List of airline codes

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This is a list of all airline codes. The table lists the IATA airline designators, the ICAO airline designators and the airline call signs (telephony designator). Historical assignments are also included for completeness.


Airline codes
IATA ICAO Airline Call sign Country/Region Comments
PR BOI 2GO ABAIR Philippines
EVY 34 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force Multiple
GNL 135 Airways GENERAL United States
1A n/a Amadeus IT Group S.A. n/a Global GDS and airline hosting system (CRS/PSS)
1B n/a Sabre travel network Asia-Pacific (ex-Abacus) n/a APAC Regional distribution
1E n/a Travelsky n/a China Local distribution system and hosting system (CRS/PSS)
1F n/a Infini travel information, Inc. n/a Japan Local distribution system (CRS)
1G n/a Travelport (Galileo core) n/a Global GDS (CRS)
1H n/a Sirena travel n/a Russia Local distribution system (CRS) and PSS
1J n/a Axess international network, Inc. n/a Japan Local distribution system (CRS)
1K n/a AIRKIOSK n/a Global Local distribution system (CRS) and PSS
1M n/a Sirin n/a Russia Local distribution system (CRS) and PSS
1P n/a Travelport (Worldspan core) n/a Global GDS (CRS)
1S n/a Sabre travel network n/a Global GDS and airline hosting system (CRS/PSS)
1T n/a Hitit Computer Services n/a Turkey Computer reservation system
1U n/a Google/ITA n/a United States Airline IT provider
2T TBS Timbis Air TIMBIS Kenya
WYT 2 Sqn No 1 Elementary Flying Training School WYTON United Kingdom Royal Air Force
TFU 213th Flight Unit THJY Russia State Airline
CHD 223rd Flight Unit CHKALOVSK-AVIA Russia State Airline
TTF 224th Flight Unit CARGO UNIT Russia State Airline
TWF 247 Jet Ltd CLOUD RUNNER United Kingdom
SEC 3D Aviation SECUREX United States
Q5 MLA 40-Mile Air MILE-AIR United States
QRT 4D Air QUARTET Thailand Defunct
PIU 43 Air School PRIMA South Africa
4D ASD Air Sinai AIR SINAI Egypt Defunct
4R SEK Star East Airline [de; fa; it; pl] EAST RIDER Romania
4O AIJ Interjet ABC AEROLINEAS Mexico Defunct
5W WAZ Wizz Air Abu Dhabi WIZZ SKY United Arab Emirates
7B UBE Bees Airline FLOWER BEE Ukraine Defunct, AOC revoked due to not having any aircraft.
BRO 2Excel Aviation BROADSWORD United Kingdom

GBT A-Jet Aviation Aircraft Management GLOBETROTTER Austria
AJR A-Jet Aviation Company JET MONGOLIA Mongolia
SFM A-Safar Air Services AIR SAFAR Nigeria
AJJ A2 Jet Leasing ATLANTIC JET United States
BBE Ababeel Aviation BABEL AIR Sudan
1B Abacus International Singapore Computer reservation system
BJ ABJ Abaeté Linhas Aéreas ABAETE Brazil defunct
NKP Abakan Air ABAKAN AIR Russia 2014[1]
RL ABG Abakan-Avia ROYAL FLIGHT Russia
ABE Aban Air ABAN Iran Former IATA code: K5
MRP Abas ABAS Czech Republic
AHU ABC Air Hungary ABC HUNGARY Hungary defunct
FTY ABC Bedarfsflug FLY TYROL Austria
W9 AAB Abelag Aviation ABG Belgium defunct
BDV Aberdair Aviation ABERDAV Kenya
ROH Aberdair Aviation Ghana Ghana
ADJ Abidjan Air Cargo ABICAR Côte d'Ivoire defunct
ABP ABS Jets BAIR Czech Republic Named changed from Aba Air
M3 TUS ABSA Cargo Turismo Brazil
TTN Absolute Flight Services TITANIUM South Africa
GB ABX ABX Air ABEX United States August 15, 2003 Air operations of former Airborne Express
IAE AC Insat-Aero Russia defunct
NCL ACA (Ancargo Air) ANCARGO AIR Angola defunct
ACD Academy Airlines ACADEMY United States
ZA CYD AccessAir CYCLONE United States defunct
Ace Air ACE TAXI South Korea defunct as of September 2015
CFM ACEF ACEF Portugal Transportes Aéreos e Cargas, code no longer allocated
ARO Acero Taxi ACERO Mexico
VX AES ACES Colombia ACES Colombia defunct
BVR ACM Air Charter BAVARIAN Germany
BJT ACM Aviation BAY JET United States
CRV Acropolis Aviation ACROPOLIS United Kingdom
ORS Action Air AVIATION SERVICE Italy ICAO Code no longer allocated, defunct
AXQ Action Airlines (Action Air Charter) ACTION AIR United States
AVR Active Aero Charter, Inc. ACTIVE AERO United States
RRM Acvila Air-Romanian Carrier AIR ROMANIA Romania defunct
ADC AD Astra Executive Charter AD ASTRA Poland
VUE AD Aviation FLIGHTVUE United Kingdom
ADE Ada Air ADA AIR Albania defunct, former IATA code: ZY
KI DHI Adam Air ADAM SKY Indonesia defunct
Z7* ADK ADC Airlines ADCO Nigeria defunct; former name: Aviation Development Company
ADW ADC Airways Lebanon defunct
DSC Addis Air Cargo Services ADDIS CARGO Ethiopia
DDS Addis Airlines ADDIS LINE Ethiopia DEFUNCT
ADF Ade, Aviación Deportiva ADE AVIACION Spain
TEC ADI Shuttle Group TECHJET United States
SWH Adler Aviation SHOCKWAVE Canada
JP ADR Adria Airways ADRIA Slovenia

defunct as of September 2019

DRO Adro Servicios Aereos ADRO SERVICIOS Mexico
ADV Advance Air Charters ADVANCE Canada defunct
AXX Advance Air Luftfahrtgesellschaft SKY SHUTTLE Germany
AAX Advance Aviation ADVANCE AVIATION Thailand
XTJ Advance Aviation Services United States
4G* Advance Leasing Company United States
AN WSN Advanced Air WINGSPAN United States 2015[2]
ADD Advanced Air Co. Japan ICAO Code no longer allocated
ADV Advanced Flight Training ADVANCED United Kingdom
RDD Adygea Airlines ADLINES Russia defunct
DVN Adventia Spain
EBS AEG Aviation Services United States
A3 AEE Aegean Airlines AEGEAN Greece
ALS Aeralp AERALP France
AEF Aerea Spain
DRD Aereo Dorado AEREO DORADO Mexico
FUT Aereo Futuro AEREO FUTURO Mexico
MMG Aereo Ruta Maya RUTA MAYA Guatemala
AGI Aereo Transportes Los Angeles de America ANGELES AMERICA Mexico
WWG Aereo WWG AERO-W Mexico
AED Aernord Aernspa Italy defunct
AKR Aero Clinker AERO CLINKER Mexico
RRB Aero Club de Castellon Spain
9D CND Aero Continente Dominicana CONDOMINICANA Dominican Republic defunct
ARP Aero Corporate IVORYCORP Côte d'Ivoire
ML AEK Aero Costa Rica ACORISA Costa Rica defunct
EPU Aero Elite Acapulco ELITACAPULCO Mexico
XPN Aero Express Niger
AJP Aero Jets Corporativos AEROJETS Mexico
OWN Aero Owen AERO OWEN Mexico 2014[1]
GHM Aero Service Bolivia Bolivia
GLM Aero Services Mali GLOBAL MALI Mali
GUE Aero Servicio Guerrero AERO GUERRERO Mexico
ASR Aero Sotravia SOTRAVIA France 2014[1]
ABA Aero-Beta AEROBETA Germany
DW UCR Aero-Charter Ukraine CHARTER UKRAINE Ukraine
EAP Aero-Pyrenees AERO-PYRENEES France
AJH Aeroaljarafe ALJARAFE Spain
AOB Aerocaribe Coro CARIBE CORO Venezuela
ACR Aerocenter, Escuela de Formación de Pilotos Privados de Avión AEROCENTER Spain
ERC Aerocharter Guatemala defunct
BSO Aeroclub Barcelona-Sabadell Spain
NVA Aeroclub de Albacete Spain
LUE Aeroclub de Alicante Spain
MLL Aeroclub de Mallorca MALLORCA Spain
AVX Aeroclub de Vitoria Spain
CTD Aerocorporativos AEROCORPORATIVOS Mexico
RRO Aerocredo Russia
DVI Aerodavinci AERO DAVINCI Mexico
FAQ Aerofaq Ecuador
SU AFL Aeroflot AEROFLOT Russia
P3 PLS Aeroflot-Plus AEROPLUS Russia
AEG Aerofumigaciones Sam FUMIGACIONES SAM Chile defunct
AGQ Aerogala GALASERVICE Chile defunct
ARH Aerohelicopteros AEROHELCA Venezuela 2014[1]
ARJ Aerojet de Costa Rica, S.A. Costa Rica
LFT Aerolift Company LIFTCO Sierra Leone defunct
LIN Aerolimousine AEROLIMOUSINE Russia
PCP Aerolínea Principal Chile PRINCIPAL Chile
ALT Aerolíneas Centrales AERLINEAS CENTRALES Mexico
AHL Aerolíneas Hidalgo HIDALGO Mexico
APR Aerolíneas Primordiales AEROPERLAS Mexico
LDL Aerologic Russia
VSC Aeronautic de Los Pirineos Spain
PSE Aeroservicio Sipse SIPSE Mexico
PSL Aeroservicios Corporativos De San Luis CORSAN Mexico
EAE Aeroservicios Ecuatorianos AECA Ecuador
AES Aerosur Paraguay AEROPARAGUAY Paraguay
BTS Aerotaxis Albatros AEROLINEAS ALBATROS Mexico
PRI Aerotransportes Privados AEROPRIV Mexico ICAO code in use by another company, call sign no longer allocated
PVA Aerotransportes Privados TRANSPRIVADO Mexico
VMX Aeroventas de Mexico VENTA Mexico 2014[1]
ABU Aerovías Bueno AEROBUENO Colombia defunct
ACB African Cargo Services AFRICARGO Kenya
AAP Arabasco Air Services ARABASCO Saudi Arabia
AAR Americ Air PATRIOT United States defunct
AAS Airtransservice Aviaservice Russia defunct
AAS Austrian Air Services AIR SERVICES Austria defunct
OB AAT Austrian Airtransport AUSTRIAN CHARTER Austria defunct; former IATA code: U8, OG; former ICAO code: AUC
AAV Aly Aviation United Kingdom defunct; former ICAO code: AAY
AAW Austin Airways AUSTIN Canada defunct
SM AAW Allied Airways United Kingdom defunct, taken over by British European Airways which went on to form British Airways.
AAW Almeta Air ALMETA AIR Austria defunct
KJ AAZ Asian Air Kyrgyzstan
ABT Ambeo AMBITION United Kingdom
ABE Arberia Airlines ARBERIA AIRLINES Albania defunct
ACE Air Charter Express Ghana
YE ACQ Aryan Cargo Express India
ACS Aircraft Sales and Services AIRCRAFT SALES Pakistan
ABS Air Central AIR CENTRAL United States defunct
ADT Arrendaminetos y Transportes Turisticos ARRENDA-TRANS Mexico
ADZ Avio Delta Bulgaria
AED Aie Experience Flight AIE EXPERIENCE United Kingdom defunct
VJ AFF Africa Airways AFRIWAYS Benin defunct
QH FLA Air Florida PALM United States relaunching
3O MAC Air Arabia Maroc ARABIA MAROC Morocco This ICAO designator was previously used by Malta Air Charter
MRY Air Marine AIR MARINE France
PNK Air Pink AIRPINK Serbia
PXG Aitheras Aviation Group United States
AFN African International Airlines SIMBA Lesotho
ACC Airspeed Charter Jamaica 2014[1]
PNX AIS Airlines SPINNER Netherlands
AVD Álamo Aviación, S.L. ALAMO Spain
FSY Algonquin Airlink FROSTY Canada 2014[1]
TTX Alliance Air Charters TWISTER United States
UJ LMU AlMasria Universal Airlines ALMASRIA Egypt
ALN Alpha Jet, S.R.O. TOLEMAC Slovakia 2014[1]
APN Alpine Airlines AIR ALPES France
BAH The Amiri Flight BAHRAIN Bahrain
A2 AWG Animawings ANIMA WINGS Romania
TLB Atlantique Air Assistance TRIPLE-A France
UJX Atlas Ukraine Airlines ATLAS UKRAINE Ukraine 2014[1]
AGM Aviation West Charters ANGEL MED United States 2015[3]
X9 NVD Avion Express NORDVIND Lithuania Name changed from Nordic Solutions Air
AZB Azamat TUMARA Kazakhstan defunct
3S* AEN Aeroland Airways AEROLAND Greece defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
NGF Air Charity Network ANGEL FLIGHT United States Re-allocated in 2014 was used by Angel Flight America[4]
WFT Aircharters Worldwide WORLD FLIGHT United States Allocated 2014[5]
JU ASL Air Serbia AIR SERBIA Serbia Name changed from Aeroput to JAT Yugoslav Airlines to Jat Airways to Air Serbia. Formerly used JAT as ICAO code.
QH LYN Air Kyrgyzstan ALTYN AVIA Kyrgyzstan Name changed from Kyrgyzstan


CCM Air Corsica CORSICA France
AHS AHS Air International HIGH SKY Pakistan
ROO Aero Roa AERO ROA Mexico
AWF Aeroforward United States
SUP Aeronautical Charters SUN SPEED United States
PSO Aerotaxis Pegaso AEROPEGASO Mexico
EI EIN Aer Lingus SHAMROCK Ireland
EG EUK Aer Lingus UK GREEN FLIGHT United Kingdom
VLB Air Volta VOLTA Bulgaria
FCJ AirSprint US FRACJET United States Previously used code "HAB"
TEW Airteam Charter TEAMWORK South Africa
STT Alpha Star Charter STAR CHARTER Saudi Arabia
LBZ Angkasa Super Service Indonesia
HEZ Arrow Aviation ARROW Israel
UAH Air Experience Flight, Cranwell United Kingdom Royal Air Force
RVQ Aero Jet International REVA AIR United States
ASK Aerosky MULTISKY Spain
AEH Aero4m AEROCUTTER Slovenia
ERO Aeroecom AEROECOM Venezuela
A8 XAU Aerolink Uganda PEARL Uganda
NKY Aeromonkey AEROMON Mexico
AWP Aeroworld Pakistan Pakistan
ABZ Air Ambulance Services ISLAND LIFEFLIGHT Bahamas
RV ROU Air Canada Rouge ROUGE Canada
CNM Air China Inner Mongolia MENGYUAN China
VRE Air Côte d'Ivoire COTE DIVORIE Ivory Coast
AWL Air Walser Malta
AXY Air X Charter LEGEND Malta
OES ART Aviation ART AUSTRIA Austria
ASF Austrian Air Force AUSTRIAN AIRFORCE Austria
AVG Aviation Legacy AVILEF Gambia
7A AZY Aztec Worldwide Airlines AZTEC WORLD United States
6U ACX Air Cargo Germany LOADMASTER Germany defunct
AAD Aero Aviation Centre Ltd. SUNRISE Canada Ceased operations 1995
SII Aero Servicios Ejecutivos Internacionales ASEISA Mexico
BZS Aero Biniza BINIZA Mexico
Aero Comondu AERO COMONDU Mexico
AET Aero-Palma AERO PALMA Spain defunct
ZI AAF Aigle Azur AIGLE AZUR France Former name: Lucas Aigle Azur; former IATA code: LK
AAM Aim Air Moldova
AAO Atlantis Airlines (USA) ATLANTIS AIR United States
AAP Aerovista Airlines AEROVISTA GROUP Kyrgyzstan defunct
AE AE Air Ceylon CEYLON Sri Lanka defunct
4K* AAS Askari Aviation AL-ASS Pakistan
AAU Australia Asia Airlines AUSTASIA Australia Subsidiary merged into Qantas; former IATA code: IM
AAV Astro Air International ASTRO-PHIL United States
8U AAW Afriqiyah Airways AFRIQIYAH Libya
Q9 AFU Afrinat International Airlines AFRINAT Gambia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
AAX Afric'air Express AFREX Côte d'Ivoire defunct
BRL Air Brasd'or BRASD'OR Canada
AFH Air Fecteau FECTO Canada defunct
BRM Air 500 BOOMERANG Canada defunct
AAG Atlantic Flight Training ATLANTIC United Kingdom Changed from Air Atlantique in 2014[1]
KI AAG Air Atlantique ATLANTIC United Kingdom Former name: Atlantic Air Transport; former IATA codes: 7M, DG, transferred to Atlantic Flight Training in 2014.
QB AAJ Air Alma AIR ALMA Canada Ceased operations 10/01/2002; former IATA code: 4L
ACS Air Cess Liberia defunct
ADT Air Dorval AIR DORVAL Canada defunct
AHN Air Hungaria AIR HUNGARIA Hungary
AHR Air Adriatic ADRIATIC Croatia defunct
LD AHK Air Hong Kong AIR HONG KONG Hong Kong
AHS Air Viggi San Raffaele AIRSAR Italy
AAI Air Aurora BOREALIS United States Former IATA code: AX
ACU Air Cargo Transportation System AFRISPIRIT Kenya
ACV Air Charter Service United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
ADC Air Atlantic Dominicana ATLAN-DOMINICAN Dominican Republic defunct
2Y ADW Air Andaman AIR ANDAMAN Thailand defunct 2004
UX AEA Air Europa EUROPA Spain
AEQ Air Express LUNA Sweden
IG AEY Air Italy AIR ITALY Italy merged into Meridiana
ASW Air Southwest Ltd. AIRSOUTHWEST Canada defunct
ASX Air Special AIRSPEC Czech Republic
NX AMU Air Macau AIR MACAO Macao
6A AMW Armenia Airways ARMENIA Armenia
HM SEY Air Seychelles SEYCHELLES Seychelles
SFB Air Sofia AIR SOFIA Bulgaria defunct
BRF Air Bravo AIR BRAVO Uganda
AF AFR Air France AIRFRANS France
ACG Air Partner AIR PARTNER United Kingdom
SB ACI Air Caledonie International AIRCALIN France
VSG AirClass Airways VISIG Spain formerly Visig Operaciones Aéreas
EH AKX Air Nippon Network Co. Ltd. ALFA WING Japan merged into ANA Wings
ALM Air ALM ANTILLEAN Netherlands Antilles defunct
ALN Air Lincoln CHICAGO LINCOLN United States
ACM Air Caledonia WEST CAL Canada
ED AXE AirExplore GALILEO Slovakia
AGM Air Guam AIR GUAM United States
ZW AWI Air Wisconsin WISCONSIN United States
ALU Air Luxor STP LUXORJET São Tomé and Príncipe
YI RSI Air Sunshine AIR SUNSHINE United States
GN AGN Air Gabon GOLF NOVEMBER Gabon defunct
AFV Air Afrique Vacancies AFRIQUE VACANCE Côte d'Ivoire
ZB ABN Air Albania AIR ALBANIA Albania
3J AAQ Air Alliance LIAISON Canada defunct
WP ATW Air Antwerp DEVIL Belgium defunct
BX ABL Air Busan AIR BUSAN South Korea
ACH Air Cargo Plus AIR PLUS Liberia
AAT Air Central Asia Kyrgyzstan
LB LEP Air Costa LECOSTA India
AFS Air Data United Kingdom
GL GRL Air Greenland GREENLAND Greenland
3S GUY Air Guyane Express GREEN BIRD French Guiana
AHO Air Hamburg AIR HAMBURG Germany
NQ AJX Air Japan AIR JAPAN Japan
IJ LIB Air Liberté LIBERTE France defunct
TT KLA Air Lithuania KAUNAS Lithuania defunct
QM AIM Air Malawi MALAWI Malawi defunct
L6 AMI Air Maldives AIR MALDIVES Maldives defunct
ML BIE Air Mediterranee MEDITERRANEE France


P8 MKG Air Mekong MEKONG Vietnam defunct
AMG Air Minas Linhas Aéreas AIR MINAS Brazil defunct
ZQ MNE Air Montenegro MOUNT EAGLE Montenegro
TAH Air Moorea AIR MOOREA France defunct
ANV Air Nevada AIR NEVADA United States
NZ ANZ Air New Zealand NEW ZEALAND New Zealand "NZ" used by New Zealand National Airways Corporation until its merger with Air New Zealand in 1978

"TE" used by TEAL from 1940-1965, then Air New Zealand from 1965-1990

4N ANT Air North Charter - Canada AIR NORTH Canada
AOE Air One Executive Italy
AEI Air Poland POLISH BIRD Poland defunct
YP APZ Air Premia AIR PREMIA South Korea
AVZ Air Valencia AIR VALENCIA Spain
AMO Air Montreal (Air Holdings Inc.) AIR MONTREAL Canada
BM Air Sicilia Italy defunct
AMR Air Specialties Corporation AIR AM United States Air American, Total Air
AMS Air Muskoka AIR MUSKOKA Canada
AOJ Avcon Jet ASTERIX Austria
AJU Air Jetsul AIRJETSUL Portugal
AKA Air Korea Co. Ltd. Republic of Korea
LIV Air Livonia LIVONIA Estonia defunct
ZX ABL Air BC AIRCOACH Canada Merged into Air Canada Jazz
ABN Air Fret Senegal Senegal
LJA Air Jamahiriya Company AIR JAMAHIRIYA Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
G8 AGB Air Service Gabon Gabon defunct
7T AGV Air Glaciers AIR GLACIERS Switzerland
MVM Air Cargo America PEGASUS United States
AMY Air Ambar AIR AMBAR Dominican Republic
6V VGA Air Vegas AIR VEGAS United States defunct
AOU Air Tractor AIR TRACTOR Croatia
APA Air Park Aviation Ltd. CAN-AM Canada
APG Air People International AIR PEOPLE Thailand
NH ANA All Nippon Airways ALL NIPPON Japan
ANB Air Navigation And Trading Co. Ltd. AIR NAV United Kingdom Former ICAO code: AAT
NGO Air-Angol AIR ANGOL Angola
TZ TWG air-taxi Europe TWINGOOSE Germany
NGP Air Nigeria REGAL EAGLE Nigeria defunct
2Q SNC Air Cargo Carriers NIGHT CARGO United States
SND Air Samarkand ARSAM Uzbekistan
V7 SNG Air Senegal International AIR SENEGAL Senegal defunct
SNY Air Sandy AIR SANDY Canada
AII Air Integra INTEGRA Canada
BFF Air Baffin AIR BAFFIN Canada renamed to Air Nunavut
BDM Air Bandama BANDAMA Ivory Coast
AB BER Air Berlin AIR BERLIN Germany defunct
ABT Air Brousse AIR BROUSSE Canada defunct
APV Air Plan International AIR PLAN Democratic Republic of the Congo
ARX Air Xpress, Inc. AIREX United States
ARZ Air Resorts AIR RESORTS United States
ASB Air-Spray 1967 Ltd. AIR SPRAY Canada
ASC Air Star Corporation AIR STAR Canada
4D ASD Air Sinai AIR SINAI Egypt
AQN Air Queensland BUSHAIR Australia defunct
ARC Air Routing International Corp. United States
QN ARR Air Armenia AIR ARMENIA Armenia
AIL Air Illinois AIR ILLINOIS United States defunct
AI AIC Air India Limited AIRINDIA India
AIG Air Inter Gabon Gabon
PJ SPM Air Saint Pierre SAINT-PIERRE France
SZ WOW Air Southwest SWALLOW United Kingdom defunct
ATJ Air Traffic GmbH SNOOPY Germany
8C ATN Air Transport International AIR TRANSPORT United States
ATQ Air Transport Schiphol MULTI Netherlands
ATS Air Transport Service Democratic Republic of the Congo
AUX Air Uganda International Ltd. Uganda
NF AVN Air Vanuatu AIR VAN Vanuatu
ZB BUB Air Bourbon BOURBON Reunion defunct
CC ABD Air Atlanta Icelandic ATLANTA Iceland
AIE Air Inuit AIR INUIT Canada
AIS Air Sureste SURESTE Spain
RB SBK Air Srpska Air Srpska Bosnia and Herzegovina defunct
SW NMB Air Namibia NAMIBIA Namibia defunct
NSK Air Intersalonika INTERSALONIKA Greece
NTL Air Anatolia AIR ANATOLIA Turkey defunct
SGA Air Saigon AIR SAIGON Vietnam
AFW Afrique Regional Airways AFRAIR Côte d'Ivoire defunct
AW AFW Africa World Airlines BLACKSTAR Ghana
ACX Air Charters PARAIR Canada defunct
PE AEL Air Europe Italy AIR EUROPE Italy defunct
JM AJM Air Jamaica JAMAICA Jamaica merged into Caribbean Airlines; ICAO and IATA codes no longer used.
AWN Air Niamey AIR NIAMEY Niger
AWT Air West AIR WEST Canada
6G AWW Air Wales RED DRAGON United Kingdom defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
TX FWI Air Caraïbes FRENCH WEST France
IX AXB Air India Express EXPRESS INDIA India
AXD Air Express AIR SUDEX Sudan
BSB Air Wings ARBAS Moldova
BT BTI Air Baltic AIRBALTIC Latvia
ANI Air Atlantic (Nig) Limited NIGALANTIC Nigeria
EL ANK Air Nippon ANK AIR Japan merged into All Nippon Airways, ICAO code no longer allocated
YW ANE Air Nostrum AIR NOSTRUM Spain
PX ANG Air Niugini NIUGINI Papua New Guinea
G9 ABY Air Arabia ARABIA United Arab Emirates
AC ACA Air Canada AIR CANADA Canada
E9 MHS Air Memphis AIR MEMPHIS Egypt defunct
XT AXL Air Exel EXEL COMMUTER Netherlands defunct
AZF Air Zermatt AG AIR ZERMATT Switzerland
UM AZW Air Zimbabwe AIR ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe
MHU Air Memphis MEPHIS UGANDA Uganda
MKH Air Marrakech Service AIR MARRAKECH Morocco
AZX Air Max Africa AZIMA Gabon defunct
S2 RSH Air Sahara SAHARA India renamed to Jetlite
ATA Air Transport Association United States
TC ATC Air Tanzania TANZANIA Tanzania
XAC Air Charter World United States
2J VBW Air Burkina BURKINA Burkina Faso
ATH Air Travel Corp. AIR TRAVEL United States
KM AMC Air Malta AIR MALTA Malta
YT TGA Air Togo AIR TOGO Togo defunct
ASJ Air Satellite SATELLITE Canada defunct
ASN Air and Sea Transport Russia
ASS Air Class, S.A. de C.V. AIR CLASS Mexico
NPL Air Nepal International AIR NEPAL Nepal defunct
NPR Air Napier New Zealand defunct
WAM Air Taxi & Cargo TAXI CARGO Sudan
RSM Air Somalia AIR SOMALIA Somali Republic
AWZ AirWest Sudan
G4 AAY Allegiant Air ALLEGIANT United States
AAZ Angus Aviation ANGUS Canada defunct
ABA Artem-Avia ARTEM-AVIA Ukraine defunct
ABB African Business and Transportations AFRICAN BUSINESS Democratic Republic of the Congo
ABF Aerial Oy SKYWINGS Finland
ABK Alberta Citylink ALBERTA CITYLINK Canada defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
ABO APSA Colombia AEROEXPRESO Colombia aka Aeroexpreso Bogota
O4 ABV Antrak Air ANTRAK Ghana
GB ABX Airborne Express ABEX United States August 14, 2003 merged into DHL
ABZ ATA Brasil ATA-BRAZIL Brazil defunct
ACC Avcard Services United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
ACY Atlas Cargo Airlines ATLAS CARGOLINES Morocco
ADA Airservices Australia AUSCAL Australia Flight Inspection Unit
8T TID Air Tindi TINDI Canada
ADB Antonov Airlines ANTONOV BUREAU Ukraine Antonov Design Bureau
ADG Aerea Flying Training Organization AEREA TRAINING Spain
ADI Audeli Air AUDELI Spain
ADL Aero Dynamics COTSWOLD United Kingdom
ADN Aero-Dienst AERODIENST Germany
ADP Aerodiplomatic AERODIPLOMATIC Mexico
3L ADY Air Arabia Abu Dhabi Nawras [6][7] United Arab Emirates
ADQ Avion Taxi AIR DATA Canada 2695731 Canada Inc.
ADS Aviones de Sonora SONORAV Mexico
ADU Airdeal Oy AIRDEAL Finland
EM* AEB Aero Benin AEROBEN Benin defunct
AEC Aerocésar AEROCESAR Colombia defunct; aka Aerovías del César
AED Aerotrans Airlines Russia defunct
ADX Anderson Aviation ANDAX United States
AEI Aeroexpreso Interamericano INTERAM Colombia defunct
AEJ Air Express KHAKI EXPRESS Tanzania
AEK Aerocon AEROCON Bolivia
AEM Aero Madrid AEROMADRID Spain
KD AEN Air Enterprise AIR ENTERPRISE France defunct
AEO Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Del Occidente AERO OCCIDENTE Mexico
AEP Aerotec Escuela de Pilotos AEROTEC Spain
AX AAC AmericanConnection[8] CONNECT AMERICA United States defunct
AN AAA Ansett Australia ANSETT Australia defunct
AAC Army Air Corps ARMYAIR United Kingdom
5W AEU Astraeus FLYSTAR United Kingdom defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
AEV Aeroventas AEROVENTAS Mexico
VV AEW Aerosvit Airlines AEROSVIT Ukraine defunct
AEX Airway Express AVCO United States ICAO code no longer allocated
AEZ Aerial Transit AERIAL TRANZ United States
AFA Alfa Air BLUE ALFA Czech Republic
WK AFB American Falcon AMERICAN FALCON Argentina defunct
QQ UTY Alliance Airlines UNITY Australia
UVS Air Universal UNI-LEONE Sierra Leone defunct
UVT Auvia Air AUVIA Indonesia
AFC African West Air AFRICAN WEST Senegal
AFE Airfast Indonesia AIRFAST Indonesia
FG AFG Ariana Afghan Airlines ARIANA Afghanistan
RV* AFI Africaone AFRICAWORLD The Gambia
Y2 AFJ Alliance Air JAMBO Uganda Ceased operations 08/10/2000
AFK Africa Air Links AFRICA LINKS Sierra Leone
AFO Aero Empresa Mexicana AERO EMPRESA Mexico
AFQ Alba Servizi Aerotrasporti ALBA Italy
5Z AFX Airfreight Express United Kingdom Ceased operations 08/03/2002
AFY Africa Chartered Services AFRICA CHARTERED Nigeria
AFZ Africa Freight Services AFREIGHT Zambia
AGA Aeronaves Del Centro Venezuela
AGC Arab Agricultural Aviation Company AGRICO Egypt
AGF Atlantic Gulf Airlines ATLANTIC GULF United States defunct
5D SLI Aeroméxico Connect COSTERA Mexico
AGG Algoma Airways ALGOMA Canada ICAO code no longer allocated
AGH Altagna ALTAGNA France
AGO Angola Air Charter ANGOLA CHARTER Angola
1A AGT Amadeus IT Group AMADEUS Spain
AGU Angara Airlines SARMA Russia
AGW Aero Gambia AERO GAMBIA Gambia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
JJ AGX Aviogenex GENEX Serbia


