List of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline (P–Z)

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JetBlue Flight 292 making an emergency landing in September 2005 with its nose landing gear turned sideways.

This list of accidents and incidents involving airliners by airline summarizes airline accidents and all kinds of incidents, major or minor, by airline company with flight number, location, date, aircraft type, and cause.

This list is dynamic and by no means complete!

While all of the incidents in this list are noteworthy, not all the incidents listed involved fatalities.


Pacific Air Lines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 773 San Ramon, California 7 May 1964 Fairchild F-27A Reno–Stockton–San Francisco Mass murder/suicide
Pacific Air Transport
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC5340 Techachapi Mountains 18 November 1930 Boeing 40B-4A Burbank–Oakland CFIT
NC5390 La Tuna Canyon near Burbank 5 May 1931 Boeing 40B-4 San Diego–Los Angeles Low visibility
NC10347 San Francisco Bay 16 September 1931 Boeing 40B-4 Oakland–Seattle CFIT
NC5389 Burbank 16 May 1932 Boeing 40B-4 San Diego–Burbank–Oakland Low visibility
NC431H Eugene 24 January 1933 Ford 5-AT-D Trimotor Crash on takeoff
NC13345 Portland 9 November 1933 Boeing 247 Poor visibility, navigation error, CFIT
Pacific Overseas Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
HS-PC103 off Sumatra Island 25 October 1948 Douglas C-47 Possibly shot down
City of Ayudhya
Hong Kong Island 11 March 1951 Douglas R5D-1 Hong Kong–Bangkok Poor visibility, CFIT
Pacific Southwest Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 710 San Francisco International Airport 5 July 1972 Boeing 737-200 Sacramento–San Francisco Hijacking
Flight 182 San Diego 25 September 1978 Boeing 727-214 Sacramento–Los Angeles–San Diego Mid-air collision with a Cessna 172
Flight 1771 near Paso Robles 7 December 1987 BAe 146–200 Los Angeles–San Diego Mass murder/suicide
Pacific Western Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 314 Cranbrook 11 February 1978 Boeing 737-200 Edmonton–Calgary–Cranbrook–Castlegar Runway incursion, thrust reverser deployed during go-around, loss of control
Flight 501 Calgary 22 March 1984 Boeing 737-200 Calgary–Edmonton–Alberta Uncontained engine failure, in-flight fire
Flight 117 Kelowna 14 July 1986 Boeing 737-275 Calgary–Kelowna–Vancouver Pilot error, runway overrun
Pakistan International Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
AP-ACZ Lash Golath Mountain 25 February 1956 Douglas C-47B Gilgit–Islamabad Pilot error, CFIT
AP-AJS off Charlakhi Island 1 July 1957 Douglas C-47A Chittagong–Dhaka Weather, loss of control
Flight 205 Delhi-Palam Airport 15 May 1958 Convair CV-240-7 Karachi–Delhi–Karachi Pilot error, CFIT
AP-AAH near Lowery Pass 26 March 1965 Douglas C-47A Peshawar–Chitral Weather, CFIT
Flight 705 near Cairo 20 May 1965 Boeing 720-040B Karachi–Dhahran–Cairo–Geneva–London Excessive descent for reasons unknown
AP-ATT near Patian 8 October 1965 Fokker F27-200 Rawalpindi–Skardu Undetermined
AP-ALM Islamabad 6 August 1970 Fokker F27-200 Rawalpindi–Lahore Weather[1]
AP-AUV near Shamshernagar Airport 31 December 1970 Fokker F27-200 Pilot error, loss of control
Flight 631 near Jalcot 8 December 1972 Fokker F27-600 Gilgit–Rawalpindi Weather, CFIT[1]
Flight 740 30 mi N of Ta'if 26 November 1979 Boeing 707-340C Kano–Jeddah–Karachi In-flight fire for reasons unknown
Flight 326 Kabul 2 March 1981 Boeing 720-030B Karachi–Peshawar Hijacking
AP-AUX near Peshawar 23 October 1986 Fokker F27-600 Lahore–Peshawar Poor CRM, crashed short of runway[1]
Flight 404 Gilgit 25 August 1989 Fokker F27-200 Gilgit–Islamabad Unexplained disappearance[1]
Flight 268 Kathmandu 28 September 1992 Airbus A300B4-203 Karachi–Kathmandu CFIT
Flight 544 Hyderabad Airport 25 May 1998 Fokker F27 Gwadar–Turbat–Hyderabad Hijacking
Flight 688 near Multan International Airport 10 July 2006 Fokker F27-200 Multan–Lahore Improper maintenance, engine failure, crew errors
Flight 756 near Peshawar 24 June 2014 Airbus A310-324ET Riyadh–Peshawar Struck by ground fire
Flight 661 Havelian 7 December 2016 ATR 42-500 Chitral–Islamabad Under investigation
Palair Macedonian Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 301 near Skopje 5 March 1993 Fokker 100 Skopje–Zurich Wing icing, loss of control
Panair do Brasil
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
PP-PBD Serra de Cantareira 18 August 1941 Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar Porto Alegre–São Paulo CFIT
PP-PBH Rio Doce, Brazil 21 September 1944 Lockheed 18-10 Lodestar Rio de Janeiro–Belem Engine failure
PP-PBN São Paulo de Olivenca 3 January 1947 Sikorsky S-43B Iquitos–Manaus CFIT
Flight 99 near Gravatai Air Base 28 July 1950 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Rio de Janeiro–Porto Alegre Weather, CFIT
Flight 389 Uberlandia, Brazil 28 February 1952 Douglas DC-3A-393 Goiania–Uberlandia–Rio de Janeiro Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 263 near Congonhas Airport 17 June 1953 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Rio de Janeiro–São Paulo Bad visibility, crew error
Flight 263 near Silvio Pettirossi Int'l Airport 16 June 1955 Lockheed L-149 Constellation London–Paris–Lisbon–Dakar–Recife–Rio de Janeiro–São Paulo–Ascunción–Buenos Aires Pilot error, CFIT
PP-PDO near Guararapes Int'l Airport 1 November 1961 Douglas DC-7C Lisbon–Ilha do Sal–Recife Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 026 Galeao Int'l Airport 20 August 1962 Douglas DC-8-33 Buenos Aires–Rio de Janeiro Aborted takeoff, ran off runway
Estevao Ribeiro Baiao Parente
near Parana da Eva 14 December 1962 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Belem–Manaus CFIT for reasons unknown
Pan American-Grace Airways (Panagra)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Unknown Arequipa Airport 21 February 1931 Ford Trimotor Hijacking
San José
near Vitacura 16 July 1932 Ford 5-AT-C Trimotor Santiago–Mendoza Weather, CFIT
NC407H Lima Airport 22 March 1934 Ford 5-AT-C Trimotor Engine failure, crashed on takeoff
San Pedro
Mar Chiquita Lake 11 June 1934 Ford 5-AT-C Trimotor Buenos Aires–Santiago Weather, CFIT
San Felipe
Lima, Peru 24 December 1935 Ford 5-AT-D Trimotor None CFIT
NC14273 near San José Pinula 10 October 1936 Douglas DC-2-118B San Salvador–Guatemala City CFIT
NC15065 off Cristobal 2 August 1937 Sikorsky S-43B Guayaquil–Tumaco–Cali–Cristobal Engine failure or weather
Santa Lucia
Mount Mercedario 19 July 1938 Douglas DC-2-118A CFIT
Flight 9 northeast of Chaparra, Peru 22 January 1943 Douglas DC-3A-399 Santiago–Arequipa–Lima Pilot error, CFIT
NC19470 off Chorrillos 4 January 1945 Douglas DC-3A Aircraft stolen, CFIT
Pan American World Airways (Pan Am)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
General Machado
off Egmont Key 15 August 1928 Fokker F.VIIa/3m Ditched at sea
Christopher Columbus
Santiago de Cuba 10 June 1929 Fokker F.10 Santiago de Cuba–Havana Failed to take off
Miami 16 April 1935 Consolidated Commodore None Burned in hangar fire
Antilles Clipper
Port of Spain 20 December 1935 Sikorsky S-42 Loss of control on landing
Puerto Rican Clipper
Port of Spain 11 April 1936 Sikorsky S-42B Miami–Rio de Janeiro Collision with boat on takeoff
Flight 1
Samoan Clipper
Pago Pago 11 January 1938 Sikorsky S-42B Honolulu–Pago Pago–Auckland Exploded while dumping fuel
Killed chief pilot Ed Musick
NC18114 Morón, Argentina 15 July 1938 Douglas DC-3-228 Morón–Asunción Engine failure, CFIT
Flight 229
Hawaii Clipper
South Pacific 28 July 1938 Martin M-130 Alameda–Manila Unknown (Alleged hijacking)
NC16933 Rio de Janeiro 13 August 1939 Sikorsky S-43B Miami–Rio de Janeiro Engine failure, loss of control
Flight 202
Dominican Clipper
San Juan 3 October 1941 Sikorsky S-42B Miami-Buenos Aires Crashed on landing, pilot error
Bermuda Clipper
Kai Tak International Airport 8 December 1941 Sikorsky S-42B None Destroyed on the ground
NC21750 Khartoum 10 March 1942 Douglas DC-3-270 None Burned on the ground
Flight 1104
Philippine Clipper
Boonville, California 21 January 1943 Martin M-130 Hawaii–San Francisco CFIT
Flight 9035
Yankee Clipper
Tagus River near Lisbon 22 February 1943 Boeing 314 New York City-Lisbon Weather, loss of control
(operating for USAAF)
Biscayne Bay 20 June 1943 Douglas C-49K (DC-3) CFIT
Bermuda Clipper
Manaus 27 July 1943 Sikorsky S-42B None Burned while docked
NC742N near Nome, Alaska 6 April 1944 Pilgrim 100B Nome–Fairbanks Weather, pilot error
7233 Funafati, Gilbert Islands 31 July 1944 Consolidated PB2Y-3R Coronado CFIT
Flight 218
Hong Kong Clipper
near Antilla, Cuba 8 August 1944 Sikorsky S-42 San Juan–Port-au-Prince–Antilla–Miami Loss of control on takeoff
Flight 161
China Clipper
Port of Spain 8 January 1945 Martin M-130 Miami–Leopoldville Pilot error
Flight 216 Fort-de-France 3 August 1945 Sikorsky S-43 Port of Spain–Fort-de-France Pilot error, crashed on landing
Honolulu Clipper
Pacific Ocean 4 November 1945 Boeing 314 (prototype) Honolulu-San Francisco Engine failure, water ditching
Flight 100
Clipper Empress of the Skies
Willimantic, Connecticut 18 June 1946 Lockheed L-049-51-26 Constellation New York City–Gander–Shannon–London Mechanical failure, engine fire, belly landing
Clipper Caribbean
Shannon Airport 24 September 1946 Lockheed L-049 Constellation New York City–Shannon Crew error
Flight 121
Clipper Eclipse
near Mayadin 19 June 1947 Lockheed L-049-46-21 Constellation New York–Los Angeles–Honolulu–Tokyo–Calcutta–Karachi–Istanbul–London–Gander–Shannon–New York Engine failure, in-flight fire[2]
Flight 131
Clipper Defender
Floyd Bennett Field 20 September 1947 Douglas DC-4
(former C-54)
Bermuda–New York City Double engine failure, in-flight fire
Flight 923
Clipper Talisman II
Annette Island 26 October 1947 Douglas DC-4
(former C-54)
Seattle-Annette Island-Juneau Unknown (suspected turbulence or icing)
Flight 1–10
Clipper Empress of the Skies
Shannon Airport 15 April 1948 Lockheed L-049-51-26 Constellation San Francisco–Calcutta–Damascus–Istanbul–Brussels–London–Shannon–New York CFIT
Flight 428 Rancho Boyeros Airport 9 December 1948 Convair CV-240-2 Havana-Miami Brake failure, runway overrun
(operated by USAF)
Asmara Int'l Airport 26 January 1949 Curtiss C-46F Commando Loss of engine power, stall, loss of control
Flight 100
Clipper Monarch of the Skies
over Port Washington 30 January 1949 Lockheed L-749 Constellation New York–Shannon Mid-air collision with a Cessna 140
N74170 Merida 15 June 1950 Curtiss C-46F Commando Propeller separation, fuselage penetration
N74176 São Paulo, Brazil 8 May 1951 Curtiss C-46F Commando Runway overrun
Flight 151
Clipper Great Republic
Liberia 22 June 1951 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Johannesburg-Leopoldville-Accra-Monrovia-New York CFIT
Flight 507 off Kingston 2 September 1951 Convair CV-240-2 Miami-Camagüey-Kingston Pilot error
Flight 526A
Clipper Endeavour
Atlantic Ocean 11 April 1952 Douglas DC-4
(former C-54)
San Juan–New York Engine failure, ditching at sea
Flight 202
Clipper Good Hope
Brazil 29 April 1952 Boeing Stratocruiser 10-26 Buenos Aires-Montevideo-Rio de Janeiro-Port of Spain-New York Engine separation, loss of control and in-flight breakup for reasons unknown
Flight 201
Clipper Southern Cross
off Rio de Janeiro 27 July 1952 Boeing Stratocruiser 10-26 New York-Rio de Janeiro-Buenos Aires Cabin door failure, explosive decompression
Flight 845/26
Clipper United States
Pacific Ocean off Oregon coast 26 March 1955 Boeing Stratocruiser 10-26 Portland–Honolulu Propeller failure, engine separation, loss of control, water ditching
Flight 6
Clipper Sovereign of the Skies
Pacific Ocean 16 October 1956 Boeing Stratocruiser 10–29 Double engine failure, ditching at sea
Flight 7
Clipper Romance of the Skies
Pacific Ocean 8 November 1957 Boeing Stratocruiser 10–29 San Francisco-Honolulu Unexplained disappearance (possible engine failure, sabotage, or bombing)
Flight 70
Clipper Blue Jacket
Schiphol Airport 1 February 1958 Douglas DC-7C Crew errors, belly landing
Clipper Golden Gate
Manila 2 June 1958 Boeing Stratocruiser 10–26 San Francisco–Singapore Weather, hard landing, propeller failure, fuselage penetration
Flight 115
Clipper Washington
North Atlantic 3 February 1959 Boeing 707-121 Paris-London-New York City Jet upset
Clipper Northern Light
San Francisco Int'l Airport 20 February 1959 Douglas DC-7C None Excessive descent
Clipper Midnight Sun
Juneau Int'l Airport 10 April 1959 Boeing Stratocruiser 10-26 Seattle/Tacoma–Juneau Landed short of runway
Clipper Panama
Shannon Airport 22 June 1959 Douglas DC-6A/B Shannon–New York Propeller failure, engine separation
Clipper Australia
Haneda Airport 9 July 1959 Boeing Stratocruiser 10-29 Landing gear failure, belly landing
Clipper Fearless
near Mercedes, Honduras 12 September 1959 Douglas DC-4
(former C-54)
San Salvador–Miami Deviation from course for reasons unknown
Clipper Midnight Sun
Stuttgart Airport 18 February 1961 Douglas DC-7CF Frankfurt–Stuttgart Crew error
Flight 501 José Martí Int'l Airport 9 August 1961 Douglas DC-8 Mexico City–Guatemala City Hijacking
Flight 214
Clipper Tradewind
Elkton, Maryland 8 December 1963 Boeing 707-121 San Juan–Baltimore–Philadelphia Weather, lightning strike, in-flight explosion
Flight 212
Clipper Southern Cross
John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport 7 April 1964 Boeing 707-139 San Juan–New York City Pilot error, runway overrun
Flight 843
Clipper Friendship
San Francisco 28 June 1965 Boeing 707-321B San Francisco-Honolulu Uncontained engine failure, in-flight fire
Flight 292
Clipper Constitution
Chances Peak 17 September 1965 Boeing 707-121B Fort de France-Antigua-St. Croix-San Juan-New York City CFIT
Flight 708
Clipper München
East Berlin 15 November 1966 Boeing 727-21 Frankfurt-West Berlin Undetermined
Unknown Da Nang Airport 9 February 1968 Douglas DC-6 Da Nang–Hong Kong Hijacking
Flight 1
Clipper Caribbean
near Calcutta 12 June 1968 Boeing 707-321C Incorrect altimeter setting
Flight 281 New York City 24 November 1968 Boeing 707 New York–San Juan Hijacking
Flight 217
Clipper Malay
near Caracas 12 December 1968 Boeing 707-321B New York–Caracas Pilot error, optical illusion
Flight 799
Clipper Racer
Anchorage, Alaska 26 December 1968 Boeing 707-321C San Francisco-Anchorage-Tokyo-Da Nang-Cam Ranh Bay Weather, bad preflight checklist, warning system defect
Flight 812 Sydney Airport 1 December 1969 Boeing 707-321B Bird strike during takeoff, resulting in overrun runway excursion[3]
Flight 299
Clipper Victor
José Martí Int'l Airport 2 August 1970 Boeing 747-121 New York–San Juan Hijacking
Flight 93
Clipper Fortune
Cairo International Airport 6 September 1970 Boeing 747-121 Amsterdam–New York Hijacking, destroyed on the ground
Flight 6005
Clipper Rising Sun
20 mi E of Manila 25 July 1971 Boeing 707-321C San Francisco–Honolulu–Guam–Manila–Saigon Crew error, poor CRM
Flight 845
Clipper America
San Francisco 30 July 1971 Boeing 747-121 San Francisco–Tokyo Crew error, ground collision
Flight 841 Tan Son Nhat Int'l Airport 2 July 1972 Boeing 747 Manila–Saigon Hijacking
Flight 816
Clipper Winged Racer
Tahiti 22 July 1973 Boeing 707-321B Auckland–Tahiti–San Francisco–Los Angeles Unknown (possible instrument failure leading to crew distraction)
Flight 160
Clipper Titian
Boston 3 November 1973 Boeing 707-321C New York–Prestwick–Frankfurt Smoke in cockpit, loss of control
Flight 110
Clipper Celestial
Rome, Italy 17 December 1973 Boeing 707-321C Terrorism, bombing
Flight 806
Clipper Radiant
Pago Pago 30 January 1974 Boeing 707-321B Auckland-Pago Pago-Honolulu-Los Angeles CFIT
Flight 812
Clipper Climax
near Denpasar 22 April 1974 Boeing 707-321B Hong Kong–Denpasar–Sydney–Nadi–Honolulu–Los Angeles Instrument failure, pilot error
Flight 1736
Clipper Victor
Canary Islands 27 March 1977 Boeing 747-121 Los Angeles-New York-Las Palmas Runway collision with KLM Boeing 747
Flight 816
Clipper Mayflower
Kingsford Smith Int'l Airport 4 April 1979 Boeing 747SP-21 Sydney–Auckland Hijacking
Clipper Donald McKay
Heathrow Airport 27 December 1979 Boeing 747-121SF New York City–London Engine separation, in-flight fire
Flight 421
Clipper Meteor
Juan Santamaria Int'l Airport 3 September 1980 Boeing 727-21 Miami–San Juan Crashed short of runway
Flight 759
Clipper Defiance
Kenner, Louisiana 9 July 1982 Boeing 727-235 Miami–New Orleans–Las Vegas Weather, microburst
Flight 830
Clipper Ocean Rover
Pacific Ocean 11 August 1982 Boeing 747-121 Terrorism, bombing
Flight 378 Havana 2 July 1983 Boeing 727 Miami–Orlando Hijacking
Flight 925 Houston 2 August 1983 Boeing 727 Miami–Houston Hijacking
Flight 73
Clipper Defender
Karachi Int'l Airport 4 August 1983 Boeing 747-121 Delhi-Karachi Loss of control, crew error
Flight 558
Clipper Intrepid
Hopkins Int'l Airport 4 January 1985 Boeing 727-235 Cincinnati–Cleveland Hijacking
Flight 73
Clipper Empress of the Seas
Pakistan 5 September 1986 Boeing 747-121 Mumbai–Karachi–New York Hijacking
Flight 164
Clipper Good Hope
Tampa Int'l Airport 6 November 1986 Boeing 727-235 Tampa–Newark Ground collision with a private Piper Apache
Flight 125
Clipper Ocean Pearl
England 10 March 1987 Boeing 747-121 Mechanical failure
Flight 103
Clipper Maid of the Seas
Lockerbie, Scotland 21 December 1988 Boeing 747-121A London–New York Terrorism, bombing
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 112 A7/E45 near Hamburg Airport 6 September 1971 BAC 1-11-515FB Hanover–Hamburg–Málaga Maintenance error, double engine failure
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 394 Hirtshals, Denmark 8 September 1989 Convair 580 Oslo–Hamburg Structural failure, counterfeit parts
Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky Air Enterprise
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
RA-87481 Tigil, Russia 23 September 2001 Yakovlev Yak-40 Under investigation (heavy landing, nosegear failure)
Flight 123 Ust-Kamchatsk Airport 16 April 2011 Yakovlev Yak-40K Ust Kamchatsk–Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky Under investigation (runway excursion)
Flight 251 Kamchatska Peninsula 12 September 2012 Antonov An-28 Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky–Palana Spatial disorientation, pilot error
Philippine Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
(operated by Royal Phnom Penh Airways)
Ratanakiri Airport 21 November 2005 Xian Y-7-100C Under investigation
Flight 241 Kampot Province 25 June 2007 Antonov An-24B Siem Reap–Sihanoukville CFIT for reasons unknown
Polar Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
RA-05881 near Sangar 16 May 2003 Antonov An-3T Under investigation (engine failure, forced landing)
RA-02252 Sangar 18 November 2005 Antonov An-2TP Sangar–Sebyan–Kyuel Weather, loss of control
RA-26061 Deputatskiy Airport 21 November 2012 Antonov An-26B-100 Yakutsk–Deputatskiy Under investigation (runway excursion)
Flight 9977 Vilyuisk Airport 16 August 2013 Antonov An-2TP Vilyuisk–Ugulet Engine problems for reasons unknown, forced landing
Polyarnya Aviatsiya
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Unknown Dudinka 25 December 1945 Douglas C-47 In-flight fire, crash on takeoff
CCCP-N400 Kara Sea 13 December 1946 Focke-Wulf Fw 200C-3 Igarka–Arkangelsk Double engine failure, forced landing
CCCP-N444 89 mi N of Kharp, Russia 7 March 1948 Lisunov Li-2 Dudinka–Anderma CFIT
CCCP-N464 off Cape Medynski Zavorot 16 September 1948 Lisunov Li-2T None Weather, spatial disorientation, fuel exhaustion, water ditching
CCCP-N494 10 mi east of Mys Kosistyy 1 November 1948 Lisunov Li-2 Kresty Kolymskiye–Ust-Yansk–Mys Kosistyy Engine failure, icing, stall, loss of control
CCCP-N500 Yakutsk Airport 23 April 1950 Focke-Wulf MK-200 Runway overrun
CCCP-N488 Khimki Reservoir 26 June 1950 Consolidated KM-2 Pilot error
CCCP-N568 Lena River near Yakutsk 20 August 1951 Antonov An-2 Maintenance error, crash on takeoff
CCCP-N591 Ust-Tareya 28 September 1952 Antonov An-2 Pilot error, stall, loss of control
CCCP-N479 near Kępino 4 March 1955 Ilyushin Il-12 Mys-Kamennyy–Amderma–Arkhangelsk–Moscow Engine fire, forced landing
Flight 3 41 mi from Katanga 30 December 1958 Ilyushin Il-14M Pevek–Mys Kosistyy–Khatanga–Moscow Deviation from course, premature descent, CFIT
Puerto Rico International Airlines (Prinair)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 277 Luquillo, Puerto Rico 5 March 1969 de Havilland Heron 2D Charlotte Amalie-San Juan ATC error, CFIT
Flight 191 Ponce, Puerto Rico 24 June 1972 de Havilland Heron 2 San Juan-Ponce Pilot error
Flight 610 Alexander Hamilton Airport 24 July 1979 de Havilland Heron 2D St. Croix-St. Kitts Overloading, loss of control
Pulkovo Aviation Enterprise
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 9045 near Nalchik Airport 24 February 1994 Antonov An-12BP Volgograd-Nalchik Icing, stall, loss of control
RA-86060 near Sheremetyevo Airport 28 July 2002 Ilyushin Il-86 Moscow-Saint Petersburg Mechanical failure, loss of control
Flight 612 near Donetsk 22 August 2006 Tupolev Tu-154M Anapa-Saint Petersburg Weather, stall, loss of control


Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
G-AUED Tambo 24 March 1927 de Havilland DH-9C Charleville–Tambo–Blackall Engine failure
G-AUHI Adelaide Hills 4 September 1928 de Havilland DH.50J Adelaide–Longreach Weather, loss of control
near Winton 3 October 1934 de Havilland DH.50A Loss of control, possible stall
Longreach 15 November 1934 de Havilland Express London–Singapore–Darwin–Longreach–Brisbane–Sydney Loss of control due to design defect
G-AEUH Timor Sea off Kupang 30 January 1942 Short Empire Shot down
VH-USE Brisbane 20 February 1942 de Havilland Express Brisbane–Mount Isa–Darwin Unexplained tailfin failure, loss of control
Port Moresby 22 April 1943 Short Empire Townsville–Port Moresby Broke apart after landing
(operated for RAAF)
Port Moresby 26 November 1943 Lockheed C-56B Lodestar Port Moresby–Townsville Poor visibility, CFIT
VH-ABB Sydney 11 October 1944 Short Empire Sydney–Townsville Pilot error, stall, loss of control
VH-EBQ Lae 16 July 1951 de Havilland Australia DHA-3 Drover Wau–Bulolo–Lae Propeller failure, engine separation, loss of control
Flight 1 Bangkok 23 September 1999 Boeing 747-438 Sydney–Bangkok Weather, crew error
Flight 30 South China Sea 25 July 2008 Boeing 747-438 Hong Kong–Melbourne Mid-air explosion, mid-air decompression
Flight 72 Near Exmouth, Western Australia 7 October 2008 Airbus A330-303 Singapore–Perth Air data inertial reference unit failure and autopilot software design error
Flight 32 Between Singapore and Batam 4 November 2010 Airbus A380-842 Singapore–Sydney Uncontained engine failure
Flight 32 Over eastern India 7 January 2012 Airbus A380 Severe turbulence


Red Wings Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 9268 M3 near Vnukovo Airport 29 December 2012 Tupolev Tu-204-100V Pardubice–Moscow Runway overrun
Royal Air Maroc (RAM)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 630 Atlas Mountains 21 August 1994 ATR-42-312 Agadir–Casablanca Deliberate crash (disputed)
RusAir (now AtlasJet)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 9605 A133 near Besovets 20 June 2011 Tupolev Tu-134A-3 Moscow–Petrozavodsk Crew failed to go-around, premature descent, CFIT
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 296 London Stansted Airport 27 February 2002 Boeing 737-8AS Ground fire
Flight 4102 Rome 10 November 2008 Boeing 737-8AS Frankfurt–Rome Multiple birdstrikes


