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This is a list of airports in Belize, sorted by location.

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Location served District ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Belize City Belize MZBZ BZE Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport 17°32′58″N 088°17′31″W / 17.54944°N 88.29194°W / 17.54944; -88.29194 (Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport (Belize City))
Belize City Belize MZBE[1] TZA Belize City Municipal Airport 17°31′00″N 088°11′41″W / 17.51667°N 88.19472°W / 17.51667; -88.19472 (Belize City Municipal Airport)
Belmopan Cayo MZBP[1] BCV Hector Silva Airstrip 17°16′10″N 088°46′34″W / 17.26944°N 88.77611°W / 17.26944; -88.77611 (Hector Silva Airstrip (Belmopan))
Big Creek Stann Creek MZBG[1] BGK Big Creek Airstrip 16°31′13″N 088°24′36″W / 16.52028°N 88.41000°W / 16.52028; -88.41000 (Big Creek Airstrip)
Caye Caulker Belize MZCK[1] CUK Caye Caulker Airport 17°44′06″N 088°01′58″W / 17.73500°N 88.03278°W / 17.73500; -88.03278 (Caye Caulker Airport)
Caye Chapel Belize MZCP[1] CYC Caye Chapel Airport 17°41′02″N 088°02′42″W / 17.68389°N 88.04500°W / 17.68389; -88.04500 (Caye Chapel Airport)
Chan Chen Corozal MZJC[1] Johnny Chan Chen Airstrip 18°26′26″N 088°27′12″W / 18.44056°N 88.45333°W / 18.44056; -88.45333 (Johnny Chan Chen Aistrip (Chan Chen))
Corozal Corozal MZCZ[1] CZH Corozal Airport (Ranchito Airstrip) 18°22′54″N 088°24′42″W / 18.38167°N 88.41167°W / 18.38167; -88.41167 (Ranchito Airstrip (Corozal))
Dangriga Stann Creek MZPB[1] DGA Dangriga Airport 16°58′57″N 88°13′50″W / 16.98250°N 88.23056°W / 16.98250; -88.23056 (Dangriga Airstrip (Dangriga))
Gallon Jug Orange Walk MZGJ[1] Chan Chich Airstrip 17°34′00″N 089°03′00″W / 17.56667°N 89.05000°W / 17.56667; -89.05000 (Chan Chich Airstrip (Gallon Jug))
Hope Creek Stann Creek MZML[1] MDB Melinda Airport 17°00′09″N 88°18′05″W / 17.00250°N 88.30139°W / 17.00250; -88.30139 (Melinda Airport)
Independence Stann Creek MZSV[1] INB Independence Airport 16°32′04″N 088°26′29″W / 16.53444°N 88.44139°W / 16.53444; -88.44139 (Savannah Airstrip (Independence))
Northern Caye Belize MZLH[1] Northern Two Cayes Airstrip 17°27′13″N 087°29′53″W / 17.45361°N 87.49806°W / 17.45361; -87.49806 (Northern Two Cayes Airstrip)
Orange Walk Orange Walk MZTH[1] ORZ Orange Walk Airstrip 18°02′49″N 088°35′03″W / 18.04694°N 88.58417°W / 18.04694; -88.58417 (Tower Hill Airstrip (Orange Walk))
Placencia Stann Creek MZPL[1] PLJ Placencia Airport 16°32′13″N 088°21′42″W / 16.53694°N 88.36167°W / 16.53694; -88.36167 (Placencia Airport)
Punta Gorda Toledo MZPG[1] PND Punta Gorda Airport 16°06′08″N 088°48′29″W / 16.10222°N 88.80806°W / 16.10222; -88.80806 (Punta Gorda Airport)
San Ignacio Cayo MZCF[1] SQS Matthew Spain Airport 17°11′09″N 089°00′35″W / 17.18583°N 89.00972°W / 17.18583; -89.00972 (Matthew Spain Airport (San Ignacio))
San Ignacio Cayo MZMF[1] CYD San Ignacio Town Airstrip 17°06′18″N 089°06′04″W / 17.10500°N 89.10111°W / 17.10500; -89.10111 (Maya Flats Airstrip (San Ignacio))
San Pedro Belize MZSP[1] SPR John Greif II Airport 17°54′50″N 087°58′16″W / 17.91389°N 87.97111°W / 17.91389; -87.97111 (San Pedro Airport)
Sarteneja Corozal MZSJ[1] SJX Sarteneja Airstrip 18°21′21″N 088°07′51″W / 18.35583°N 88.13083°W / 18.35583; -88.13083 (Sarteneja Airstrip)
Silver Creek Stann Creek MZKT[1] SVK Silver Creek Airport 16°43′42″N 088°22′09″W / 16.72833°N 88.36917°W / 16.72833; -88.36917 (Kanantik Airstrip (Silver Creek))
Spanish Lookout Cayo MZSL[1] MZE Manatee Airport 17°16′42″N 089°01′26″W / 17.27833°N 89.02389°W / 17.27833; -89.02389 (Manatee Airport (Spanish Lookout))
Turneffe Atoll Belize MZBB[1] Blackbird Caye Airstrip 17°19′07″N 087°47′52″W / 17.31861°N 87.79778°W / 17.31861; -87.79778 (Blackbird Caye Airstrip)


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