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Map of Malaysia

This is list of airports in Malaysia, sorted by location.

Malaysia is a country in Southeast Asia consisting of thirteen states and three Federal Territories, with a total landmass of 329,847 km2 (127,355 sq mi). The capital city is Kuala Lumpur, while Putrajaya is the seat of the federal government. The country is separated by the South China Sea into two regions, Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia (also known as Malaysian Borneo). Malaysia borders Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, and Brunei.


In total, Malaysia has 62 airports (38 in East Malaysia and 24 in Peninsular Malaysia). Among them, 38 airports have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines (shown in bold). Other than that, Malaysia has 8 international airports.

Peninsular Malaysia[edit]

City served State ICAO[1][2] IATA[3] Airport name Coordinates
Alor Setar Kedah WMKA AOR Sultan Abdul Halim Airport[4] / RMAF Alor Setar 06°11′40″N 100°24′03″E / 6.19444°N 100.40083°E / 6.19444; 100.40083 (Sultan Abdul Halim Airport)
Bernam River Perak WMBR Bernam River Airfield[5] 03°45′58″N 101°19′08″E / 3.76611°N 101.31889°E / 3.76611; 101.31889 (Bernam River Airfield)
Butterworth Penang WMKB BWH RMAF Butterworth[6] 05°27′58″N 100°23′28″E / 5.46611°N 100.39111°E / 5.46611; 100.39111 (RMAF Butterworth)
Bayan Lepas (near George Town) Penang WMKP PEN Penang International Airport[7] 05°17′50″N 100°16′36″E / 5.29722°N 100.27667°E / 5.29722; 100.27667 (Penang International Airport)
Gong Kedak Terengganu / Kelantan WMGK RMAF Gong Kedak[8] 05°47′56″N 102°29′25″E / 5.79889°N 102.49028°E / 5.79889; 102.49028 (RMAF Gong Kedak)
Ipoh Perak WMKI IPH Sultan Azlan Shah Airport[9] 04°34′09″N 101°05′35″E / 4.56917°N 101.09306°E / 4.56917; 101.09306 (Sultan Azlan Shah Airport)
Jendarata Estate, Teluk Intan Perak WMAJ Jendarata Airport[1] 03°53′59″N 100°56′55″E / 3.89972°N 100.94861°E / 3.89972; 100.94861 (Jendarata Airport)
Kerteh Terengganu WMKE KTE Kerteh Airport[1] 04°32′15″N 103°25′36″E / 4.53750°N 103.42667°E / 4.53750; 103.42667 (Kerteh Airport)
Kluang Johor WMAP Kluang Airport[10] 02°02′38″N 103°18′27″E / 2.04389°N 103.30750°E / 2.04389; 103.30750 (Kluang Airport)
Kota Bharu Kelantan WMKC KBR Sultan Ismail Petra Airport[11] / RAF Kota Bharu 06°09′58″N 102°17′33″E / 6.16611°N 102.29250°E / 6.16611; 102.29250 (Sultan Ismail Petra Airport)
Kuala Terengganu Terengganu WMKN TGG Sultan Mahmud Airport[12] 05°02′53″N 103°06′17″E / 5.04806°N 103.10472°E / 5.04806; 103.10472 (Sultan Mahmud Airport)
Kuantan Pahang WMKD KUA Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport[13] / RMAF Kuantan 03°46′11″N 103°12′34″E / 3.76972°N 103.20944°E / 3.76972; 103.20944 (Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Airport)
Langkawi Kedah WMKL LGK Langkawi International Airport[14] 06°20′00″N 099°44′00″E / 6.33333°N 99.73333°E / 6.33333; 99.73333 (Langkawi International Airport)
Batu Berendam Malacca WMKM MKZ Malacca International Airport[15] 02°15′47″N 102°15′09″E / 2.26306°N 102.25250°E / 2.26306; 102.25250 (Malacca International Airport)
Mersing Johor WMAU MEP Mersing Airport[1] 02°23′00″N 103°51′34″E / 2.38333°N 103.85944°E / 2.38333; 103.85944 (Mersing Airport)
Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor) Perak WMPA PKG Pangkor Airport[1] 04°14′41″N 100°33′12″E / 4.24472°N 100.55333°E / 4.24472; 100.55333 (Pangkor Airport)
Redang Island (Pulau Redang) Terengganu WMPR RDN Redang Airport[16] 05°45′55″N 103°00′25″E / 5.76528°N 103.00694°E / 5.76528; 103.00694 (Redang Airport)
Senai (near Johor Bahru) Johor WMKJ JHB Senai International Airport[17] 01°38′26″N 103°40′13″E / 1.64056°N 103.67028°E / 1.64056; 103.67028 (Senai International Airport)
Sepang (away from Kuala Lumpur city centre) Selangor WMKK KUL Kuala Lumpur International Airport[18] 02°44′36″N 101°41′53″E / 2.74333°N 101.69806°E / 2.74333; 101.69806 (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)
Sitiawan Perak WMBA SWY Sitiawan Airport[1] 04°12′59″N 100°41′55″E / 4.21639°N 100.69861°E / 4.21639; 100.69861 (Sitiawan Airport)
Subang (near Shah Alam) Selangor WMSA SZB Subang International Airport[19] 03°07′52″N 101°32′53″E / 3.13111°N 101.54806°E / 3.13111; 101.54806 (Subang International Airport)
Sungai Besi Kuala Lumpur WMKF Simpang Airport[20] / RMAF Sungai Besi/ RAF Kuala Lumpur 03°06′41″N 101°42′10″E / 3.11139°N 101.70278°E / 3.11139; 101.70278 (Simpang Airport)
Taiping Perak WMBI TPG Taiping Airport[1] (Tekah Airport) 04°51′49″N 100°42′55″E / 4.86361°N 100.71528°E / 4.86361; 100.71528 (Taiping Airport)
Tioman Island (Pulau Tioman) Pahang WMBT TOD Tioman Airport[21] 02°49′09″N 104°09′36″E / 2.81917°N 104.16000°E / 2.81917; 104.16000 (Tioman Airport)

