List of airlines of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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This is a list of airlines which have an Air Operator Certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo.

Airline IATA ICAO Callsign IMAGE Hub Airport(s) Notes
Air Kasai N'Dolo Airport Charter
Air Katanga Air Katanga BAC111 201AC 9Q-CSJ (6781639771).jpg Lubumbashi International Airport Charter
Air Tropiques N'Dolo Airport The first certified company in DRC[1]
Airfast Congo Lubumbashi International Airport Charter
Aviatrade Congo Active 2014 Charter
BlueSky Airlines (Congo Kinshasa) Bluesky Aviation Let L-410UVP-E Turbolet Potters-1.jpg Active 2012 Business/Private Charter
Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation E9 FPY AFRICOMPANY CAA Congo Airbus A320 Mutzenberg.jpg N'djili Airport Active as of May 2014
Cetraca Aviation Service CER Cetraca Air Service Let L-410 Potters-1.jpg Beni Airport CHARTER
Filair FIL Filair kikwit.jpg N'Dolo Airport CHARTER
Gomair Goma International Airport Charter
ITAB - International Trans Air Business Lubumbashi International Airport Charter
Katanga Wings Lubumbashi International Airport Charter
Kin Avia N'Dolo Airport Scheduled Carrier
Malift Air MLC N'Dolo Airport Charter
Malu Aviation N'Dolo Airport Scheduled Carrier
Mango Airlines Mango Airlines Antonov An-26 Shevelev-1.jpg Beni Airport Scheduled Carrier
Services Air Services Air Antonov An-26 SDV-1.jpg N'djili Airport Cargo
Swala Aviation Swala Aviation Short Skyvan Shevelev-1.jpg Kavumu Airport Charter
Trans Air Cargo Service N'djili Airport Cargo
Victoria Airways Goma International Airport Cargo
XL Trading Lubumbashi International Airport Cargo

Defunct airlines[edit]

This is a list of now defunct airlines from Democratic Republic of the CongoDemocratic Republic of the Congo.

ACS Air Charter Service CHR ZAIRE CHARTER Boeing 727-30, ACS - Air Charter Service AN0207910.jpg 1983 1991 Inter-Fret Transport Aérien (-1985) merged into ACS Air Charter Service
Africa One (Congo Kinshasa) CFR 2002 2007
Air Baraka 2013 2014
Air Boyoma Air Boyama Antonov An-26 Potters-1.jpg 2001 2004
Air Congo (1961) Air Congo Caravelle Volpati.jpg 1961 1971 Rebranded as Air Zaire
Air Zaire QC AZR Air Zaïre DC-8-63CF 9Q-CLG LBG 1986-6-2.png 1971 1975 Rebranded from Air Congo (1961) (1961-1971)
airDC AirDC BAe 146-200 Verkuringen.jpg 2007 2009
Armi Global Business Air 2011 2012
ATO - Air Transport Office 1991 2006
Ban Air Cargo Douglas DC-8-62(CF), Air Cargo Chartering JP6581884.jpg 2009 2011
Blue Airlines (Congo) BUL Blue Air Lines Boeing 727-100 Potters-1.jpg 2001 2005
Bravo Air Congo K6 BRV Bravo Air Congo McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32 Potters-3.jpg 2006 2008
African Business and Transportations 4P ABB AFRICAN BUSINESS 1998 2007
CAL - Congo Airlines EO ALX Congo Airlines B727-30 9Q-CRG (9436353361).jpg 1997 2000 Rebranded as HBA - Hewa Bora Airways
Cargair International 2005 2006
Congo Express 9X CXR 2009 2011
CO-ZA Airways Boeing 727-89 AN0653597.jpg 2004 2008
Dallex Trade 2006 2006
DAS Airlines RKC DAS CONGO 2004 2005
El Sam Airlift 2006 2007
Espace Aviation Services EPC ESPACE 1995 1998
Enterprise World Airways EWS WORLD ENTERPRISE 1998  ?
Flight Express (Congo Kinshasa) 2004 2006
flyCongo EO ALX FlyCongo B767-266ER 9Q-CPD (8613386639).jpg 2012 2013 Merged into CAA - Compagnie Africaine d'Aviation
Fontshi Aviation Service FY FUN 1984 1993
Garinco Airways 2007 2009
Gisair ? 2014
Goma Express ? 2014
Great Lakes Business Company 2001 2007
Groupe Rubuye Aviation 2006 2007
HBA - Hewa Bora Airways EO ALX L1011 Hewa Bora Airways 9Q-CHA BRU July 2002.jpg 2000 2012 Rebranded from CAL - Congo Airlines (1997-2000)
Inter African Cargo Airlines ? 1998
Inter-Fret Transport Aérien ? 1985 Merged into ACS Air Charter Service
Jet Congo Airlines 2012 2014
Jetair (Congo Kinshasa) 1995 2006
Katale Aero Transport 1977 1991
Katanga Express 2010 2012
Kavatsi Airlines 2003 2005
Kinshasa Airways KNS 9Q-CWY Boeing B.747SP Kinshasa (8392126288).jpg 2002 2005
Kivu Air 1997 2009
Korongo Airlines ZC KGO CONGO STAR Boeing 737-3M8, Korongo Airlines JP7145857.jpg 2012 2015
LAC - Lignes Aériennes Congolaises 4V LCG Lignes Aériennes Congolaises Boeing 767-200ER TF-ATO BRU 2002-3-2.png 2005 2013
Lubumbashi Air Service ? 2014
MIBA Aviation Boeing 727-22(F), MIBA AN0758305.jpg 1994 1995
New ACS CHR 1991 1996
Okapi Airlines OI OKP 2011 2014
Pan African Express PNF 1986 1991
Pegasus Aviation (Congo) 2005 2014
Regional Express (Congo Kinshasa) 2002 2003
Scibe Airlift Congo ZM SBZ SCIBE AIRLIFT 9Q-CBL B707-321B Scibe Airlift Zaire MAN SEP87 (12850936785).jpg 1979 1998
Shabair S5 SHB Shabair McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10 JetPix-1.jpg 1984 1997 Merged into CAL - Congo Airlines
Sion Airlines  ? 2014
Stellar Airways S1 2011 2011
Tango Airways 2012 2013
TMK Air Commuter 1987 2011
Waltair (Congo) Avro 748 and Sud Aviation Caravelle at Kinshasa International.jpg 1983 2005
Wetrafa Airlift 1996 2009
Wimbi Dira Airways 9C WDA WIMBI DIRA 2003 2011
Wolf Aviation 1983 1984
ZICAS - Zaire International Cargo Air System 1986 ?

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