List of aircraft registration prefixes

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This is a list of aircraft registration prefixes used by civil aircraft:

Current (post-1928) allocations[edit]

The 1928 markings have been amended and added to over the years, with the current markings being:

Country or region Registration prefix Presentation and notes
Afghanistan YA[1] YA-AAA to YA-ZZZ. Previously Y-A.
Albania ZA[a][citation needed] ZA-AAA to ZA-ZZZ. Previously B-A.
Algeria 7T[1]
  • 7T-VAA to 7T-VZZ Civilian.
  • 7T-WAA to 7T-WZZ Military
Andorra C3[citation needed] C3-AAA to C3-ZZZ
Angola D2[1] D2-AAA to D2-ZZZ. Colonial allocation CR-L.
Anguilla VP-A[1] VP-AAA to VP-AZZ
Antigua and Barbuda V2[1] V2-AAA to V2-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Leeward Islands VP-L (was shared with the British Virgin Islands, and Saint Kitts and Nevis).
Argentina LV[1] LV-AAA to LV-ZZZ (Civilian type certified aircraft) LV-X001 to X999 (experimental) LV-S001 to S999 (LSA) LV-U001 to U999 (Ultralight)
LQ[1] LQ-AAA to LQ-ZZZ (Government/police owned aircraft). Historic R-A.
Armenia EK[1] EK-10000 to EK-99999
Aruba P4[1] P4-AAA to P4-ZZZ
Australia VH[1] VH-AAA to VH-Z99. In 2022 CASA introduced the use of numbers to aircraft registrations, however they cannot contain only numbers.[2]

Historically G-AU from 1921 to 1929.

Austria OE[1]
  • OE-AAA to OE-KZZ
  • OE-BAA to OE-BZZ (official use)
  • OE-LAA to OE-LZZ (airlines operating scheduled flights)
  • OE-VAA to OE-VZZ (test registrations)
  • OE-WAA to OE-WZZ (amphibian and sea planes)
  • OE-XAA to OE-XZZ (helicopters)
  • OE-0001 to OE-5999 (gliders)
  • OE-9000 to OE-9999 (motor gliders). Before 1939 A.
Azerbaijan 4K[1]
  • 4K-AZ1 to 4K-AZ999
  • 4K-10000 to 4K-99999
Bahamas C6[1] C6-AAA to C6-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-B.
Bahrain A9C[1]
  • A9C-AA to A9C-ZZ
  • A9C-AAA to A9C-ZZZ
Bangladesh S2[1] S2-AAA to S2-ZZZ
Barbados 8P[1] 8P-AAA to 8P-ZZZ. Until 1968 VQ-B.
Belarus EW[1]
  • EW-10000 to EW-99999 (ex-Soviet Union registrations)
  • EW-100AA to EW-999ZZ (aircraft in general, except those listed below)
  • EW-200PA to EW-299PA (reserved for Boeing 737 aircraft)
  • EW-100PJ to EW-299PJ (reserved for CRJ aircraft)
  • EW-001DA, EW-001PA, EW-001PB, EW-85815 (reserved for official use)
  • EW-0001L to EW-9999L (reserved for balloons)
Belgium OO[1]
  • OO-AAA to OO-PZZ
  • OO-RAA to OO-ZZZ
  • OO-SAA to OO-SZZ (was reserved exclusively for aircraft flying for Belgian national airline Sabena and its subsidiaries Sobelair and Sabena aero club. That rule no longer applied after the bankruptcy of Sabena on November 7, 2001)
  • OO-BAA to OO-BZZ (preferred for balloons)
  • OO-YAA to OO-ZAA (preferred for gliders)
  • OO-01 to OO-499 (home-built aircraft)
  • OO-501 to OO-999 & OO-A01 to OO-Z99 (microlights), historic O-B
Belize V3[1] V3-AAA to V3-ZZZ. Colonial allocation British Honduras VP-H.
Benin TY[1] TY-AAA to TY-ZZZ
Bermuda VP-B,[1] VQ-B[1] VP-BAA to VP-BZZ, VQ-BAA to VQ-BZZ. Colonial allocation VR-B.
Bhutan A5[1] A5-AAA to A5-ZZZ
Bolivia CP[1] CP-1000 to CP-9999. Historic C-B.
Bosnia and Herzegovina E7[1] E7-AAA to E7-ZZZ. Previously T9.
Botswana A2[1] A2-AAA to A2-ZZZ. Colonial allocations VQ-ZE, VQ-ZH.
Brazil PP[1] PP-AAA to PP-ZZZ. Historic P-B.
PR[1] PR-AAA to PR-ZZZ (PR-ZAA to PR-ZZZ is reserved to experimental non-LSA aircraft)
PS[a] PS-AAA to PS-ZZZ (proposed by ANAC to be available in 2016)[3]
PT[1] PT-AAA to PT-ZZZ (PT-ZAA to PT-ZZZ is reserved to experimental non-LSA aircraft)
PU[1] PU-AAA to PU-ZZZ (Microlights and experimental LSA aircraft)
British Virgin Islands VP-L[1] VP-LAA to VP-LZZ. Previously shared with Antigua and Barbuda, and Saint Kitts and Nevis.
Brunei V8[1]
  • V8-AAA to V8-ZZZ
  • V8-AA1 to V8-ZZ9
  • V8-001 to V8-999. Colonial allocation VR-U.
Bulgaria LZ[1] LZ-AAA to LZ-ZZZ
Burkina Faso XT[1] XT-AAA to XT-ZZZ
Burundi 9U[1] 9U-AAA to 9U-ZZZ, since 1962. Previously BR.
Cambodia XU[1] XU-AAA to XU-ZZZ. Temporary KW. Colonial allocation F-KH.
Cameroon TJ[1] TJ-AAA to TJ-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-N (was shared with Nigeria).
Canada C[b]
  • C-FAAA to C-FZZZ (Vintage aircraft (manufactured prior to 1957) may be registered CF- instead of C-F)[4]
  • C-GAAA to C-GZZZ
  • C-IAAA to C-IZZZ (ultralight aeroplanes only)
  • CF-AAA to CF-ZZZ (until 1974, now considered as C-F)[5]
  • VO-AAA to VO-ZZZ (used by Newfoundland until it became part of Canada with CF prefix in 1949.)
Cape Verde D4[1] D4-AAA to D4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Cape Verde Islands CR-C.
Cayman Islands VP-C[1] VP-CAA to VP-CZZ. Colonial allocation VR-C.
Central African Republic TL[1] TL-AAA to TL-ZZZ
Chad TT[1] TT-AAA to TT-ZZZ
Chile CC[1]
  • CC-AAA to CC-ZZZ from July 1, 2009 onwards.
  • From December 31, 1945, to June 30, 2009, the system was as follows:
  • CC-CAA to CC-CZZ (commercial aircraft)
  • CC-DAA to CC-DZZ (Chile's Aviation Directorate planes, including those from the Aviation Museum)
  • CC-EAA to CC-EZZ (government aircraft)
  • CC-NAA to CC-NZZ (aero clubs, northern zone)
  • CC-KAA to CC-KZZ and CC-LAA to CC-LZZ (aero clubs, central zone)
  • CC-SAA to CC-SZZ and CC-TAA to CC-TZZ (aero clubs, southern zone)
  • CC-MAA to CC-MZZ (aero clubs, Patagonian area)
  • CC-PAA to CC-PZZ (private aircraft)
  • Gliders had numbers in between registrations (i.e., CC-K14W) and some balloons too (i.e., CC-P1)
  • Ultralights are registered with the markings ULM-number.
China B[1]
Aircraft registered in the People’s Republic of China traditionally have had "B-" followed by four digits.
  • B-0000 to B-9999

