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List of airports by ICAO code: A - B - C - D - E - F - G - H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P - Q - R - S - T - U - V - W - X - Y - Z

Format of entries is:

  • ICAO (IATA) – Airport Name – Airport Location

BG - Greenland[edit]

Also see airport category and list.

Greenland is a self-governed territory of Denmark. Many locations in Greenland have Danish names in addition to the Greenlandic names. The Danish name, when applicable, is shown in parentheses.

Also see airport category and list.

ICAO   IATA   Airport name   Community  
BGAA JEG  Aasiaat Airport   Aasiaat (Egedesminde, Ausiat)
BGAG AOQ  Aappilattoq Heliport (Avannaata)   Aappilattoq, Avannaata
BGAK Akunnaaq Heliport   Akunnaaq
BGAM AGM  Tasiilaq Heliport   Tasiilaq (Ammassalik, Angmagssalik)
BGAP LLU  Alluitsup Paa Heliport   Alluitsup Paa
BGAQ QUV  Aappilattoq Heliport (Kujalleq)   Aappilattoq, Kujalleq
BGAR JRK  Arsuk Heliport   Arsuk
BGAS QUW  Ammassivik Heliport   Ammassivik
BGAT QGQ  Attu Heliport   Attu
BGBW UAK  Narsarsuaq Airport   Narsarsuaq (Narssarssuaq)
BGCH JCH  Qasigiannguit Heliport (Christianshåb Heliport)  Qasigiannguit (Christianshåb)
BGCO CNP  Nerlerit Inaat Airport (Constable Pynt Airport)  Jameson Land
BGET QFG  Eqalugaarsuit Heliport   Eqalugaarsuit
BGFD QFN  Narsaq Kujalleq Heliport   Narsaq Kujalleq
BGGD JGR  Kangilinnguit Heliport (Grønnedal Heliport)  Kangilinnguit (Grønnedal)
BGGH GOH  Nuuk Airport   Nuuk (Godthåb)
BGGN JGO  Qeqertarsuaq Heliport (Godhavn Heliport)  Qeqertarsuaq (Godhavn)
BGIA IKE  Ikerasak Heliport   Ikerasak
BGIG Iginniarfik Heliport   Iginniarfik
BGIK QRY  Ikerasaarsuk Heliport   Ikerasaarsuk
BGIL Ilimanaq Heliport   Ilimanaq
BGIN IUI [[ Innaarsuit Heliport  ]]  Innarsuit
BGIS IOQ  Isortoq Heliport   Isortoq
BGIT QJI  Ikamiut Heliport   Ikamiut
BGJH JJU  Qaqortoq Heliport (Julianehab Heliport)  Qaqortoq (Julianehab)
BGJN JAV  Ilulissat Airport (Jakobshavn Airport)  Ilulissat (Jakobshavn)
BGKA Kangaatsiaq Heliport   Kangaatsiaq
BGKK KUS  Kulusuk Airport   Kulusuk
BGKL Upernavik Kujalleq Heliport   Upernavik Kujalleq
BGKM KUZ  Kuummiit Heliport   Kuummiit
BGKQ KHQ  Kullorsuaq Heliport   Kullorsuaq
BGKS KGQ  Kangersuatsiaq Heliport   Kangersuatsiaq
BGKT QJE  Kitsissuarsuit Heliport   Kitsissuarsuit
BGLL IOT  Illorsuit Heliport   Illorsuit
BGMO Moriussaq Heliport   Moriusaq
BGMQ JSU  Maniitsoq Airport   Maniitsoq (Sukkertoppen)
BGNK QMK  Niaqornaarsuk Heliport   Niaqornaarsuk
BGNL Nalunaq Heliport   Nalunaq
BGNN JNN  Nanortalik Heliport   Nanortalik
BGNQ JUU  Nuugaatsiaq Heliport   Nuugaatsiaq
BGNS JNS  Narsaq Heliport   Narsaq
BGNT NIQ  Niaqornat Heliport   Niaqornat
BGNU NSQ  Nuussuaq Heliport   Nuussuaq
BGPT JFR  Paamiut Airport   Paamiut (Frederikshåb)
BGQE PQT  Qeqertaq Heliport   Qeqertaq
BGQQ NAQ  Qaanaaq Airport   Qaanaaq
BGQT QJH  Qassimiut Heliport   Qassimiut
BGSC OBY  Ittoqqortoormiit Heliport (Scoresbysund Heliport)  Ittoqqortoormiit (Scoresbysund)
BGSF SFJ  Kangerlussuaq Airport (Søndre Strømfjord Airport)  Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord)
BGSG SGG  Sermiligaaq Heliport   Sermiligaaq
BGSI SRK  Siorapaluk Heliport   Siorapaluk
BGSO QOQ  Saarloq Heliport   Saarloq
BGSQ Saqqaq Heliport   Saqqaq
BGSS JHS  Sisimiut Airport (Holsteinsborg Airport)  Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg)
BGST SAE  Saattut Heliport   Saattut
BGSV SVR  Savissivik Heliport   Savissivik
BGTA TQA  Tasiusaq Heliport (Avannaata)   Tasiusaq, Avannaata
BGTL THU  Thule Air Base   Pituffik, Qaanaaq
BGTN TQI  Tiniteqilaaq Heliport   Tiniteqilaaq
BGTQ XEQ  Tasiusaq Heliport (Kujalleq)   Tasiusaq, Kujalleq
BGUK JUV  Upernavik Airport   Upernavik
BGUM UMD  Uummannaq Heliport   Uummannaq
BGUQ JQA [[ Qaarsut Airport  ]]  Qaarsut
BGUT JUK  Ukkusissat Heliport   Ukkusisst

BI - Iceland[edit]

Also see airport category and list.

BK - Kosovo[edit]

Also see airport category and list.


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