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Republic of Zambia

Famous/Notable Zambians
Famous/Notable People of Zambian Origin
People who Impacted on Zambia
Motto: "One Zambia, One Nation"
Anthem: Stand and Sing of Zambia, Proud and Free
Capital Lusaka
15°25′S 28°17′E / 15.417°S 28.283°E / -15.417; 28.283
ISO 3166 code ZM

This is a list of famous or notable Zambians, or people of Zambian descent, or people who have had an impact on Zambia listed in the following categories, and in no particular order:




Vice Presidents[edit]

Prime ministers[edit]


Traditional rulers[edit]

Chieftainships are listed here. These articles cover all holders of the traditional titles; prominent individual holders may also have their own articles, usually in People in the History of Zambia below.

Religious Figures[edit]





Other sports[edit]



Chess Players[edit]

Doctors in Medicine[edit]

  • Dr Nalumango First Zambian Doctor
  • Prof Chifumbe Chintu first Zambian Professor Pediatrics
  • Prof Mulaisho First Zambian Professor of Internal medicine
  • Prof Lupando Munkonge First Zambian Professor of Surgery
  • Prof Yakub Mulla First Zambian Professor of Orthopaedics
  • Dr Joseph Kasonde First Zambian Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health first consultant Obstetrician Gynaecologist
  • Dr Brian Chituwo Brig General and former Minister of Health
  • Dr Boniface Kawimbe Pediatric Surgeon Former Minister of Health
  • Dr Evarist Njelesani 1st graduate from UNZA SOM former Director, WHO supported Tropical Diseases Centre Ndola., Permanent Secretary and Director of Medical Services Personal physician to president Kaunda, WHO Representative in Sierra Leone, !Nigeria and Zimbabwe, and Foundind Dean, Faculty of Medicine, and Professor of Inteernal Medicine,Lusaka Apex Medical University
  • Prof. Alimuddin Zumla. Currently Director of Infectious Diseases, UCH London. Leading World authority on Tuberculosis.(


  • Clement Chipokolo
  • Gankhanani Moffat Moyo
  • Denny Moonde




Other Categories (Unclassified)[edit]

Other People born in/related to Zambia[edit]

Other Prominent Figures in the History of Zambia[edit]

This is a list of deceased historical figures (or sub-lists of them) in Zambia and its antecedent territories, and combines Zambians, Africans and non-Zambians including British people and Northern Rhodesians.

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