List of airlines of Egypt

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This is a list of airlines currently operating in Egypt.

Airlines of Egypt[edit]

A Boeing 737-800 of EgyptAir, the flag carrier of Egypt.
Air Arabia Egypt RBG E5 ARABIA EGYPT Airbus A320 (Air Arabia) SU-AAB (5919269506).jpg 2009
Air Cairo MSC SM AIR CAIRO SU-BPU A320-214 Air Cairo DUS 29MAY10 (4651971512).jpg 2003
Air Go Airlines (Egypt) AGY EO EGYPTIAN BIRD 2013
Air Leisure ALD AL* AIR LEISURE Air Leisure Airbus A340-200 (SU-GBN) at Narita.jpg 2013
Air Sinai ASD 4D AIR SINAI Air Sinai Boeing 737-200 Allieri-1.jpg 1982
Alexandria Airlines KHH XH SU-KHM B737-500 Alexandria Airlines (4458153154) (3).jpg 2007
AlMasria Universal Airlines LMU UJ ALMASRIA Stored airliners at Goodyear, Arizona (13128728385).jpg 2008
AMC Airlines AMV 9V AMV AMC Airlines Boeing 737-800 Olivati-1.jpg 1992
Aviator Airlines AVV T9 WING MAN 2015
Cairo Aviation CCE - - Tupolev Tu-204-120 Cairo Aviation landing at Vnukovo.jpg 1998
EgyptAir MSR MS EGYPTAIR EgyptAir Boeing 777-300ER SU-GDM London Heathrow Airport.jpg 1932
EgyptAir Cargo MSX MS EGYPTAIR CARGO SU-BDG A300F Egyptair Cargo (4474255384) (2).jpg 2004
EgyptAir Express MSE MS EGYPTAIR EXPRESS Embraer 170-100LR, EgyptAir Express JP7321323.jpg 2006
FlyEgypt FEG FT FLY EGYPT 2014
Nesma Airlines NMA NM NESMA Airbus A320-200 Nesma AL (NMA) SU-NMA - MSN 1697 - Named Bertha (5567976387).jpg 2010
Nile Air NIA NP NILEBIRD Nile Air Airbus A320-232 (SU-BQC) at Hamburg Airport.jpg 2008
Petroleum Air Services PER PS PAS AIR Petroleum Air Services Dash 7 Karpezo-4.jpg 1982
Smart Aviation Company SME - 2007

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