List of airlines of South Africa

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An Airbus A340-600 of South African Airways, the flag carrier of South Africa.

This is a list of airlines currently operating in South Africa.

Africa Charter Airline Africa Charter Airline B737-236 ZS-SIT (6864531727).jpg - - 2007
Allegiance Air ANJ - AIR ALLEGIANCE 2008
Angel Gabriel Aeronautics - - ANGEL
Airlink SA Airlink EMB-135 LR ZS-SNX (8577485611).jpg LNK 4Z LINK 2007
CEM Air CRJ Hangar 6.jpg KEM 5Z CEMAIR 2002
Civair Civair R22 Beta ZS-ROA (10155219406).jpg CIW 2I CIVFLIGHT 1989
Comair (South Africa) 2011-06-21 15-56-51 South Africa - Crossroads - ZS-OKI.jpg CAW MN COMAIR 1943
Comair Flight Services GCM - GLOBECOM 2007
Command Airways (South Africa) Command Airways' Bell 222 ZS-HJK.jpg CAH CT COMMAND 1977
Federal Air 100px FDR 7V FEDAIR 1989
FlySafair FlySafair B737-4Y0 ZS-JRE (Flying for Mango) (13196984215).jpg SFR FA SAFAIR 2013
Global Aviation GBB QG GLOBE 2001
Interair South Africa Interair South Africa Boeing 737-200 Volpati.jpg ILN D6 INLINE 1993
King Air Charter UNHAS (King Air Charter) Cessna 208B Grand Caravan MTI-1.jpg - - - 1996 Boeing 737-400 Lebeda.jpg CAW MN COMAIR 2001
Mango Mango Boeing 737-800 Smith.jpg MNO JE TULCA 2003
Phoebus Apollo Aviation Phoebus Apollo Aviation Douglas DC-4 Volpati.jpg PHB PE PHOEBUS 1979
Safair Safair Boeing 737-300 Lebeda.jpg SFR FA SAFAIR 1969
Skywise Airlines SWZ S8 SKYWISE 2013
Solenta Aviation ATR ATR-42-320, DHL (Solenta Aviation) AN0848058.jpg SET SL 2000
South African Airways Airbus A340-313E, South African Airways JP7630709.jpg SAA SA SPRINGBOK 1934
South African Express De Havilland Canada DHC-8-402Q Dash 8, South African Express AN1041112.jpg EXY XZ EXPRESSWAYS 1993
Star Air Cargo Star Air Cargo B737-219 (A) ZS-SMD (6871339907).jpg BRH BRIGHTSTAR 1996

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