List of airports in Luxembourg

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Map of Luxembourg

This is a list of airports in Luxembourg, sorted by location.


Location ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Luxembourg City ELLX LUX Luxembourg Findel Airport 49°37′35″N 006°12′41″E / 49.62639°N 6.21139°E / 49.62639; 6.21139 (Luxembourg)
Medernach ELMD Medernach Ulmodrome (Kitzebour Ultralight Airfield) [1] 49°47′19″N 006°14′27″E / 49.78861°N 6.24083°E / 49.78861; 6.24083 (Medernach/Kitzebour)
Noertrange / Wiltz ELNT Noertrange Airfield (Wiltz-Noertrange Airfield) [2] 49°58′51″N 005°55′04″E / 49.98083°N 5.91778°E / 49.98083; 5.91778 (Noertrange/Wiltz)
Useldange ELUS Useldange Glider Field [3] 49°46′06″N 005°57′57″E / 49.76833°N 5.96583°E / 49.76833; 5.96583 (Useldange)

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