List of airports in Canada (E–G)

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This is an alphabetical list of terrestrial airports, water aerodromes and heliports in Canada. They are listed in the format:

Airports that are part of the National Airports System are emphasized.

Due to the size of the list it has been broken down into:


Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Community and province  
Eaglesham (South) Aerodrome CGL4 Eaglesham, Alberta
Ear Falls Water Aerodrome CJE8 Ear Falls, Ontario
Earlton (Timiskaming Regional) Airport CYXR YXR Earlton, Ontario
East Gore Eco Airpark CCY4 East Gore, Nova Scotia
Easterville Airport CKM6 Easterville, Manitoba
East Linton (Kerr Field) Aerodrome CEL3 East Linton, Ontario
Eastmain River Airport CZEM ZEM Eastmain, Quebec
Eatonia (Elvie Smith) Municipal Airport CJG2 Eatonia, Saskatchewan
Echo Valley Airport CBJ4 Echo Valley, British Columbia
Edam Airport CJU7 Edam, Saskatchewan
Eddontenajon/Iskut Village Airport CBU2 Eddontenajon, British Columbia
Edenvale Airport CNV8 Edenvale, Ontario
Edmonton/Bailey CBY2 Sherwood Park, Alberta
Edmonton/Calmar (Maplelane Farm) Aerodrome CMF2 Calmar, Alberta
Edmonton International Airport CYEG YEG Nisku, Alberta
Edmonton (Royal Alexandra Hospital) Heliport CFH7 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Cooking Lake Airport CEZ3 South Cooking Lake, Alberta
Edmonton/Cooking Lake Water Aerodrome CEE7 South Cooking Lake, Alberta
Edmonton/Eastport Heliport CEP8 Sherwood Park, Alberta
Edmonton/Gartner Airport CFQ7 Edmonton Capital Region, Alberta
Edmonton/Lechelt Field Aerodrome CGF2 Edmonton Capital Region, Alberta
Edmonton/Grey Nuns Community Hospital Heliport CES8 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Kelsonae Heliport CSG6 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Leduc Heliport CLD2 Leduc, Alberta
Edmonton/Misericordia (Community Hospital) Heliport CMC2 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Morinville (Currie Field) Aerodrome CCF6 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Morinville (Mike's Field) Aerodrome CMN6 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Namao Heliport (CFB Edmonton) CYED YED Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Parkland Aerodrome (Parkland Airport) CPL6 Parkland County, Alberta
Edmonton/St. Albert Heliport CES3 St. Albert, Alberta
Edmonton/Sturgeon Community Hospital CSA3 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Twin Island Airpark CEE6 Half Moon Lake, Alberta
Edmonton/University of Alberta (Stollery Children's Hospital) Heliport]] CEW7 Edmonton, Alberta
Edmonton/Villeneuve (Rose Field) Aerodrome CRF3 Villeneuve, Alberta
Edmonton/Villeneuve Airport (Villeneuve Airport) CZVL ZVL Villeneuve, Alberta
Edmonton/Josephburg Aerodrome CFB6 Josephburg, Alberta
Edmundston Airport CYES Edmundston, New Brunswick
Edra Airport CEV2 Edra, Alberta
Edson Airport CYET YET Edson, Alberta
Ekati Airport CYOA YOA Ekati Diamond Mine, Northwest Territories
Éléonore Aerodrome CEL8 Opinaca Reservoir, Quebec
Elk Island Airport CKZ3 Elk Island, Manitoba
Elk Lake Airport CPE3 Elk Lake, Ontario
Elk Lake Water Aerodrome CNV5 Elk Lake, Ontario
Elk Point Airport CEJ6 Elk Point, Alberta
Elkin Creek Guest Ranch Airport CBL9 Elkin Creek Guest Ranch, British Columbia
Elko Airport/Lionel P. Demers Memorial Airpark CBE2 Elko, British Columbia
Elliot Lake Municipal Airport CYEL YEL Elliot Lake, Ontario
Elmira (East) Airport CPG4 Elmira, Ontario
Elmira Airport CNT6 Elmira, Ontario
Elora Aerodrome CDF5 Elora, Ontario
Empress Airport CYEA Empress, Alberta
Empress/McNeill Spectra Energy Aerodrome CFL2 Empress, Alberta
Emsdale Airport CNA4 Emsdale, Ontario
Englehart (Dave's Field) Aerodrome CDF3 Englehart, Ontario