S7 Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 778 Irkutsk 8 July 2006 Airbus A310-324 Moscow–Irkutsk Pilot error
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
OO-AGN Tatsfield, Surrey 10 December 1935 Savoia-Marchetti S.73P Brussels–London Pilot error
OO-AUB Ostend, Belgium 16 November 1937 Junkers Ju 52/3mge Frankfurt–Cologne–Brussels–London Weather, pilot error
OO-AGT Soest, Germany 10 October 1938 Savoia-Marchetti S.73P Brussels–Düsseldorf–Berlin In-flight breakup
(operating for RAF)
Arques, France 23 May 1940 Savoia-Marchetti S.73P Brussels–London Shot down
(operated by RAF)
Merville, France 23 May 1940 Savoia-Marchetti S.73P Destroyed on the ground
(operated by RAF)
near Arques, France 23 May 1940 Douglas DC-3-227B Merville-London Shot down by ground fire, forced landing
OO-AUR Haren Airport 17 September 1946 Douglas C-47A Brussels–London Loss of speed for reasons unknown
OO-CBG near Gander 18 September 1946 Douglas DC-4-1009 Brussels–Shannon–Gander–New York City Pilot error
OO-CAR near Mitwaba, Belgian Congo 24 December 1947 Lockheed C-60A Mitwaba–Manono Double engine failure, loss of control
OO-AWH Heathrow Airport 2 March 1948 Douglas DC-3D Brussels–London Pilot error
OO-CBE near Magazini, Belgian Congo 12 May 1948 Douglas DC-4-1009 Johannesburg–Léopoldville–Libenga–Brussels Flew into a tornado, windshear
OO-CBL near Kimbwe, Belgian Congo 31 August 1948 Douglas C-47A Manono–Elizabethville Undetermined
OO-CBK Léopoldville, Belgian Congo 27 August 1949 Douglas C-47B Léopoldville–Elizabethville Loss of engine power, failed to gain height on takeoff
OO-AUQ Aulnay-sous-Bois, France 18 December 1949 Douglas C-47A Paris–Brussels Wing separation, loss of control
OO-CBA near Gao Airport 24 July 1951 Douglas DC-3-455 Brussels–Gao–Léopoldville Engine failure on takeoff
Flight 425 near Kikwit, Belgian Congo 4 February 1952 Douglas C-47A Costermansville-Léopoldville Propeller separation, fuselage penetration, loss of control
OO-AWQ near Frankfurt 14 October 1953 Convair CV-240-12 Frankfurt–Brussels Loss of power on takeoff
OO-AWO near Kloten Airport 19 December 1953 Convair CV-240-12 Brussels–Zürich Pilot error
OO-CBY near Maribor, Yugoslavia 3 June 1954 Douglas C-47A Blackbushe-Beograd Attacked by MiG-15 fighter, forced landing
Flight 503 Mount Terminillo 13 February 1955 Douglas DC-6 Brussels–Rome Navigation error, CFIT
OO-SFA near Casablanca 18 May 1958 Douglas DC-7C Brussels–Lisbon–Léopoldville Engine failure, pilot error
Flight 548 Brussels 15 February 1961 Boeing 707-329 New York City–Brussels Mechanical failure
Flight 712 near Lagos 13 July 1968 Boeing 707-329C Brussels–Lagos Excessive descent for reasons unknown
Flight 571 Lod International Airport 8 May 1972 Boeing 707-329 Vienna-Tel Aviv Hijacking
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 414 Tegucigalpa 21 October 1989 Boeing 727 Pilot error
Saratov Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 703 near Stepanovskoye, Moscow Oblast 11 February 2018 Antonov An-148-100B Moscow–Orsk Under investigation (CFIT)
Saturn Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N640NA near San Antonio International Airport 31 January 1967 Douglas DC-6A Undetermined
N9248R near Fort Dix 10 October 1970 Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules Dayton–Wrightstown Weather, spatial disorientation, pilot error
Flight 14 near Springfield, Illinois 23 May 1974 Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules Alameda–Indianapolis–Wilmington Metal fatigue, wing separation, loss of control
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
HZ-AAF Jeddah 25 September 1959 Douglas C-54A Jeddah–Riyadh Pilot error, stall, forced landing
HZ-AAN Red Sea, 63 mi off Jeddah 13 June 1964 Douglas C-47A None CFIT
HZ-AAM near Khalif Nseir 24 June 1967 Douglas C-47 Nejran-Jeddah ?
HZ-AAZ 3 mi S of Dhahran 8 July 1968 Convair CV-340-68 Bahrain–Dhahran Poor visibility, aborted approach
Unknown Damascus 10 November 1970 Douglas DC-3 Amman–Riyadh Hijacking
Flight 163 Riyadh 19 August 1980 Lockheed L-1011-200 TriStar Karachi–Riyadh–Jeddah In-flight fire for reasons unknown, burned out on the ground
Flight 162 over Qatar 22 December 1980 Lockheed L-1011-200 TriStar Dhahran–Karachi Explosive decompression
Flight 763 Delhi 12 November 1996 Boeing 747-168B Delhi–Dhahran Mid-air collision with a Kazakhstan Airlines Ilyushin Il-76
Flight 770 Tambaram Air Force Station 2 June 1997 Boeing 747 Dhahran–Riyadh–Chennai Pilot error, landed at wrong airport
Flight 3830 Kuala Lumpur International Airport 23 August 2001 Boeing 747-368 Kuala Lumpur-Jeddah Hydraulic system failure, ran off runway
Flight 810
(leased from Air Atlanta Icelandic)
Zia International Airport 25 March 2008 Boeing 747-357 Madinah–Dhaka Fuel leak, in-flight fire
Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS)
Seaboard World Airlines
Flight 253A Burevestnik, Kuril Islands 1 July 1968 Douglas DC-8-63CF Seattle–Yokota AB Forced landing
N6834 Stockton Airport 16 October 1969 Douglas DC-8-63CF None Mechanical failure, runway overrun
Société Générale des Transports Aériens (SGTA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-ADTP near Schiphol Airport 24 August 1924 Farman F.61 Goliath Engine failure, forced landing
F-ADTN Atlantic Ocean 5 May 1927 Farman F.61 Goliath Unexplained disappearance
F-AEIE Cologne Butzweilerhof Airport 23 May 1928 Farman F.63bis Goliath Crashed on takeoff
F-ADTQ Aalsmeer, Netherlands 9 July 1930 Farman F.63bis Goliath Amsterdam–Rotterdam–Antwerp–Brussels–Paris Mechanical failure, loss of control
Shanxi Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
B-4218 Linfen 7 October 1988 Ilyushin Il-14P None Crash on takeoff
Siberia Airlines (now S7 Airlines)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 1812 Black Sea 4 October 2001 Tupolev Tu-154M Tel Aviv–Novosibirsk Shot down by stray surface-to-air missile
Flight 852 Omsk Airport 14 January 2002 Tupolev Tu-204-100 Frankfurt–Novosibirsk Double engine failure, skidded off runway
Flight 1047 Rostov Oblast 24 August 2004 Tupolev Tu-154B-2 Moscow–Sochi Terrorist bombing
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 185 Palembang 19 December 1997 Boeing 737-300 Jakarta–Singapore Deliberate crash (disputed)
Singapore Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 117 Singapore 26 March 1991 Airbus A310 Kuala Lumpur–Singapore Hijacking
Flight 006 Taipei 31 October 2000 Boeing 747-412 Singapore–Taipei–Los Angeles Ground collision
Flight 368 Changi Airport 27 June 2016 Boeing 777-312ER Singapore-Milan Oil leak, in-flight fire
Skyways Limited
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
G-AJPL near Castel Benito Airport 4 February 1949 Douglas C-54A Fuel exhaustion, double engine failure, loss of altitude
G-AHFI near Gatow 15 March 1949 Avro York I Loss of control
G-AHFA North Atlantic 2 February 1953 Avro York I London–Azores–Gander Unexplained disappearance
G-AGNY Kyritz 26 June 1954 Avro York C.I Hamburg–Berlin Engine separation, loss of control for reasons unknown
G-ALDV Meesden Green 1 April 1958 Handley Page Hermes 4A Jammed elevator, loss of control
Slick Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC59486 Denver 14 February 1947 Curtiss C-46E Chicago–Omaha–Denver Loss of control
NC59488 Hanksville, Utah 21 August 1947 Curtiss C-46E Denver–Los Angeles Weather, CFIT
NC56489 near Port Columbus International Airport 16 May 1948 Curtiss C-46E Newark–Chicago–Denver–Burbank–San Francisco Turbulence, rudder failure, loss of control
Flight 11-8 near Cheyenne Regional Airport 9 October 1949 Curtiss C-46E Las Vegas–Denver Turbulence, icing, loss of control
Flight 162-3 near Bradley Field 4 March 1953 Curtiss C-46F New York–Windsor Locks–Chicago Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 40Z San Francisco International Airport 3 February 1963 Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation Albuquerque–San Francisco Pilot error
Flight 12 near Logan International Airport 10 March 1964 Douglas DC-4 New York–Windsor Locks–Boston Icing, loss of control
South African Airways (SAA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
ZS-AKY Rand Airport 16 June 1937 Junkers Ju 52/3msa1 Loss of power, crash on takeoff
ZS-AST Elands Bay, South Africa 28 March 1941 Lockheed 18-08-01 Lodestar Windhoek–Cape Town CFIT
ZS-AVJ Mount Ingeli 15 October 1951 Douglas C-47A Port Elizabeth–Durban CFIT
Flight 201
(Yoke Yoke, operated by BOAC)
Mediterranean Sea off San Lucido 8 April 1954 de Havilland Comet 1 London-Rome-Cairo-Johannesburg Metal fatigue, structural failure
Flight 512 near Seymour 6 March 1962 Douglas DC-3 Cape Town–Collondale Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 406
East London, South Africa 13 March 1967 Vickers Viscount 818 Port Elizabeth–East London–Bloemfontein-Johannesburg Unknown[4] (possible pilot incapacitation and loss of control)
Flight 228
Windhoek 20 April 1968 Boeing 707-344C Johannesburg–Windhoek–Luanda–Las Palmas–Frankfurt–London Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 295
Indian Ocean, near Mauritius 28 November 1987 Boeing 747-244B Combi Taipei–Mauritius–Johannesburg In-flight fire, in-flight breakup, loss of control
South Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 8971 Donetsk Airport 13 February 2013 Antonov An-24RV Odessa–Donetsk Poor visibility, pilot error, loss of control
Southeast Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 308 Holston Mountain 8 January 1959 Douglas DC-3A Knoxville–Bristol Pilot error, CFIT
Southern Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 932 Huntington, West Virginia 14 November 1970 Douglas DC-9-31 Kinston–Huntington Unexplained descent, CFIT
Flight 242 New Hope, Georgia 4 April 1977 Douglas DC-9-31 Muscle Shoals–Huntsville–Atlanta Water ingestion, double engine failure
Southwest Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 1455 Burbank, California 5 March 2000 Boeing 737-3T5 Las Vegas–Burbank Pilot error, runway overrun
Flight 2066 Amarillo International Airport 24 May 2003 Boeing 737-3H4 Las Vegas–Amarillo Crew error, weather, runway excursion
Flight 1248 Chicago 8 December 2005 Boeing 737-7H4 Baltimore–Chicago Weather, runway overrun, ground collision
Flight 2294 near Charleston, West Virginia 13 July 2009 Boeing 737-3H4 Nashville–Baltimore Metal fatigue, structural failure, rapid depressurization
Flight 812 Yuma International Airport 1 April 2011 Boeing 737-3H4 Phoenix–Sacramento Metal fatigue, structural failure, rapid depressurization
Flight 345 La Guardia Airport 22 July 2013 Boeing 737-7H4 Nashville–New York City Pilot error, landed nose-first, nosegear failure
Flight 149 Thurgood International Airport 4 August 2016 Boeing 737-3H4 Baltimore–Atlanta Nosegear failure (during pushback)
Flight 3472 near Biloxi, Mississippi 27 August 2016 Boeing 737-7H4 New Orleans–Orlando Uncontained engine failure, fuselage penetration
Flight 1380 near Philadelphia 17 April 2018 Boeing 737-7H4 New York City–Dallas Under investigation (uncontained engine failure, fuselage penetration, explosive decompression)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 5022 Madrid 20 August 2008 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Barcelona–Madrid–Gran Canaria Pilot error, failure to extend flaps and slats for takeoff
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
EC-ARZ El Ortigal de Arriba 7 December 1965 Douglas C-47A Tenerife–Las Palmas Entered a spin after takeoff
EC-BNM Arlanda Airport 5 January 1970 Convair CV-990-30A-5 Stockholm–Zürich Pilot error, wind shear
Flight 275 Tenerife, Canary Islands 3 December 1972 Convair CV-990-30A-5 Tenerife–Munich Pilot error
Flight 995 Málaga Airport 13 September 1982 Douglas DC-10-30 Madrid–Málaga–New York City Landing gear tire failure, aborted take-off
Spencer Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
VP-YFD Croydon Airport 25 January 1947 Douglas C-47A London–Rome–Salisbury Pilot error, loss of control
Sudan Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
ST-ADY near Malakal 16 August 1986 Fokker F27 Malakal–Khartoum Shot down
Flight 139
White Nile
Port Sudan 8 July 2003 Boeing 737-2J8C Port Sudan–Khartoum Engine problems, pilot error
Flight 109 Khartoum International Airport 10 June 2008 Airbus A310-324 Amman–Damascus–Port Sudan–Khartoum Weather, runway overrun
Surinam Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 764 Paramaribo, Suriname 7 June 1989 Douglas DC-8 Amsterdam–Paramaribo Pilot error
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
CH-170 near Tuttlingen 27 July 1934 Curtiss AT-32C Condor II Zurich–Stuttgart–Leipzig–Berlin Vibration, fatigue, wing separation
HB-ITA near Senlis 7 January 1939 Douglas DC-2-115B Geneva–Paris CFIT
HB-IXA Konstanz 20 July 1939 Junkers Ju 86Z-2 Vienna–Zurich Engine fire, loss of control
English Channel off Folkestone 19 June 1954 Convair CV-240-4 Geneva–London Crew negligence, fuel exhaustion, water ditching
HB-IMD Shannon Airport 15 July 1956 Convair CV-440-11 San Diego–New York City–Gander–Shannon–Zurich Pilot error
HB-IRK Bodensee 18 June 1957 Douglas C-47B None Stall, loss of control
Flight 306
Dürrenäsch 4 September 1963 Sud Aviation Caravelle III Zurich-Geneva-Rome In-flight fire, loss of control
HB-IMF Jura Mountains 10 February 1967 Convair CV-440-11 None CFIT
Flight 330
Lucerne 21 February 1970 Convair CV-990-30A-6 Zurich–Tel Aviv–Hong Kong Terrorist bombing
Flight 100
Zarqa, Jordan 13 September 1970 Douglas DC-8-53 Zurich–New York City Hijacking, blown up on the ground
Flight 316
Athens 8 October 1979 Douglas DC-8-62 Geneva–Athens–Bombay–Beijing Crew error, runway overrun
Flight 111
off Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia 2 September 1998 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 New York City–Geneva In-flight fire


