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Map of Sri Lanka
Colombo's Bandaranaike International Airport is the busiest airport in the country and one of the busiest airports in South Asia. It was estimated to handle over 10.5 million passengers in 2018.

This is a list of airports in Sri Lanka.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the facility has scheduled passenger service on a commercial airline.

International airports[edit]

Location served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Runway(s) Coordinates Total passengers
Colombo Western VCBI CMB Bandaranaike International Airport Public/military 3,350 m (10,990 ft) 07°10′52″N 79°53′06″E / 7.18111°N 79.88500°E / 7.18111; 79.88500 2,372,928 (2020)
Colombo Western VCCC RML Colombo International Airport, Ratmalana Public/military 1,833 m (6,014 ft) 06°49′23″N 79°53′12″E / 6.82306°N 79.88667°E / 6.82306; 79.88667 Unknown
Hambantota Southern VCRI HRI Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport Public 3,500 m (11,500 ft) 06°17′10″N 81°07′32″E / 6.28611°N 81.12556°E / 6.28611; 81.12556 1,536 (2019)
Jaffna Northern VCCJ JAF Jaffna International Airport Public/military 2,305 m (7,562 ft) 09°47′32″N 80°04′12″E / 9.79222°N 80.07000°E / 9.79222; 80.07000 Unknown

Domestic airports[edit]

Location served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Runway(s) Coordinates
Ampara Eastern VCCG ADP Ampara Airport (Gal Oya) Military/public 1,097 m (3,599 ft) 07°20′15″N 81°37′32″E / 7.33750°N 81.62556°E / 7.33750; 81.62556
Anuradhapura North Central VCCA ACJ Anuradhapura Airport Military/public 1,493 m (4,898 ft) 08°18′05″N 80°25′41″E / 8.30139°N 80.42806°E / 8.30139; 80.42806
Batticaloa Eastern VCCB BTC Batticaloa Airport Military/public 1,095 m (3,593 ft) 07°42′21″N 81°37′32″E / 7.70583°N 81.62556°E / 7.70583; 81.62556
Dambulla Central VCCS GIU Sigiriya Airport Military/public 1,768 m (5,801 ft) 07°57′21″N 81°40′44″E / 7.95583°N 81.67889°E / 7.95583; 81.67889
Galle Southern VCCK KCT Koggala Airport Military/public 958 m (3,143 ft) 05°59′38″N 80°19′16″E / 5.99389°N 80.32111°E / 5.99389; 80.32111
Hambantota Southern VCCW WRZ Weerawila Airport Military/public 1,225 m (4,019 ft) 06°15′17″N 81°14′07″E / 6.25472°N 81.23528°E / 6.25472; 81.23528
Kalutara Western VCCN KTY Katukurunda Airport Military/public 975 m (3,199 ft) 06°33′06″N 79°58′45″E / 6.55167°N 79.97917°E / 6.55167; 79.97917
Kandy Central Kandy Airport (Under construction) Military/public 2,000 m (6,600 ft)
Kilinochchi Northern Iranamadu Airport Military/public 1,500 m (4,900 ft) 09°18′19″N 80°29′15″E / 9.30528°N 80.48750°E / 9.30528; 80.48750
Minneriya North Central VCCH HIM Hingurakgoda Airport Military/public 2,200 m (7,200 ft)
Puttalam North Western Palavi Airport Military/public 07°58′48″N 79°51′24″E / 7.98000°N 79.85667°E / 7.98000; 79.85667
Trincomalee Eastern VCCT TRR China Bay Airport Military/public 2,397 m (7,864 ft) 08°32′22″N 81°10′54″E / 8.53944°N 81.18167°E / 8.53944; 81.18167
Vavuniya Northern VCCV Vavuniya Airport Military/public 1,524 m (5,000 ft) 08°44′28″N 80°29′52″E / 8.74111°N 80.49778°E / 8.74111; 80.49778


Location served Province ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Runway(s) Coordinates
Ampara Eastern AFK Kondavattavan Tank Waterdrome
Arugam Bay Eastern AYY Arugam Bay Lagoon Waterdrome
Batticaloa Eastern Lady Manning Drive Waterdrome
Bentota Southern BJT Bentota River Airport
Castlereigh Central NUF Castlereigh Reservoir Waterdrome
Colombo-Dandugama Western DGM Dandugama Water Aerodrome
Colombo-Peliyagoda Western KEZ Kelani River-Peliyagoda Waterdrome
Dambulla Central DBU Ibbankatuwa Tank Waterdrome (Dambulu Oya Tank)
Dikwella Southern DIW Mawella Lagoon Airport
Hambantota Southern HBT Bandagiriya Tank Waterdrome
Iranamadu Northern IRU Iranamadu Waterdrome
Jaffna Northern Jaffna Waterdrome
Kalpitiya North Western Kalpitiya Waterdrome
Kandy-Polgolla Central KDZ Polgolla Reservoir Waterdrome
Kandy-Victoria Central KDW Victoria Dam Waterdrome
Koggala Southern KCT Koggala Lagoon Waterdrome
Nuwara Eliya Central NUA Lake Gregory Waterdrome
Pasikudah Eastern PQD Passikudah Waterdrome
Tissamaharama Southern TTW Tissa Tank Waterdrome
Trincomalee Eastern THW Trincomalee Harbour Waterdrome

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Hambantota's Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport is the second largest airport.


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