous Canyon Field to face Nistro although, after all the traps he had run into on the way, he only has 100 life points, not helped by the field magic which damages players for summoning and attacking with monsters. However, Nistro activates a trap which restores Yuma's life points so he can have a fair fight with him. The fight soon gets underway, with Yuma bringing out his Gagaga Cowboy and Nistro, annoyed with Yuma playing defensively, bringing out his Heroic Champion - Kusanagi. Realising that he has not been fighting at his all, Yuma decides to get more serious and the duel soon culminates in a showdown between Utopia and Heroic Champion - Excalibur which ends in Yuma's victory. After the duel, Nistro gives Yuma his Excalibur to take with him to the semi-finals. 
60 11 "Doctor Visit" / "Prelude to the Ultimate Decisive Battle: A New Enemy, Dr. Faker"
"Kessen-he no Jyoshō Aratanaru Teki Dokutā Feikā" (決戦への序章 新たなる敵Dr.フェイカー) 
June 18, 2012 May 4, 2013
As Yuma celebrates reaching the finals, he realises he has misplaced his deck within Heartland. As Yuma, Tori, and Bronk sneak into Heartland through the trash system, Vetrix manages to capture Shark and use his powers to brainwash him. As they reach Heartland Tower, Astral informs Yuma that Hart is somewhere in the building. Upon coming up against a Security Bot who poses a puzzle based challenge to them, Tori and Bronk take it on whilst Yuma and Astral push ahead. As Yuma and Astral go to see Hart, who is still unconscious from his encounter with Vetrix, Hart brings them into the world in his mind, asking them to help Kite. Just then, Dr. Faker appears before them, revealing his intention to gather Numbers in order to obtain a special power, before sending Yuma away, returning his deck. As the day of the WDC Semi-Finals come, Yuma is set to face off against Shark. 
61 12 "Duel of Destiny: Part 1" / "The Disappearing Bonds! Yuma Vs. Shark, the Fated Duel!!"
"Kiekaketa Kizuna! Yūma VS Shāku, Shukumei no Dyueru!!" (消えかけた絆!遊馬VSシャーク、宿命の決闘!!) 
June 25, 2012 May 11, 2013
The semi-final match between Yuma and Shark begins, and instantly Yuma can tell something is wrong with Shark as he makes no attempt to defend against Yuma's attacks. Just then, Shark starts to writhe in pain as Vetrix manipulates him into to turning against Dr. Faker and Yuma, believing they were responsible for what happened to his sister. Shark soon bears the mark of Vetrix's power and launches a fierce counter attack against Yuma before bringing out Shark Drake. 
62 13 "Duel of Destiny: Part 2" / "Shark's Back! The Bonds Connected by "Feeling the Flow!""
"Yomigaere Shāku! Kizuna ni Kaketa "Kattobingu!"" (蘇れシャーク!絆に懸けた「かっとビング!」) 
July 2, 2012 May 18, 2013
As Yuma manages to survive Shark Drake's attack, Yuma tries to get Shark to remember the duels they've had together to no avail. Shark then brings out Shark Drake Veiss, with Yuma barely managing to survive its attack. Yuma then summons Utopia and uses a trap to take control of Shark Drake Veiss, freeing Shark from its influence but taking on the darkness himself. Vetrix pushes Shark to use a trap that would lead him to win, but free Yuma from his suffering, pushing Yuma to decide if he should save Shark or Astral. Hearing Yuma's words of friendship, Shark activates a spell that removes Shark Drake Veiss from the game and deals himself damage, saving Yuma and making him the winner. 
63 14 "The Hart of the Matter" / "The Scheme of a Horrifying Darkness! Vetrix's True Form Is Revealed!?"
"Osorubeki Yami no Sakuryaku! Abakareta Toron no Shōtai!?" (恐るべき闇の策略!暴かれたトロンの正体!?) 
July 9, 2012 May 25, 2013
As the match between Kite and Vetrix begins, Yuma decides to get on the stadium for a closer look. Kite instantly summons out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, though soon starts to feel the effects of using Photon Transformation too long. As Vetrix reveals his means of revenge, Kite summons the Dyson Sphere he got from Quinton, using its Overlay Units to power up Galaxy-Eyes for a direct attack, but Vetrix manages to survive it. Vetrix then takes off his mask, revealing Hart's face, revealing he is linked to Hart as a result of absorbing his power, allowing him to cause pain to him. As Yuma and Orbital 7 decide to head to Hart's side, Vetrix summons Genom-Heritage, using its abilities to destroy Dyson Sphere. 
64 15 "Change of Hart" / "Roar, Neo Galaxy-Eyes! The Brothers' Bond that Shatters the Darkness"
"Neo Gyarakushīaizu Hōkō!! Yami o Kudaku Kyōdai no Kizuna!" (ネオギャラクシーアイズ咆哮! 闇を砕く兄弟の絆!) 
