List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline (A–C)

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JetBlue Flight 292 making an emergency landing in September 2005 with its nose landing gear turned sideways.

This list of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline summarizes airline accidents and all kinds of minor incidents by airline company with flight number, location, date, aircraft type, and cause.

This list is dynamic and by no means complete!

While all of the incidents in this list are noteworthy, not all the incidents listed involved fatalities.


AAXICO Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N51424 off Pensacola 2 April 1955 Curtiss C-46A Mobile–Warner Robins Weather
Flight 7002 Abilene 2 September 1959 Curtiss C-46A Abilene–Fort Worth Mechanical failure, stall, loss of control
N67937 San Pedro Sula Airport 18 September 1962 Curtiss C-46F Engine failure, ran off runway
Flight 1814 near Great Falls 14 August 1963 Curtiss C-46F Maelstrom AFB–Ellsworth AFB Engine failure, pilot error
Flight 11346 Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 20 November 1964 Curtiss C-46F Wing icing
Flight 1422A near Seattle 23 April 1965 Douglas DC-6A Seattle–Ogden CFIT, pilot error
Flight 1416B Whiteman AFB 10 May 1965 Douglas DC-6A Oklahoma City–Whiteman Pilot error
Adam Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 574 53 mi off Pambauang 1 January 2007 Boeing 737-4Q8 Surabaya–Manado IRS malfunction, pilot error, spatial disorientation, loss of control
Flight 172 Juanda Airport 21 February 2007 Boeing 737-33A Jakarta–Surabaya Pilot error, excessive sink rate, structural failure
Flight 292 Hang Nadim Airport 10 March 2008 Boeing 737-408 Jakarta–Batam Runway excursion
ADC Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 018 Sprigg Payne Airport 18 August 1994 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 Banjul–Freetown–Monrovia Runway overrun
5N-BBA Sprigg Payne Airport 26 July 1995 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-31 Lagos–Accra–Monrovia Pilot error, crashed short of runway
Flight 86 near Ejirin, Nigeria 7 November 1996 Boeing 727-231 Port Harcourt–Lagos ATC error and pilot error: loss of control after collision evasion[1]
5N-BAA Calabar Airport 29 July 1997 BAC 1-11-203AE Lagos–Calabar Pilot error, runway overrun
Flight 53 Abuja International Airport 29 October 2006 Boeing 737-2B7 Lagos-Abuja–Sokoto Weather, windshear, pilot error, stall, loss of control
Aer Lingus
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
EI-ACA near Shannon 18 June 1946 Douglas DC-3-268B Engine fire, forced landing
Saint Kevin
Cwm Edno, Wales 10 January 1952 Douglas C-47B Dakota III London–Dublin Weather, turbulence, CFIT
St. Kieran
Spernall 1 January 1953 Douglas DC-3D Dublin–Birmingham Fuel starvation, double engine failure, forced landing
EI-AOF near Ashbourne 22 June 1967 Vickers Viscount 803 None Stall, loss of control for reasons unknown
EI-AKK Bristol Airport 21 September 1967 Vickers Viscount 803 Dublin–Bristol Pilot error, belly landing
Flight 712
St. Phelim
off Tuskar Rock 24 March 1968 Vickers Viscount 803 Cork–London Undetermined (structural failure, possible shootdown)
Flight 164 Le Touquet Airport 2 May 1981 Boeing 737-248C Dublin-London Hijacking
Flight 156 Dublin Airport 7 December 1985 Boeing 737-248 Dublin–London Bird strike
Flight 328 near East Midlands Airport 31 January 1986 Shorts 360-100 Dublin–East Midlands Icing, loss of control
Flight 132 Logan International Airport 9 June 2005 Airbus A330 Boston–Shannon ATC error
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
ER-26068 near Balad Air Base 9 January 2007 Antonov An-26B-100 Adana–Balad Disputed
Aeroflot Russian Airlines
Aerolíneas Argentinas
Aerolinee Itavia
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
I-AOMU Mount Capanne 14 October 1960 de Havilland Heron 2 Rome–Genoa CFIT
Flight 703 near Sora 30 March 1963 Douglas C-47B Pescara–Rome Pilot error, CFIT
I-TIVE Ciampino Airport 4 November 1970 Handley Page Herald 203 None Engine failure, crash on landing
Flight 897 near Torino Airport 1 January 1974 Fokker F28-1000 Bologna–Torino Pilot error, wing failure, loss of control
I-TIDA Orio Al Serio Airport April 9, 1975 Fokker F28-1000 Bergamo–Bologna Stalled on climbout, crashed on runway
Flight 870 Ustica 27 June 1980 Douglas DC-9-15 Bologna–Palermo Contested. Evidence suggests a terrorist bombing, official position of Italy is shot down by French Navy fighter.
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 229 Vallarta 20 June 1973 Douglas DC-9-15 Monterrey–Puerto Vallarta Destroyed on Approach
Flight 152 Léon 2 September 1976 Douglas DC-9-15 Mexico City–Léon Runway overrun
Flight 230 Villalobos 27 July 1981 Douglas DC-9-32 Monterrey–Chihuahua Runway overrun, and fire
Flight 110 Zihuatanejo 8 November 1981 Douglas DC-9-32 Acapulco–Guadalajara CFIT
Flight 498 Cerritos, California 31 August 1986 Douglas DC-9-32 Tijuana–Los Angeles Mid-air collision
Unknown Mexico City 15 October 1997 Douglas DC-9-32  ?-Mexico City Fuselage struck runway
Flight 250 Reynose–Gen Lucio Blanco 6 October 2000 Douglas DC-9-31 Mexico City–Reynosa Runway overrun
Flight 254 Escobedo 31 October 2002 Douglas DC-9-32 Guadalajara–Monterrey Runway overrun
Flight 576 Cancún 9 September 2009 Boeing 737 Cancun–Mexico City Hijacking
Flight 002 Madrid 16 April 2013 Boeing 767 Madrid–Mexico City Tailstrike
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 772 Juliaca 25 October 1988 Fokker F28-1000 Juliaca–Arequipa
Flight 603 Peru 2 October 1996 Boeing 757-200 Lima–Santiago Instrumentation failure
Aerosvit–Ukrainian Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 241 Thessaloniki 17 December 1997 Yakovlev Yak-42 Odessa–Mikra Pilot error
Flight 406 Sheremetyevo Airport 27 April 2004 Boeing 737-529 Moscow–Kiev Loss of engine power, aborted takeoff, runway overrun
Afriqiyah Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 771 near Tripoli International Airport 12 May 2010 Airbus A330-200 Johannesburg–Tripoli Spatial disorientation, poor CRM, pilot error
5A-IAY Tripoli International Airport 25 August 2011 Airbus A300B4-620 None Destroyed on ground
5A-ONK Tripoli International Airport 25 August 2011 Airbus A320-214 None Damaged by shelling
5A-ONF Tripoli International Airport 20 July 2014 Airbus A330-202 None Struck by RPG, burned out
Flight 209 Malta International Airport 23 December 2016 Airbus A320-214 Sabha–Tripoli Hijacking
Air Algérie
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-BCYO Bron Airport 8 January 1949 Douglas C-47A Algiers–Lyon Gear collapse on landing
F-OAIY Orly Airport 30 October 1951 SNCASO SO.30P Bretagne Retraction of landing gear for reasons unknown
F-BAZG Maison Blanche Airport 17 December 1955 Lockheed L-749A Constellation Crashed on takeoff
F-OBNI near Orly Airport 19 May 1960 Sud Aviation Caravelle IA Algiers–Paris Mid-air collision with a Stampe SV-4
F-BAZE Maison Blanche Airport 26 April 1962 Lockheed L-749A Constellation None Terrorism, blown up
7T-VAU near Tamanrasset Airport 11 April 1967 Douglas DC-4 Algiers–Tamanrasset CFIT
7T-VAK near Messaoud Airport 26 July 1969 Sud Aviation Caravelle VIN Marseille–Biskra In-flight fire
7T-VAI Dar el Beida Airport 23 September 1973 Sud Aviation Caravelle III Crashed on landing
7T-VSU near Leger Airport 24 January 1979 Nord 262A-44 Disregard of procedure, poor CRM, altimeter failure, crew fatigue, crashed short of runway
7T-VHK Aguemar Airport 1 August 1989 Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules Algiers–Tamanrasset Heavy landing, ground looped
7T-VRM In Guezzam Airport 25 July 1991 Fokker F27-400M Tamanrasset–In Guezzam Bounced and landed hard, nosegear collapsed
Flight 702P
near Baginton Airport 21 December 1994 Boeing 737-2D6C Amsterdam-East Midlands–Coventry CFIT
7T-VED Tlemcen Airport 2 August 1996 Boeing 737-2D6C Tlemcen–Algiers Runway overrun, nosegear collapse
7T-VEH Ain el Bey Airport 31 January 1999 Boeing 727-2D6 Paris–Constantine Runway overrun, nosegear collapse
Flight 6289
Monts du Daia
Tamanhasset Airport 6 March 2003 Boeing 737-200 Tamanrasset–Noumerate EFTO, loss of control
7T-VJQ Sevilla Airport 18 March 2006 Boeing 737-6D6 Oran–Seville Weather, landing gear collapse
Flight 2208 near Piacenza 13 August 2006 Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules Algiers–Frankfurt Autopilot problems, loss of control
Flight 1143 Ain Arat Airport 14 March 2008 Boeing 737-8D6 Paris–Sétif Heavy landing
Flight 5017 50 mi northwest of Gossi, Mali 24 July 2014 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Ouagadougou–Algiers Loss of control (presumed)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 104 Kota Kinabalu 7 November 2004 Boeing 737 Runway overrun
Flight 5218 Kuching Airport 10 January 2011 Airbus A320-200 Kuala Lumpur-Kuching Runway overrun
Flight 8501 Karimata Strait 28 December 2014 Airbus A320-216 Surabaya-Singapore Pilot error and failure of rudder travel limiter resulting in Aerodynamic stall.[2] 162 passengers killed.[3]
Flight D7237 Perth 25 June 2017 Airbus A330 Perth-Kuala Lumpur Engine snag due to faulty turbine.[4] Loud explosion in the left wing.[1] Makes an emergency landing in Perth, Australia.[5]
Flight D7207 Gold Coast 4 July 2017 Airbus A330 Gold Coast-Kuala Lumpur Right engine bursts in to flames.[6] Suspected bird strike.[7]
Flight AK1580 Medan 26 September 2017 Airbus A320 Medan-Penang Engine problem due to suspected bird strike forces the aircraft to return.[8]
Flight QZ535 Perth 16 October 2017 Airbus A330 Perth-Bali Aircraft loses altitude, plunges 20,000 feet. Makes an emergency landing in Perth, Australia.[2]
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Unknown Quetta 4 May 2008 Airbus A320 family  ?–Quetta Tailstrike on landing
Flight 202 Margalla Hills, Pakistan 28 July 2010 Airbus A321 Karachi–Islamabad Violation of procedure, poor CRM
Air Canada incl. TCA
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
CF-TCL Regina Airport 18 November 1938 Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra Regina–Vancouver Crashed shortly after takeoff
TCA Flight 3 near Armstrong Airport 6 February 1941 Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra Montreal-Ottawa-Toronto-North Bay-Winnipeg Engine problems, crashed into trees
CF-TCJ Moncton 2 September 1946 Lockheed 14-08 Super Electra None Engine failure
CF-TCQ near Headingley 23 January 1947 Lockheed 14-H2 Super Electra CFIT
TCA Flight 3 10 mi north of Vancouver 28 April 1947 Lockheed 18-08A Lodestar Lethbridge–Vancouver Unexplained disappearance
CF-TEL Sydney Airport 12 August 1948 Canadair DC-4M1 North Star Montreal–Sydney–Prestwick CFIT, crashed short of runway
TCA Flight 9 Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan 8 April 1954 Canadair C-4-1 Argonaut Winnipeg–Vancouver Mid-air collision with RCAF Harvard
CF-TGG Brampton 17 December 1954 Lockheed L-1049E Super Constellation Tampa–Toronto Pilot negligence
TCA Flight 304 over Flat Rock, Michigan 9 July 1956 Vickers Viscount 724 Chicago–Toronto-Montreal Mechanical failure, propeller separation
TCA Flight 810-9 Chilliwack, British Columbia 9 December 1956 Canadair DC-4M2 North Star Vancouver–Mud Bay–Abbotsford–Cultus Lake–Calgary Possible engine fire, weather, CFIT
CF-TGL Idlewild International Airport 10 November 1958 Vickers Viscount 724 New York-Montreal Struck by Seaboard & Western Airlines Super Constellation
