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This is a list of airports in Sweden, sorted by location.


Airport names shown in bold indicate the airport has scheduled service on commercial airlines. Airport names that are not bold but have an IATA code have previously had scheduled service.

Ten of the most important airports are owned by the national company Swedavia. The other airports which have scheduled service, are in general owned by the city concerned.

Most air routes inside Sweden are going to and from Stockholm. The shorter connections are mostly used by business travellers, since there is strong competition from rail and road travel. For the longest routes (Stockholm-Umeå and longer) air travel is the main mode of travel also for leisure travellers.

For international travel, Arlanda is the hub for the Stockholm region and places north thereof. For south- or westbound international travel from places in Sweden well south of Stockholm, Copenhagen is the hub. From Gothenburg, some main airports of Europe can be directly reached and be used as hubs.

City served ICAO IATA Airport name Usage Runway(s) Pass.[1]
Alingsås ESGI Alingsås Airport Public 01/19, 800m, Grass
Anderstorp ESMP Anderstorp Airport Public 04/22, 1000m, Asphalt
Arboga ESQO Arboga Airport Public 15/33, 2000m, Asphalt
Arbrå ESUB Arbrå Airport Public 18/36, 700m, Grass
Arvidsjaur ESNX AJR Arvidsjaur Airport Public 12/30, 2500m, Asphalt 42,494
Arvika ESKV Arvika-Westlanda Airport Public 01/19, 1150m, Asphalt
Avesta ESVA Avesta Airport Public 15/33, 850m, Grass
Berga ESQP Berga Airport Military 183m, Paved
Björkvik ESKX Björkvik Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Boden ESPG Boden Army Airbase (closed) Military 406m, Paved
Borgholm ESMB Borglanda Airport Public 03/21, 625m, Grass
Borlänge ESSD BLE Borlänge Airport (Dala Airport) Public 14/32, 2310m, Asphalt 33,811
Borås ESGE Viared Airport Public 04/22, 800m, Asphalt
Brattforsheden ESSM Brattforsheden Airport Public 08/26, 800m, Grass
Bunge ESVB Bunge Airbase Military 09/27, 675m, Asphalt
16/34, 675m, Asphalt
Byholma ESFY Byholma Airbase Military 12/30, 2300m, Asphalt
Dala-Järna ESKD Dala-Järna Airport Public 03/21, 900m, Asphalt
Edsbyn ESUY Edsbyn Airport Public 11/29, 700m, Grass
Ekshärad ESKH Ekshärad Airport Public 15/33, 540m, Grass
Eksjö ESMC Ränneslätt Airport Public 01/19, 1000m, Grass
Emmaboda ESMA Emmaboda Airport Public 01/19, 1300m, Asphalt
Eskilstuna ESSC Ekeby Airport Public 05/23, 850m, Grass
17/35, 800m, Grass
Eskilstuna ESSU EKT Eskilstuna Airport Public 18/36, 1886m, Asph./Conc.
Eslöv ESME Eslöv Airport Public 04/22, 630m, Grass
15/33, 650m, Grass
Skånes-Fagerhult ESMF Fagerhult Airport Public 17/35, 530m, Grass
Falkenberg ESGF Morup Airport Public 09/27, 700m, Grass
Falköping ESGK Falköping Airport Public 04/22, 1316m, Asphalt
Fällfors ESUF Fällfors Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Färila ESNF Färila Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Fjällbacka ESTF Fjällbacka Airport Public 06/24, 800m, Grass
Gagnef ESVG Gagnef Airport Public 08/26, 600m, Grass
Gargnäs ESUG Gargnäs Airport Public 17/35, 940m, Grass
Gimo ESKA Lunda Airfield Public 05/23, 800m, Paved
