List of airports in South Sudan

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Map of South Sudan
The 10 states of South Sudan, grouped in the three historical provinces of the Sudan.

This is a list of airports in South Sudan, sorted by location.

South Sudan, officially the Republic of South Sudan, is a landlocked country in east-central Africa bordered by Ethiopia to the east, Kenya to the southeast, Uganda to the south, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the southwest, the Central African Republic to the west, and Sudan to the north. South Sudan's capital and largest city is Juba. The country is divided into 10 states.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines.

City served State ICAO IATA Airport name
Public airports
Akobo Jonglei HSAK Akobo Airport
Aweil (Uwayl) Northern Bahr el Ghazal HSAW Aweil Airport
Bentiu Unity HSBT Bentiu Airport
Bor Jonglei HSBR Bor Airport
Duar Unity Thar Jath Airstrip
Gogrial (Qaqriyal) Warrap HSGO Gogrial Airport
Juba Central Equatoria HSSJ JUB Juba Airport *
Kago Kaju Central Equatoria HSKJ Kago Kaju Airport
Kapoeta Eastern Equatoria HSKP Kapoeta Airport
Malakal Upper Nile HSSM MAK Malakal Airport *
Maridi Western Equatoria HSMD Maridi Airport
Nimule Eastern Equatoria HSNM Nimule Airport
Paloich Upper Nile HSFA Paloich Airport
Pochalla Jonglei HSPA Pochalla Airport
Pibor Jonglei HSPI Pibor Airport
Raga Western Bahr el Ghazal HSRJ Raga Airport
Renk Upper Nile HSRN Renk Airport
Rumbek Lakes HSMK RBX Rumbek Airport
Tonj (Tong) Warrap HSTO Tonj Airport
Torit Eastern Equatoria HSTR Torit Airport
Tumbura Western Equatoria HSTU Tumbura Airport
Wau Western Bahr el Ghazal HSWW WUU Wau Airport
Yambio Western Equatoria HSYA Yambio Airport
Yei Central Equatoria HSYE Yei Airport
Yirol Lakes HSYL Yirol Airport

* - International airports

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