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This is a List of affiliates of the Trades Union Congress, that is, member trade unions of the Trades Union Congress.

Current affiliates[edit]

Name Acronym Founded Affiliated
Accord Accord 1978 1996
Advance Advance 1944 1998
Aegis the Union Aegis 1971 2010
Artists' Union England AUE 2014 2016
Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen ASLEF 1880 1886
Association of Educational Psychologists AEP 1962 1999
Association of Flight Attendants AFA
Association of Teachers and Lecturers ATL 1978 1998
Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union BFAWU 1847 1874
Britannia Staff Union BSU 1972 1999
British Airline Pilots' Association BALPA 1933 1947
British Dietetic Association BDA 1936 1997[1]
British Orthoptic Society Trade Union BOSTU 1937 1996[1]
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy CSP 1894 1992[2]
Communication Workers Union CWU 1995 1995
Community Community 2004 2004
Educational Institute of Scotland EIS 1847 1977
Equity Equity 1930 1931
FDA FDA 1918 1977
Fire Brigades Union FBU 1918 1924
GMB GMB 1924 1924
Hospital Consultants and Specialists Association HCSA 1948 1979
Musicians' Union MU 1893 1894
National Association of Probation Officers NAPO 1912 1984[2]
National Association of Co-operative Officials NACO 1917 1975
National Association of Head Teachers NAHT 1897 2014[3]
National Association of Stable Staff NASS 1975 2009
National Association of Schoolmasters Union of Women Teachers NASUWT 1976 1976
National Union of Journalists NUJ 1907 1920[4]
National Union of Mineworkers NUM 1888 1889
National Union of Teachers NUT 1870 1969
Nationwide Group Staff Union NGSU 1990 1999
Nautilus UK Nautilus 1985 1985
Prison Officers Association POA 1939 1967
Professional Footballers' Association PFA 1907 1995
Prospect Prospect 2001 2001
Public and Commercial Services Union PCS 1998 1998
National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers RMT 1990 1990
Royal College of Midwives RCM 1947 2015[5]
Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists SCP 1912 1997[1]
Society of Radiographers SoR 1920 1990[2]
Staff Union West Bromwich Building Society SUWBBS 2013
Transport Salaried Staffs' Association TSSA 1897 1903[6]
Undeb Cenedlaethol Athrawon Cymru UCAC 1940 1995[1]
Union of Shop, Distributive and Allied Workers USDAW 1947 1947
UNISON — the Public Service Union UNISON 1993 1993
Unite the Union Unite 2007 2007
United Road Transport Union URTU 1890
University and College Union UCU 2006 2006
Writers' Guild of Great Britain WGGB 1959 1975

Former affiliates[edit]

Name Acronym Group[7] Reason not affiliated Year left
Alliance and Leicester Group Union of Staff ALGSU N/A Merged into CWU 2007[8]
Amalgamated Association of Beamers, Twisters and Drawers (Hand and Machine) AABTD 11 Disaffiliated 1992[9]
Amalgamated Engineering Union AEU 5 Merged into AEEU 1992[10]
Amalgamated Engineering and Electrical Union AEEU N/A Merged into Amicus 2002[8]
Amalgamated Felt Hat Trimmers, Wool Formers and Allied Workers AFHTW&AWF 12 Merged into NUTGW 1982[10]
Amalgamated Slaters, Tilers and Roofing Operatives Society 9 Merged into AUBTW 1969
Amalgamated Society of Boilermakers, Shipwrights, Blacksmiths and Structural Workers ASBSBSW 4 Merged into GMB 1982[10]
Amalgamated Society of Journeymen, Felt Hatters and Allied Workers ASJFH 12 Merged into NUTGW 1982[10]
Amalgamated Society of Leatherworkers Merged into NUFLAT 1971
Amalgamated Society of Lithographic Printers ASLP 10 Merged into NGA 1969
Amalgamated Society of Operative Lace Makers and Auxiliary Workers ASOLMAW 11 Merged into NUHKW 1973
Amalgamated Society of Painters and Decorators ASPD 9 Merged into ASWD 1970
Amalgamated Society of Woodcutting Machinists ASWM 9 Merged into FTAT 1971
Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers ASW 9 Merged into ASWD 1970
Amalgamated Society of Woodworkers and Decorators ASWD 9 Merged into UCATT 1971
Amalgamated Textile Warehouse Operatives Association 11 Dissolved 1986
