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Map of Burma (Myanmar)

This is a list of airports in Burma (Myanmar), grouped by type and sorted by location.

Burma, officially the Union of Burma (now The Republic of the Union of Myanmar), has 25 operating airports with commercial flights. The country is bordered by People's Republic of China to the northeast, Laos to the east, Thailand to the southeast, Bangladesh to the west, India to the northwest, the Bay of Bengal to the southwest, and the Andaman Sea to the south. The country is divided into 14 administrative subdivisions, which include 7 states (pyi-ne) and 7 divisions (tyne). Its capital is Naypyitaw (Nay Pyi Taw) and its largest city (and prior capital) is Yangon.


Airport names shown in bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location served Region/State ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
International airports
Mandalay / Tada-U Mandalay Region VYMD MDL Mandalay International Airport 21°42′07″N 095°58′40″E / 21.70194°N 95.97778°E / 21.70194; 95.97778 (Mandalay International Airport)
Yangon (Rangoon) Yangon Region VYYY RGN Yangon International Airport 16°54′26″N 096°07′59″E / 16.90722°N 96.13306°E / 16.90722; 96.13306 (Yangon International Airport)
Naypyidaw (Naypyitaw) Mandalay Region VYNT NYT Nay Pyi Taw International Airport (Ela Airport) 19°37′24″N 096°12′03″E / 19.62333°N 96.20083°E / 19.62333; 96.20083 (Naypyidaw Airport)
Bago (Bago) Bago Region Hanthawaddy International Airport (Under Construction) 17°18′4″N 096°25′41″E / 17.30111°N 96.42806°E / 17.30111; 96.42806 (Hanthawaddy Airport)
Domestic airports
Anisakan Mandalay Region VYAS Anisakan Airport 21°57′19″N 096°24′21″E / 21.95528°N 96.40583°E / 21.95528; 96.40583 (Anisakan Airport)
Ann Rakhine State VYAN VBA Ann Airport 19°46′08″N 094°01′34″E / 19.76889°N 94.02611°E / 19.76889; 94.02611 (Ann Airport)
Bagan / Nyaung-U Mandalay Region VYBG NYU Nyaung U Airport 21°10′43″N 094°55′48″E / 21.17861°N 94.93000°E / 21.17861; 94.93000 (Nyaung U Airport)
Bhamo (Banmaw) Kachin State VYBM BMO Bhamo Airport (Banmaw Airport) 24°16′15″N 097°14′49″E / 24.27083°N 97.24694°E / 24.27083; 97.24694 (Bhamo Airport)
Nogmung (Nogmung) Kachin State VYNM N0M Nogmung Airport (Nogmung Airport) 27°30′00″N 097°49′00″E / 27.50000°N 97.81667°E / 27.50000; 97.81667 (Nogmung Airport)
Bokpyin (Bokepyin) Tanintharyi Region VYBP Bokpyin Airport 11°16′N 098°46′E / 11.267°N 98.767°E / 11.267; 98.767 (Bokpyin Airport)
Coco Islands (Great Coco Island) Yangon Region VYCI Coco Island Airport 14°08′29″N 093°22′06″E / 14.14139°N 93.36833°E / 14.14139; 93.36833 (Coco Island Airport)
Dawei (Tavoy) Tanintharyi Region VYDW TVY Dawei Airport 14°06′13″N 098°12′13″E / 14.10361°N 98.20361°E / 14.10361; 98.20361 (Dawei Airport)
Gangaw Magway Region VYGG GAW Gangaw Airport 22°10′29″N 094°08′04″E / 22.17472°N 94.13444°E / 22.17472; 94.13444 (Gangaw Airport)
Gwa Rakhine State VYGW GWA Gwa Airport 17°36′N 094°35′E / 17.600°N 94.583°E / 17.600; 94.583 (Gwa Airport)
