List of airports in Guatemala

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Map of Guatemala

This is a list of airports in Guatemala, sorted by location.

Guatemala, officially the Republic of Guatemala (Spanish: República de Guatemala), is a country in Central America bordered by Mexico to the north and west, the Pacific Ocean to the southwest, Belize to the northeast, the Caribbean to the east, and Honduras and El Salvador to the southeast. Its capital in Guatemala City.


Names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location served Department ICAO IATA Airport name
Bananera Izabal MGBN Bananera Airport
Carmelita El Petén MGCR CMM Carmelita Airport
Chiquimula Chiquimula CIQ Chiquimula Airport
Coatepeque Quetzaltenango MGCT CTF Coatepeque Airport
Cobán Alta Verapaz MGCB CBV Cobán Airport
Dos Lagunas El Petén DON Dos Lagunas Airport
El Naranjo El Petén ENJ El Naranjo Airport
Esquipulas Chiquimula MGES Esquipulas Airport
Flores El Petén MGTK FRS Mundo Maya International Airport
Guatemala City Guatemala MGGT GUA La Aurora International Airport
Huehuetenango Huehuetenango MGHT HUG Huehuetenango Airport
La Libertad El Petén MGLL La Libertad Airport
Los Tablones Zacapa LOX Los Tablones Airport
Malacatán San Marcos MGML Malacatan Airport
Melchor de Mencos El Petén MGMM MCR Melchor de Mencos Airport
Paso Caballos El Petén PCG Paso Caballos Airport
Playa Grande Ixcán El Quiché PKJ Playa Grande Airport
Poptún El Petén MGPP PON Poptun Airport
Puerto Barrios Izabal MGPB PBR Puerto Barrios Airport
Puerto San José Escuintla MGSJ GSJ San José Airport
Quetzaltenango Quetzaltenango MGQZ AAZ Quetzaltenango Airport
Quiché El Quiché MGQC AQB Quiché Airport
Retalhuleu Retalhuleu MGRT RER Retalhuleu Airport / Base Aérea del Sur
Río Dulce Izabal LCF Río Dulce Airport
Rubelsanto Alta Verapaz MGRB RUV Rubelsanto Airport
San Marcos San Marcos MGSM San Marcos Airport
Tikal El Petén TKM El Peten Airport
Uaxactun El Petén UAX Uaxactun Airport
Zacapa Zacapa MGZA Zacapa Airport

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