Amalgamated Textile Workers Union ATWU 11 Merged into GMB 1986[10]
Amalgamated Union of Asphalt Workers 9 Merged into TGWU 1987[10]
Amalgamated Union of Building Trade Workers AUBTW 9 Merged into UCATT 1971
Amalgamated Union of Engineering Workers - Technical Administrative and Supervisory Section AUEW-TASS 6 Merged into MSF 1988[10]
Amalgamated Union of Sailmakers 4 Merged into UCATT 1971
Amalgamated Weavers' Association AWA 11 Merged into ATWU 1974
Amicus Amicus N/A Merged into Unite 2007[8]
Aspect Aspect N/A Merged into Prospect 2012
Associated Metalworkers Union AMU 5 Merged into AEEU 2001[8]
Association for College Management ACM N/A Merged into ATL 2011
Association of Broadcasting and Allied Staffs ABS 17 Merged into BETA 1984
Association of Building Technicians ABT Merged into ASW 1970
Association of Cinematograph Television and Allied Technicians ACTT 17 Merged into BECTU 1991[11]
Association of Magisterial Officers AMO N/A Merged into PCS 2005[8]
Association of Patternmakers and Allied Craftsmen APAC 5 Merged into AUEW-TASS 1984[10]
Association of Post Office Executives Merged into SPOE 1972
Association of Professional, Executive, Clerical and Computer Staff APEX 17 Merged into GMB 1989[10]
Association of Scientific, Technical and Managerial Staffs ASTMS 6 Merged into MSF 1988[10]
Association of University Teachers AUT 15 Merged into UCU 2006[8]
Banking, Insurance and Finance Union BIFU 17 Merged into UNIFI 1999[8]
Birmingham and Midland Sheet Metal Workers' Society 8 Merged into NUSMWCHDE 1973
British Association of Colliery Management – Technical, Energy and Administrative Management BACM-TEAM 1 Merged into Prospect 2014[3]
British Roll Turners Trade Society BRTTS 8 Merged into AUEW 1983[10]
Broadcasting and Entertainment Trades Alliance BETA N/A Merged into BECTU 1991[11]
Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union BECTU N/A Merged into Prospect 2017
Card Setting Machine Tenters Society CSMTS 11 Dissolved 2008
Chain Makers and Strikers Association 8 Expelled 1972
Chemical Workers' Union CWU Merged into TGWU 1971
Cheshire Group Staff Union CGSU N/A Merged into OURS 2010
Cigarette Machine Operators' Society CMOS 13 Dissolved 1988
Civil and Public Services Association CPSA 16 Merged into PCS 1998[8]
Civil Service Union CSU 16 Merged into NUCPS 1987[11]
Cloth Pressers' Society 11 Dissolved 1984[9]
Communication Managers' Association CMA 16 Merged into MSF 1998
Community and District Nursing Association CDNA N/A Merged into GMB 2010
Community and Youth Workers' Union CYWU N/A Merged into TGWU 2006[8]
Confederation of Health Service Employees COHSE 15 Merged into Unison 1993
Constructional Engineering Union CEU 5 Merged into AUEW 1971
Connect Connect 16 Merged into Prospect 2010
Coopers' and Allied Workers' Federation of Great Britain CFGB 9 Merged into NUGMW 1979[10]
Court Officers' Association Merged into CPSA 1974
Customs and Excise Federation Merged into CEG 1972
Customs and Excise Group Merged into SCPS 1975
Customs and Excise Preventative Staff Association Merged into CEG 1972
Derbyshire Group Staff Union DGSU N/A Merged into OURS 2010
Diageo Staff Association N/A Dissolved 2010
Draughtsmen's and Allied Technicians' Association DATA Merged into AUEW 1970
Electrical, Electronic, Telecommunication and Plumbing Trade Union EETPU 7 Merged into AEEU 1992[10]
Electrical Trades Union ETU Merged into EETPU 1968
Engineering and Fastener Trade Union EFTU 5 Dissolved 2004
Engineers and Managers Association EMA 6 Merged into Prospect 2001[8]
Engineer Surveyors' Association ESA Merged into ASTMS 1975
Film Artistes' Association FAA 17 Merged into BECTU 1995
Furniture, Timber and Allied Trades Union FTAT 9 Merged into GMB 1993[10]
General Union of Loom Overlookers GULO 11 Dissolved 2007
Graphical, Paper and Media Union GPMU N/A Merged into Amicus 2005[8]
Greater London Staff Association GLSA 15 Merged into GMB 1988[10]
Grimsby Steam and Diesel Fishing Vessels Engineers' and Firemen's Union 3 Merged into TGWU 1976
Health Visitors' Association HVA 15 Merged into MSF 1990[10]