BLR Atlantic Coast Airlines BLUE RIDGE United States defunct
BLZ Aero Barloz AEROLOZ Mexico
PL PLI Aeroperú Aeroperu Peru defunct
8A BMM Atlas Blue ATLAS BLUE Morocco defunct
BNB Aero Banobras AEROBANOBRAS Mexico
AGY Aero Flight Service FLIGHT GROUP United States
AGZ Agrolet-Mci AGROLET Slovakia
GD AHA Air Alpha Greenland AIR ALPHA Denmark sold to Air Greenland
AHC Azal Avia Cargo AZALAVIACARGO Azerbaijan Cargo Airline of the State Concern Azerbaijan Hava
AHE Airport Helicopter Basel, Muller & Co. AIRPORT HELICOPTER Switzerland
CJE Aeroservices Corporate BIRD JET France
AHF Aspen Helicopters ASPEN United States
AHG Aerochago Airlines AEROCHAGO Dominican Republic defunct
AHH Airplanes Holdings AIRHOLD Ireland
AHP Aerochiapas AEROCHIAPAS Mexico
HT AHW Aeromist-Kharkiv AEROMIST Ukraine defunct
J2 AHY Azerbaijan Airlines AZAL Azerbaijan
U3 AIA Avies AVIES Estonia
4Y AIB Airbus Industrie AIRBUS INDUSTRIE France
KJ AIH Air Incheon AIR INCHEON South Korea
RS ASV Air Seoul AIR SEOUL South Korea
AIK African Airlines International Limited AFRICAN AIRLINES Kenya
AIN African International Airways FLY CARGO Eswatini
5A AIP Alpine Air Express ALPINE AIR United States
AIU Alicante Internacional Airlines ALIA Spain
ED* ABQ Airblue PAKBLUE Pakistan
THM Airmark Aviation THAI AIRMARK Thailand
AIR Airlift International AIRLIFT United States defunct
AIV Airvias S/A Linhas Aéreas AIRVIAS Brazil
W4 BES Aero Services Executive BIRD EXPRESS France
AIW Atlantic Island Airways TARTAN Canada
AIX Aircruising Australia CRUISER Australia
AIY Aircrew Check and Training Australia AIRCREW Australia
IZ AIZ Arkia Israel Airlines ARKIA Israel
AJA Afghan Jet International Airlines AFGHAN JET Afghanistan
AJE Aero Jet Express JET EXPRESS Mexico defunct
AJI Ameristar Jet Charter AMERISTAR United States
AJK Allied Air BAMBI Nigeria
AJO Aero Ejecutivo AEROEXO Mexico defunct
AJS Aeroejecutivos Colombia AEROEJECUTIVOS Colombia Aeroejecutivos Aeroservicios Ejecutivos
M6 AJT Amerijet International AMERIJET United States
AJV ANA & JP Express AYJAY CARGO Japan merged into Air Japan
AJW Alpha Jet International ALPHAJET United States
AJY AJet AYJET Cyprus defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
AKB Aktjubavia KARAB Kazakhstan
AKC Arca Aerovías Colombianas Ltda. ARCA Colombia
AKF Anikay Air Company ANIKAY Kyrgyzstan
AKH Akhal AKHAL Turkmenistan
MNI Aeromilenio AEROMIL Mexico
AKK Aklak Air AKLAK Canada
4A AKL Air Kiribati KIRIBATI Kiribati
AKN Alkan Air ALKAN AIR Canada
AKW Angkor Airways ANGKORWAYS Cambodia defunct
AKZ AK Navigator LLC ABSOLUTE Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
ALB Aero Albatros ALBATROS Mexico
ALD Albion Aviation ALBION United Kingdom
ALE Aeroalas Colombia AEROALAS Colombia defunct
ALF Allied Command Europe (Mobile Force) ACEFORCE Belgium
FYS American Flyers AMERICAN FLYERS United States
DFA Aero Coach Aviation AERO COACH United States
EV ASQ Atlantic Southeast Airlines ACEY United States Merged into ExpressJet Airlines
ALG Air Logistics AIRLOG United States
ALL Aerovallarta VALLARTA Mexico
HP AWE America West Airlines CACTUS United States Merged with US Airways
6R TNO Aerotransporte de Carga Union AEROUNION Mexico
TND Aero Taxis Cessna TAXIS CESSNA Mexico
TMP Arizona Express Airlines TEMPE United States
ALO Allegheny Commuter Airlines ALLEGHENY United States US Airways Express
ALP Allpoints Jet ALLPOINTS China
ALP Alpliner AG ALPINER Switzerland Code now allocated to another user
ALQ Altair Aviation (1986) ALTAIR Canada
VH ALV Aeropostal Alas de Venezuela AEROPOSTAL Venezuela
ALW Alas Nacionales, S.A. ALNACIONAL Dominican Republic
ALY Alyeska Air Service ALYESKA United States
ALZ Alta Flights (Charters) Ltd.   Canada
AMA ATMA ADIK Kazakhstan
AMD Aerolíneas Medellín AEROLINEAS MEDELLIN Colombia defunct
AMF Ameriflight AMFLIGHT United States
AMH Alan Mann Helicopters Ltd. MANN United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
AMJ Aviation Amos AVIATION AMOS Canada
AMK Amerer Air AMER AIR Austria
AMM Aeroputul International Marculesti AEROM Moldova
DP AMM Air 2000 JETSET United Kingdom defunct
AMP Aero Transporte S.A. (ATSA) ATSA Peru
AMQ Aeromedicare Ltd. LIFELINE United Kingdom No longer current
AMQ Aircraft Management and Consulting AMEX Poland
TZ AMT ATA Airlines AMTRAN United States defunct
YJ AMV AMC Airlines AMC AIRLINES Egypt Aircraft Maintenance Company
AM AMX Aeroméxico AEROMEXICO Mexico
AMZ Amiya Airline AMIYA AIR Nigeria
ANC Anglo Cargo ANGLO United Kingdom Defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
BRP AeroBratsk AEROBRA Russia
ANH Alajnihah for Air Transport ALAJNIHAH Libya
ANM Aerotransportacion de Norteamerica NORAM Mexico
ANM Antares Airtransport, Maintenance & Service GmbH ANTARES Germany ICAO Code now allocated to another user
TL ANO Airnorth TOPEND Australia
ANQ Aerolínea de Antioquia ANTIOQUIA Colombia
OY ANS Andes Líneas Aéreas AEROANDES Argentina
IW AOM AOM French Airlines French Lines France defunct
ANW Aviación Del Noroeste, S.A. de C.V. AVINOR Mexico defunct
SAP Avia Jaynar TOBOL Kazakhstan
EMS Aero Servicios Empresariales SERVIEMPRESARIAL Mexico
AOA Alcon Servicios Aéreos, S.A. de C.V. ALCON Mexico
AOD Aero Vodochody AERO CZECH Czech Republic
AOF Atair Pty Ltd. ATAIR South Africa
2D AOG Aero VIP AVIP Argentina defunct
MUN Aeromundo Ejecutivo AEROMUNDO Mexico
MUR Aerolínea Muri MURI Mexico
AOI Astoria, Inc. ASTORIA Canada defunct
NRO Aero Rent JSC AEROMASTER Russia defunct
NRP Aeronord-Grup AERONORD Moldova
AOK Aeroatlantico Colombia Colombia defunct
AOL Angkor Airlines ANGKOR AIR Cambodia defunct
AON Aero Entreprise AERO ENTERPRISE France
AOO As, Opened Joint Stock Company COMPANY AS Ukraine
AOP Aeropiloto AEROPILOTO Portugal
VB VIV Aeroenlaces Nacionales AEROENLACES Mexico Former ICAO code: AEN
VIZ Aerovis Airlines AEROVIZ Ukraine
VJE AvJet Routing United Arab Emirates
VGF Aerovista Gulf Express VISTA GULF United Arab Emirates
VER Almaver ALMAVER Mexico
AOR Afro International Ent. Limited INTER-AFRO Nigeria
SMX Alitalia Express ALIEXPRESS Italy
OE AOT Asia Overnight Express ASIA OVERNIGHT Philippines
AOV Aero Vision AEROVISION France
AOX Aerotaxi Del Valle AEROVALLE Colombia
APC Airpac Airlines, Inc. AIRPAC United States
SVM Aeroservicios Monterrey SERVIMONTE Mexico
APF Amapola Flyg AB AMAPOLA Sweden
APH Alpha Aviation, Inc. AIRFLIGHT United States
API ASA Pesada, Lda. ASA PESADA Angola
APJ Peach Aviation AIR PEACH Japan
PET Aerotransporte Petrolero AEROPETRO Colombia
GV ARF Aero Flight Aero Fox Germany defunct
BKL Aircompany Barcol BARCOL Russia
BLA All Charter Limited ALL CHARTER United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
APL Appalachian Flying Service, Inc. APPALACHIAN United States
APM Airpac, Inc. ALASKA PACIFIC United States
APO Aeropro AEROPRO Canada defunct
APP AlpAvia d.o.o. ALPAVIA Slovenia
APQ Aspen Aviation ASPEN BASE United States
APU Aeropuma, S.A. AEROPUMA El Salvador
JW APW Arrow Air BIG A United States defunct
APX Apex Air Cargo PARCEL EXPRESS United States
APY APA Internacional APA INTERNACIONAL Dominican Republic
AQA Aeroatlas, S.A. ATCO Colombia
AQL Aquila Air Ltd. AQUILA Canada
AQO Aluminum Company Of America ALCOA SHUTTLE United States Alcoa Aircraft Operations
AQT Avioquintana AVIOQUINTANA Mexico
AQU AirQuarius Aviation QUARIUS South Africa defunct
AQZ Aerodyne Charter Company QUANZA United States
ARA Arik Air ARIK AIR Nigeria
ARB Avia Air N.V. AVIAIR Aruba
2B AWT Albawings ALBAWINGS Albania
4C ARE Aires, Aerovías de Integración Regional, S.A. AIRES Colombia renamed to LAN Colombia
AR ARG Aerolíneas Argentinas ARGENTINA Argentina
ARH Arrowhead Airways ARROWHEAD United States
ARI Aero Vics AEROVICS Mexico
SUN Antillana De Navegación Aérea Dominican Republic
SUO Aeroservicios De San Luis SERVICIO SANLUIS Mexico
SUP Aerosuper AEROSUPER Mexico
ARK Aero Link Air Services S.L. LINK SERVICE Spain
ARL Airlec - Air Aquitaine Transport AIRLEC France
ARM Aeromarket Express AMEX Spain defunct
ARO Arrow Aviation Ltd. ARROW Canada defunct
KLD Air Klaipėda AIR KLAIPEDA Lithuania
ARQ Armstrong Air, Inc. ARMSTRONG Canada
ARS Aeromet Servicios METSERVICE Chile
ART Aerotal Aerolíneas Territoriales de Colombia Ltda. AEROTAL Colombia defunct
ARV Aravco Ltd. ARAVCO United Kingdom
OST Airline Alania ALANIA Russia
HUC Aerolíneas de Techuacán LINEAS TEHUACAN Mexico
HUT Aerotransportes Huitzilin AEROHUITZILIN Mexico
HUY Aero Transportes Del Humaya AERO HUMAYA Mexico
ARY Argosy Airways GOSEY United States
AS ASA Alaska Airlines, Inc. ALASKA United States
PL ASE Airstars MOROZOV Russia defunct
ASF Air Schefferville, Inc. SCHEFF Canada
ASG African Star Airways (PTY) Ltd. AFRICAN STAR South Africa
ASI Aerosun International, Inc. AEROSUN United States
ASM Awesome Flight Services (PTY) Ltd. AWESOME South Africa
ASO Aero Slovakia AERO NITRA Slovakia
ASP Airsprint AIRSPRINT Canada
ASR All Star Airlines, Inc. ALL STAR United States
AST Aerolíneas Del Oeste AEROESTE Mexico
WAP Arrow Panama ARROW PANAMA Panama
ASV Astravia-Bissau Air Transports Ltd. ASTRAVIA Guinea-Bissau
OB ASZ Astrakhan Airlines AIR ASTRAKHAN Russia defunct
ATB Atlantair Ltd. STARLITE Canada
ATD Aerotours Dominicana AEROTOURS Dominican Republic
ATE Atlantis Transportation Services, Ltd. ATLANTIS CANADA Canada
ATG Aerotranscargo[9] MOLDCARGO Moldova
HC ATI Aero-Tropics Air Services AEROTROPICS Australia defunct
ATK AeroTACA AEROTACA Colombia defunct, Aerotaxi Casanare
ATL Atlas Air Service AG AIR BREMEN Germany
FO ATM Airlines of Tasmania AIRTAS Australia
CPV Air Corporate AIRCORPORATE Italy
ATP ASTRAL Colombia - Aerotransportes Especiales Ltda. ASTRAL Colombia
FEO Aeroferinco FERINCO Mexico
FES Aero Taxis Y Servicios Alfe AERO ALFE Mexico
FFA Avialesookhrana AVIALESOOKHRANA Russia
FFB Africair Service FOXTROT FOXTROT Senegal
ATR Atlas Airlines ATLAS-AIR United States
ATT Aer Turas AERTURAS Ireland defunct
ATU Atlant Aerobatics Ltd. ATLANT HUNGARY Hungary
ATV Avanti Air AVANTI AIR Germany
ATW Aero Trades (Western) Ltd. AERO TRADES Canada defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
OS AUA Austrian Airlines AUSTRIAN Austria
IQ AUB Augsburg Airways AUGSBURG-AIR Germany defunct
TUP Aviastar-Tu TUPOLEVAIR Russia
RU ABW AirBridge Cargo AIRBRIDGE CARGO Russia Former IATA: BO
TUR ATUR Ecuador
TXU ATESA Aerotaxis Ecuatorianos ATESA Ecuador
TXX Austin Express COWBOY United States defunct
AUD Audi Air, Inc. AUDI AIR United States
AUF Augusta Air Luftfahrtunternehmen AUGUSTA Germany
AUM Air Atlantic Uruguay ATLAMUR Uruguay
AUN Aviones Unidos AVIONES UNIDOS Mexico
AUP Avia Business Group Russia
SVE Aero Servicios Expecializados AEROESPECIAL Mexico
GR AUR Aurigny Air Services AYLINE United Kingdom
NO AUS Aus-Air AUS-AIR Australia defunct
AU AUT Austral Líneas Aéreas AUSTRAL Argentina
AUU Aurora Aviation, Inc. AURORA AIR United States ICAO code no longer allocated
AUY Aerolíneas Uruguayas, S.A. AUSA Uruguay
AVF Aviair Aviation Ltd. CARIBOO Canada
AVH AV8 Helicopters KENT HELI United Kingdom
AVJ Avia Traffic Company ATOMIC Kyrgyzstan
AVK AV8 Helicopters AVIATE-COPTER South Africa
AVM Aviación Ejecutiva Mexicana, S.A. AVEMEX Mexico
AVO Aviation at Work AVIATION WORK South Africa
AVP Avcorp Registrations AVCORP United Kingdom No longer used
AVP Aviacion Corporativa de Peubla AVIA PUEBLA Mexico
LFP Alfa Aerospace ALFA-SPACE Australia
LFR Atlantic Airfreight Aviation LANFREIGHT São Tomé and Príncipe
AVS Avialsa T-35 AVIALSA Spain
AVT Asia Avia Airlines ASIAVIA Indonesia defunct
AVU Avia Sud Aérotaxi AVIASUD France
AVV Airvantage Incorporated AIRVANTAGE United States
AVW Aviator Airways AVIATOR Greece
AVX Aviapaslauga PASLAUGA Lithuania defunct
YRG Air Yugoslavia YUGAIR Serbia defunct; operations continue under Jat Airways
K8 ZAK Airlink Zambia Zambia Zambia Skyways Limited
ZZM Agence Nationale des Aerodromes et de la Meteorologie (ANAM) Ivory Coast
4Y BGA Airbus Transport International BELUGA France
B9 BGD Air Bangladesh AIR BANGLA Bangladesh defunct
BGF Aviodetachment-28 BULGARIAN Bulgaria
BGG Aero BG AERO BG Mexico
BHC Aerotaxis De La Bahia BAHIA Mexico
BIV Aviaservice AVIASERVICE Georgia
SZA Aerolíneas de El Salvador AESA El Salvador defunct
AVY Aerovaradero, S.A. AEROVARADERO Cuba
AWB Airways International, Inc. AIRNAT United States
AWK Airwork AIRWORK New Zealand
AWL Australian Wetleasing AUSSIEWORLD Australia
AWO Awood Air Ltd. AWOOD AIR Canada
AWR Arctic Wings And Rotors Ltd. ARCTIC WINGS Canada
ISM Auo Airclub AIST-M STORK Russia
AWS Arab Wings ARAB WINGS Jordan
AWV Airwave Transport, Inc. AIRWAVE Canada
AWY Aeroway, S.L. AEROWEE Spain
AXH Aeromexhaga AEROMEXHAGA Mexico
AXI Aeron International Airlines, Inc. AIR FREIGHTER United States
AXK African Express Airways EXPRESS JET Kenya Former IATA code: QA; former ICAO code: AEK; former callsign: AFRICAN EXPRESS
AK AXM AirAsia RED CAP Malaysia ICAO code no longer allocated
D7 XAX AirAsia X XANADU Malaysia
DJ WAJ AirAsia Japan WING ASIA Japan defunct
I5 IAD AirAsia India ARIYA India Founded 28. Mar 2013
AXN Alexandair ALEXANDROS Greece defunct
BNI Alberni Airways ALBERNI Canada
BNZ Aerolíneas Bonanza AERO BONANZA Mexico
BOC Aerobona AEROBONA Mexico
AXR Axel Rent, S.A. RENTAXEL Mexico
AXS Altus Airlines ALTUS United States
AXV Aviaxess AXAVIA France
AXX Avioimpex A.D.p.o. IMPEX Macedonia defunct
6V AXY Axis Airways AXIS France defunct
AYD Aladia Airlines AIRLINES ALADIA Mexico defunct
AYK Aykavia Aircompany Armenia ICAO code no longer allocated
AYM Airman, S.L. AIRMAN Spain
NPT West Atlantic UK NEPTUNE United Kingdom
GBN Atlantic Airlines ATLANTIC GABON Gabon
EX BJK Atlantic Airlines BLACKJACK United States
HHA Atlantic Airlines de Honduras ATLANTIC HONDURAS Honduras defunct
AYN Atlantic Airlines, S.A. ATLANTIC NICARAGUA Nicaragua
AYS Awsaj Aviation Services Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
AYT Ayeet Aviation & Tourism AYEET Israel
3G AYZ Atlant-Soyuz Airlines ATLANT-SOYUZ Russia defunct
AZ AZA Alitalia ALITALIA Italy defunct
ZE AZE Arcus-Air Logistic ARCUS AIR Germany
A2 AZI Astra Airlines ASTRA Greece
AZK Azalhelikopter AZALHELICOPTER Azerbaijan
AZL Africa One SKY AFRICA Zambia defunct
AZM Aerocozumel AEROCOZUMEL Mexico
AZP Arizona Pacific Airways ARIZONA PACIFIC United States
AZS Aviacon Zitotrans Air Company ZITOTRANS Russia
AZT Azimut, S.A. AZIMUT Spain
AZV Azov Avia Airlines AZOV AVIA Ukraine defunct, Asov-Avia, Aircompany
MHC Aero Jomacha AERO JOMACHA Mexico
AZY Arizona Airways, Inc. ARIZAIR United States
AZZ Azza Transport AZZA TRANSPORT Sudan
NAR Air Continental Inc NIGHT AIR United States
NAU Antanik-Air ANTANIK Ukraine
NER Air Newark NEWAIR United States
NFF Aircraft Support and Services Lebanon ICAO code no longer allocated
OBA Aerobanana AEROBANANA Mexico
OBK Amako Airlines AMAKO AIR Nigeria
R7 OCA Aserca Airlines AROSCA Venezuela
NFS Afrique Cargo Service Senegal Senegal defunct
NGC Angoservice ANGOSERVICE Angola
NGE Angel Airlines ANGEL AIR Thailand defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
NGF Angel Flight America ANGEL FLIGHT United States Renamed Air Charity Network in 2014[4]
OUL Air Atonabee CITY EXPRESS Canada defunct
OVA Aero Nova AERONOVA Spain
XPE Amira Air EXPERT Austria
XSS Aero Express Intercontinental INTER EXPRESS Mexico
TLR Air Libya Tibesti AIR LIBYA Libya
OVC Aerovic Ecuador
RVE Airventure AIRVENTURE Belgium
RVI Aero Servicios AERO SERVICIOS Mexico
RVL Airvallee AIR VALLEE Italy
OVE Aeromover AEROMOVER Mexico
OVI Aerovías Ejecutivas VIAS EJECUTIVAS Mexico
PTD Aero Servicio Pity PITY Mexico
PTE Aero Copter AERO-COP Mexico
PLL Air Pal AIRPAL Spain Escuela De Pilots
PLM Air Pullmantur PULLMANTUR Spain
RX AEH Aviaexpress AVEX Hungary defunct
PSG Aviones Para Servirle SERVIAVIONES Mexico
SLU Avio Sluzba AVIO SLUZBA Serbia
SCU Air Scorpio SCORPIO UNIVERS Bulgaria
SIP Air Spirit AIR SPIRIT United States
BMV Alatau Airlines OLIGA Kazakhstan
GUG Aviateca AVIATECA Guatemala
PXX Aroostook Aviation PINE STATE United States
PYC Aeropycsa AEROPYCSA Mexico
PVK Association of Private Pilots of Kazakhstan BORIS Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
BAS Aero Services AEROSERV Barbados
BBT Air Bashkortostan AGYDAL Russia defunct
MCY Ambulance Air Africa MERCY South Africa
MQ EGF American Eagle Airlines EAGLE FLIGHT United States Renamed Envoy Air, ICAO Code and Callsign withdrawn in 2014
PUE Aeropuelche PUELCHE Chile
PUT Aeroput Serbia defunct
ZS AZI Azzurra Air AZZURRA Italy defunct
FF Airshop Netherlands
ML ETC African Transport Trading and Investment Company TRANATTICO Sudan
XCT Aero Costa Taxi Aéreo AEROCOSTAXI Mexico
VRO Aerovitro AEROVITRO Mexico
VRI Aerotaxi Villa Rica VILLARICA Mexico
VEG Aerovega AEROVEGA Mexico
VVG Aerovilla AEROVILLA Colombia
VLR Aerolíneas Villaverde VILLAVERDE Mexico
WI WIL Aero Air WILLIAMETTE United States
VEJ Aero Ejecutivos VENEJECUTIV Venezuela
WAB Aero Industries Inc WABASH United States
VNG Aero Servicios Vanguardia VANGUARDIA Mexico
VAD Aero Taxi Los Valles VALLES Spain
VMR Aero Vilamoura AERO VILAMOURA Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
VLS Aero Virel VIREL Mexico
XAA Aeronautical Radio Inc

ROCKFISH|United States

VUO Aerovuelox AEROVUELOX Mexico
VU VUN Air Ivoire AIRIVOIRE Ivory Coast defunct
BP BOT Air Botswana BOTSWANA Botswana
XPR Air-Rep United States
XLL Air Excel TINGA-TINGA Tanzania
VAE Air Evans AIR-EVANS Spain Ecuela de Pilotos Privados
WHY Air Sorel AIR SOREL Canada
WDR Air Net Private Charter WIND RIDER United States
XEC Air Executive Charter Germany
GS UPA Air Foyle FOYLE United Kingdom defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
VTY Air Midwest (Nigeria) VICTORY Nigeria
VT VTA Air Tahiti AIR TAHITI French Polynesia
3N URG Air Urga URGA Ukraine
VDR Air Vardar VARDAR Macedonia ICAO code in use by another company, call sign no longer allocated
WLR Air Walser AIRWALSER Italy
URA Aircompany Rosavia ROSAVIA Ukraine
XLB Aircraft Performance Group United States
WLA Airwaves Airlink AIRLIMITED Zambia
XFX Airways Corporation of New Zealand AIRCORP New Zealand
WAY Airways GARONNE France
WGS Airwings oy AIRWINGS Finland
WPK Air-Lift Associates WOLFPACK United States
VAB Airtrans Ltd Russia
URP ARP 410 Airlines AIR-ARP Ukraine
WPR Auckland Regional Rescue Helicopter Trust WESTPAC RESCUE New Zealand
URR Aurora Airlines AIR AURORA Slovenia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
UST Austro Aéreo AUSTRO AEREO Ecuador
WLT Aviation Partners WINGLET United States
VLV Avialift Vladivostok VLADLIFT Russia
VME Aviación Comercial de América AVIAMERICA Mexico
VVA Aviast Air IALSI Russia defunct
WLV Aviation North WOLVERINE United States
FK WTA Africa West WEST TOGO Togo
VNT Avient Air Zambia AVIENT Zambia
VZR Aviazur IAZUR France
VID Aviaprad AVIAPRAD Russia defunct
VXX Aviaexpress Aircompany EXPRESSAVIA Ukraine
XAM AMR Services Corporation ALLIANCE United States
XAO Airline Operations Services United States
VAZ Airlines 400 REMONT AIR Russia
V8 VAS ATRAN Cargo Airlines ATRAN Russian Federation
VAM Ameravia AMERAVIA Uruguay
K6 KHV Angkor Air AIR ANGKOR Cambodia
VBC AVB-2004 Ltd AIR VICTOR Bulgaria
XAT AT and T Aviation Division United States
CAJ Air Caraibes Atlantique CAR LINE France
CBE Aerovías Caribe AEROCARIBE Mexico
CBO Aerotaxi del Cabo TAXI CABO Mexico
CBS Air Columbus AIR COLUMBUS Ukraine
CBV Aereo Cabo CABOAEREO Mexico
CA CCA Air China AIR CHINA China
CDA Aerocardal CARDAL Chile
Q6 CDP Aero Condor Peru CONDOR-PERU Peru
CDU Aerotrans Russia
CDV Airline Skol SKOL Russia
CFF Aerofan AEROFAN Spain
CFR Africa One Democratic Republic of the Congo defunct
CFV Aero Calafia CALAFIA Mexico
CGB Air Cargo Belize CARGO BELIZE Belize
CGV Aero Clube Do Algarve CLUBE ALGARVE Portugal
CGW Air Great Wall CHANGCHENG China


