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Republic of Zambia
Famous/Notable Zambians
Famous/Notable People of Zambian Origin
People who Affected Zambia
Flag of Zambia
Motto: One Zambia, One Nation
Location of Zambia
Capital Lusaka
15°25′S 28°17′E / 15.417°S 28.283°E / -15.417; 28.283
ISO 3166 code ZM

This is a list of famous or notable Zambians, or people of Zambian descent, or people who have influenced Zambia listed in the following categories, and in no particular order:




Presidents of Zambia

Vice Presidents[edit]

Prime ministers[edit]


Traditional rulers[edit]

Chieftainships are listed here. These articles cover all holders of the traditional titles; prominent individual holders may also have their own articles, usually in People in the History of Zambia below.

Religious Figures[edit]





Other sports[edit]



Chess Player[edit]


See: List of Zambian musicians

Other Categories (Unclassified)[edit]

Other People born in/related to Zambia[edit]

  • Amy Holmes- Zambian-born (Zambian father, American mother), The Blaze news anchor and CNN political contributor
  • Corné Krige - Zambian-born South African Springboks Rugby Union team player
  • Daffyd James - Zambian-born Welsh international rugby player
  • Dambisa Moyo - international economist and best-selling author, born and raised in Lusaka
  • David Shepherd - British artist and conservationist who has painted Zambian wildlife and locomotives
  • Denise Scott Brown - Zambian-born U.S. architect
  • Emile Sandé - British singer, Zambian father
  • George Gregan - Zambian-born captain of the Australian Wallabies Rugby Union team
  • Jeff Whitley - Zambian-born footballer
  • John Edmond- Zambian-born Rhodesian singer
  • Julia Rose - Zambian-born U.S. actress
  • Norman Carr - British wildlife conservationist who set up national parks in Zambia
  • Phil Edmonds - English cricketer born in Lusaka
  • Robert Earnshaw - Zambian-born Welsh international football player
  • Robert Lange - Zambian-born record producer and songwriter
  • Rozalla - British/Zimbabwean singer born to a Zambian mother
  • Stanley Fischer - Zambian-born Governor of the Bank of Israel
  • Steve Arneil - famous karate Kyokushin practitioner born in South Africa, but lived in Zambia (then Northern Rhodesia) until he was 25
  • Tawny Gray - sculptor
  • V. M. Jones - author
  • Wilbur Smith - Zambian-born British/South African author

Other Prominent Figures in the History of Zambia[edit]

This is a list of deceased historical figures (or sub-lists of them) in Zambia and its antecedent territories, and combines Zambians, Africans and non-Zambians including British people and Northern Rhodesians.

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