Huddersfield and District Healders and Twisters Trade and Friendly Society 11 Merged into NUDBTW 1980[10]
Inland Revenue Staff Federation IRSF 16 Merged into PTC 1996
Institution of Professionals, Managers and Specialists IPMS 16 Merged into Prospect 2001[8]
Iron and Steel Trades Confederation ISTC 8 Merged into Community 2004[8]
Iron, Steel and Wood Barge Builders and Helpers Association 4 Merged into TGWU 1973
Laminated and Coil Spring Workers' Union 8 Merged into ASBSBSW 1977
Leeds and District Warp Dressers', Twisters' and Kindred Trades Association 11 Merged into YSTC 1975
Leicester and Leicestershire Hosiery Trimmers' Association 12 Merged into NUHKW 1970
London Jewish Bakers' Union LJBU Dissolved 1969
Managers' and Overlookers' Society M&O 11 Merged into ASTMS 1977
Manufacturing, Science and Finance MSF N/A Merged into Amicus 2002[8]
Medical Practitioners' Union MPU Merged into ASTMS 1970
Merchant Navy and Airline Officers Association MNAOA 3 Merged into NUMAST 1985
Midland Glass Bevellers' and Kindred Trades' Society Merged into NUFTO 1970
Military and Orchestral Musical Instrument Makers' Trade Society 5
Ministry of Labour Staff Association Merged into CPSA 1973
National Association of Colliery Overmen, Deputies and Shotfirers NACODS 1 Disaffiliated 2016
National Association of Teachers in Further and Higher Education NATFHE 15 Merged into UCU 2006[8]
National Association of Theatrical Television and Kine Employees NATTKE 17 Merged into BETA 1984
National and Local Government Officers Association NALGO 15 Merged into Unison 1993
National Association of Licensed House Managers NALHM 13 Merged into TGWU 1997
National Coal Board Labour Staff Association LSA 1 Merged into BACM 1971
National Communications Union NCU N/A Merged into CWU 1995
National Graphical Association NGA 10 Merged into GPMU 1991[11]
National League of the Blind and Disabled NLBD 13 Merged into ISTC 2000[8]
National Society of Brushmakers and General Workers 13 Merged into FTAT 1983[10]
National Society of Metal Mechanics NSMM 5 Merged into AUEW-TASS 1985[10]
National Society of Operative Printers and Media Personnel NATSOPA 10 Merged into SOGAT 1982[11]
National Union of Agricultural and Allied Workers NUAAW 14 Merged into TGWU 1982[10]
National Union of Basket, Cane, Wicker and Fibre Furniture Makers 9 Dissolved 1973
National Union of Blastfurnacemen, Ore Miners, Coke Workers and Kindred Trades NUB 8 Merged into ISTC 1985
National Union of Boot and Shoe Operatives NUBSO 13 Merged into NUFLAT 1971
National Union of Civil and Public Servants NUCPS 16 Merged into PTC 1996
National Union of Commercial Travellers Dissolved 1970
National Union of Domestic Appliances and General Operatives NUDAGO 5 Merged into Community 2006[8]
National Union of Dyers, Bleachers and Textile Workers NUDBTW 11 Merged into TGWU 1982[10]
National Union of Funeral Service Operatives NUFSO 9 Merged into FTAT 1978[10]
National Union of Furniture Trade Operatives NUFTO 9 Merged into FTAT 1971
National Union of Glovers and Leather Workers NUGLW Merged into NUFLAT 1971
National Union of Gold, Silver and Allied Trades NUGSAT 8 Merged into AUEW-TASS 1981[10]
National Union of Hosiery and Knitwear Workers NUHKW 12 Merged into KFAT 1990[11]
National Union of Insurance Workers NUIW 17 Merged into MSF 1999[8]
National Union of Knitwear, Footwear and Apparel Trades KFAT 12 Merged into Community 2004[8]
National Union of Leather Workers and Allied Trades NULWAT Merged into NUFLAT 1971
National Union of Lock and Metal Workers 8 Merged into TGWU 2004[8]
National Union of Public Employees NUPE 15 Merged into Unison 1993
National Union of Railwaymen NUR 2 Merged into RMT 1990[9]
National Union of Scalemakers 5 Merged into MSF 1993[10]
National Union of Seamen NUS 3 Merged into RMT 1990[9]
National Union of Sheet Metal Workers, Coppersmiths and Heating and Domestic Engineers NUSMWCHDE 5 Merged into AUEW-TASS 1983[10]
National Union of Tailors and Garment Workers NUTGW 12 Merged into GMB 1991[10]
National Union of Textile and Allied Workers NUTAW 11 Merged into ATWU 1974