TAAG Angola Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
D2-TYC near Matala 8 June 1980 Yakovlev Yak-40K Lubango—Jamba Possibly shot down
D2-EAS near Menongue Airport 16 May 1981 Lockheed L-100-20 Hercules Shot down
D2-TAB Monte Bibala 29 November 1982 Antonov An-26 CFIT
Flight 462 near Lubango 8 November 1983 Boeing 737-2M2 Lubango—Luanda Structural failure (official)
Possible shoot down (unofficial)
D2-TFP Maya Maya Airport 14 April 1997 Fokker F27-600 Brazzaville–Luanda Loss of control on takeoff
D2-TBP M'Banza Congo Airport 28 June 2007 Boeing 737-2M2 Luanda—M'Banza—Negage Landed short of runway, right gear collapse
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 110 New Orleans 24 May 1988 Boeing 737-3T0 Belize City–New Orleans Weather, design failure
Flight 510 Guatemala City 6 April 1993 Boeing 767-2S1ER Pilot error
Flight 390 Tegucigalpa 30 May 2008 Airbus A320 La Paz–Tegucigalpa–San Pedro Sula–Miami Runway overrun in bad weather
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 725 Uruapan 9 November 1999 Douglas DC-9-31 Mexico City–Uruapan–Tijuana Failure to use checklists, spatial disorientation
TAG Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 730 Lake Erie off Cleveland, Ohio 28 January 1970 de Havilland Dove 6A Cleveland—Detroit Wing failure
Tajik Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
26035 63 mi from Tbilisi 17 June 1993 Antonov An-26B Batumi–Baku–Chimkent Severe turbulence, probable loss of control
87995 near Khorugh 28 August 1993 Yakovlev Yak-40 Khorugh–Dushanbe Overloading, failure to take off, runway overrun
Flight 3183 near Sharjah Airport 15 December 1997 Tupolev Tu-154B-1 Dushanbe–Sharjah Pilot error, CFIT
TAM Airlines (now LATAM Brasil)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
PT-SBB Agudos 8 February 1979 Embraer EMB 110C Bandeirante Bauru–São Paulo CFIT
Unknown Macaé 4 July 1984 Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante Rio de Janeiro–Galeão–Macaé Unknown
PT-LUG Bauru 12 February 1990 Fokker F27-200 São Paulo–Bauru Pilot error, engine failure, ground collision (car)
Flight 402 Congonhas 31 October 1996 Fokker 100 São Paulo–Rio de Janeiro Mechanical failure, pilot error
Flight 283 Suzano 9 July 1997 Fokker 100 São José–São Paulo Bombing
Flight 9755 Belo Horizonte 15 September 2001 Fokker 100 Recife–Campinas–São Paulo Right engine disintegration, explosive decompression
Flight 3804 Araçatuba 30 August 2002 Fokker 100 São Paulo—Campo Grande Fuel starvation, emergency gear-up landing in a field
Flight 3499 Viracopos-Campinas International Airport 30 August 2002 Fokker 100 Salvador—São Paulo Hydraulic system problems, emergency gear-up landing
Flight 3040 São Paulo 8 August 2006 Fokker 100 São Paulo–Recife Passenger door opened and separated
Flight 3054 Congonhas 17 July 2007 Airbus A320-233 Porto Alegre–São Paulo Pilot error, improper training, bad weather and short runway
TAP Portugal
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 425 Madeira 19 November 1977 Boeing 727-282 Brussels–Lisbon–Madeira Overran runway due to poor weather and short runway
Tara Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
9N-AFX Okhaldhunga District 15 December 2010 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-310 Lamidanda-Kathmandu CFIT
Flight 193 Dana, Myadgi District 24 February 2016 Viking Air DHC-6-400 Pokhara-Jomsom Under investigation (CFIT)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
YR-ILB near Sibiu 9 October 1964 Ilyushin Il-14P Timisoara–Bucharest Weather, in-flight breakup
Flight 35 Vladeasa mountains 4 February 1970 Antonov An-24B Bucharest-Oradea CFIT
YR-BCA near Kogalniceanu Airport 7 December 1970 BAC 1-11-424EU Tel Aviv–Bucharest CFIT
YR-AMD Lotrului Mountains 29 December 1974 Antonov An-24RV Oradea-Bucharest Crew error, CFIT
YR-TPH Nouadhibou Airport 7 August 1980 Tupolev Tu-154B-1 Bucharest–Nouadhibou Crew error, water ditching
Flight 371
Baloteşti 31 March 1995 Airbus A310-324 Bucharest-Brussels Misread instruments, loss of control
Flight 3107
Otopeni 30 December 2007 Boeing 737-38J Bucharest-Sharm el Sheikh ATC errors, poor visibility, ground collision (car)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
YR-TAI Plouznice, Czech Republic 21 November 1947 Lisunov Li-2P Bucharest–Prague Spatial disorientation, CFIT
Unknown Beograd Airport 9 December 1949 Douglas DC-3 Sibiu–Bucharest Hijacking
TAT European Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 230 Fontainebleau, France 4 March 1988 Fairchild FH-227 Nancy–Paris Electrical failure, loss of control
F-GCPZ Pleurtuit Airport 23 March 1991 Fairchild FH-227 Burned while parked
Tatarstan Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 363 Kazan International Airport 17 November 2013 Boeing 737-53A Moscow-Kazan Pilot error
Texas International Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N1304T over Harlingen, Texas 6 February 1969 Douglas DC-9-15MC Little Rock-Harlingen Mid-air collision with a Piper PA-28
Flight 926 Valley International Airport 11 January 1970 Douglas DC-9-31 McAllen-Harlingen-Houston-Dallas Collision with obstacles on approach
Flight 655 Black Fork Mountain 27 September 1973 Convair 600 Memphis-Pine Bluff-El Dorado-Texarkana-Dallas Pilot error, deviation from route, poor CRM, CFIT
Flight 987 Stapleton Int'l Airport 16 November 1976 Douglas DC-9-14 Denver-Houston Mechanical failure, runway overrun
N9103 Ryan Field 17 March 1980 Douglas DC-9-14 Houston-Baton Rouge Weather, runway overrun
Thai Airways Company
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 002 Chiang Mai Int'l Airport 25 December 1967 Douglas C-47A Bangkok–Chiang Mai Pilot disorientation, loss of control
Flight 231 9 mi NE of Bangkok 27 April 1980 Hawker Siddeley HS-748-207 Srs. 2 Khon Kaen–Bangkok Windshear
HS-TBB near Phang Nga 15 April 1985 Boeing 737-2P5 Bangkok-Phuket Double engine failure, CFIT
Flight 365 Andaman Sea, 9 mi off Phuket 31 August 1987 Boeing 737-2P5 Hat Yai-Phuket Pilot error, stall, loss of control
Thai Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 601
near Kai Tak Int'l Airport 30 June 1967 Sud Aviation Caravelle III Taipei-Hong Kong Pilot error
Bangkok Int'l Airport 9 July 1969 Sud Aviation Caravelle III Weather, heavy landing
Kathmandu Airport 10 May 1973 Douglas DC-8-33 Runway overrun
Flight 620
over Tosa Bay 26 October 1986 Airbus A300B4-601 Bangkok–Manila–Osaka Bombing
Flight 311 Langtang National Park 31 July 1992 Airbus A310-304 Bangkok-Kathmandu CFIT
HS-THO Bangkok Int'l Airport 22 October 1994 Airbus A300B4-103 None Ground collision with a Thai Airways MD-11
Flight 261
4 mi SW of Surat Thani 11 December 1998 Airbus A310-204 Bangkok–Surat Thani Probable spatial disorientation
Flight 114
Don Mueang Int'l Airport 3 March 2001 Boeing 737-4D7 Bangkok–Chiang Mai Explosion cause of fuel/air mixture
Flight 679
Song Dao
Suvarnabhumi Int'l Airport 8 September 2013 Airbus A330-221 Guangzhou–Bangkok Landing gear collapse, runway excursion
Tianjin Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 7554 Hotan Airport 29 June 2012 Embraer E-190-100LR Hotan-Ürümqi Attempted hijacking
Toa Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
JA6158 Mount Ohira 23 February 1962 de Havilland Heron 1B CFIT
Toa Domestic Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 63 Yokotsu Mountain 3 July 1971 NAMC YS-11A-217 Sapporo-Hakodate CFIT
Flight 621 Itami Airport 28 May 1975 NAMC YS-11-125 Osaka-Oki Island Mechanical failure, runway excursion
Flight 670 Miho Airport 10 January 1988 NAMC YS-11-109 Yonago-Osaka Icing, runway overrun
Transair Georgia
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
65893 Black Sea off Sukhumi 21 September 1993 Tupolev Tu-134A Sochi-Sukhumi Shot down by the Abkhaz forces in the course of war
CCCP-65001 Babusheri Airport 23 September 1993 Tupolev Tu-134A Sukhumi-Tbilisi Destroyed on the ground by Abkhaz forces
TransAsia Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 791 off Makung City 21 December 2002 ATR 72-202 Taipei–Macau Icing, loss of control
Flight 222 Husi, Penghu 23 July 2014 ATR 72-500 Kaohsiung–Magong Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 235 Taipei 4 February 2015 ATR 72-600 Taipei–Kinmen Under investigation
TransAVIAexport Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
EW-78849 Mogadishu 23 March 2007 Ilyushin Il-76 Entebbe-Mogadishu Possible shootdown
Transcontinental Air Transport (TAT)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
City of San Francisco
Mount Taylor, New Mexico 3 September 1929 Ford 5-AT-B Tri-Motor Albuquerque-Los Angeles Lightning strike, CFIT
Unknown Amarillo, Texas 30 December 1929 Travel Air 6000 Crashed on approach
Trans Maldivian Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight N/O Maldives 17 May 2004 de Havilland Canada Twin Otter Mechanical failure
Transocean Air Lines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N79998 9 mi off Lurga Point 15 August 1949 Douglas C-54A Rome-New York City Poor CRM
Flight 5763 Tucumcari Airport 5 November 1951 Martin 2-0-2 Oakland-Albuquerque Poor visibility, pilot error
Flight 501 near Fairbanks, Alaska 30 December 1951 Curtiss C-46F Commando Umiat-Fairbanks Pilot error, spatial disorientation
Flight 942 12 mi SW of Alvarado, California 20 March 1953 Douglas C-54G Roswell-Oakland-Guam Loss of control for reasons unknown (possible wing icing)
Flight 512
The Royal Hawaiian
Pacific Ocean, 344 mi E of Wake Island 12 July 1953 Douglas DC-6 Guam-Wake Island-Honolulu-Oakland Undetermined
Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux (TAI)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-BELB 10 mi S of Bangui Airport 8 December 1950 Douglas C-54A Crew error, CFIT
F-BGOD near Cairo 20 February 1956 Douglas DC-6B Saigon-Karachi-Cairo-Paris Pilot error, crew error, crew fatigue, improper approach
Flight 307 Bordeaux–Mérignac Airport 24 September 1959 Douglas DC-7C Bordeaux-Bamako-Abidjan CFIT
Trans Service Airlift
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
9Q-CCR Angola 18 December 1995 Lockheed L-188C Electra Overloading, loss of control
Trans World Airlines (TWA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
City of Indianapolis
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 27 January 1931 Ford 5-AT-B Trimotor Landed short of runway
NC999E Bazaar, Kansas 31 March 1931 Fokker F.10A Trimotor Kansas City–Wichita–Los Angeles Structural failure
NC9665 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 19 August 1931 Ford 5-AT-B Trimotor Weather, crashed on landing
NC7119 Oklahoma City 19 December 1931 Ford 4-AT-E Trimotor Tulsa-Oklahoma City-Amarillo Engine failure, crashed on takeoff
NC9650 English Field 14 December 1932 Ford 5-AT-B Trimotor Weather, crashed on landing
NC9666 Bakersfield, California 10 February 1933 Ford 5-AT-B Trimotor In-flight fire
NC9607 near Quay, New Mexico 29 August 1933 Ford 5-AT-B Trimotor Amarillo–Albuquerque Weather, CFIT
Flight 6 Atlanta, Missouri 6 May 1935 Douglas DC-2-112 Los Angeles–Albuquerque–Kansas City–Washington, DC Navigation errors
Flight 3 near Albuquerque 3 August 1935 Douglas DC-2-112 Los Angeles–Albuquerque–Amarillo–Kansas City–Columbus–Pittsburgh–Newark Contaminated fuel, double engine failure, forced landing
Flight 1 Uniontown, Pennsylvania 7 April 1936 Douglas DC-2-112 Newark–Los Angeles Poor visibility, pilot error, CFIT