Englehart (District Hospital) Heliport CNS3 Englehart, Ontario
Erickson Municipal Airport CKQ6 Erickson Muni, Manitoba
Essex Airport CNE9 Essex, Ontario
Essex/Billing Airstrip CEB8 Essex, Ontario
Esterhazy Airport CJK4 Esterhazy, Saskatchewan
Estevan (South) Airport CKK4 Estevan, Saskatchewan
Estevan Regional Aerodrome CYEN YEN Estevan, Saskatchewan
Estevan (Blue Sky) Aerodrome CBS2 Estevan, Saskatchewan
Eston Airport CJR4 Eston, Saskatchewan
Ethel Airport CPD2 Ethel, Ontario
Eureka Aerodrome CYEU YEU Eureka, Nunavut
Exploits Valley (Botwood) Airport CCP2 Botwood, Newfoundland and Labrador


Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Community and province  
Fairmont Hot Springs Airport CYCZ YCZ Fairmont Hot Springs, British Columbia
Fairview Airport CEB5 Fairview, Alberta
Fall River Water Aerodrome CFR3 Fall River, Nova Scotia
Farnham Airport CSN7 Farnham, Quebec
Faro Airport CZFA ZFA Faro, Yukon
Fenelon Falls/Sturgeon Lake Water Aerodrome CFG8 Sturgeon Lake, Ontario
Fergus (Groves Memorial Community Hospital) Heliport CPB2 Fergus, Ontario
Fergus (Holyoake Airfield) Aerodrome CPY9 Fergus, Ontario
Fergus (Juergensen Field) Airport CPG7 Fergus, Ontario
Fergus (Royland Field) Aerodrome CPR9 Fergus, Ontario
Fergus (Vodarek Field) Aerodrome CVF2 Fergus, Ontario
Fermont Heliport CSD5 Fermont, Quebec
Fernie (Elk Valley Hospital) Heliport CBP3 Fernie, British Columbia
Fillmore Airport CKN5 Fillmore, Saskatchewan
Finlay Air Park CDH3 Finlay, Nova Scotia
Finlayson Lake Airport CFT3 Eagle Plains, Yukon
Fisher Branch Airport CKX4 Fisher Branch, Manitoba
Flamboro Centre Aerodrome CFC8 Flamborough, Ontario
Flesherton (Smithorrs Field) Aerodrome CFL4 Flesherton, Ontario
Flin Flon Airport CYFO YFO Flin Flon, Manitoba
Flin Flon/Bakers Narrows Water Aerodrome CFF8 Bakers Narrows, Manitoba
Flin Flon/Channing Water Aerodrome CJK8 Flin Flon, Manitoba
Florenceville Airport CCR3 Florenceville, New Brunswick
Fogo Aerodrome CDY3 Fogo, Newfoundland and Labrador
Fond-du-Lac Airport CZFD ZFD Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan
Fontages Airport CTU2 Fontanges, Quebec
Fontas Airport CFK3 Fontas, Alberta
Ford Bay Airport CBC2 Ford Bay, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories
Ford Bay Water Aerodrome CEL7 Ford Bay, Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories
Fordwich Airport CPH9 Fordwich, Ontario
Foremost Airport CFD4 Foremost, Alberta
Forestburg Airport CEF6 Forestburg, Alberta
Forestville Airport CYFE YFE Forestville, Quebec
Fort Albany Airport CYFA YFA Fort Albany, Ontario
Fort Chipewyan Airport CYPY YPY Fort Chipewyan, Alberta
Fort Erie (Eurocopter Canada) Heliport CPG3 Fort Erie, Ontario
Fort Frances Municipal Airport CYAG YAG Fort Frances, Ontario
Fort Frances Water Aerodrome CJM8 Fort Frances, Ontario
Fort Good Hope Airport CYGH YGH Fort Good Hope, Northwest Territories
Fort Grahame Airport CBW3 Fort Grahame, British Columbia
Fort Hope Airport CYFH YFH Fort Hope, Ontario
Fort Langley Airport CBQ2 Fort Langley, British Columbia
Fort Langley Water Aerodrome CAS4 Fort Langley, British Columbia
Fort Liard Airport CYJF YJF Fort Liard, Northwest Territories
Fort MacKay/Albian Aerodrome CAL4 Fort MacKay, Alberta
Fort MacKay/Firebag Aerodrome CFG6 Fort MacKay, Alberta
Fort MacKay/Horizon Airport CYNR Fort MacKay, Alberta
Fort Macleod (Alcock Farm) Airport CFM8 Fort Macleod, Alberta
Fort Macleod (Hospital) Heliport CFM9 Fort Macleod, Alberta
Fort Macleod Airport CEY3 Fort Macleod, Alberta
Fort McMurray Airport CYMM YMM Fort McMurray, Alberta
Fort McMurray Water Aerodrome CES7 Fort McMurray, Alberta
Fort McMurray (Legend) Aerodrome CLG7 Fort McMurray, Alberta
Fort McMurray/Mildred Lake Airport CER4 Fort McMurray, Alberta
Fort McMurray (North Liege) Aerodrome CNL2 Fort McMurray, Alberta