Since 2018, the following registration schemes are also in use:

  • B-000A to B-999Z (General)
  • B-00A0 to B-99Z9 (General)
  • B-00AA to B-99ZZ (General)

In these schemes, the digit immediately after the dash is 2 for Boeing aircraft and 3 for Airbus aircraft. e.g.: B-20AC is a China Southern Airlines Boeing 777-300ER, and B-301D is a Sichuan Airlines Airbus A350-900.

Historic: X-C, XT and B-000.[6]

Colombia HJ[1] HJ-1000A to HJ-9999Z (Microlights)
HK[1] HK-1000A to HK-9999Z
Comoros D6[1] D6-AAA to D6-ZZZ
Congo, Republic of TN[1] TN-AAA to TN-ZZZ
Cook Islands E5[1] E5-AAA to E5-ZZZ
Congo, Democratic Republic of 9S[1] 9S-AAA to 9S-ZZZ. 9Q before 15.08.2016; previously 9O.
9T[1] 9T-AAA to 9T-ZZZ (Military)
Costa Rica TI[1]
  • TI-AAA to TI-ZZZ
  • TI-000 to TI-999 (Ultralight aircraft)
Côte d'Ivoire TU[1]
  • TU-AAA to TU-ZZZ
  • TU-VAA to TU-VZZ (Military)
Croatia 9A[1]
  • 9A-AAA to 9A-ZZZ
  • 9A-GAA to 9A-GZZ (Gliders)
  • 9A-HAA to 9A-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • 9A-OAA to 9A-OZZ (Balloons)
  • 9A-UAA to 9A-UZZ (Ultralights)
  • Previously RC.
Cuba CU[1]
  • CU-A1000 to CU-A1999 (Agricultural Aircraft)[7]
  • CU-C1000 to CU-C1999 (Airlines, cargo operations)[8][9]
  • CU-H1000 to CU-H1999 (Helicopters)
  • CU-N1000 to CU-N1999 (Private Aircraft)[10]
  • CU-T1000 to CU-T1999 (Airlines, passenger flights)
  • CU-U1000 to CU-U1999 (Ultralights)[11] Historic CL and CM
Cyprus, Republic of 5B[1] 5B-DAA to 5B-DZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-C.
Czech Republic OK[1]
  • OK-AAA to OK-ZZZ
  • OK-AAA 00 to OK-ZZZ 99 (Microlights)
  • OK-0000 to OK-9999 (Gliders & balloons)
  • OK-A000 to OK-A999 (Ultralight gliders)[12] Originally Czechoslovakia L-B
  • OK-X000A to OK-X999Z (Unmanned aircraft)[13]
Denmark OY[1]
  • OY-AAA to OY-ZZZ
  • OY-HAA to OY-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • Any registration containing X (Gliders including Touring Motor Glider)
  • OY-BAA to OY-BZZ (preferred for hot-air balloons)
  • OY-81 to OY-8999 Ultralight trikes (weight shift control)
  • OY-91 to OY-9999 Ultralight 3-axis
  • OY-1001 to OY-1999 Ultralight Gyro
Djibouti J2[1] J2-AAA to J2-ZZZ
Dominica J7[1] J7-AAA to J7-ZZZ
Dominican Republic HI[1]
  • HI100AA to HI999ZZ
  • HI100 to HI1999[14]
East Timor 4W[c] 4W-AAA to 4W-ZZZ.[15] Colonial allocation CR-T.
Ecuador HC[1] HC-AAA to HC-ZZZ
Egypt SU[1]
  • SU-AAA to SU-XXZ
  • SU-ZAA to SU-ZZZ
  • SU-001 to SU-999 (Gliders and balloons)
El Salvador YS[1] YS-AAA to YS-ZZZ
Equatorial Guinea 3C[1] 3C-AAA to 3C-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-ZI.
Eritrea E3[1] E3-AAAA to E3-ZZZZ
Estonia ES[1] ES-AAA to ES-ZZZ
Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) 3DC[citation needed] 3DC-AAA to 3DC-ZZZ
Ethiopia ET[1] ET-AAA to ET-ZZZ
Falkland Islands VP-F[1] VP-FAA to VP-FZZ
Faroe Islands See Denmark
Fiji Islands DQ[1] DQ-AAA to DQ-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-F
Finland OH[1]
  • OH-AAA to OH-ZZZ
  • OH-HAA to OH-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • OH-XAA to OH-XZZ (Experimental aircraft)
  • OH-LAA to OH-LZZ (Finnair)
  • OH-001 to OH-999 and OH-1000 to OH-9999 (gliders and motor gliders)
  • OH-G001 to OH-G999 (autogyros)
  • OH-U001 to OH-U999 (ultralights)