CHJ Aircompany Chaika AIR CHAIKA Ukraine
CHR Air Charter Services ZAIRE CHARTER Democratic Republic of the Congo
CHV Air Charter Professionals CHARTAIR United States
CID Asia Continental Airlines ACID Kazakhstan defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
5F CIR Arctic Circle Air Service AIR ARCTIC United States defunct 2011
CKL Aviation Charter Services CIRCLE CITY United States
CLL Aerovías Castillo AEROCASTILLO Mexico
CLP Aero Club De Portugal CLUB PORTUGAL Portugal
CMF Air Care Alliance COMPASSION United States
CNE Air Toronto CONNECTOR Canada
CNH Aquila Air CHENANGO United States
CNU Air Consul AIR CONSUL Spain
CNX AllCanada Express CANEX Canada defunct
CPF Airtechservice TECHSERVICE Ukraine defunct
QC CRD Air Corridor AIR CORRIDOR Mozambique defunct
NV CRF Air Central AIR CENTRAL Japan Ceased operations 2010
CRJ Air Cruzal AIR CRUZAL Angola
CRP Aerotransportes Corporativos AEROTRANSCORP Mexico
CRQ Air Creebec CREE Canada
CTA Aero Charter and Transport CHAR-TRAN United States
CTE Air Tenglong TENGLONG China
CTR Aerolíneas Centauro CENTAURO Mexico
CUO Aerocuahonte CUAHONTE Mexico
CV CVA Air Chathams CHATHAM New Zealand
CW CWM Air Marshall Islands AIR MARSHALLS Marshall Islands
CWP Australian Customs Service COASTWATCH Australia
CYL Air One Cityliner CITYLINER Italy
CYO Air Transport COYOTE United States
CYE Aerocheyenne AEROCHEYENNE Mexico
AH DAH Air Algérie AIR ALGERIE Algeria
DAP Aerovías DAP DAP Chile
DBA Air Alpha DOUBLE-A United States
DBD Air Niagara Express AIR NIAGARA Canada
DEF Aviation Defense Service TIRPA France
DEG Air Service Groningen DEGGER Netherlands ICAO code and call sign no longer allocated
ER DHL Astar Air Cargo D-H-L United States defunct, DHL
DHM Archer Aviation ARCHER United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
DIC Aeromedica AEROMEDICA Mexico
DIN Aerodin AERODIN Mexico
DJU Air Djibouti AIR DJIB Djibouti defunct
EN DLA Air Dolomiti DOLOMITI Italy
DLS Aero Modelo AEROMODELO Mexico
DLU Aerolíneas del Sur DEL SUR Chile defunct
DMC Aerodinamica de Monterrey DINAMICAMONT Mexico
DMI Aeroservicios Dinamicos AERODINAMICO Mexico
DML Aerotaxis Dosmil Mexico
DNA Aerodespachos de El Salvador AERODESPACHOS El Salvador
DNC Aerodynamics Málaga FLYINGOLIVE Spain
DNJ Aerodynamics Incorporated DYNAJET United States
NM DRD Air Madrid ALADA AIR Spain defunct
DRM Airways Flight Training DARTMOOR United Kingdom
DRO Aeronaves Del Noreste AERONORESTE Mexico
6R DRU Alrosa Air Company MIRNY Russia
DSK Aero Algarve SKYBANNER Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
DST Aex Air DESERT United States
EAT Air Transport TRANS EUROPE Slovakia
EE EAY Aero Airlines REVAL Estonia defunct
EBC Aero Ejecutivo De Baja California CALIXJET Mexico
4F ECE Air City AIRCITY Germany
ECG Aero Ejecutivos RCG EJECTUIVOS RCG Mexico
ECL Aeronáutica Castellana AERO CASTELLANA Spain
ECM Aerolíneas Comerciales AERO COMERCIALES Mexico
EDA Aerolineas Nacionales Del Ecuador ANDES Ecuador defunct
EET Air Este AESTE Spain
EJP Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Corporativos EJECCORPORATIVOS Mexico
E8 ELG Alpi Eagles ALPI EAGLES Italy defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
END Arrendadora y Transportadora Aérea ARRENDADORA Mexico
ENW Aeronaves Del Noroeste AERONOR Spain
EOL Airailes EOLE France
RF EOK Aero K AEROHANKUK South Korea established in May 2016; commenced operations on 15 April 2021
EOM Aero Ermes AERO ERMES Mexico
EPL Aero Transportes Empresariales EMPRESARIALES Mexico
EPE Aero Empresarial AEROEMPRESARIAL Mexico
KY EQL Air São Tomé and Príncipe EQUATORIAL São Tomé and Príncipe defunct
ERG Avianergo AVIANERGO Russia defunct
ERI Aero Servicios Regiomontanos ASERGIO Mexico
ERK Aerosec AEROSEC Chile
ERM Aeromaan EOMAAN Mexico
ESB Aereosaba AEREOSABA Mexico
ESO Avitat United Kingdom
ESU Aerolíneas Ejecutivas Del Sureste ALESUR Mexico
ESZ Aeronáutica La Esperanza ESPERANZA Mexico
ETE Aero Siete AEROSIETE Mexico
EUK Air Atlanta Europe SNOWBIRD United Kingdom defunct
EVE Air Evex SUNBEAM Germany
EVR Aeronautical Academy of Europe DIANA Portugal
EXG Air Exchange EXCHANGE United States
FAC Atlantic Helicopters FAROECOPTER Denmark
FAG Argentine Air Force FUAER Argentina
PC FAJ Air Fiji FIJIAIR Fiji defunct
FAN AF-Air International FANBIRD Angola
FBW Aviation Data Systems United States
FCI Air Carriers FAST CHECK United States
FCO Aerofrisco AEROFRISCO Mexico
FCU Alfa 4 Mexico
JH FDA Fuji Dream Airlines FUJI DREAM Japan
FDS African Medical and Research Foundation FLYDOC Kenya
FGT Aero Freight FREIAERO Mexico
FIC Aerosafin AEROSAFIN Mexico
OF FIF Air Finland AIR FINLAND Finland
FII Aerodata Flight Inspection FLIGHT CHECKER Germany ICAO code no longer allocated
FIX Airfix Aviation AIRFIX Finland
FJ FJI Fiji Airways PACIFIC Fiji
FLD Air Falcon Pakistan
RC FLI Atlantic Airways FAROELINE Faroe Islands
FLP Aeroclub Flaps AEROCLUB FLAPS Spain defunct
QH FLZ Aero Leasing AIR FLORIDA United States dba Air Florida
FMT Air Fret De Mauritanie Mauritania
FNM Avio Nord Italy
FNO Aeroflota Del Noroeste RIAZOR Spain
FNX Aero Fenix AERO FENIX France ICAO code no longer allocated
FPY African Company Airlines AFRICOMPANY Democratic Republic of the Congo Defunct.[10] ICAO code in use by another company.[11]
FRJ Afrijet Airlines AFRIJET Nigeria
FRK Afrika Aviation Handlers AFRIFAST Kenya
FRQ Afrique Chart'air CHARTER AFRIQUE Cameroon
FRT Aerofreight Airlines Russia
FST Aeros Limited FAST TRACK United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
FTC Air Affaires Tchad AFFAIRES TCHAD Chad
NY FXI Air Iceland FAXI Iceland
2P GAP Air Philippines ORIENT PACIFIC Philippines
GAU Aerogaucho AEROGAUCHO Uruguay
GBJ Aero Business Charter GLOBAL JET Germany
GCK Aerogem Cargo AEROGEM Ghana defunct
GFO Aerovías del Golfo AEROVIAS GOLFO Mexico
GGL Aeronáutica GIRA GLOBO Angola
ZX GGN Air Georgian GEORGIAN Canada
GHL Aviance UK HANDLING United Kingdom Gatwick Handling
GHN Air Ghana AIR GHANA Ghana
GIL African International Transport AFRICAN TRANSPORT Guinea
2U GIP Air Guinee Express FUTURE EXPRESS Guinea
GIZ Africa Airlines AFRILENS Guinea
GLL Air Gemini TWINS Angola
GLT Aero Charter GASLIGHT United States
GME Aguilas Mayas Internacional MAYAN EAGLES Guatemala
GMM Aerotaxis Guamuchil AEROGUAMUCHIL Mexico
GMS Aeroservicios Gama SERVICIOS GAMA Mexico
0A GNT Amber Air GINTA Lithuania
GOA Alberta Government ALBERTA Canada
GRE Air Scotland GREECE AIRWAYS Greece
DA GRG Air Georgia AIR GEORGIA Georgia
GRI Air Cargo Center São Tomé and Príncipe
LL GRO Allegro ALLEGRO Mexico defunct (IATA code reallocated)
GRR Agroar - Trabalhos Aéreos AGROAR Portugal
GRX Aircompany Grodno GRODNO Belarus
GSP Airlift Alaska GREEN SPEED United States
GSV Agrocentr-Avia AGRAV Kazakhstan
GTC Altin Havayolu Tasimaciligi Turizm Ve Ticaret GOLDEN WINGS Turkey
5Y GTI Atlas Air GIANT United States
GTP Aerotaxi Grupo Tampico GRUPOTAMPICO Mexico
GUA Aerotaxis de Aguascalientes AGUASCALIENTES Mexico
GG GUY Air Guyane GREEN BIRD French Guiana
GVI Air Victoria Georgia IRINA Georgia
H9 HAD Air d'Ayiti HAITI AVIA Haiti
GG HAH Air Comores International AIR COMORES Comoros
HAT Air Taxi TAXI BIRD France
HEI Aerohein AEROHEIN Chile
HGH Atlantic Air Lift HIGHER France
HID Aviación Ejecutiva De Hildago EJECUTIVA HIDALGO Mexico
HJA Air Haiti AIRHAITI Haiti
HD HLN Air Holland ORANGE Netherlands defunct
HJT Al Rais Cargo AL-RAIS CARGO United Arab Emirates
HKH Air-Invest HAWKHUNGARY Hungary
HMA Air Tahoma TAHOMA United States ICAO code no longer allocated
HMT Air Nova HAMILTON United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
HOM Aero Homex AERO HOMEX Mexico
HPO Almiron Aviation ALMIRON Uganda
HQO Avinor Norway
HYR Airlink Airways HIGHFLYER Ireland
8C HZT Air Horizon HORIZON TOGO Togo
ICM Air Inter Cameroun INTER-CAMEROUN Cameroon
IKM Aero Survey EASY SHUTTLE Ghana Callsign changed from GHANA SURVEY
ILK Aero Airline ILEK Kazakhstan
IME Airtime Charters AIRTIME United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
IMN Aerotaxis Cimarron TAXI CIMARRON Mexico
INA Aero Internacional AERO-NACIONAL Mexico
ING Aeroingenieria AEROINGE Chile defunct
INO Aeroservicios Intergrados de Norte INTENOR Mexico
IPL Airpull Aviation IPULL Spain
IRD Arvand Airlines ARVAND Iran
IRH Atlas Aviation Group ATLAS AVIA Iran
IRW Aram Airline ARAM Iran
IRX Aria Tour ARIA Iran
ITE Aerotaxi S.R.O. AEROTAXI Czech Republic
ITF Avita-Servicos Aéreos AIR AVITA Angola
ITI AirSwift AIRSWIFT Philippines
ITO Aero Citro AERO CITRO Mexico
IVE Air Executive COMPANY EXEC Spain
IWS Aviainvest Russia
W9 JAB Air Bagan AIR BAGAN Myanmar
JAD Aerojal AEROJAL Mexico
JAR Airlink AIRLINK Austria
JEE Ambjek Air Services AMBJEK AIR Nigeria
UTX Avfinity United States
JMR Alexandair ALEXANDAIR Canada
JMX Air Jamaica Express JAMAICA EXPRESS Jamaica
JOA Air Swift Aviation Australia
JOB Aerojobeni JOBENI Mexico
IP JOL Atyrau Air Ways EDIL Kazakhstan
JPR Aerosmith Aviation JASPER United States ICAO code no longer allocated
JTS Arrendamiento de Aviones Jets AVIONESJETS Mexico
JUA Aero Juarez JUAREZ Mexico
QK JZA Air Canada Jazz JAZZ Canada
KAA Asia Aero Survey and Consulting Engineers AASCO Republic of Korea ICAO code no longer allocated
KAD Air Kirovograd AIR KIROVOGRAD Ukraine
KAM Air Mach ICO-AIR Italy
KAV Air Kufra AIRKUFRA Libya
KEK Arkhabay ARKHABAY Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
KFK Aero Charter Krifka KRIFKA AIR Austria
KFT Air Kraft Mir AIR KRAFT MIR Uzbekistan
KGD Air Concorde CONCORDE AIR Bulgaria
KHH Alexandria Airlines Egypt
KIE Afit TWEETY Germany
KKB Air South KHAKI BLUE United States
KK KKK Atlasjet ATLASJET Turkey
KLB Air Mali International TRANS MALI Mali
KLZ Aerokaluz AEROKALUZ Mexico
JS KOR Air Koryo AIR KORYO Democratic People's Republic of Korea
KOY Araiavia ALEKS Kazakhstan
KRE AeroSucre AEROSUCRE Colombia
KRT Air Kokshetau KOKTA Kazakhstan ICAO code no longer allocated
KSI Air Kissari KISSARI Angola
KTN Aeronavigaciya AERONAVIGACIYA Ukraine
KVR Alliance Avia KAVAIR Kazakhstan
KYC Av Atlantic DOLPHIN United States
KC KZR Air Astana ASTANALINE Kazakhstan
LAG Aviation Legacy AVILEG Gambia
Aerovías De Lagos AEROLAGOS Mexico Was LAG
LV LBC Albanian Airlines ALBANIAN Albania
LBI Albisa ALBISA Mexico
LBW Albatros Airways ALBANWAYS Albania
LDG Aerolíneas Aéreas Ejecutivas De Durango DURANGO Mexico
3S BOX Aerologic GERMAN CARGO Germany
LDN Al-Donas Airlines ALDONAS AIR Nigeria
QP AKJ Akasa Air AKASA AIR India
LDR Aero Lider AEROLIDER Mexico
LEM Aleem Egypt
LET Aerolíneas Ejecutivas MEXEJECUTIV Mexico
H7 LFA Air Alfa AIR ALFA Turkey
LFC Aero Control Air LIFE FLIGHT CANADA Canada defunct
LGN Aerolaguna AEROLAGUNA Mexico
LHR Al Ahram Aviation AL AHRAM Egypt
D4 LID Alidaunia ALIDA Italy
LIE Al-Dawood Air AL-DAWOOD AIR Nigeria
LKP American Aviation LAKE POWELL United States ICAO code no longer allocated
LKS Airlink Solutions AIRLIN Spain
LKY Air Solutions LUCKY United States
9I LLR Air India Regional ALLIED India
LMA Aerolima AEROLIMA Mexico
LML Alamia Air ALAMIA AIR Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
LMP Air Plus Argentina AIR FLIGHT Argentina
LMT Almaty Aviation ALMATY Kazakhstan
LMX Aerolíneas Mexicanas J S LINEAS MEXICANAS Mexico
LMY Air Almaty AGLEB Kazakhstan
LMZ Air Almaty ZK ALUNK Kazakhstan
XL LNE Aerolane AEROLANE Ecuador Líneas Aéreas Nacionales Del Ecuador
4Z LNK Airlink LINK South Africa
LNT Aerolíneas Internacionales LINEAINT Mexico
LOK Alok Air ALOK AIR Sudan
LOU Air Saint Louis AIR SAINTLOUIS Senegal
FL LPA Air Leap LEAP Sweden [12]
LPC Alpine Aviation NETSTAR South Africa
A6 LPV Air Alps Aviation ALPAV Austria
LRO Alrosa-Avia ALROSA Russia
LRW Al Rida Airways AL RIDA Mauritania
LSK Aurela AURELA Lithuania
LSM Aerobusinessservice Russia defunct
LSR Alsair ALSAIR France
LTI Aerotaxis Latinoamericanos LATINO Mexico
LUC Albinati Aeronautics ALBINATI Switzerland
TD LUR Atlantis European Airways ATLANTIS Armenia defunct
LVN Aliven ALIVEN Italy
LVR Aviavilsa AVIAVILSA Lithuania
L8 LXG Air Luxor GB LUXOR GOLF Guinea-Bissau
LK LXR Air Luxor AIRLUXOR Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
LYT Apatas Air APATAS Lithuania
LZP Air Ban DOC AIR Bulgaria
LZR Air Lazur LAZUR BEE-GEE Bulgaria
MAM Aeródromo De La Mancha AEROMAN Spain
MK MAU Air Mauritius AIRMAURITIUS Mauritius
MBA Avag Air AVAG AIR Austria
MBB Air Manas AIR MANAS Kyrgyzstan
MBC Airjet Exploracao Aerea de Carga MABECO Angola
MBV Aeriantur-M AEREM Moldova defunct
MCB Air Mercia WESTMID United Kingdom
MCD Air Medical AIR MED United Kingdom
MCO Aerolíneas Marcos MARCOS Mexico
MDC Atlantic Aero and Mid-Atlantic Freight NIGHT SHIP United States
MD MDG Air Madagascar AIR MADAGASCAR Madagascar
MDX Aerosud Charter MEDAIR South Africa
MEF Air Meridan EMPENNAGE Nigeria
MFL Aero McFly MCFLY Mexico
MGE Asia Pacific Airlines MAGELLAN United States
MGS Aeromagar AEROMAGAR Mexico
MIE Aero Premier De Mexico AEROPREMIER Mexico
9U MLD Air Moldova AIR MOLDOVA Moldova
MLF Amal Airlines AMAL Djibouti
L9 MLI Air Mali AIR MALI Mali defunct
MLN Air Madeleine AIR MADELEINE Canada
MMC Aermarche AERMARCHE Italy
MMD Air Alsie MERMAID Denmark
MMM Aviation Company Meridian AVIAMERIDIAN Russia
MMP AMP Incorporated AMP-INC United States
MNE Aerolíneas Amanecer AEROAMANECER Mexico
MNG Aero Mongolia AERO MONGOLIA Mongolia
MOC Air Monarch Cargo MONARCH CARGO Mexico
MOP Aeropublicitaria De Angola PUBLICITARIA Angola
MOR Aerolíneas De Morelia AEROMORELIA Mexico
A7 MPD Air Plus Comet RED COMET Spain
QO MPX Aeromexpress AEROMEXPRESS Mexico
MRL Aeromorelos AEROMORELOS Mexico
MRM Aerocharter MARITIME Canada
MR MRT Air Mauritanie MIKE ROMEO Mauritania
MSC Air Cairo Egypt
MSK Air Sport AIR SPORT Bulgaria
MSO Aerolíneas Mesoamericanas MESO AMERICANAS Mexico
MSV Aero-Kamov AERAFKAM Russia
MTB Aerotaxis Metropolitanos AEROMETROPOLIS Mexico
MTE Aeromet Línea Aérea AEROMET Chile defunct
MTK Air Metack AIRMETACK Angola
MTY Air Montegomery MONTY United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
MXO Aerotaxi Mexicano MAXAERO Mexico
MYS Aero Yaqui Mayo AERO YAQUI Mexico
MZK AVC Airlines Japan
MZL Aerovías Montes Azules MONTES AZULES Mexico
2V* Amtrak United States Train services only
F4 NBK Albarka Air AL-AIR Nigeria
NEL Aero Servicios de Nuevo Laredo AEROLAREDO Mexico
NGV Angoavia ANGOAVIA Angola
NID Aeroni AERONI Mexico
NIE Aeroejecutiva Nieto AERONIETO Mexico
AJ NIG Aero Contractors AEROLINE Nigeria
NKZ Aerokuzbass NOVOKUZNETSK Russia
NRE Aviones Are AVIONES ARE Mexico
NRS Atlantic Richfield Company NORTH SLOPE United States
NSO Aerolíneas Sosa SOSA Honduras
NTD Aero Norte Mexico
NTV Air Inter Ivoire INTER-IVOIRE Ivory Coast
NUL Aeroservicios De Nuevo Leon SERVICIOS NUEVOLEON Mexico
NVI Avial NV Aviation Company NEW AVIAL Russia
NWG Airwing NORWING Norway
OAO Arkhangelsk 2 Aviation Division DVINA Russia
OGI Aerogisa AEROGISA Mexico
OLV Aerolíneas Olve OLVE Mexico
OMG Aeromega OMEGA United Kingdom
ONR Air One Nine EDER Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
ONT Air Ontario ONTARIO Canada
ORP Aerocorp CORPSA Mexico IATA changed to RCP; callsign changed to AEROCORPSA
OSN Aerosan AEROSAN Mexico
OSO Aviapartner Limited Company Russia
PAJ Aliparma ALIPARMA Italy
PBT Air Parabet PARABET Bangladesh
8Y PBU Air Burundi AIR-BURUNDI Burundi
PCG Aeropostal Cargo de Mexico POSTAL CARGO Mexico
PCK Air Pack Express AIRPACK EXPRESS Spain
PCS Air Palace AIR PALACE Mexico
OT PEL Aeropelican Air Services PELICAN Australia
PEV Peoples Vienna Line PEOPLES Austria
PFI Aerolíneas Chihuahua PACIFICO CHIHUAHUA Mexico
PFT Air Cargo Express International PROFREIGHT United States
PHR Al Farana Airline PHARAOH Egypt
PHW PHOENIX SHARJAH United Arab Emirates ICAO code no longer allocated
PIE Air South West PIRATE United Kingdom
PIF Aeroservicios California Pacifico AEROCALPA Mexico
PKA AST Pakistan Airways PAKISTAN AIRWAY Pakistan
PNL Aero Personal AEROPERSONAL Mexico
PNU Aero Servicios Platinum AERO PLATINUM Mexico
POY Apoyo Aéreo APOYO AEREO Mexico
PRT Atlantic Coast Jet PATRIOT United States
AD PRZ Air Paradise International RADISAIR Indonesia Defunct 2005
PZA Aéreo Taxi Paraza AEREO PARAZA Mexico
QD QCL Air Class Líneas Aéreas ACLA Uruguay
QEA Aviation Consultancy Office Australia
QAT Aero Taxi AIR QUASAR Canada defunct
QKC Aero Taxi Aviation QUAKER CITY United States
QLA Aviation Quebec Labrador QUEBEC LABRADOR Canada
QS QSC African Safari Airways ZEBRA Kenya
QUI Aero Quimmco QUIMMCO Mexico
RAD Alada AIR ALADA Angola
RAI Aerotur Air DIASA Kazakhstan
RAP Air Center Helicopters RAPTOR United States
RBE Aur Rum Benin RUM BENIN Benin
RBJ Aeroserivios Del Bajio AEROBAJIO Mexico
4Y RBU Airbus France AIRBUS FRANCE France
RBV Air Roberval AIR ROBERVAL Canada


ARU Aruba Airlines ARUBA Aruba
RCC Air Charters Eelde RACER Netherlands ICAO code and call sign no longer allocated
RCE Aerocer AEROCER Mexico
RCF Aeroflot-Cargo AEROFLOT-CARGO Russia
MC RCH Air Mobility Command REACH United States United States Air Force
RCI Air Cassai AIR CASSAI Angola
RCO Aero Renta De Coahuila AEROCOAHUILA Mexico
RCP Aerocorp AEROCORPSA Mexico
RCQ Aerolíneas Regionales REGIONAL CARGO Mexico
RCU Atlantic S.L. AIR COURIER Spain
RCX Air Service Center SERVICE CENTER Italy
RDM Air Ada AIR ADA Mauritania
RE REA Aer Arann AER ARANN Ireland
REN Aero-Rent AERORENT Mexico
RES Australian Maritime Safety Authority RESCUE Australia
UU REU Air Austral REUNION France
REY Aero-Rey AEROREY Mexico
RFC Aero Africa AERO AFRICA Eswatini
ZP AZP Amaszonas Paraguay GUARANI Paraguay
RFD Aerotransportes Rafilher RAFHILER Mexico
RGO Argo ARGOS Dominican Republic
RGR Avior Regional AVIOR REGIONAL Venezuela 2014[1]
RGT Airbourne School of Flying AIRGOAT United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
RHL Air Archipels ARCHIPELS France
RIF Aviation Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation INTERMIN AVIA Russian Federation
RIS Aeris Gestión AERIS Spain
6K RIT Asian Spirit ASIAN SPIRIT Philippines
RJS Aeroservicios Jet ASERJET Mexico
RKA Air Afrique AIRAFRIC Ivory Coast
A5 RLA Airlinair AIRLINAIR France
NZ RLK Air Nelson NELSON New Zealand defunct
RLL Air Leone AEROLEONE Sierra Leone
QL RLN Aero Lanka AERO LANKA Sri Lanka
RLZ Air Alize ALIZE France
RMD Air Amder AIR AMDER Mauritania
R3 RME Armenian Airlines ARMENIAN Armenia defunct
MV RML Air Mediterranean HELLASMED Greece
RMO Arm-Aero ARM-AERO Armenia
RMX Air Max AEROMAX Bulgaria
2O RNE Air Salone AIR SALONE Sierra Leone
RNM Aeronem Air Cargo AEROMNEM Ecuador
RNR Air Cargo Masters RUNNER United States
U8 RNV Armavia ARMAVIA Armenia defunct, ICAO code no longer allocated
ROE Aeroeste ESTE-BOLIVIA Bolivia
ROH Aero Gen AEROGEN Mexico
ROI Avior Airlines AVIOR Venezuela
ROL Aeroel Airways AEROEL Israel ICAO code no longer allocated
BQ ROM Aeromar Lineas Aereas Dominicanas BRAVO QUEBEC Dominican Republic defunct
ROO Aeroitalia AEROITALIA Italy defunct
ROD Aerodan AERODAN Mexico
P5 RPB AeroRepública AEROREPUBLICA Colombia
RPC Aerolíneas Del Pacífico AEROPACSA Ecuador
RRC Aero Roca AEROROCA Mexico
RRE Aerotransportes Internacionales De Torreon AERO TORREON Mexico
RSC Aerolíneas Ejecutivas Tarascas TARASCAS Mexico
E4 RSO Aero Asia International AERO ASIA Pakistan defunct
BF RSR Aero-Service CONGOSERV Republic of the Congo
5L RSU AeroSur AEROSUR Bolivia
RTE Aeronorte LUZAVIA Portugal ICAO code no longer allocated
RTO Arhabaev Tourism Airlines ARTOAIR Kazakhstan
RTQ Air Turquoise TURQUOISE France
RTU Aerotucan AEROTUCAN Mexico
RUD Air Anastasia ANASTASIA Ukraine
RUM Air Rum AIR RUM Sierra Leone
RVT Aircompany Veteran AIR-VET Armenia
RWB Alliance Express Rwanda Rwanda Formerly Air Rwanda, revived as RwandAir after the Rwandan Genocide
RWC Arrow Ecuador Arrowec ARROWEC Ecuador
RWY Aerogroup 98 Limited TYNWALD United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
RXT Aeroxtra AERO-EXTRA Mexico
RWS Air Whitsunday Australia
RZL Aero Zambia AERO ZAMBIA Zambia
RZN Aero Zano ZANO Mexico
RZZ Anoka Air Charter RED ZONE United States
SBH Aerosaab AEROSAAB Mexico
SCD Associated Aviation ASSOCIATED Nigeria
SCM American Jet International SCREAMER United States
EX SDO Air Santo Domingo AERO DOMINGO Dominican Republic
SDP Aero Sudpacifico SUDPACIFICO Mexico
SEF Aero Servicios Ejecutivas Del Pacifico SERVIPACIFICO Mexico
JR SER Aero California AEROCALIFORNIA Mexico
SGV Aerosegovia SEGOVIA Nicaragua
SHH Airshare Holdings AIRSHARE United Kingdom ICAO code no longer allocated
SIY Aerosiyusa SIYUSA Mexico
SIZ Aero Silza AEROSILZA Mexico
SJN Air San Juan SAN JUAN United States
SKP Aero-North Aviation Services SKIPPER Canada defunct
SMI Aero Sami SAMI Mexico
Z3 SMJ Avient Aviation AVAVIA Zimbabwe
SOD Aerolíneas Sol ALSOL Mexico
SOE Air Soleil AIR SOLEIL Mauritania
SOG Aero Soga AEROSOGA Guinea-Bissau defunct
SPD Airspeed Aviation SPEEDLINE Canada ICAO code no longer allocated
M3 SPJ Air Service AIR SKOPJE Macedonia
SPO Aeroservicios Ejecutivos Del Pacifico EJECTUIV PACIFICO Mexico
SPY Asian Aerospace Service THAI SPACE Thailand
SPZ Airworld SPEED SERVICE South Africa
SQR Alsaqer Aviation ALSAQER AVIATION Libya ICAO code no longer allocated
SRI Air Safaris and Services AIRSAFARI New Zealand
SRV Aero Servicio Corporativo SERVICORP Mexico
SSL Air Sultan SIERRA SULTAN Sierra Leone
SSM Aero 1 Pro-Jet RAPID Canada defunct
SSN Airquarius Air Charter SUNSTREAM South Africa ICAO code no longer allocated
STK Aeropac SAT PAK United States
STT Air St. Thomas PARADISE United States
SUE Aerolíneas Del Sureste AEROSURESTE Mexico
8D* SUW Astair Russian Federation Name changed to Interavia Airlines
SUY Aerial Surveys (1980) Limited SURVEY New Zealand
GM SVK Air Slovakia SLOVAKIA Slovakia ICAO code no longer allocated
R3 SYL Aircompany Yakutia AIR YAKUTIA Russia
SYT Aerosud Aviation SKYTRACK South Africa
HC SZN Air Senegal AIR SENEGAL Senegal
TAA Aeroservicios de La Costa AERO COSTA Mexico
TBL Aerotrebol AEROTREBOL Mexico
TBO Aero Taxi de Los Cabos AERO CABOS Mexico
JY TCI Air Turks and Caicos KERRMONT Turks and Caicos Islands ICAO code no longer allocated
TCO Aerotranscolombina de Carga TRANSCOLOMBIA Colombia
TDG Air Cargo Express TURBO DOG United States
TDT Atlas Helicopters TRIDENT United Kingdom
TDY Air Today AIR TODAY United States
TED Aero Servicios Azteca AEROAZTECA Mexico
TIR Antair ANTAIR Mexico
TLD Aereo Taxi Autlan AEREO AUTLAN Mexico
TLE Aero Util AEROUTIL Mexico
TLU Aero Toluca Internactional AEROTOLUCA Mexico
TME Aero Taxi del Centro de Mexico TAXICENTRO Mexico
TOC Aerotropical TROPICMEX Mexico
TOH Air Tomisko TOMISKO CARGO Serbia
CG TOK Airlines PNG BALUS Papua New Guinea
TON Aero Tonala AEROTONALA Mexico
TPB Aero Tropical AERO TROPICAL Angola
TY TPC Air Calédonie AIRCAL France
TPO Aero Taxi del Potosi TAXI-POTOSI Mexico
TQS Aeroturquesa AEROTURQUESA Mexico
TRH Airmark Aviation TRANSTAR United States
FL TRS AirTran Airways CITRUS United States defunct, last flight 12/30/2014, now part of Southwest Airlines
TS TSC Air Transat AIR TRANSAT Canada
TSQ airtransse AIRTRA Japan
TTB Aerolíneas Turísticas del Caribe AERO TURISTICAS Mexico
TTE Avcenter TETON United States
TUN Air Tungaru TUNGARU Kiribati defunct
EC TWN Avialeasing Aviation Company TWINARROW Uzbekistan
TXD Aerotaxis del Noroeste TAXI OESTE Mexico
TXF Aerotaxis Alfe ALFE Mexico
TXI Aereotaxis AEREOTAXIS Mexico
TZA Aero Tomza AERO TOMZA Mexico
TZT Air Zambezi ZAMBEZI Zimbabwe
UAG Afra Airlines AFRALINE Ghana
UAR Aerostar Airlines AEROSTAR Ukraine
UCK Air Division of the Eastern Kazakhstan Region GALETA Kazakhstan
U7 UGA Air Uganda UGANDA Uganda
UED Air LA AIR L-A United States
6U UKR Air Ukraine AIR UKRAINE Ukraine
UMB Air Umbria AIR UMBRIA Italy
UND Atuneros Unidos de California ATUNEROS UNIDOS Mexico
USC AirNet Express STAR CHECK United States Renamed from US Check Airlines
VNR Avantair AVANTAIR United States defunct
VTG Aviação Transportes Aéreos e Cargas ATACARGO Angola
WAS Air-Watania Iraq
AAJ Alfa Airlines ALFA SUDAN Sudan
KO AER Alaska Central Express ACE AIR United States
AAK Alaska Island Air ALASKA ISLAND United States
KH AAH Aloha Air Cargo ALOHA United States
AQ AAH Aloha Airlines ALOHA United States defunct; former IATA code: TS
AA AAL American Airlines AMERICAN United States
XFS American Flight Service Systems United States
XMG AMS Group Russia
WD* AAN Amsterdam Airlines AMSTEL Netherlands Former IATA code: FH*. ICAO code and call sign no longer allocated
ABI Antigua and Barbuda Airways Anair Antigua and Barbuda defunct
HO DJA Antinea Airlines ANTINEA Algeria defunct
EDY Apollo Air Service STOBART United Kingdom Was VLL Limited
SRY As-Aero Armenia
OZ AAR Asiana Airlines ASIANA South Korea
XXX ASL (Air Service Liege) Belgium
AG ABR ASL Airlines Ireland CONTRACT Ireland Former IATA Code: AG; former names: Hunting Air Cargo Airlines, Air Contractors
XJA Assistance Aeroportuaire de L'Aeroport de Paris France
AAE Astec Air East AIR EAST United States defunct
8V ACP Astral Aviation ASTRAL CARGO Kenya
AAP Astro Air International ASTRO AIR Philippines defunct
ATT Attawasol Airlines ATTAWASOL AIR Libya
XM XME Australian airExpress AUS-CARGO Australia
AO AUZ Australian Airlines AUSTRALIAN Australia Subsidiary merged with Qantas
VAI Avalair AIR AVALAIR Serbia
XP VXP Avelo Airlines AVELO United States Former ICAO code: CXP; former names: Casino Express Airlines, Xtra Airways
VE AVE Avensa AVENSA Venezuela defunct
VRT Averitt Air Charter AVERITT United States
VSC AVESCA AVESCA Colombia defunct
AJF Avia Consult Flugbetriebs AVIACONSULT Austria
VTT Avia Trans Air Transport VIATRANSPORT Sudan
6A CHP Aviacsa AVIACSA Mexico
AV AVA Avianca AVIANCA Colombia
A0 MCJ Avianca Argentina JETMAC Argentina Owned by Synergy Group
O6 ONE Avianca Brasil OCEAN AIR Brazil Owned by Synergy Group
2K GLG Avianca Ecuador GALAPAGOS Ecuador Aerolíneas Galápagos SA
XAV Aviaprom Enterprises AVIAPROM Russia
AVB Aviation Beauport BEAUPAIR United Kingdom
AVQ Aviation Services, Inc. AQUILINE United States
VSR Aviostart AS AVIOSTART Bulgaria
V5 VLI Avolar Aerolíneas AEROVOLAR Mexico defunct
VSA Avstar Aviation STARBIRD South Africa
AD AZU Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras Azul Brazil
BBF B-Air Charter SPEEDCHARTER Germany 2014[13]
CJ CFE BA CityFlyer FLYER United Kingdom
TH BRT BA Connect BRITISH United Kingdom defunct
EFW BA Euroflyer GRIFFIN United Kingdom BA Euroflyer subsidiary based at London Gatwick
BAC BAC Leasing Limited   United Kingdom
B4 BCF BACH Flugbetriebsges BACH Austria
BOB Backbone A/S BACKBONE Denmark
J4 BDR Badr Airlines BADR AIR Sudan
BAE BAE Systems FELIX United Kingdom Corporate Air Travel
UP BHS Bahamasair BAHAMAS Bahamas
BAB Bahrain Air BSC (Closed) AWAL Bahrain
BFW Bahrain Defence Force SUMMAN Bahrain
BXA Bahrain Executive Air Services BEXAIR Bahrain
BJA Baja Air BAJA AIR Mexico
8Q* BAJ Baker Aviation RODEO United States
OGJ Bakoji Airlines Services BAKO AIR Nigeria
V9 BTC BAL Bashkirian Airlines BASHKIRIAN Russia
BEF Balear Express BALEAR EXPRESS Spain
BLN Bali International Air Service BIAR Indonesia
BAA Balkan Agro Aviation BALKAN AGRO Bulgaria
LZ LAZ Balkan Bulgarian Airlines BALKAN Bulgaria defunct
BHI Balkh Airlines SHARIF Afghanistan
PNT Balmoral Central Contracts PORTNET South Africa
BQ BTL Baltia Air Lines BALTIA United States Callsign changed from "BALTIA FLIGHT" in 2015[14]
BLL Baltic Airlines BALTIC AIRLINES Russia
BLT Baltic Aviation BALTAIR United States
BJC Baltic Jet Aircompany BALTIC JET Latvia
BTH Baltijas Helicopters BALTIJAS HELICOPTERS Latvia
CPJ Baltimore Air Transport CORPJET United States
EAH Baltimore Airways EASTERN United States
BTK Baltyka BALTYKA Ukraine
QH BAV Bamboo Airways BAMBOO Vietnam
QO AJC Bar Harbor Airlines BAR HARBOR United States
BAX Global
AUJ Business Flight Salzburg AUSTROJET Austria
CWR Beijing City International Jet CITY WORLD China
BJV Beijing Vistajet Aviation BEIJING VISTA China
BHK Blu Halkin BLUEHAKIN United Kingdom
BXJ Brixtel Group BRIXTEL JET United States
BYG Bygone Aviation BYGONE United States
BBJ Blue Air Lines BLUE KOREA South Korea
BCJ Blue Jet Charters BLUE BOY Poland
BNA Bun Air Corporation BUN AIR United States
B3 BTN Bhutan Airlines BHUTAN AIR Bhutan
BAF Belgian Air Force BELGIAN AIRFORCE Belgium
BAK Blackhawk Airways BLACKHAWK United States
L9 BAL Belle Air Europe BELLEAIR EUROPE Italy Previously Britannia Airways
BAL Britannia Airways BRITANNIA United Kingdom Defunct
BAM Business Air Services BUSINESS AIR Canada
BAN British Antarctic Survey PENGUIN United Kingdom
BAR Bradly Air (Charter) Services BRADLEY Canada
BAU Bissau Airlines AIR BISSAU Guinea-Bissau
BAV Bay Aviation Ltd BAY AIR Bangladesh
BA BAW British Airways SPEEDBIRD United Kingdom
BAX Best Aero Handling Ltd Russia
BAY Bravo Airways BRAVOAVIANCA Ukraine
BBA Bannert Air BANAIR Austria
BG BBC Biman Bangladesh Airlines BANGLADESH Bangladesh
BO BBD Bluebird Nordic BLUE CARGO Iceland
BBS Beibars CJSC BEIBARS Kazakhstan
BBV Bravo Airlines BRAVO EUROPE Spain
BBZ Bluebird Aviation COBRA Kenya
SI BCI Blue Islands BLUE ISLAND United Kingdom
EO BCL British Caribbean Airways United Kingdom defunct
BCR British Charter BACKER United Kingdom
BCT BCT Aviation BOBCAT United Kingdom
BCV Business Aviation Center BUSINESS AVIATION Ukraine
WX BCY CityJet CITY JET Ireland
BZ BDA Blue Dart Aviation BLUE DART India
JA BON B&H Airlines Air Bosna Bosnia and Herzegovina
BDF Bissau Discovery Flying Club BISSAU DISCOVERY Guinea-Bissau
AYB Belgian Army BELGIAN ARMY Belgium
BEA Best Aviation Ltd BEST AIR Bangladesh
BED Belgorod Air Enterprise BELOGORYE Russia defunct
BEH Bel Air Helicopters BLUECOPTER Denmark
BEK Berkut Air BERKUT Kazakhstan
BET BETA - Brazilian Express Transportes Aéreos BETA CARGO Brazil
BFC Basler Flight Service BASLER United States
BFG Bear Flight BEARFLIGHT Sweden
J4 BFL Buffalo Airways BUFFALO Canada
BFO Bombardier BOMBARDIER Canada
BFR Burkina Airlines BURKLINES Burkina Faso
BFS Business Flight Sweden BUSINESS FLIGHT Sweden
BGI British Gulf International BRITISH GULF São Tomé and Príncipe
BGK British Gulf International-Fez GULF INTER Kyrgyzstan
A8 BGL Benin Golf Air BENIN GOLF Benin
BGM Bugulma Air Enterprise BUGAVIA Russia
BGR Budget Air Bangladesh BUDGET AIR Bangladesh
BGT Bergen Air Transport BERGEN AIR Norway
U4 BHA Buddha Air BUDDHA AIR Nepal
UH BHL Bristow Helicopters BRISTOW United Kingdom
BHN Bristow Helicopters Nigeria BRISTOW HELICOPTERS Nigeria
BHO Bhoja Airlines BHOJA Pakistan
4T BHP Belair Airlines BELAIR Switzerland
BHR Bighorn Airways BIGHORN AIR United States
BHT Bright Air BRIGHTAIR Netherlands ICAO code and call sign no longer allocated
E6 Bringer Air Cargo Taxi Aéreo Brazil
BHY Bosphorus European Airways BOSPHORUS Turkey
BID Binair BINAIR Germany
BIG Big Island Air BIG ISLE United States
BS BIH British International Helicopters BRINTEL United Kingdom
BIL Billund Air Center BILAIR Denmark
BIN Boise Interagency Fire Center BISON-AIR United States
BIO Bioflight A/S BIOFLIGHT Denmark
BIR Bird Leasing BIRD AIR United States
BIZ Bizjet Ltd BIZZ United Kingdom
BJS Business Jet Solutions SOLUTION United States
B4 BKA Bankair BANKAIR United States
BKK Blink BLINKAIR United Kingdom
BKJ Barken International BARKEN JET United States
PG BKP Bangkok Airways BANGKOK AIR Thailand
BKV Bukovyna BUKOVYNA Ukraine
BLB Blue Bird Aviation BLUEBIRD SUDAN Sudan
BLC Bellesavia BELLESAVIA Belarus
BLE Blue Line BLUE BERRY France
KF BLF Blue1 BLUEFIN Finland
BLG Belgavia BELGAVIA Belgium
BLH Blue Horizon Travel Club BLUE HORIZON United States
BLJ Blue Jet BLUEWAY Spain
BLM Blue Sky Airlines BLUE ARMENIA Armenia defunct
JV BLS Bearskin Lake Air Service BEARSKIN Canada
B3 BLV Bellview Airlines BELLVIEW AIRLINES Nigeria
BD BMA BMI MIDLAND United Kingdom defunct
BM BMR BMI Regional MIDLAND United Kingdom
BMD British Medical Charter BRITISH MEDICAL United Kingdom
BME Briggs Marine Environmental Services BRIGGS United Kingdom
BMH Bristow Masayu Helicopters MASAYU Indonesia
WW BMI Bmibaby BABY United Kingdom defunct
CH BMJ Bemidji Airlines BEMIDJI United States
5Z BML Bismillah Airlines BISMILLAH Bangladesh IATA code in use by another company
BMN Bowman Aviation BOWMAN United States
BMX Banco de Mexico BANXICO Mexico
BND Bond Offshore Helicopters BOND United Kingdom
BNE Benina Air BENINA AIR Libya
BN BNF Braniff International Airways Braniff United States defunct
BNG BN Group Limited VECTIS United Kingdom
BNJ Air Service Liège (ASL) JET BELGIUM Belgium
BNL Blue Nile Ethiopia Trading NILE TRADING Ethiopia
BNR Bonair Aviation BONAIR Canada
BNS Bancstar - Valley National Corporation BANCSTAR United States
BNT Bentiu Air Transport BENTIU AIR Sudan
BNV Benane Aviation Corporation BENANE Mauritania
BNW British North West Airlines BRITISH NORTH United Kingdom
BOD Bond Air Services UGABOND Uganda
BOA Boniair KUMANOVO North Macedonia
AB BNZ Bonza BONZA Australia
BOE Boeing BOEING United States
BOF Bordaire BORDAIR Canada
BOO Bookajet Limited BOOKAJET United Kingdom
BO BOU Bouraq Indonesia Airlines BOURAQ Indonesia
BV BPA Blue Panorama Airlines BLUE PANOROMA Italy
BPK Berkhut ZK VENERA Kazakhstan
BPO Bundespolizei-Fliegertruppe PIROL Germany
BPS Budapest Aircraft Services/Manx2 BASE Hungary
BPT Bonus Aviation BONUS United Kingdom
BPX British Petroleum Exploration Colombia
7R BRB BRA-Transportes Aéreos BRA-TRANSPAEREOS Brazil
BRD Brock Air Services BROCK AIR Canada
BRE Breeze Ltd AVIABREEZE Ukraine
8E BRG Bering Air BERING AIR United States
BRK Briansk State Air Enterprise BRIANSK-AVIA Russia
BRN Branson Airlines BRANSON United States
BRO BASE Regional Airlines COASTRIDER Netherlands ICAO code in use by another company, call sign no longer allocated
BRS Brazilian Air Force BRAZILIAN AIR FORCE Brazil
TH BRT British Regional Airlines BRITISH United Kingdom defunct
B2 BRU Belavia Belarusian Airlines BELARUS AVIA Belarus
BRV Bravo Air Congo BRAVO Democratic Republic of the Congo defunct
BRW Bright Aviation Services BRIGHT SERVICES Bulgaria
BRX Buffalo Express Airlines BUFF EXPRESS United States
BRY Burundayavia BURAIR Kazakhstan
BSC Bistair - Fez BIG SHOT Kyrgyzstan
BSD Blue Star Airlines AIRLINES STAR Mexico
BSI Brasair Transportes Aéreos BRASAIR Brazil
BSJ Blue Swan Aviation BLUE SWAN United Kingdom ICAO Code and callsign (BSJ/BLUE SWAN) withdrawn
BSM Blue Sky Aviation Lebanon
BSS Bissau Aero Transporte BISSAU AIRSYSTEM Guinea-Bissau
BST Best Air TUNCA Turkey
BSW Blue Sky Airways SKY BLUE Czech Republic
GQ BSY Big Sky Airlines BIG SKY United States
BTI Air Baltic Air Baltic Latvia
ID BTK Batik Air BATIK Indonesia
4B BTQ Boutique Air BOUTIQUE United States
BTR Botir-Avia BOTIR-AVIA Kyrgyzstan
Y6 BTV Batavia Air BATAVIA Indonesia As of June 1, 2010, IATA code changed to Y6.
L9 BTZ Bristow U.S. LLC BRISTOW United States
1T BUC Bulgarian Air Charter BULGARIAN CHARTER Bulgaria
BUL Blue Airlines BLUE AIRLINES Democratic Republic of the Congo
BU BUN Buryat Airlines Aircompany BURAL Russia
BUZ Buzz Stansted BUZZ United Kingdom
BVA Buffalo Airways BUFFALO AIR United States
BVC Bulgarian Aeronautical Centre BULGARIAN WINGS Bulgaria
BVN Baron Aviation Services SHOW-ME United States
J8 BVT Berjaya Air BERJAYA Malaysia
B3 BVU Bellview Airlines, Sierra Leone BELLVIEW AIRLINES Sierra Leone
BWD Bluewest Helicopters-Greenland BLUEWEST Denmark
QW BWG Blue Wings BLUE WINGS Germany defunct
BWI Blue Wing Airlines BLUE TAIL Suriname
BWL British World Airlines BRITWORLD United Kingdom
SN BXI Brussels Airlines XENIA Belgium defunct as Brussels International Airlines in 2001
BYA Berry Aviation BERRY United States
BYC Cambodia Bayon Airlines Bayon Air Cambodia
BYF San Carlos Flight Center BAY FLIGHT United States
BYL Bylina Joint-Stock Company BYLINA Russia
BYR Berytos Airlines Lebanon
BYE Bayu Indonesia Air BAYU Indonesia
BZA Bizair Fluggesellschaft BERLIN BEAR Germany
DB BZH Brit Air BRITAIR France
BZZ Butane Buzzard Aviation Corporation BUZZARD United Kingdom
JD CBJ Beijing Capital Airlines CAPITAL JET China
CKM BKS Air (Rivaflecha) COSMOS Spain
CLF Bristol Flying Centre CLIFTON United Kingdom
CLN Barnes Olsen Aeroleasing SEELINE United Kingdom
E9 CXS Boston-Maine Airways CLIPPER CONNECTION United States Pan Am Clipper Connection Pan Am III
SN BEL Brussels Airlines BEE-LINE Belgium
EBA Bond Aviation BOND AVIATION Italy
EXB Brazilian Army Aviation BRAZILIAN ARMY Brazil
EXP Business Express Delivery EXPRESS AIR Canada
FOS Bel Limited Russia
GAA Business Express BIZEX United States
HAW Bangkok Aviation Center THAI HAWK Thailand
HAX Benair SCOOP Norway
NT IBB Binter Canarias BINTER Spain
IRJ Bonyad Airlines BONYAD AIR Iran
IVR Burundaiavia RERUN Kazakhstan
0B BLA Blue Air BLUE AIR Romania
KJ LAJ British Mediterranean Airways BEE MED United Kingdom defunct
LBY Belle Air ALBAN-BELLE Albania
LED Blom Geomatics SWEEPER Norway
LTL Benin Littoral Airways LITTORAL Benin
LXJ Bombardier Business Jet Solutions FLEXJET United States
FB LZB Bulgaria Air FLYING BULGARIA Bulgaria
MBR Brazilian Navy Aviation BRAZILIAN NAVY Brazil
8N NKF Barents AirLink NORDFLIGHT Sweden previously Nordkalottflyg
NYB Belgian Navy BELGIAN NAVY Belgium
OTA Business Aviators OUTLAW United States 2014[13]
OUF Beijing Eofa International Jet ELEMENT China 2014[13]
PEB Benders Air PALEMA Sweden
POI BGB Air BOJBAN Kazakhstan
PPS Butte Aviation PIPESTONE United States
PVO Bearing Supplies Limited PROVOST United Kingdom
RHD Bond Air Services RED HEAD United Kingdom
RLR Business Airfreight RATTLER United States
RRS Boscombe Down DERA (Formation) BLACKBOX United Kingdom
SCJ Business Jet Sweden SCANJET Sweden
SHT British Airways Shuttle SHUTTLE United Kingdom BA domestic services
SKH British Sky Broadcasting SKYNEWS United Kingdom
TBL Bell Aliant Regional Communications TELCO Canada
TXB Bell Helicopter Textron TEXTRON Canada
UKA Buzzaway Limited UKAY United Kingdom
VLX Biz Jet Charter AVOLAR United States
VOL Blue Chip Jet BLUE SPEED Sweden
WFD BAE Systems AVRO United Kingdom Woodford Flight Test
WTN BAE Systems TARNISH United Kingdom Warton Military Flight Ops
XBO Baseops International United States
XDA Bureau Veritas France
XMS British Airways Santa SANTA United Kingdom Christmas charter flights
ZBA Boskovic Air Charters Limited BOSKY Kenya
JMP Businesswings JUMP RUN Germany
OB BOV Boliviana de Aviación BOLIVIANA Bolivia
YB BRJ Borajet BORA JET Turkey
MX MXY Breeze Airways MOXY United States

