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This is a list of current and previous airports in the Greater Sydney area of New South Wales.

List of airports[edit]

The list is sorted by the name of the community served, click the sort buttons in the table header to switch listing order.

Community Airport name Type ICAO IATA Coordinates
Bankstown Bankstown Airport (General Aviation & freight) Public YSBK BWU 33°55′30″S 150°59′18″E / 33.92500°S 150.98833°E / -33.92500; 150.98833 (Bankstown Airport)
Camden Camden Airport (General Aviation) Public YSCN CDU 34°02′24″S 150°41′12″E / 34.04000°S 150.68667°E / -34.04000; 150.68667 (Camden Airport)
Holsworthy Holsworthy Barracks Military YSHW 33°59′42″S 150°57′06″E / 33.99500°S 150.95167°E / -33.99500; 150.95167 (Holsworthy Army Base)
Mascot Sydney Airport (International & Domestic RPT) Public YSSY SYD 33°56′46″S 151°10′38″E / 33.94611°S 151.17722°E / -33.94611; 151.17722 (Sydney Airport)
Palm Beach Palm Beach Water Airport Public LBH 33°35′15″S 151°19′26″E / 33.58750°S 151.32389°E / -33.58750; 151.32389 (Palm Beach Water Airport)
Rose Bay Rose Bay Water Airport Public RSE 33°52′14″S 151°15′19″E / 33.87056°S 151.25528°E / -33.87056; 151.25528 (Rose Bay Water Airport)
Richmond RAAF Base Richmond Military YSRI XRH 33°36′11″S 150°47′02″E / 33.60306°S 150.78389°E / -33.60306; 150.78389 (RAAF Base Richmond)
Badgerys Creek Western Sydney Airport Public (under construction) SWZ 33°52′46″S 150°44′23″E / 33.8794°S 150.7398°E / -33.8794; 150.7398 (Western Sydney Airport)
The Oaks The Oaks Airfield (Recreational & Ultra-light) Private YOAS 34°04′58″S 150°33′36″E / 34.08278°S 150.56000°E / -34.08278; 150.56000 (The Oaks Airfield)
Wedderburn Wedderburn Airport Private YWBN 34°10′48″S 150°48′30″E / 34.18000°S 150.80833°E / -34.18000; 150.80833 (Wedderburn Airport)

Inactive/Historic/Former airports[edit]

Community Airport name Type ICAO IATA Coordinates

Inactive Airports

Castlereagh Castlereagh Aerodrome Military 33°40′37″S 150°41′15″E / 33.67694°S 150.68750°E / -33.67694; 150.68750 (Castlereagh Aerodrome)
Hoxton Park Hoxton Park Airport Public 33°54′35″S 150°51′08″E / 33.90972°S 150.85222°E / -33.90972; 150.85222 (Hoxton Park Airport)
Penrith Fleurs Aerodrome Military 33°51′48″S 150°46′30″E / 33.86333°S 150.77500°E / -33.86333; 150.77500 (Fleurs Aerodrome)
Schofields RAAF Station Schofields Military 33°42′49″S 150°52′16″E / 33.71361°S 150.87111°E / -33.71361; 150.87111 (RAAF Station Schofields)

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