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The following is a list of airlines that are based in the U.S. state of Hawaii.

Current airlines[edit]


  • Aloha Air Cargo is an independent cargo airline, once a subsidiary of Aloha Airlines and now owned by Saltchuk Resources. It uses Boeing 737-300s modified into a cargo configuration, and Saab 340 aircraft. It flies to destinations within the Hawaiian islands.
  • Asia Pacific Airlines maintains a base in Honolulu to support its trans-Pacific cargo operations. It uses Boeing 727-200s modified into cargo configuration.
  • Trans Executive Airlines, operating under the name Transair, is a cargo airline based in Honolulu, providing interisland cargo services with a fleet of Short 360 aircraft. The airline also operates passenger tour and charter flights under the Interisland Airways name, also using the Short 360.


Defunct airlines[edit]

  • Aloha Airlines was an airline that served Hawaii from 1946 (when it was known as Trans-Pacific Airlines) until 2008. At the time it ended operations it used Boeing 737s for its mainland flights and inter-island flights.
  • Discovery Airways was a short-lived airline that operated inter-island flights in 1990 using BAe 146 aircraft. The airline ceased operating flights after questions arose regarding its foreign ownership being in excess of limits allowed under Federal law.
  • FlyHawaii Airlines was an airline that never commenced operations. The company was started by James Delano in 2005, also the founder of Lion Coffee. It planned to use ATR 72 turboprop aircraft on its routes. After Mesa Air Group announced plans for go!, FlyHawaii abandoned plans to operate and closed its doors.
  • go! was an airline that operated flights to the major airports in Hawaii using Bombardier CRJ200 jet aircraft operated by Mesa Airlines. The airline ceased operations in Hawaii on April 1, 2014.[2]
  • Island Air was an airline that used Bombardier Q400 for its service. Starting as Princeville Airways in 1980, it sold commuter flights from Honolulu to Princeville which then expanded to its routes to serve other airports in Hawaii. It was then sold to the Aloha Air Group where it was rebranded as Aloha IslandAir. Then in 2003, Gavarnie Holdings bought Island Air from the Aloha Air Group. It was then sold to billionaire Larry Ellison in 2013 to expand flights to his majority-owned island of Lanai. It was later sold to PacifiCap in 2016 where it ceased its operations on November 10, 2017 due to financial troubles.
  • Mahalo Air operated inter-island flights between 1993 and 1997, initially using Fokker F27 aircraft operated by Empire Airlines and later operating its own ATR 42 aircraft.
  • Mid Pacific Air operated inter-island flights between 1981 and 1988 using NAMC YS-11 and Fokker F28 aircraft. The airline continued to operate various services in the continental United States until 1995.
  • Pacific Wings was a commuter airline based in Kahului, Maui. It used Cessna Grand Caravans on all of its routes. Its sister airline, New Mexico Airlines, operated flights to small airports in New Mexico until its shutdown in 2015.


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