NC14979 near Chicago Municipal Airport 31 May 1936 Douglas DC-2-172 Newark–Chicago Strong winds, engine failure, crashed on approach
Flight 15A Clifton, Pennsylvania 25 March 1937 Douglas DC-2-112 Newark–Camden–Pittsburgh Icing, loss of control
Flight 8 Yosemite National Park 1 March 1938 Douglas DC-2-112 San Francisco–Winslow CFIT
NC13786 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 3 April 1940 Douglas DC-2-112 Ground looped on landing in bad weather
NC19905 near Pritchett, Colorado 17 May 1940 Boeing 307B Stratoliner Kansas City–Albuquerque Carburetor icing, loss of engine power, belly landing
Flight 6 near Robertson, Missouri 23 January 1941 Douglas DC-3B-202 Kansas City–St. Louis Weather, CFIT
Flight 3 Potosi Mountain, Nevada 16 January 1942 Douglas DC-3-382 Las Vegas–Burbank Navigation error, deviation from course, CFIT
(leased from USAAF)
near Paramaribo 15 January 1943 Douglas C-54 In-flight breakup for reasons unknown
Flight 277
(leased from USAAF)
Fort Mountain 20 June 1944 Douglas C-54 Stephenville-Washington DC Spatial disorientation
Flight 8 Hanford, California 4 November 1944 Douglas DC-3-454 San Francisco–Burbank Weather, severe turbulence, in-flight breakup
Flight 18 near Hollywood-Lockheed Air Terminal 1 December 1944 Douglas DC-3-209 San Francisco–New York City Pilot error
Flight 47 over Chicago 26 September 1945 Douglas C-49J
Chicago–Kansas City Mid-air collision with a Boeing A75N1
Flight 955
Star of Rome
Washington-National Airport 29 March 1946 Lockheed L-049 Constellation New York City–Washington DC Pilot error, runway overrun on landing
Flight 456 Chicago 2 July 1946 Douglas DC-3-201F Chicago–South Bend Fuel exhaustion, double engine failure
Flight 513
Star of Lisbon
Reading, Pennsylvania 11 July 1946 Lockheed L-049 Constellation None In-flight fire
Star of Geneva
New Castle Airport 12 October 1946 Lockheed L-049-46-28 Constellation New York City–Wilmington Runway overrun on landing
Flight 6963
Cairo Skychief
Shannon Airport, Ireland 28 December 1946 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Paris–Shannon–Gander–New York City Standby altimeter wrongly connected causing CFIT, poor forward vision
Star of Athens
off Delaware Bay 11 May 1947 Lockheed L-049 Constellation None Loss of control for reasons unknown
Star of Madrid
New Castle Airport 18 November 1947 Lockheed L-049-46-26 Constellation None Landed short of runway
NC43535 LaGuardia Airport 28 September 1948 Douglas DC-4 None Burned while parked
Flight 211 Los Angeles Airport 25 November 1948 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Washington DC–Kansas City–Albuquerque–Phoenix–Los Angeles Poor visibility
Flight 924 Gander Airport 2 March 1949 Douglas C-54B New York City–Delhi Poor visibility, CFIT
Flight 154 Chicago Municipal Airport 18 December 1949 Lockheed L-049-46 Constellation San Francisco–Chicago–New York City Pilot error, runway overrun
Flight 903
Star of Maryland
near Cairo 31 August 1950 Lockheed L-749A Constellation Bombay–New York City Engine failure, in-flight fire
NC86511 Long Beach Airport 18 November 1950 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Double engine failure, runway overrun on landing
Flight 59 Sky Harbor International Airport 19 March 1951 Lockheed L-749 Constellation New York City–St. Louis–Kansas City–Amarillo–Albuquerque–Phoenix–Los Angeles Pilot error, belly landing
Flight 694
Skyliner Lancaster
Boone County, Kentucky 12 January 1955 Martin 2-0-2A Cincinnati-Cleveland Mid-air collision with a private DC-3
Flight 260
Skyliner Binghamton
Sandia Mountain, New Mexico 19 February 1955 Martin 4-0-4 Albuquerque–Santa Fe Deviation from course for reasons unknown
N51167 over Kansas City, Missouri 12 July 1955 Douglas C-47 None Mid-air collision with a Cessna 140A
Flight 400
Skyliner Pittsburgh
near Greater Pittsburgh Airport 1 April 1956 Martin 4-0-4 Pittsburgh-Newark Mechanical failure, crew error
Flight 2
Star of the Seine
Grand Canyon 30 June 1956 Lockheed L-1049-54-80 Super Constellation Los Angeles–Kansas City Mid-air collision with a United DC-7
Flight 163 McCarran International Airport 15 November 1956 Martin 4-0-4 Kansas City–Topeka–Wichita–Amarillo–Santa Fe–Albuquerque–Las Vegas–Los Angeles Engine failure, pilot error, runway overrun
Flight 891
Star of the Severn
near Milan 26 June 1959 Lockheed L-1649A Starliner Athens–Rome–Milan–Paris–Shannon–Gander–Chicago Lightning strike, in-flight explosion, structural failure
Flight 595 Chicago 24 November 1959 Lockheed L-1049H Super Constellation Chicago–Los Angeles Pilot error, excessive descent
Star of Balmoral
Midway Airport 29 February 1960 Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation Chicago–Phoenix Landing gear collapsed on takeoff
Flight 266
Star of Sicily
Staten Island 16 December 1960 Lockheed L-1049 Super Constellation Columbus–New York City Mid-air collision with a United DC-8
Flight 529
Star of Dublin
near Hinsdale, Illinois 1 September 1961 Lockheed L-049 Constellation Boston–New York City–Pittsburgh–Chicago–Las Vegas–Los Angeles–San Francisco Mechanical failure, loss of control
N761TW Orly Airport 29 May 1964 Boeing 707-331 Paris–New York City Blown landing gear tire, runway excursion
Flight 800 Rome 23 November 1964 Boeing 707-331 Thrust reverser failure, runway excursion
N820TW Kansas City Downtown Municipal Airport 13 September 1965 Convair CV-880-22-1 None Loss of control
Flight 42 over Carmel, New York 4 December 1965 Boeing 707-131B San Francisco–New York City Mid-air collision with an Eastern Super Constellation
Star of Chillon
John F. Kennedy International Airport 26 January 1966 Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation Nose gear collapse
Flight 553 Urbana, Ohio 9 March 1967 Douglas DC-9-15 New York City–Harrisburg-Pittsburgh-Dayton-Chicago Mid-air collision with a Beechcraft 55
Flight 159 Erlanger, Kentucky 6 November 1967 Boeing 707-131 New York–Cincinnati–Los Angeles Near collision, pilot error
Flight 128 Constance, Kentucky 20 November 1967 Convair 880-22-1 Los Angeles–Cincinnati CFIT
Flight 5787 Atlantic City International Airport 26 July 1969 Boeing 707-331C None Crew error, loss of control
Flight 840 Damascus 29 August 1969 Boeing 707-331B Hijacking, bombing
N743TW Weir Cook International Airport 22 April 1970 Boeing 707-131 None Burned while parked
Flight 741 Zarqa, Jordan 13 September 1970 Boeing 707-331B Frankfurt–New York City Hijacking
Flight 358 John F. Kennedy International Airport 11 June 1971 Boeing 727 Chicago–New York Hijacking
N761TW McCarran International Airport 8 March 1972 Boeing 707-331 None Bombed while parked
N31007 Logan International Airport 19 April 1974 Lockheed TriStar 1 Los Angeles–Boston Burned while parked for reasons unknown
Unknown Fiumicino Airport 26 August 1974 Boeing 707 Athens–Rome Attempted bombing, in-flight fire
Flight 841 Ionian Sea 8 September 1974 Boeing 707-331B Tel Aviv–Athens–Rome–New York City Terrorism, bombing
Flight 514 Mount Weather, Virginia 1 December 1974 Boeing 727-231 Indianapolis–Columbus–Washington, D.C. CFIT
Flight 355 New York City 10 September 1976 Boeing 727-231 New York City–Chicago Hijacking
Flight 841 Detroit 4 April 1979 Boeing 727-231 New York City–Minneapolis Crew error
Flight 847 Beirut 14 June 1985 Boeing 727-231 Cairo–Rome–Boston–Los Angeles–San Diego Hijacking
Flight 840 Corfu 2 April 1986 Boeing 727-231 Los Angeles–New York–Rome–Athens–Cairo Terrorism, bombing
Flight 756 Scott Air Force Base 22 August 1987 Boeing 767-231ER San Francisco-St. Louis Improper maintenance
Flight 843 John F. Kennedy Int'l Airport 30 July 1992 Lockheed L-1011 TriStar 1 New York City-San Francisco Design defect, mechanical failure, ran off runway
Flight 800 Long Island 17 July 1996 Boeing 747-131 New York City–Paris Mid-air explosion (cause publicly disputed)
Flight 600 Nashville Int'l Airport 9 September 1999 Douglas DC-9-31 St. Louis-Nashville Hard landing, landing gear failure, crew error
Flight 519 Scott Air Force Base 9 August 2001 Boeing 717-231 Nashville–St. Louis Nose gear problems
Trigana Air Service
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
PK-YNM near Nabire 4 November 1994 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-100 Nabire-Obano CFIT
PK-YPZ 31 mi from Nabire 25 May 2002 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Nabire-Enarotali CFIT
PK-YPY Puncak Jaya 17 November 2006 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Mulia-Ilaga CFIT
Flight 168 near Sepingan Airport 11 February 2010 ATR 42-300 Tanjung Redep-Samarinda Double engine failure, forced landing
Flight 257 Papua, Indonesia 16 August 2015 ATR 42-300 Jayapura-Oksibil Deviation from approach, CFIT
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
CCCP-N20 Moscow 18 May 1935 Tupolev ANT-20 None Mid-air collision
CCCP-45076 near Chkalovsky Airport 14 January 1966 Tupolev Tu-134 None Loss of control
CCCP-77102 Goussainville, Val-d'Oise 3 June 1973 Tupolev Tu-144S None In-flight breakup, loss of control
CCCP-77111 Khabarovsk Novy Airport 23 May 1978 Tupolev Tu-144D None Fuel leak, in-flight fire
Turkish Airlines (Türk Hava Yolları)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
TC-SEV near Gatwick Airport 17 February 1959 Vickers Viscount 794D Ankara-Rome-London Weather, CFIT for reasons unknown
Flight 835 Etimesgut, Ankara 23 September 1961 Fokker F27-100 Cyprus–Adana–Ankara–Istanbul Pilot error
TC-KOP Mt. Medetsiz 8 March 1962 Fairchild F-27 Ankara–Adana Spatial disorientation
TC-ETI Ankara 3 February 1964 Douglas C-47A Istanbul–Ankara Disregard of procedure
TC-JAC near Adana Airport 21 January 1972 Douglas DC-9-32 Damascus–Ankara Downwind during emergency landing
Flight 301
Cumaovası, Izmir 26 January 1974 Fokker F28-1000 Izmir-Istanbul Wing icing, stall, loss of control
Flight 981
Ermenonville 3 March 1974 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 Istanbul-Paris-London Design error, mechanical failure (faulty cargo door)
Flight 345
Sea of Marmara 30 January 1975 Fokker F28-1000 Izmir–Istanbul Possible downwind during landing
Flight 452 near Isparta 19 September 1976 Boeing 727-2F2 Istanbul–Antalya Navigation error, CFIT
Çubuk, Ankara 23 December 1979 Fokker F28-1000 Samsun–Ankara Deviation from course
Flight 890
Diyarbakır 13 October 1980 Boeing 727-200 Istanbul–Ankara Hijacking
Flight 158 Esenboğa Airport 16 January 1983 Boeing 727-2F2 Istanbul–Ankara Poor visibility, crash short of runway
Flight 278 Van 29 December 1994 Boeing 737-4Y0 Ankara–Van Poor visibility, CFIT
Flight 5904 Ceyhan 7 April 1999 Boeing 737-4Q8 Adana–Jeddah Weather, possible icing, crew error
Flight 634
Diyarbakır 8 January 2003 Avro RJ100 Istanbul–Diyarbakır CFIT
Flight 1476 Papola Casale Airport 3 October 2006 Boeing 737-4Y0 Tirana–Istanbul Hijacking
Flight 1951 near Schiphol, Amsterdam 25 February 2009 Boeing 737-800 Istanbul-Amsterdam Instrument failure, stall, loss of control
Flight 1754 Atatürk Airport 5 January 2011 Boeing 737-8F2 Oslo–Istanbul Attempted hijacking
Flight 1878
Atatürk Airport 25 April 2015 Airbus A320-232 Milan–Istanbul Hard landing leading to fire, landing gear collapse and runway excursion
Flight 6491
(leased from MyCargo Airlines)
near Manas International Airport 16 January 2017 Boeing 747-412F Hong Kong–Bishkek Under investigation (CFIT)


United Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC13304 Chesterton, Indiana 10 October 1933 Boeing 247 Newark–Cleveland–Chicago–Oakland Bombing
NC13357 Parley's Canyon, Utah 23 February 1934 Boeing 247 Salt Lake City–Cheyenne Poor visibility, weather, CFIT
Flight 6 Western Springs, Illinois 20 December 1934 Boeing 247 Icing, loss of power
Flight 4 near Silver Crown, Wyoming 7 October 1935 Boeing 247D Salt Lake City–Cheyenne Pilot error
NC13323 Cheyenne 30 October 1935 Boeing 247D None Pilot error
Trip 34 Rice Canyon, California 27 December 1936 Boeing 247D San Francisco–Los Angeles Pilot error
Flight 23 off San Francisco 9 February 1937 Douglas DC-3A-197 Burbank–San Francisco Loss of control due to co-pilot dropping microphone
Flight 1 Haydens Peak, Wyoming 17 October 1937 Douglas DC-3-197 Newark–Oakland Weather, CFIT
Flight 9 Cleveland 24 May 1938 Douglas DST-A-207A Newark–Cleveland–Chicago In-flight fire
Flight 6 off Point Reyes, California 29 November 1938 Douglas DC-3A-191 Seattle–San Diego Pilot error, fuel exhaustion, water ditching
Flight 16 Bountiful Peak, Utah 4 November 1940 Douglas DC-3-197 Oakland–San Francisco–Sacramento–Reno–Elko–Salt Lake City Weather, loss of radio communication, pilot error, CFIT
Flight 21 Chicago 4 December 1940 Douglas DC-3A-197C New York–Philadelphia–Allentown–Akron–Cleveland–Chicago Possible icing, stall, loss of control
NC16072 Salt Lake City Municipal Airport 12 January 1941 Douglas DC-3A-197 None Burned in hangar fire
Flight 4 Salt Lake City 1 May 1942 Douglas DST-A-207A San Francisco–New York City Deviation from course for reasons unknown, CFIT
Flight 14
Mainliner Tacoma
Elk Mountain 31 January 1946 Douglas DC-3-194H Boise–Denver Deviation from course, CFIT
Flight 28
Mainliner Lake Michigan
near Cheyenne 8 October 1946 Douglas DC-4 San Francisco–Cheyenne Loss of altitude on approach
Flight 404
Mainliner Elko
Cleveland, Ohio 11 November 1946 Douglas C-53D (DC-3) Chicago–Cleveland Pilot error
Flight 521
Mainliner Lake Tahoe
LaGuardia Airport 29 May 1947 Douglas C-54B New York City-Cleveland Pilot error
Flight 608
Mainliner Washington D.C.
Bryce Canyon, Utah 24 October 1947 Douglas DC-6 Los Angeles-Chicago In-flight fire
Flight 624
Mainliner Utah
Aristes, Pennsylvania 17 June 1948 Douglas DC-6 Los Angeles–Chicago–New York City False warning of in-flight fire, crew error operating extinguishers
Flight 129 near Fort Wayne, Indiana 28 April 1951 Douglas DC-3A-197 Cleveland–Fort Wayne Windshear
Flight 610
Mainliner Overland Trail
Crystal Mountain, Colorado 30 June 1951 Douglas DC-6 San Francisco–Oakland–Salt Lake City–Denver–Chicago Deviation from course for reasons unknown, CFIT
Flight 615
Mainliner Omaha
near Decoto, California 24 August 1951 Douglas DC-6B Boston–Hartford–Cleveland–Chicago–Oakland–San Francisco Pilot error, navigation error, CFIT
Flight 7030
Mainliner Oahu
off Redwood City, California 12 September 1951 Boeing Stratocruiser 10–34 None Stall, loss of control
Flight 16 Stapleton Int'l Airport 4 December 1951 Douglas DC-3A None Stall, loss of control
Flight 314 Michigan City, Indiana 26 August 1953 Convair CV-340-31 Chicago-Detroit Mid-air collision with an American Airlines Convair 240
Mainliner Idaho
Long Island MacArthur Airport 4 April 1955 Douglas DC-6 None Pilot error, loss of control
Flight 409
Mainliner Capistrano
Medicine Bow Peak 6 October 1955 Douglas DC-4 New York City–Chicago–Denver–Salt Lake City–San Francisco Deviation from course for reasons unknown, CFIT
Flight 629
Mainliner Denver
Longmont, Colorado 1 November 1955 Douglas DC-6B Denver–Portland Bombing
Flight 718
Mainliner Vancouver
Grand Canyon 30 June 1956 Douglas DC-7 Los Angeles-Chicago Mid-air collision with TWA Constellation
Flight 736 Arden, Nevada 21 April 1958 Douglas DC-7 Los Angeles–New York City Mid-air collision with USAF F-100 fighter
Flight 826
Mainliner Will Rogers
over Staten Island 16 December 1960 Douglas DC-8-11 Chicago–New York City Mid-air collision with TWA Constellation
Flight 859 Stapleton Int'l Airport 11 July 1961 Douglas DC-8-12 Omaha–Denver Mechanical failure, pilot error
Flight 297 Howard County, Maryland 23 November 1962 Vickers Viscount 745D Newark–Washington, D.C. Bird strike
Flight 823 near Parrottsville, Tennessee 9 July 1964 Vickers Viscount 745D Philadelphia-Washington, DC-Knoxville-Huntsville In-flight fire for reasons unknown, loss of control
Flight 389 Lake Michigan off Chicago 16 August 1965 Boeing 727-22 New York City–Chicago CFIT, pilots misread altimeters
Flight 227 Salt Lake City International Airport 11 November 1965 Boeing 727-22 New York City–Cleveland–Chicago–Denver–Salt Lake City–San Francisco Crashed short of the runway, pilot error
Flight 459 Cuba 11 January 1969 Boeing 727 Jacksonville, TX–Miami Hijacking
Flight 266 Pacific Ocean off Los Angeles 18 January 1969 Boeing 727-22C Los Angeles–Denver–Milwaukee Mechanical failure, total loss of electrical power, spatial disorientation
Flight 14 over Riverside, California 25 June 1969 Douglas DC-8 Los Angeles–New York City Hijacking
Flight 611
City of Bristol
Philadelphia Int'l Airport 19 July 1970 Boeing 737-222 Engine failure, pilot error, runway overrun
Flight 553
City of Lincoln
Chicago 8 December 1972 Boeing 737-222 Washington, D.C.–Chicago Approach landing stall, pilot error
Flight 2860 near Kaysville, Utah 18 December 1977 Douglas DC-8-54F San Francisco–Salt Lake City Electrical failure, pilot error, ATC error
Flight 173 Portland, Oregon 28 December 1978 Douglas DC-8-61 New York City–Denver–Portland Fuel exhaustion, pilot error
Flight 2885 Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport 11 January 1983 Douglas DC-8-54F Cleveland–Detroit–Los Angeles Aircraft upset, crew error
Flight 811 Pacific Ocean 24 February 1989 Boeing 747-122 Honolulu–Auckland–Sydney Cargo door opened—explosive decompression
Flight 232 Sioux City, Iowa 19 July 1989 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 Denver–Philadelphia Manufacturing error, engine failure
Flight 585 Colorado Springs, Colorado 3 March 1991 Boeing 737-291 Peoria–Moline-Denver-Colorado Springs Mechanical failure, rudder reversion
Flight 826 Pacific Ocean, 956 mi ESE of Tokyo 28 December 1997 Boeing 747-122 Tokyo-Honolulu Severe turbulence
N7274U Eppley Airfield 13 May 2001 Boeing 727-222 None Damaged by hailstorm
Flight 175 World Trade Center, New York City 11 September 2001 Boeing 767-222 Boston–Los Angeles Terrorism, hijacking
Flight 93 Stonycreek Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania 11 September 2001 Boeing 757-222 Newark–San Francisco Terrorism, hijacking
Flight 955 Heathrow Airport 5 July 2007 Boeing 777-222ER Mechanical failure, on-board fire
Flight 634 Newark Liberty Int'l Airport 10 January 2010 Airbus A319-131 Chicago–Newark Landing gear failure
Flight 663 en route from Washington, DC to Denver 7 April 2010 Boeing 757-222 Suspicious activity
Flight 497 Louis Armstrong New Orleans Int'l Airport 7 April 2011 Airbus A320 Electrical failure, runway overrun
United Arab Airlines (now EgyptAir)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 738 17 mi off Elba 29 September 1960 Vickers Viscount 739B In-flight breakup
Flight 869 Khao Yai Mountain 19 July 1962 de Havilland Comet 4C Hong Kong–Bangkok–Cairo CFIT
SU-AJX Az Zahweyyin, Egypt 12 May 1963 Douglas DC-3 Cairo–Alexandria CFIT
Flight 869 6 mi off Bombay Airport 27 July 1963 de Havilland Comet 4C Loss of control
Flight 749 near Cairo 18 March 1966 Antonov An-24B Pilot error
SU-AOL 180 km off Cyprus 18 August 1968 Antonov An-24B Cairo–Damascus Controlled flight into water
SU-APC Aswan Airport 20 March 1969 Ilyushin Il-18D Jeddah–Aswan Poor visibility, pilot error, pilot fatigue
(leased from Ethiopian Airlines)
2 mi south of Suez 10 April 1969 Douglas C-47A Asmara–Cairo Shot down
SU-ANZ Cairo 19 July 1970 Antonov An-24B None Pilot error, stall, loss of control
Flight 844 4 mi from Tripoli International Airport 2 January 1971 de Havilland Comet 4C Poor visibility, pilot error
UPS Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
N568UP Corbin Airport 31 January 1985 Swearingen Expediter Louisville–London Overloading, failed to go-around, ran off runway
Flight 774 Ellington Field 11 September 1998 Boeing 767-34AF Louisville–Houston Weather, runway excursion
Flight 6971 Standiford Field 7 June 2005 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Anchorage–Louisville Pilot error, nose gear failure
Flight 1307 Philadelphia 8 February 2006 Douglas DC-8-71 Atlanta–Philadelphia In-flight fire for reasons unknown
Flight 6 Dubai 3 September 2010 Boeing 747-44AF (SCD) Dubai–Cologne In-flight fire, loss of control
Flight 1354 near Birmingham-Shuttlesworth International Airport 14 August 2013 Airbus A300F4-622R Louisville–Birmingham Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 61 Incheon International Airport 6 June 2016 McDonnell Douglas MD-11F Seoul–Anchorage Runway excursion
Uruguayan Air Force
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 571 Border between Chile and Argentina 13 October 1972 Fairchild FH-227 Montevideo–Mendoza–Santiago CFIT
US Airways (formerly USAir)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 5050 Flushing, Queens 20 September 1989 Boeing 737-401 New York–Charlotte Crew error
Flight 1493 Los Angeles, California 1 February 1991 Boeing 737-300 Syracuse–Washington DC–Columbus–Los Angeles–San Francisco Ground collision
Flight 405 Flushing, Queens 22 March 1992 Fokker F-28 New York–Cleveland Ice buildup, pilot error, inadequate deicing procedures
Flight 427 Aliquippa, Pennsylvania 8 September 1994 Boeing 737-300 Chicago–Pittsburgh–Palm Beach Mechanical failure
Flight 1016 Charlotte, North Carolina 2 July 1994 Douglas DC-9 Columbia–Charlotte Wind shear, crew error
Flight 1170 Logan International Airport 9 June 2005 Boeing 737-3B7 Boston–Philadelphia Near collision
Flight 1549 Hudson River, New York 15 January 2009 Airbus A320 New York–Charlotte–Seattle Bird strike, loss of power to both engines
Union des Transports Aériens (UTA)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
F-BHMS Mount Alcazaba 2 October 1964 Douglas DC-6B Undetermined
Flight 772 Sahara Desert 19 September 1989 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30 N'Djamena–Paris Terrorist bombing
Union des Transports Aériens de Guinée (UTA, UTAGE)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 141 Bight of Benin 25 December 2003 Boeing 727-223 Cotonou–Kufra–Beirut–Dubai Overloading, failed to take off
US-Bangla Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 211 Tribhuvan International Airport 12 March 2018 Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 Dhaka–Kathmandu Under investigation (crash on landing)
UTair Aviation (now Utair)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
RA-26012 Antalya Airport 9 November 2002 Antonov An-26B Weather, poor visibility, CFIT
Flight 471 Kurumoch Airport 17 March 2007 Tupolev Tu-134A-3 Surgut–Samara–Belgorod Hard landing, structural failure
VQ-BAC Vnukovo International Airport 16 January 2010 Boeing 737-500 Runway overrun
Flight 120 Roschino International Airport 2 April 2012 ATR 72–201 Tyumen–Surgut Crew error, wing icing, stall, loss of control
Flight 579 Sochi International Airport 1 September 2018 Boeing 737-8AS Moscow–Sochi Under investigation (runway overrun)