Heho Shan State VYHH HEH Heho Airport 20°44′49″N 096°47′31″E / 20.74694°N 96.79194°E / 20.74694; 96.79194 (Heho Airport)
Homalin (Hommalin) Sagaing Region VYHL HOX Homalin Airport (Hommalin Airport) 24°53′58″N 094°54′50″E / 24.89944°N 94.91389°E / 24.89944; 94.91389 (Homalin Airport)
Hpa-An (Pa-An) Kayin State VYPA PAA Hpa-An Airport 16°53′37″N 097°40′28″E / 16.89361°N 97.67444°E / 16.89361; 97.67444 (Hpa-An Airport)
Hpapun (Papun) Kayin State VYPP PPU Hpapun Airport 18°04′N 097°27′E / 18.067°N 97.450°E / 18.067; 97.450 (Hpapun Airport)
Kalaymyo (Kalemyo) Sagaing Region VYKL KMV Kalaymyo Airport 23°11′19″N 094°03′03″E / 23.18861°N 94.05083°E / 23.18861; 94.05083 (Kalaymyo Airport)
Kawthaung (Kawthoung) Tanintharyi Region VYKT KAW Kawthaung Airport 10°02′57″N 098°32′16″E / 10.04917°N 98.53778°E / 10.04917; 98.53778 (Kawthaung Airport)
Kengtung (Kengtong, Kyaingtong) Shan State VYKG KET Kengtung Airport 21°18′05″N 099°38′09″E / 21.30139°N 99.63583°E / 21.30139; 99.63583 (Kengtung Airport)
Khamti Sagaing Region VYKI KHM Khamti Airport 25°59′18″N 095°40′28″E / 25.98833°N 95.67444°E / 25.98833; 95.67444 (Khamti Airport)
Kyaukpyu (Kyauk Pyu) Rakhine State VYKP KYP Kyaukpyu Airport 19°25′35″N 093°32′05″E / 19.42639°N 93.53472°E / 19.42639; 93.53472 (Kyaukpyu Airport)
Kyauktu (Kyaukhtu) Magway Region VYKU KYT Kyauktu Airport 21°24′45″N 094°08′31″E / 21.41250°N 94.14194°E / 21.41250; 94.14194 (Kyauktu Airport)
Kyauktu (Kyaukhtu) Magway Region VYXG Kyauktu South Airport 21°24′26″N 094°07′31″E / 21.40722°N 94.12528°E / 21.40722; 94.12528 (Kyauktu South Airport)
Lanywa Magway Region VYLY Lanywa Airport 20°56′25″N 094°49′21″E / 20.94028°N 94.82250°E / 20.94028; 94.82250 (Lanywa Airport)
Lashio Shan State VYLS LSH Lashio Airport 22°58′40″N 097°45′07″E / 22.97778°N 97.75194°E / 22.97778; 97.75194 (Lashio Airport)
Loikaw Kayah State VYLK LIW Loikaw Airport 19°41′29″N 097°12′53″E / 19.69139°N 97.21472°E / 19.69139; 97.21472 (Loikaw Airport)
Magwe Magway Region VYMW MWQ Magwe Airport 20°09′56″N 094°56′28″E / 20.16556°N 94.94111°E / 20.16556; 94.94111 (Magwe Airport)
Manaung Rakhine State VYMN MGU Manaung Airport 18°50′45″N 093°41′20″E / 18.84583°N 93.68889°E / 18.84583; 93.68889 (Manaung Airport)
Mandalay Mandalay Region VYCZ VBC Mandalay Chanmyathazi Airport 21°56′25″N 096°05′22″E / 21.94028°N 96.08944°E / 21.94028; 96.08944 (Mandalay Chanmyathazi Airport)
Mawlamyine (Mawlamyaing) Mon State VYMM MNU Mawlamyaing Airport (Mawlamyine Airport) 16°26′41″N 097°39′38″E / 16.44472°N 97.66056°E / 16.44472; 97.66056 (Mawlamyaing Airport)
Momeik Shan State VYMO MOE Momeik Airport 23°05′33″N 096°38′42″E / 23.09250°N 96.64500°E / 23.09250; 96.64500 (Momeik Airport)
Mong Ton (Mong-Tong) Shan State VYMT MGK Mong Ton Airport 20°17′48″N 098°53′56″E / 20.29667°N 98.89889°E / 20.29667; 98.89889 (Mong Ton Airport)
Mong Hsat (Monghsat) Shan State VYMS MOG Monghsat Airport (Mong Hsat Airport) 20°31′00″N 099°15′24″E / 20.51667°N 99.25667°E / 20.51667; 99.25667 (Monghsat Airport)