France F[1]
  • F-AAAA to F-ZZZZ
  • F-AYAA to F-AZZZ (Historic aircraft)
  • F-CAAA to F-CZZZ (Gliders)
  • F-DAAA to F-DZZZ (Radio controlled Model aircraft)
  • F-JAAA to F-JZZZ (Ultralights)
  • F-OAAA to F-OZZZ (Overseas Territories and aircraft on long-term lease to foreign operators)
  • F-PAAA to F-PZZZ (Homebuilt)
  • F-WAAA to F-WZZZ (Test and Delivery)
  • F-ZAAA to F-ZZZZ (State owned)
  • "department number"-AA to -ZZ & -AAA to -ZZZ (Ultralights)[e.g.: 59-ABC for the Nord département ]
French West Indies F-OG[citation needed] F-OGAA to F-OGZZ
French Guiana F-O[d][citation needed]
  • F-OAAA to F-OCZZ
  • F-OEAA to F-OFZZ
  • F-OIAA to F-OLZZ
  • F-ONAA to F-OZZZ
Gabon TR[1]
  • TR-AAA to TR-ZZZ
  • TR-KAA to TR-KZZ (Military)
Gambia C5[1] C5-AAA to C5-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-X
Georgia 4L[1]
  • 4L-AAA to 4L-ZZZ
  • 4L-10000 to 4L-99999
Germany D[1]
  • D-AAAA to D-AZZZ for aircraft with more than 20 t MTOW
  • D-AUAA to D-AZZZ (test registrations) for aircraft manufactured by Airbus at Finkenwerder
  • D-BAAA to D-BZZZ for aircraft with 14–20 t MTOW
  • D-CAAA to D-CZZZ for aircraft with 5.7–14 t MTOW
  • D-EAAA to D-EZZZ for single-engine aircraft up to 2 t MTOW
  • D-FAAA to D-FZZZ for single-engine aircraft from to 2–5.7 t MTOW
  • D-GAAA to D-GZZZ for multi-engine aircraft up to 2 t MTOW
  • D-HAAA to D-HZZZ for rotorcraft
  • D-IAAA to D-IZZZ for multi-engine aircraft from 2–5.7 t MTOW
  • D-KAAA to D-KZZZ for powered gliders
  • D-LAAA to D-LZZZ for airships
  • D-MAAA to D-MZZZ for powered ultralight aircraft
  • D-NAAA to D-NZZZ for non-powered ultralight aircraft
  • D-OAAA to D-OZZZ for manned free balloons
  • D-0001 to D-9999 for gliders.
  • Historic: Danzig YM incorporated into Germany with D prefix. Saar allocated EZ during League of Nations mandate became part of Germany with D prefix in 1935, and used SL during French protectorate from 1947 and became part of Germany again in 1957 with the D prefix. East Germany DM, later replaced by DDR, now part of Germany using D.
Ghana 9G[1] 9G-AAA to 9G-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Gold Coast VP-A.
Gibraltar VP-G[1] VP-GAA to VP-GZZ. Colonial allocation VR-G.
Greece SX[1]
Greenland See Denmark Previously GL.[citation needed]
Grenada J3[1] J3-AAA to J3-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-G.
Guatemala TG[1] TG-AAA to TG-ZZZ
Guernsey 2[1] 2-AAAA to 2-ZZZZ. Since 2013
Guinea 3X[1] 3X-AAA to 3X-ZZZ.
Guinea Bissau J5[1] J5-AAA to J5-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Portuguese Guinea CR-G.
Guyana 8R[1] 8R-AAA to 8R-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-G.
Haiti HH[1] HH-AAA to HH-ZZZ
Honduras HR[1] HR-AAA to HR-ZZZ
Hong Kong B-H, B-K, B-L[citation needed]
  • B-HAA to B-HZZ
  • B-KAA to B-KZZ
  • B-LAA to B-LZZ
  • Previously VR-H during British rule.
Hungary HA[1]
  • HA-AAA to HA-ZZZ
  • HA-1111 to HA-9999 (Gliders, Ultralights and motor-gliders)
Iceland TF[1]
  • TF-AAA to TF-ZZZ
  • TF-100 to TF-999 (Microlights)
India VT[1] VT-AAA to VT-ZZZ. From 1919 until 1929, G-I. Colonial allocation (Portuguese State of India, incorporated into India in 1961) CR-I.
Indonesia PK[1] PK-AAA to PK-ZZZ

PK-S001 to PK-S999 (Microlights)