Göteborg ESGG GOT Göteborg Landvetter Airport Public 03/21, 3299m, Paved 4,129,467
Göteborg ESGP GSE Göteborg City Airport (Säve) Public 01/19, 2039m, Asphalt
04/22, 871m, Asphalt
Gryttjom ESKG Gryttjom Airport Public 18/36, 900m, Grass
Grönhögen ESTG Grönhögen Airport Private 01/19, 800m, Grass
Gällivare ESNG GEV Gällivare Airport Public 12/30, 1714m, Asphalt 34,106
Gävle / Sandviken ESSK GVX Gävle-Sandviken Airport Public 18/36, 2000m, Asphalt
Götene ESGN Brännebrona Airport Public 12/30, 600m, Grass
Hagfors ESOH HFS Hagfors Airport Public 18/36, 1509m, Asphalt 3,392
Hagshult ESMV Hagshult Airbase Military 04/22, 2050m, Asphalt
Hallviken ESNA Hallviken Airport Public 14/32, 100m, Asphalt
Halmstad ESMT HAD Halmstad City Airport Public 01/19, 2261m, Asphalt 93,640
Hasslosa ESFH Hasslosa Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Hede ESNC Hedlanda Airport Public 06/24, 1000m, Asphalt
Heden ESPJ Heden Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Hemavan ESUT HMV Hemavan Airport Public 15/33, 1472m, Asphalt 10,733
Herrljunga ESGH Herrljunga Airport Public 18/36, 900m, Grass
Hudiksvall ESNH HUV Hudiksvall Airport Public 12/30, 1320m, Asphalt
Hultsfred / Vimmerby ESSF HLF Hultsfred-Vimmerby Airport Public 12/30, 1945m, Concrete
Hällefors ESVH Hällefors Airport Public 18/36, 720m, Gravel
Härnösand ESUH Myran Airport Public 10/28, 800m, Gravel
Hässleholm ESFA Bokeberg Airport Public 04R/22L, 830m, Grass
04L/22R, 1110m, Grass
Hässleholm ESMD Vankiva Airport Private 15/33, 670m, Unpaved
Höganäs ESMH Höganäs Airport Public 06/24, 510m, Grass
14/32, 800m, Grass
Idre ESUE IDB Idre Airport Private 15/33, 1558m, Asphalt
Jokkmokk ESNJ Jokkmokk Airbase Military 14/32, 1311m, Asphalt
Jönköping ESGJ JKG Jönköping Airport Public 01/19, 2203m, Asphalt
11/29, 600m, Grass
Kalixfors ESUK Kalixfors Army Airbase Military 05/23, 900m, Asphalt
11/29, 880m, Asphalt
17/35, 1200m, Asphalt
Kalmar ESMQ KLR Kalmar Airport Public 16/34, 2050m, Asphalt
05/23, 980m, Asphalt
Karlsborg ESIA Karlsborg Airbase Military 06/24, 2300m, Asphalt
Karlskoga ESKK KSK Karlskoga Airport Public 03/21, 1499m, Asphalt
Karlstad ESOK KSD Karlstad Airport Public 03/21, 2516m, Asphalt 82,423
Katrineholm ESVK Katrineholm Airport Public 15/33, 700m, Grass
Kiruna ESNQ KRN Kiruna Airport Public 03/21, 2502m, Asphalt 199,146
Knislinge ESFI Knislinge Airbase Military 2100m, Paved
Kosta ESFQ Kosta Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Kramfors ESNK KRF Höga Kusten Airport Public 17/35, 2001m, Asphalt 21,634
Kristianstad ESMK KID Kristianstad Airport Public 01/19, 800m, Grass 38,394
Kubbe ESNI Kubbe Airbase Military 2300m, Paved
Kågeröd ESMJ Kågeröd Airport Public 11/29, 800m, Grass
Köping ESVQ Köping Airport Public 07/25, 700m, Grass
Landskrona ESML Landskrona Airport Public 12R/30L, 1180m, Asphalt
12L/30R, 1050m, Grass
Laxå ESSH Laxå Airport Public 03/21, 900m, Asphalt
Lidköping ESGL LDK Lidköping-Hovby Airport Public 06/24, 1990m, Asphalt
Linköping ESCF Malmen Airbase Military 01/19, 2214m, Asphalt
08/26, 1870m, Asphalt
Linköping ESSL LPI Linköping City Airport Public 11/29, 2130m, Asphalt 91,521
Ljungby ESMG Feringe Airport Public 01/19, 1150m, Asphalt
Ljungbyhed ESTL Ljungbyhed Airport Public 11L/29R, 2010m, Asphalt
11R/29L, 2214m, Asphalt