VL LHX City Airlines CITYAIR Germany LH subsidiary Allocated in 2023[15]
SRJ C Air Jet Airlines SYRJET Syria
TIP C and M Aviation TRANSPAC United States
RWG C&M Airways RED WING United States
RMU C.S.P., Societe AIR-MAUR Mauritania
CJZ Caliber Jet CALIBER JET United States
4A DYN California Pacific Airlines AERODYNAMICS United States defunct
QC CRC Camair-Co CAMAIRCO Cameroon
QAI Conquest Air CHICKPEA United States 2014[16]
CBH Corporate Eagle Management Services CLUB HOUSE United States Allocated in 2014[17]
CRF Croix Rouge Francais CROIX ROUGE France 2014[16]
CAA Civil Aviation Authority of the Czech Republic INSPECTOR Czech Republic
BKR Civil Air Patrol South Carolina Wing BOX KAR United States
BFN Compagnie Nationale Naganagani Burkino Faso
AWX Civil Aviation Authority Directorate of Airspace Policy ALLWEATHER United Kingdom
BBN Civil Aviation Authority Airworthiness Division BRABAZON United Kingdom
ATQ CHC Helicopters Nigeria COLIBRI Nigeria
APL Corporativo Aereo Principal AEREO PRINCIPAL Mexico
AIO Chief of Staff, United States Air Force AIR CHIEF United States
AID Christian Konig - Century Airbirds CENTURY AIRBIRD Austria
Cambridge Recurrent Training CAMBRIDGE United Kingdom
California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection CALFIRE United States
Careflight Queensland SAMARITAN Australia
Castle Air Charter CASTLEFILM United Kingdom
Challenges Aviation TIGER United Kingdom
Challenges Limited HERITAGE United Kingdom
Cheqair ASTON United Kingdom
Clacton Aero Club CLASSIC WINGS United Kingdom
Coral Sun Airways CORAL SUN Kiribati
Cowan Group COWAN United States
SMW Carpatair Flight Service SMART WINGS Romania Was Carpatair Flight Training
CCL Cambodia Airlines ANGKOR WAT Cambodia
KR KME Cambodia Airways GIANT IBIS Cambodia
CCB Caricom Airways DOLPHIN Barbados

CYH China Southern Airlines Henan YUHAO China
CFB Chongqing Forebase General Aviation FOREBASE China
XCA Colt Transportes Aereos COLT Brazil
GCY CHC Global Operations International HELIBIRD United Kingdom
AUN Common Sky COMMON SKY Austria
CBI Cabi CABI Ukraine
CPI Compagnia Aeronautica Italiana AIRCAI Italy
5C ICL Challenge Airlines IL CAL Israel ex CAL-Cargo Air Lines
CMR CAM Air Management CAMEO United Kingdom
CTZ CATA Línea Aérea CATA Argentina
CCF CCF Manager Airline TOMCAT Germany
CED CEDTA (Compañía Ecuatoriana De Transportes Aéreos) CEDTA Ecuador
HBI CHC Denmark HELIBIRD Denmark
HEM CHC Helicopter HEMS Australia
AW SCH CHC Airways SCHREINER Netherlands formerly Schreiner Airways. ICAO code in use by another company, call sign no longer allocated
HKS CHC Helikopter Service HELIBUS Norway
VCI CI-Tours CI-TOURS Ivory Coast
CKC CKC Services United States
CMZ CM Stair CEE-EM STAIRS Mauritania
CNT Centre national d'études des télécommunications - C.N.E.T. KNET France
CRH CRI Helicopters Mexico HELI-MEX Mexico
IRO CSA Air IRON AIR United States
CSE CSE Aviation OXFORD United Kingdom
CTQ CTK Network Aviation CITYLINK Ghana
CBR Cabair College of Air Training CABAIR United Kingdom
CVE Cabo Verde Express KABEX Cape Verde
CWD Caernarfon Airworld AMBASSADOR United Kingdom
CXE Caicos Express Airways CAICOS Turks and Caicos Islands
CCE Cairo Air Transport Company Egypt
CGC Cal Gulf Aviation CAL-GULF São Tomé and Príncipe
REZ Cal-West Aviation CAL AIR United States
CSL California Air Shuttle CALIFORNIA SHUTTLE United States
3C CMV Calima Aviación CALIMA Spain
MO CAV Calm Air CALM AIR Canada
R9 CAM Camai Air AIR CAMAI United States Village Aviation
K6 KHV Cambodia Angkor Air ANGKOR AIR Cambodia
UY UYC Cameroon Airlines CAM-AIR Cameroon defunct
HSO Campania Helicopteros De Transporte HELIASTURIAS Spain
C6 CJA CanJet CANJET Canada
PIL Canada Jet Charters PINNACLE Canada
CP CDN Canadian Airlines CANADIAN Canada defunct
CTG Canadian Coast Guard CANADIAN COAST GUARD Canada
HIA Canadian Eagle Aviation HAIDA Canada
CFC Canadian Forces CANFORCE Canada
BZD Canadian Global Air Ambulance BLIZZARD Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CDN Canadian Helicopters CANADIAN Canada
TKR Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre TANKER Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
XNC Canadian National Telecommunications Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
7F AKT Canadian North ARCTIC Canada Air Norterra
CP CPC Canadian Pacific Airlines EMPRESS Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CDR Canadian Regional Airlines CANADIAN REGIONAL Canada ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CWH Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum WARPLANE HERITAGE Canada
W2 CWA Canadian Western Airlines CANADIAN WESTERN Canada
CWW Canair CANAIR China
CUI Cancun Air CAN-AIR Mexico
9K KAP Cape Air CAIR United States
CTO Cape Air Transport Australia
SEM Cape Central Airways SEMO United States
CMY Cape Smythe Air CAPE SMYTHE AIR United States
CPX Capital Air Service CAPAIR United States
CPD Capital Airlines CAPITAL DELTA Kenya
NCP Capital Airlines Limited CAPITAL SHUTTLE Nigeria
PT CCI Capital Cargo International Airlines CAPPY United States Allocation deleted 2013
CCQ Capital City Air Carriers CAP CITY United States
EGL Capital Trading Aviation PRESTIGE United Kingdom
CEX Capitol Air Express CAPITOL EXPRESS United States
CWZ Capitol Wings Airline CAPWINGS United States
VAN Caravan Air CAMEL Mauritania
CWN Cardiff Wales Flying Club CAMBRIAN United Kingdom
FVA Cardinal/Air Virginia AIR VIRGINIA United States
GOL Cardolaar CARGOLAAR Namibia
CDI Cards Air Services CARDS Philippines
CFH CareFlight CARE FLIGHT Australia
CDM Carga Aérea Dominicana CARGA AEREA Dominican Republic
EST Carga Express Internacional CARGAINTER Mexico
GG GGC Cargo 360 LONG-HAUL United States
MCX Cargo Express MAURICARGO Mauritania
CRV Cargo Ivoire CARGOIV Ivory Coast
CLM Cargo Link (Caribbean) CARGO LINK Barbados
P3 CLU Cargo Logic Air FIREBIRD United Kingdom
CTW Cargo Three THIRD CARGO Panama
2G CRG Cargoitalia WHITE PELICAN Italy
W8 CJT Cargojet Airways CARGOJET Canada
CV CLX Cargolux CARGOLUX Luxembourg
C8 ICV Cargolux Italia CARGO MED Italy
DEL Carib Aviation RED TAIL Antigua and Barbuda
BCB Carib Express WAVEBIRD Barbados
DCC Caribbean Air Cargo CARICARGO Barbados
CLT Caribbean Air Transport CARIBBEAN Netherlands ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
CLT Club Aerocelta de Vuelo Con Motor Spain
BW BWA Caribbean Airlines CARIBBEAN AIRLINES Trinidad and Tobago
IQQ Caribbean Airways CARIBJET Barbados
CSX Choice Airways CHOICE AIR United States
TLC Caribbean Express CARIB-X United States
8B GFI Caribbean Star Airlines CARIB STAR Antigua and Barbuda
CRB Caricom Airways CARIBBEAN COMMUTER Suriname
CRT Caribintair CARIBINTAIR Haiti
CVG Carill Aviation CARILL United Kingdom
V3 KRP Carpatair CARPATAIR Romania
CRR Carranza CARRANZA Chile defunct
ULS Carroll Air Service ULSTER United States
CMT Casement Aviation CASEMENT United States
CSO Casino Airline CASAIR United States
CSP Casper Air Service CASPER AIR United States
RV CPN Caspian Airlines CASPIAN Iran
CSJ Castle Aviation CASTLE United States
CAZ Cat Aviation EUROCAT Switzerland
CBT Catalina Flying Boats CATALINA AIR United States
TEX Catex CATEX France
KA HDA Cathay Dragon DRAGON Hong Kong defunct
CX CPA Cathay Pacific CATHAY Hong Kong
CJR Caverton Helicopters CAVERTON AIR Nigeria
KX CAY Cayman Airways CAYMAN Cayman Islands
5J CEB Cebu Pacific CEBU Philippines
CIL Cecil Aviation CECIL United Kingdom
CEG Cega Aviation CEGA United Kingdom
CEC Celtic Airways CELTAIR United Kingdom
CWE Celtic West CELTIC United Kingdom
CEV Centre d'Essais en Vol CENTEV France
CNL Centennial Airlines WYO-AIR United States
CNS Cobalt Air LLC CHRONOS United States
CVO Center Vol CENTERVOL Spain
CTS Center-South CENTER-SOUTH Russia
CET Centrafrican Airlines CENTRAFRICAIN Central African Republic
CAX Central Air Express CENTRAL EXPRESS Democratic Republic of the Congo
CTL Central Airlines CENTRAL COMMUTER United States
CNY Central Airways CENTRAL LEONE Sierra Leone
ACN Central American Airlines AEROCENTRO Nicaragua
YOG Central Aviation YOGAN AIR United States
DRN Central De Discos De Reynosa DISCOS REYNOSA Mexico
CHA Central Flying Service CHARTER CENTRAL United States
CEM Central Mongolia Airways CENTRAL MONGOLIA Mongolia
9M GLR Central Mountain Air GLACIER Canada
CQC Central Queensland Aviation College Australia
CSI Central Skyport SKYPORT United States
CLW Centralwings CENTRALWINGS Poland
DTV Centre Airlines DUTCH VALLEY United States
CGS Centre of Applied Geodynamica GEO CENTRE Russia
J7 CVC Centre-Avia AVIACENTRE Russia
CCV Centro De Helicopteros Corporativos HELICORPORATIVO Mexico
ACF Centro de Formación Aeronáutica de Canarias FORCAN Spain
WE CWC Centurion Air Cargo CHALLENGE CARGO United States
URY Century Aviation CENTURY AVIA Mexico
HAI Century Aviation International Canada
XAD Certified Air Dispatch United States
CER Cetraca Aviation Service CETRACA Democratic Republic of the Congo
IRU Chabahar Airlines CHABAHAR Iran
GM GSW Chair Airlines EIGER Switzerland
CLG Chalair Aviation CHALLAIR France
OP CHK Chalk's International Airlines CHALKS United States
CLS Challenge Air Transport AIRISTO Germany
CHS Challenge Aviation CHALLENGE AVIATION Australia
OFF Challenge International Airlines CHALLENGE AIR United States
CHG Challenge Airlines BE Challenge Belgium
CPH Champagne Airlines CHAMPAGNE France
MG CCP Champion Air CHAMPION AIR United States
NCH Chanchangi Airlines CHANCHANGI Nigeria
2Z CGN Chang An Airlines CHANGAN China
CHN Channel Island Aviation CHANNEL United States
WML Chantilly Air MARLIN United States
CPL Chaparral Airlines CHAPARRAL United States
S8 CSU Chari Aviation Services CHARI SERVICE Chad
CAH Charlan Air Charter CHARLAN South Africa ICAO Code and callsign no longer allocated
HMD Charlie Hammonds Flying Service HAMMOND United States
CGD Charlotte Air National Guard United States
CHW Charter Air CHARTER WIEN Austria
HRT Chartright Air CHARTRIGHT Canada
RP* CHQ Chautauqua Airlines CHAUTAUQUA United States Was US*
CBB Cheboksary Airenterprise JSC CHEBAIR Russia
CHM Chemech Aviation Pakistan
CHZ Cherline CHERL Russia
CMK Chernomor-Avia CHERAVIA Russia
CBM Cherokee Express BLUE MAX United States
CCY Cherry Air CHERRY United States
CAB Chesapeake Air Service CHESAPEAKE AIR United States
CVR Chevron U.S.A CHEVRON United States
CYA Cheyenne Airways CHEYENNE AIR United States
CGO Chicago Air WILD ONION United States
C8 WDY Chicago Jet Group WINDY CITY United States
RAT Chief Rat Flight Services RIVERRAT South Africa defunct
CCH Chilchota Taxi Aéreo CHILCHOTA Mexico
DES Chilcotin Caribou Aviation CHILCOTIN Canada
CAD Chilliwack Aviation CHILLIWACKAIR Canada
ETN Chim-Nir Aviation CHIMNIR Israel
CI CAL China Airlines DYNASTY Taiwan
CK CKK China Cargo Airlines CARGO KING China
MU CES China Eastern Airlines CHINA EASTERN China
G5 HXA China Express Airlines CHINA EXPRESS China
CFA China Flying Dragon Aviation FEILONG China
CTH China General Aviation Corporation TONGHANG China
CAG China National Aviation Corporation CHINA NATIONAL China
CJ CBF China Northern Airlines CHINA NORTHERN China defunct.
WH CNW China Northwest Airlines CHINA NORTHWEST China defunct
CHC China Ocean Helicopter Corporation CHINA HELICOPTER China
8Y CYZ China Postal Airlines CHINA POST China
CZ CSN China Southern Airlines CHINA SOUTHERN China
CXN China Southwest Airlines CHINA SOUTHWEST China defunct
KN CUA China United Airlines LIANHANG China
XO CXH China Xinhua Airlines XINHUA China
3Q CYH China Yunnan Airlines YUNNAN China defunct
CGU Chinguetti Airlines CHINGUETTI Mauritania
CEP Chipola Aviation CHIPOLA United States
CPW Chippewa Air Commuter CHIPPEWA-AIR United States
X7 CHF Chitaavia CHITA Russia
OQ CQN Chongqing Airlines CHONG QING China
CAS Christman Air System CHRISTMAN United States
OEC Christophorus Flugrettungsverein CHRISTOPHORUS Austria
CHO Chrome Air Services CHROME AIR United States
CHU Church Aircraft CHURCHAIR United States
A2 CIU Cielos Airlines CIELOS Peru
QI CIM Cimber Sterling CIMBER Denmark
C7 CIN Cinnamon Air CINNAMON Sri Lanka
RRU Cirrus HELICIRRUS Chile defunct
NTS Cirrus Air NITE STAR United States
C9 RUS Cirrus Airlines CIRRUS AIR Germany defunct
JTI Cirrus Middle East Lebanon
FIV CitationAir FIVE STAR United States
XCX Citibank United States
HZX Citic General Aviation ZHONGXIN China
SDR City Airline SWEDESTAR Sweden
G3 CIX City Connexion Airlines CONNEXION Burundi defunct
XBG City of Bangor United States
CAQ Cityair (Chester) Limited AIR CHESTER United Kingdom
CII Cityfly CITYFLY Italy
CJ CFE CityFlyer Express FLYER United Kingdom Defunct, ICAO code in use by BA CityFlyer
CNB Cityline Hungary CITYHUN Hungary
HSR Citylink Airlines HOOSIER United States
CIW Civair Airways CIVFLIGHT South Africa
CAP Civil Air Patrol CAP United States
CT CAT Civil Air Transport Mandarin Taiwan defunct
CIA Civil Aviation Authority CALIMERA Slovakia
CIV Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand CIVAIR New Zealand
CBA Civil Aviation Inspectorate of the Czech Republic CALIBRA Czech Republic
FMC Claessens International Limited CLAESSENS United Kingdom
CLK Clark Aviation CLARKAIR United States
CSF Clasair CALEDONIAN United Kingdom
CLY Clay Lacy Aviation CLAY-LACY United States
CGK Click Airways CLICK AIR Kyrgyzstan
CLZ Cloud 9 Air Charters CLOUDLINE South Africa
CLD Clowes Estates Limited CLOWES United Kingdom
SDJ Club 328 SPACEJET United Kingdom
6P ISG Club Air CLUBAIR Italy
DQ Coastal Air U.S. Virgin Islands United States
TCL Coastal Air Transport TRANS COASTAL United States Escape Aviation
CNG Coastal Airways SID-AIR United States
CSV Coastal Travels COASTAL TRAVEL Tanzania
CHL Cohlmia Aviation COHLMIA United States
OLR Colaéreos COLAEREOS Ecuador
CLE Colemill Enterprises COLEMILL United States
9L CJC Colgan Air COLGAN United States
CAE Colibri Aviation HUMMINGBIRD Canada
YD CAT Cologne Air Transport GmbH Germany defunct since 1996
CCX Colt International United States
WCO Columbia Helicopters COLUMBIA HELI United States
KLR Columbus Air Transport KAY-LER United States
GHP Colvin Aviation GRASSHOPPER EX United States
OH COM Comair COMAIR United States
MN CAW Comair COMMERCIAL South Africa
GCM Comair Flight Services GLOBECOM South Africa
CDE Comed Group COMEX United Kingdom
CVV Comeravia COMERAVIA Venezuela
CRS Comercial Aérea COMERCIAL AEREA Mexico
CMG Comet Airlines SUNSPY Nigeria
FYN Comfort Air FLYNN Germany
CMJ Comfort Jet Services COMFORT JET Togo
CLA Comlux Aviation COMLUX Switzerland
KAZ Comlux Kazakhstan KAZLUX Kazakhstan
MLM Comlux Malta LUXMALTA Malta
CXB Comlux Aruba STARLUX Aruba
CMH Commair Aviation COMMODORE United Kingdom
CTM Commandement Du Transport Aerien Militaire Francais COTAM France
CML Commander Air Charter COMMANDAIR Canada
CRM Commander Mexicana COMMANDERMEX Mexico [16]
CME Commerce Bank COMMERCE BANK United States (Kansas City) Allocated in 2014[18]
CMS Commercial Aviation ACCESS Canada
GAR Commodore Aviation Australia
CJS Commonwealth Jet Service COMMONWEALTH United States
C5 UCA CommutAir COMMUTAIR United States
KR CWK Comores Airlines CONTICOM Comoros
CGR Compagnia Generale Ripreseaeree COMPRIP Italy
CMM Compagnie Aérienne du Mali CAMALI Mali
CPM Compagnie Mauritanienne Des Transports Mauritania
GIC Compagnie de Bauxites de Guinee CEBEGE Guinea
AIF Compañía Aérea de Valencia Spain
ATF Compañía Aerotécnicas Fotográficas AEROTECNICAS Spain
LCT Compañía De Actividades Y Servicios De Aviación STELLAIR Spain
EJV Compania Ejecutiva EJECUTIVA Mexico
HSE Compania Helicopteros Del Sureste HELISURESTE Spain
MDR Compania Mexicana De Aeroplanos AEROPLANOS Mexico
HSS Compañía Transportes Aéreos Del Sur TAS HELICOPTEROS Spain
TAV Compañía de Servicios Aéreos Tavisa TAVISA Spain
CYF Company Flight COMPANY FLIGHT Denmark
CP CPZ Compass Airlines COMPASS ROSE United States
CPS Compass International Airways COMPASS United Kingdom
XCO Compuflight Operations Service United States
XCS Compuserve Incorporated United States
CRC Conair Aviation CONAIR-CANADA Canada
COD Concordavia CONCORDAVIA Ukraine
CNR Condor Aero Services CONAERO United States
DE CFG Condor Flugdienst CONDOR Germany
COF Confort Air CONFORT Canada
CAK Congo Air Bahamas
CGA Congressional Air CONGRESSIONAL United States
ROY Conifair Aviation Canada
CCT Connect Air CONNECT Canada Allocated in 2014[19]
BSN Connectair Charters BASTION Canada
CAC Conquest Airlines CONQUEST AIR United States
CXO Conroe Aviation Services CONROE AIR United States
VCH Consorcio Helitec CONSORCIO HELITEC Venezuela
UZA Constanta Airline CONSTANTA Ukraine
KIS Contactair CONTACTAIR Germany
XCL Contel ASC United States
CO COA Continental Airlines CONTINENTAL United States ICAO Code and callsign withdrawn, merged with United Airlines
CNW Continental Airways Moldovoa 2014[16]
CO Continental Express JETLINK United States
CS CMI Continental Micronesia AIR MIKE United States
CON Continental Oil CONOCO United States
CS CS Cambrian Airways Cambrian United Kingdom defunct 1974
V0 VCV Conviasa CONVIASA Venezuela
CKA Cook Inlet Aviation COOK-AIR United States
SVY Cooper Aerial Surveys SURVEYOR United Kingdom
CM CMP Copa Airlines COPA Panama
CAT Copenhagen Air Taxi AIRCAT Denmark
COP Copper State Air Service COPPER STATE United States
AAQ Copterline COPTERLINE Finland Former name: Copter Action; former callsign: COPTER ACTION
CQ CCW Central Charter CENTRAL CHARTER Czech Republic
XC CAI Corendon Airlines CORENDON Turkey Turistik Hava Tasimacilik
CD CND Corendon Dutch Airlines DUTCH CORENDON Netherlands
CRA Coronado Aerolíneas CORAL Colombia
CPB Corpac Canada PENTA Canada
CNC Corporación Aéreo Cencor CENCOR Mexico
CPG Corporacion Aeroangeles CORPORANG Mexico
CGY Corporacion Paraguaya De Aeronautica Paraguay
CPT Corporate Air AIR SPUR United States
CPR Corporate Air CORPAIR United States
CPO Corporate Aircraft Company MOKAN United States
COO Corporate Airlink CORPORATE Canada
CKE Corporate Aviation Services CHECKMATE United States
VHT Corporate Flight International VEGAS HEAT United States
LF VTE Contour Airlines VOLUNTEER United States
CJI Corporate Jets SEA JET United States
SS CRL Corsairfly CORSAIR France
XK CCM Corse Méditerranée CORSICA France Name changed to Air Corsica
F5 COZ Cosmic Air COSMIC AIR Nepal
COT Costa Airlines COAIR Venezuela defunct
GW CRG Costa Rica Green Airways Costa Rica
CHI Cougar Helicopters COUGAR Canada
MGB Coulson Flying Service MOCKINGBIRD United Kingdom
NSW Country Connection Airlines Australia
CIK Country International Airlines COUNTRY AIR Kyrgyzstan Defunct
CSD Courier Services DELIVERY United States
CUT Court Helicopters COURT AIR South Africa
OU Court Line COURTLINE United Kingdom defunct
CVL Coval Air COVAL Canada
7C COY Coyne Aviation COYNE AIR United Kingdom
CFD Cranfield University AERONAUT United Kingdom
CRE Cree Airways CREE AIR Canada
ELM Crelam CRELAM Mexico
CAN Crest Aviation CREST United Kingdom
KRM Crimea Universal Avia TRANS UNIVERSAL Ukraine
OU CTN Croatia Airlines CROATIA Croatia
HRZ Croatian Air Force CROATIAN AIRFORCE Croatia
CRX Cross Aviation CROSSAIR United Kingdom
QE ECC Crossair Europe Cigogne Switzerland
CWX Crow Executive Air CROW EXPRESS United States
CKR Crown Air Systems CROWN AIR United States
CRO Crown Airways CROWN AIRWAYS United States
CRW Crownair REGAL Canada
VCR Cruiser Linhas Aéreas VOE CRUISER Brazil
CTY Cryderman Air Service CENTURY United States
CYT Crystal Shamrock Airlines CRYSTAL-AIR United States
IRO CSA Air IRON AIR United States
CU CUB Cubana de Aviación CUBANA Cuba
CTF Cutter Aviation CUTTER FLIGHT United States
CBL Cumberland Airways (Nicholson Air Service) CUMBERLAND United States
CTT Custom Air Transport CATT United States
RGN Cygnus Air CYGNUS AIR Spain
CYC Cyprair Tours CYPRAIR Cyprus
CYS Cypress Airlines SKYBIRD Canada
CY CYP Cyprus Airways CYPRUS Cyprus
YK KYV Cyprus Turkish Airlines AIRKIBRIS Turkey Ceased operations 2010
CEF Czech Air Force CZECH AIR FORCE Czech Republic
AHD Czech Air Handling AIRHANDLING Czech Republic
OK CSA Czech Airlines CSA-LINES Czech Republic
CIE Czech Government Flying Service CZECH REPUBLIC Czech Republic
8L CGP Cargo Plus Aviation United Arab Emirates
HNL CHC Helicopters Netherlands MAPLELEAF Netherlands
5Z KEM CemAir CEMAIR South Africa
JLH Centro de Servicio Aeronautico CESA Mexico
FCB Cobalt NEW AGE Cyprus
XG CLI Clickair CLICKJET Spain Merge into Vueling
PN CHB West Air (China) WEST CHINA China
CRN Carson Air Ltd CARSON Canada Air ambulance operator

