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This is a list of existing airlines in Poland.

Current airlines[edit]

Airline name Image IATA
Callsign Year
Enter Air SP-ENW Boeing 737-800 Enter Air (13272126385).jpg E4[1] ENT ENTERAIR 2009[2]
Exin Exin Antonov An-26 Idaszak-2.jpg EXN EXIN 1991
LOT Polish Airlines LOT Polish Airlines Embraer ERJ-170, SP-LDB@ZRH,22.08.2008-527cp - Flickr - Aero Icarus.jpg LO[1] LOT LOT 2001[3] (1929) New company created in 2001[3]
LOT Charters Boeing 737-4Q8, LOT Charters (LOT - Polish Airlines - Polskie Linie Lotnicze) AN1677085.jpg CLW CENTRAL WINGS 2009
Skytaxi Saab 340A, SkyTaxi JP6406976.jpg TE[1] IGA IGUANA 2000
Small Planet Airlines (Poland) Airbus A320-200 Small Planet Airlines (Poland) (LLP) SP-HAC - MSN 739 (9645957043).jpg P7[1] LLP SKYPOL 2009[4] (formerly known as flyLAL Charters PL)[4]
SprintAir Sprint Air Let L-410UVP-3 Karpezo-1.jpg SRN SPRINTAIR 2008[5] (former Air Polonia Cargo, Sky Express, Direct Fly)
SprintAir Cargo Saab 340 A SP-KPE Sprint Air (3448976272).jpg SAR SPRINTAIR CARGO 2006[6] (formerly known as Sky Carrier)[6]
Travel Service Polska Boeing 737-800 Travel Service (TVS) OK-TVB - MSN 32362 1125 (9739875239).jpg 3Z[1] TVP JET TRAVEL 2011[7]

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