Ljusdal ESUL Ljusdal Airport Public 09/27, 620m, Grass
Ludvika ESSG Ludvika Airport Public 01/19, 819m, Paved
Luleå ESPA LLA Luleå Airport (Kallax Airbase) Public/Mil. 14/32, 3350m, Asphalt 979,135
Lund ESMN Lund Airport Public 03/31, 630m, Grass
Lycksele ESNL LYC Lycksele Airport Public 14/32, 2090m, Asphalt 21,460
Malmö ESMS MMX Malmö-Sturup Airport Public 17/35, 2800m, Asphalt
11/29, 797m, Asphalt
Malung ESVM Skinnlanda Airport Public 16/34, 800m, Asphalt
Mellansel ESUI Mellansel Airport Public 09/27, 795m, Grass
Mohed ESUM Mohed Airport Public 12/30, 800m, Asphalt
Moholm ESFM Moholm Airbase Military 2002m, Paved
Mora ESKM MXX Mora-Siljan Airport Public 16/34, 1814m, Asphalt 8,144
Munkfors ESKO Munkfors Airport Public 03/21, 700m, Grass
Norrköping ESSP NRK Norrköping Airport Public 09/27, 2203m, Asphalt
11/29, 600m, Grass
Norrköping ESCK Bråvalla Airbase Military 15/33, 2300m, Asphalt
Norrtälje ESSN Norrtälje Airport Public 07/25, 605m, Asphalt
Optand ESNM Optand Airport Public 18/36, 1000m, Asphalt
15/33, 750m, Grass
Orsa ESNR Orsa Airport Public 03/21, 1000m, Asphalt
15/33, 900m, Grass
Oskarshamn ESMO OSK Oskarshamn Airport Public 01/19, 1500m, Asphalt 11,742
Oviken ESUO Oviken Airport Public 18/36, 900m, Grass
Pajala ESUP PJA Pajala Airport Public 11/29, 1420m, Asphalt 2,651
Piteå ESNP Piteå Airport Public 16/34, 1000m, Asphalt
Ramsele ESUR Ramsele Airport Public 14/32, 740m, Grass
Ronneby ESDF RNB Ronneby Airport (F 17) Public/Mil. 01/19, 2331m, Asphalt 208,790
Råda ESFR Råda Airbase Military 18/36, 2000m, Asphalt
Sandvik ESFS Sandvik Airport Public 17/35, 600m, Grass
Sattna ESNT Sattna Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Siljansnäs ESVS Siljansnäs Airport Public 14R/32L, 850m, Asphalt
14L/32R, 850m, Grass
Sjöbo ESFJ Sjöbo Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Skellefteå ESNS SFT Skellefteå Airport Public 10/28, 2100m, Asphalt 224,477
Skövde ESGR KVB Skövde Airport Public 01/19, 1736m, Asphalt
Smålandsstenar ESMY Smålandsstenar Airport Public 04/22 800m, Asphalt
Sollefteå ESNB Sollefteå Airport Public 14/32, 820m, Asphalt
Stockholm / Nyköping ESKN NYO Stockholm–Skavsta Airport Public 08/26, 2878m, Asphalt
16/34, 2039m Asphalt
Stockholm / Västerås ESOW VST Stockholm–Västerås Airport (Hasslo) Public 01/19, 2581m, Asphalt 150,793
Stockholm ESCN Tullinge Airport (closed) Public 2347m, Paved
Stockholm ESKB Barkarby Airport Public 06/24, 990m, Asphalt
Stockholm ESSA ARN Stockholm–Arlanda Airport Public 01L/19R, 3301m, Conc./Asph.
01R/19L, 2500m, Asphalt
08/26, 2500m, Conc./Asph.
Stockholm ESSB BMA Stockholm–Bromma Airport Public 12/30, 1668m, Asphalt 2,037,382
Stockholm ESSE Skå-Edeby Airport Public 03/21, 650m, Grass
11/29, 800m, Grass
Storuman ESUD SQO Storuman Airport Public 15/33, 2283m, Asph./Conc. 2,818
Storvik ESOL Lemstanäs Airport Public 06/24, 620m, Asphalt
Strängnäs ESKS Strängnäs Airbase Military 2000m, Paved
Strömstad ESGS Näsinge Airport Public 03/21, 906m, Grass
Sundbro ESKC Sundbro Airport Public 03/21, 630m, Grass
06/24, 500m, Grass
14/32, 435m, Grass
Sundsvall / Härnösand ESNN SDL Sundsvall-Härnösand Airport Public 16/34, 1950m, Asphalt 256,132
Sunne ESKU Sunne Airport Public 01/19, 770m, Grass