ABA Aero-Beta Aerobeta Germany
DJT Dreamjet DREAMJET France 2014[20]
DPJ Delta Private Jets JET CARD United States Changed from ELJ/ELITE JET in 2014[21]
DJR Desert Jet DESERT FLIGHT United States
DLA Air Dolomiti DOLOMITI Italy
DLC Dehong South Asian General Aviation SOARCOPTER China Was Ruili Jingcheng Helicopters
DNS Dniproaviaservis Company Ukraine
DRF Dream Flyers Training Center Spain
NAU Danaus Lineas Aereas DANAUS Mexico
GDF DF Aviation Ukraine
DDA D & D Aviation DUSTY United States
DNK D&K Aviation DIRECT JET United States
V5 VPA DanubeWings VIP TAXI Slovakia Former names VIP Air and VIP Wings
DHE DAP Helicopteros HELIDAP Chile
VLF DFS UK Limited VOLANTE United Kingdom
RKC DAS Airlines DAS CONGO Democratic Republic of the Congo
DX DTR DAT Danish Air Transport DANISH Denmark
ENT DAT Enterprise Limited DATENT United Kingdom defunct
BDN DERA Boscombe Down GAUNTLET United Kingdom
DET DETA Air SAMAL Kazakhstan
DAE DHL Aero Expreso YELLOW Panama
D0 DHK DHL Air Limited WORLD EXPRESS United Kingdom DHL Air UK
DHV DHL Aviation WORLDSTAR South Africa
ES DHX DHL International DILMUN Bahrain
L3 JOS DHL de Guatemala Guatemala
D3 DAO Daallo Airlines DALO AIRLINES Djibouti
N2 DAG Dagestan Airlines DAGAL Russia
DHA Dahla Airlines Democratic Republic of Congo
CA CCD Dalian Airlines XIANGJIAN China
DCS DC Aviation TWIN STAR Germany
DCX Daimler-Chrysler DAIMLER United States
DKA Daka Kazakhstan
DLR Dala Air Services DALA AIR Nigeria
H8 KHB Dalavia DALAVIA Russia
DXP Dallas Express Airlines DALLAS EXPRESS United States
DAS Damascene Airways AIRDAM Syrian Arab Republic
DSA Danbury Airways DANBURY AIRWAYS United States
DOP Dancopter DANCOPTER Denmark
DAF Danish Air Force DANISH AIRFORCE Denmark
DD DDL Danish Air Lines Denmark defunct
DAR Danish Army DANISH ARMY Denmark
DNY Danish Navy DANISH NAVY Denmark
DNU Danu Oro Transportas DANU Lithuania
DRT Darta DARTA France
0D DWT Darwin Airline DARWIN Switzerland
DSQ Dasab Airlines DASAB AIR Uganda
DSH Dash Air Charter DASH CHARTER United States
GOB Dash Aviation PILGRIM United Kingdom
DGX Dasnair DASNA Switzerland
DAB Dassault Aviation France
CVF Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation CLOVERLEAF United States
DSO Dassault Falcon Service DASSAULT France
DTN Data International DATA AIR Sudan
XDT Date Transformation Corp United States
D5 DAU Dauair DAUAIR Germany
DCO David Crawshaw Consultants Limited United Kingdom
DWN Dawn Air DAWN AIR United States
DJS DayJet DAYJET United States
DAY Daya Aviation DAYA Sri Lanka
DHC De Havilland DEHAVILLAND Canada
IAY Deadalos Flugtbetriebs IASON Austria
DAA Decatur Aviation DECUR United States
DKN Deccan Charters DECCAN India
JDC Deere and Company JOHN DEERE United States
DWR Delaware Skyways DELAWARE United States
DEA Delta Aerotaxi JET SERVICE Italy
SNO Delta Air Charter SNOWBALL Canada
ELJ Delta Private Jets ELITE JET United States Changed to DPJ/JET CARD in 2014[21]
DL DAL Delta Air Lines DELTA United States
KMB Delta Engineering Aviation KEMBLEJET United Kingdom
DLI Delta Express International DELTA EXPRESS Ukraine
DSU Delta State University DELTA STATE United States
J7 DNM Denim Air DENIM Netherlands Defunct
FEC Denver Express FALCON EXPRESS United States
DJT Denver Jet DENVER JET United States
FGC Departament d'Agricultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya FORESTALS Spain
DRY Deraya Air Taxi DERAYA Indonesia
DRX Des R Cargo Express Mauritania
MIZ Desarrollo Milaz MILAZ Mexico
DTY Destiny Air Services DESTINY Sierra Leone
2A Deutsche Bahn Germany
1I AMB Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht CIVIL AIR AMBULANCE Germany
LFO Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft-und Raumfahrt EV LUFO Germany
DIS Di Air DI AIR Serbia
SPK Diamond Aviation SPARKLE United States
DRB Didier Rousset Buy DIDIER Chile
DGT Digital Equipment Corporation DIGITAL United States
DIP Diplomatic Freight Services DIPFREIGHT United Kingdom
ENA Dirección General de Aviación Civil y Telecomunicasciones ENA Spain
DIA Direct Air BLUE SKY United States
XAP Direct Air trading as Midway Connection MID-TOWN United States
DCT Direct Flight United Kingdom
SXP Direct Fly EXPRESS SKY Poland defunct
AW DIR Dirgantara Air Service DIRGANTARA Indonesia
DCV Discover Air DISCOVER United States
DH DVA Discovery Airways DISCOVERY AIRWAYS United States
XDS Dispatch Services United States
DIX Dix Aviation DIX FLIGHT Germany
DEE Dixie Airways TACAIR United States
Z6 UDN Dniproavia DNIEPRO Ukraine
FDN Dolphin Air FLYING DOLPHIN United Arab Emirates
IXX Dolphin Express Airlines ISLAND EXPRESS United States
DPL Dome Petroleum DOME Canada
YU ADM Dominair DOMINAIR Dominican Republic defunct; former IATA code: SS; former name: Aerolíneas Dominicanas, ICAO code no longer allocated
MYO Dominguez Toledo (Grupo Mayoral) MAYORAL Spain
DO DOA Dominicana de Aviación DOMINICANA Dominican Republic defunct
E3 DMO Domodedovo Airlines DOMODEDOVO Russia defunct
DVB Don Avia DONSEBAI Kazakhstan
DON Donair Flying Club DONAIR United Kingdom
D9 DNV Donavia DONAVIA Russia formerly Aeroflot-Don
5D UDC DonbassAero DONBASS AERO Ukraine
DZ EPA Donghai Airlines DONGHAI AIR China
DAD Dorado Air DORADO AIR Dominican Republic
DOR Dornier DORNIER Germany
DAV Dornier Aviation Nigeria DANA AIR Nigeria
DOM Dos Mundos DOS MUNDOS Dominican Republic
DCA Dreamcatcher Airways DREAM CATCHER United Kingdom
DRE Drummond Island Air MICHIGAN United States
DUB Dubai Airwing DUBAI United Arab Emirates
DBK Dubrovnik Air SEAGULL Croatia
DUK Ducair LION KING Luxembourg
DBJ Duchess of Brittany (Jersey) Limited DUCHESS United Kingdom
LPD UK Royal/HRH Duke of York LEOPARD United Kingdom
DUN Dun'Air DUNAIR Mauritania
PHD Duncan Aviation PANHANDLE United States
VVF Dunyaya Bakis Hava Tasimaciligi WORLDFOCUS Turkey
DUO Duo Airways FLY DUO United Kingdom
DJE Durango Jet DURANGO JET Mexico
DNL Dutch Antilles Express DUTCH ANTILLES Netherlands Antilles
DCE Dutch Caribbean Express DUTCH CARIBBEAN Netherlands Antilles
DBR Dutchbird DUTCHBIRD Netherlands ICAO code allocated to another company, call sign no longer allocated
DBR Dobrolet LLC DOBROLET Russia Defunct, ICAO code still allocated (2017)
DFS Dwyer Aircraft Services DWYAIR United States
XDY Dynair Services United States
DNR Dynamair Aviation DYNAMAIR Canada
DYE Dynamic Air DYNAMIC Netherlands ICAO code and call sign no longer allocated
DYA Dynamic Airways DYNAMIC AIR United States
DI BAG Dba SPEEDWAY Germany Merged into Air Berlin

EAV Eagle Airlines Luftverkehrsges MAYFLOWER Austria
ABU Eagle Aviation Services United States
ISL Eastland Air Services (Flugfélag Austurlands) EASTLAND Iceland 2022
EBF Echo Airlines Bahamas 2014[22]