CF-TGY near Toronto 3 October 1959 Vickers Viscount 757 Pilot error, crashed short of runway
TCA Flight 455 RCAF Bagotville 10 October 1962 Vickers Viscount 757 Sept Îles–Bagotville Runway collision with a RCAF CF-101B
TCA Flight 861 London Heathrow Airport 6 November 1963 Douglas DC-8-54F London–Montreal Pilot error, aborted takeoff, runway overrun
TCA Flight 831 Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec 29 November 1963 Douglas DC-8-54F Montreal–Toronto Unknown (mechanical failure or pitot icing)
Flight 3277 Toronto International Airport 13 June 1964 Vickers Viscount 757 Montreal–Toronto Pilot error, loss of control
CF-TJM Ottawa 19 May 1967 Douglas DC-8-54F Montreal–Ottawa Loss of control
CF-THK Sept–Îles Airport 7 April 1969 Vickers Viscount 757 In-flight fire
Flight 106 Vancouver 1 March 1970 Vickers Viscount 757 Mid-air collision with an Ercoupe 415
Flight 621 Toronto 5 July 1970 Douglas DC-8-63 Montreal–Toronto–Los Angeles Crew error
Flight 890 Toronto 21 June 1973 Douglas DC-8-53 Toronto–Zürich Caught fire during refueling, burned out
Flight 445 near Jose Marti International Airport 18 March 1976 Douglas DC-8-43 Montreal–Havana Mid-air collision with a Cubana Antonov An-24
Flight 189 Pearson International Airport 26 June 1978 Douglas DC-9-32 Toronto–Winnipeg Mechanical failure, pilot error
C-FTLY Montreal 2 June 1982 Douglas DC-9-32 None Maintenance error, fuel tank explosion (while parked)
Flight 797 Cincinnati 2 June 1983 Douglas DC-9-32 Dallas–Toronto–Montreal In-flight fire
Flight 143 Gimli, Manitoba 23 July 1983 Boeing 767-200 Montreal–Ottawa–Edmonton Maintenance error, crew error, fuel starvation
Flight 646 Fredericton Airport 16 December 1997 Bombardier CRJ-100ER Toronto–Fredericton Wing icing, stall, loss of control
Flight 116 Pearson International Airport 13 May 2002 Boeing 767-3Y0ER Vancouver–Toronto In-flight fire
Flight 723 LaGuardia Airport 8 September 2006 Airbus A319-112 New York–Toronto Struck by a Shuttle America Embraer ERJ-170
Flight 624 Stanfield International Airport 29 March 2015 Airbus A320-211 Toronto–Halifax Under investigation (struck obstacles while landing)
Air China
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 129 Busan 15 April 2002 Boeing 767-200ER Beijing–Busan CFIT
Air Florida
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 90 Washington, D.C. 13 January 1982 Boeing 737-200 Tampa–Fort Lauderdale Pilot error, wing icing
Air France
Air India
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
VT-AUF Jammu Airport 13 November 1947 Douglas C-53 Runway overrun
VT-AUG Korangi Creek 27 December 1947 Douglas C-48C Karachi–Bombay Loss of control
VT-CLY Santacruz Airport 6 February 1948 Vickers Viking 1B Calcutta–Bombay Engine failure
VT-CIZ Marve Beach 7 April 1949 Vickers Viking 1B Bombay–Karachi Belly landing
Flight 245
Malabar Princess
Mont Blanc 3 November 1950 Lockheed L-749A Constellation Bombay–London Weather, CFIT
VT-CFK Katagiri 13 December 1950 Douglas C-47B Bombay–Coimbatore Navigation error, CFIT
VT-CCA Hindustan Airport 15 September 1951 Douglas C-47A Bangalore–Trivandrum Loss of control
VT-AUD Palam Airport 9 May 1953 Douglas C-47A Delhi–Ahmedabad Crew error, loss of control
Kashmir Princess
Natuna Islands 11 April 1955 Lockheed L-749A Constellation Bombay–Hong Kong–Jakarta Bombing
Rani of Aera
Mumbai 19 July 1959 Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation Improperly set altimeter
VT-DJK Schwechat International Airport 12 November 1963 Boeing 707-437 Struck radar mast on approach
Flight 101
Mont Blanc 24 January 1966 Boeing 707-437 Mumbai-Delhi–Beirut–Geneva-London Pilot error
Nandi Devi
Mumbai 23 January 1971 Boeing 707-437 None Pilot error, loss of control, ran off runway
Flight 855
Emperor Ashoka
off Santacruz Airport 1 January 1978 Boeing 747-237B Bombay–Dubai Instrument malfunction
Flight 403
Gouri Shankar
Santacruz Airport 21 June 1982 Boeing 707-437 Kuala Lumpur–Bombay Pilot error
Flight 182
Emperor Kanishka
Atlantic Ocean 23 June 1985 Boeing 747-200B Montreal–London–Delhi–Bombay Terrorist bombing
N816EV Dum Dum Airport 4 July 1985 Douglas DC-8-73CF Hong Kong–Calcutta Landing gear failure
Flight 132
Emperor Vikramaditya
Indira Gandhi International Airport 7 May 1990 Boeing 747-237B London–Delhi Engine separation, in-flight fire
Flight 829 Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport 4 September 2009 Boeing 747-437 Mumbai–Riyadh Fuel leak, engine fire
VT-ALH Mumbai Airport 28 May 2012 Boeing 777-237LR Unexplained nose damage
Flight 890 Jaipur International Airport 5 January 2014 Airbus A320-231 Guwahati–Delhi Landed next to runway, struck trees
Air India Express
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 812 Mangalore International Airport 22 May 2010 Boeing 737-800 Dubai–Mangalore Pilot error
Air Inter
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2611 Lyon 12 August 1963 Vickers Viscount 708 Lille–Lyon–Nice Weather, CFIT
F-BNKI Orly Airport 4 January 1971 Sud Aviation Caravelle III None Burned on the ground (while parked)
F-BOEA Aulnat Airport 28 December 1971 Vickers Viscount 708 None Loss of control
Flight 696 near Noirétable 27 October 1972 Vickers Viscount 724 Lyon–Clermont Weather, CFIT
F-BSRY Poretta Airport 22 March 1974 Sud Aviation Caravelle III Bastia–Marseille Sabotage, blown up on the ground (while parked)
F-BPNF Quimper Airport 5 August 1974 Fokker Friendship 500 None Terrorist bombing
F-GHQB Lesquin Airport 5 December 1989 Airbus A320-211 Paris–Lille Runway incursion (struck a Mooney M20)
Flight 148 near Strasbourg 20 January 1992 Airbus A320-111 Lyon–Strasbourg Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 84 Frejorgues Airport 24 April 1993 Airbus A300B2-1C Montpellier–Paris Struck light pole (during pushback)
Air Koryo
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
P-551 Pyongyang Sunan International Airport 15 August 2006 Tupolev Tu-154B Beijing–Pyongyang Runway overrun
Unknown Sunan International Airport 15 August 2006 Ilyushin Il-62M Beijing–Pyongyang Hard landing
P-633 Vladivostok International Airport 1 March 2013 Tupolev Tu-204-100B Pyongyang–Vladivostok Runway overrun
Airlines of Australia
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
VH-UHH Lamington National Park 19 February 1937 Stinson Model A Archerfield–Lismore–Sydney CFIT
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
P2-ALF Lakunai Airfield 19 September 1994 Britten-Norman BN-2A-26 Islander None Covered in volcanic ash
P2-ALH Near Kimbe 3 February 1999 Britten-Norman BN-2A-20 Islander Kimbe-Kandrian Weather, in-flight breakup, loss of control
P2-ALX near Goroka 17 June 1999 Embraer EMB-110P2 Bandeirante Lae–Goroka CFIT
Flight 304 near Kandrian March 30, 2007 Embraer EMB-110P1 Bandeirante Port Moresby-Kimbe-Rabaul Engine failure, CFIT for reasons unknown
Air Manila
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 702 NAS Agana 4 June 1976 Lockheed L-188A Electra NAS Agana–Manila Engine failure, pilot error
Air Midwest
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 5481 Charlotte, North Carolina 8 January 2003 Beechcraft 1900D Charlotte–Greer Maintenance error
Air New Zealand
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
ZK-NZB Auckland International Airport 4 July 1966 Douglas DC-8-52 None Loss of control
Flight 4374 off Auckland 17 February 1979 Fokker F-27 Friendship 500 Gisborne–Auckland Weather, optical illusion, CFIT
Flight 901 Mount Erebus, Antarctica 28 November 1979 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 Auckland–Harewood Pilot error, CFIT
ZK-NBC Nadi International Airport 9 March 1991 Boeing 767-219ER Honolulu–Nadi Turbulence, runway overrun
ZK-NBC near Brisbane 8 December 2002 Boeing 767-219ER Brisbane–Auckland Uncontained engine failure
Flight 888T off Plage 27 November 2008 Airbus A320-232 None Maintenance error, loss of control
Air Nippon
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 354 Okadama Airport 16 February 2000 NAMC YS-11A-213 Hakodate–Sapporo Weather, runway overrun
Air Ontario
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 937 Pikangikum Lake 1 November 1988 Douglas C-47A Red Lake–Pikangikum Stall, loss of control
Flight 1363 Dryden Municipal Airport 10 March 1989 Fokker F28-1000 Thunder Bay-Dryden–Winnipeg Wing icing, loss of control
Air Orient
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
PH-AEO Sandoway, Burma 7 June 1931 Fokker F.VIIB Saigon–Karachi Weather
F-ALCE Mount Terrione, Italy 23 April 1933 CAMS 33 Naples–Athens CFIT
Air Philippines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
RP-C1981 Naga Airport 24 June 1996 NAMC YS-11-109 Landing gear failure
Flight 541 Davao 19 April 2000 Boeing 737-2H4 Manila–Davao City Air traffic controller error
Air Rhodesia
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 825
Whamira Hills, Zimbabwe 3 September 1978 Vickers Viscount 782D Kariba–Salisbury Shot down
Flight 827
near Kariba, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) 12 February 1979 Vickers Viscount 748D Kariba–Salisbury Shot down
Air Saint Martin
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-OHRK near Port-au-Prince 7 December 1995 Beechcraft 1900D Pointe-a-Pitre–Port–au–Prince CFIT
F-OGES Saint-Barthélémy 24 March 2001 de Havilland Canada Twin Otter Sint Maarten-Juliana–Saint Barthélémy Loss of Control
Air Tahoma
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 185 Covington, Kentucky 13 August 2004 Convair 580 Memphis–Covington Fuel exhaustion, double engine failure
N587X Rickenbacker International Airport 1 September 2008 Convair 580 Columbus–Mansfield Maintenance error, loss of control
Air Transat
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 906 49 mi northeast of Lyon 6 July 2001 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Lyon–Berlin Damaged in hailstorm
Flight 236 Lajes Airport 24 August 2001 Airbus A330-200 Toronto–Lisbon Improper maintenance, fuel exhaustion
Flight 961 Juan Gualberto Gomez Airport 6 March 2005 Airbus A310-300 Varadero–Quebec Structural failure of rudder
Air Union
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Lympne Airport 7 May 1923 Farman F.60 Goliath Forced landing
F-AEBY Monsures, France 14 May 1923 Farman F.60 Goliath Paris–Croydon Wing separation
F-AEDL near Étaples June 25, 1923 Farman F.61 Goliath Forced landing on beach & was destroyed
F-AECB East Malling, United Kingdom 27 August 1923 Farman F.60 Goliath Paris-Croydon Engine failure, centre of gravity affected by passengers misunderstanding instruction
F-AEIF Littlestone 3 December 1923 Farman F.60 Goliath
F-GEAO Croydon Airport 22 January 1924 Farman F.60 Goliath Heavy landing
Golden Green 6 August 1924 Farman F.63 Goliath Paris-Croydon Engine failure
Unknown Lympne 8 February 1925 Farman F.60 Goliath Paris-Croydon Engine failure
Île de France
Wadhurst 16 October 1925 Farman F.60 Goliath
English Channel off Boulogne-sur-Mer 14 November 1925 Farman F.60 Goliath Water ditching
Wilbur Wright
Aldington, Kent 18 August 1926 Blériot 155 Paris–Croydon Engine failure, crash during forced landing
Clément Ader
Leigh, Kent 2 October 1926 Blériot 155 Paris–Croydon In-flight fire
Tonbridge, Kent 10 March 1927 Farman F.60 Goliath Engine failure
Wrotham, Kent 24 November 1927 Farman F.60 Goliath Forced landing
Hythe, Kent 6 March 1928 Farman F.60 Goliath  ?