Fort McMurray (South Liege) Aerodrome CLS3 Fort McMurray, Alberta
Fort McPherson Airport CZFM ZFM Fort McPherson, Northwest Territories
Fort Nelson (Parker Lake) Water Aerodrome CER9 Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Fort Nelson Airport CYYE YYE Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Fort Nelson/Gordon Field Airport CBL3 Fort Nelson, British Columbia
Fort Providence Airport CYJP Fort Providence, Northwest Territories
Fort Reliance Water Aerodrome CJN8 Fort Reliance, Northwest Territories
Fort Resolution Airport CYFR YFR Fort Resolution, Northwest Territories
Fort Saskatchewan (General Hospital) Heliport CSV4 Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
Fort Selkirk Aerodrome CFS3 Fort Selkirk, Yukon
Fort Severn Airport CYER YER Fort Severn, Ontario
Fort Simpson Airport CYFS YFS Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
Fort Simpson Island Airport CET4 Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
Fort Simpson Island Water Aerodrome CEZ7 Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
Fort Simpson/(Great Slave No. 1) Heliport CFS2 Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
Fort Simpson (Great Slave No. 2) Heliport CFD8 Fort Simpson, Northwest Territories
Fort Smith (District) Heliport CEC5 Fort Smith, Northwest Territories
Fort Smith Airport CYSM YSM Fort Smith, Northwest Territories
Fort St. James (Perison) Airport CYJM YJM Fort St. James, British Columbia
Fort St. James/Stuart River Water Aerodrome CAZ6 Fort St. James, British Columbia
Fort St. James (Stuart Lake Hospital) CFJ2 Fort St. James, British Columbia
Fort St. John (Charlie Lake) Water Aerodrome CEY7 Fort St. John, British Columbia
Fort St. John Airport (North Peace Airport) CYXJ YXJ Fort St. John, British Columbia
Fort Vermilion Airport CEZ4 Fort Vermilion, Alberta
Fort Vermilion/Country Gardens B&B Heliport CKV9 Fort Vermilion, Alberta
Fort Ware Airport CAJ9 Fort Ware, British Columbia
Fort Ware Water Aerodrome CAW6 Fort Ware, British Columbia
Fox Creek Airport CED4 Fox Creek, Alberta
Fox Harbour Airport CFH4 YFX Fox Harbour, Nova Scotia
Fox Lake Airport CEC3 Fox Creek, Alberta
Frank Channel (Forestry) Heliport CFB2 Frank Channel, Northwest Territories
Fraser Lake Airport CBZ9 Fraser Lake, British Columbia
Fraser Lake Water Aerodrome CBJ8 Fraser Lake, British Columbia
Fredericton (RCMP) Heliport CRC2 Fredericton, New Brunswick
Fredericton International Airport CYFC YFC Fredericton, New Brunswick
French River/Alban Aerodrome CFR5 Alban, Ontario
Frontier Airport CJM5 Frontier, Saskatchewan


Airport name   ICAO   TC LID   IATA   Community and province  
Gagetown Heliport CYCX YCX Oromocto (CFB Gagetown), New Brunswick
Gahcho Kue Aerodrome CGK2 Gahcho Kue Diamond Mine Project, Northwest Territories
Galore Creek Heliport CGC2 Galore Creek mine, British Columbia
Gamètì/Rae Lakes Airport CYRA YRA Gameti, Northwest Territories
Gananoque Airport CNN8 Gananoque, Ontario
Gander (James Paton Memorial Regional Health Centre) Heliport CGH2 Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Gander International Airport CYQX YQX Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador
Gang Ranch Airport CAY2 Gang Ranch, British Columbia
Ganges (Lady Minto/Gulf Islands Hospital) Heliport CAL7 Ganges, British Columbia
Ganges Water Aerodrome CAX6 YGG Ganges, British Columbia
Garden River Airport CFU4 Garden River, Alberta
Michel-Pouliot Gaspé Airport CYGP YGP Gaspé, Quebec
George Lake Aerodrome CGR3 George Lake, Nunavut
Gatineau-Ottawa Executive Airport (Ottawa/Gatineau Airport) CYND YND Gatineau, Quebec
Georgetown (Georgetown & District Hospital) Heliport CNZ6 Georgetown, Ontario
Geraldton (District Hospital) Heliport CPJ4 Geraldton, Ontario
Geraldton (Greenstone Regional) Airport CYGQ YGQ Geraldton, Ontario