ENY Envoy Air ENVOY United States 2014[22]
ENK Executive Airlink SUNBIRD United States Allocated in 2014[23]
ELN Eleron Aviation Company ELERON Ukraine
ECC Eclair Aviation ECLAIR Czech Republic
ELU Egyptian Leisure Airlines EGYPTIAN LEISURE Egypt
9E EDV Endeavor Air ENDEAVOR United States
MNU Elite Airways MAINER United States
Europe Jet EUROPE JET Turkey
E1 Everbread United Kingdom
EHD E H Darby Aviation PLATINUM AIR United States
1C Electronic Data Systems Switzerland
1Y Electronic Data Systems United States
EXW Executive Airlines Services ECHOLINE Nigeria
EFS EFAOS- Agencia De Viagens e Turismo EFAOS Angola
EFD Eisele Flugdienst EVER FLIGHT Germany
FSD EFS-Flugservice FLUGSERVICE Germany
EIS EIS Aircraft COOL Germany
ESI ESI Eliservizi Italiani ELISERVIZI Italy
VE EUJ EUjet UNION JET Ireland defunct
ICR Eagle Aero ICARUS FLIGHTS United States
FEI Eagle Air ARCTIC EAGLE Iceland
Eagle Air Indonesia
EGR Eagle Air EAGLE SIERRA Sierra Leone
EFL Eagle Air FLYING EAGLE Tanzania defunct 2002
NZ EAG Eagle Airways EAGLE New Zealand
EGX Eagle Air Company THAI EAGLE Thailand
GYP Eagle Aviation GYPSY United Kingdom
EGN Eagle Aviation France FRENCH EAGLE France
EES Eagle Express Serbia 2014[22]
9A EZX Eagle Express Air Charter EAGLEXPRESS Malaysia
SEG Eagle International SEN-EAGLE Senegal
EGJ Eagle Jet Charter EAGLE JET United States
EMD Eaglemed (Ballard Aviation) EAGLEMED United States
ERX Earth Airlines Services EARTH AIR Nigeria
S9 HSA East African Safari Air DUMA Kenya
EXZ East African Safari Air Express TWIGA Kenya
EMU East Asia Airlines Macao
ECT East Coast Airways EASTWAY South Africa
ECJ East Coast Jets EASTCOAST JET United States
EHA East Hampton Aire AIRE HAMPTON United States
EKC East Kansas City Aviation BLUE GOOSE United States
CTK East Midlands Helicopters COSTOCK United Kingdom
DXH East Star Airlines EAST STAR China
EWA East-West Airlines EASTWEST Australia defunct
ZE ESR Eastar Jet EASTAR South Korea
EAZ Eastern Air EASAIR Zambia
EAX Eastern Air Executive EASTEX United Kingdom
EA EAL Eastern Air Lines EASTERN United States defunct
EAL Eastern Air Lines EASTERN United States 2015[24]
T3 EZE Eastern Airways EASTFLIGHT United Kingdom
QF EAQ Eastern Australia Airlines EASTERN Australia IATA dupe with parent QANTAS. Also uses 2 letter ICAO EA.
ECI Eastern Carolina Aviation EASTERN CAROLINA United States
GNS Eastern Executive Air Charter GENESIS United Kingdom
LIS Eastern Express LARISA Kazakhstan
EME Eastern Metro Express EMAIR United States
EPB Eastern Pacific Aviation EAST PAC Canada
ESJ Eastern SkyJets EASTERN SKYJETS United Arab Emirates
DK ELA Eastland Air Australia
W9 SGR Eastwind Airlines STINGER United States defunct
FYE Easy Link Aviation Services FLYME Nigeria
EC EJU easyJet Europe ALPINE Austria
DS EZS easyJet Switzerland TOPSWISS Switzerland
U2 EZY easyJet UK EASY United Kingdom
CMN Eckles Aircraft CIMMARON AIRE United States
EJT Eclipse Aviation ECLIPSE JET United States
DEI Ecoair Algeria
NAK École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile ENAC SCHOOL France Formerly SFA prior to SEFA ATO being absorbed by the École Nationale de l'Aviation Civile.
ECX Ecomex Air Cargo AIR ECOMEX Angola
ECD Ecotour ECOTOUR Mexico
XCC Ecoturistica de Xcalak XCALAK Mexico
ECV Ecuatoguineana De Aviación (EGA) EQUATOGUINEA Equatorial Guinea
EQC Ecuatorial Cargo ECUA-CARGO Equatorial Guinea
ECU Ecuavia ECUAVIA Ecuador
WK EDW Edelweiss Air EDELWEISS Switzerland
SLO Edgartown Air SLOW United States
EDC Air Charter Scotland SALTIRE United Kingdom Previously: Edinburgh Air Charter
EDJ Edwards Jet Center of Montana EDWARDS United States
EIJ Efata Papua Airlines EFATA Indonesia
EUW EFS European Flight Service EUROWEST Sweden
MS MSR Egyptair EGYPTAIR Egypt
MSX Egyptair Cargo EGYPTAIR CARGO Egypt
EGY Egyptian Air Force Egypt
EJX Egyptian Aviation Egypt
EMA Egyptian Aviation Company Egypt
EIX Ei Air Exports AIR EXPORTS Ireland
EIR Eirjet EIRJET Ireland
LY ELY El Al Israel Airlines ELAL Israel
CMX El Caminante Taxi Aéreo EL CAMINANTE Mexico
GLQ El Quilada International Aviation QUILADA Sudan
ELS El Sal Air EL SAL El Salvador
ESC El Sol De América SOLAMERICA Venezuela
UZ BRQ El-Buraq Air Transport BURAQAIR Libya
ELX Elan Express ELAN United States
LBR Elbe Air Transport MOTION Germany
NLK Elbrus-Avia Air Enterprise ELAVIA Russia
DND Eldinder Aviation DINDER Sudan
PDV Elicar ELICAR Italy
EDO Elidolomiti ELIDOLOMITI Italy
ELB Elieuro ELILOBARDIA Italy No longer used
EFG Elifriulia ELIFRIULIA Italy
ELH Elilario Italia LARIO Italy
EOA Elilombarda LOMBARDA Italy
MEE Elimediterranea ELIMEDITERRANEA Italy
VUL Elios ELIOS Italy
IEP Elipiu' ELIPIU Italy
RSA Elisra Airlines ESRA Sudan
EAI Elite Air ELAIR Togo
EJD Elite Jets ELITE DUBAI United Arab Emirates
FGS Elitellina ELITELLINA Italy
ELT Elliott Aviation ELLIOT United States
MGG Elmagal Aviation Services ELMAGAL Sudan
ELR Elrom Aviation and Investments Israel
EAM Embassy Airlines EMBASSY AIR Nigeria
EFT Embassy Freight Company EMBASSY FREIGHT United States
EMB Empresa Brasileira De Aeronáutica EMBRAER Brazil
XSL Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University SATSLAB United States Sesatlab Proof-of-Concept Flight
EA EAI Emerald Airlines GEMSTONE Ireland
JEM Emerald Airways GEMSTONE United Kingdom
EWW Emery Worldwide Airlines EMERY United States
EMT Emetebe EMETEBE Ecuador
EK UAE Emirates Airlines EMIRATES United Arab Emirates
SBC Emoyeni Air Charter SABIAN AIR South Africa Mount Air
EMP Empire Air Service EMPIRE United States
EM CFS Empire Airlines EMPIRE AIR United States
MPR Empire Aviation Services Nigeria
ETP Empire Test Pilots' School TESTER United Kingdom
AUO Empresa (Aero Uruguay), S.A. UNIFORM OSCAR Uruguay
PRG Empresa Aero-Servicios Parrague ASPAR Chile
CRN Aero Caribbean AEROCARIBBEAN Cuba Merged into Cubana de Aviación in 2015
VNA Empresa Aviación Interamericana EBBA Uruguay
EU EEA Empresa Ecuatoriana De Aviación ECUATORIANA Ecuador
CNI Empresa Nacional De Servicios Aéreos SERAER Cuba
VNE Empresa Venezolana VENEZOLANA Venezuela
GTV Empresa de Aviación Aerogaviota GAVIOTA Cuba
XLT Empressa Brasileira de Infra-Estrutura Aeroportuaria-Infraero INFRAERO Brazil
ENC Endecots ENDECOTS Ecuador
ENI Enimex ENIMEX Estonia
G8 ENK Enkor JSC ENKOR Russia
EGV Enrique Gleisner Vivanco GLEISNER Chile
ESE Ensenada Vuelos Especiales ENSENADA ESPECIAL Mexico
OF ENT Enter Air ENTER Poland
ENS Entergy Services ENTERGY SHUTTLE United States
EWS Enterprise World Airways WORLD ENTERPRISE Democratic Republic of the Congo
E0 ESS Eos Airlines NEW DAWN United States
EKA Equaflight Service EQUAFLIGHT Republic of the Congo
EQZ Equatair Air Services (Zambia) ZAMBIA CARGO Zambia
EQT Equatorial Airlines Equatorial Guinea
ERH Era Helicopters ERAH United States
IRY Eram Air ERAM AIR Iran
ERF Erfoto ERFOTO Portugal
ERE Erie Airways AIR ERIE United States
B8 ERT Eritrean Airlines ERITREAN Eritrea
EAD Escola De Aviacao Aerocondor AERO-ESCOLA Portugal
CTV Escuela De Pilotos Are Aviación ARE AVIACION Spain
EPC Espace Aviation Services ESPACE Democratic Republic of the Congo
ERC Esso Resources Canada ESSO Canada
E7 ESF Estafeta Carga Aérea Mexico
EEF Estonian Air Force ESTONIAN AIR FORCE Estonia
OV ELL Estonian Air ESTONIAN Estonia
ETA Estrellas Del Aire ESTRELLAS Mexico
ET ETH Ethiopian Airlines ETHIOPIAN Ethiopia
MJM Eti 2000 ELCO ETI Italy
EY ETD Etihad Airways ETIHAD United Arab Emirates
ETM Etram Air Wing ETRAM Angola
EVN Euraviation EURAVIATION Italy
RZ Euro Exec Express Sweden
ESN Euro Sun EURO SUN Turkey
EAK Euro-Asia Air EAKAZ Kazakhstan
KZE Euro-Asia Air International KAZEUR Kazakhstan
MM MMZ EuroAtlantic Airways EUROATLANTIC Portugal
GOJ EuroJet Aviation GOJET United Kingdom
EUP Pan Europeenne Air Service SAVOY France
EUU Euroamerican Air EUROAMERICAN Uruguay
ECY Euroceltic Airways ECHELON United Kingdom
EUC Eurocontrol Belgium
ECF Eurocopter EUROCOPTER France
UI ECA Eurocypria Airlines EUROCYPRIA Cyprus
GJ EEZ Eurofly E-FLY Italy
EEU Eurofly Service EUROFLY Italy
EUG Euroguineana de Aviación EUROGUINEA Equatorial Guinea
ERJ Eurojet Italia JET ITALIA Italy
JLN Eurojet Limited JET LINE Malta
RDP Eurojet Romania JET-ARROW Romania
EJS Eurojet Servis EEJAY SERVICE Czech Republic
K2 ELO Eurolot EUROLOT Poland
3W EMX Euromanx Airways EUROMANX Austria
GED Europe Air Lines LANGUEDOC France
5O FPO Europe Airpost FRENCH POST France
EUT European 2000 Airlines FIESTA Malta
EAG European Aeronautical Group UK United Kingdom defunct
EA EAL European Air Express STAR WING Germany
QY BCS European Air Transport POSTMAN Belgium
E7 EAF European Aviation Air Charter EUROCHARTER United Kingdom
EBJ European Business Jets United Kingdom
ECB European Coastal Airlines COASTAL CLIPPER Croatia
ETV European Executive EURO EXEC United Kingdom
EXC European Executive Express ECHO EXPRESS Sweden
EBG Eurosense EUROSENSE Bulgaria
ESX Euroskylink CATFISH United Kingdom
EW EWG Eurowings EUROWINGS Germany
4Y OCN Eurowings Discover OCEAN Germany
E6 EWL Eurowings Europe Black Pearl Malta
EVE Evelop Airlines EVELOP Spain
EVK Everett Aviation EVERETT Kenya [22]
EVT Everett Limited Tanzania
EZ EIA Evergreen International Airlines EVERGREEN United States
VTS Everts Air Alaska/Everts Air Cargo EVERTS United States
EVL Evolem Aviation EVOLEM France
EMN Examiner Training Agency AGENCY United Kingdom
JN XLA Excel Airways EXPO United Kingdom
XEL Excel Charter HELI EXCEL United Kingdom
GZA Excellent Air EXCELLENT AIR Germany
MB EXA Execair Aviation CANADIAN EXECAIRE Canada
VCN Execujet Charter AVCON Switzerland
EJO Execujet Middle East MIDJET United Arab Emirates
VMP Execujet Scandinavia VAMPIRE Denmark
LFL Executive Air LIFE FLIGHT Zimbabwe
EAC Executive Air Charter EXECAIR United States
XAF Executive Air Fleet United States
ECS Executive Aircraft Charter and Charter Services ECHO Ireland
XAH Executive Aircraft Services United Kingdom
OW EXK Executive Airlines EXECUTIVE EAGLE United States American Eagle
EXU Executive Airlines SACAIR Spain
JTR Executive Aviation Services JESTER United Kingdom
EXE Executive Flight EXEC United States
TRI Executive Flight Operations Ontario Government TRILLIUM Canada
EXJ Executive Jet Charter United Kingdom
EJM Executive Jet Management JET SPEED United States
TEA Executive Turbine Aviation TRAVELMAX South Africa
EXF Eximflight EXIMFLIGHT Mexico
EXN Exin EXIN Poland
EXR Expertos En Carga EXPERTOS ENCARGA Mexico
FXA Express Air EFFEX United States
EIC Express International Cargo EXCARGO São Tomé and Príncipe
XPL Express Line Aircompany EXPRESSLINE United States
XNA Express Net Airlines EXPRESSNET United States
EO LHN Express One International LONGHORN United States defunct
XTO Express Tours EXPRESS TOURS Canada
EV ASQ ExpressJet ACEY United States
XSL Excel-Aire Service EXCELAIRE United States
LTD Executive Express Aviation/JA Air Charter LIGHT SPEED United States
XSR Executive Flight Services AIRSHARE United States
EPR Express Airways EMPEROR Slovenia
XRO ExxAero CRAMER Netherlands
JTM Exxavia Limited SKYMAN Ireland
8K EVS Exploits Valley Air Services EVAS Canada
FRX Fort Aero FORT AERO Estonia
PBR Fast Air POLAR BEAR Canada
SRE Fly Jetstream Aviation STREAMJET South Africa
FTZ Fastjet GREY BIRD Tanzania
FAP F Air FAIR SCHOOL Czech Republic
FFL ForeFlight FOREFLIGHT United States 3rd party Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) callsign used to obscure true airplane registrations
EYE F.S. Air Service SOCKEYE United States
IFA FAI Air Service RED ANGEL Germany
FLC FINFO Flight Inspection Aircraft FLIGHT CHECK United States
FKI FLM Aviation Mohrdieck KIEL AIR Germany
DCM FLTPLAN (anonymized service) DOT COM United States 3rd party Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) callsign used to obscure true airplane registrations
FLW FLowair Aviation QUICKFLOW France
FMG FMG Verkehrsfliegerschule Flughafen Paderborn-Lippstadt HUSKY Germany
FRA FR Aviation RUSHTON United Kingdom
FSB FSB Flugservice & Development SEABIRD Germany
LEJ FSH Luftfahrtunternehmen LEIPZIG FAIR Germany
FBA Fab Air FAB AIR Kyrgyzstan
FCS Facts Air MEXFACTS Mexico
FAV Fair Aviation FAIRAVIA South Africa
FWD Fair Wind Air Charter FAIR WIND United Arab Emirates
FLS Fairlines FAIRLINE Netherlands Defunct
FFC Fairoaks Flight Centre FAIROAKS United Kingdom
FWY Fairways Corporation FAIRWAYS United States
FCN Falcon Air FALCON Sweden
FAR Falcon Air FALCAIR Slovenia
FAO Falcon Air Express PANTHER United States
FAU Falcon Airline FALCON AIRLINE Nigeria
FBU French Bee FRENCH BEE France
IH Falcon Aviation Sweden
FVS Falcon Aviation Services FALCON AVIATION United Arab Emirates
FJC Falcon Jet Centre FALCONJET United Kingdom
FAW Falwell Aviation FALWELL United States
FE FEA Far Eastern Air Transport Far Eastern Taiwan
FD Royal Flying Doctor Service FLYDOC Australia
FDL Farmingdale State University FARMINGDALE STATE United States
FAH Farnair Hungary BLUE STRIP Hungary
FRN Farnair Netherlands FARNED Netherlands Defunct, ICAO code in use by another company
FAT ASL Airlines Switzerland FARNER Switzerland Previously: Farnair Switzerland
RAF Farnas Aviation Services FARNAS Sudan
HBL Faroecopter HELIBLUE Denmark
F6 RCK FaroeJet ROCKROSE Faroe Islands
FRW Farwest Airlines FARWEST United States
F3 FSW Faso Airways FASO Burkina Faso
FHL Fast Helicopters FINDON United Kingdom
FAY Fayban Air Services FAYBAN AIR Nigeria
SKM Fayetteville Flying Service and Scheduled Skyways System SKYTEM United States
FDR Federal Air FEDAIR South Africa
FLL Federal Airlines FEDERAL AIRLINES Sweden
DCN Federal Armed Forces DIPLOMATIC CLEARANCE Germany
FRM Federal Armored Service FEDARM United States
NHK Federal Aviation Administration NIGHTHAWK United States
FX FDX FedEx Express FEDEX United States
FNK Feniks Airline AURIKA Kazakhstan
FER Feria Aviación FERIA Spain
N8 HGK Fika Salaama Airlines SALAAMA Uganda
4S FNC Finalair Congo FINALAIR CONGO Republic of the Congo
FAK Financial Airxpress FACTS United States
FBF Fine Airlines FINE AIR United States
FTR Finist'air FINISTAIR France
AY FIN Finnair FINNAIR Finland
FC WBA Finncomm Airlines WESTBIRD Finland
FNF Finnish Air Force FINNFORCE Finland
FIH FinnHEMS FINNHEMS Finland [25]
FY FFM Firefly FIREFLY Malaysia
7F FAB First Air FIRST AIR Canada
JRF First Air Transport Japan
FCC First Cambodia Airlines FIRST CAMBODIA Cambodia
FCA Fly-Coop Air Service COOPAIR Hungary
MBL First City Air FIRST CITY United Kingdom
GGA First Flying Squadron JAWJA United States
FIR First Line Air FIRSTLINE AIR Sierra Leone
FTS First Sabre FIRST SABRE Mexico
8F FFR Fischer Air FISCHER Czech Republic
FFP Fischer Air Polska FLYING FISH Poland
8D EXV FitsAir EXPOAVIA Sri Lanka
FSX Flagship Express Services FLAG United States
F8 FLE Flair Airlines FLAIR Canada
WAF Flamenco Airways FLAMENCO United States
FMR Flamingo Air FLAMINGO AIR United States
FLN Flamingo Air-Line ILIAS Kazakhstan
FSH Flash Airlines FLASH Egypt
BWY Fleet Requirements Air Direction Unit BROADWAY United Kingdom
FLR Fleetair FLEETAIR South Africa
FXY Flexair FLEXY Netherlands Defunct
FXT Flexflight Denmark
TUD Flight Alaska TUNDRA United States
FCK FCS Flight Calibration Services NAV CHECKER Germany
VOR Flight Calibration Services Ltd. FLIGHT CAL United Kingdom
FCV Flight Centre Victoria NAVAIR Canada
FCP Nelson Aviation College Ltd FLIGHTCORP New Zealand Nelson Aviation College [1] Archived 2017-06-07 at the Wayback Machine
FDP Flight Dispatch Services Poland
FLX Flight Express, Inc. FLIGHT EXPRESS United States
CFI Flight Inspection Center of the General Administration of Civil Aviation in China CHINA JET China
LTS Flight Inspections and Systems SPECAIR Russia
IVJ Flight International INVADER JACK United States
MIT Flight Line MATCO United States
FOI Flight Ops International United States
OPT Flight Options OPTIONS United States
CLB Flight Precision Limited CALIBRATOR United Kingdom
FSL Flight Safety Limited FLIGHTSAFETY United Kingdom
FSU Flight Support Sweden Sweden
CCK Flight Trac CABLE CHECK United States
AYR Flight Training Europe CYGNET Spain
FWQ Flight West Airlines UNITY Australia
KLO Flight-Ops International KLONDIKE Canada
CSK Flightcraft CASCADE United States
FEX Flightexec FLIGHTEXEC Canada
B5 FLT Flightline FLIGHTLINE United Kingdom defunct
FTL Flightline FLIGHT-AVIA Spain
FPS Flightpass Limited FLIGHTPASS United Kingdom
FSR Flightstar Corporation FLIGHTSTAR United States
KDZ Flightworks KUDZU United States Avior Technologies Operations
FAZ Flint Aviation Services FLINT AIR United States
KWX Florida Aerocharter KAY DUB United States Allocated in 2014
OJY Florida Air OHJAY United States
FAS Florida Air Cargo FLORIDA CARGO United States Allocated in 2014
PA FCL Florida Coastal Airlines FLORIDA COASTAL United States
FFS Florida Department of Agriculture FORESTRY United States
FJS Florida Jet Service FLORIDAJET United States
RF FWL Florida West International Airways FLO WEST United States merged into Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings; defunct as of 28 February 2017, IATA code now allocated to another user
FFG Flugdienst Fehlhaber WITCHCRAFT Germany
FLU Flugschule Basel YELLOW FLYER Switzerland
EZB Flugschule Eichenberger EICHENBURGER Switzerland
FWZ Flugwerkzeuge Aviation Software Austria
VNX Fly Advance VANCE United States Allocated in 2014[26]
F2 FLM Fly Air FLY WORLD Turkey
8W EDR Fly All Ways BIRDVIEW Suriname
G6 ACY Fly Arna ARNA Armenia
FCT Fly CI Limited DEALER United Kingdom
FEE Fly Europa Limited FLY EURO United Kingdom
FXL Fly Excellent FLY EXCELLENT Sweden
9Y FGE Fly Georgia GEORGIA WING Georgia
NVJ Fly International Airways NOUVINTER Tunisia
OJ FJM Fly Jamaica Airways GREENHEART Jamaica defunct
9P FJL Fly Jinnah Okaab Pakistan
FIL Fly Line FLYLINE Spain
SH FLY Fly Me Sweden FLYBIRD Sweden
FP PVV[27][28] Fly Pro Sunday Moldova
FRB Fly Rak RAKWAY United Arab Emirates
6P IAD Fly Wex FLYWEX Italy
F6 VAW Fly2Sky SOFIA JET Bulgaria
FYA Flyant FLYANT Spain
D7 XFA FlyAsianXpress FAX AIR Malaysia
F7 BBO Flybaboo BABOO Switzerland
BE BEE Flybe JERSEY United Kingdom
FO FBZ Flybondi BONDI Argentina
FCE Flycolumbia FLYCOLUMBIA Spain
GVG Flygaktiebolaget Gota Vingar BLUECRAFT Sweden
Y2 GSM Flyglobespan GLOBESPAN United Kingdom defunct
FPA Flygprestanda Sweden
SX TOR FlyGTA Airlines HOMERUN Canada
ETS Flygtransporter I Nykoping EXTRANS Sweden
INU Flyguppdraget Backamo INSTRUCTOR Sweden
W3 FYH Flyhy Cargo Airlines FLY HIGH Thailand
FCR Flying Carpet Company FLYING CARPET Lebanon
FYG Flying Service FLYING GROUP Belgium
FGP Flying-Research Aerogeophysical Center FLYING CENTER Russia
TE LIL FlyLal LITHUANIA AIR Lithuania defunct
FLK Flylink Express FLYLINK Spain
XY KNE Flynas NAS EXPRESS Saudi Arabia
LF NDC FlyNordic NORDIC Sweden defunct
FP FRE FlyPelican PELICAN Australia Pelican Airlines Pty Ltd since 1 June 2015
FTM Flyteam Aviation FLYTEAM United Kingdom
VK FVK FlyViking BALDER Norway defunct
FKS Focus Air FOCUS United States Omega Air Holdings
FOP Fokker Netherlands Flight Operations
NOF Fonnafly FONNA Norway
FOB Ford Motor Company FORDAIR United Kingdom
VY FOS Formosa Airlines Taiwan defunct
FOR Formula One Management FORMULA United Kingdom
FHS Forth and Clyde Helicopter Services HELISCOT United Kingdom
FXC Fortunair Canada AIR FUTURE Canada
BN Forward Air International Airlines United States
FSA Foster Aviation FOSTER-AIR United States
JFY Foster Yeoman YEOMAN United Kingdom
FTE Fotografia F3 FOTOGRAFIA Spain
5F FIA FlyOne FIA Moldova Allocated in 2016
3F FIE FlyOne Armenia ARMRIDER Armenia
HK FSC Four Star Aviation / Four Star Cargo FOUR STAR United States Virgin Islands
WDS Four Winds Aviation WINDS United States
FXR Foxair WILDFOX Italy
FDO France Douanes FRENCH CUSTOM France
FH FHY Freebird Airlines FREEBIRD AIR Turkey
SJ FOM Freedom Air FREE AIR New Zealand defunct
FP FRE Freedom Air FREEDOM United States Aviation Services
FFF Freedom Air Services INTER FREEDOM Nigeria
FRL Freedom Airlines FREEDOM AIR United States ICAO Code and callsign withdrawn
FAS Freedom Airways FREEDOM AIRWAYS Cyprus
FWC Freeway Air FREEWAY Netherlands Defunct
FRG Freight Runners Express FREIGHT RUNNERS United States
FAF Force Aerienne Francaise FRENCH AIR FORCE France
FMY Aviation Legere De L'Armee De Terre FRENCH ARMY France
FNY France Marine Nationale FRENCH NAVY France
FRR Fresh Air FRESH AIR Nigeria
BZY Fresh Air Aviation BREEZY United States 2015[29]
FAE Freshaer WILDGOOSE United Kingdom
FAL Friendship Air Alaska FRIENDSHIP United States
FLF Friendship Airlines FRIEND AIR Uganda
FGY Froggy Corporate Aviation Australia
F9 FFT Frontier Airlines FRONTIER FLIGHT United States
ITR Frontier Commuter OUT BACK United States
2F FTA Frontier Flying Service FRONTIER-AIR United States
FNG Frontier Guard FINNGUARD Finland
FUJ Fujairah Aviation Centre FUJAIRAH United Arab Emirates
CFJ Fujian Airlines FUJIAN China
GAX Full Express GRAND AIRE United States
FAM Fumigación Aérea Andaluza FAASA Spain
FFY Fun Flying Thai Air Service FUN FLYING Thailand
ROG Fundació Rego REGO Spain
FUN Funtshi Aviation Service FUNTSHI Democratic Republic of the Congo
FGL Futura Gael Applewood Ireland defunct
FH FUA Futura International Airways FUTURA Spain defunct
FWK Flightworks United States
ACT Flight Line AMERICAN CHECK United States
FRF Fleet Air International FAIRFLEET Hungary
FUM Fuxion Line Mexico FUNLINE Mexico
FWR FlightAware FLIGHT AWARE United States 3rd party Privacy ICAO Address (PIA) callsign used to obscure true airplane registrations
GML G & L Aviation GEEANDEL South Africa
DBC Gemini Air Group DIAMOND BACK United States Allocated in 2014[30]
GOP Gospa Air GOSPA AIR Mexico
HGT GMJ Air Shuttle HIGHTECH United States Private air shuttle for Intel Corporation Employees
GRE Greenlandcopter Denmark
GMQ Germania Express CORGI Germany
KNM GB Helicopters KINGDOM United Kingdom
GCW Global Air Crew GLOBALCREW Denmark
GBH Global Avia Handling Russia
Y5 GMR Golden Myanmar Airlines GOLDEN MYANMAR Myanmar
EXH G5 Executive BATMAN Switzerland
MTA GAK/Mitchell Aero GAK AVIATION United States
GBX GB Airlink ISLAND TIGER United States
GT GBL GB Airways GEEBEE AIRWAYS United Kingdom
GCS GCS Air Service GALION United States
FFU GEC Marconi Avionics FERRANTI United Kingdom
GET Get High AIR FLOW Portugal
GET GETRA GETRA Equatorial Guinea ICAO Code no longer allocated
GFW GFW Aviation Australia
GGT Trans Island Airways THUNDERBALL Bahamas
GHI GH Stansted Limited United Kingdom
Z5 GMG GMG Airlines GMG Bangladesh
GPE GP Express Airlines REGIONAL EXPRESS United States
BMK GST Aero Aircompany MURAT Kazakhstan
GTX GTA Air BIG-DEE United States
GAH Ga-Ma Helicoptere GAMHELICO France
GBE Gabon Express GABEX Gabon
GRT Gabon-Air-Transport Gabon
GIG Gacela Air Cargo GACELA AIR Mexico
GFC Gail Force Express GAIL FORCE United States
GNJ Gain Jet Aviation HERCULES JET Greece
SWF Galair International GALAIR United Kingdom
GLS Galaircervis GALS Ukraine
7O GAL Galaxy Air GALAXY Kyrgyzstan
GXY Galaxy Airlines GALAX Japan
GAS Galena Air Service GALENA AIR SERVICE United States
1G Galileo International United States
GMA Gama Aviation GAMA United Kingdom
GCH Gama Aviation Switzerland GAMA SWISS Switzerland
GC GNR Gambia International Airlines GAMBIA INTERNATIONAL Gambia
NML Gambia New Millennium Air NEWMILL Gambia
GMJ Gamisa Aviación GAMISA Spain
G7 GNF Gandalf Airlines Gandalf Italy
GAN Gander Aviation GANAIR Canada
GSA Garden State Airlines GARDEN STATE United States
AHM Garrison Aviation AIR HURON Canada
GA GIA Garuda Indonesia INDONESIA Indonesia
GHS Gatari Hutama Air Services GATARI Indonesia
EGO Gauteng Air Cargo GAUTENG South Africa
GVN Gavina GAVINA Spain
4G GZP Gazpromavia GAZPROMAVIA Russia
GEE Geesair GEESAIR Canada
GLX Gelix Airlines RUSSIAN BIRD Russia
GR GCO Gemini Air Cargo GEMINI United States
GAB Gendall Air GENDALL Canada
GDB Gendarmerie Belge BELGIAN GENERMERIE Belgium
FGN National Gendarmerie FRANCE GENDARME France
SWK General Aerospace SKYWALKER Canada
GWS General Airways GENAIR South Africa
GNZ General Aviation GONZO Poland
GTH General Aviation Flying Services GOTHAM United States
XGA General Aviation Terminal Canada
GMC General Motors GENERAL MOTORS United States
GNX Genex Belarus
GSL Geographic Air Surveys SURVEY-CANADA Canada
A9 TGZ Georgian Airways TAMAZI Georgia
FGA Georgian Aviation Federation GEORGIA FED Georgia
GGF Georgian Cargo Airlines Africa GEORGIAN AFRICA Senegal
QB GFG Georgian National Airlines NATIONAL Georgia
Great Barrier Airlines New Zealand Not ICAO allocated – GBA issued for domestic use by the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand
GAF German Air Force GERMAN AIR FORCE Germany
GAM German Army GERMAN ARMY Germany
GNY German Navy GERMAN NAVY Germany
HE LGW German Airways WALTER Germany Former name: Luftfahrtgesellschaft Walter
GHY German Sky Airlines GERMAN SKY Germany
ST GMI Germania GERMANIA Germany
4U GWI Germanwings GERMAN WINGS Germany
GDN Gerry's Dnata Pakistan
GFD Gesellschaft Fur Flugzieldarstellung KITE Germany
GP RIV APG Airlines RIVERA France
GES Gestair GESTAIR Spain
GJT Gestión Aérea Ejecutiva BANJET Spain
GHT Ghadames Air Transport Libya
GH GLP Globus Airlines GLOBUS Russia
GH GHA Ghana Airways GHANA Ghana defunct
G0 GHB Ghana International Airlines GHANA AIRLINES Ghana
NTC Gibson Aviation NIGHT CHASE United States
RPS Global Air Charter RESPONSE United States
GAG Greybird Pilot Academy GEEBIRD Denmark
DMJ Global Air DAMOJH Mexico defunct
GBS Global Air Services Nigeria GLOBAL SERVE Nigeria
GLC Global Aircargo Bahrain
Global Airways (Turks and Caicos) Turks and Caicos Islands
BSP Global Airways (BSP) Democratic Republic of Congo
GLB Global Airways (GLB) GLO-AIR United States Air Castle Corporation
GBB Global Aviation Operations GLOBE South Africa
GAK Global Aviation and Services Group AVIAGROUP Libya
GGZ Global Georgian Airways GLOBAL GEORGIAN Georgia
GLJ Global Jet Austria GLOBAL JET AUSTRIA Austria
NSM Global Jet Corporation THUNDERCLOUD United States
SVW Global Jet Luxembourg SILVER ARROWS Luxembourg
GSK Global Sky Aircharter GLOBAL SKY United States
GSS Global Supply Systems JET LIFT United Kingdom
XGS Global System United States
XGW Global Weather Dynamics United States
GLW Global Wings Japan
GJA Globe Jet Lebanon
GAC GlobeAir DREAM TEAM Austria
6G RLX Go2Sky RELAX Slovakia
G8 GOW GoAir GOAIR India
GK Go One Airways United Kingdom Defunct?
G7 GJS GoJet Airlines LINDBERGH United States
GGE Gobierno De Guinea Ecuatorial Equatorial Guinea
GOF Gof-Air GOF-AIR Mexico
GOI Gofir SWISS HAWK Switzerland
G3 GLO Gol Transportes Aéreos GOL TRANSPORTE Brazil Brazilian low-cost airline.
GBT Gold Belt Air Transport GOLD BELT Canada defunct
GDA GoldAir AIR PARTNER United Kingdom
GDK Goldeck-Flug GOLDECK FLUG Austria
DC GAO Golden Air GOLDEN Sweden
GDD Golden Airlines GOLDEN AIRLINES United States
GPA Golden Pacific Airlines GOLDEN PAC United States
GRS Golden Rule Airlines GOLDEN RULE Kyrgyzstan
GLD Golden Star Air Cargo GOLDEN STAR Sudan
GOS Goldfields Air Services Australia
GAQ Golfe Air Quebec GOLFAIR Canada
GLE Goliaf Air GOLIAF AIR São Tomé and Príncipe
GOM Gomel Airlines GOMEL Belarus
5Z GON Gonini Air Services GONINI Suriname defunct
RDR Goodridge (UK) Limited RED STAR United Kingdom
G1 Gorkha Airlines GORKHA AIRLINES Nepal ?ICAO
GOR Gorlitsa Airlines GORLITSA Ukraine
HKG Government Flying Service HONGKONG GOVERNMENT Hong Kong SAR of China
GRZ Government of Zambia Communications Flight COM FLIGHT Zambia
HLD Grampian Flight Centre GRANITE United Kingdom
GAV Granada Aviación GRANAVI Spain
GAE Grand Aire Express GRAND EXPRESS United States
GND Grand Airways GRAND VEGAS United States
CVU Grand Canyon Airlines CANYON VIEW United States
GV GUN Grant Aviation HOOT United States
LMK Grantex Aviation LANDMARK United Kingdom
GRA Great American Airways GREAT AMERICAN United States Defunct
GRA Guardian Air Asset Management FLEX South Africa issued in 2017
ZK GLA Great Lakes Airlines LAKES AIR United States
GLU Great Lakes Airways (Uganda) LAKES CARGO Uganda
GRP Great Plains Airlines GREAT PLAINS United States
IJ GWL Great Wall Airlines GREAT WALL China
GWA Great Western Air G-W AIR United States
HB HGB Greater Bay Airlines GREATER BAY Hong Kong
GFF Griffin Aviation GRIFFIN AIR Cyprus
GXA Grixona GRIXONA Moldova
GZD Grizodubova Air Company GRIZODUBOVA AIR Russia
HTG Grossmann Air Service GROSSMANN Austria
GSJ Grossmann Jet Service GROSSJET Czech Republic
GHV Ground Handling Service de Mexico GROUND HANDLING Mexico
GPM Grup Air-Med GRUPOMED Spain
EJC Grupo De Aviación Ejecutiva GRUPOEJECUTIVA Mexico
VMM Grupo Vuelos Mediterraneo VUELOS MED Spain
GMT Grupo Aéreo Monterrey GRUPOMONTERREY Mexico
GSY Guard Systems GUARD AIR Norway
G6 BSR Guine Bissaur Airlines BISSAU AIRLINES Guinea-Bissau
GIJ Guinea Airways GUINEA AIRWAYS Guinea
GNC Guinea Cargo GUINEA CARGO Equatorial Guinea
J9 GIF Guinee Airlines GUINEE AIRLINES Guinea defunct
GEA Guinea Ecuatorial Airlines GEASA Equatorial Guinea
GIQ Guinee Paramount Airlines GUIPAR Guinea
CGH Guizhou Airlines GUIZHOU China
GUS Guja GUJA Mexico
G8 GUJ Gujarat Airways GUJARATAIR India
TSU Gulf & Caribbean Cargo / Contract Air Cargo TRANSAUTO United States
GUF Gulf African Airlines GULF AFRICAN The Gambia
GF GFA Gulf Air GULF AIR Bahrain
GAT Gulf Air Inc GULF TRANS United States
GCN Gulf Central Airlines GULF CENTRAL United States
SFY Gulf Flite Center SKY FLITE United States
GPC Gulf Pearl Air Lines AIR GULFPEARL Libya
GLF Gulfstream Aerospace GULFSTREAM TEST United States
GFS Gulfstream Airlines GULFSTAR United States
GFT Gulfstream International Airlines GULF FLIGHT United States
GUL Gull Air GULL-AIR United States
GUM Gum Air GUM AIR Suriname
GDH Guneydogu Havacilik Isletmesi RISING SUN Turkey
GY Guyana Airways 2000
GWN Gwyn Aviation GWYN United Kingdom
H4 Héli Sécurité Helicopter Airlines France
EO ALX Hewa Bora Airways ALLCONGO Democratic Republic of the Congo
AHT HTA Helicopteros HELIAPRA Portugal
ETI H-Bird Aviation Services AB JETHAWK Sweden
HAY Hamburg Airways HAMBURG AIRWAYS Germany defunct
HCK Heli-Charter HELI-CHARTER United Kingdom
HTB Helix-Craft Aviation HELIX-CRAFT Panama 2014[31]
HAF Hellenic Air Force HELLENIC AIR FORCE Greece
HRN Heron Luftfahrt HERONAIR Germany
HYP Hyperion Aviation HYPERION Malta
HFM Hi Fly Malta MOONRAKER Malta
A5 HOP Hop! AIR HOP France
HLA HC Airlines HEAVYLIFT United Kingdom
HWD HPM Investments FLITEWISE United Kingdom
KTR HT Helikoptertransport COPTER TRANS Sweden
Hacienda Airlines United States defunct - 1957 to July 10, 1962
FMS Hadison Aviation HADI United States
H6 HAG Hageland Aviation Services HAGELAND United States
POW Hagondale Limited AIRNET United Kingdom
HR HHN Hahn Air ROOSTER Germany
H1 Hahn Air Systems Germany
HU CHH Hainan Airlines HAINAN China
1R Hainan Phoenix Information Systems China
HLS Haiti Air Freight Haiti
2T HAM Haiti Ambassador Airlines Haiti
HTI Haiti International Air HAITI INTERNATIONAL Haiti
HRB Haiti International Airline HAITI AIRLINE Haiti
HNR Haiti National Airlines (HANA) HANAIR Haiti
HTN Haiti North Airline Haiti
HTC Haiti Trans Air HAITI TRANSAIR Haiti
HBC Haitian Aviation Line HALISA Haiti
HAJ Hajvairy Airlines HAJVAIRY Pakistan
HLH Hala Air HALA AIR Sudan
HCV Halcyonair CREOLE Cape Verde
4R HHI Hamburg International HAMBURG JET Germany
HJL Hamlin Jet BIZJET United Kingdom
HMM Hamra Air HAMRA United Arab Emirates
WVA Hand D Aviation WABASH VALLEY United States
HGR Hangar 8 HANG United Kingdom
HGD Hangard Aviation HANGARD Mongolia
HAN Hansung Airlines HANSUNG AIR Republic of Korea
X3 HLX Hapag-Lloyd Express YELLOW CAB Germany Became TUI fly Deutschland in 2007
HF HLF Hapagfly HAPAG LLOYD Germany Became TUI fly Deutschland in 2007
HB HAR Harbor Airlines HARBOR United States
HQ HMY Harmony Airways HARMONY Canada
NBR Haughey Air NORBROOK United Kingdom
PYN Haverfordwest Air Charter Services POYSTON United Kingdom
HAV Havilah Air Services HAVILAH Nigeria
HA HAL Hawaiian Airlines HAWAIIAN United States
HP Hawaiian Pacific Airlines United States defunct
HKR Hawk Air AIR HAW Argentina
HMX Hawk De Mexico HAWK MEXICO Mexico
BH Hawkair Canada defunct since 2016
HKI Hawkaire HAWKEYE United States
HZL Hazelton Airlines HAZELTON Australia Defunct.
HN HVY Heavylift Cargo Airlines HEAVY CARGO Australia
HVL Heavylift International HEAVYLIFT INTERNATIONAL United Arab Emirates
NS HBH Hebei Airlines HEBEI AIR China
HDC Helcopteros De Cataluna HELICATALUNA Spain
HCB Helenair (Barbados) HELEN Barbados
HCL Helenair Corporation HELENCORP Saint Lucia
HHP Helenia Helicopter Service HELENIA Denmark
HLR Heli Air Services HELI BULGARIA Bulgaria
ALJ Heli Ambulance Team ALPIN HELI Austria
HEB Heli Bernina HELIBERNINA Switzerland
HFR Heli France HELIFRANCE France
HYH Heli Hungary HELIHUNGARY Hungary
HLM Heli Medwest De Mexico HELIMIDWEST Mexico
HLI Heli Securite HELI SAINT-TROPEZ France
HTP Heli Trip HELI TRIP Mexico
HLU Heli Union Heli Prestations HELI UNION France
MCM Heli-Air-Monaco HELI AIR Monaco
HHE Heli-Holland HELI HOLLAND Netherlands
HRA Heli-Iberica ERICA Spain
HIF Heli-Iberica Fotogrametria HIFSA Spain
HIG Heli-Inter Guyane INTER GUYANNE France
HLK Heli-Link HELI-LINK Switzerland
HMC Heliamerica De Mexico HELIAMERICA Mexico
HEA Heliavia-Transporte Aéreo HELIAVIA Portugal
CDY Heliaviation Limited CADDY United Kingdom
HIB Helibravo Aviacao HELIBRAVO Portugal
HLC Helicap HELICAP France
COV Helicentre Coventry HELICENTRE United Kingdom
HEL Helicol HELICOL Colombia
HCP Helicopter HELI CZECH Czech Republic
JKY Helicopter & Aviation Services JOCKEY United Kingdom
MVK Helicopter Training & Hire MAVRIK United Kingdom
HAP Helicopteros Aero Personal HELIPERSONAL Mexico
HAA Helicopteros Agroforestal AGROFORESTAL Chile
HNT Helicopteros Internacionales HELICOP INTER Mexico
HEN Helicópteros Y Vehículos Nacionales Aéreos HELINAC Mexico
HHH Helicsa HELICSA Spain
JB JBA Helijet HELIJET Canada
HDR Helikopterdrift HELIDRIFT Norway
SCO Helikopterservice Euro Air SWEDCOPTER Sweden
OCE Heliocean HELIOCEAN France
ZU HCY Helios Airways HELIOS Cyprus defunct since 7 November 2006
HLP Helipistas HELIPISTAS Spain
HPL Heliportugal HELIPORTUGAL Portugal
HEC Heliservicio Campeche HELICAMPECHE Mexico
HSU Helisul HELIS Portugal
HSI Heliswiss HELISWISS Switzerland
HLT Helitafe HELITAFE Mexico
HIT Helitalia HELITALIA Italy
OFA Helitaxi Ofavi OFAVI Mexico
HLT Helitours HELITOURS Sri Lanka
9I HTA Helitrans SCANBIRD Norway
HTS Helitrans Air Service HELITRANS United States
HLW Heliworks HELIWORKS Chile
HJ HEJ Hellas Jet HELLAS JET Greece ceased operation in 2010
HW FHE Hello FLYHELLO Switzerland
HLG Helog HELOG Switzerland
2L OAW Helvetic Airways HELVETIC Switzerland
HMS Hemus Air HEMUS AIR Bulgaria
HAC Henebury Aviation Australia
SSH Heritage Flight (Valley Air Services) SNOWSHOE United States
MRX Herman's Markair Express SPEEDMARK United States
HED Heritage Aviation Developments FLAPJACK United Kingdom
HHS Hi-Jet Helicopter Services HIJET Suriname
5K HFY Hi Fly SKY FLYER Portugal
HLB High-Line Airways HIGH-LINE Canada
HWY Highland Airways HIWAY United Kingdom
H9 HIM Himalaya Airlines HIMALAYA Nepal
H4 HYS HiSky Europe SKY EUROPE Romania
HSH Hispánica de Aviación HASA Spain
HIS Hispaniola Airways HISPANIOLA Dominican Republic
VM VMS His Majesty King Maha Vajiralongkorn VICTOR MIKE[32] Thailand holding airline, renamed on his accession[33]
HGA Hogan Air HOGAN AIR United States
NTH Hokkaido Air System NORTH AIR Japan
ABH Hokuriki-Koukuu Company Japan
H5 HOA Hola Airlines HOLA Spain
HIN Holding International Group HOLDING GROUP Mexico
HOL Holiday Airlines (US Airline) HOLIDAY United States
HC HCC Holidays Czech Airlines CZECH HOLIDAYS Czech Republic
HTR Holstenair Lubeck HOLSTEN Germany
HMV Homac Aviation HOMAC Luxembourg
HAS Honduras Airlines HONDURAS AIR Honduras
HX CRK Hong Kong Airlines BAUHINIA Hong Kong
RH HKC Hong Kong Air Cargo MASCOT Hong Kong
UO HKE Hong Kong Express Airways HONGKONG SHUTTLE Hong Kong
A6 HTU Hongtu Airlines HONGLAND China
HEX Honiara Cargo Express HONIARA CARGO Solomon Islands
H1 Hooters Air Hooters Air United States The airline was established in 2003 and started operations on March 6, 2003. On April 17, 2006, Hooters Air ceased operations, halting scheduled Public Charter service and refunding tickets.
HPJ Hop-A-Jet HOPA-JET United States
HH Hope Air HOPE AIR Canada
QX QXE Horizon Air HORIZON AIR United States
KOK Horizon Air Service KOKO United States
HSM Horizon Air for Transport and Training ALOFUKAIR Libya
HOR Horizon Air-Taxi HORIZON Switzerland
BN HZA Horizon Airlines HORIZON Australia defunct
HPS Horizon Plus HORIZON PLUS Bangladesh
HUD Horizons Unlimited HUD United States
HOZ Horizontes Aéreos HORIZONTES AEREOS Mexico
HDI Hoteles Dinamicos DINAMICOS Mexico
HHO Houston Helicopters HOUSTON HELI United States
GGV Houston Jet Services GREGG AIR Austria
OZU Hozu-Avia HOZAVIA Kazakhstan
HUB Hub Airlines HUB United States
HUS Huessler Air Service HUESSLER United States
GMH Hughes Aircraft Company HUGHES EXPRESS United States
HJ USW HumoAir AKSAR Uzbekistan
HUV Hunair Hungarian Airlines SILVER EAGLE Hungary
HUF Hungarian Air Force HUNGARIAN AIRFORCE Hungary
HW UBD FlyErbil HAWLER Iraqi Kurdistan
HYA Hyack Air HYACK Canada
HYC Hydro Air Flight Operations HYDRO CARGO South Africa
HYD Hydro-Québec HYDRO Canada
HKB Hawker Beechcraft CLASSIC United States
RPX HD Air Ltd RAPEX United Kingdom
SRD HM Coastguard COASTGUARD United Kingdom
SRG HM Coastguard RESCUE United Kingdom Search and Rescue
WHR Hummingbird Helicopter Service WHIRLEYBIRD United States
I4 EXP Island Air Express ISLAND EXPRESS United States 2014[34]
IWL Island Wings Bahamas 2014[34]
IK KAR Ikar IKAR Russian Federation
ICN Iconair Pakistan
IAC Interaviation Charter INTERCHARTER Romania
ITC International Air Carrier Association Belgium
IDG IDG Technology Air INDIGO Czech Republic
IFL IFL Group EIFEL United States
RDE II Lione Alato Arl FLIGHT RED United Kingdom
IJM IJM International Jet Management JET MANAGEMENT Austria
IKK IKI International Airlines IKIAIR Japan
BLU IMP Aviation Services BLUENOSE Canada
XGG IMP Group Aviation Services Canada
1F INFINI Travel Information Japan Computer Reservation System
IPA IPEC Aviation IPEC Australia
IPM IPM Europe SHIPEX United Kingdom
1U ITA Software United States Computer reservation system
FDF IVV Femida Russia
IB IBE Iberia Airlines IBERIA Spain
II CSQ IBC Airways CHASQUI United States
I2 IBS Iberia Express IBEREXPRESS Spain Charter service, low cost carrier for EU flights of Iberia operating only A320s
IBR Ibertour Servicios Aéreos IBERTOUR Spain
IBT Ibertrans Aérea IBERTRANS Spain
TY IWD Iberworld IBERWORLD Spain
FW IBX Ibex Airlines IBEX Japan
IBC Ibicenca Air IBICENCA Spain
AKI Ibk-Petra   Sudan
0C IBL IBL Aviation CATOVAIR Mauritius
BBL IBM Euroflight Operations BLUE Switzerland
YYY ICAO Used by airlines without a specific code
C3 IPR Independent Carrier (ICAR) ICAR Ukraine
ICD Icaro Air ICARO Ecuador Defunct 2011
IUS Icarus ICARUS Italy
ICJ Icejet ICEJET Iceland
HC Iceland Express Iceland defunct
FI ICE Icelandair ICEAIR Iceland
ICG Icelandic Coast Guard ICELAND COAST Iceland
RAC Icar Air TUZLA AIR Bosnia and Herzegovina
FRC Icare Franche Compte FRANCHE COMPTE France
IKR Ikaros DK IKAROS Denmark
CIO Il Ciocco International Travel Service CIOCCO Italy
ILV Il-Avia ILAVIA Russia
IDL Ildefonso Redriguez ILDEFONSO Mexico
V8 IAR Iliamna Air Taxi ILIAMNA AIR United States
ILP Ilpo Aruba Cargo Aruba
ILL Ilyich-Avia ILYICHAVIA Ukraine
IMR Imaer IMAER Portugal
ITX Imair Airlines IMPROTEX Azerbaijan
PNX Imperial Airways PHOENIX United States ICAO code in use by another company, call sign no longer allocated
IMG Imperial Cargo Airlines IMPERIAL AIRLINES Ghana
IMT Imtrec Aviation IMTREC Cambodia
DH IDE Independence Air INDEPENDENCE AIR United States defunct
IDP Independent Air Freighters INDEPENDENT Australia
I7 IOA IndiaOne Air INDIA FIRST India
6E IGO IndiGo IFLY India InterGlobe Aviation
IIL India International Airways INDIA INTER India
IFC Indian Air Force INDIAN AIRFORCE India
IC IAC Indian Airlines INDAIR India
IDR Indicator Company INDICATOR Hungary
I9 IBU Indigo Airlines INDIGO BLUE United States
VP AXC Indochina Airlines AIRSPUP Vietnam defunct
IDA Indonesia Air Transport INTRA Indonesia
QZ AWQ Indonesia AirAsia WAGON AIR Indonesia
IO IAA Indonesian Airlines INDO LINES Indonesia
IPN Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara NUSANTARA Indonesia
ITN Industrias Titan TITANLUX Spain
FFI Infinit Air INFINIT Spain
INS Inflite The Jet Centre United Kingdom
IVA Innotech Aviation INNOTECH Canada
INC Insel Air International INSELAIR Netherlands Antilles
ICC Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya CARTO Spain
INT Intair INTAIRCO Canada
INL Intal Avia INTAL AVIA Kyrgyzstan
FFL Intavia Limited United Kingdom
XRA Intensive Air INTENSIVE South Africa
ITW Inter Air INTER WINGS Bulgaria
INX Inter Express INTER-EURO Turkey
IIC Inter Island Air Charter Bahamas 2014[34]
H4 IIN Inter Island Airways Cape Verde
CAR Inter RCA QUEBEC ROMEO Central African Republic
NTT Inter Tropic Airlines INTER-TROPIC Sierra Leone
TCU Inter Tropical Aviation TROPAIR Suriname Defunct 2001
ITA Inter-Air CAFEX United States
ICN Inter-Canadian INTER-CANADIAN Canada
UGL Inter-Island Air UGLY VAN United States
IMA Inter-Mountain Airways INTER-MOUNTAIN United States
ITS Inter-State Aviation INTER-STATE United States
D6 ILN Interair South Africa INLINE South Africa
NTE Interaire INTERMEX Mexico
ZA SUW Interavia Airlines ASTAIR Russia
IVT Interaviatrans INTERAVIA Ukraine
JY IWY InterCaribbean Airways ISLANDWAYS Turks and Caicos Islands Name changed from Interisland Airways Limited and Air Turks & Caicos
RS ICT Intercontinental de Aviación CONTAVIA Colombia
ICP Intercopters CHOPER Spain
IFT Interflight INTERFLIGHT United Kingdom
IJT Interflight (Learjet) United Kingdom
RFL Interfly INFLY Italy
IFF Interfreight Forwarding INTERFREIGHT Sudan
IGN Interguide Air DIVINE AIR Nigeria
ISN Interisland Airlines TRI-BIRD Philippines
IWY Interisland Airways Limited ISLANDWAYS Turks and Caicos Islands Name changed to Air Turks and Caicos
IHE Interjet Helicopters INTERCOPTER Greece
IJW Interjet Inc. JET WEST United States 2015[35]
ID ITK Interlink Airlines INTERLINK South Africa
IAK International Air Cargo Corporation AIR CARGO EGYPT Egypt
EXX International Air Corporation EXPRESS INTERNATIONAL United States


