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Emblem of the USAF

The following is a list of currently active military aircraft in the United States Air Force.


Current inventory[edit]

Aircraft Origin Type Variant In service Notes
Combat Aircraft
A-10 Thunderbolt II United States attack A-10C 286[1]
AC-130 Ghostrider/Stinger II United States ground attack AC-130J/W 21[1] 18 J variant, 3 W variant
AT-802U Sky Warden United States attack 75 on order[1]
A-29 Super Tucano Brazil light attack A-29B 3[2]
B-1 Lancer United States strategic bomber B-1B 43[1] Employs variable-sweep wing design
B-2 Spirit United States stealth strategic bomber B-2A 18[1]
B-21 Raider United States stealth strategic bomber ~100 on order[1]
B-52 Stratofortress United States strategic bomber B-52H 72[1]
F-15 Eagle United States air superiority F-15C/D 266 26 D variants are used for training.[1]
F-15E Strike Eagle United States multirole F-15E 218[3]
F-15EX Eagle II United States multirole F-15EX 1 143 on order[4]
F-16 Fighting Falcon United States multirole F-16C/D 922[1] 147 D variants are used for training[1]
F-22 Raptor United States stealth air superiority F-22A 177[1]
F-35 Lightning II United States stealth multirole F-35A 310[1] 1,369 on order[1]
E-3 Sentry United States AWACS E-3B/C/G 31[1]
E-4 Nightwatch United States command and control E-4B 4[1]
E-11A Canada command and control / BACN E-11A 4[1] 5 on order[1]
Electronic Warfare
EC-37B United States SIGINT / PSYOP EC-37B 10 on order[1]
EC-130 Commando Solo United States radar jamming / PSYOP EC-130J 7[1]
EC-130H Compass Call United States radar jamming / PSYOP 9[1]
E-8 Joint STARS United States AGS / ISTAR E-8C 14[1] One used for training
E-9A Widget Canada SIGINT / ELINT 9[1]
MC-12W Liberty United States SIGINT / surveillance W 40[1]
RC-26 Metroliner United States SIGINT / surveillance 11[1]
RC-135 Rivet Joint United States ELINT / surveillance S/U/V/W 22[1]
U-2 Dragon Lady United States high altitude reconnaissance U-2S 30[1] Four TU-2S’s provide training
U-28 Draco Switzerland ISR / SIGINT U-28A 23[1]
CN-235[a] Spain SIGINT / ELINT 5[1]
KC-10 Extender United States aerial refueling 40[1]
KC-46 Pegasus United States aerial refueling KC-46A 61[1] 113 on order[1]
KC-130 Hercules United States aerial refueling / transport J 69[1] 59 are the J variant - 8 on order[1]
KC-135 Stratotanker United States aerial refueling KC-135R/T 388[1]
C-5 Galaxy United States strategic airlifter C-5M 52[1]
C-12 Huron United States utility / transport 23[1]
C-12J Huron United States transport C-12J 3[1]
C-17 Globemaster III United States strategic airlifter 228[1]
C-20 United States VIP transport 1[1]
C-21A United States VIP transport C-21A 19[1]
C-32 United States VIP transport C-32A 4[5]
C-32B Gatekeeper United States special airlift C-32B 4[1]
C-40 Clipper United States VIP transport C-40B/C 12[6]
C-130 Hercules United States transport C-130H 162[1]
C-130J Super Hercules United States tactical airlifter C-130J 171[1] 27 on order[1]
C-145A Skytruck Poland transport C-145A 5[1]
C-146A Wolfhound Germany transport 20[1]
HC-130J Combat King II United States SAR / transport 38[1] 9 on order[1]
U-27A Caravan United States transport / utility 2[1]
U-28A Draco Switzerland transport / utility U-28A 35[1]
UV-18B Twin Otter Canada transport / utility 1[1] STOL capable aircraft
VC-25 United States Presidential transport VC-25A 2[7] Being replaced by two VC-25B 747-800[8]
HH-60 Pave Hawk United States CSAR HH-60G/U 107[5] 89 on order[1]
MH-139 Grey Wolf United States utility MH-139 5[1] Bell UH-1N replacement – 75 on order[9][1]
UH-1N Twin Huey United States utility 64[1]
V-22 Osprey United States CSAR CV-22B 52[1] 2 on order[1]
Trainer Aircraft
C-135 Stratolifter United States multi-engine trainer 3[1]
F-117 Nighthawk United States trainer 4[1] stealth OPFOR trainer
T-1 Jayhawk United States multi-engine trainer 178[1]
T-6 Texan II United States advanced trainer T-6A 445[1] 1 on order[1]
T-7 Red Hawk United States jet trainer T-7A T-38C replacement - 351 on order[1]
T-38 Talon United States jet trainer T-38A/C 497[1]
T-53A Kadet II United States basic trainer 25[5]
TH-1 Iroquois United States rotorcraft trainer UH-1H 38[1]
Grob G 120TP[a] Germany basic trainer 4[1] Contracted by JPAG Aviation
Mil Mi-17[a] Russia utility Mi-17/171 1[5] Used for OPFOR training
MQ-9 Reaper United States Multi-Mission MQ-9A 50[10]
RQ-4 Global Hawk United States ISTAR / SIGINT RQ-4B 33[11]
RQ-11 Raven United States ISR RQ-11B 3,000[12]
RQ-20 Puma United States ISR RQ-20B 60[13] Puma 3 AE variant is on order[14][15]
RQ-170 Sentinel United States ISTAR / SIGINT 20[16][17]


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