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Map of public airports in Romania after passenger traffic (2014)

This is a list of airports in Romania, grouped by type and sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served ICAO IATA Airport name Radio Frequency Status
 Public airports
Arad LRAR ARW Arad International Airport TWR 130.2 MHz
Bacău LRBC BCM Bacău "George Enescu" International Airport [19] TWR 118.6 MHz
Baia Mare / Tăuții-Măgherăuș LRBM BAY Baia Mare Airport (Tăuții-Măgherăuș Airport) TWR 123.6 MHz Closed for renovation
Bucharest / Băneasa LRBS BBU Bucharest "Aurel Vlaicu" International Airport (formerly Băneasa Airport) APP 127.6 MHz TWR 120.8 MHz Only private flights
Bucharest / Otopeni LROP OTP Bucharest "Henri Coandǎ" International Airport (formerly Otopeni Airport) APP 126.2 TWR1 120.9 TWR2 121.85
Cluj-Napoca LRCL CLJ Cluj "Avram Iancu" International Airport APP 125.1 MHz TWR 134.4 MHz
Constanța LRCK CND Constanța "Mihail Kogălniceanu" International Airport TWR 120.24 MHz
Craiova LRCV CRA Craiova Airport TWR 124.3 MHz
Iași LRIA IAS Iași International Airport TWR 119.2 MHz
Oradea LROD OMR Oradea International Airport TWR 120.2 MHz
Satu Mare LRSM SUJ Satu Mare International Airport TWR 118.8 MHz
Sibiu LRSB SBZ Sibiu International Airport TWR 122.7 MHz
Suceava LRSV SCV Suceava "Ștefan cel Mare" International Airport APP 120.9 MHz TWR 118.3 MHz Closed for renovation
Târgu Mureș LRTM TGM "Transilvania" Târgu Mureș Airport APP 121.9 MHz TWR 125.9 MHz
Timișoara LRTR TSR Timișoara "Traian Vuia" International Airport (Giarmata Airport) TWR 101.1 MHz
Tulcea LRTC TCE "Delta Dunarii" Tulcea Airport (Cataloi Airport) APP/TWR 120.3 MHz Closed
 Military airfields
Alexeni Alexeni Airfield or Bucharest_Alexeni_Airport Not in use
Boboc LRBO Boboc Airfield
Câmpia Turzii LRCT Câmpia Turzii Airfield (Luna Airfield)
Deveselu Deveselu Airfield
Feteşti LRFT Feteşti Airfield (Cocargeaua Airfield)
Ianca Ianca Airfield
Siliștea Gumești Siliștea Gumești Airfield Not in use
 Other airfields and airports
Balta Verde / Craiova LRCW Balta Verde Airfield, 44°16'59"N 23°47'42"E 123.5 MHz
Buziaş Buziaş Airfield, 45°39'11"N 21°34'34"E
Caransebeș / Reșița LRCS CSB Caransebeș Airport TWR 125.85 MHz
Ciolpani Ciolpani Airfield 122.1MHz
Cisnădie / Sibiu LRCD Măgura Airfield, 45°44'21"N 24°9'50"E 122.7 MHz
Clinceni / Bucureşti Clinceni Airfield, 44°21'38"N 25°55'54"E 123.5MHz
Comana / Bucureşti / Giurgiu Comana Airfield, 44°12'01"N 26°08'23"E 123.45MHz
Brasov Cobrex Helipad, 45°39'26"N 25°33'19"E
Crasna / Zalău Crasna Airfield [20], 47°10'04"N 22°51'21"E
Cluj Dezmir Airfield, Cluj, 46°46'45"N 23°42'43"E 119.875 MHz
Dorna Candrenilor / Vatra Dornei 123.45 MHz
Drobeta-Turnu Severin Drobeta Airfield, 44°34'48"N 22°50'35"E
Galați Pegas Airfield, 45°30'10"N 28°01'50"E
Geamăna / Piteşti
LRPT Geamăna Airfield, 44°48'58"N 24°53'43"E 123.6 MHz
Ghimbav / Braşov LRBG Ghimbav Airfield, 45°41'51'"N 25°32'2"E 128.7 MHz
Iași LRIS Iași Airfield, 47°09'26"N 27°38'05"E 128.3 MHz
Ineu / Oradea King Land Ineu Airfield, 47° 4'37"N 22° 6'8"E
Salcea / Suceava Salcea Airfield 123.60 MHz
Săuleşti / Deva LRDV Săuleşti Airfield, 45°51'51"N 22°5754"E 119.70 MHz
Sânpetru / Braşov LRSP Sânpetru Airfield, 45°43'8"N 25°38'1"E 119.70 MHz
Strejnic / Ploieşti Strejnic Airfield, 44°55'23"N 25°58'11"E 118.4 MHz
Șirna / Ploieşti Şirna Airfield, 44°47'3"N 25°58'56"E 123.45 MHz
Târgu Mureş LRMS Târgu Mureş Airfield, 46°32'03"N 24°32'05"E 123.5 MHz
Timişoara Cioca Airfield, 45°47′20″N 21°11′40″E Aeroportul Utilitar Timișoara
Turnişor / Sibiu Turnișor Airfield 123.6 MHz
Tuzla / Costineşti / Eforie Sud LRTZ Tuzla Airfield, 43°59'08"N 28°36'53"E 128.9 MHz


Rank Airport City Code
2014 2015 Change
1. Henri Coandă International Airport Bucharest OTP/LROP 8,317,168[1] 9,274,629[2] Increase 11.5%
2. Cluj Avram Iancu International Airport Cluj-Napoca CLJ/LRCL 1,182,047 1,485,652 Increase 25.6%
3. Traian Vuia International Airport Timișoara TSR/LRTR 735,469[3] 924,459[4] Increase 25.6%
4. Iași International Airport Iași IAS/LRIA 273,047[5] 381,000[6] Increase 39.5%
5. George Enescu International Airport Bacău BCM/LRBC 313,376[7] 364,492[7] Increase 16.3%
6. Transilvania Airport Târgu Mureș TGM/LRTM 343,521[8] 336,964[9] Decrease 1.9%
7. Sibiu International Airport Sibiu SBZ/LRSB 215,952[10] 276,533 Increase 28.1%
8. Craiova International Airport Craiova CRA/LRCV 138,886[11] 116,947[12] Decrease 15.8%
9. Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport Constanța CND/LRCK 37,939[13] 63,329[14] Increase 66.9%
10. Satu Mare International Airport Satu Mare SUJ/LRSM 12,644[15] 17,212[16] Increase 36.1%
11. Baia Mare Airport Baia Mare BAY/LRBM 20,465[17] 17,169[18] Decrease 16.1%
12. Aurel Vlaicu International Airport Bucharest BBU/LROB 4,960[19] 12,925[2] Increase 160.5%
13. Arad International Airport Arad ARW/LRAR 28,280[20] 8,530[21] Decrease 69.8%
14. Oradea Airport Oradea OMR/LROD 36,501[22] 8,118[23] Decrease 77,8%
15. Ștefan cel Mare International Airport Suceava SCV/LRSV 219[24] 2,359[25] Increase 977.0%
16. Danube Delta Tulcea Airport Tulcea TCE/LRTC 1,221[26] 394[21] Decrease 67.7%
Total 11,661,696 13,290,442 Increase 14%

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