East Malaysia[edit]

City served State ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Ba'kelalan Sarawak WBGQ BKM Ba'kelalan Airport[1] 03°59′19″N 115°37′08″E / 3.98861°N 115.61889°E / 3.98861; 115.61889 (Ba'kelalan Airport)
Bario Sarawak WBGZ BBN Bario Airport[1] 03°44′13″N 115°28′10″E / 3.73694°N 115.46944°E / 3.73694; 115.46944 (Bario Airport)
Belaga Sarawak WBGC BLG Belaga Airport[1] 02°38′10″N 113°45′38″E / 2.63611°N 113.76056°E / 2.63611; 113.76056 (Belaga Airport)
Bintulu Sarawak WBGB BTU Bintulu Airport[22] 03°07′27″N 113°01′11″E / 3.12417°N 113.01972°E / 3.12417; 113.01972 (Bintulu Airport)
Kapit Sarawak WBGP KPI Kapit Airport[1] 02°00′35″N 112°55′55″E / 2.00972°N 112.93194°E / 2.00972; 112.93194 (Kapit Airport)
Keningau Sabah WBKG KGU Keningau Airport[1] 05°21′19″N 116°09′54″E / 5.35528°N 116.16500°E / 5.35528; 116.16500 (Keningau Airport)
Kota Kinabalu Sabah WBKK BKI Kota Kinabalu International Airport[23] 05°56′41″N 116°03′31″E / 5.94472°N 116.05861°E / 5.94472; 116.05861 (Kota Kinabalu International Airport)
Kuching Sarawak WBGG KCH Kuching International Airport[24] / RMAF Kuching 01°29′05″N 110°20′16″E / 1.48472°N 110.33778°E / 1.48472; 110.33778 (Kuching International Airport)
Kudat Sabah WBKT KUD Kudat Airport[1] 06°55′27″N 116°49′51″E / 6.92417°N 116.83083°E / 6.92417; 116.83083 (Kudat Airport)
Labuan Labuan Federal Territory WBKL LBU Labuan Airport[25] / RMAF Labuan 05°18′06″N 115°14′54″E / 5.30167°N 115.24833°E / 5.30167; 115.24833 (Labuan Airport)
Lahad Datu Sabah WBKD LDU Lahad Datu Airport[26] 05°01′59″N 118°19′16″E / 5.03306°N 118.32111°E / 5.03306; 118.32111 (Lahad Datu Airport)
Lawas Sarawak WBGW LWY Lawas Airport[1] 04°50′57″N 115°24′10″E / 4.84917°N 115.40278°E / 4.84917; 115.40278 (Lawas Airport)
Layang Layang Atoll Sabah LAC Layang Layang Airport
Limbang Sarawak WBGJ LMN Limbang Airport[27] 04°48′29″N 115°00′37″E / 4.80806°N 115.01028°E / 4.80806; 115.01028 (Limbang Airport)
Long Akah Sarawak WBGL LKH Long Akah Airport[1] 03°18′47″N 114°46′59″E / 3.31306°N 114.78306°E / 3.31306; 114.78306 (Long Akah Airport)
Long Banga Sarawak| LBP Long Banga Airport[1] 03°11′00″N 115°27′00″E / 3.18333°N 115.45000°E / 3.18333; 115.45000 (Long Banga Airport)
Long Geng Sarawak WBGE Long Geng Airport[28] 02°37′00″N 114°08′00″E / 2.61667°N 114.13333°E / 2.61667; 114.13333 (Long Geng Airport)
Long Lellang Sarawak WBGF LGL Long Lellang Airport[1] 03°27′34″N 115°10′43″E / 3.45944°N 115.17861°E / 3.45944; 115.17861 (Long Lellang Airport)
Long Pasia Sabah WBKN GSA Long Pasia Airport[1] 04°24′34″N 115°43′08″E / 4.40944°N 115.71889°E / 4.40944; 115.71889 (Long Pasia Airport)