NCC T3 Aviation, Inc. STARFLEET United States 2020[36]
IAX International Air Services INTERAIR SERVICES Liberia
6I IBZ International Business Air INTERBIZ Sweden was U5
IBY International Business Aircraft CENTRAL STAGE United States
ICS International Charter Services INTERSERVI Mexico
ICX International Charter Xpress INTEX United States Defunct 1994
RED International Committee of the Red Cross RED CROSS Switzerland
IIG International Company for Transport, Trade and Public Works ALDAWLYH AIR Libya
IFX International Flight Training Academy IFTA United States
IJA International Jet Aviation Services I-JET United States
HSP International Jet Charter HOSPITAL United States The Flying Hospital
THN International Security Assistance Force ATHENA Canada
RSQ International SOS Windhoek SKYMEDIC Namibia
ISF International Stabilisation Assistance Force United Kingdom
ITH International Trans-Air INTRANS NIGERIA Nigeria
IPT Interport Corporation INTERPORT United States
IKY Intersky Bulgary GENERAL SKY Bulgaria
3L ISK Intersky INTERSKY Austria Defunct
I4 FWA Interstate Airlines FREEWAYAIR Netherlands Defunct
ITU Intervuelos INTERLOS Mexico
INV Inversija INVER Latvia
IND Iona National Airways IONA Ireland
IOA Iowa Airways IOWA AIR United States
IR IRA Iran Air IRANAIR Iran Was B9
EP IRC Iran Aseman Airlines ASEMAN Iran
IRB Iranair Tours Iran
IRG Iranian Naft Airlines NAFT Iran
IA IAW Iraqi Airways IRAQI Iraq
BIS Irbis Air IRBIS Kazakhstan
IRL Irish Air Corps IRISH Ireland
RDK Irish Air Transport IRISH TRANS Ireland
XMR Irish Aviation Authority AUTHORITY Ireland
IH MZA Irtysh Air IRTYSH AIRLINES Kazakhstan Old IATA code: IT; old ICAO code: IRT
KCE Irving Oil KACEY Canada
ISI Island Air ISLANDMEX Mexico
ILF Island Air Charters ISLAND FLIGHT United States
XYZ Island Air Express RAINBIRD United States
ISA Island Airlines United States
SOY Island Aviation SORIANO Philippines
DQA Island Aviation Services Maldives
IOM Island Aviation and Travel ISLE AVIA United Kingdom
2S SDY Island Express SANDY ISLE United States
MTP Island Helicopters METROCOPTER United States
ILC ILAS Air Japan
IAJ Islandair Jersey JARLAND United Kingdom
CN Islands Nationair Papua New Guinea
ICB Icebird Airline ICEBIRD Iceland
IF ISW Islas Airways PINTADERA Spain
IGS Isle Grande Flying School ISLA GRANDE United States
WC ISV Islena De Inversiones Honduras
IOS Isles of Scilly Skybus SCILLONIA United Kingdom
IAI Israel Aircraft Industries ISRAEL AIRCRAFT Israel
IAF Israeli Air Force Israel
6H ISR Israir ISRAIR Israel
IST Istanbul Airlines ISTANBUL Turkey
FS ACL Itali Airlines SPADA Italy Former name: Transporti Aerei Italiani; former IATA Code: 9X*; former ICAO code: ACO
IAM Italian Air Force ITALIAN AIRFORCE Italy
IEI Italian Army ITALIAN ARMY Italy
GCI Italian Coast Guard ITALIAN COAST GUARD Italy
MMI Italian Navy ITALIAN NAVY Italy
IFS Italy First RIVIERA Italy
GI IKA Itek Air ITEK-AIR Kyrgyzstan ?ICAO confirmed; IATA not
IVS Ivoire Aero Services IVOIRE AERO Ivory Coast
IVW Ivoire Airways IVOIRAIRWAYS Ivory Coast
IJE Ivoire Jet Express IVOIRE JET Ivory Coast
OIC Iwamoto Crane Co Ltd Japan
IXR Ixair X-BIRD France
H9 IZM Izair IZMIR Turkey
IZA Izhavia IZHAVIA Russia
JTN JET TEST United States
JGJ Jinggong Jet GLOBAL JINGGONG China 2014,[37] 2023[38]
JNY Journey Aviation ROCKBAND United States 2023: Callsign "ROCKBAND";[38] Former Call Sign/Telephony Designator: UNIJET-ROCKBAND (2014[37])
JKR Justice Air Charter JOKER United States Trading name for Reliant Aviation, allocated in 2014[39]
JWD Jayawijaya Dirgantara Indonesia
JCB JCB (heavy equipment manufacturer) JAYSEEBEE United Kingdom
RFX J P Hunt Air Carriers REFLEX United States J P Hunt Air Carriers
XM J-Air J AIR Japan
JC JEX JAL Express JANEX Japan
JDA JDAviation JAY DEE United Kingdom
JHM JHM Cargo Expreso Costa Rica
TQM JM Family Aviation TACOMA United States
MT JMC JMC Airlines JAYEMMSEE United Kingdom
1M JSC Transport Automated Information Systems Russia
JCK Jackson Air Services JACKSON Canada
JI JAE Jade Cargo International JADE CARGO China defunct
JAW Jamahiriya Airways JAW Libya
JMB Jambo Africa Airlines JAMBOAFRICA Democratic Republic of Congo
WWW Janet JANET United States de facto name
FJX Jet Sky Cargo and Air Charter Kenya
JAK Jana-Arka YANZAR Kazakhstan
JAX Janair JANAIR United States
3X JAC Japan Air Commuter COMMUTER Japan
JSV Japan Aircraft Service Japan
JL JAL Japan Airlines JAPANAIR Japan Japan Airlines International
JL JAL Japan Airlines Domestic J-BIRD Japan defunct
EG JAA Japan Asia Airways ASIA Japan defunct
NU JTA Japan Transocean Air JAI OCEAN Japan
WJ JES JetSMART Argentina SMARTBIRD Argentina
JU JAT Jat Airways JAT Serbia
VJ JTY Jatayu Airlines JATAYU Indonesia
J9 JZR Jazeera Airways JAZEERA Kuwait
7C JJA Jeju Air JEJU AIR Republic of Korea
JNY Jenney Beechcraft JENAIR United States
XLD Jeppesen Data Plan United States
JPN Jeppesen UK JETPLAN United Kingdom
O2 JEA OLT Express JETA Poland defunct, funded by acquisition of Jet Air and YES Airways
JSI Jet Air Group SISTEMA Russia JSC
9W JAI Jet Airways JET AIRWAYS India
QJ Jet Airways United States
JTX Jet Aspen Air Lines JET ASPEN United States
PP PJS Jet Aviation JETAVIATION Switzerland
BZF Jet Aviation Business Jets BIZFLEET United States
JAS Jet Aviation Flight Services JET SETTER United States
JCF Jet Center Flight Training JET CENTER Spain
JCT Jet Charter JET CHARTER United States
JCX Jet Connection JET CONNECT Germany defunct
DWW Jet Courier Service DON JUAN United States
JED Jet East International JET EAST United States defunct
JEI Jet Executive International Charter JET EXECUTIVE Germany
RZA Jet Fighter Flights RAZOR Australia
CFT Jet Freighters CASPER FREIGHT United States
JGD Jet G&D Aviation JET GEE-AND-DEE Israel
MJL Jet Line International MOLDJET Moldova
JEK Jet Link JET OPS Israel
HTL Jet Linx Aviation HEARTLAND United States
JTL Jet Linx Aviation JET LINX United States
JNR Jet Norte JET NORTE Mexico
JRN Jet Rent JET RENT Mexico
JDI Jet Story JEDI Poland Formerly: Jet Service
3K JSA Jetstar Asia Airways JETSTAR ASIA Singapore
JDI Jet Story JEDI Poland former Blue Jet
JSM Jet Stream JET STREAM Moldova
VTB Jet Stream Charter KFT. SUXAIR Hungary 2023[38]
JSS Jet Stream International Pakistan 2023[38]
JTF Jet Time JETFIN Finland 2014,[37] 2023[38]
JTC Jet Trans Aviation JETRANS Ghana
JTT Jet-2000 MOSCOW JET Russia
OPS Jet-Ops OPS-JET United Arab Emirates
JSH Jet-stream STREAM AIR Hungary
LS EXS CHANNEX United Kingdom
JFU Jet4You ARGAN Morocco
OSW JetAfrica Eswatini BEVO Eswatini
B6 JBU JetBlue Airways JETBLUE United States
JMG JetMagic JET MAGIC Ireland Defunct
JMK Jetmagic Malta Defunct, Not Many Flights
JF JAA Jet Asia Airways JET ASIA Thailand
JAF Jetairfly BEAUTY Belgium
JTL Jetall Holdings FIREFLY Canada
JAG Jetalliance JETALLIANCE Austria
0J JCS Jetclub JETCLUB Switzerland
QNZ Jetconnect QANTAS JETCONNECT New Zealand
UEJ Jetcorp JETCORP United States (United Executive Jet)
JCC Jetcraft Aviation JETCRAFT Australia
JXA Jetex Aviation Lebanon
JEF Jetflite JETFLITE Finland
JFL Jetfly Airlines LINEFLYER Austria
JFA Jetfly Aviation MOSQUITO Luxembourg
JIC Jetgo International JIC-JET Thailand
JLX Jetlink Express KEN JET Kenya
JLH Jetlink Holland Netherlands Defunct, ICAO code in use by another company
JNL JetNetherlands JETNETHERLANDS Netherlands
JNV Jetnova de Aviación Ejecutiva JETNOVA Spain
JPO Jetpro JETPRO Mexico
MDJ Jetran Air JETRAN AIR Romania
JRI Jetrider International JETRIDER United Kingdom
JEJ Jets Ejecutivos MEXJETS Mexico
JEP Jets Personales JET PERSONALES Spain
JSE Jets Y Servicios Ejecutivos SERVIJETS Mexico
SG JGO JetsGo JETSGO Canada defunct
JQ JST Jetstar JETSTAR Australia
GK JJP Jetstar Japan ORANGE LINER Japan
JM JKT Jetstar Hong Kong Airways KAITAK China
JXT Jetstream Executive Travel VANNIN United Kingdom
RSP JetSuite REDSTRIPE United States
JPQ Jett Paqueteria JETT PAQUETERIA Mexico
JX JEC Jett8 Airlines Cargo TAIPAN Singapore defunct
JO JTD Jettime JETTIME Denmark
JTN Jet Test Intl. JET TEST United States
JWY Jetways of Iowa JETWAYS United States
GX JXX JetX Airlines JETBIRD Iceland
JIB Jibair JIBAIRLINE Djibouti
JSW Jigsaw Project JIGSAW United Kingdom Bristow Helicopters
HKN Jim Hankins Air Service HANKINS United States
RAS Jim Ratliff Air Service SHANHIL United States
LJ JNA Jin Air JIN AIR South Korea
JDG Joanas Avialinijos LADYBLUE Lithuania
JBR Job Air JOBAIR Czech Republic
JHN Johnson Air AIR JOHNSON United States
JON Johnsons Air JOHNSONSAIR Ghana
JMJ Johnston Airways JOHNSTON United States
JMM Joint Military Commission JOICOMAR Sudan
JMT Jomartaxi Aereo JOMARTAXI Mexico
ODI Jonsson, H Air Taxi ODINN Iceland
R5 JAV Jordan Aviation JORDAN AVIATION Jordan
J4 JCI Jordan International Air Cargo Jordan
JVK Jorvik ISLANDIC Iceland
ENZ Jota Aviation ENZO United Kingdom
JNJ Journey Jet JOURNEY JET Thailand
XE JSX JSX (airline) BIGSTRIPE United States
JUR Ju-Air JUNKERS Switzerland
JFS Juanda Flying School JAEMCO Indonesia
JUC Juba Cargo Services & Aviation Company JUBA CARGO Sudan
6J JUB Jubba Airways JUBBA Somalia
DKE Jubilee Airways DUKE United Kingdom
HO DKH Juneyao Airlines AIR JUNEYAO China 2023[38]
JSY Jung Sky Croatia
MEY Justair Scandinavia MELODY Sweden
DOJ Justice Prisoner and Alien Transportation System JUSTICE United States

KCR Kolob Canyons Air Services KOLOB United States
KW KHK Kharkiv Airlines SUNRAY Ukraine
KGZ Kyrgyz Airlines BERMET Kyrgyzstan
KDC K D Air Corporation KAY DEE Canada
KMI K-Mile Air KAY-MILE AIR Thailand
KD KLS Kalstar Aviation KALSTAR Indonesia
WA KLC KLM Cityhopper CITY Netherlands
KLH KLM Helicopter KLM HELI Netherlands
KL KLM KLM KLM Netherlands
N2 QNK Kabo Air KABO Nigeria
KMC Kahama Mining Corporation KAHAMA Tanzania
KI KAI KaiserAir KAISER United States Operates B737-500, B737-700, B737-800
K4 CKS Kalitta Air CONNIE United States Operates B747-400's, B767-300ER's, B777F
K9 KFS Kalitta Charters KALITTA United States Operates Lear 25s, 35s, 36s Falcon 20s, CL601
CB* KII Kalitta Charters II DRAGSTER United States Operates B727-200's, DC9-15 & 30, B737-400's
KES Kallat El Saker Air Company KALLAT EL SKER Libya
RQ KMF Kam Air KAMGAR Afghanistan
E2 KMP Kampuchea Airlines KAMPUCHEA Cambodia IATA was KT
KIZ Kanaf-Arkia Airlines Israel
KHE Kanfey Ha'emek Aviation KANFEY HAEMEK Israel
KSU Kansas State University K-STATE United States
KRB Karibu Airways Company KARIBU AIR Tanzania
KLG Karlog Air Charter KARLOG Denmark defunct
KAJ Karthago Airlines KARTHAGO Tunisia
KAE Kartika Airlines KARTIKA Indonesia
KTV Kata Transportation KATAVIA Sudan
KTK Katekavia KATEKAVIA Russia
KAT Kato Airline KATO-AIR Norway
KV MVD Kavminvodyavia AIR MINVODY Russia
XKA Kavouras Inc United States
KRN Kaz Agros Avia ANTOL Kazakhstan
KAW Kaz Air West KAZWEST Kazakhstan
KAO Kazan Aviation Production Association KAZAVAIA Russia
KPH Kazan Helicopters KAMA Russia
KKA Kazavia KAKAIR Kazakhstan
KZS Kazaviaspas SPAKAZ Kazakhstan
3Q KCH KC International Airlines CAM AIR Cambodia
JFK Keenair Charter - KEENAIR United Kingdom
KLX Kelix Air KELIX Nigeria
FKL Kelner Airways KELNER Canada
KW KFA Kelowna Flightcraft Air Charter FLIGHTCRAFT Canada
KDA Kendell Airlines KENDELL Australia defunct
M5 KEN Kenmore Air KENMORE United States
KBA Kenn Borek Air BOREK AIR Canada
KAH Kent Aviation DEKAIR Canada
KQ KQA Kenya Airways KENYA Kenya
KVS Kevis KEVIS Kazakhstan
ZN KEY Key Airlines KEY AIR United States
KG LYM Key Lime Air KEY LIME United States
FTP Keystone Aerial Surveys FOOTPRINT United States
BZ KEE Keystone Air Service KEYSTONE Canada
K6 KZW Khalifa Airways KHALIFA AIR Algeria
WKH Kharkov Aircraft Manufacturing Company WEST-KHARKOV Ukraine
KHR Khazar KHAZAR Turkmenistan
KHP Khoezestan Photros Air Lines PHOTROS AIR Iran
KRV Khoriv-Avia KHORIV-AVIA Ukraine


KHO Khors Aircompany AIRCOMPANY KHORS Ukraine defunct
KHY Khyber Afghan Airlines KHYBER Afghanistan
UAK Kiev Aviation Plant AVIATION PLANT Ukraine
KNG King Aviation KING United Kingdom
BEZ Kingfisher Air Services SEA BREEZE United States
IT KFR Kingfisher Airlines KINGFISHER India Defunct Since 2012
4I KNX Knighthawk Air Express KNIGHT FLIGHT Canada
KAS Kingston Air Services KINGSTON AIR Canada
KIP Kinnarps KINNARPS Sweden
KNS Kinshasa Airways KINSHASA AIRWAYS Democratic Republic of the Congo defunct
KTA Kirov Air Enterprise VYATKA-AVIA Russia
Y9 IRK Kish Air KISHAIR Iran
KR KHA Kitty Hawk Aircargo AIR KITTYHAWK United States


2K KHC Kitty Hawk Airways CARGO HAWK United States


KP KIA Kiwi International Air Lines KIWI AIR United States
KRA Kiwi Regional Airlines REGIONAL New Zealand
KY KNA Kunming Airlines KUNMING AIR China ICAO code KNA was used by Knight Air
KHX Knighthawk Express RIZZ United States
KGT Knights Airlines KNIGHT-LINER Nigeria
KOA Koanda Avacion KOANDA Spain
OYE Koda International KODA AIR Nigeria
7K KGL Kogalymavia Air Company KOGALYM Russia
KOM Kom Activity COMJET Netherlands
KMA Komiaviatrans State Air Enterprise KOMI AVIA Russia
8J KMV Komiinteravia KOMIINTER Russia
KNM Komsomolsk-on-Amur Air Enterprise KNAAPO Russia
KOB Koob-Corp - 96 KFT AUTOFLEX Hungary
KE KAL Korean Air KOREANAIR South Korea
KMG Kosmas Air KOSMAS CARGO Serbia
KSM Kosmos KOSMOS Russia
KOS Kosova Airlines KOSOVA Serbia
WOK Kovar Air WOKAIR Czech Republic
7B KJC Krasnojarsky Airlines KRASNOJARSKY AIR Russia defunct
KFC Kremenchuk Flight College KREMENCHUK Ukraine
KRG Krimaviamontag AVIAMONTAG Ukraine
KRO Kroonk Air Agency KROONK Ukraine
K9 KRI Krylo Airlines Krylo Russia
OPC Krystel Air Charter OPTIC United Kingdom
GW KIL Kuban Airlines AIR KUBAN Russia
VD KPA Kunpeng Airlines KUNPENG China
KZA Kurzemes Avio Russia
KBV Kustbevakningen SWECOAST Sweden
KU KAC Kuwait Airways KUWAITI Kuwait
GO KZU Kuzu Airlines Cargo KUZU CARGO Turkey
QVR Kvadro Aero PEGASO Kyrgyzstan
KWN Kwena Air KWENA South Africa
N5 KGZ Kyrgyz Airlines BERMET Kyrgyzstan
KTC Kyrgyz Trans Avia DINARA Kyrgyzstan
QH LYN Kyrgyzstan ALTYN AVIA Kyrgyzstan Name changed to Air Kyrgyzstan
R8 KGA Kyrgyzstan Airlines KYRGYZ Kyrgyzstan
DAM Kyrgyzstan Department of Aviation FLIGHT RESCUE Kyrgyzstan under the Ministry of Emergency Situation
KGB Kyrgz General Aviation KEMIN Kyrgyzstan
FK KEW Keewatin Air BLIZZARD Canada
AOE Livingstone Executive LIVINGSTONE AIR Italy
LZF Lease Fly SKYLEASE Portugal
LBR Lepl Project Limited (Air Costa) India
LHB Liebherr Geschaeftreiseflugzeug FAMILY Germany
LLD Lloyd Aviation Venezuela
LGA Logistic Air LOGAIR Malaysia
LGC Legacy Air LEGACY AIR Thailand
JKA LeTourneau University JACKET United States
LTY Liberty Air SKYDECK Netherlands
LWL Lowlevel CUB DRIVER Portugal
LAX Laminar Air Spain
YL LWA Libyan Wings LIBYAN WINGS Libya
YQ LCT TAR Aerolineas TAR Mexico
LAH L A Helicopter STAR SHIP United States
LJY L J Aviation ELJAY United States
LRB L R Airlines LADY RACINE Czech Republic
PHO L&L Flygbildteknik PHOTOFLIGHT Sweden
LEX L'Express Airlines LEX United States
FNT L-3 Communications Flight International Aviation FLIGHT INTERNATIONAL United States
JF LAB L.A.B. Flying Service LAB United States
LDE LADE - Líneas Aéreas Del Estado LADE Argentina
KG BNX LAI - Línea Aérea IAACA AIR BARINAS Venezuela
4M DSM LATAM Argentina LAN AR Argentina
JJ TAM LATAM Brasil TAM Brazil
LNC LAN Dominicana LANCANA Dominican Republic
NI LANICA Nicaragua
APT LAP Colombia - Líneas Aéreas Petroleras, S.A. LAP Colombia
L5 Línea Aérea Cuencana Ecuador
LO LOT LOT Polish Airlines POLLOT Poland "POLLOT" is not used in practice. "LOT" is used in almost all cases.
JKA LeTourneau University JACKET United States
XO LTE LTE International Airways FUN JET Spain
LT LTU LTU International LTU Germany
JFC LTV Jet Fleet Corporation JET-FLEET United States
LUK LUKoil-Avia LUKOIL Russia
ASK La Ronge Aviation Services AIR SASK Canada
LVT La Valenciana Taxi Aéreo TAXIVALENCIANA Mexico
SKQ Labcorp SKYLAB United States
LAL Labrador Airways LAB AIR Canada
N6 JEV Lagun Air Spain
HCA Lake Havasu Air Service HAVASU United States
LKL Lakeland Aviation LAKELAND United States
LKR Laker Airways LAKER United States
LBH Laker Airways (Bahamas) LAKER BAHAMAS United States
LMR Lamra LAMAIR Sudan
TCR Lanaes Aereas Trans Costa Rica TICOS Costa Rica
ISL Landsflug ISLANDIA Iceland
PAP Langtry Flying Group PROFLIGHT United Kingdom
IK LKN Lankair Lankair Sri Lanka
QL RLN Lankan Cargo AERO LANKA Sri Lanka
LZT Lanzarote Aerocargo BARAKA Spain
QV LAO Lao Airlines LAO Lao People's Democratic Republic
LKA Lao Capricorn Air NAKLAO Lao People's Democratic Republic
LLL Lao Skyway LAVIE Lao People's Democratic Republic
L7 LPN Laoag International Airlines LAOAG AIR Philippines
LRD Laredo Air LAREDO AIR United States
OTN LASTP LASTP São Tomé and Príncipe
LTC LatCharter LATCHARTER Latvia defunct
LAF Latvian Air Force LATVIAN AIRFORCE Latvia
NG LDA Lauda Air LAUDA AIR Austria
OE[40] LDM LaudaMotion LAUDA MOTION Austria
LDI Lauda Air Italy LAUDA ITALY Italy
LEP Laughlin Express LAUGHLIN EXPRESS United States
LSU Laus LAUS AIR Croatia
LAR Lawrence Aviation LAWRENCE United States
LAY Layang-Layang Aerospace LAYANG Malaysia
LPL Lease-a-Plane International LEASE-A-PLANE United States
LQ LAQ Lebanese Air Transport LAT Lebanon
LAT Lebanese Air Transport (charter) LEBANESE AIR Lebanon
LAD Lebanon Airport Development Corporation LADCO-AIR United States
LEB Lebap LEBAP Turkmenistan
LCA Leconte Airlines LECONTE United States
LI LIA Leeward Islands Air Transport LIAT Antigua and Barbuda
LGD Legend Airlines LEGENDARY United States
LWD Leisure Air LEISURE WORLD United States
LEN Lentini Aviation LENTINI United States
LOR Leo-Air LEO CHARTER South Africa
LEL Leonsa De Aviación LEONAVIA Spain
LV LVL Level LEVEL Spain and France
LYW Libyan Airlines LIBYAN AIRWAYS Libya
LN LAA Libyan Arab Airlines LIBAIR Libya
LCR Libyan Arab Air Cargo LIBAC Libya
LIQ Lid Air Sweden
LTA LIFT Academy LIFT United States
LCG Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises CONGOLAISE Democratic Republic of the Congo
LKD Lignes Aeriennes Du Tchad LATCHAD Chad
LME Lignes Mauritaniennes Air Express LIMAIR EXPRESS Mauritania
GCB Lignes Nationales Aeriennes - Linacongo LINACONGO Republic of the Congo
GDQ Lincoln Air National Guard United States
LRT Lincoln Airlines Australia
LSY Lindsay Aviation LINDSAY AIR United States
NOT Línea Aérea Costa Norte COSTA NORTE Chile
LMC Línea Aérea Mexicana de Carga LINEAS DECARGA Mexico
L7 LNP Línea Aérea SAPSA SAPSA Chile
NEG Línea Aérea de Fumig Aguas Negras AGUAS NEGRAS Chile
QL LER Línea Aérea de Servicio Ejecutivo Regional LASER Venezuela
LSE Línea De Aeroservicios Chile
TUY Línea Turística Aereotuy AEREOTUY Venezuela
ALR Líneas Aéreas Alaire S.L. AEROLAIRE Spain
ZE LCD Líneas Aéreas Azteca LINEAS AZTECA Mexico defunct
LCN Líneas Aéreas Canedo LAC CANEDO Bolivia
LCM Líneas Aéreas Comerciales LINEAS COMERCIALES Mexico
EDD Líneas Aéreas Ejectuivas De Durango LINEAS DURANGO Mexico
EDR Líneas Aéreas Eldorado ELDORADRO Colombia
FED Líneas Aéreas Federales FEDERALES Argentina
LMN Líneas Aéreas Monarca LINEAS MONARCA Mexico
LIJ Líneas Aéreas San Jose LINEAS JOSE Mexico
UMA Líneas Aéreas del Humaya HUMAYA Mexico
LEC Linex LECA Central African Republic
SMS Linhas Aéreas Santomenses SANTOMENSES São Tomé and Príncipe
TM LAM Linhas Aéreas de Moçambique MOZAMBIQUE Mozambique
LAW Link Airways of Australia Australia
WGT Volkswagen AirService GmbH WORLDGATE United Kingdom
JT LNI Lion Air LION INTER Indonesia
LEU Lions-Air LIONSAIR Switzerland
LYF Lithuanian Air Force LITHUANIAN AIRFORCE Lithuania safety department
LRA Little Red Air Service LITTLE RED Canada
LM LVG Livingston Energy Flight LIVINGSTON Italy

Ceased operations 2010

LB LLB Lloyd Aéreo Boliviano LLOYDAEREO Bolivia
LNA Lnair Air Services ELNAIR Spain
XLG Lockheed Air Terminal United States
LAC Lockeed Aircraft Corporation LOCKHEED United States
XDD Lockheed DUATS United States
CBD Lockheed Martin Aeronautics CATBIRD United States
LNG Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company LIGHTNING United States
LM LOG Loganair LOGAN United Kingdom

Gained the code LM after beginning independent operations (2017)