Iran EP[1] EP-AAA to EP-ZZZ. Previously RV.
Iraq YI[1] YI-AAA to YI-ZZZ
Ireland EI,[1] EJ[1]
  • EI-AAA to EI-ZZZ for normal allocation.
  • EJ-AAAA to EJ-ZZZZ for VIP or business aircraft.
Israel 4X[1] 4X-AAA to 4X-ZZZ. Colonial allocation (Mandate) Palestine VQ-P.
Italy I[1]
  • I-AAAA to I-ZZZZ
  • I-0001 to I-Z999 (ultralights and advanced ultralights)
Jamaica 6Y[1] 6Y-AAA to 6Y-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-J.
Japan JA[1]
  • JA0001 to JA9999
  • JA001A to JA999Z
  • JA01AA to JA99ZZ
  • JAA001 to JAA999 (balloons)
  • JR0201 to JR6ZZZ Ultralight aviation (control surface control type)
  • JR7001 to JR7ZZZ Same as above (weight transfer control type)
  • JR8001 to JR9ZZZ Same as above (parachute type)
  • JR9001 to JR9ZZZ Gyroplane
  • JR0001 to JR0200 Other homebuilt aircraft[16]
Jersey ZJ[a][citation needed] ZJ-AAA to ZJ-ZZZ
Jordan JY[1] JY-AAA to JY-ZZZ. Historical TJ.
Kosovo, Republic of Z6[17] Z6-AAA to Z6-ZZZ
Kazakhstan UP[1] UP-AAA01 to UP-ZZZ99 (Suffix letters refer to aircraft type). Change from UN to avoid confusion with the United Nations.
Kenya 5Y[1] 5Y-AAA to 5Y-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-K.
Kiribati T3[citation needed] T3-AAA to T3-ZZZ
Korea, Democratic People's Republic of P[citation needed] P-500 to P-999
Korea, Republic of HL[18][1]
  • HLC000 to HLC999 for ultralight
  • HL0000 to HL0599 for glider
  • HL0600 to HL0799 for airship
  • HL1000 to HL1799 for piston engine
  • HL2000 to HL2099 for piston engine
  • HL5100 to HL5499 for turboprop
  • HL6100 to HL6199 for piston engine helicopter
  • HL7100 to HL7199 for single turbojet
  • HL7200 to HL7299, HL7500 to HL7599, HL7700 to HL7799, HL8000 to HL8099, HL8200 to HL8299, HL8300 to HL8399, HL8500 to HL8599 for twin-jet aircraft
  • HL7300 to HL7399 for tri-jet aircraft
  • HL7400 to HL7499, HL7600 to HL7699, HL8400 to HL8499, HL8600 to HL8699 for quad-jet aircraft
  • HL9100 to HL9699 for turboshaft helicopter. From 1919 until 1936, F-K. Colonial allocation incorporated into Korea in 1963.
Kuwait 9K[1] 9K-AAA to 9K-ZZZ.
Kyrgyzstan EX[1]
  • EX-100 to EX-999
  • EX-10000 to EX-99999
Laos RDPL[1] RDPL-10000 to RDPL-99999. At 10 characters, including the dash, this is the joint-longest registration, along with Panama. Previously F-L, XW.
Latvia YL[1]
  • YL-AAA to YL-ZZZ
  • YL-000 (balloons)
Lebanon OD[1] OD-AAA to OD-ZZZ. Previously LR.
Lesotho 7P[1] 7P-AAA to 7P-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-ZA, VQ-ZD.
Liberia A8[1] A8-AAA to A8-ZZZ. Previously EL was cancelled by the United Nations due to illegal use.[citation needed]
Libya 5A[1] 5A-AAA to 5A-ZZZ
Liechtenstein HB plus national emblem[1] HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ. Shares allocation with Switzerland.
Lithuania LY[1] LY-AAA to LY-ZZZ
Luxembourg LX[1]
  • LX-AAA to LX-ZZZ
  • LX-BAA to LX-BZZ (balloons)
  • LX-CAA to LX-CZZ (glider and motorglider)
  • LX-HAA to LX-HZZ (helicopters)
  • LX-XAA to LX-XZZ (ultralights). Previously UL.
Macau B-M[citation needed]
  • B-MAA to B-MZZ
  • Allocation during Portuguese rule CR-M until 1975 and CS-M from 1995 until 1999
Madagascar 5R[1] 5R-AAA to 5R-ZZZ
Malawi 7Q[1] 7Q-AAA to 7Q-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-Y (was shared with Zambia and Zimbabwe).
Malaysia 9M[1]
  • 9M-AAA to 9M-ZZZ
  • 9M-EAA to 9M-EZZ (amateur-built)
  • 9M-UAA to 9M-UZZ (microlight). Colonial allocation North Borneo/Sabah VR-O, Sarawak VR-W Straits Settlements VR-S before becoming part of Malaysia. Previously also VR-J, VR-R.
Maldives 8Q[1] 8Q-AAA to 8Q-ZZZ
Mali TZ[1] TZ-AAA to TZ-ZZZ
Malta 9H[1] 9H-AAA to 9H-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-M.
Isle of Man[19] M[1] M-AAAA to M-ZZZZ
Marshall Islands V7[1] V7-0001 to V7-9999
Martinique F-OM[citation needed] F-OMAA to F-OMZZ
Mauritania 5T[1] 5T-AAA to 5T-ZZZ
