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Map of Cameroon

This is a list of airports in Cameroon, sorted by location.

Cameroon, officially the Republic of Cameroon (French: République du Cameroun), is a country in west Central Africa. It is bordered by Nigeria to the west; Chad to the northeast; the Central African Republic to the east; and Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, and the Republic of the Congo to the south. Cameroon's coastline lies on the Bight of Biafra (also known as Bight of Bonny), which is part of the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean. Cameroon is divided into ten regions (provinces until 2008). The capital city is Yaoundé.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served Region ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Bafoussam West FKKU BFX Bafoussam Airport 05°32′12″N 010°21′16″E / 5.53667°N 10.35444°E / 5.53667; 10.35444 (Bafoussam Airport)
Bali Northwest FKKG BLC Bali Airport 05°53′43.3″N 010°2′2.0″E / 5.895361°N 10.033889°E / 5.895361; 10.033889 (Bali Airport (Bali))
Bamenda Northwest FKKV BPC Bamenda Airport 06°02′21″N 010°07′21″E / 6.03917°N 10.12250°E / 6.03917; 10.12250 (Bamenda Airport)
Banyo Adamaoua FKAB Banyo Airport 06°46′29.5″N 011°48′27.3″E / 6.774861°N 11.807583°E / 6.774861; 11.807583 (Banyo Airport (Banyo))
Batouri East FKKI OUR Batouri Airport 04°28′30″N 014°21′45″E / 4.47500°N 14.36250°E / 4.47500; 14.36250 (Batouri Airport)
Bertoua East FKKO BTA Bertoua Airport 04°32′55″N 013°43′34″E / 4.54861°N 13.72611°E / 4.54861; 13.72611 (Bertoua Airport)
Douala Littoral FKKD DLA Douala International Airport 04°00′21″N 009°43′10″E / 4.00583°N 9.71944°E / 4.00583; 9.71944 (Douala International Airport)
Dschang West FKKS DSC Dschang Airport 05°26′50.9″N 010°4′4.6″E / 5.447472°N 10.067944°E / 5.447472; 10.067944 (Dschang Airport (Dschang))
Ebolowa South FKKW EBW Ebolowa Airport 02°52′38.6″N 011°11′3.0″E / 2.877389°N 11.184167°E / 2.877389; 11.184167 (Ebolowa Airport (Ebolowa))
Eséka Centre FKKE Eséka Airport 03°38′29.5″N 010°47′27.9″E / 3.641528°N 10.791083°E / 3.641528; 10.791083 (Eséka Airport (Eséka))
Foumban / Koutaba West FKKM FOM / KOB Foumban Nkounja Airport (Koutaba Airport) 05°38′13″N 010°45′03″E / 5.63694°N 10.75083°E / 5.63694; 10.75083 (Foumban Nkounja Airport)
Garoua North FKKR GOU Garoua International Airport 09°20′09″N 013°22′12″E / 9.33583°N 13.37000°E / 9.33583; 13.37000 (Garoua International Airport)
Kaélé Far North FKKH KLE Kaélé Airport 10°05′33″N 014°26′44″E / 10.09250°N 14.44556°E / 10.09250; 14.44556 (Kaélé Airport)
Kribi South FKKB KBI Kribi Airport 02°52′26″N 009°58′40″E / 2.87389°N 9.97778°E / 2.87389; 9.97778 (Kribi Airport)
Limbe Southwest VCC Limbe Airport 04°0′59″N 009°12′1″E / 4.01639°N 9.20028°E / 4.01639; 9.20028 (Limbe Airport (Limbe))
Mamfe Southwest FKKF MMF Mamfe Airport 05°42′16.2″N 009°18′20.8″E / 5.704500°N 9.305778°E / 5.704500; 9.305778 (Mamfe Airport (Mamfe))
Maroua / Salak Far North FKKL MVR Maroua Salak Airport 10°27′05″N 014°15′26″E / 10.45139°N 14.25722°E / 10.45139; 14.25722 (Maroua Salak Airport)
Ngaoundéré Adamawa FKKN NGE Ngaoundéré Airport (N'Gaoundéré Airport) 07°21′25″N 013°33′33″E / 7.35694°N 13.55917°E / 7.35694; 13.55917 (Ngaoundéré Airport)
Nkongsamba Littoral NKS Nkongsamba Airport 04°57′0″N 009°56′0″E / 4.95000°N 9.93333°E / 4.95000; 9.93333 (N'Kongsamba Airport (N'Kongsamba))
Tiko Southwest FKKC TKC Tiko Airport 04°05′21″N 009°21′37″E / 4.08917°N 9.36028°E / 4.08917; 9.36028 (Tiko Airport)
Yagoua Far North FKKJ GXX Yagoua Airport 10°21′22″N 015°14′14″E / 10.35611°N 15.23722°E / 10.35611; 15.23722 (Yagoua Airport)
Yaoundé / Nsimalen Centre FKYS NSI Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport 03°43′21″N 011°33′12″E / 3.72250°N 11.55333°E / 3.72250; 11.55333 (Yaoundé Nsimalen International Airport)
Yaoundé Centre FKKY YAO Yaoundé Airport (Yaoundé Ville Airport) 03°50′10″N 011°31′24″E / 3.83611°N 11.52333°E / 3.83611; 11.52333 (Yaoundé Airport)

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