CLV Lom Praha Flying School AEROTRAINING Czech Republic
LMS Lomas Helicopters LOMAS United Kingdom
LCY London City Airport Jet Centre LONDON CITY United Kingdom
LNX London Executive Aviation LONEX United Kingdom
LOV London Flight Centre (Stansted) LOVEAIR United Kingdom
LHC London Helicopter Centres MUSTANG United Kingdom
LSS Lone Star Airlines LONE STAR United States
ORA Long Island Airlines LONG ISLAND United States
GI LHA Longhao Airlines AIR CANTON China
LGT Longtail Aviation LONGTAIL Bermuda
GJ CDC Loong Air LOONG AIR China
LRR Lorraine Aviation LORRAINE France
LSC Los Cedros Aviación CEDROS Chile
LTW Luchtvaartmaatschappij Twente TWENTAIR Netherlands
LKE Lucky Air LUCKY AIR China
LUT Luft Carago LUGO South Africa
LVD Luftfahrt-Vermietungs-Dienst AIR SANTE Austria
LH DLH Lufthansa LUFTHANSA Germany
LH GEC Lufthansa Cargo LUFTHANSA CARGO Germany
CL CLH Lufthansa CityLine HANSALINE Germany
L1 Lufthansa Systems Germany
LHT Lufthansa Technik LUFTHANSA TECHNIK Germany
LTF Lufttaxi Fluggesellschaft Garfield Germany
L5 LTR Lufttransport LUFT TRANSPORT Norway
UNY Lund University School of Aviation UNIVERSITY Sweden
LG LGL Luxair LUXAIR Luxembourg
LXA Luxaviation RED LION Luxembourg
LUV Luxembourg Air Rescue LUX RESCUE Luxembourg
LFE Luxflight Executive LUX EXPRESS Luxembourg
LXO Luxor Air Egypt
LUZ Luzair LISBON JET Portugal
5V UKW Lviv Airlines UKRAINE WEST Ukraine
LYD Lydd Air LYDDAIR United Kingdom
LCH Lynch Flying Service LYNCH AIR United States
L2 LYC Lynden Air Cargo LYNDEN United States
LWG Luxwing LUXWING Malta
Y9 DAT Lynx Air DAUNTLESS Canada
LXF Lynx Air International LYNX FLIGHT United States
L4 SSX Lynx Aviation SHASTA United States Part of Frontier Airlines
LYX Lynx Aviation LYNX AIR Pakistan
Z8 AZN Línea Aérea Amaszonas Bolivia
MJ LPR Líneas Aéreas Privadas Argentinas LAPA Argentina defunct
LAU Líneas Aéreas Suramericanas SURAMERICANO Colombia
LT SNG LongJiang Airlines SNOW EAGLE China
LYB Lynden Air Cargo HIGHLANDS Papua New Guinea
Q2 DQA Maldivian (airline) SKYSURFER Maldives
MMH McMahon Helicopter NIGHT RIDER United States 2015[41]
HOG Mahogany Air Charters HOGAN AIR Zambia 2014[42]
MTS Med Jets MED SERVICE Mexico 2014[42]
MSF Minsheng International Jet MEINSHENG China 2014[42]
MXS Millon Express MILLON EXPRESS United States Trading name for Sunrise Airlines allocated in 2014[43]
MHF Maritime Helicopters AIR MARITIME United States Allocated 2014[44]
BF MRK MarkAir MARKAIR United States 1984-1995
WD MWM Modern Transporte Aereo De Carga MODERNAIR Brazil
MSJ Magnum Air MAGNUM AIR Philippines
MWI Malawian Airlines 2014 MALAWIAN Malawi
MYP Mann Yadanarpon Airlines MANN ROYAL Myanmar
RDK Memorial Hermann Hospital System RED DUKE United States Houston, Texas
MLV Multiservicios Aereos Del Valle MULTI VALLE Mexico
MMJ Macau Jet International MACAUJET China
MXF Maximum Flight Advantages MAXFLIGHT United States
OD MXD Malindo Airways MALINDO EXPRESS Malaysia
MJC Mandarin Air AIR MANDA China
DZR Midwest Aviation DOZER United States
MSN Milenium Air Servicios Aereos Integrados Mexico
MFB Mountain Flyers 80 MOUNTAINHELI Switzerland
HTL My Fair Jet HOTLINE Austria
JNH M & N Aviation JONAH United States
MCF MAC Fotografica MAC FOTO Spain
AQ MPJ MAP-Management and Planung MAPJET Austria
TFG MAS Airways TRAFALGAR United Kingdom
M7 MAA MasAir MAS CARGA Mexico
IN MAK MAT Macedonian Airlines MAKAVIO Macedonia Defunct
MCC MCC Aviation DISCOVERY South Africa
JLA MIA Airlines SALLINE Romania
OM MGL MIAT Mongolian Airlines MONGOL AIR Mongolia
MNC MIT Airlines MUNCIE Canada
MB MNB MNG Airlines BLACK SEA Turkey
EBF MSR Flug-Charter SKYRUNNER Germany
MAQ Mac Aviation MAC AVIATION Spain
MCN Mac Dan Aviation Corporation MAC DAN United States
MTD MacKnight Airlines Australia
CC MCK Macair Airlines Australia
MCS Macedonian Airlines MACAIR Greece
MDH Madina Air MADINA AIR Libya
DM DAN Maersk Air MAERSKAIR Denmark Defunct
VB MSK Maersk Air UK BLUESTAR United Kingdom Defunct, later became Duo Airways
MJB Magic Blue Airlines MAGIC BLUE Netherlands
MGR Magna Air MAGNA AIR Austria
MLH Mahalo Air MAHALO United States
W5 IRM Mahan Air MAHAN AIR Iran
M2 MZS Mahfooz Aviation MAHFOOZ Gambia
MAT Maine Aviation MAINE-AV United States
MAJ Majestic Airlines MAGIC AIR United States
AKM Mak Air MAKAIR Kazakhstan
MLG Malagasy Airlines Madagascar
MLX Malawi Express MALAWI EXPRESS Malawi
MKK Malaya Aviatsia Dona AEROKEY Russia
MH MAS Malaysia Airlines MALAYSIAN Malaysia
DB MLT Maleth-Aero Malta
VXP Mali Air Express AVION EXPRESS Mali
MTZ Mali Airways MALI AIRWAYS Mali
MLC Malila Airlift MALILA Democratic Republic of the Congo
MLS Mall Airways MALL-AIRWAYS United States
LOD Malmoe Air Taxi LOGIC Sweden
TF SCW Malmö Aviation SCANWING Sweden
MAY Malta Air Malta 2019
R5 MAC Malta Air Charter MALTA CHARTER Malta Defunct?
MWS Malta Wings MALTA WINGS Malta
MA MAH Malév Hungarian Airlines MALEV Hungary defunct
MLB Manaf International Airways MANAF Burundi
RI MDL Mandala Airlines MANDALA Indonesia
AE MDA Mandarin Airlines MANDARIN Taiwan
JE MNO Mango TULCA South Africa
MHN Manhattan Air MANHATTAN United Kingdom
MTO Marathon Airlines MARATHON Greece
MNR Mann Air TEEMOL United Kingdom
MAN Mannion Air Charter MANNION United States
MTS Mantrust Asahi Airways MANTRUST Indonesia
MNX Manx Airlines MANX United Kingdom
MAD Maple Air Services MAPLE AIR Canada
MAR March Helicopters MARCH United Kingdom
MCP Marcopolo Airways MARCOPOLO Afghanistan
MGI Marghi Air MARGHI Nigeria
MRK Markair MARKAIR United States
MKO Markoss Aviation GOSHAWK United Kingdom
MCE Marshall Aerospace MARSHALL United Kingdom
M7 MSL Marsland Aviation MARSLANDAIR Sudan
XMA Martin Aviation Services United States
MBE Martin-Baker MARTIN United Kingdom
MP MPH Martinair MARTINAIR Netherlands
MRA Martinaire MARTEX United States
MFA Martyn Fiddler Associates SEAHORSE United Kingdom
MVN Marvin Limited MARVIN United Kingdom
TRP Maryland State Police TROOPER United States
MTH Massachusetts Institute of Technology RESEARCH United States
MSY Massey University School of Aviation MASSEY New Zealand
MSW Master Airways MASTER AIRWAYS Serbia
MPL Master Planner United States
LMJ Masterjet MASTERJET Portugal
Q4 Mastertop Linhas Aéreas Brazil
MIA Mauria MAURIA Mauritania
MNV Mauritanienne Aerienne Et Navale NAVALE Mauritania
MRF Mauritanienne Air Fret MAUR-FRET Mauritania
MWY Mauritanienne Airways MAURITANIENNE Mauritania
MDE Mauritanienne De Transport Aerien MAURI-TRANS Mauritania
MVR Maverick Airways MAV-AIR United States
H5 MVL Mavial Magadan Airlines Mavial Russia
MAI Max Avia MAX AVIA Kyrgyzstan
MSF Max Sea Food MAXESA El Salvador
MAX Max-Aviation MAX AVIATION Canada
8M MXL Maxair MAXAIR Sweden
MXU Maximus Air Cargo CARGO MAX United Arab Emirates
MY MXJ Maxjet Airways MAX-JET United States Defunct
MXS Maxsus-Avia MAXSUS-AVIA Uzbekistan
MXP May Air Xpress BEECHNUT United States
MW MYD Maya Island Air MYLAND Belize
7M MYI Mayair MAYAIR Mexico
MBS Mbach Air MBACHI AIR Malawi Ground Services
MCH McAlpine Helicopters MACLINE United Kingdom
MKL McCall Aviation MCCALL United States
DAC McDonnell Douglas DACO United States
MDS McNeely Charter Services MID-SOUTH United States
MEK Med-Trans of Florida MED-TRANS United States
MDM Medavia MEDAVIA Malta
MRZ Medical Air Rescue Services MARS Zimbabwe
MCL Medical Aviation Services MEDIC United Kingdom
MDF Mediterranean Air Freight MED-FREIGHT Greece
MDY Mediterranean Airways Egypt
MEJ Medjet International MEDJET United States
MGK Mega MEGLA Kazakhstan
MEL Mega Linhas Aéreas MEGA AIR Brazil
M8 MKN Mekong Airlines MEKONG AIRLINES Cambodia Defunct
IM MNJ Menajet MENAJET Lebanon
Mercer Airlines United States Defunct
MXX Merchant Express Aviation MERCHANT Nigeria
MEC Mercury Aircourier Service MERCAIR United States
POV Meridian AIR POLTAVA Ukraine
MRD Meridian Air Cargo MERIDIAN United States
MHL Meridian Airlines HASSIMAIR Nigeria
DSL Meridian Aviation DIESEL United Kingdom
MEM Meridian Limited MERIDIAN CHERRY Ukraine
IG ISS Meridiana MERIDIANA Italy Callsign was MERAIR
MEI Merlin Airways AVALON United States
MZ MNA Merpati Nusantara Airlines MERPATI Indonesia
YV ASH Mesa Airlines AIR SHUTTLE United States
XJ MES Mesaba Airlines MESABA United States
MSQ Meta Linhas Aéreas META Brazil
MET Meteorological Research Flight METMAN United Kingdom METMAN1 callsign currently used by FAAM Airborne Laboratory, operated by Airtask Group
MER Methow Aviation METHOW United States
MVI Metro Business Aviation United Kingdom
MEX Metro Express EAGLE EXPRESS United States
MTR Metroflight METRO United States
MTJ Metrojet METROJET Hong Kong
PIX Metropix UK METROPIX United Kingdom
MPS Metropolis METRO REGIONAL Netherlands Metropolis Noord 1
MXB Mex Blue MEX BLUE Mexico
MJT Mex-Jet MEJETS Mexico
GJ MXC Mexicargo MEXICARGO Mexico defunct
MX MXA Mexicana de Aviación MEXICANA Mexico
MXT México Transportes Aéreos TRANSMEX Mexico
HUR Miami Air Charter HURRICANE CHARTER United States
LL BSK Miami Air International BISCAYNE United States Previous IATA Code "GL"
OWL Miami Valley Aviation NIGHT OWL United States
MPT Miapet-Avia MIAPET Armenia
BIB Michelin Air Services France
WIZ Micromatter Technology Solutions WIZARD United Kingdom
NYL Mid Airlines NILE Sudan
MPA Mid-Pacific Airlines MID PAC United States
MJR Midamerica Jet MAJOR United States
ME MEA Middle East Airlines CEDAR JET Lebanon
MID Midland Airport Services United Kingdom
MFR Midline Air Freight MIDLINE FREIGHT United States
MIS Midstate Airlines MIDSTATE United States
JI MDW Midway Airlines (1993–2003) MIDWAY United States defunct
ML MDW Midway Airlines (1976–1991) MIDWAY United States defunct
FLA Midway Express PALM United States
FAX Midwest Air Freighters FAIRFAX United States
YX MEP Midwest Airlines MIDEX United States
MY MWA Midwest Airlines (Egypt) Egypt
NIT Midwest Aviation NIGHTTRAIN United States
MWT Midwest Aviation Division MIDWEST United States
HTE Midwest Helicopters De Mexico HELICOPTERSMEXICO Mexico
MJ MLR Mihin Lanka MIHIN LANKA Sri Lanka
MAB Millardair MILLARDAIR Canada
RJM Millen Corporation MILLEN United Kingdom
MLK Millennium Air NIGERJET Nigeria
DLK Millennium Airlines DEKKANLANKA Sri Lanka
MFS Miller Flying Services MILLER TIME United States
OXO Million Air MILL AIR United States
MIM Mimino MIMINO Russia
NAB Mina Airline Company Egypt
OMR Minair ORMINE Central African Republic
EBE Minebea Technologies MINEBEA United States
MAZ Mines Air Services Zambia MINES Zambia
MNL Miniliner MINILINER Italy
MNS Ministic Air MINISTIC Canada
WDG Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food WATCHDOG United Kingdom
LIR Minsk Aircraft Overhaul Plant LISLINE Belarus
MIC Mint Airways MINT AIRWAYS Spain
MIR Miramichi Air Service MIRAMICHI Canada
MIF Miras MIRAS Kazakhstan
MOS Misr Overseas Airways Egypt
MAF Mission Aviation Fellowship MISSI Indonesia
MSN Missionair MISIONAIR Spain
MRN Missions Gouvernemtales Francaises MARIANNE France
BDG Mississippi State University BULLDOG United States
XV MVA Mississippi Valley Airlines VALAIR United States
M4 MSA Mistral Air AIRMERCI Italy renamed Poste Air Cargo
MBO Mobil Oil MOBIL Canada
MXE Mocambique Expresso MOZAMBIQUE EXPRESS Mozambique
MFZ Mofaz Air MOFAZ AIR Malaysia
MOW Mohawk Airlines MOHAWK AIR United States
MW MUL Mokulele Airlines MUKULELE United States Callsign and code changed from BUG/SPEEDBUGGY in 2013
MLE Moldaeroservice MOLDAERO Moldova
2M MDV Moldavian Airlines MOLDAVIAN Moldova
RRV Mombasa Air Safari SKYROVER Kenya
ZB MON Monarch Airlines MONARCH United Kingdom defunct October 2017
MNH Monarch Airlines MONARCH AIR United States
8I Myway Airlines Italy
MFC Moncton Flying Club EAST WIND Canada
MDB Monde Air Charters MONDEAIR CARGO United Kingdom
MTI Monerrey Air Taxi MONTERREY AIR Mexico
MKY Monky Aerotaxis MONKY Mexico
YM MGX Montenegro Airlines MONTENEGRO Montenegro former callsign was "MONTAIR"
5M MNT Montserrat Airways MONTSERRAT Montserrat
MNY Mooney Aircraft Corporation MOONEY FLIGHT United States
MAL Morningstar Air Express MORNINGSTAR Canada
MSS Morris Air Service WASATCH United States
MRO Morrison Flying Service MORRISON United States
3R GAI Moskovia Airlines GROMOV AIRLINE Russia JSC
MPI Mosphil Aero MOSPHIL Philippines
M9 MSI Motor Sich Airlines MOTOR SICH Ukraine
NM NZM Mount Cook Airline MOUNTCOOK New Zealand
MTN Mountain Air Cargo MOUNTAIN United States
N4 MTC Mountain Air Company MOUNTAIN LEONE Sierra Leone
PKP Mountain Air Express PIKES PEAK United States
BRR Mountain Air Service MOUNTAIN AIR United States
MBI Mountain Bird MOUNTAIN BIRD United States
MHA Mountain High Aviation MOUNTAIN HIGH United States
MPC Mountain Pacific Air MOUNTAIN PACIFIC Canada
MTV Mountain Valley Air Service MOUNTAIN VALLEY United States
MDN Mudan Airlines Somali Republic
CMJ Mudanjiang General Aviation MUDANJIANG China
MTX Multi Taxi MULTITAXI Mexico
WBR Multi-Aero WEBER United States
MFT Multiflight YORKAIR
MNZ Murmansk Aircompany MURMAN AIR Russia
MUA Murray Air MURRAY AIR United States
MMR Musrata Air Transport MUSRATA AIR Libya
MAW Mustique Airways MUSTIQUE Barbados
Z9 MYM MYAirline MYAIR Malaysia defunct
MYW MyWay Airlines MYSKY Georgia
VZ MYT MyTravel Airways KESTREL United Kingdom Defunct, callsign now used by Thomas Cook Airlines
UB UBA Myanma Airways UNIONAIR Myanmar
8M MMA Myanmar Airways International MYANMAR Myanmar
MAV Minoan Air MINOAN Greece
MYA Myflug MYFLUG Iceland
VKG MyTravel Airways VIKING Denmark defunct; callsign now used by Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia
AAD Mann Air Ltd Ambassador United Kingdom t/a Ambassador
M2 MHV MHS Aviation GmbH SNOWCAP Germany
MTU Middle Tennessee State University BLUE RAIDER United States 2019[45]

SIQ National Center for Atmospheric Research SCIENCE QUEST United States
NEJ Netjets Business Aviation NET BUSINESS China
NHV NHV Aviation Ghana
NHC Northern Helicopter NORTHERN Germany
DMD Namdeb Diamond Corporation DIAMONDJET Namibia


NIN Niger Airlines NIGER AIRLINES Niger
N5 FEY Fly Easy FLYEASY India
NUB Nomad Aviation VALLETTA Malta
NJA New Japan Aviation SHIN NIHON Japan
ROW Nor Aviation ROTORWING Norway
NLG NEL Cargo NELCARGO Ivory Coast
NHG NHT Linhas Aéreas HELGA Brazil
WAR NZ Warbirds Association WARBIRDS New Zealand
ANL Nacoia Lda AIR NACOIA Angola
NHZ Nada Air Service NADA AIR Chad
BFN Compangnie Nationale Naganagani Burkina Faso
NAH Nahanni Air Services Ltd NAHANNI Canada
NKL Nakheel Aviation NAKHEEL United Arab Emirates
MRE Namibia Commercial Aviation MED RESCUE Namibia
NDF Namibian Defence Force NAMIBIAN AIR FORCE Namibia
CNJ Nanjing Airlines NINGHANG China
DV ACK Nantucket Airlines ACK AIR United States WAS 9k
NYA Nanyah Aviation NANYAH Israel
NAP Napier Air Service Inc NAPIER United States
NCM Nas Air AIR BANE Angola
P9 Nas Air Mali
NJC Nashville Jet Charters NASHVILLE JET United States
NCO Natalco Air Lines NATALCO São Tomé and Príncipe
NTK National Air Traffic Controllers Association NATCA United States
NSR National Air Charter NASAIR Indonesia
RFI National Air Traffic Services SHERLOCK United Kingdom
NAN National Airlines NATION AIR United States defunct
N4 NCN National Airlines Chile
N7 ROK National Airlines RED ROCK United States defunct
NA NAL National Airlines NATIONAL United States defunct
N8 NCR National Air Cargo dba National Airlines NATIONAL CARGO United States
9Y NAE National Airways Ethiopia NATIONAL Ethiopia
IN NIH NAM Air NAM Indonesia
KUS National Airlines KUSWAG South Africa
9O National Airways Cameroon Cameroon
LFI National Airways Corporation AEROMED South Africa
GTY National Aviation Company Egypt
TNC National Aviation Consultants NATCOM Canada
NXT National Express NATIONAL FREIGHT United States Texas Air Charters
GRD National Grid plc GRID United Kingdom
JTE National Jet Express JETEX Australia
AND National Jet Service AIR INDIANA United States
NC NJS National Jet Systems NATIONAL JET Australia
NOL National Overseas Airlines Company NAT AIRLINE Egypt
NLS Nationale Luchtvaartschool PANDER Netherlands
NAE Nations Air Express Inc NATIONS EXPRESS United States
CE NTW Nationwide Airlines NATIONWIDE South Africa
NWZ Nationwide Airlines (Zambia) ZAMNAT Zambia
EVM Natural Environment Research Council SCIENCE United Kingdom
NRR Natureair NATUREAIR Costa Rica
NRK Naturelink Charter NATURELINK South Africa
NVC Nav Canada NAV CAN Canada
NAV Nav Flight Planning NAV DISPATCH Czech Republic
NVP Navegacao Aérea De Portugal Portugal
NAY Navegación Servicios Aéreos Canarios S.A. NAYSA Spain
IRI Navid NAVID Iran
NVM Naviera Mexicana NAVIERA Mexico
NVL Navigator Airlines NAVLINES Armenia
XNV Navinc Airlines Services United States Tigin Limited
1N Navitaire United States
XNS Navtech System Support Canada
NZA Nayzak Air Transport Libya
NEB State of Nebraska NEBRASKA United States
NEC Necon Air NECON AIR Nepal
NCG Nederlandse Kustwacht NETHERLANDS COASTGUARD Netherlands
NFT Nefteyugansk Aviation Division NEFTEAVIA Russia
NLA Neiltown Air NEILTOWN AIR Canada
NLC Nelair Charters NELAIR South Africa
CGE Nelson Aviation College COLLEGE New Zealand
RA RNA Nepal Airlines ROYAL NEPAL Nepal was Royal Nepal Airlines
TOX Neosiam Airways SKY KINGDOM Thailand
NSL Neric NERICAIR United Kingdom
1I EJA NetJets EXECJET United States
NET Network Aviation Services NETWORK Nigeria
NEZ New England Air Express ENGAIR United States
EJ NEA New England Airlines NEW ENGLAND United States
NHT New Heights 291 NEWHEIGHTS South Africa
NWD New World Jet Corporation NEW WORLD United States
NYH New York Helicopter NEW YORK United States
GRY New York State Police GRAY RIDER United States
KRC Royal New Zealand Air Force KIWI RESCUE New Zealand
HVA Newair HAVEN-AIR United States
NLT Newfoundland Labrador Air Transport NALAIR Canada
2N NTJ NextJet NEXTJET Sweden
NXF Nextflight Aviation NEXTFLIGHT United States
NXS Nexus Aviation NEXUS AVIATION Nigeria
NIS Nicaragüense de Aviación NICA Nicaragua
NCN Nicon Airways NICON AIRWAYS Nigeria Ceased operations 2007
NGA Nigeria Airways NIGERIA Nigeria
NGR Nigerian Air Force NIGERIAN AIRFORCE Nigeria
NGX Nigerian Global AIR GLOBAL Nigeria
EXT Nightexpress EXECUTIVE Germany
NKV Nikolaev-Air AIR NIKOLAEV Ukraine Airline of Special Purpose
NSA Nile Safaris Aviation NILE SAFARIS Sudan
NVA Nile Valley Aviation Company Egypt defunct
NLW Nile Wings Aviation Services NILE WINGS Sudan
NBS Nimbus Aviation NIMBUS United Kingdom
NSR Nine Star Airways AIR STAR Thailand 2014[46]
KZ NCA Nippon Cargo Airlines NIPPON CARGO Japan
NVK Nizhnevartovskavia VARTOSKAVIA Russia
NOH No. 32 (The Royal) Squadron NORTHOLT United Kingdom
AKG No. 84 Squadron RAF GRIFTER United Kingdom
NBL Nobil Air NOBIL AIR Moldova
DD NOK Nok Air NOK AIR Thailand
XW NCT NokScoot BIG BIRD Thailand
NRL Nolinor Aviation NOLINOR Canada
NMD Nomad Aviation NOMAD AIR Namibia
OMD Nomadic Aviation Group LLC NOMADIC United States
NOC Norcopter NORCOPTER Norway
NEF Nord-Flyg NORDEX Sweden
JH NES Nordeste Linhas Aéreas Regionais NORDESTE Brazil
6N NRD Nordic Regional NORTH RIDER Sweden
Y7 TYA NordStar TAIMYR Russia
NDS Nordstree (Australia) Australia
N4 NWS Nordwind Airlines NORDLAND Russia
NRT Norestair NORESTAIR Spain
N5 Norfolk Air Norfolk Island Defunct
NCF Norfolk County Flight College COUNTY United Kingdom
FNA Norlandair NORLAND Iceland
NOA Norontair NORONTAIR Canada
HMF Norrlandsflyg LIFEGUARD SWEDEN Sweden
NRX Norse Air Charter NORSE AIR South Africa
N0 NBT Norse Atlantic Airways LONGSHIP Norway
NIR Norsk Flytjeneste NORSEMAN Norway
NOR Norsk Helikopter NORSKE Norway
DOC Norsk Luftambulanse HELIDOC Norway
RTV Nortavia TIC-TAC Portugal
NAI North Adria Aviation NORTH-ADRIA Croatia
NA NAO North American Airlines NORTH AMERICAN United States
HMR North American Charters HAMMER Canada
NAJ North American Jet Charter Group JET GROUP United States
NAT North Atlantic Air Inc MASS AIR United States
NFC North Atlantic Cargo NORTH ATLANTIC Norway
NBN North British Airlines TEESAIR United Kingdom
NCB North Caribou Flying Service Ltd NORTH CARIBOU Canada
N/A N/A North Coast Air Services Ltd NORTH COAST Canada
N9 North Coast Aviation Papua New Guinea
M3 NFA North Flying NORTH FLYING Denmark
NRC North Sea Airways NORTH SEA Netherlands
SBX North Star Air Cargo SKY BOX United States
NRV North Vancouver Airlines NORVAN Canada
NWW North West Airlines HALANT Australia
PTO North West Geomatics PHOTO Canada
NEN North-East Airlines NORTHEAST SWAN Nigeria
VBG North-West Air Transport Company - Vyborg VYBORG AIR Russia
HW NWL North-Wright Airways NORTHWRIGHT Canada
NLL Northafrican Air Transport NORTHAFRICAN AIR Libya
NFL Northaire Freight Lines GREAT LAKES United States
NSF Northamptonshire School of Flying NORTON United Kingdom
NCE Northcoast Executive Airlines TOP HAT United States
NEE Northeast Airlines NORTHEAST United States
NPX Northeast Aviation NORTHEAST EXPRESS United States
NEW Northeastern Aviation MEADOW FLIGHT United States 2014[46]
NC NAC Northern Air Cargo YUKON United States
BYC Northern Airlines Sanya BEIYA China
NDA Northern Airways NORTHERN DAKOTA United States
CMU Northern Aviation Service LANNA AIR Thailand
U7 Northern Dene Airways Canada
NEX Northern Executive Aviation NEATAX United Kingdom
NIC Northern Illinois Commuter ILLINOIS COMMUTER United States
NTX Northern Jet Management NORTAX United States
7H RVF Northern Pacific Airways —Raven Flight United States
NTA Northern Thunderbird Air THUNDERBIRD Canada
KOE Northland Aviation KOKEE United States
NSS Northstar Aviation NORTHSTAR United States
NHL Northumbria Helicopters NORTHUMBRIA United Kingdom
NAL Northway Aviation Ltd NORTHWAY Canada
NWE Northwest Aero Associates United States
NW NWA Northwest Airlines NORTHWEST United States defunct
merged with Delta Air Lines
FY NWR Northwest Regional Airlines Australia
NWT Northwest Territorial Airways TERRITORIAL Canada
J3 PLR Northwestern Air POLARIS Canada
NWN Northwinds Northern NORTHWINDS Canada
NAM Nortland Air Manitoba MANITOBA Canada
D8* IBK Norwegian Air International NORTRANS Ireland subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle (Ceased operations 2021)
DY NOZ Norwegian Air Shuttle NORDIC Norway
DI NRS Norwegian Air UK REDNOSE* United Kingdom subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle (Ceased operations 2021)[47]
DN NAA Norwegian Air Argentina NORUEGA Argentina subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle (Ceased operations 2019)
DU NLH Norwegian Long Haul NORSTAR Norway subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle (Ceased operations 2021)[48]
DH NAN Norwegian Air Norway NORSHIP Norway subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle
D8 NSZ Norwegian Air Sweden REDNOSE Sweden subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle
TFN Norwegian Aviation College SPIRIT Norway
XNT Notams International United States
BJ LBT Nouvel Air Tunisie NOUVELAIR Tunisia
O9 NOV Nova Airways NOVANILE Sudan
PTR Nova Scotia Department of Lands and Forests PATROL Canada
1I NVR Novair NAVIGATOR Sweden
VQ NVQ Novo Air NOVO AIR Bangladesh
NVG Novgorod Air Enterprise SADKO AVIA Russia
NSP Novosibirsk Aircraft Repairing Plant NARPAIR Russia
NBE Novosibirsk Aviaenterprise NAKAIR Russia
NPO Novosibirsk Aviation Production Association NOVSIB Russia
NOY Noy Aviation NOY AVIATION Israel
N6 ACQ Nuevo Continente AERO CONTINENTE Peru Operating license revoked by Chile 10/06/2002; Ceased operations 2005; Former name: Aero Continente
NHR Nuevo Horizonte Internacional NUEVO HORIZONTE Mexico
NUN Nunasi-Central Airlines NUNASI Canada
NIN Nurman Avia Indopura NURVINDO Indonesia
NYS Nyasa Express NYASA Malawi
1I NJE NetJets Europe FRACTION Portugal

ORN Orange Air ORANGE JET United States Allocated in 2014[49]
IP ONS One Airlines AIR DREAMS Chile
FET Old Dominion Freight Lines FREIGHT LINE United States
OCN O Air O-BIRD France defunct
UQ OCM O'Connor Airlines OCONNOR Australia Defunct - Bankrupt
DRL Omni Air Transport DRILLER United States
OWE Owenair OWENAIR South Africa
OB AAN Oasis Airlines Oasis Spain defunct
O8 OHK Oasis Hong Kong Airlines OASIS Hong Kong Defunct
BCN Ocean Air BLUE OCEAN Mauritania
VC VCX Ocean Airlines OCEANCARGO Italy
OCS Ocean Sky UK OCEANSKY United Kingdom
TUK Ocean Wings Commuter Service TUCKERNUCK United States New Island Connections
O2 Linear Air HARPOON United States Allocated in 2017
ODS Odessa Airlines ODESSA AIR Ukraine
FOC Office Federal De'Aviation Civile FOCA Switzerland
GBO Ogooue Air Cargo Gabon
OKJ Okada Airlines OKADA AIR Nigeria
OKP Okapi Airways OKAPI Democratic Republic of Congo
OKA Okay Airways OKAYJET China
OKL Oklahoma Department of Public Safety OKLAHOMA United States Troop O
OLX Olimex Aerotaxi OLIMEX Czech Republic
KVK Olimp Air PONTA Kazakhstan
OL OLT OLT Express Germany OLTRA Germany
OA OAL Olympic Air OLYMPIC Greece
OLY Olympic Aviation OLAVIA Greece
ORF Oman Royal Flight OMAN Oman
OV OMS SalamAir MAZOON Oman Oman’s first Low Cost Carrier
OAV Omni - Aviacao e Tecnologia OMNI Portugal
OY OAE Omni Air International OMNI-EXPRESS United States
ONI OMNI AVIATION TRAINING CENTER OMNI TRAINING Portugal Part of the same group as Omni - Aviacao e Tecnologia
OMF Omniflys OMNIFLYS Mexico
ORL On Air Limited ON AIR Canada
OST Oklahoma State University OSTATE United States
OTG One Two Go Airlines THAI EXPRESS Thailand
OTM Onetime Airlines Zambia ZEDTIME Zambia
MED Ontario Ministry of Health MEDICAL Canada
8Q OHY Onur Air ONUR AIR Turkey
OPA Opal Air Australia
OSA Open Sky Aviation Lebanon
BOS OpenSkies MISTRAL United Kingdom
ORR Operadora Turistica Aurora TURISTICA AURORA Mexico
OLE Operadora de Lineas Ejecutivas OPERADORA Mexico
OTP Operadora de Transportes Aéreos OPERADORA AEREO Mexico
OPV Operadora de Veulos Ejectutivos OPERADORA DE VUELOS Mexico
LLO Operation Enduring Freedom APOLLO Canada
OAX Operational Aviation Services Australia
ORD Orange Air Services ORANGE SERVICES Sierra Leone
ORJ Orange Air Sierra Leone ORANGE SIERRA Sierra Leone
ORE Orange Aviation ORANGE AVIATION Israel
ORX Orbit Express Airlines OREX Turkey
ORK Orca Air ORCA TAXI Egypt
BUE Orebro Aviation BLUELIGHT Sweden
ORM Orel State Air Enterprise ORPRISE Russia
R2 ORB Orenburg Airlines ORENBURG Russia