English Channel off Folkestone 11 March 1928 Farman F.61 Goliath Paris–Croydon Crashed at sea
Paddock Wood railway station 19 May 1929 Farman F.63bis Goliath Croydon–Paris  ?
Smarden, Kent 31 July 1929 Farman F.60 Goliath London-Paris Forced landing
F-AIGB Mediterranean Sea off Corsica 15 November 1929 Lioré et Olivier 190 Marseille-Ajaccio-Tunis Poor visibility
Marden, Kent 10 February 1930 Farman F.63bis Goliath Paris–Croydon Structural failure of tailplane
Penshurst, Kent 1 May 1930 Farman F.63 Goliath Paris–Croydon Weather
F-AIZO Snave, Kent 25 July 1930 Lioré et Olivier LeO 213 Engine failure
F-AIVU near Lympne 17 January 1931 Breguet 280T Crashed on landing
near Marden 23 April 1931 Farman F.60 Goliath Crashed on takeoff
Air Vietnam
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-VNAI Pakse 16 August 1954 Bristol 170 Freighter 21E Hanoi–Saigon Engine failure, CFIT
XV-NID near Da Nang 10 November 1962 Douglas C-47B Hue–Da Nang Weather, navigation error, CFIT
XV-NIC near Quang Ngai 16 September 1965 Douglas C-47A Quang Ngai-Saigon Shot down
XV-NUC Hue-Citadel Airfield 2 April 1969 Douglas DC-6B None Destroyed on the ground
F-BELL Saigon Airport 1 May 1969 Douglas C-54B None Burned on the ground
XV-NUG near Da Nang Airport 20 September 1969 Douglas C-54D Pleiku–Da Nang Mid-air collision with a USAF F-4
B-2005 Nha Trang Airport 22 December 1969 Douglas DC-6B Saigon–Nha Trang In-flight explosion, runway overrun
B-305 near Da Nang 30 September 1970 Douglas DC-3DST-318A Buon Ma Thuot–Hue CFIT
B-1543 Qui Nhon 1 November 1970 Curtiss C-46 Saigon–Quang Ngai Forced landing
XV-HUI near Bến Cát 24 September 1972 Douglas C-54D Vientiane-Saigon CFIT
XV-NUI near Buon Ma Thuot Airport 19 March 1973 Douglas C-54D Saigon–Buon Ma Thuot Bombing
XV-NJC near Bangkok 5 September 1973 Boeing 727-121C Bangkok–Saigon In-flight explosion
XV-NIE near Quang Ngai 17 November 1973 Douglas C-47B Saigon-Quang Ngai Weather, pilot error, CFIT
XV-NUM Hue Airport 20 February 1974 Douglas C-54A Qui Nhon–Da Nang Hijacking
Flight 706 Ninh Thuận Province 15 September 1974 Boeing 727-121C Da Nang–Saigon Hijacking, loss of control
XV-NUJ 16 mi SW of Pleiku 12 March 1975 Douglas C-54D Vientiane-Saigon Unknown
Air Volga
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 1303 Tula Oblast 24 August 2004 Tupolev Tu-134A-3 Moscow-Volgograd Terrorist bombing
Air West
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
3C-AWU Nouadhibou 10 April 2001 Antonov An-12BK Nouadhibou–Nouakchott Engine Fire; landed on beach
ST-EWB Khartoum 3 February 2005 Ilyushin Il-76TD Sharjah–Khartoum Possible fuel system problems, CFIT
Flight 612 N'Djamena, Chad 24 January 2007 Boeing 737-200 Khartoum–Al Fashir Hijacking
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
ZK-NAN Blenheim Woodbourne 27 February 2003 Fokker F27 Friendship  ?–Blenheim-Woodbourne Main gear partly collapsed
Flight 23 Stratford, New Zealand 3 May 2005 Fairchild SA227-AC Metro III Pilot error
Flight 523 Solomon Islands 26 January 2014 Boeing 737-300 Brisbane–Honiara Maintenance Error
Air Zimbabwe
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Z-WKU Shannon Airport 10 March 1997 Boeing 707-330B Shannon–Harare Improper maintenance, engine fire
Unknown Bulawayo Airport 26 January 2008 Xian MA60 Pilot error, tailstrike
Alas Chiricanas
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 901 Santa Rita Mountains 19 July 1994 Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante Colón–Panama City Terrorist bombing
Alaska Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC21707 Kotzebue Airport 20 July 1947 Lockheed 18-56-23 Lodestar Rolled over on landing
Flight 009 Seattle-Tacoma International Airport 30 November 1947 Douglas C-54A Anchorage-Yakutat-Annette Island-Seattle Ran off runway
Flight 8 27 mi NE of Homer, Alaska 20 January 1949 Douglas C-47A Homer–Kenai Pilot error, deviation from course, CFIT
N91008 25 mi NW of McGrath 8 August 1954 Douglas C-47A McGrath–Colorado Creek CFIT
Flight 100 4 mi W of Blyn, Washington 2 March 1957 Douglas C-54B Fairbanks–Seattle Navigation error, pilot error, CFIT
N11817 Elmendorf AFB 22 February 1960 Douglas C-118A Anchorage International–Elmendorf AFB Pilot error
Flight 779
(operating for USAF)
Shemya 21 July 1961 Douglas DC-6A Everett–Fairfield–Anchorage–Shemya–Tachikawa ATC error, low visibility, CFIT
N7777C Kotzebue Airport 17 April 1967 Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation Weather, pilot error, belly landing
Flight 1866 Tongass National Forest 4 September 1971 Boeing 727-193 Anchorage–Cordova–Yakutat–Juneau–Sitka–Seattle Navigation error, CFIT
Flight 60 Ketchikan International Airport 5 April 1976 Boeing 727-81 Juneau-Ketchikan Runway overrun, pilot error
N766AS Anchorage International Airport 9 June 1987 Boeing 727-90C None Maintenance error, struck walkway
Flight 75 Juneau International Airport 14 August 1998 Boeing 737-490 Seattle–Juneau Hard landing
Flight 261 off Anacapa Island 31 January 2000 McDonnell Douglas MD-83 Puerto Vallarta–San Francisco–Seattle Fatigue, horizontal stabilizer failure, loss of control
N764AS Vancouver International Airport 1 February 2003 Boeing 737-4Q8 Los Angeles–Vancouver Tailstrike
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Ugolino Vivaldi
5 mi N of Civitavecchia 27 January 1951 Savoia-Marchetti SM.95B Paris–Rome Lightning strike, in-flight fire
I-LIZT Ciampino Airport 21 December 1959 Vickers Viscount 785D None Loss of control
Flight 618 Shannon, Ireland 26 February 1960 Douglas DC-7C Rome–Shannon–New York Undetermined (loss of altitude while turning)
Flight 771 Junnar, India 7 July 1962 Douglas DC-8-43 Sydney-Darwin-Singapore-Bangkok–Bombay-Karachi-Tehran-Rome Navigation error, CFIT
Flight 045 Mount Somma, Italy 28 March 1964 Vickers Viscount 785D Rome–Naples Pilot error
Flight 660 near Malpensa Airport 2 August 1968 Douglas DC-8-43 Rome–Milan–Montreal Pilot error
Flight 342 Marignane Airport 2 August 1969 Sud Aviation Caravelle VIN Rome–Marseille Pilot error, runway excursion
Flight 713 Damascus 26 June 1970 Douglas DC-8-43 Tehran–Beirut Struck by missile, forced landing
Flight 618 New York 15 September 1970 Douglas DC-8-62 Rome–New York ATC errors, loss of control
Flight 112
Antonio Pigafetta
Mount Longa, Italy 5 May 1972 Douglas DC-8-43 Rome–Palermo Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 4128 Tyrrhenian Sea, off Palermo, Italy 23 December 1978 Douglas DC-9-32 Rome–Palermo Pilot error[9]
Isola di Caprera
Fiumicino Airport 7 January 1980 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 None Burned during maintenance
Flight 155 Linate Airport 10 December 1980 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 Milan–Rome Runway collision with a Mitsubishi Mu-2
Flight 404 Stadlerberg, off Zürich, Switzerland 14 November 1990 Douglas DC-9-32 Milan–Zurich CFIT
I-RIBN Warsaw 17 December 1991 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 Rome–Warsaw Hard landing, runway excursion
Flight 654 Chicago 19 August 1994 McDonnell Douglas MD-11C Rome–Chicago Co-pilot error
Flight 600 Newark 22 May 1997 Boeing 767-33AER Milan–Newark Co-pilot error, windshear
Fontanarossa Airport 28 January 1999 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Naples–Catania Windshear, hard landing
Flight 1553
(operated by Minerva Airlines)
Cristoforo Colombo Airport 25 February 1999 Dornier 328-110 Cagliari–Genoa Loss of control, ran off runway
Flight 1357 Ronchi dei Legionari Airport 20 April 2004 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Rome–Trieste Struck by truck
Flight 1670 Fiumicino Airport 2 February 2013 ATR 72-212A Pisa–Rome Crosswinds, runway excursion
Flight 63 Fiumicino Airport 29 September 2013 Airbus A320-216 Madrid–Rome Landing gear failure
All Nippon Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 025 Pacific Ocean off Toshima 12 August 1958 Douglas C-53 Tokyo–Nagoya Engine failure, ditching at sea
JA5018 Nagoya-Komaki International Airport 16 March 1960 Douglas C-47 Tokyo–Nagoya Mid-air collision with a JASDF F-86D
G-APKJ Osaka-Itami Airport 12 June 1961 Vickers Viscount 744 Hard landing, landing gear failure
JA8202 near Nagoya 19 November 1962 Vickers Viscount 828 None Loss of control
JA5027 Osaka 5 June 1963 Douglas DC-3-201 Swerved off runway, struck an ANA DC-3
JA5080 Mount Nakanoone 14 February 1965 Douglas DC-3 (R4D-1) Osaka–Tokyo CFIT
Flight 60 Tokyo Bay off Haneda Airport 4 February 1966 Boeing 727-81 Sapporo–Tokyo Undetermined (excessive descent)
Flight 533 Matsuyama Airport 13 November 1966 NAMC YS-11-111 Osaka–Matsuyama Runway overrun, loss of control for reasons unknown
Flight 104 Miyazaki Airport 20 October 1969 NAMC YS-11A-213 Kagoshima–Miyazaki Runway overrun
JA8743 Hyogo December 14, 1969 NAMC YS-11A-213 Mid-air collision with a Beechcraft C-50
Flight 58 near Shizukuishi 30 July 1971 Boeing 727-281 Sapporo–Tokyo Mid-air collision with a JASDF F-86F
Flight 391 Hakodate 21 January 2002 Airbus A321-131 Nagoya–Hakodate Windshear, struck runway
Flight 8254 Shimojishima Airport 26 June 2002 Boeing 767-200 Tailstrike, runway excursion
