List of airports in Rwanda

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This is a list of airports in Rwanda, sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold have scheduled commercial airline service.

City served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Coordinates
Nyamata Eastern Province n/a n/a Bugesera International Airport 02°10′30″S 030°09′00″E / 2.17500°S 30.15000°E / -2.17500; 30.15000 (Bugesera International Airport)
Butare Southern Province HRYI BTQ Butare Airport 02°35′42″S 029°44′24″E / 2.59500°S 29.74000°E / -2.59500; 29.74000 (Butare Airport)
Cyangugu Western Province HRZA KME Kamembe International Airport 02°27′44″S 028°54′29″E / 2.46222°S 28.90806°E / -2.46222; 28.90806 (Kamembe Airport)
Gisenyi Western Province HRYG GYI Gisenyi Airport 01°40′38″S 029°15′32″E / 1.67722°S 29.25889°E / -1.67722; 29.25889 (Gisenyi Airport)
Kigali Kigali Province HRYR KGL Kigali International Airport
(Formerly "Gregoire Kayibanda Airport")
01°58′07″S 030°08′22″E / 1.96861°S 30.13944°E / -1.96861; 30.13944 (Kigali International Airport)
Nemba Eastern Province HRYN n/a Nemba Airport 02°19′48″S 030°12′00″E / 2.33000°S 30.20000°E / -2.33000; 30.20000 (Nemba Airport)
Ruhengeri Northern Province HRYU RHG Ruhengeri Airport 01°30′00″S 029°38′01″E / 1.50000°S 29.63361°E / -1.50000; 29.63361 (Ruhengeri Airport)

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