Mauritius 3B[1] 3B-AAA to 3B-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-M.
Mexico XA plus national emblem[1] XA-AAA to XA-ZZZ (Commercial)
XB plus national emblem[1] XB-AAA to XB-ZZZ (Private)
XC plus national emblem[1] XC-AAA to XC-ZZZ (Government)[20]
Micronesia, Federated States of V6[1] V6-AAA to V6-ZZZ
Moldova ER[1]
  • ER-AAA to ER-ZZZ
  • ER-10000 to ER-99999
Monaco 3A[1] 3A-MAA to 3A-MZZ. Previously CZ, MC.
Mongolia JU[1] JU-1000 to JU-9999. Previously MT.
Montenegro 4O[1] 4O-AAA to 4O-ZZZ
Montserrat VP-M[1] VP-MAA to VP-MZZ
Morocco CN[1] CN-AAA to CN-ZZZ and CNA-XXX is reserved for military
Mozambique C9[1] C9-AAA to C9-ZZZ. Colonial allocations CR-A, CR-B.
Myanmar XY[1] XY-AAA to XY-ZZZ
XZ[1] XZ-AAA to XZ-ZZZ (Not Used)
Namibia V5[1] V5-AAA to V5-ZZZ
Nauru C2[1] C2-AAA to C2-ZZZ
Nepal 9N[1] 9N-AAA to 9N-ZZZ (commercial aircraft)
9N-RAA to 9N-RZZ (government aircraft)
Netherlands PH[1]
  • PH-AAA to PH-ZZZ
  • PH-1AA to PH-1ZZ (drones)
  • PH-1A1 to PH-9Z9 (microlights)
  • PH-100 to PH-9999 (gliders)
Netherlands Antilles PJ[1] PJ-AAA to PJ-ZZZ
New Zealand ZK[1]
  • ZK-A**, ZK-B**, ZK-GA*, ZK-HA* reserved for historical aircraft including helicopters and gliders since 1987
  • ZK-FA*, ZK-FB* balloons
  • ZK-G** gliders
  • ZK-H**, ZK-I** helicopters
  • ZK-RA*, ZK-RB*, ZK-RC*, ZK-RD* gyrocopters
  • ZK-Q** marks are prohibited by ICAO
  • Remainder for fixed-wing aircraft[21] From 1921 until 1929, G-NZ.
New Zealand ZL[e][1]
New Zealand ZM[e][1]
Nicaragua YN[1] YN-AAA to YN-ZZZ. Previously AN.
Niger 5U[1] 5U-AAA to 5U-ZZZ
Nigeria 5N[1] 5N-AAA to 5N-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-N (was shared with Cameroon).
North Macedonia Z3[citation needed]
  • Z3-AAA to Z3-ZZZ
  • Z3-HAA to Z3-HZZ (helicopters)
  • Z3-UA-001 to Z3-UA-999 (ultralight)
  • Z3-OAA to Z3-OZZ (hot air balloons)
Norway LN[1]
  • LN-AAA to LN-ZZZ Aircraft in general, except:
    • LN-G**, Gliders
    • LN-O**, Helicopters
    • LN-C**, Balloons
    • LN-Y**, Sports aircraft
Oman A4O[1]
  • A4O-AA to A4O-ZZ
  • A4O-AAA to A4O-ZZZ
Pakistan AP[1] AP-AAA to AP-ZZZ, civil aircraft, from 1947
Palestine SU-Y[citation needed] SU-YAA to SU-YZZ (Temporary assignment of Egyptian prefix)
E4[citation needed] E4-AAA to E4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-P, replaced by 4X.[c]
Panama HP[1] HP-1000AAA to HP-9999ZZZ. Previously RX. The three letters (AAA–ZZZ) stand for the ICAO code of the airline, such as CMP for Copa Airlines and PST for Air Panama. At 10 characters, including the dash, this is the joint-longest registration, along with Laos.
Papua New Guinea P2[1] P2-AAA to P2-ZZZ
Paraguay ZP[1] ZP-AAA to ZP-ZZZ
Peru OB[1] OB-1000 to OB-9999 previously OB-initial-number, e.g. OB-M-1114, OB-M-1245, OB-T-1274. Previously OA.
Philippines RP[1]
  • RP-0001 to RP-9999 (Government-owned aircraft)
  • RP-C0001 to RP-C9999 (Aircraft with complete registrations)
  • RP-G0001 to RP-G9999 (Gliders)
  • RP-R0001 to RP-R9999 (Limited registrations)
  • RP-U001A to RP-U999Z (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)
  • RP-X0001 to RP-X9999 (Experimental certificate)
  • RP-S0001 to RP-S9999 (Non-type certificated aircraft). Previously PI.
Poland SP - civil[1]
  • SP-AAA to SP-ZZZ
  • SP-0*** - Motor-gliders
  • SP-1*** to SP-3***, SP-8*** - Gliders
  • SP-B** - Balloons
  • SP-L** reserved for LOT Polish Airlines
  • SP-S*** - Ultralights
  • SP-X*** - Autogyros
  • SP-Y** - Experimental
SN - government [22]
  • SN-(two digits 00-99)(two letters) State-owned aircraft (public order services); Last two digits indicate type and owner.
  • X - Helicopter, Y - Aeroplane, A - Other
  • A - Central Institutions**, G (H,D,U*) - Border Guard, P (N,K,W*) - Police, S (F) - Fire Dept**, T - Civil Protection**, R - Govt Rescue Service**, Z (C,E,B) Customs**, M,L - other government services**, Q - trial flights**