Flight 1603 Kochi Airport 13 March 2007 Bombardier DHC-8-402Q Osaka–Kochi Nosegear failure
JA8955 Don Mueang International Airport 3 August 2008 Boeing 747-481D None Caught fire during cleaning, burned out
JA56AN Haneda Airport 10 August 2009 Boeing 737-881 Tottori–Tokyo Tailstrike
Flight 731 Sendai Airport 5 February 2012 Airbus A320-211 Osaka–Sendai Pilot error, tailstrike
Flight 956 Narita International Airport 20 June 2012 Boeing 767-381ER Beijing–Tokyo Under investigation (hard landing)
Allegheny Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N172A New Castle County Airport 14 November 1955 Martin 2-0-2 None Caught fire on approach, left landing gear collapsed
Flight 371 near Williamsport 1 December 1959 Martin 2-0-2 Philadelphia–Harrisburg–Williamsport–Bradford–Erie–Cleveland CFIT
Flight 604 near Montoursville 23 July 1965 Convair 440 Pittsburgh-Dubois-Phillipsburg-Williamsport–Wilkes Barre Engine fire, crew error, CFIT
Flight 305 Harrisburg Airport 29 November 1966 Convair 440 Harrisburg–Pittsburgh Electrical failure, runway overrun
Flight 736 near Bradford Airport 24 December 1968 Convair 580 Detroit-Erie–Bradford-Harrisburg-Washington DC Pilot error, navigation, poor visibility
Flight 737 near Bradford Airport 6 January 1969 Convair 580 Washington DC-Harrisburg–Bradford-Erie-Detroit CFIT for reasons unknown
Flight 853 Fairland, Indiana 9 September 1969 Douglas DC-9-31 Cincinnati–Indianapolis Mid-air collision with a Piper PA-28
Flight 485 new New Haven Airport 7 June 1971 Convair 580 Groton–New Haven Low visibility, unexplained descent, CFIT
N5844 Pittsburgh International Airport 20 August 1971 Convair 580 Parkersburg–Pittsburgh Landing gear failure
Flight 453 Monroe County Airport 9 July 1978 BAC 1-11-203AE Boston–Rochester Unexplained crew error, runway excursion
Flight 561 Benedum Airport 12 February 1979 Mohawk 298 Clarksburg–Washington Wing and tail icing, loss of control
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 980 Caribbean Sea 2 May 1970 Douglas DC-9-33CF New York–St. Maarten Pilot error, fuel exhaustion, water ditching
Aloha Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N7410 Honolulu International Airport 27 June 1969 Vickers Viscount 754D Honolulu–Molokai Hydraulic failure, collision with a Hawaiian Airlines DC-9
Flight 845 Honolulu International Airport 8 August 1971 Vickers Viscount 745D Hilo–Honolulu Overheated battery, in-flight fire
Flight 243 Kahului, Hawaii 28 April 1988 Boeing 737-297 Hilo–Honolulu Explosive decompression
Alrosa Mirny Air Enterprise
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 514 Izhma Airport 7 September 2010 Tupolev Tu-154M Udachny–Moscow Loss of electrical power, runway overrun
America West Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N198AW Tucson 30 December 1989 Boeing 737-204 Phoenix–Tucson Runway excursion
Flight 2433 Sky Harbor International Airport 15 October 1999 Airbus A320 Phoenix–Tucson Collision with a pedestrian walkway (during pushback)
Flight 2747 McCarran International Airport 12 June 2000 Airbus A320-232 Las Vegas–Columbus Maintenance error
Flight 598 Kansas City International Airport 25 August 2001 Boeing 737-3G7 Phoenix–Kansas City Runway excursion
Flight 556 Miami International Airport 1 July 2002 Airbus A319 Miami-Phoenix Pilots were intoxicated
Flight 794 Sky Harbor International Airport 28 August 2002 Airbus A320-231 Houston–Phoenix Loss of control, runway excursion
American Airlines
American Eagle
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 4184 Roselawn, Indiana 31 October 1994 ATR-72-200 Indianapolis–Chicago Wing icing
Flight 5401 San Juan, Puerto Rico 9 May 2004 ATR-72-200 Pilot error
Angara Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 5007 Ob River 11 July 2011 Antonov An-24RV Tomsk–Surgut Engine fire leading to water ditching
Ansett Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
VH-FNE Melbourne 26 March 1971 Fokker F27 None Destroyed in hangar fire
Flight 232 Alice Springs 15 November 1972 Fokker F27
Ansett New Zealand
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 703 Tararua Range 5 June 1995 de Havilland Canada Dash 8-102 CFIT
Aquila Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
G-AGKY off Calshot 28 January 1953 Short Sunderland 3 Southampton water–Lisbon Weather, pilot error
G-ANAK Hamble 27 November 1954 Short Sunderland 5 None Damaged by wind
G-ANAJ Santa Margherita 26 September 1956 Short Solent 3 None Damaged by wind, blown onto shore
G-AKNU Chessel Down 15 November 1957 Short Solent 3 Southampton water–Lisbon Double engine failure
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 967 Black Sea 3 May 2006 Airbus A320-211 Yerevan–Sochi Pilot error, CFIT
EK32010 Zaventem Airport 5 May 2006 Airbus A320-211 None Burned in hangar fire
Arrow Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 1285 Gander 12 December 1985 Douglas DC-8-63CF Gander–Fort Campbell Icing
N1804 Changi Airport 13 December 2002 Douglas DC-8-62F Tokyo–Singapore Runway overrun
N68047 Augusto C Sandino Airport 4 June 2006 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10F Miami–Managua Runway overrun
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
4X-AVC Tel Aviv 26 October 1969 Vickers Viscount 833 Crashed during training flight
4X-AIP Rosh Pinah 23 July 1996 IAI Westwind 1124 Eilat–Rosh Pina Veered off runway
Flight 582 near Mombassa, Kenya 28 November 2002 Boeing 757-3E7 Mombassa–Tel Aviv Attempted shoot-down
Asiana Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 833 Cheju Airport 16 January 1992 Boeing 767-38E Seoul-Cheju Hard landing
Flight 733 Mokpo, South Korea 26 July 1993 Boeing 737-5L9 Seoul–Mokpo Weather, CFIT
Flight 1125 Kansai International Airport 28 October 2009 Airbus A321 Seoul–Osaka Tailstrike
Flight 991 off Jeju Island 28 July 2011 Boeing 747-48EF Incheon–Shanghai In-flight fire, crashed at sea
Flight 340 Incheon International Airport 16 April 2013 Airbus A321-231 Harbin–Seoul Tailstrike
Flight 214 San Francisco International Airport 6 July 2013 Boeing 777-28EER Incheon–San Franscisco Excessive descent, CFIT
Flight 162 Hiroshima Airport 14 April 2015 Airbus A320-232 Incheon–Hiroshima Crashed short of runway
Asian Spirit
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 100 Nueva Vizcaya 7 December 1999 Let L-410UVP-E Kasibu CFIT
Flight 897 Ninoy Aquino International Airport 4 September 2002 de Havilland Canada DHC-7-102 Manila–Caticlan Runway excursion
Flight 587 Catarman National Airport 14 November 2005 BAe 146-200 Manila–Catarman Runway overrun
Flight 321 Masbate Airport 2 January 2008 NAMC YS-11A-500 Manila–Masbate Runway overshoot
ASL Airlines Hungary
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 7332 Il Caravaggio International Airport 5 August 2016 Boeing 737-476SF Paris-Bergamo Under investigation (runway overrun)
Aero Trasporti Italiani (ATI)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 460 Conca di Crezzo, Italy 15 October 1987 ATR-42-312 Milan-Cologne Icing, Loss of control[10]
I-ATIT Reggio 24 May 1969 Fokker F27 Friendship Rome–Reggio Landing gear struck an embankment
Flight 392 Ardinello 16 April 1972 Fokker F27 Friendship Rome–Foggia Loss of Control
Flight 327 Poggiorsini 30 October 1972 Fokker F27 Friendship Naples–Bari CFIT
Flight 12 Sarroch 14 September 1979 McDonnell Douglas DC-9 Alghero–Cagliari CFIT
Atlantic Southeast Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2311 Brunswick, Georgia April 5, 1991 Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia Atlanta–Brunswick Mechanical failure
Flight 529 Carrollton, Georgia August 21, 1995 Embraer EMB 120 Brasilia Mechanical failure
Austral Líneas Aéreas
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 9 13 mi E of San Carlos de Bariloche November 21, 1977 BAC 1-11-400 Buenos Aires–San Carlos de Bariloche Crew error, CFIT
Flight 901 near Aeroparque Jorge Newbery May 7, 1981 BAC 1-11-500 Tucumán–Buenos Aires Weather, pilot error, loss of control
Flight 46 near Posadas Airport June 12, 1988 Douglas DC-9-81 Buenos Aires-Resistencia-Posadas Poor visibility, crashed short of runway
Flight 2553 Uruguay October 10, 1997 Douglas DC-9 Posadas - Buenos Aires Mechanical failure
Australian National Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Southern Cloud
Snowy Mountains 21 March 1931 Avro 618 Ten Sydney–Melbourne Weather
Southern Sun
Alor Setar 26 November 1931 Avro 618 Ten Possible engine failure, waterlogged runway, failed to takeoff
Australian National Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Mount Dandenong 25 October 1938 Douglas DC-2-210 Adelaide–Melbourne Weather, pilot error, spatial disorientation
Mascot Airport 28 September 1939 Douglas DC-2-210 Runway overrun
near Dimboola 8 February 1940 Douglas DC-2-185 Engine fire
off Flinders Island 29 May 1942 de Havilland DH.89 Dragon Rapide Melbourne–Flinders Island Possible fuel exhaustion
VH-ADQ near Bendigo 3 December 1943 Douglas DC-2 Sydney–Melbourne Navigation error
near Heathcote 31 January 1945 Stinson Model A Melbourne–Kerang Metal fatigue, in-flight breakup
(operating for USAAC)