National Union of Vehicle Builders NUVB 5 Merged into TGWU 1972
National Union of Wallcoverings, Decorative and Allied Trades NUWDAT 10 Merged into NGA 1979
National Wool Sorters Society 11 Merged into APEX 1980[10]
NatWest Staff Association N/A Merged into UNIFI 1999[8]
Northern Carpet Trades Union NCTU 11 Merged into TGWU 2000[8]
Nottingham and District Hosiery Finishers' Association 12 Merged into NUHKW 1969[12]
One Union of Regional Staff OURS N/A Merged into NGSU 2011
Pattern Weavers' Society 11 Disaffiliated 1987[9]
Plumbing Trades Union PTU Merged into EETPU 1968
Post Office Engineering Union POEU 16 Merged into NCU 1985
Power Loom Carpet Weavers and Textile Workers Union 11 Merged into ISTC 2000[8]
Print Block, Roller and Stamp Cutters' Society 11 Merged into NUWDAT 1969
Process and General Workers' Union Merged into TGWU 1969
Public Services, Tax and Commerce Union PTC N/A Merged into PCS 1998[8]
Radio and Electronic Officers Union REOU 3 Merged into NUMAST 1985
Retail Book, Stationery and Allied Trades Employees' Association Expelled 1972
Rossendale Union of Boot, Shoe and Slipper Operatives RUBSSO 12 Merged into KFAT 1997
Saddleworth and District Weavers and Woollen Textile Workers' Association 11 Merged into NUDBTW 1973
Scottish Commercial Motormen's Union SCMU 3 Merged into TGWU 1971
Scottish Prison Officers Association SPOA 16 Merged into POA 2000[8]
Scottish Typographical Association 10 Merged into SOGAT 1974
Scottish Union of Power Loom Overlookers SUPLO 11 Dissolved 2000
Scottish Union of Bakers and Allied Workers Merged into USDAW 1978
Sheffield Amalgamated Union of File Trades 8 Merged into TGWU 1970
Sheffield Sawmakers Protection Society 8 Merged into TGWU 1984[10]
Sheffield Wool Shear Workers Union SWSWU 8 Dissolved 2007
Skipton Union Representing Group Employees SURGE N/A Merged into Aegis 2014[3]
Sign and Display Trade Union 9 Merged into NATSOPA 1972
Society of Civil and Public Servants SCPS 16 Merged into NUCPS 1987[11]
Society of Goldsmiths, Jewellers and Kindred Trades 8 Merged into NUGSAT 1969
Society of Graphical and Allied Trades SOGAT 10 Merged into GPMU 1991[11]
Society of Lithographic Artists, Designers and Engravers SLADE 10 Merged into NGA 1982[11]
Society of Shuttlemakers 5 Dissolved 1993
Society of Technical Civil Servants Merged into IPCS 1969
Society of Telecommunication Engineers Merged into APOE 1969
Spring Trapmakers Society 8 Dissolved 1988[9]
Staff Union Dunfermline Building Society SUDBS N/A Merged into NGSU 2011
Tobacco Workers' Union TWU 13 Merged into GMB 1986[10]
Trade Society of Machine Calico Printers 11 Expelled 1972
Transport and General Workers Union TGWU 3 Merged into Unite 2007[8]
UNiFI UNiFI N/A Merged into UNIFI 1999[8]
UNIFI UNIFI N/A Merged into Amicus 2004[8]
Union for Bradford and Bingley Staff and Associated Companies UBAC N/A Merged into Advance 2009
Union for Woolwich Staff UWS N/A Merged into UNIFI 2002[8]
Union of Communication Workers UCW 16 Merged into CWU 1995
Union of Construction, Allied Trades and Technicians UCATT Merged into Unite 2017
Union of Insurance Staffs Merged into ASTMS 1970
Union of Jute, Flax and Kindred Textile Operatives 11 Merged into NUDBTW 1979[10]
Union of Salt, Chemical and Industrial General Workers Merged into NUGMW 1969
Union of Textile Workers UTW 11 Merged into Amicus 2002[8]
United French Polishers' Society 9 Merged into NUFTO 1969
United Rubber Workers of Great Britain Merged into NUGMW 1974
United Society of Engravers 11 Merged into SLADE 1973
Unity Unity 13 Merged into GMB 2015
Watermen, Lightermen, Tugmen and Bargemen's Union 3 Merged into TGWU 1971
Waterproof Garment Workers' Trade Union 12 Merged into NUTGW 1972
Wire Workers' Union WWU 8 Merged into ISTC 1991[11]
Yorkshire Association of Power Loom Overlookers YAPLO 11 Merged into TGWU 1993[10]
Yorkshire Independent Staff Association YISA N/A Merged into Aegis 2014[3]
Yorkshire Society of Textile Craftsmen YSTC 11 Merged into NUDBTW 1980[10]


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