List of airlines of Japan

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This is a list of airlines currently operating in Japan

A Boeing 787-8 of Japan Airlines, the flag carrier and the second largest airline of Japan
A Boeing 787-8 of All Nippon Airways, the largest airline of Japan
Air Do Air Do.svg B767-300(Air Do JA01HD).JPG ADO HD AIR DO 1998
Air Japan AirJapanLogo.png Boeing 767-381(ER), All Nippon Airways (ANA) JP6562914.jpg AJX NQ AIR JAPAN 2001
airtransse Airtranssee06jp.jpg TSQ Beech1900D (JA016A).JPG TSQ - AIRTRA 2005
All Nippon Airways All Nippon Airways Logo.svg ANA Boeing 777-300 JA787A.jpg ANA NH ALL NIPPON 1952
Amakusa Airlines AmakusaAirlines.png Amakusa Airlines, DHC-8-100, JA81AM (18661827452).jpg AHX - AMAKUSA AIR 2000
ANA Wings ANA Wings Logo.png JA356K (6977293549).jpg AKX EH ALFA WING 2010
Fuji Dream Airlines Fuji Dream Airlines logo.png Fuji Dream Airlines JA08FJ at Nagoya Airfield.jpg FDA JH FUJI DREAM 2009
Hokkaido Air System Hokkaido Air System Logo.svg HAC Saab340B(JA03HC) (4912784511).jpg NTH - NORTH AIR 1998
Ibex Airlines IBEXairlinesJapan.png IBEX Bombardier CRJ200ER(JA04RJ) (4426278344).jpg IBX FW IBEX 2004
J-Air J Air logo.png J-Air, ERJ-170, JA224J (16733231903).jpg JLJ XM J-AIR 1996
JAL Express JALExpresslogo.gif JAL Express B737-800(JA339J).jpg JEX JC JANEX 1998
Japan Air Commuter JapanAirCommuterLogo.PNG Japan Air Commuter, Saab 340B, JA8594 (16730988504).jpg JAC 3X COMMUTER 1983
Japan Airlines Japan Airlines logo.svg Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Japan Airlines - JAL AN2169999.jpg JAL JL JAPANAIR 1951
Japan Transocean Air JapanTransoceanAir logo (2011).svg Japan Transocean Air Boeing 737-400 Aoki-1.jpg JTA NU JAI OCEAN 1993
Jetstar Japan Jetstar logo.svg Jetstar Japan, A320-200, JA10JJ (18195956578).jpg JJP GK ORANGE LINER 2012
New Central Airlines New Central Air Service Do-228NG(JA34CA) (9171121809).jpg CUK - CHUOH AIR 1978
New Japan Aviation NJA - SHIN NIHON 1969
Nippon Cargo Airlines NCA logo.png JA13KZ B747-8F Nippon Cargo 31 jan 2013 jfk (8441063755).jpg NCA KZ NIPPON CARGO 1985
Oriental Air Bridge Orclogo3.jpg JA801B DHC-8-201 Oriental Air Bridge (7163492781).jpg ORC - ORIENTAL BRIDGE 2001
Peach Aviation Peach Aviation Logo.svg JA803P - Peach - Airbus A320-214 - ICN (17198224412).jpg APJ MM AIR PEACH 2012
Ryukyu Air Commuter Ryukyu Air Commuter logo.png RAC Bombardier DHC8-Q300(JA8936) (4244003305).jpg RAC - RYUKYU 1985
Skymark Airlines Skymark Airlines Logo.svg SKY B737-800(JA737T) approach @HND RJTT (3431842052).jpg SKY BC SKYMARK 1998
Solaseed Air Solaseed Air logo.png Solaseed Air Boeing 737-400 Aoki-1.jpg SNJ 6J NEWSKY 2011
Spring Airlines Japan SpringAirLogo.svg JA01GR 140413 RJAA 2585x1938.JPG SJO IJ JEY SRING 2014
StarFlyer StarFlyer logo.svg Star Flyer A320-200(JA01MC) (5008509086).jpg SFJ 7G STARFLYER 2006
Vanilla Air Vanilla Air logo.svg Vanilla Air Airbus A320-200 JA04VA at RJAA.jpg VNL JW VANILLA 2013

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