off Tacloban Airport 13 November 1945 Douglas C-49A Manila–Tacloban Weather, pilot error
VH-AET Derwent River 10 March 1946 Douglas C-47 Hobart-Melbourne Crew error
Flight 331
near Quirindi 2 September 1948 Douglas C-47A Brisbane–Sydney Navigation error, CFIT
near Yass 4 October 1948 Douglas DC-3-202A Engine fire
Mount Macedon 8 November 1948 Douglas DC-3-232 Melbourne–Deniliquin Deviation from course, disregard of procedure [11][12][13]
near Mangalore 29 December 1948 Douglas DC-3-232 Western Junction–Melbourne Pilot error, crashed short of runway
near York 26 June 1950 Douglas DC-4-1009 Perth–Adelaide Total loss of engine power, CFIT
Austrian Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 901 near Sheremetyevo Airport September 26, 1960 Vickers Viscount 837 Vienna–Warsaw–Moscow Premature descent for reasons unknown
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 3378 Cary, North Carolina February 19, 1988 Swearingen SA227 Metro III Raleigh/Durham–Richmond Pilot error, CFIT
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 118 Montrove, Spain August 13, 1973 Sud Aviation Caravelle MadridA Coruña CFIT
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
C-114 19 mi NW of Bogota February 15, 1947 Douglas DC-4 Barranquilla-Bogota Low visibility, CFIT
HK-120 near Chimborazo Mountain May 2, 1950 Douglas C-47 Quito-Guayaquil CFIT
HK-160 Manizales, Colombia January 11, 1954 Douglas C-47A Medellin-Armenia CFIT
HK-163 near Lajes Airport August 9, 1954 Lockheed L-749A-79 Constellation Terceira–Bermuda Pilot error, CFIT
HK-155 20 W of Tulua March 9, 1957 Douglas C-47 Condoto–Cali–Condoto Weather, pilot error, CFIT
Flight 667 Cerro Baco June 23, 1959 Douglas DC-4 Quito–Lima CFIT
Flight 671 Montego Bay Airport January 21, 1960 Lockheed L-1049E-55 Super Constellation New York-Montego Bay-Barranquilla-Bogota Heavy landing, ran off runway
HK-502 Municipio de Marulanda February 25, 1962 Douglas C-47A Manizales–Bogotà Pilot error
HK-319 near Condoto September 15, 1964 Douglas C-47A Condoto–Medellín Shifted cargo, loss of control
Flight 676 Pan de Azucar Peak March 22, 1965 Douglas C-47 Bogotà–Bucaramanga Pilot error, CFIT
HK-118 Bucaramanga October 17, 1965 Douglas DC-3 Bogotà–Bucaramanga Mid-air collision with a Piper Super Cub
Flight 4 off Crespo Airport January 14, 1966 Douglas C-54B Cartagena–Bogotà Maintenance error, pilot error, controlled flight into water
Flight 870 near Eldorado Airport September 22, 1966 Douglas DC-4-1009 Bogotà–Barranquilla Engine problems, CFIT
Flight 729 near Casubel River December 24, 1966 Douglas C-47A Bogotà–Cali–Pasto CFIT
HK-326 near Sogamoso Airport April 26, 1967 Douglas C-47 Loss of altitude, CFIT
Flight 011 Madrid November 27, 1983 Boeing 747-200B Frankfurt–Bogotà CFIT
Flight 410 Cúcuta March 17, 1988 Boeing 727 Cúcuta–Cartagena CFIT
Flight 203 Soacha November 27, 1989 Boeing 727 Bogotà–Cali Terrorism, bombing
Flight 52 Cove Neck, New York January 25, 1990 Boeing 707-300 Bogotà–New York Fuel exhaustion and pilot error
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 1906 near Aviogorodok March 22, 2010 Tupolev Tu-204-100 Hurgada–Moscow Pilot error
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
TG-AQA Cerro Tecpan December 15, 1953 Curtiss C-46D Brownsville–Guatemala City CFIT
TG-AJA Guatemala City October 8, 1954 Douglas C-47A Crashed during forced landing
TG-AHA Sierra de Las Minas May 24, 1956 Douglas C-47 Guatemala City–La Tinta–Puerto Barrios CFIT
TG-ACA 15 mi S of La Aurora Airport May 11, 1971 Curtiss C-46A Guatemala City–Flores CFIT
TG-AMA El Peten Airport February 17, 1975 Douglas C-47A None Burned on the ground
TG-ACA near Guatemala City April 28, 1977 Convair 440 Improper maintenance, engine failure
TG-AKA Santa Elena Airport September 30, 1977 Douglas C-47A Hard landing, runway excursion, propeller separation
TG-ADA Guatemala City June 8, 1978 Douglas DC-6B Shifting cargo, loss of control, possible engine problems
TG-ATA Flores July 26, 1978 Douglas DC-3 Bird strike, forced landing
Flight 901 San Vincente Volcano August 9, 1995 Boeing 737-2H6 Miami–Guatemala City–San Salvador–Managua–San José Weather, pilot error, CFIT
Avis Amur
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 9209
(operated by KnAAPO)
86 km (54 mi) SW of Omsukchan, Russia August 9, 2011 Antonov An-12A In-flight fire, loss of control
Azerbaijan Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
4K-401 near Baku Airport 30 November 1995 Boeing 707-323C Ürümqi-Baku CFIT
Flight 56 near Nakhchivan 5 December 1995 Tupolev Tu-134B-3 Nakhchivan-Baku Improper maintenance, pilot error, double engine failure
4K-87504 near Gyandzha Airport 15 May 1997 Yakovlev Yak-40 None Struck by stray bullets, in-flight fire, loss of control
Flight 154 Baku Airport 18 August 2000 Tupolev Tu-154 Nakhchivan-Baku Hijacking
Flight 217 near Nadaran 23 December 2005 Antonov An-140-100 Baku-Ataku Instrument failure, loss of control
Flight 75
Atatürk International Airport 12 August 2010 Airbus A319 Baku-Istanbul Runway excursion, nosegear collapse


Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
C6-BFO Eleuthera, Bahamas 20 April 2007 Bombardier DHC-8-300 Landing Gear Collapsed
Balkan Bulgarian Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 130 Zurich 18 January 1971 Ilyushin Il-18 Paris–Zurich Pilot error
LZ-BES Sofia 21 December 1971 Ilyushin Il-18B Sofia–Algiers Weather
LZ-ILA near Plovdiv 4 November 1972 Ilyushin Il-14P Bourgas–Sofia CFIT
Flight 307 Moscow 3 March 1973 Ilyushin Il-18V Sofia–Moscow Icing
LZ-ANA Sofia 22 November 1975 Antonov An-24B Sofia–Varna Crash on takeoff
LZ-BTN near Al Bayda, Lebanon 2 December 1977 Tupolev Tu-154M Fuel exhaustion
LZ-TUB Gabare, Bulgaria 16 March 1978 Tupolev Tu-134A Sofia–Warsaw Unknown
LZ-TUR Sofia Airport 10 January 1984 Tupolev Tu-134A East Berlin–Sofia Crew error in bad weather
LZ-DOK Sofia 2 August 1988 Yakovlev Yak-40 Sofia–Varna In-flight fire, possible crew error
Banat Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 166 Verona, Italy 13 December 1995 Antonov An-24 Bad weather, human error
Bangkok Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 125 Ko Samui, Thailand 21 November 1990 de Havilland Canada DHC-8-103 Bangkok–Ko Samui Bad weather
Flight 266 Ko Samui, Thailand 4 August 2009 ATR 72–212A Krabi–Ko Samui Under investigation (skidded off runway)
BAL Bashkirian Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2937 Überlingen 1 July 2002 Tupolev Tu-154M Moscow–Barcelona Mid-air collision with a DHL Boeing 757
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 1834 Yerevan 14 February 2008 Bombardier CRJ-100LR Yerevan–Minsk Wing icing
Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
S2-ABJ near Zia International Airport 5 August 1984 Fokker F27-600 Chittagong–Dhaka CFIT due to bad weather
Blue Wing Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
PZ-TSO Antino Airport 3 April 2008 Antonov An-28 Paramaribo–Lawa CFIT
Boeing Air Transport
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC280 Marquette, Nebraska 26 February 1928 Boeing 40 Windshear
NC184E Brawnson, Nebraska 10 January 1930 Boeing 95 Crashed while attempting an emergency landing
NC7465 Salt Lake City 23 November 1931 Boeing 40 Low visibility
NC7470 Rio Vista, California 2 February 1932 Boeing 40 Crashed on landing
Bonanza Air Lines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 114 Las Vegas, Nevada 15 November 1964 Fairchild F27 Phoenix–Las Vegas CFIT
Braathens SAFE
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Hummelfjell mountain 7 November 1956 de Havilland Heron 2B CFIT
Flight 239
Sverre Sigursson
Asker 23 December 1972 Fokker F-28 Fellowship 1000 Ålesund–Oslo Weather, pilot error
Flight 139
Harard Gille
Oslo Airport 21 June 1985 Boeing 737-200 Trondheim–Oslo Hijacking
Braniff International Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC8497 Chicago 12 July 1931 Lockheed Vega DL-1B Engine failure
NC433E Kewanee, Illinois 5 December 1931 Lockheed Vega 5C CFIT for reasons unknown
NC106W Columbia 8 December 1934 Lockheed Vega 5C Icing, loss of control
NC980Y near Fort Worth 9 November 1935 Lockheed Vega Weather
Flight 1 Oklahoma City 26 March 1939 Douglas DC-2-112 Chicago–Kansas City–Wichita–Oklahoma City–Dallas Engine failure, stall, loss of control
Flight 152 16 mi S of Mason City, Iowa 22 August 1954 Douglas C-47 Memphis–Waterloo–Mason City–Minneapolis Windshear
Flight 560 Chicago-Midway Airport 17 July 1955 Convair CV-340-32 Dallas–Oklahoma City–Wichita–Kansas City–Chicago Spatial disorientation
Flight 971 near Miami 25 March 1958 Douglas DC-7C Miami–Panama City Engine fire, pilot error
Flight 542 3 mi SE of Buffalo, Texas 29 September 1959 Lockheed L-188A Electra Houston–Dallas Metal fatigue, structural failure
Flight 250 Falls City, Nebraska 6 August 1966 BAC 1-11-203AE New Orleans–Shreveport–Fort Smith–Tulsa–Kansas City–Omaha–Minneapolis Weather, turbulence, structural failure
Flight 352 Dawson, Texas 3 May 1968 Lockheed L-188A Electra Houston–Dallas Weather, turbulence, wing separation
Flight 14 Buenos Aires 2 July 1971 Boeing 707 Acapulco–New York Hijacking
