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This is a list of airborne wind energy or kite-energy organizations that are advancing airborne wind energy systems (AWES). There were over 40 organizations implied around the world in 2011,[1] but this number is increasing to over 100 in 2013.

Categories of kite-energy or airborne-wind-energy organizations that are forming the nascent industry: education, academic, non-profit, for-profit, communication, research, original kite-energy equipment manufacturer, kite-line manufacturer, industry-wide association, history, testing, forum entity, library, cooperative, consortium, group, club, school, training school.[2]

Generation by kite-energy systems may involve pumping, electricity generators flown in the upper flying system (flygen), electric generators situated on the land or sea or on board a vessel (groundgen), simple lifting of objects (lifting), pulling hulls or other objects (traction), or transportation; systems generate energy to do special tasks. Systems may be scaled from tiny to utility size.


Name Location Start year Type Generation Comment
Scuola Sant'Anna[3] Pisa, Italy 2013 Research Lab Flygen Investigates Dual Drone Systems
Airborne Wind Energy Labs[4] Texas, USA 2013 Research Lab Groundgen Provides calculations of cost per kWh
Altaeros Energies[5] Massachusetts, USA 2010 Research and OEM Flygen MIT and Harvard graduates
AWEIA[6] Worldwide 2009 Association All types Nation chapters
NTS GmbH[7][8] Germany 2006 Company Groundgen X-Wind technology by Uwe Ahrens
TU Delft[9][10] Delft, The Netherlands 1999 Research group Groundgen Wubbo Ockels ✝ , Roland Schmehl
GIPSA-lab[11] Grenoble, France 2011 Research group Groundgen Ahmad Hably
Enerkite[12][13] Brandenburg, Germany 2009 Company Groundgen Alexander Bormann
Energy Kite Systems[14] Los Angeles, California, USA 1968 Research, communication All types Acquired by UpperWindpower
University of Freiburg[15] Germany 2011 Research group Groundgen Moritz Diehl. The SYSCOP Kite Power activities are within the ERC Project HIGHWIND.[15]
SkySails [16][17] Hamburg, Germany 2001 Company Groundgen and hull traction Stephan Wrage, Thomas Meyer
Makani Power[18][19] Alameda, California, USA 2006 Company Flygen Acquired by Google
KiteLab Group[20] Ilwaco, Washington, USA  ? R&D All methods Rapid open source development of kite energy. Flight encampments.
Kitepower Enevate BV[21] Delft, NL 2016 Company Groundgen Mobile 100kW system, H2020 FTI
Ampyx power[22] The Hague, The Netherlands 2008 Company GroundGen European fund for regional development
e-kite[23] The Netherlands 2013 Company GroundGen 50 kW prototype
KiteGen[24][25][26][27] Torino, Italy 2003 Private Research- industrial Company GroundGen; Carousel GW scale 3MW preseries; 130sqm composite wings, first mover; full patents coverage (3000 worldwide); freedom to operate;
TwingTec[28] Switzerland 2013 Company GroundGen Using tensairity
Windswept and Interesting Limited[29] United Kingdom 2014 Company GroundGen FlyGen and Lift Structures Using Daisy


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