* will be used if primary letters are exhausted; ** currently unused/unseen

e.g. SN-32XP X - helicopter, P - Police; SN-24XG - X - helicopter, G - Border Guard

  • Police helicopters:[23]
  • SN-3..XP - PZL W-3 Sokol;
  • SN-4..XP - Mil Mi-8;
  • SN-7..XP - Sikorsky S70i Black Hawk
  • SN-8..XP - Bell 407 GXi
  • SN-1..XP - mix of types: 2x Bell 206 JetRanger III, 1x Bell 412P, Mil Mi-2 (all Mi-2 retired)

Note: some Border Guard aircraft (e.g. EC135 & R44) currently use civil SP-VS* registration[24]

Portugal CR,[1] CS[1]
  • CR-AAA to CR-ZZZ Aircraft registered in the overseas provinces, used until 1975
  • CS-AAA to CS-ZZZ Aircraft in general, except:
  • CS-B**, Balloons
  • CS-H**, Helicopters
  • CS-P**, Gliders
  • CS-T**, Airliners (used by most commercial airlines)
  • CS-U**, Ultralight Aircraft
  • CS-X**, Experimental
Qatar A7[1]
  • A7-AAA to A7-ZZZ
  • A7-HAA to A7-HZZ & A7-MAA to A7-MZZ (official use)
Réunion Island F-OD[citation needed] F-ODAA to F-ODZZ
Romania YR[1]
  • YR-AAA to YR-ZZZ
  • YR-1000 to YR-9999 (Gliders and ultralights). Previously CV until 1929.
  • YR-D0000 to YR-D9999 (UAVs, drones).
Russian Federation RA[1]
  • RA-00001 to RA-99999 (First two digits indicate aircraft type)[citation needed]
  • FLA RF-00001 to FLA RF-99999 or ФЛА РФ-00001 to ФЛА РФ-99999 (Private - no longer valid)
  • RA-0001K to RA-9999K (Ultralight - no longer valid)
  • RA-0001G to RA-9999G (Private - aircraft without type certificate)
  • RA-0001A to RA-9999A (Ultralight)
RF [a] RF-00001 to RF-99999 (state-owned aircraft; first two digits indicate owner). Previously RR; Soviet Union CCCP or SSSR.
Rwanda 9XR[1] 9XR-AA to 9XR-ZZ
Saint Helena/Ascension VQ-H[1] VQ-HAA to VQ-HZZ
Saint Kitts and Nevis V4[1] V4-AAA to V4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Leeward Islands VP-L (was shared with Antigua and Barbuda, and the British Virgin Islands).
Saint Lucia J6[1] J6-AAA to J6-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-L
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines J8[1] J8-AAA to J8-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-V.
Samoa 5W[1] 5W-AAA to 5W-ZZZ, since 1961.
San Marino T7[1]
  • T7-AAA to T7-ZZZZZ
  • T7-001 to T7-99999.[f][25]
São Tomé and Príncipe S9[1] S9-AAA to S9-ZZZ. Colonial allocation CR-S.
Saudi Arabia HZ[1]
  • HZ-AAA to HZ-ZZZ
  • HZ-AA1 to HZ-ZZ99
  • HZ-AAA1 to HZ-ZZZ99
  • HZ-AAAA to HZ-ZZZZ. Previously SA; pre-1940s allocation Hejaz UH
Senegal 6V[1] 6V-AAA to 6V-ZZZ
Senegal 6W[e][1]
Serbia YU[1]
  • YU-AAA to YU-ZZZ
  • YU-0000 to YU-9999 (Gliders)
  • YU-A000 to YU-Z999 (Ultralight).
  • YU-D0000 to YU-D9999 (Drone/Unmanned Aircraft). Previously Yugoslavia. Previously UN.
Seychelles S7[1] S7-AAA to S7-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VQ-S.
Sierra Leone 9L[1] 9L-AAA to 9L-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-L until 1961.
Singapore 9V[1] 9V-AAA to 9V-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VR-S.
Slovakia OM[1]
  • OM-AAA to OM-ZZZ
  • OM-AAAA to OM-ZZZZ (Ultralight)
  • OM-M000 to OM-M999 (Microlights)
  • OM-0000 to OM-9999 (Gliders)
Slovenia S5[1]
  • S5-AAA to S5-9999
  • S5-DAA to S5-DZZ (General)
  • S5-HAA to S5-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • S5-PAA to S5-PZZ (Ultralights)
  • S5-MAA to S5-MZZ (Amateur builds)
  • S5-JAA to S5-JZZ (Gyrocopters)
  • S5-1000 to S5-1999 (Oldtimer gliders)
  • S5-3000 to S5-3999 (Single-seater gliders)
  • S5-7000 to S5-7999 (Doubleseater gliders)
  • S5-KAA to S5-KZZ (Motorgliders/sustainers)
  • S5-OAA to S5-OZZ (Hot air balloons). Temporary SL.
Solomon Islands H4[1] H4-AAA to H4-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-P.
Somalia 6O[1] 6O-AAA to 6O-ZZZ. Previously 6OS.
South Africa ZS[1] ZS-AAA to ZS-ZZZ (type certified aircraft)
ZT[1] ZT-RAA to ZT-RZZ (type certified rotorcraft) and ZT-TAA to ZT-TZZ (civil RPAS)[26]
ZU[1] ZU-AAA to ZU-ZZZ (non-type certified aircraft). From 1921 to 1929, G-UA.
South Sudan Z8[citation needed] Z8-AAA to Z8-ZZZ
Spain EC (Civil), EM (Military)[1]
  • EC-AAA to EC-WZZ (Civil Aircraft)
  • EC-YAA to EC-ZZZ (Homebuilt aircraft)
  • EC-AA0 to EC-ZZ9 (Ultralight)
  • EC-001 to EC-999 (Test and delivery)
  • EM-AAA to EM-ZZZ (Military)