Flight 38 Dallas 12 January 1972 Boeing 727 Houston–Dallas Hijacking
Flight 920 Lima, Peru 29 August 1980 Douglas DC-8 Lima–Los Angeles Hijacking
Bristow Helicopters
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 56C Near the Brae Alpha oil rig 19 January 1995 Eurocopter Super Puma Lightning strike, tail rotor failure
Britannia Airways (now Thomson Airways)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 105 Ljubljana 1 September 1966 Bristol Britannia 102 London–Brnik Pilot error, incorrect altimeter setting
Flight 226A Girona-Costa Brava Airport 14 September 1999 Boeing 757-204 Weather, pilot, ATC errors
British Airtours
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
G-APFK Glasgow Prestwick Airport 17 March 1977 Boeing 707-436 None Loss of control
Flight 28M Manchester 22 August 1985 Boeing 737–236 Manchester–Corfu Engine failure, ground fire
British Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 476 near Vrbovec 10 September 1976 Hawker Siddeley Trident 3B London–Istanbul Mid-air collision with an Inex-Adria DC-9
Flight 9
City of Edinburgh
Jakarta 24 June 1982 Boeing 747-236B London-Bombay-Madras (now Chennai)-Kuala Lumpur-Perth-Melbourne-Auckland Volcanic ash ingestion, engine flameout
Flight 5390
County of South Glamorgan
over Didcot 10 June 1990 BAC 1-11-528FL Birmingham-Malaga Windshield failure, explosive decompression
Flight 149 Kuwait City 1 August 1990 Boeing 747-136 London-Kuwait City-Madras (now Chennai)-Kuala Lumpur Military or terrorist bombing
Flight 2069 over Sudan 29 December 2000 Boeing 747-436 London-Nairobi Attempted hijacking
Flight 268 over Los Angeles 20 February 2005 Boeing 747-436 Los Angeles-London Engine malfunction, engine fire
Flight 38 Heathrow Airport 17 January 2008 Boeing 777-236ER Beijing-London Provisionally a power disruption
Flight 2276 McCarran International Airport 8 September 2015 Boeing 777-236ER Las Vegas-London Uncontained engine failure, in-flight fire
British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (BCPA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 304
San Francisco 29 October 1953 Douglas DC-6 Sydney-Nadi-Canton Island-Honolulu-San Francisco Weather, crew error
British European Airways (BEA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 530 12 mi N of Oslo 7 August 1946 Douglas C-47A Pilot error
G-AHPK Ruislip 6 January 1948 Vickers Viking 1B Poor visibility, CFIT
G-AIVP near RAF Gatow 5 April 1948 Vickers Viking 1B London–West Berlin Mid-air collision with a Soviet Air Force Yak-3
Flight S200P Irish Law Mountain 21 April 1948 Vickers Viking 1B London–Glasgow CFIT
G-AHCW over Exhall February 19, 1949 Douglas Dakota C.3 London–Glasgow Mid-air collision with an RAF Avro Anson
G-AHCY near Oldham August 19, 1949 Douglas C-47A Belfast–Manchester Pilot error, CFIT
English Channel April 13, 1950 Vickers Viking 1B London-Paris Bombing
G-AGIW Mill Hill 17 October 1950 Douglas Dakota C.3 London–Glasgow Engine failure, loss of control
G-AHPN London Heathrow Airport 31 October 1950 Vickers Viking 1B Paris–London Poor visibility, crash on landing
Lord St. Vincent
Nutts Corner Airport 5 January 1953 Vickers Viking 1B London-Belfast Pilot error
Flight 411
RMA Discovery
Wythenshawe 14 March 1957 Vickers Viscount 701 Amsterdam–Manchester Metal fatigue, loss of control
G-AOJA Nutts Corner 23 October 1957 Vickers Viscount 802 London–Belfast Undetermined
Flight 609
Lord Burleigh
Munich 6 February 1958 Airspeed Ambassador 2 Belgrade–Munich–Manchester Weather
Flight 142 Anzio 22 October 1958 Vickers Viscount 701C London–Naples Mid-air collision with an Italian Air Force F-86
G-APEE London Heathrow Airport 27 October 1965 Vickers Vanguard Edinburgh–London Pilot error
Flight 706 near Aarsele 2 October 1971 Vickers Vanguard London–Salzburg Corrosion, explosive decompression
Flight 548 Staines 18 June 1972 Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C London–Brussels Crew error
British Midland
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
G-ALHG Stockport 4 June 1967 Canadair C-4 Argonaut Fuel starvation
Flight 092 M1 near Kegworth 8 January 1989 Boeing 737-4Y0 London–Belfast Engine failure, pilot error
British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
G-AFYU off Malta 21 December 1939 Lockheed 14 Super Electra Malta–London Water ditching
G-ADSZ Merville Airport 23 May 1940 Armstrong Whitworth Ensign 1 Attacked by German fighter, stall, loss of control
G-ADUX Sabang, Indonesia 29 December 1941 Short Empire Struck debris on takeoff
G-AFCZ Atlantic Ocean off Senegal 24 September 1942 Short Empire Engine problems, water ditching
Golden Horn
Tagus River off Lisbon 9 January 1943 Short G Class Engine failure, in-flight fire
G-AFYE Asmara, Eritrea 15 February 1943 de Havilland Flamingo Went into a dive
Poole Harbor 23 March 1943 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Crashed on landing
G-AGEJ Atlantic Ocean off Denmark 4 April 1943 Lockheed C-56B Shot down by German fighter
Flight 777
(operated by KLM)
Bay of Biscay 1 June 1943 Douglas DC-3-194 Lisbon–Bristol Attacked by German fighters
(leased from RAF)
Khartoum Civil Airport 16 June 1943 Lockheed Hudson VI Possible fuel starvation, engine failure, loss of control
(leased from RAF)
near Khartoum 30 June 1943 Lockheed Hudson VI Possible overloading, loss of control
G-AGES near Brandon, Ireland 28 July 1943 Short Sunderland III Lisbon–Foynes CFIT
G-AGIB 75 mi SSW of Sollum, Libya 5 November 1943 Short Sunderland III Rod-el-Farag-Djemba-Poole Electrical problems, in-flight fire, wing separation
G-AGDE 15 mi off Leuchars, Scotland 17 December 1943 Lockheed 18–56 Lodestar Leuchars–Stockholm CFIT
G-AGIH Mount Kinnekulle 29 August 1944 Lockheed C-60A Stockholm–Leuchars Low visibility, radio failure, navigation error, CFIT
(operated by Qantas)
Indian Ocean 23 March 1946 Avro Lancastrian 1 Columbo–Cocos Islands Unexplained disappearance
G-AGHT Luqa Airport 14 August 1946 Douglas C-47A Pilot error, fuel exhaustion, double engine failure
G-AGJX Stowting, Kent 11 January 1947 Douglas C-47A London–Bordeaux Weather, pilot error, crew error
G-AGNR Az-Zubair, Iran 16 July 1947 Avro York C.1 London–Malta–Cairo–Basrah–Karachi–Delhi–Calcutta Weather, pilot error, ATC error
G-AHZB Bahrain Marine Air Base 23 August 1947 Short Sandringham 5 Pilot error
Flight 111 71 mi SSE of Atar, Mauritania 26 May 1952 Handley Page Hermes IV Navigation error, fuel exhaustion
G-ALYZ Ciampino Airport 26 October 1952 de Havilland Comet 1A London–Johannesburg Pilot error
Flight 783
Yoke Victor
near Calcutta 2 May 1953 de Havilland Comet 1 Calcutta–Delhi Weather, structural failure, loss of control
G-ALYR Calcutta 25 July 1953 de Havilland Comet 1 Ran off runway
Flight 781
Yoke Peter
Mediterranean Sea 10 January 1954 de Havilland Comet 1 Singapore–Rome–London Metal fatigue, structural failure
Kallang Airport 13 March 1954 Lockheed L-749A Constellation Jakarta–Singapore Crashed short of runway, pilot fatigue
RMA Cathay
Prestwick Airport 25 December 1954 Boeing 377 Stratocruiser London–Prestwick Pilot error
G-ALHL Tripoli Int'l Airport 21 September 1955 Canadair C-4 Argonaut London–Kano–Rome–Tripoli Pilot error
G-ALHE near Kano Airport 24 June 1956 Canadair C-4 Argonaut Lagos–Kano–Tripoli–London Windshear
G-AOVD Winkton, England 24 December 1958 Bristol Britannia 312 None CFIT, pilot error
G-APFN Heathrow Airport 24 December 1960 Boeing 707-436 Chicago–London Pilot error, runway overrun
Flight 911 Mount Fuji, Japan 5 March 1966 Boeing 707-436 San Francisco–Honolulu–Tokyo–Hong Kong Clear-air turbulence, in-flight breakup
Flight 712
Whisky Echo
Heathrow Airport 8 April 1968 Boeing 707-465 London–Zurich–Singapore–Sydney Engine failure, in-flight fire
Flight 775 Zarka, Jordan 12 September 1970 Vickers VC10 Bahrain–Beirut Hijacking
Flight 600 Denver 3 August 1971 Boeing 747 Montreal-London Bomb threat
G-ASCO Schiphol Airport 3 March 1974 Vickers VC10 Mumbai–Bahrain–Beirut–London Hijacking
British South American Airways (BSAA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Star Leader
near Bathurst (now Banjul), Gambia 7 September 1946 Avro York I London–Lisbon–Bathurst–Natal–Rio de Janeiro–Montevideo–Buenos Aires Loss of control for reasons unknown, possible pilot error
G-AHEZ Yoff Airport 13 April 1947 Avro York I Lisbon–Dakar Pilot error
Star Dust
Tupungato Mountain 2 August 1947 Avro Lancastrian 3 Buenos Aires–Santiago Weather, CFIT
Star Tiger
Atlantic Ocean 30 January 1948 Avro Tudor I Santa Maria–Bermuda Unexplained disappearance
G-AHEX Caravelas Bay, Brazil 5 January 1949 Avro York I Tire failure, in-flight fire
Star Ariel
Atlantic Ocean 17 January 1949 Avro Tudor 4B Bermuda–Kingston Unexplained disappearance


Caledonian Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 153 Douala, Cameroon 4 March 1962 Douglas DC-7C Douala–Lisbon Undetermined
Canadian Pacific
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
CF-CPD Mount William Knight 20 December 1942 Lockheed L14H-2 Super Electra Prince George–Vancouver CFIT
Flight 108 Quebec 9 September 1949 Douglas C-47 Montreal–Comeau Bay Bomb placed by Albert Guay killed all aboard including his wife.
