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This is a list of adult animated internet series. This list does not include Japanese, Chinese, or Korean series, as it is much more common in these regions.


Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Source
The God & Devil Show 43 John Kricfalusi 1999–2001 Mondo Media Mondo Media
The Goddamn George Liquor Program 8 John Kricfalusi 1997–1998 Spümcø
Happy Tree Friends 133 Aubrey Ankrum, Rhode Montijo, Kenn Navarro 1999–present Mondo Media Mondo Media
Starship Regulars 13 Rob LaZebnik 1999 Icebox
Weekend Pussy Hunt 13 John Kricfalusi 1999 Spümcø


Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Source
The Adventures of Baxter and McGuire 8 Michael J. Weithorn and Nick Bakay 2006 Comedy Central
The Adventures of Edward the Less 13 Mike Dodge 2001
Afterworld 13 Brent V. Friedman & Michael DeCourcey 2007 YouTube,
Eddsworld 52 Edd Gould 2004–16 Newgrounds, YouTube Eddsworld
G.I. Joe: Resolute 11 Warren Ellis 2009 Adult Swim Hasbro Studios
Titmouse, Inc.
Gotham Girls 30 Noodle Soup Productions, Warner Bros. Animation 2000–02
Hard Drinkin' Lincoln 16 Mike Reiss 2000–02 Icebox
House of Cosbys 4 Justin Roiland 2005 Channel 101
Mort's End 30 Alex Valkema 2009–10
Mundo Canibal 200 Ricardo Piologo, Rodrigo Piologo 2004–2014, YouTube Irmãos Piologo Produções
Mr. Wong 13 Pam Brady, Kyle McCulloch 2000 Icebox
Mondo Mini Shows
National Lampoon
Planet Unicorn 6 Mike Rose, Tyler Spiers 2007 Channel 101 Channel 101
Red vs. Blue 317 Burnie Burns 2003–present Rooster Teeth Rooster Teeth Productions
Seth MacFarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy 50 Seth MacFarlane 2008–09 YouTube Fuzzy Door Productions
Main Street Pictures
Media Rights Capital
Fox Television Animation (uncredited)
Waterman 9 Bryan Waterman 2003–09 Newgrounds
Zombie College 13 Eric Kapen 2000–01 Icebox


Title Episodes Show Creator Year Original channel Studio Source
Aggretsuko 10 Rarecho 2018–present Netflix Fanworks
A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- 12 Hiroaki Michiaki 2018–present Netflix Bones
The Adventures of OG Sherlock Kush 20 Joseph Carnegie 2015–16 FXX Friends Night
ADHD Studios
B the Beginning 12 Kazuto Nakazawa 2018–present Netflix Production I.G [1]
Bravest Warriors 30 Pendleton Ward 2012–present YouTube, VRV Frederator Studios
Cartoon Hangover
Camp WWE 5 Seth Green 2016 WWE Network WWE
Stoopid Buddy Stoodios
Film Roman
Constantine: City of Demons 5 based on characters appearing in DC Comics 2018–present CW Seed Warner Bros. Animation
Blue Ribbon Content
DC Entertainment
The Cyanide & Happiness Show 31 Rob DenBleyker, Dave McElfatrick, Matt Melvin, Kris Wilson 2014–present YouTube, Seeso Explosm Entertainment
Collective Digital Studio
Studio 71
Dallas & Robo 8 Mike Roberts 2018–present YouTube Red ShadowMachine
Devilman Crybaby 10 Masaaki Yuasa 2018–present Netflix Science Saru
Dynamic Planning
Dick Figures 54 Ed Skudder 2010–15 YouTube Mondo Media
6 Point Harness
Freedom Fighters: The Ray 6 based on characters appearing in DC Comics 2017–present CW Seed Warner Bros. Animation
Blue Ribbon Content
DC Entertainment
Gentlemen Lobsters 8 Kevin Burrows
Matt Milder
2016 Seeso HotHouse Productions [5]
Ginger Snaps 10 Sono Patel 2017–present ABC Bes Animation
Rubber House
Blue Ribbon Content
HarmonQuest 10 Ryan Elder 2016–present Seeso Harmonious Claptrap
Starburns Industries
Irmãos Piologo +200 Ricardo Piologo, Rodrigo Piologo 2014–present, YouTube Irmãos Piologo Produções
Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles 3 based on characters from DC Comics 2015 Machinima DC Entertainment
Warner Bros. Animation
Blue Ribbon Content
King Star King 6 JJ Villard, Eric Kaplan 2014 Adult Swim Kurtis
Titmouse, Inc.
Williams Street
Mirari Films (pilot)
Krogzilla 10 Cory Edwards 2012 Shut Up! Cartoons Silly Master Media
Green Shoe Animation
Lost Song 12 Junpei, Morita 2018–present Netflix Tokyo MX
Paranormal Action Squad 8 Adam Montoya, Hank Stepleton, Michael Rowe 2016–present YouTube Red Pickaxe Productions
Octopie Studios
J and N Productions (Episode 1)
Pregame Prognostifications from the Pigskin Wyzzard 20 Dave Willis 2017-present Adult Swim Adult Swim Streams [10]
RWBY 52 Monty Oum 2013–present Rooster Teeth Rooster Teeth Animation
RWBY Chibi 40 Monty Oum 2016–present Rooster Teeth Rooster Teeth Animation
Smash Champ[11] 20 Dexter Manning 2016 Machinima
Storyville 6 Ginny Suss 2017–present TBS Mass Appeal
Sword Gai 12 Toshiki Inoue 2018–present Netflix LandQ Studios
Production I.G
SuperFuckers 12 James Kochalka 2012–13 YouTube Frederator Studios
Cartoon Hangover
Top Shelf Productions
Bardel Entertainment
Kochalka Quality
Tato Chat 3 2018 Adult Swim Adult Swim Streams [12]
Too Cool! Cartoons 11 Fred Seibert 2013–14 Cartoon Hangover Frederator Studios
Transformers: Combiner Wars 8 based on Combiner Wars by Hasbro 2016 go90 Hasbro Studios
Tatsunoko Production
Machinima, Inc.
Transformers: Titans Return 10 based on Titans Return by Hasbro 2017–present go90 Hasbro Studios
Tatsunoko Production
Machinima, Inc.
Vixen 12 based on characters appearing in DC Comics 2015–16 CW Seed Warner Bros. Animation
Blue Ribbon Content
DC Entertainment

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