Geraldton/Hutchison Lake Water Aerodrome CNE6 Geraldton, Ontario
Gilford Island/Echo Bay Water Aerodrome CAA7 Gilford Island, British Columbia
Gilford Island/Health Bay Water Aerodrome CAD7 Gilford Island, British Columbia
Gillam Airport CYGX YGX Gillam, Manitoba
Gillam Water Aerodrome CJP8 Gillam, Manitoba
Gimli Industrial Park Airport CYGM YGM Gimli, Manitoba
Gjoa Haven Airport CYHK YHK Gjoa Haven, Nunavut
Gladstone Aerodrome CJR5 Glandstone, Manitoba
Glaslyn Airport CJE5 Glaslyn, Saskatchewan
Glenboro Airport CJJ2 Glenboro, Manitoba
Glendon Airport CFP5 Glendon, Alberta
Goderich Airport (Goderich Municipal Airport) CYGD YGD Goderich, Ontario
Gods Lake Airport CJB6 Gods Lake, Manitoba
Gods Lake Narrows Airport CYGO YGO Gods Lake Narrows, Manitoba
Gods River Airport CZGI ZGI Gods River, Manitoba
Gold River Water Aerodrome CAU6 Gold River, British Columbia
Gold River (E & B Helicopters) Heliport CGR2 Gold River, British Columbia
Golden (Golden & District General Hospital) Heliport CBT5 Golden, British Columbia
Golden Airport CYGE YGE Golden, British Columbia
Gooderham/Pencil Lake Water Aerodrome CNN7 Gooderham, Ontario
Goodsoil Airport CKF4 Goodsoil, Saskatchewan
Goose (Otter Creek) Water Aerodrome CCB5 Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
Goose Bay Airport (CFB Goose Bay) CYYR YYR Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
Goose Lake Aerodrome CGS2 Goose Lake, Nunavut
Gordon Lake Airport CFW2 Gordon Lake, Alberta
Gore Bay-Manitoulin Airport CYZE YZE Gore Bay, Ontario
Granby/Artopex Plus Heliport CTR4 Granby, Quebec
Grand Bend Airport CPL4 Grand Bend, Ontario
Grand Etang Pubnico Water Aerodrome CGE2 Lower West Pubnico, Nova Scotia
Grand Falls Airport CCK3 Grand Falls, New Brunswick
Grand Falls-Windsor Heliport CFW8 Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland and Labrador
Grand Forks Airport CZGF ZGF Grand Forks, British Columbia
Grand Forks (Boundary Hospital) Heliport CGF4 Grand Forks, British Columbia
Grand Manan Airport CCN2 Grand Manan, New Brunswick
Grand Rapids Airport CJV8 Grand Rapids, Manitoba
Grand Valley (Black Field) Aerodrome CGV5 East Luther-Grand Valley, Ontario
Grand Valley/Luther Field Aerodrome CGV2 East Luther-Grand Valley, Ontario
Grand Valley North Aerodrome CGV3 Grand Valley, Ontario
Grand Valley (Martin Field) Aerodrome CGV6 Grand Valley, Ontario
Grande Airport CFA5 Grande, Alberta
Grande Prairie (Forestry) Heliport CEZ9 Grande Prairie, Alberta
Grande Prairie Airport CYQU YQU Grande Prairie, Alberta
Granitehill Lake Water Aerodrome CND6 Hornepayne, Ontario
Gravelbourg Airport CJM4 Gravelbourg, Saskatchewan
Gravenhurst (Morrison Lake) Water Aerodrome CML4 Gravenhurst, Ontario
Great Bear Lake Airport CFF4 DAS Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories
Great Bear Lake Water Aerodrome CES9 Great Bear Lake, Northwest Territories
Greater Fredericton Airport (Fredericton International Airport) CYFC YFC Fredericton, New Brunswick
Greater Moncton International Airport (Moncton/Greater Moncton International Airport) CYQM YQM Moncton, New Brunswick
Greater Sudbury Airport (Sudbury Airport) CYSB YSB Greater Sudbury, Ontario
Green Lake Aerodrome CBG2 Green Lake, British Columbia
Green Lake Water Aerodrome CBY6 Green Lake, British Columbia
Greenbank Airport CNP8 Greenbank, Ontario
Greenwood Airport (CFB Greenwood) CYZX YZX Greenwood, Nova Scotia
Grenfell Airport CKU6 Grenfell, Saskatchewan
Grimsby Air Park CNZ8 Grimsby, Ontario
Grimshaw Airport CFD5 Grimshaw, Alberta
Grise Fiord Airport CYGZ YGZ Grise Fiord, Nunavut
Guelph Airport CNC4 Guelph, Ontario
Gull Lake Airport CJK5 Gull Lake, Saskatchewan
Gun Lake Heliport CGL5 Gun Lakes, British Columbia
Gunisao Lake Airport CJK2 Gunisao Lake, Manitoba
Gunisao Lake Water Aerodrome CJW8 Gunisao Lake, Manitoba