Sri Lanka 4R[1] 4R-AAA to 4R-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Ceylon VP-C then CY-from 1950. 4R- registrations from December 1953 onwards.
Sudan ST[1] ST-AAA to ST-ZZZ. Until 1958 SN.
Suriname PZ[1]
  • PZ-AAA to PZ-ZZZ
  • PZ-HAA to PZ-HZZ (helicopters)
  • PZ-TAA to PZ-TZZ (commercial transport)
  • PZ-UAA to PZ-UZZ (agriculture crop-dusters)
Swaziland: see Eswatini 3D[1]
Sweden SE[1]
  • SE-AAA to SE-ZZZ
  • SE-AAA to SE-CZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-DAA to SE-DZZ (jets)
  • SE-EAA to SE-GZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-HAA to SE-HZZ (helicopters)
  • SE-IAA to SE-IZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-JAA to SE-JZZ (helicopters)
  • SE-KAA to SE-MZZ (prop aircraft, general use)
  • SE-RAA to SE-RZZ (jets)
  • SE-SAA to SE-UZZ (sailplanes and gliders)
  • SE-VAA to SE-VZZ (ultralights)
  • SE-XAA to SE-XZZ (homebuilts)
  • SE-YAA to SE-YZZ (ultralights)
  • SE-ZAA to SE-ZZZ (lighter than air)
  • SE-A01 to SE-Z99 (test and delivery)
Switzerland HB plus national emblem[1]
  • General pattern: HB-AAA to HB-ZZZ, with HB-1 to HB-9999 for Gliders and Motorgliders. The registration often denotes the aircraft type and maker. Some examples:
  • HB-Axx two-engined aircraft from 5.7 to 15 tons, Aircraft over 15 tons due to shortage of Jxx.
  • HB-Bxx balloons
  • HB-Cxx single-engined Cessnas under 5.7 tons
  • HB-Dxx and HB-Kxx other single-engined aircraft under 5.7 tons
  • HB-Fxx Swiss-produced aircraft like PC-6 and PC-12
  • HB-Ixx and HB-Jxx aircraft over 15 tons, including DC-3
  • HB-Nxx single-engined Pipers under 5.7 tons if HB-P is exhausted
  • HB-Vxx business jets under 15 tons
  • HB-Xxx helicopters
  • HB-Yxx experimental aircraft. Also used by Liechtenstein. Previously CH.
  • HB-Zxx helicopters
Syria YK[1] YK-AAA to YK-ZZZ
Tahiti F-OH[citation needed] F-OHAA to F-OHZZ
Taiwan B B-00000 to B-99999 after 1990s[27]
Tajikistan EY[1] EY-10000 to EY-99999
Tanzania 5H[1] 5H-AAA to 5H-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Tanganyika VR-T and Zanzibar VP-Z.
Thailand HS[1] HS-AAA to HS-ZZZ
Togo 5V[1] 5V-AAA to 5V-ZZZ
Tonga A3[1] A3-AAA to A3-ZZZ
Trinidad and Tobago 9Y[1] 9Y-AAA to 9Y-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-T.
Tunisia TS[1] TS-AAA to TS-ZZZ
Turkey TC[1]
  • TC-AAA to TC-ZZZ
  • TC-BAA to TC-BZZ (Hot air balloons)
  • TC-HAA to TC-HZZ (Helicopters)
  • TC-PAA to TC-PZZ (Gliders)
  • TC-UAA to TC-UZZ (Ultralights and microlights)
  • TC-ZAA to TC-ZZZ (Agricultural aircraft)
Turkmenistan EZ[1] EZ-A100 to EZ-Z999
Turks and Caicos VQ-T[1] VQ-TAA to VQ-TZZ
Tuvalu T2[citation needed] T2-AAA to T2-ZZZ
Uganda 5X[1] 5X-AAA to 5X-ZZZ. Colonial allocation VP-U until 1962.
Ukraine UR[1]
  • UR-AAA to UR-ZZZ
  • UR10000 to UR99999
  • UR-AAAA to UR-ZZZZ (private aircraft)
United Arab Emirates A6[1] A6-AAA to A6-ZZZ
United Kingdom G[1]
  • G-AAAA to G-ZZZZ
  • G-1-1 to G-99-99 (UK aircraft test serials for test and delivery purposes - Previously K).
United Nations[g] 4U[a][citation needed] 4U-AAA to 4U-ZZZ
United States of America N[1]
  • N1 to N99999
  • N1A to N9999Z
  • N1AA to N999ZZ.
  • Prior to 1948 the letter 'N' was usually suffixed by one of the six following; 'C' for Commercial, 'L' for Limited, 'P' for Private, 'R' for Restricted, 'S' for State or 'X' for Experimental.
  • E prefix designates FAR part-103 ultralight aircraft registered via the EAA organization.[citation needed]
Uruguay CX[h][1] CX-AAA to CX-ZZZ. Historic C-U.
Uzbekistan UK[1] UK10000 to UK99999
Vanuatu YJ[1] YJ-AA1 to YJ-ZZ99
Venezuela YV[1]
  • YV1000 to YV9999
  • YV100T to YV999T
  • YV100E to YV999E (training)
  • YVO100 to YVO999 (Official use)
Vietnam VN[a]
  • VN-1000 to VN-9999
  • VN-A100 to VN-A999 (turbo jet engine)
  • VN-B100 to VN-B999 (turbo prop engine)
  • VN-C100 to VN-C999 (internal combustion engine)
  • Previously XV (South Vietnam).
Yemen 7O[1] 7O-AAA to 7O-ZZZ. Historic 4W until 1978 (North Yemen, Yemen Arab Republic). Previously YE.
Zambia 9J[1] 9J-AAA to 9J-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Northern Rhodesia VP-R, VP-Y (was shared with Malawi and Zimbabwe).
Zimbabwe Z[1] Z-AAA to Z-ZZZ. Colonial allocation Southern Rhodesia VP-W, VP-Y (was shared with Malawi and Zambia).