July 16, 2012 June 1, 2013
As Vetrix continues to torment Kite, Yuma and Astral manages to break into Hart's room and once again enter the world of his mind, where they discover it being overrun by a dark energy controlled by part of Vetrix's consciousness. Using the power of Utopia, Yuma manage to defeat Vetrix's presence, destroying Vetrix's link to Hart. Kite then summons out Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon and manages to destroy Genom-Heritage, but Vetrix manages to survive his attack. Vetrix then reveals his true ace monster, Number 69: Heraldry Crest, which is fueled by emotions, using its power to steal Neo Galaxy-Eyes' abilities and defeat Kite. As Vetrix prepares to make an additional strike, Hart's power manages to protect Kite. Vetrix is declared the winner and he takes all of Kite's Numbers and his soul. 
65 16 "Sphere of Fear: Part 1" / "An All-Out War Between Numbers! Yuma Vs. Vetrix! The Surprising Duel in a Super-Strange Space"
"Nanbāzu Sōryokusen! Yūma VS Toron! Kyōi Chōikūkan Dyueru!" (ナンバーズ総力戦! 遊馬VSトロン!驚異の超異空間デュエル!) 
July 23, 2012 June 15, 2013
The final match between Yuma and Vetrix begins, taking place in a Sphere Field of Dr. Faker's design, allowing them to freely summon random Numbers. As Vetrix states how the power of the crests took Trey, Quattro, and Quinton's souls when they lost, he implies that Kazuma is using Astral as a means to get revenge on the world, though Yuma chooses to believe in Astral. As the match progresses, Vetrix summons out Genom-Heritage, along with the Illumiknight and Acid Golem he retrieved from Kite, whilst Yuma summons Utopia, Terror-Byte and Leviathan Dragon. 
66 17 "Sphere of Fear: Part 2" / "The Terrifying Duel! Arise, Hero of Bonds, ZEXAL!"
"Senritsu no Dyueru! Tachiagare Kizuna no Eiyū Zearu!!!" (戦慄のデュエル!立ち上がれ絆の英雄ゼアル!!!) 
July 30, 2012 June 22, 2013
Using his Numbers, Yuma manages to defeat Vetrix's trio of Numbers. However, Vetrix soon summons out Heraldry Crest and takes off his mask, revealing his true nature. Reminding Vetrix about his family, Yuma and Astral perform ZEXAL, bringing out Utopia Ray and equipping it with a new Zexal Weapon - Lightning Blade. 
67 18 "Sphere of Fear: Part 3" / "Believe in Victory! The Final Shining Draw!"
"Shōri wo Shinjite! Fainaru Shainingu Dorō!" (勝利を信じて!ファイナル・シャイニング・ドロー!) 
August 13, 2012 June 29, 2013
Yuma is brought down to 50 Life Points, but he regains his energy after eating the snack Tori gave him, which Astral also gets to try thanks to the ZEXAL bond. He then summons the Zexal Weapon - Tornado Bringer, but Vetrix activates a trap which seeks to finish off Yuma at the end of his turn. However, Yuma manages to summon his Zexal Weapons to the field and overlay them to Xyz summon the Zexal Weapon - Leo Arms, allowing Utopia to destroy negate the effects of Heraldry Crest and destroy it, defeat Vetrix and win the championship. Just then, Faker reveals the true purpose of the Sphere Field, to steal all of Yuma and Vetrix's Numbers. As a vortex threatens to suck both Yuma and Vetrix in, Vetrix comes to understand Yuma's words of friendship and relinquishes all the souls he had stolen before allowing himself to fall into the vortex. Yuma is then brought before Faker, who laughs maniacally at Yuma and Astral. 
68 19 "The Countdown Begins" / "Prelude to Ruin: The Threat of the Sphere Field Cannon!"
"Hōkai he no Jyokyoku Sufia Fīrudo Hō no Kyōi!" (崩壊への序曲 スフィア・フィールド砲の脅威!) 
August 20, 2012 July 6, 2013
Faker reveals he plans to use Hart to launch the Sphere Field with Yuma in it into space, using the power of the Numbers to destroy the Astral World. As Heartland Tower crumbles, Tori rushes in, where she encounters Kite under some rubble, managing to free him with help from Shark. Desiring to save both Yuma and Hart, Shark, Kite, and Tori join forces and head to where Yuma is. They are soon confronted by Mr. Heartland who sends endless waves of robots to stave them off. However, Orbital manages to hack into the power system, stopping the robots and delaying the cannon launch, although he ends up shutting himself down in the process. Astral then splits from Yuma and stays behind to help him escape the Sphere Field, leaving behind Utopia and Shark Drake. As Faker appears in person, Yuma, Shark and Kite unite to confront him for one final duel. 
69 20 "A Trio's Challenge: Part 1" / "The Three Heroes Unite, One Last Duel For The Future!"
"Tsudoishi San Yūshi, Mirai wo Kaketa Rasuto Dyueru!" (集いし三勇士(さんゆうし)、 未来を賭けたラストデュエル!) 
August 27, 2012 July 13, 2013
As Faker reveals his true form as a cyborg, he summons out the powerful Number 53: Heart-eartH. Yuma manages to summon Utopia and deal some damage, but Heart-eartH's effect causes Yuma to take some damage himself. Shark, plagued by an injury he received whilst fighting off the robots, then summons out Shark Drake, dealing damage whilst also receiving some. Kite then summons out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, but starts feeling the effects of his Photon Transformation. He manages to overcome the damaging effects of Heart-eartH though and is able to destroy it. However, Faker avoids defeat and brings out a new force, Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon. 
