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This is a list of famous and well-known aikido practitioners (aikidōka) sorted by area of primary residence.

For a list of direct students of Morihei Ueshiba, please see his legacy.

Use of the term[edit]

The term aikidōka (合気道家) is rarely heard among native speakers of Japanese, in spite of its common use as a loanword in other countries. In the Japanese language, the suffix -ka ( -ka?), when added to the name of certain activities, indicates an expert or professional in that field. Consequently, the meaning of the term in the ears of Japanese, especially when the field is martial arts, takes on a connotation of one who is exceptionally accomplished and highly respected. Further, because of the connotation of respect, this is a term one would never use with regard to oneself, even if deserved. There is no other word in Japanese carrying the same meaning that aikidōka has acquired as a loanword, namely that of a person practicing the art, regardless of their degree of accomplishment.


The Ueshiba family[edit]

Other Japanese aikidoka[edit]

Non-Japanese in Japan[edit]



North America[edit]

South East Asia[edit]

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