ValuJet Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 592 Everglades 11 May 1996 McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 Miami–Atlanta In-flight fire
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Porto Alegre Airport 28 February 1942 Junkers Ju 52/3mge Crashed after takeoff
PP-VBI Jaquirana 2 August 1949 Curtiss C-46D São Paulo-Porto Alegre In-flight fire
PP-VBZ São Paulo–Congonhas Airport 4 June 1954 Curtiss C-46A São Paulo-Porto Alegre Crew error, crash on takeoff
PP-VCF Bage Airport 7 April 1957 Curtiss C-46A Bagé-Porto Alegre In-flight fire, wing separation, loss of control
PP-VCS Salgado Filho International Airport 18 October 1957 Douglas C-47A Porto Alegre–São Paulo Crew error, possible engine failure, ground turbulence
PP-CDS Federal Airport 12 April 1960 Douglas C-53 Jaguarão–Rio Grande–Pelotas–Porto Alegre Pilot error
Flight 810 La Cruz Peak 27 November 1962 Boeing 707-441 Rio de Janeiro–Lima–Bogota–Panama City–Mexico City–Los Angeles Deviation from course for reasons unknown
PP-VCQ near Brasilia 22 December 1962 Convair CV-240-2 Rio de Janeiro–Belo Horizonte–Brasilia Unexplained descent
PP-VBV near Passo Fundo Airport 1 July 1963 Douglas C-47B Porto Alegre–Passo Fundo Weather, pilot error
Flight 837 Roberts International Airport 5 March 1967 Douglas DC-8-33 Rome–Monrovia–Rio de Janeiro Pilot error
PP-VBJ Gravata 15 July 1968 Curtiss C-46 Super C São Paulo–Recife CFIT
PP-VLJ Galeão International Airport 9 June 1973 Boeing 707-323C São Paulo–Rio de Janeiro Crew error, loss of control
Flight 820 Orly International Airport 11 July 1973 Boeing 707-345C Rio de Janeiro–Paris In-flight fire
Flight 967 125 mi off Japan 30 January 1979 Boeing 707-323C Tokyo–Los Angeles–Rio de Janeiro Unexplained disappearance
Flight 797 Abidjan 3 January 1987 Boeing 707-379C Abidjan–Rio de Janeiro Engine failure
Flight 254 Mato Grosso 3 September 1989 Boeing 737-241 São Paulo–Maraba–Belem Fuel exhaustion and pilot error
Varney Air Lines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC741K Bluff Mountain 21 January 1931 Boeing 40B-4 Portland–Pasco CFIT
NC10338 Pasco, Washington 26 November 1931 Boeing 40B-4 Portland–Pasco Poor visibility
NC891E near Walsenburg, Colorado 1 May 1935 Lockheed Vega 5C Engine failure
NC176W Walsenburg, Colorado 28 September 1936 Lockheed Vega 5C El Paso–Puebla Engine failure, CFIT
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 376 Brasília 25 May 1982 Boeing 737-2A1 São Paulo–Brasília Weather conditions
Flight 168 Fortaleza 8 June 1982 Boeing 727-212 Advanced Rio de Janeiro–Fortaleza CFIT
Vietnam Airlines
Vladivostok Air
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 352 Budarovka, Russia 4 July 2001 Tupolev Tu-154M Ekaterinburg–Irkutsk–Vladivostok Pilot error
Vnukovo Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 2801 Operafjellet, Norway 29 August 1996 Tupolev Tu-154M Moscow-Svalbard CFIT


