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This is a list of active ships of the Korean People's Navy.


Type Class Country of Origin In Service Notes Photo
Diesel-electric submarine Sinpo/Gorae-class  North Korea 6 First vessel in shipyard 2014, Experimental Ballistic Missile Submarine. May also be known as 'Gorae' (Whale class). Some reports suggests as many as 6 boats are being built, although others indicate that this is a single ship class for missile launch development only.[1][2]
Diesel-electric coastal submarine Golf-class  Soviet Union/ North Korea 10 In 1993, ten were sold to North Korea for scrap. According to some sources, the North Koreans are attempting to get these boats back into service. Image Submarine Golf II class.jpg
Diesel-electric coastal submarine Sang-O-class  North Korea 40+ Manufactured in two variants, 34m Sang-O and 39m Sang-O II. 1 captured by ROK. North Korean Special Operation Force uses specially equipped Sang-O for missions. Gangneung sub 8990.jpg
Diesel-electric midget submarine Yono-class  North Korea ~10 Variant exported to Iran and operated as Ghadir-class submarine
Diesel-electric midget submarine Yugo-class  North Korea/ Yugoslavia few or none left reported all retired or sold. Replaced by Yono and Sang-O
Diesel-electric submarine Type-033 (Romeo)-class  People's Republic of China/ Soviet Union/ North Korea <22 KPA Journal reports that these are being phased out in favor of Sang-O/Sang-O II[3] Sold as kits from China and was assembled in NK. Used by North Korean Special Operation Force for special maritime missions. 潜艇.JPG
Diesel-electric submarine Whiskey-class  Soviet Union/ North Korea 4 (reported retired as of March 2011) KPA Journal reports that these have been retired and/or scrapped[3]

however at least one submarine was seen operative during 2013 exercises:[4]

S-189 in Saint Petersburg.JPG

Note:  According to a report published by BBC in 2010, "The North Korean military is in possession of a fleet of about 70 submarines, comprised of approximately 20 Romeo class submarines (1,800 tons), 40 Sang-O class submarines (300 tons) and 10 midget submarines including the Yono class submarines (130 tons)."[5]

Frigates & Corvettes[edit]

Type Class Country of Origin In Service Notes Photo
Frigate Krivak-class, Amnok class, Tuman class  Soviet Union 1(?) Unknown status of service [6] and suspected to be incomplete hull sold to North Korea[7] (Hetman Bayda Vyshnevetsky was a Nevef (Krivak III) cancelled ship for Ukrainian Navy c. 1995) Krivak I class frigate BDITELNY.jpg
Light frigate Najin-class  North Korea 2 Old vessels, one was modernized in 2014[8] North Korean Navy corvette.jpg
Experimental catamaran frigate Soho-class  North Korea 1 Reported retired in 2009.[9]
Helicopter-carrying light frigate Nampo-class  North Korea 2 ~ 3 Under construction[9] and suspicion could be empty Krivak-Class hulls[7]
Frigate Sariwon-class  North Korea 5 Based on Tral-class North Korean Navy ship.jpg
Corvette/minesweeper Project 53  Soviet Union 2 Ex-Т-2 Tros (c. 1935) and ex-T-8 Cheka (c. 1936) transferred 1953. Probably in reserve due to old age.

Note:  Satellite images from 2007 indicate that the empty hull of a Krivak-class frigate was purchased by North Korea around 2003. The ship was likely bought from a Russian scrap dealer, lacking any weapons or radar upon purchase. While it was assumed that North Korea purchased the hull for scrap metal, it remains in its original state for nearly five years, and has been transported from Wonsan to Nampo Harbor. Satellite images from 2007 also show 2 new North Korean Helicopter Frigates; though it is unknown whether they are ready for service.[10][11]

Torpedo boats & missile craft[edit]

Type Class Country of Origin In Service Notes Photo
SES Stealth missile boat Nongo class  North Korea 6 [12][13]