Long Semado Sarawak WBGD LSM Long Semado Airport[1] 04°12′59″N 115°34′58″E / 4.21639°N 115.58278°E / 4.21639; 115.58278 (Long Semado Airport)
Long Seridan Sarawak WBGI ODN Long Seridan Airport[1] 03°58′34″N 115°03′48″E / 3.97611°N 115.06333°E / 3.97611; 115.06333 (Long Seridan Airport)
Long Sukang Sarawak WBGU LSU Long Sukang Airport[29] 04°33′08″N 115°29′38″E / 4.55222°N 115.49389°E / 4.55222; 115.49389 (Long Sukang Airport)
Marudi Sarawak WBGM MUR Marudi Airport[1] 04°10′39″N 114°19′19″E / 4.17750°N 114.32194°E / 4.17750; 114.32194 (Marudi Airport)
Miri Sarawak WBGR MYY Miri Airport[30] 04°19′31″N 113°59′18″E / 4.32528°N 113.98833°E / 4.32528; 113.98833 (Miri Airport)
Mukah Sarawak WBGK MKM Mukah Airport[1] 02°54′25″N 112°04′30″E / 2.90694°N 112.07500°E / 2.90694; 112.07500 (Mukah Airport)
Mulu Sarawak WBMU MZV Mulu Airport[1] 04°03′02″N 114°48′33″E / 4.05056°N 114.80917°E / 4.05056; 114.80917 (Mulu Airport)
Pamol Sabah WBKP PAY Hutan Bakau Pamol Airport 05°59′34″N 117°23′47″E / 5.99278°N 117.39639°E / 5.99278; 117.39639 (Pamol Airport)
Ranau Sabah WBKR RNU Ranau Airport 05°57′29″N 116°40′25″E / 5.95806°N 116.67361°E / 5.95806; 116.67361 (Ranau Airport)
Sahabat Sabah WBKH SXS Sahabat Airport
Sandakan Sabah WBKS SDK Sandakan Airport[31] 05°54′06″N 118°02′55″E / 5.90167°N 118.04861°E / 5.90167; 118.04861 (Sandakan Airport)
Sematan Sarawak WBGN BSE Sematan Airport[32] 01°48′49″N 109°45′46″E / 1.81361°N 109.76278°E / 1.81361; 109.76278 (Sematan Airport)
Semporna Sabah WBKA SMM Semporna Airport[1] 04°26′59″N 118°35′47″E / 4.44972°N 118.59639°E / 4.44972; 118.59639 (Semporna Airport)
Sepulot Sabah WBKO SPE Sepulot Airport 04°42′44″N 116°27′13″E / 4.71222°N 116.45361°E / 4.71222; 116.45361 (Sepulot Airport)
Sibu Sarawak WBGS SBW Sibu Airport[33] 02°15′51″N 111°58′57″E / 2.26417°N 111.98250°E / 2.26417; 111.98250 (Sibu Airport)
Sri Aman Sarawak WBGY SGG Simanggang Airport
Tanjung Manis, Mukah Sarawak WBGT Tanjung Manis Airport[1] 02°10′40″N 111°12′07″E / 2.17778°N 111.20194°E / 2.17778; 111.20194 (Tanjung Manis Airport)
Tawau Sabah WBKW TWU Tawau Airport[34] 04°18′48″N 118°07′19″E / 4.31333°N 118.12194°E / 4.31333; 118.12194 (Tawau Airport)
Tommanggong Sabah WBKM TMG Tommanggong Airport[35] 05°23′59″N 118°38′47″E / 5.39972°N 118.64639°E / 5.39972; 118.64639 (Tommanggong Airport)


City served State ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Genting Pahang GTB Genting Airport[36] 03°33′00″N 101°52′59″E / 3.55000°N 101.88306°E / 3.55000; 101.88306 (Bentong Airfield)
Lutong, Miri Sarawak WMLU Lutong Airport[37] 04°20′15″N 113°59′39″E / 4.33750°N 113.99417°E / 4.33750; 113.99417 (Lutong Airport)

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