Monywa (Monywar) Sagaing Region VYMY NYW Monywa Airport (Monywar Airport) 22°14′N 095°07′E / 22.233°N 95.117°E / 22.233; 95.117 (Monywa Airport)
Myeik (Mergui) Tanintharyi Region VYME MGZ Myeik Airport 12°26′23″N 098°37′17″E / 12.43972°N 98.62139°E / 12.43972; 98.62139 (Myeik Airport)
Myitkyina Kachin State VYMK MYT Myitkyina Airport 25°23′01″N 097°21′06″E / 25.38361°N 97.35167°E / 25.38361; 97.35167 (Myitkyina Airport)
Namsang Shan State VYNS NMS Namsang Airport 20°53′25″N 097°44′09″E / 20.89028°N 97.73583°E / 20.89028; 97.73583 (Namsang Airport)
Namtu Shan State VYNT NMT Namtu Airport 23°05′N 097°23′E / 23.083°N 97.383°E / 23.083; 97.383 (Namtu Airport)
Pakokku Magway Region VYPU PKK Pakokku Airport 21°24′N 095°06′E / 21.400°N 95.100°E / 21.400; 95.100 (Pakokku Airport)
Pathein (Bassein) Ayeyarwady Region VYPN BSX Pathein Airport 16°48′54″N 094°46′47″E / 16.81500°N 94.77972°E / 16.81500; 94.77972 (Pathein Airport)
Pauk Magway Region VYPK PAU Pauk Airport 21°26′57″N 094°29′13″E / 21.44917°N 94.48694°E / 21.44917; 94.48694 (Pauk Airport)
Putao Kachin State VYPT PBU Putao Airport 27°19′47″N 097°25′34″E / 27.32972°N 97.42611°E / 27.32972; 97.42611 (Putao Airport)
Pyay (Prome) Bago Region VYPY PRU Pyay Airport 18°49′28″N 095°15′57″E / 18.82444°N 95.26583°E / 18.82444; 95.26583 (Pyay Airport)
Sittwe (Akyab) Rakhine State VYSW AKY Sittwe Airport 20°07′57″N 092°52′21″E / 20.13250°N 92.87250°E / 20.13250; 92.87250 (Sittwe Airport)
Falam (Surbung) Rakhine State VYFS SUR Surbung Airport 22°56′21″N 93°36′55″E / 22.939167°N 93.615333°E / 22.939167; 93.615333 (Surbung Airport)
Tachileik (Tachilek) Shan State VYTL THL Tachilek Airport 20°29′01″N 099°56′07″E / 20.48361°N 99.93528°E / 20.48361; 99.93528 (Tachilek Airport)
Thandwe (Sandoway) Rakhine State VYTD SNW Thandwe Airport 18°27′38″N 094°18′00″E / 18.46056°N 94.30000°E / 18.46056; 94.30000 (Thandwe Airport)
Tilin Magway Region VYHN TIO Tilin Airport 21°42′N 094°06′E / 21.700°N 94.100°E / 21.700; 94.100 (Tilin Airport)
Ye Mon State VYYE XYE Ye Airport 15°18′N 097°52′E / 15.300°N 97.867°E / 15.300; 97.867 (Ye Airport)
Location served Region/State ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Military airports
Hmawbi (Hmawby) Yangon Region VYHB Hmawbi Air Base 17°07′N 96°04′E / 17.117°N 96.067°E / 17.117; 96.067 (Hmawbi Air Base)
Meiktila Mandalay Region VYML Meiktila Air Base 20°53′N 095°53′E / 20.883°N 95.883°E / 20.883; 95.883 (Meiktila Air Base)
Meiktila Mandalay Region VYST Shante Air Base 20°56′30″N 095°54′52″E / 20.94167°N 95.91444°E / 20.94167; 95.91444 (Shante Air Base)
Myitkyina Kachin State VYNP Nampong Air Base 25°21′15″N 097°17′42″E / 25.35417°N 97.29500°E / 25.35417; 97.29500 (Nampong Air Base)
Taungoo Bago Division VYTO TGO Taungoo Air Base 19°01′48″N 96°25′00″E / 19.03000°N 96.41667°E / 19.03000; 96.41667 (Taungoo Air Base)
Namsang Shan State NSG Namsang Air Base 20°53′20″N 97°44′10″E / 20.88889°N 97.73611°E / 20.88889; 97.73611 (Taungoo Air Base)

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