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A Boeing 777 of Philippine Airlines

Air transportation in the Philippines goes back to the early days of aviation prior to World War II, during the American Colonial Period of the Philippines. Currently, the Philippines has several registered airline companies, but they are mostly chartered. There are two main domestic domestic airline groups doing business as Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific, with AirAsia Philippines competing on some international routes. The domestic market is dominated by the Cebu Pacific group which has about 60% market share, followed by the Philippine Airlines group which has 29%, with AirAsia having a 9% share.


Prior to the second liberalization of the Philippine airline industry in 1995, state-owned Philippine Airlines enjoyed virtual monopoly with the country's adopted policy of "one country, one airline" during the dictatorship of President Ferdinand Marcos. The government's subsidy in the form of mail freight payments supported the company's massive expansion program in the 1960s. During the 1970s, the government ordered the absorption by Philippine Air Lines, Inc. of two other privately owned airlines, Air Manila and Filipinas Orient Airways, to form Philippine Airlines as the single flag carrier of the Republic of the Philippines.

In 2013, SkyJet Airlines, a new airline company launched its domestic commercial flights to leisure island destinations such as Batanes, Busuanga, Balesin and Boracay. For island destinations, SkyJet is competing with another small airline Island Transvoyager.

In 2016, the Cebu Pacific group was the largest domestic airline with a market share of 55% for its Cebu Pacific unit and 6% for its Tigerair Philippines unit. Philippine Airlines came second with 25% for its PAL Express unit and 4% for its Philippine Airlines unit. Air Asia had 8% for its Zest Airways unit and 1% for its Air Asia unit. SkyJet and Island Transvoyager both had less than 1%.[citation needed]

List of airlines of the Philippines[edit]

This list of airlines enumerates local airlines in the Philippines which have a current air operator's certificate issued by the Civil Aviation Authority.

Commercial airlines[edit]

Airline Image ICAO IATA Callsign Commenced
AirAsia Philippines Airbus A320-216, AirAsia Philippines JP7528474.jpg EZD Z2 COOL RED 2010 Pasay
Cebu Pacific Cebu Pacific Air ATR ATR-72-500 (ATR-72-212A) Prasertwit-1.jpg CEB 5J CEBU 1996 Pasay
PAL Express
flying as "Philippine Airlines"
RP-C3018 Dash DH.8 PAL Express (7165551805).jpg PAL 2P AIRPHIL 1996 Pasay
Philippine Airlines Philippine Airlines Boeing 777-300ER RP-C7776 LHR 2014-03-29.png PAL PR PHILIPPINE 1941 Pasay
SkyJet MSJ M8 MAGNUM AIR 2012 Pasay
flying as "Cebu Pacific"
Air Juan Aviation AO Air Juan 2012 Taguig
AirSWIFT formerly ITI Air ATX — T6 AirSWIFT 2002 Pasay

Charter airlines[edit]

Airline ICAO IATA Callsign Commenced
Aero Majestic Airways AMA
Air Link International Airways
Air Republiq Airlines Republiq 2011
Aviatour Air
Paradise Air DJ
INAEC / Iloilo-Negros Air Express INAEC 1933
Interisland Airlines ISN I4 TRI-BIRD
Mosphil Aero MPI MOSPHIL 2006
Pacificair GX
Pacific Pearl Airways PPM PACIFIC PEARL 2006
SkyJet 5M 2012
South Phoenix Airlines AIR REPUBLIQ 2010
Subic Seaplane
Metanoia Air

Cargo airlines[edit]

Airline ICAO IATA Callsign Commenced
Pacific East Asia Cargo Airlines PEC Q8 PAC-EAST CARGO
TransGlobal Airways TCU TRANSGLOBAL 2005

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