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Naval ensign of Ukraine

This list of vessels used by Ukrainian Navy. It includes main naval ships and cutters which are in service or were recently unlisted in the Ukrainian Navy as well as the auxiliary fleet. As of December 2007, the Navy had 27 combat ships and cutters.[1] Some 20 years after the fall of the Soviet Union, the main warships of the Ukrainian Navy are former Black Sea Fleet vessels that were designed and built in the Soviet Union.

Having several shipyards on its territory, the shipbuilding industry of Ukraine was mostly stalled after the fall of the Soviet Union. Following the Orange Revolution, on 9 August 2005 the Cabinet of Ukraine allocated some funding for the first major national program "Corvette" that was initiated by Minister of Defense Anatoliy Hrytsenko. The first warship-class built in the independent Ukraine was expected to produce its first vessel in 2016.[2][3]

As of 24 March 2014, all of the larger ships but one (the frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy) of the Ukrainian Navy were captured by the Russian Black Sea Fleet.[4] Some ships Russia returned to Ukraine. In 2015 Ukraine received 5 small (7 and 11 meter aluminum) Willard Marine patrol boats; the original order was placed in 2013.[5][6]

Naval vessels[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Displacement Shipyard Commissioned
Main ships (2 in service, 1 repair)
Krivak III Ukrainian navy frigate Hetman Sahaydachniy (26743398421).jpg Frigate F130 Hetman Sahaydachniy 3,510 Soviet Union/Ukraine Zaliv Shipyard 1993
Polnocny-C Yuri Olefirenko (U401).jpg Mid-size landing ship U-401 Yuri Olefirenko[7][a] 1,192 Poland Północna Shipyard 1971
Matka Pryluky (ship, 1980) 08.jpg Missile boat U153 Pryluky[b] 257 Soviet Union Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard 1980
Small crafts (12 in service)
Ondatra U-763.jpg Small landing craft U763 Svatove[11] 107.3 Soviet Union Azov Shipyard 1979
Gurza-M Новозбудовані для українських ВМС малі броньовані артилерійські катери в ході випробувань здійснили спільне плавання (27359525951).jpg Patrol boat U174 Akkerman 54 Ukraine Kuznya na Rybalskomu 2016
U175 Berdyansk
U176 Vyshhorod 2018
U177 Kremenchuk
U178 Lubny
U179 Nikopol
Zhuk Boat U170 Skadovsk 2012 G1.jpg U170 Skadovsk[11] 39.7 Soviet Union More Shipyard 1990
Yaroslavets U172 Rivne Patrol cutter[c] U171 Pivdennyi 37 Soviet Union Yaroslavl Shipyard 1973
U172 Rivne (AK-01)[11] 1972
U173 AK-02[11] 1973
U938 AK-03 1972
Tanya Hola Prystan U241 anti-diversion craft U241 Hola Prystan 57 Soviet Union Sosnovka Shipyard 1986
Minesweeping (1 in service)
Yevgenya Генічеськ (рейдовий тральщик).jpg Minesweeper U-360 Henichesk 96.5 Soviet Union Sredne-Nevsky Shipyard 1985

Flag of auxiliary fleet of Ukraine.png Auxiliary Fleet[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Displacement Origin Commissioned
Command and special purpose ships
Amur Donbas U500 2012 G1.jpg Search and Rescue
(Command ship)
U-500 Donbas[d] 5,520 Poland Szczecin Shipyard 1969
Muna U512 Pereyaslav.jpg Small spy ship U-512 Pereyaslav 912 Soviet Union Baltija Shipyard 1987
Training ships
Grisha U154Kakhovka&U209Ternopil&U153Pryluky-2007-Sevastopol.jpg Training ship
U206 Vinnytsia[e] 990 Soviet Union Zelenodolsk Shipyard 1976
PO-2 Nova Kakhovka U542 Training boat U-540 Chyhyryn
U-541 Smila
U-542 Nova Kakhovka
345.4 Poland Wisla Shipyard 1984
Hydrographic ships
Moma Судно Алчевськ.jpg Geographic ship U-602 Alchevsk 1,660 Poland Polnoczna Shipyard 1969
Diving support vessels
Yelva Pochayiv A701 Diving support A-700 Netishyn 285 Soviet Union Gorokhovets Shipyard 1973
A-701 Pochayiv 1975
Fire rescue vessels
Pozharny Fire boat U-722 Borshchiv 180.8 Soviet Union Vympel Shipyard 1954
U-728 Yevpatoria 1953
Marine transport vessels
Yuniy Partizan Freight ship U-753 Horlivka 2,178 Hungary MHD Angyalföld Gyaregyseg 1965
Toplivo Tanker U-760 Fastiv 539 Soviet Union Kherson Shipyard 1981
Boda Depot ship U-756 Sudak 2,255 Soviet Union Yantar Shipyard 1957
Degaussing ships
Bereza 151206-N-XT273-507 BLACK SEA (Dec. 6, 2015).jpg Degaussing ship U-811 Balta[f] 2,096 Poland Polnoczna Shipyard 1987
Sorum Seagoing tug U-830 Korets 1989
Goliat Seagoing tug U-831 Kovel
Hydroacoustic monitors
Onega Hydroacoustic monitoring U-812 Sieverodonetsk
AHTS vessels
419 AHTS vessel U-852 Shostka  East Germany 1976

Roadstead boats and floating devices[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Displacement Origin Commissioned
T63 Towing Tug U-942 Novoozerne 1955

Unknown assignment[edit]

Class Photo Type Ships Displacement Origin Commissioned
? Training gunboat U-543 Voznesensk

Under construction[edit]

Class Photo Type Number Shipyard Origin Designed Status
Under construction
Volodymyr Velykyi Corvette 1 Black Sea Shipyard  Ukraine  Ukraine Laid down (2011), ready 17% (2015), three more contract signed (2005), construction stalled in 2014
Island[15] USCGC Knight island.jpg Patrol cutter 2 Bollinger Shipyards  United States  United States
Gurza-M Новозбудовані для українських ВМС малі броньовані артилерійські катери в ході випробувань здійснили спільне плавання (27359525951).jpg Patrol cutter 14 Kuznya na Rybalskomu  Ukraine  Ukraine Twenty of these ships were ordered with a completion date set in 2020. So far, six of the twenty sips have been built (See above under: "Naval vessels").
Centaur amphibious
fast attack craft
6 Kuznya na Rybalskomu  Ukraine  Ukraine Contract signed (2016),[16]
2 launched, being tested
Flyvefisken minesweepers 3  Denmark  Denmark Contract was confirmed in 2017.[17]
Lahuna Mid-size spy ship ? Kuznya na Rybalskomu  Ukraine  Ukraine by some media (2017)[18]
Sky Moon[19] Cargo ship 1 arrested for border trespassing  Tanzania unknown handed over to Ukrainian Navy[20]

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