Empress of Vancouver
Haneda Airport 9 February 1950 Canadair C-4-1 Argonaut Runway overrun
Flight 4 16 mi N of Penticton 22 December 1950 Douglas C-47A Vancouver–Penticton Pilot error, CFIT
CF-CPC Alaska 21 July 1951 Douglas C-54A Vancouver–Anchorage–Tokyo Unexplained disappearance
Empress of Hawaii
Karachi Int'l Airport 3 March 1953 de Havilland Comet 1A Pilot error, stall, loss of control
CF-CRV Prince Rupert, British Columbia 11 May 1953 Boeing-Canada Canso A Sandspit–Prince Rupert Pilot error, crash on landing
Flight 307
Empress of Mexico City
Cold Bay, Alaska 29 August 1956 Douglas DC-6B Vancouver–Cold Bay–Tokyo–Hong Kong Pilot error
Flight 301 Honolulu Int'l Airport 22 July 1962 Bristol Britannia 314 Vancouver–Honolulu–Nadi–Auckland–Sydney Engine failure, pilot error, loss of control
Flight 21
Empress of City of Buenos Aires
20 mi W of 100 Mile House, British Columbia 8 July 1965 Douglas DC-6B Vancouver–Prince George–Fort St. John–Fort Nelson–Watson Lake–Whitehorse Bombing
Flight 402 Haneda Airport 4 March 1966 Douglas DC-8-43 Hong Kong–Tokyo-Vancouver Weather, pilot error
Flight 322 Vancouver Int'l Airport 7 February 1968 Boeing 707-138B Honolulu–Vancouver Poor visibility, weather, runway overrun
Capital Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 19 over Milwaukee 7 August 1949 Douglas C-53D Muskegon–Milwaukee Mid-air collision with a private Cessna 140
Flight 500 Potomac River near Washington National Airport 12 December 1949 Douglas DC-3-313A Newport News–Washington, D.C. Stall, loss of control
N7404 Chicago Midway International Airport 20 February 1956 Vickers Viscount 744 Detroit–Chicago Mechanical failure
Flight H-3 near Clarksburg, Maryland 22 June 1957 Douglas C-47A None Loss of control
Flight 67 Saginaw Bay off Freeland, Michigan 6 April 1958 Vickers Viscount 745D Flint–Freeland Icing, stall, loss of control
Flight 300 over Brunswick, Maryland 20 May 1958 Vickers Viscount 745D Pittsburgh–Baltimore Mid-air collision with an Air National Guard T-33A
Flight 3 Martinsburg Airport 4 June 1958 Douglas C-53B Washington, D.C.–Martinsburg Stall, loss of control
Flight 75 Chase, Maryland 12 May 1959 Vickers Viscount 745D New York City–Atlanta Loss of control, in-flight breakup
Flight 983 Charleston, West Virginia 12 May 1959 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Pittsburg–Charleston Slid off runway
Flight 20 Holdcroft, Virginia 18 January 1960 Vickers Viscount 745D Washington, DC–Norfolk Icing, triple engine failure, loss of control
Capitol Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N1301N 23 mi west of Fort Collins 16 November 1958 Curtiss C-46F Denver-Hill AFB Weather, engine failure, CFIT
N1300N Plain City, Utah 15 October 1960 Curtiss C-46F Rapid City-Hill AFB Metal fatigue, wing separation, loss of control
N1308V near Katy, Texas 22 January 1961 Curtiss C-46F San Antonio-Mobile Engine failure, in-flight fire, wing separation
Flight 3/26 Anchorage International Airport 27 November 1970 Douglas DC-8-63CF McChord AFB-Anchorage-Yokota AFB-Cam Ranh Bay Unexplained brake problems, failure to take off, runway overrun
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Unknown Verona, Italy 2 August 1919 Caproni Ca.48 Venice–Taliedo Possible structural failure
Cathay Pacific
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Miss Macao
Pearl River Delta 16 July 1948 Consolidated PBY-5A Catalina Macau–Hong Kong Hijacking
VR-HDG North Point 24 February 1949 Douglas C-47A Manila–Hong Kong CFIT
VR-HDW Anisakan Airport 13 September 1949 Douglas C-47A Landing gear collapse, crash on takeoff
VR-HEU off Hainan Island 23 July 1954 Douglas C-54A Bangkok–Hong Kong Shot down
Flight 033 Kai Tak Airport 5 November 1967 Convair 880-22M-3 Hong Kong–Saigon Loss of control, runway overrun
Flight 700Z 34 mi SE of Pleiku 15 June 1972 Convair 880-22M-21 Bangkok–Hong Kong Bombing
Flight 252 near Hong Kong International Airport 30 August 2004 Boeing 747–467 London–Hong Kong Loss of control
Flight 780 Hong Kong International Airport 13 April 2010 Airbus A330-342 Surabaya–Hong Kong Engine stall and 2nd engine stuck on high thrust - High speed landing
Cebu Pacific
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 387 Misamis Oriental 2 February 1998 Douglas DC-9-32 Manila–Cagayan de Oro Pilot error
Chalk's Ocean Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 101 Miami 19 December 2005 Grumman Turbo Mallard Miami–Bimini Structural failure
Chicago and Southern Air Lines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 4
City of Memphis
St. Louis 5 August 1936 Lockheed Model 10 Electra New Orleans–Jackson–Memphis–St. Louis–Chicago Pilot error, CFIT
China Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 227 Mount Paku 2 January 1969 Douglas C-47A Kaohsiung–Taitung–Hualien–Taitung–Kaohsiung Windshear causing a loss of altitude. 24 dead.
B-1852 near Penghu Island 21 November 1971 Sud Aviation Caravelle III Taipei–Hong Kong Bomb explosion. 25 dead.
Flight 006 San Francisco 19 February 1985 Boeing 747SP-09 Taipei–Los Angeles Engine failure, pilot error. 2 injured, 0 dead.
Flight 204 Hualien City 26 October 1989 Boeing 737-209 Hualien–Taipei Crew error, CFIT. 54 dead.
Flight 358 near Wanli 29 December 1991 Boeing 747-2R7F Taipei–Anchorage Metal fatigue in the fuse pin, engine collision, CFIT. 5 dead.
Flight 605 Hong Kong 4 November 1993 Boeing 747-409 Taipei–Hong Kong Crew error, airplane skids off runway in rain and wind into the water. 3 injured, 0 dead.
Flight 140 Nagoya 26 April 1994 Airbus A300B4-622R Taipei–Nagoya Pilot error. 264 killed.
Flight 676 Taipei 16 February 1998 Airbus A300B4-622R Bali–Taipei In poor weather, airplane crashed near airport. 203 dead.
Flight 642
(operating for Mandarin Airlines)
Hong Kong 22 August 1999 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Bangkok–Hong Kong Crew error, weather. Airplane rolled over during landing. 50 injured, 3 dead.
Flight 611 Pescadores Islands 25 May 2002 Boeing 747-209B Taipei–Hong Kong Metal fatigue, structural failure. Airplane fell apart mid-flight. 225 dead.
Flight 120 Okinawa, Japan 20 August 2007 Boeing 737-809 Taipei–Naha Engine fire after landing, plane gutted by fire. 4 injured, 0 dead.
China Eastern Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Unknown Fuzhou Airport 24 April 1989 Xian Y-7 Ningbo–Xiamen Hijacking
B-3417 near Shanghai 15 August 1989 Antonov An-24RV Shanghai–Nanchang Loss of power
Flight 583 Shemya 6 April 1993 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Shanghai–Los Angeles Loss of control
Flight 5398 Fuzhou 26 October 1993 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Shenzhen–Fuzhou Runway overrun, pilot error
Flight 586 Shanghai 11 September 1998 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Shanghai–Beijing Nosegear failure
Flight 5210 Baotou 21 November 2004 Bombardier CRJ-200LR Baotou–Shanghai Icing, crew error
Flight 2947 Shanghai 7 June 2013 Embraer ERJ-145LI Huai'an–Shanghai Under investigation (hard landing, landing gear failure)
China Flying Dragon Aviation
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
B-3822 Changhai 21 June 1996 Harbin Y-12-II Dalian–Changhai Crew error, CFIT
B-3841 near Chifeng 15 June 2008 Harbin Y-12-II CFIT
China General Aviation
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 7552 Nanking Airport 31 July 1992 Yakovlev Yak-42D Nanking–Xiamen Loss of control
China National Aviation Corporation (CNAC)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Chilang Point 8 August 1937 Sikorsky S-43W Hong Kong–Shanghai Weather, water ditching
Wangmoon 24 August 1938 Douglas DC-2-221 Hong Kong–Wuchow–Chungking–Chengtu Attacked by Japanese fighters, forced landing
near Changyi 29 October 1940 Douglas DC-2-221 Attacked and destroyed on the ground by Japanese fighters
23 Jiangxi Province 20 January 1941 Ford 5-AT-D Trimotor CFIT
Taohsien, Hunan 12 February 1941 Douglas DC-2-190 Hong Kong–Chungking Weather, CFIT
near Kunming Airport 14 March 1942 Douglas DC-2-221 Kunming–Chungking Overloading, engine failure, crash on takeoff
60 Yunnan Province 17 November 1942 Douglas C-47 Kunming–Dinjan Unexplained disappearance
53 near Luishui 11 March 1943 Douglas C-53 Kunming–Assam CFIT
49 Himalayas 13 March 1943 Douglas C-53 Kunming–Dinjan Unexplained disappearance
58 / 42-15890 30 mi NE of Minzong 7 April 1943 Douglas C-53 Dinjan–Kunming Icing, weather, CFIT
48 Fort Hertz valley 11 August 1943 Douglas C-53 Dinjan–Kunming Possibly shot down
82 Himalayas 26 May 1944 Douglas C-47 Calcutta–Dinjan Weather, CFIT
85 over Dinjan 8 June 1944 Douglas C-47 Kunming–Dinjan Improper maintenance, in-flight explosion, in-flight breakup
140 Hongqiao Airport 25 December 1946 Douglas C-47 Chongqing–Shanghai Poor visibility
115 Hongqiao Airport 25 December 1946 Curtiss C-46 Chongqing–Shanghai Poor visibility
XT-T51 / 121 W of Qingdao 5 January 1947 Curtiss C-46 Shanghai–Qingdao–Beijing CFIT
138 119 mi S of Chongqing 25 January 1947 Douglas DC-3 Guangzhou–Chongqing CFIT
China Northern Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 6901 Ürümqi 13 November 1993 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Beijing–Ürümqi Pilot error
Flight 6136 Dalian 7 May 2002 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Beijing–Dalian In-flight fire (arson)
China Northwest Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2119 Yinchuan 23 July 1993 BAe 146–300 Yinchuan–Beijing Mechanical failure, aborted takeoff, runway overrun
Flight 2303 near Xi'an 6 June 1994 Tupolev Tu-154M Xian–Guangzhou Improper maintenance, mechanical failure
China Southern Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2812 Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 2 October 1990 Boeing 757-21B Guangzhou–Shanghai Ground collision with hijacked Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737
Flight 3943 near Guilin Airport 24 November 1992 Boeing 737-3Y0 Guangzhou–Guilin Pilot error, loss of control
Flight 3456 Shenzhen Airport 8 May 1997 Boeing 737-31B Chongqing–Shenzhen Weather, pilot error, runway excursion
China Southwest Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2402 Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport 2 October 1990 Boeing 707-3J6B Chengdu–Guangzhou Sideswiped by hijacked Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737
Flight 4509 Rui'an 24 February 1999 Tupolev Tu-154M Chengdu–Wenzhou Improper maintenance, loss of control
Civil Air Transport (CAT)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
XT-822 Qingdao Airport 29 July 1948 Curtiss C-46D Entered a spin on takeoff
XT-820 near Lanzhou 9 December 1949 Curtiss C-46D  ?