Post-1928 table notes[edit]

  1. ^ a b c d e f Does not figure in the ICAO document "AIRCRAFT NATIONALITY MARKS, NATIONAL EMBLEMS AND COMMON MARKS".
  2. ^ Only C-F, C-G and C-I are allocated to Canada.
  3. ^ a b Has not been used on any aircraft previously.
  4. ^ Not include F-OD, F-OG, F-OH and F-OM prefixes
  6. ^ Any combination of 3 to 5 letters and numbers (except letters I and O with numbers) permitted.
  7. ^ Besides the United Nations, intergovernmental organizations (IGOs) such as the European Union and NATO do not have the power to create aircraft registrations.
  8. ^ CX is also allocated to Christmas Island, however it has not been used for this purpose.

Pre-1928 allocations[edit]

Note: in the suffix pattern, n represents a number, x represents a letter

Country or region Registration prefix Suffix pattern 1913 radio call letters
Abyssinia A-B[a] A-Bxxx
Afghanistan Y-A[b] Y-Axxx
Albania B-A[c] B-Axxx
Argentina R-A[d] R-Axxx LIA to LRZ
Australia G-AU[29] G-AUxx VHA to VKZ
Austria-Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina HAA to HFZ, OGA to OMZ and UNA to UZZ[citation needed]
Belgium O-B[e] O-Bxxx ONA to OTZ
Bolivia C-B[e] C-Bxxx none
Brazil P-B[e] P-Bxxx SNA to STZ
Canada G-C[29] G-Cxxx, except G-CYxx VAA to VGZ (Newfoundland: VOA to VOZ)
G-CY (government aircraft, including military)[31][29] G-CYxx
Bulgaria B-B[c] B-Bxxx LXA to LZZ
Chile B-C[f] B-Cxxx COA to CPZ
China X-C[e] X-Cxxx none
Colombia C[citation needed] C-n to C-nnn none
Costa Rica TI-[c] TI-xxx
Cuba C-C[e] C-Cxxx none
Czechoslovakia L-B[e] L-Bxxx
Y-M[a] Y-Mxxx Not applicable
Dz Dz-nnn
Denmark T-D[g] T-Dxxx OUA to OZZ
Dominica Z-D[b] Z-Dxxx
Dominican Republic HI[b] HIxxx
Ecuador E-E[e][h] E-Exxx
Egypt SUA to SUZ[citation needed]
El Salvador Y-S[i] Y-Sxxx
Estonia E-A[j] E-Axxx
Finland K-S[j] K-Sxxx
France F[e] F-xxxx F and UAA to UMZ
Germany D[citation needed] D-nnnn A, D and KAA to KCZ [32]
Greece S-X[e] S-Xxxx SVA to SZZ
Guatemala L-G[e] L-Gxxx
Haiti H-H[e][h] H-Hxxx
Hejaz A-H[e] A-Hxxx
Honduras X-H[e] X-Hxxx
H-H[g] H-Hxxx
H-O[k] H-Oxxx
India G-I[29] G-Ixxx VTA to VWZ
Italy I[e] I-xxxx I
Japan J[e] J-xxxx J
Latvia B-L[l] B-Lxxx
Liberia L-L[e] L-Lxxx
Lithuania Z-L[h] Z-Lxxx
Luxembourg L-U[l] L-Uxxx
Mexico XAA to XCZ [33]
Monaco M-M[g] M-Mxxx CQA to CQZ
M-O[k] M-Oxxx
Morocco CNA to CNZ[citation needed]
Netherlands H-N[m] H-Nxxx PAA to PMZ
New Zealand G-NZ[29] G-NZxx VLA to VMZ
Nicaragua A-N[e] A-Nxxx
Norway LAA to LHZ[citation needed]
Panama S-P[e] S-Pxxx
Persia P-I[a] P-Ixxx
Peru O-P[e] O-Pxxx
Poland P-P[e] P-Pxxx
Portugal C-P[e] C-Pxxx CRA to CTZ
Romania C-R[e] C-Rxxx CVA to CVZ
Russia R-R[citation needed] R-Rxxx, RR-xxx R
Serbia-Croatia-Slovenia X-S[e] X-Sxxx
Siam H-S[e] H-Sxxx HGA to HHZ
South Africa G-UA[29] G-UAxx VNA to VNZ
Spain M[m] M-xxxx EAA to EGZ
Sweden S-A[c] S-Axxx SAA to SMZ
Switzerland HB[m] HB-nnn
United Kingdom K[34] K-nnn B, G and M (British colonies not autonomous: VPA to VSZ)
G-E G-EAxx, G-EBxx, G-EDCA
G-F (lighter than air craft) G-FAAx
G-G (gliders) G-GAAx
United States of America N[e] N-xxxx KDA to KZZ, N and W
Uruguay C-U[e][h] C-Uxxx CWA to CWZ

Pre-1928 table notes[edit]

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  5. ^ a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z Adopted at the International Commission for Air Navigation (ICAN) meeting of 13 October 1919.[30]
  6. ^ Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 6 April 1925.[28]
  7. ^ a b c Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 28 February 1923.[28]
  8. ^ a b c d The ICAN meeting of 28 February 1923 amended Ecuador's marks to E-U, Haiti's to H-E, and Uruguay's marks to C-M. They were restored to their original marks at the following meeting on 26 June.[28]
  9. ^ Adopted at the ICAN meeting of 3 November 1926.[28]
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