Walcot Air Line
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
G-AAZK near Meopham, Kent 21 July 1930 Junkers F.13ge Le Torquet-Croydon Stall, loss of control
West Caribbean Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 708 near Machiques 16 August 2005 McDonnell Douglas MD-82 Panama City-Martinique Poor CRM, updrafts, stall, loss of control
West Coast Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 956 Wemme, Oregon 1 October 1966 Douglas DC-9-14 San Francisco-Eugene-Portland-Seattle Excessive descent for reasons unknown
Flight 720 Klamath Falls, Oregon 10 March 1967 Fokker F27 Friendship Klamath Falls-Medford Crashed after takeoff due to an icing accident
Western Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
NC13314 Burbank, California 1 September 1935 Boeing 247D Burbank-Saugus Engine failure, loss of altitude
Flight 6 near Salt Lake City 15 December 1936 Boeing 247D Las Vegas-Salt Lake City CFIT
Flight 7 near Newhall, California 12 January 1937 Boeing 247D Salt Lake City-Burbank CFIT
Flight 1 near Fairfield, Utah 15 December 1942 Douglas DC-3A-191 Pilot error
NC33621 near Hollywood, California 24 April 1946 Douglas DC-3A-367 None Improper maintenance, engine failure, pilot error
Flight 23 14 mi S of Lebec, California 13 November 1946 Douglas DC-3A Las Vegas-Burbank Radio problems, pilot error, CFIT
Flight 44 50 mi E of San Diego 24 December 1946 Douglas DC-3A Holtville-San Diego Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 636 San Francisco Bay 20 April 1953 Douglas DC-6B Los Angeles-San Francisco-Oakland Optical illusion, pilot error, controlled flight into water
N15569 Los Angeles International Airport 29 June 1953 Douglas DC-3A None Maintenance error, loss of control
Flight 34 19 mi ENE of Wright, Wyoming 26 February 1954 Convair CV-240-1 Salt Lake City-Rapid City Weather, loss of control for reasons unknown
N8406H over Daggett, California 25 July 1957 Convair CV-240-1 Las Vegas-Los Angeles Bombing
Flight 366 Ontario International Airport 31 March 1971 Boeing 720-047B None Poor visibility, rudder failure, loss of control
Flight 701 Algeria 2 June 1972 Boeing 727 Los Angeles-Seattle Hijacking
Flight 470 Casper Airport 31 March 1975 Boeing 737-247 Denver-Casper-Minneapolis Runway overrun
Flight 44 Buffalo, Wyoming 31 July 1979 Boeing 737-200 Pilot error, landed at wrong airport
Flight 2605 Juarez International Airport 31 October 1979 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 Los Angeles-Mexico City Poor CRM, runway confusion, collision with truck on runway
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 933 Barents Sea off Gamvik 11 March 1982 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Kirkenes-Vadsø-Berlevåg-Mehamn-Honningsvåg-Alta Clear-air turbulence, pilot error, structural failure, loss of control
Flight 710 Torghatten 6 May 1988 de Havilland Canada DHC-7-102 Trondheim-Namsos-Brønnøysund-Sandnessjøen-Bodø Pilot error, CFIT
Flight 839 Værøy 12 April 1990 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Værøy-Bodø Windshear, structural failure, loss of control
Flight 744 Berg, Overhalla 27 October 1993 de Havilland Canada DHC-6-300 Trondheim-Namsos Crew error, CFIT
World Airways
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 30 Logan International Airport 23 January 1982 McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30CF Newark-Boston Weather, runway excursion
Wuhan Airlines
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
B-4211 Huajia 8 October 1992 Avia 14M Lanzhou-Xian Engine failure, CFIT
Flight 343 Hanyang District, Wuhan 22 June 2000 Xian Y-7-100 Enshi City-Wuhan Lightning strike, windshear


Xiamen Airlines (now XiamenAir)
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 8301 Guangzhou Baiyun Int'l Airport 2 October 1990 Boeing 737-247 Xiamen-Guangzhou Hijacking, runway collision with a China Southwest Boeing 707 and China Southern Boeing 757
Flight 8667 Ninoy Aquino Int'l Airport 16 August 2018 Boeing 737-85C Xiamen–Manila Under investigation (skidded off runway)


Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 9633 near Yaroslavl 7 September 2011 Yakovlev Yak-42D Yaroslavl-Minsk Pilot error
Flight designation Location Date Aircraft type Route Cause
Flight 626 Moroni, Comoros Islands 30 June 2009 Airbus A310-324 Sanaa-Moroni Crew error, stall, loss of control

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