N8342C off Basalt Island 21 December 1948 Douglas C-54B Shanghai–Hong Kong CFIT
XT-814 near Haikou 10 December 1949 Curtiss C-46D Chengdu–Haikou  ?
49-0919 near Ban Sot, Laos 6 May 1954 Fairchild C-119C Flying Boxcar None CFIT
B-811 off Hua Hin 20 October 1954 Douglas C-47A CFIT
Flight 106 near Shenkang, Taiwan 20 June 1964 Curtiss C-46D Taichung–Taipei Engine failure, loss of control
Flight 010 near Taipei February 16, 1968 Boeing 727-92C Hong Kong–Taipei Pilot error
Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
18188 Qinglongshan, Henan Province 26 September 1961 Shijiazhuang Y-5 CFIT
644 near Guiyang 14 January 1973 Ilyushin Il-14 CFIT
B-492 Changsha 21 January 1976 Antonov An-24 Guangzhou–Changsha Crash on approach
Flight 3303 near Yangshuo 26 April 1982 Hawker-Siddeley Trident 2E Guangzhou–Guilin CFIT
Flight 2311 Guangzhou-Baiyun International Airport 24 December 1982 Ilyushin Il-18b Lanzhou–Xi'an–Changsha–Guangzhou In-flight fire
B-296 Chunchon 5 May 1983 Hawker-Siddeley Trident 2E Shenyang–Shanghai Hijacking
B-264 Guilin Airport 14 September 1983 Hawker-Siddeley Trident 2E Guilin–Beijing Ground collision with a PLAAF Harbin H-5
Flight 5109 Jinan 18 January 1985 Antonov An-24B Nanking–Jinan CFIT
B-3413 near Lanzhou 15 December 1986 Antonov An-24RV Engine failure, icing, CFIT
B-2514 Fuzhou Airport 16 June 1987 Boeing 737-2T4 Hong Kong–Fuzhou Collision with a PLAAF Shenyang J-6
Flight 301 Kowloon Bay 31 August 1988 Hawker-Siddeley Trident 2E Guangzhou–Hong Kong Slid off runway
Flight 981 Fukuoka Airport 16 December 1989 Boeing 747-200BM Beijing-Shanghai-San Francisco-New York Hijacking
Civil Aviation Administration of Korea (CAAK) (now Air Koryo)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
P-889 Fouta Djall Mountains 1 July 1983 Ilyushin Il-62M Pyongyang–Conakry CFIT
Colgan Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 3407
(operating as Continental Connection)
Clarence Center, New York 12 February 2009 Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 Newark–Buffalo Pilot error, stall
Compagnie des Grands Express Aériens (CGEA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-GEAD over Picardy 7 April 1922 Farman F.60 Le Bourget–Croydon Mid-air collision
Compagnie des Messageries Aériennes (CMA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-AEIE Croydon Airport 15 March 1923 Farman F.60 Runway overrun
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 3272 Monroe, Michigan 9 January 1997 Embraer 120 RT Brasilia Weather, crew error
Flight 5191 Lexington, Kentucky 27 August 2006 Bombardier CRJ-100ER ATC, pilot errors
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 3782 near Seferihisar 2 January 1988 Boeing 737-230 Stuttgart–İzmir Navigation error
Continental Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC25636 Albuquerque 27 August 1945 Lockheed 18-01-01 Lodestar Burned out
Flight 46 near Midland, Texas 16 March 1954 Convair CV-340-35 Midland–Kansas City Improper maintenance
Flight 114 over Hobbs, New Mexico 29 August 1955 Douglas DC-3-191A Carlsbad–Hobbs Mid-air collision with a Piper PA-22
Flight 190 over Bartlesville, Oklahoma 9 September 1956 Douglas DC-3A-453 Tulsa–Bartlesville Mid-air collision with a Cessna 170B
Flight 54 Unknown 3 August 1961 Boeing 707–124 Los Angeles–Houston Hijacking
Flight 11 near Unionville, Missouri 22 May 1962 Boeing 707–124 Chicago–Kansas City Bombing
Flight 210 Amarillo Air Terminal 8 July 1962 Vickers Viscount 812 Amarillo–Lubbock Pilot error
Flight 290 Kansas City Downtown Airport 29 January 1963 Vickers Viscount 812 Midland–Kansas City Icing, loss of control
Flight 12 Kansas City Downtown Airport 1 July 1965 Boeing 707–124 Los Angeles–Kansas City Skidded off runway
N17325 over Gunnison, Colorado 19 November 1968 Boeing 707-324C Los Angeles–Denver Bombing, in-flight fire
Flight 144 Tulsa International Airport 19 December 1970 Douglas DC-9 Albuquerque–Denver–Wichita–Tulsa Hijacking
Flight 712 over Compton, California 4 August 1971 Boeing 707-324C Hilo–Los Angeles Mid-air collision with a Cessna 150J
Flight 426 Stapleton International Airport 7 August 1975 Boeing 727-224 Denver–Wichita Windshear
Flight 603 Los Angeles International Airport 1 March 1978 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 Los Angeles–Honolulu Tire failure, aborted takeoff
Flight 1713 Denver 15 November 1987 Douglas DC-9-14 Denver–Boise Pilot error, weather
N433PE Cleveland Hopkins International Airport 17 April 1988 Boeing 737–217 Newark–Cleveland In-flight fire
Flight 795 New York City 2 March 1994 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 New York City–Denver Runway overrun
Flight 1943 George Bush Intercontinental Airport 19 February 1996 Douglas DC-9-32 Washington, D.C.–Houston Pilot error
Flight 1883 Newark Liberty International Airport 28 October 2006 Boeing 757-224 Orlando–Newark Pilot error, landed on taxiway
Flight 1404 Denver International Airport 20 December 2008 Boeing 737-524 Denver–Houston Pilot error, ATC error
Continental Express
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2574
(operated by Britt Airways)
Eagle Lake, Texas 11 September 1991 Embraer EMB-120RT Brasilia Laredo–Houston Improper maintenance, structural failure
Court Line
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 95 London Luton Airport 18 April 1974 BAC 1-11-518FG London–Munich Runway collision with a Piper Aztec
Cubana de Aviación
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
OK-FOR Jihlava 22 August 1930 Ford 5-AT-C Trimotor Prague–Brno–Bratislava CFIT
OK-BAG Oberkirch 13 August 1938 Savoia-Marchetti S.73 Prague–Strasbourg–Paris CFIT
OK-ZDN near Prague 5 March 1946 Junkers Ju 52/3m Paris–Strasbourg–Prague Crashed on landing
OK-XDU near Kladno 13 February 1947 Douglas C-47A Prague–Cakovice Possible improper maintenance
Flight 584 near Pylos 21 December 1948 Douglas C-47A Prague–Rome–Athens–Lydda Spatial disorientation
OK-WDY Praded Mountain 27 February 1950 Douglas C-47A Ostrava–Prague CFIT
OK-WAB Košice 29 July 1950 Douglas DC-3C In-flight fire
OK-WDS near Prague Ruzyně Airport 12 January 1954 Douglas C-47A Prague–Ostrava Failed to takeoff
OK-WDK near Ivanka Airport 12 December 1954 Douglas C-47A Prague–Brno–Bratislava Blocked pitot tubes, pilot error, CFIT
OK-WDZ Mount Skapova 18 January 1956 Douglas C-47A Bratislava–Košice Weather, CFIT
OK-DBP Egislau 20 November 1956 Ilyushin Il-12B Zurich–Prague In-flight fire
OK-MCZ Hostivice 2 January 1961 Avia 14-32A None Failed to takeoff
Flight 511 14 mi NE of Nürnberg 28 March 1961 Ilyushin Il-18V Prague–Zurich–Rabat–Dakar–Conakry In-flight breakup for reasons unknown
Flight 511 near Casablanca 12 July 1961 Ilyushin Il-18V Prague–Zurich–Rabat–Dakar–Conakry Undetermined (possible crew error)
Flight 306 near Slavkov 10 September 1962 Avia 14-32A Bratislava–Brno Crash on approach
Flight 523 near Gander, Newfoundland 5 September 1967 Ilyushin Il-18D Prague–Shannon–Gander–Havana Undetermined
Svit Gottwaldov
Ptice 11 October 1968 Avia 14-32A Prague–Kosice Crash on takeoff
near Tripoli International Airport 1 June 1970 Tupolev Tu-104A Prague–Tripoli Crashed short of runway
Flight 744
Kloten Airport 18 August 1970 Tupolev Tu-124V Prague–Zurich Crew preoccupation, belly landing
Flight 540
Brno Trade Fair
11 mi NE of Damascus 20 August 1975 Ilyushin Il-62 Prague–Damascus–Baghdad–Tehran Incorrect altimeter setting
Flight 001
Bratislava 28 July 1976 Ilyushin Il-18V Prague–Bratislava Engine failure, pilot error, loss of control
OK-OCA near Bratislava 11 February 1977 Avia 14-32T Prague–Bratislava Pilot error
OK-KFM Prague Ruzyně Airport 9 June 2012 ATR-42-500 Under investigation (burned out in hangar fire)
Curtiss Reid Flying Services
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
CF-EDN near Grenoble 13 November 1950 Douglas C-54B Rome–Paris Unknown
Cyprus Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 226
(operated by BEA)
Esenboğa Airport 21 December 1961 de Havilland Comet 4B London–Rome–Athens–Istanbul–Ankara–Nicosia–Tel Aviv Instrument failure, pilot error, stall, loss of control
Flight 284
(operated by BEA)
Mediterranean Sea 12 October 1967 de Havilland Comet 4 London-Athens–Nicosia–Cairo Bombing

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