List of airports in Iraq

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This is a list of airports in Iraq, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Location/city served ICAO IATA Airport name
Civil airports
Al Bakr ORBD Balad Southeast Airport
Al Iskandariyah ORAI Al Iskandariyah Airport
Al Kut ORUB Ubaydah Bin Al Jarrah Airport
Al Najaf ORNI NJF Al Najaf International Airport
An Numaniyah ORAN An Numaniyah Airport
Baghdad ORBI BGW Baghdad International Airport
Bashur ORBR Bashur Airport
Basra (Basrah) ORMM BSR Basra International Airport
Erbil (Arbil) ORER EBL Erbil International Airport
Jalibah ORJA Jalibah Southeast Airport
Karbala Karbala International Airport[1]
Karbala Karbala Northeast Airport[2]
Kirkuk ORKK KIK Kirkuk Airport
Mosul ORBM OSM Mosul International Airport
Nasiriyah ORTL XNH Nasiriyah International Airport
Qasr Tall ORQT Qasr Tall Airport
Qayyarah ORQW Qayyarah Airfield West
Sulaimaniyah (Silêmanî) ORSU ISU Sulaimaniyah International Airport
Tikrit ORTK Tikrit East Airport
Tikrit ORTS Tikrit South Airport
Umm Qasr ORUQ Umm Qasr Airport
Military airports
Hīt ORAA Al Asad Airbase
Habbaniyah ORAT Al Taqaddum Airbase
Al Taji ORTI Al Taji AAF
Tall Afar ORTF Tall Afar AAF
Tikrit ORSH Camp Speicher
Baghdad Muthenna Airbase

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