70 21 "A Trio's Challenge: Part 2" / "The Most Evil, Horrifying Dragon Appears! The False Skeletal God Dragon, Heart-eartH Dragon"
"Senritsu no Saikyōryū Arawaru! Gigaishinryū Hātoāsu Doragon" (戦慄の最凶龍現る!偽骸神龍ハートアース・ドラゴン) 
September 3, 2012 July 20, 2013
After barely managing to survive Heart-eartH Dragon's attack, Yuma brings out Utopia Ray and manages to damage Faker, but it is soon removed by Heart-eartH's effects. Shark then brings out Shark Drake Veiss, but Faker manages to reverse its attack to regain life points. Before reeling from his injuries, Shark manages to take advantage of Heart-eartH's ability to give Kite what he needs to summon out Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. Kite manages to destroy Heart-eartH Dragon and deal massive damage to Faker. Faker then reveals that in order to cure Hart's condition, he was told by the Barian World to destroy the Astral World, with everything he had done up til now being for the purpose of saving Hart. Hearing this, Kite decides he will team up with Yuma and Shark and take on the Barian World and save Hart with his own hands. Just then, an evil being from Barian World, Vector, possesses Faker and brings back Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon, using its own special ability. 
71 22 "A Trio's Challenge: Part 3" / "The Miraculous Feeling the Flow! ZEXAL, Open The Path to the Future!!"
"Kiseki no Kattobingu! Mirai wo Kirihirake, Zearu!!" (奇跡のかっとビング!未来を切り開けゼアル!!) 
September 10, 2012 July 27, 2013
Kite manages to defend against Vector's attack, but both he and Shark start reeling from their injuries. As Hart notices the pain Kite and Yuma are going through, he activates his power and weakens the Sphere Field, allowing Yuma to reunite with Astral and use ZEXAL. Summoning the Zexal Weapon - Ultimate Shield, Yuma brings back everyone's monsters and power up Utopia Ray, allowing him to destroy Heart-eartH Dragon and defeat Vector, expelling him from Faker's body. However, Vector vows that they will pay, before vanishing. As the place starts to self-destruct and Faker falls down a hole leading towards another dimension, Kite and Yuma head down after him to try and save him, where they are suddenly confronted by Vetrix, who uses the last of his power to bring everyone to safety. Having been entitled to any wish for winning the WDC, Yuma decides to have a duel with Kite to finally settle things. 
72 23 "Kite's Plight: Part 1" / "The Time For The Showdown!! Yuma Vs. Kite, The True Finals of the World Duel Carnival"
"Shiyūkessuru Toki!! Yūma VS Kaito, Wārudo Dyeru Kānibaru Mō Hitotsu no Kesshūsen!" (雌雄決する時!!遊馬VSカイト、WDCもう一つの決勝戦!) 
September 17, 2012 August 3, 2013
As the duel between Yuma and Kite begins, it is revealed Tori, Shark, and Kite are able to see Astral's presence. Kite immediately summons out Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, which Yuma manages to destroy using Utopia. Feeling he has lost his purpose of dueling, Kite prepares to surrender the duel, but Astral explains to him about Yuma's purpose of duelling; to make friends. Hearing this, along with encouragement from Yuma, Kite resumes the duel. 
73 24 "Kite's Plight: Part 2" / "The Illusive Great Clash!! Double Utopia Vs. Double Galaxy-Eyes!!"
"Maboroshi no Daigekitō!! Daburu Hōpu Bāsasu Daburu Garakushī Aizu!!" (幻の大激突!!ダブル希望皇VSダブル銀河眼!!) 
September 24, 2012 August 10, 2013
Kite summons the Xyz monster Starliege Paladynamo and manages to destroy Utopia, but Yuma manages to beat it with the Heroic Champion Excalibur he received from Nistro. Kite soon resummons Galaxy-Eyes, whilst Yuma summons out Utopia Ray, but Kite manages to survive his attack by utilizing his own Spell card against him. Kite then brings out Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon, which destroys itself with Utopia. Yuma activates a spell to revive Utopia and Utopia Ray, but Kite manages to use the same spell to revive Galaxy-Eyes and Neo Galaxy-Eyes and win the duel. After making a vow to one day beat Kite, Yuma takes a well earned nap. Meanwhile, in the Barian World, a group of 4 Barian Emperors plot against Yuma and Astral, as Dumon tells his subodinates that since Yuma and Astral were a lot stronger than they thought, they will now have to intervene directly. 


No. Title Original airdate
Special #1 "Aim for #1 in the World! Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal Special with Guest Star Kōhei Uchimura"
"Mezase Sekaiichi! Yūgiō Zearu Uchimura Kōhei Senshu mo Deru yo Supesharu!" (めざせ世界一!遊☆戯☆王ZEXAL 内村平手も出るよス航ペシャル村手) 
September 17, 2012[21]
A one-hour special episode starring Olympic gold-medallist Kōhei Uchimura

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