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Map of Bangladesh

This is a list of airports in Bangladesh, grouped by type and sorted by location. All airports are operated and maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh under the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Tourism. Few of the airfield used for military and training purposes by the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

Bangladesh, officially the People's Republic of Bangladesh, is a country in South Asia. It is bordered by India on all sides except for a small border with Myanmar (Burma) to the far southeast and by the Bay of Bengal to the south. Its capital and largest city is Dhaka.

Bangladesh has 5 domestic airports, 3 international airports (which are also used for domestic flights) and 4 STOL (Short Take-off and Landing) ports, with one new domestic airport under construction.[1] It also has several airstrips, some built during World War II.



Category of airport
Category Description
Domestic Handles domestic flights
Future Proposed or under construction
International Handles international flights
STOLport Short take off and landing airports
Military Military airbase
Unused Unused airport
Role of airport
Role Description
Closed No longer in operation for commercial flights
Commercial Handles commercial flights
Flying school Airport used to train commercial and/or fighter pilots
Commercial service Airport has commercial service
Airport has no commercial service

List of airports[edit]

Barisal Division[edit]

Location served Airport name ICAO IATA Category Role Coordinates
Barisal Barisal Airport VGBR BZL Domestic Commercial 22°48′04″N 90°18′04″E / 22.80111°N 90.30111°E / 22.80111; 90.30111 (Barisal Airport)
Patuakhali Patuakhali Airport Unused Closed 22°22′33″N 90°19′20″E / 22.37583°N 90.32222°E / 22.37583; 90.32222 (Patuakhali Airport)

Chittagong Division[edit]

Location served Airport name ICAO IATA Category Role Coordinates
Chittagong Shah Amanat International Airport VGEG CGP International Commercial 22°14′59″N 91°48′48″E / 22.24972°N 91.81333°E / 22.24972; 91.81333 (Shah Amanat International Airport)
Cox's Bazar Cox's Bazar Airport VGCB CXB Domestic Commercial 21°27′07″N 91°57′50″E / 21.45194°N 91.96389°E / 21.45194; 91.96389 (Cox's Bazar Airport)
Chittagong Zahurul Haq Airbase Military Active 22°15′39″N 91°49′05″E / 22.26083°N 91.81806°E / 22.26083; 91.81806 (Zahurul Haq Airbase)
Comilla Comilla Airport VGCM CLA STOLport Closed 23°26′12″N 91°11′24″E / 23.43667°N 91.19000°E / 23.43667; 91.19000 (Comilla Airport)
Noakhali Noakhali Air Field Future Under construction 22°44′21″N 91°03′54″E / 22.73917°N 91.06500°E / 22.73917; 91.06500 (Noakhali Air Field)
Dohazari Dohazari Airfield Military Closed 22°09′55″N 92°04′07″E / 22.16528°N 92.06861°E / 22.16528; 92.06861 (Dohazari Airfield)
Chakaria Chakaria Airport 21°45′49″N 92°04′18″E / 21.76361°N 92.07167°E / 21.76361; 92.07167 (Chakaria Airport)
Feni Fenny Airfield 23°02′06″N 91°23′37″E / 23.03500°N 91.39361°E / 23.03500; 91.39361 (Fenny Airfield)
Hathazari Hathazari Airfield 22°30′02″N 91°48′27″E / 22.50056°N 91.80750°E / 22.50056; 91.80750 (Hathazari Airfield)

Dhaka Division[edit]

Location served Airport name ICAO IATA Category Role Coordinates
Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport VGHS DAC International Commercial 23°50′34″N 90°24′02″E / 23.84278°N 90.40056°E / 23.84278; 90.40056 (Shah Jalal International Airport)
Tejgaon Khademul Bashar Airbase VGTJ Military Airbase 23°46′43″N 90°22′57″E / 23.77861°N 90.38250°E / 23.77861; 90.38250 (Tejgaon Airport)
Bajitpur Bajitpur Airport Unused Closed 24°12′44″N 90°54′23″E / 24.21222°N 90.90639°E / 24.21222; 90.90639 (Bajitpur Airport)
Tangail Tangail Airport 24°13′47″N 89°54′28″E / 24.22972°N 89.90778°E / 24.22972; 89.90778 (Tangail Airport)

Khulna Division[edit]

Location served Airport name ICAO IATA Category Role Coordinates
Bagerhat Khan Jahan Ali Airport Future Under construction 22°38′49″N 89°38′38″E / 22.64694°N 89.64389°E / 22.64694; 89.64389 (Khan Jahan Ali Airport)
Jessore Jessore Airport VGJR JSR Domestic Commercial 23°11′01″N 89°09′39″E / 23.18361°N 89.16083°E / 23.18361; 89.16083 (Jessore Airport)
Jessore Matiur Rahman Airbase Military Airbase 23°10′40″N 89°09′40″E / 23.17778°N 89.16111°E / 23.17778; 89.16111 (Matiur Rahman Airbase)

Rajshahi Division[edit]

Location served Airport name ICAO IATA Category Role Coordinates
Ishwardi Ishwardi Airport VGIS IRD Domestic Closed 24°09′11″N 89°02′55″E / 24.15306°N 89.04861°E / 24.15306; 89.04861 (Ishwardi Airport)
Rajshahi Shah Makhdum Airport VGRJ RJH Domestic Commercial 24°26′13″N 88°36′59″E / 24.43694°N 88.61639°E / 24.43694; 88.61639 (Shah Makhdum Airport)
Bogra Bogra Airport VGBG Military Airbase 24°52′00″N 89°18′59″E / 24.86667°N 89.31639°E / 24.86667; 89.31639 (Bogra Airport)
Sirajganj Sirajganj Airport Unused Closed 25°16′59″N 91°42′50″E / 25.28306°N 91.71389°E / 25.28306; 91.71389 (Sirajganj Airport)

Rangpur Division[edit]

Location served Airport name ICAO IATA Category Role Coordinates
Saidpur Saidpur Airport VGSD SPD Domestic Commercial 25°45′33″N 88°54′31″E / 25.75917°N 88.90861°E / 25.75917; 88.90861 (Saidpur Airport)
Lalmonirhat Lalmonirhat Airport VGLM STOLport No scheduled flights 25°53′15″N 89°25′59″E / 25.88750°N 89.43306°E / 25.88750; 89.43306 (Lalmonirhat Airport)
Thakurgaon Thakurgaon Airport VGSG TKR STOLport No scheduled flights 26°00′59″N 88°24′06″E / 26.01639°N 88.40167°E / 26.01639; 88.40167 (Thakurgaon Airport)

Sylhet Division[edit]

Location served Airport name ICAO IATA Category Role Coordinates
Sylhet Osmani International Airport VGSY ZYL International Commercial 24°57′48″N 91°52′01″E / 24.96333°N 91.86694°E / 24.96333; 91.86694 (Osmani International Airport)
Kamalganj Shamshernagar Airport VGSH ZHM STOLport No scheduled flights 24°23′54″N 91°55′01″E / 24.39833°N 91.91694°E / 24.39833; 91.91694 (Shamshernagar Airport)

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