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This is a list of airports in Somalia, sorted by location.

As of 2012, Somalia has 62 airports. 7 of these have paved runways. Among the latter, four have runways of over 3,047 m; two between 2,438 m and 3,047 m; and one 1,524 m to 2,437 m long.[1]

There are 55 airports with unpaved landing areas. One has a runway of over 3,047 m; four are between 2,438 m to 3,047 m in length; twenty are 1,524 m to 2,437 m; twenty-four are 914 m to 1,523 m; and six are under 914 m.[1]

Aerial view of the Berbera Airport.


Airport names shown in Bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Location served Region ICAO IATA Airport name
Abudwak (Caabudwaaq) Galguduud Abudwak Airport (Caabudwaaq Airport)
Adado (Cadaado) Galguduud Adado Airport (Cadaado Airport)
Alula (Aluula, Caluula) Bari HCMA ALU Alula Airport
Baidoa (Baydhabo) Bay HCMB BIB Baidoa Airport
Bardera (Baardheere) Gedo HCMD BSY Bardera Airport
Beledweyne (Belet Uen, Beletweeyne) Hiran HCMN Beledweyne Airport (Ugas Khalif Airport)
Berbera (Barbara) Woqooyi Galbeed HCMI BBO Berbera Airport
Borama (Boorama) Awdal BXX Borama Airport
Bosaso (Boosaaso) Bari HCMF BSA Bosaso Airport
Buhodle (Buuhoodle) Khatumo State BHE Ismail Mire International Airport
Las Anod (Laascaanood) Khatumo State HCMP Las Anod Airport
Burao (Burco) Togdheer HCMV BUO Burao Airport
Candala (Qandala) Puntland HCMC CXN Candala Airport (Qandala Airport)
Dhusamareb (Dhuusamareeb) Galgaduud Dhusamareb Airport (Ugas Nur Airport)
Dolow (Dolow) Gedo GIA Dolow Airport
Erigavo (Ceerigaabo) Sanaag HCMU ERA Erigavo Airport
Eyl (Eil) Nugal HCME HCM Eyl Airport (Eil Airport)
Galkayo (Galcaio, Gaalkacyo) Mudug HCMR GLK Abdullahi Yusuf Airport
Garbaharey (Garba Harre, Garbahaareey) Gedo GBM Garbaharey Airport
Garoowe (Garowe) Puntland GGR Garowe Airport
Guri'el (Guriel) Galgaduud Guriel Airport
Hargeisa (Hargeysa) Woqooyi Galbeed HCMH HGA Hargeisa Airport (Egal Int'l)
Iskushuban (Scusciuban) Bari HCMS CMS Iskushuban Airport (Scusciuban Airport)
Kismayo (Kisimayu, Kismaayo) Lower Juba HCMK KMU Kismayo Airport (Kisimayu Airport)
Luuq (Lugh) Gedo HCMJ LGX Lugh Ganane Airport
Mogadishu (Muqdisho) Banaadir HCMM MGQ Aden Adde International Airport
Mogadishu (Muqdisho) Banaadir K50 Airport
Obbia (Hobyo, Hobyaa) Mudug HCMO CMO Obbia Airport (Hobyo Airport)
Qardho (Gardo) Bari HCMG GSR Qardho Airport (Gardo Airport)
Taleh (Taleh, Taleex) Khatumo State TLH Taleh Airport (Sayid Mohamed Abdullah Hasan Airport)

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