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This is a list of currently active separatist movements in Europe. Separatism often refers to full political secession,[1][2][3] though separatist movements may seek nothing more than greater autonomy or to be recognized as a national minority.[4]

What is and is not considered an autonomist or secessionist movement is sometimes contentious. Entries on this list must meet three criteria:

  1. They are active movements with active members;
  2. They are seeking greater autonomy or self-determination for a geographic region (as opposed to personal autonomy);
  3. They are citizens/peoples of the conflict area and do not come from another country.

Under each region listed is one or more of the following:

Various ethnic groups in Europe are seeking greater autonomy or independence. In the European Union (EU), several of these groups are members of the European Free Alliance (EFA). In some cases, the group seeks union with a neighbouring country.

Active separatist movements by country[edit]


Northern Epirus[5][6]




Further information: Partition of Belgium

 Flanders or Flemish Community (the latter includes  Brussels-Capital Region)


Bosnia and Herzegovina[edit]

 Republika Srpska

 Croatian Republic of Herzeg-Bosnia



Free State of Fiume Rijeka


Breakaway state:

 Northern Cyprus

Czech Republic[edit]


Czech Silesia


For movements in Greenland, see List of active separatist movements in North America.


 Faroe Islands




Secessionist movements

French Basque Country

Further information: Basque nationalism


Northern Catalonia

Further information: Catalan independence

 Corsica (Main article: Corsican nationalism)




Gradual and eventual secession


Autonomist movements




Further information: Corsican nationalism

County of Nice

Normandy (Lower Normandy and Upper Normandy; Normandy from 2016)




Breakaway states:

Flag of Abkhazia.svg


 South Ossetia

Proposed autonomous movements:

Armenia Armenians in Samtskhe-Javakheti



East Frisia






South Tyrol



Serbia North Kosovo[23]



Breakaway state:


Proposed independent and autonomous movements:





  • Ethnic group: Frisian
    • Proposed autonomous region: Frisia
      • Political party: Frisian National Party, (EFA member)
      • Status: Democratic movement seeking greater autonomy for Frisian-speaking people in Friesland[25]


Upper Silesia


  • Ethnic group: Kashubians
    • Proposed autonomous area: Kashubia
    • An association of people: Kaszëbskô Jednota who want to actively participate in the life of the Kashubian nation and who recognize its right to cultural autonomy and self-identity within the multi-ethnic society.


The geographical distribution of Hungarians in Romania

Russian Federation[edit]

Russia's Black Sea


Russia's North Caucasus


Chechnya, Dagestan, Ingushetia



Abazinia in central-north Karachay–Cherkessia

Kumykia in north Dagestan

  • Ethnic group: Kumyks
    • Movement: Tenglik (since 1989)
    • Proposed state: Kumyk Republic (proclaimed but non-recognized in 1991 as autonomous)
Russia's other European regions

Tatarstan Tatarstan

Udmurtia Udmurtia

Chuvashia Chuvashia

Mari El Mari El

Mordovia Mordovia

Bashkortostan Bashkortostan

Komi Republic Komi Republic


Kalmykia Kalmykia[citation needed]

Rostov Oblast

Krasnodar Krai (Kuban)

North Caucasus near Terek


Vojvodina Autonomous Province of Vojvodina


Breakaway state:

Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija (Kosovo)


The geographical distribution of Hungarians in Slovakia

Southern Slovakia:

  • Ethnic group: Hungarians
  • Political parties (autonomist): Party of the Hungarian Community,[44] In 2010, the party renewed their demand for autonomy.[45]
  • Goals: Territorial autonomy for the compact Hungarian ethnic block and cultural autonomy for the regions of sporadic Hungarian presence.[46]


Areas in Spain with separatist movements.
The disputed territory of Olivenza.

 Canary Islands (Main article: Canarian nationalism)

 Andalusia (Main article: Andalusian nationalism)


Asturias Asturias (Main article: Asturian nationalism)

Balearic Islands Balearic Islands

Basque Country (autonomous community) Basque Country (autonomous community) (Main article: Basque nationalism)

Cantabria Cantabria

 Catalonia (Catalan independence)

Flag of Castile.svg

Castile (Main article: Castilian nationalism)

Galicia (Main article: Galician nationalism and Galician independence)

Bandera del País Leonés.svg

Leonese Country (Main article: Leonesismo)

Bandera de Olivenza.svg

Territory of Olivenza (Olivença) (Main article: Disputed status of Olivenza)


Flag of Canton of Jura.svg Jura[47]

Flag of Canton of Tessin.svg Ticino


Breakaway state:

Map of protests by region, indicating severity of the unrest at its peak

 Luhansk Oblast (partially)

 Donetsk Oblast (partially)

Disputed status:

 Republic of Crimea

City of Sevastopol

Proposed autonomous regions:

Ukrainian Bessarabia


Subcarpathian Ruthenia

United Kingdom[edit]

Secessionist movements



 Cornwall (possibly including the Isles of Scilly)

Northern Ireland

Autonomist movements





Greater Manchester

 West Midlands

 Cornwall (possibly including the Isles of Scilly)



Northern Isles



Na h-Eileanan Siar

Independence movements (dependant territories)

 Isle of Man

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"Manifest" (PDF), Politiskaprogram [Political program], AX: Ålands framtid, 2011 .