Unknown missile (or torpedo) armament.[14][15][16]

PTG missile craft Soju class/Osa I class missile boat  North Korea 8 Osa-I class Project205 DN-SN-84-01770.jpg
PTG missile craft Huangfeng class  People's Republic of China 4 青岛海军博物馆3101号导弹艇.jpg
PTG small missile boat Sohung/Komar class  Soviet Union/ North Korea 6 183R.JPG
PTG missile craft Komar class missile boat  Soviet Union 6
PT torpedo boat Shershen class  Soviet Union/ North Korea 3 Project206 Shershen Egypt 1989 DN-SN-89-09160.jpg
PT torpedo boat Sinnam class torpedo boat  North Korea N/A PikiWiki Israel 10477 egyptian torpedo boat k-123.jpg
PT small torpedo boat Sin Hung class torpedo boat / Ku Song class torpedo boat  North Korea 142
PT small torpedo boat P-6 class torpedo boat  North Korea 12
torpedo boat Ku Song class torpedo boat  North Korea 60

Patrol boats[edit]

Type Class Country of Origin In Service Photo
PG gun patrol boat T Class patrol boat  North Korea N/A
PG gun patrol boat Mayang class patrol boat  North Korea N/A
PC large coastal patrol boat Taechong class I/II patrol boat  North Korea 13 TAECHONG PC.jpg
PC large coastal patrol boat Hainan class  People's Republic of China 6 駐港部隊艦艇大隊037II型-771導彈艦.JPG
PC coastal patrol boat Chodo class patrol boat  North Korea 3
PC/PT/PTG/WPC coastal/torpedo/armed patrol boat Chong-Ju class patrol boat  North Korea 6
PC coastal patrol boat SO-1 class patrol boat  North Korea 19
Coastal patrol boat Shanghai II class  People's Republic of China 13 Type 062-class gunboat, October 2014-1.jpg
PC small coastal patrol boats Sinpo class (Steel version of P-6)  North Korea 18
Coastal patrol boat K-48 class  North Korea N/A
Patrol boat Chongjin class  North Korea 54
Torpedo/patrol boat P-6 class  North Korea N/A
Fast attack craft Chaho class (Based on P-6 torpedo boats)  North Korea 59
Patrol boat Shantou class  People's Republic of China N/A

Utility/landing craft[edit]

Type Class Country of Origin In Service
LCU utility landing craft Hantae class  North Korea 8-10
LCM medium landing craft Hungnam class  North Korea 15
LCU medium landing craft Hanchon class  North Korea 15
LCPA amphibious landing craft Kong Bang class I/II/III  North Korea N/A
LCP Landing Craft, Personnel Nampo class  North Korea 95
PT assault torpedo boats Chong Jin class - based on Chaho class  North Korea 51
LCPA amphibious landing craft Nampo class A/B  North Korea N/A
LCVP Landing Craft, Vehicle and Personnel Nampo class  North Korea 100
ACV assault hovercraft Kongbang class  North Korea 135-140
Minesweeping boats Yukto class  North Korea 23
Fleet Ocean Tug AT/F  North Korea 2
WPB coastal cutters Yongdo class  North Korea N/A
WPB coastal cutters N/A  North Korea N/A
ASR submarine rescue ship (Catamaran-hulled rescue/salvage ship) Kowan class  North Korea N/A
AS - Submarine Tender N/A  North Korea 1
Ocean AGHS - Patrol Combatant Support Ship N/A  North Korea 1
Inshore AGHS - Patrol Combatant Support Ship N/A  North Korea 3

Naval Aviation[edit]

Only 2 ships in the KPN have aviation capability with only the Nampo-class corvette the only active ship with facilities (so far only 1 Nampo vessel has visible landing pad).[17] The aircraft would be the Mil Mi-4 PL Mil Mi-14 PL (ASW)[18] and are flown by Korean People's Army Air and Anti-Air Force.

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