Sveg ESND EVG Sveg Airport Public 09/27 1700m, Asphalt 5,697
Säffle ESGY Säffle Airport Private 01/19, 870m, Grass
Såtenäs ESIB Såtenäs Airbase Military 01/19, 2264m, Asphalt
11/29, 1933m, Asphalt
Söderhamn ESNY SOO Söderhamn Airport Public 12/30, 2524m, Asphalt
Sövdeborg ESMI Sövdeborg Airport Public 12/30, 800m, Grass
Tidaholm ESGD Bämmelshed Airport Public 04/2, 675m, Grass
Tierp ESKT Tierp Airport Public 16/34, 1000m, Asphalt
Tingsryd ESMW Tingsryd Airport (closed) Public 610m, Unpaved
Tomelilla ESTO Tomelilla Airport Public 09/27, 840m, Grass
Torsby ESST TYF Torsby Airport (Fryklanda Airport) Public 16/34, 1591m, Asphalt 2,955
Trelleborg ESMR Trelleborg Airport (Maglarp Airport) Public 12/30, 600m, Unpaved
Trollhättan / Vänersborg ESGT THN Trollhättan–Vänersborg Airport Public 15/33, 1710m, Asphalt 39,603
Uddevalla ESGA Backamo Airport Public 06/24, 760m, Grass
Uddevalla ESGU Rörkärr Airport Public 03/21, 655m, Grass
Umeå ESNU UME Umeå Airport Public 14/32, 2302m, Asphalt 846,083
Uppsala ESCM Uppsala Airport / Ärna Airbase (F 16) Public/Mil. 03/21, 1905m, Asphalt
08/26, 2010m, Asphalt
Varberg ESGV Varberg Airport Public 06/24, 600m, Grass
12/30, 600m, Grass
Vellinge ESTT Vellinge Airport Public 03/21, 800m, Grass
Vidsel ESPE Vidsel Airbase Military 11/29, 2230m, Asphalt
Vilhelmina ESNV VHM Vilhelmina Airport Public 10/28, 1502m, Asphalt 13,908
Visby ESSV VBY Visby Airport Public 03/21, 2000m, Asphalt
10/28, 1100m, Grass
Visingsö ESSI Visingsö Airport Public 01/19, 600m, Grass
15/33, 800m, Grass
Vårgårda ESGO Vårgårda Airport Private 04/22, 700m, Asphalt
Vängsö ESSZ Vängsö Airport Public 03/21, 630m, Grass
15/33, 620m, Grass
Västervik ESSW VVK Västervik Airport Public 15L/33R, 800m, Asphalt
15R/33L, 800m, Grass
Västerås ESSX Johannisberg Airport Public 05/23, 850m, Asphalt
Växjö ESFU Urasa Airbase Military 2300m, Paved
Växjö ESMX VXO Växjö Airport (Kronoberg Airport) Public 01/19, 2103m, Asphalt 162,875
Älmhult ESMU Möckeln Airport Public 03/21, 604m, Grass
Älvsbyn ESUV Älvsbyn Airport Public 04/22, 730m, Grass
Ängelholm / Helsingborg ESTA AGH Ängelholm-Helsingborg Airport Public 14/32, 1945m, Asphalt 376,234
Ålleberg ESGC Ålleberg Airport Public 03/21, 550m, Grass
Åmsele ESUA Åmsele Airbase Military 2041m, Paved
Ånge ESUJ Tälje Airport Public 14/32, 720m, Grass
Åsele ESUS Åsele Airport Public 12/30, 1200m, Grass
Ölanda ESMZ Ölanda Airport Public 15/33, 600m, Asphalt
Örebro ESOE ORB Örebro Airport Public 01/19, 2602m, Asphalt 68,517
Öresten ESGM Öresten Airport Public 06/24, 680m, Grass
Örnsköldsvik ESNO OER Örnsköldsvik Airport Public 12/30, 2014m, Asphalt 86,283
Östersund ESNZ OSD Åre Östersund Airport (F4 Frösön Airbase) Public 12/30, 2500m, Asphalt 356,093
Överkalix ESNE Överkalix Airport Public 05/23, 900m, Grass


Heliports with ICAO code.[2]

City served ICAO IATA Airport name Usage
Berga ESQP Berga Naval Base
Boden ESPG Boden Garrison
Gällivare/Malmberget ESEG
Göteborg ESHB Östra Sjukhuset
Göteborg ESHS Sahlgrenska Hospital
Helsingborg ESHH Hamnen
Hudiksvall ESHX hospital
Jönköping ESHJ Ryhov Hospital
Kiruna ESEK Luossajärvi
Kristianstad ESHI hospital
Linköping ESEL hospital
Lund ESEM hospital
Luleå ESES Sunderby Hospital
Lycksele ESEY hospital
Malmö ESHM JMM Malmö Harbour Heliport
Norrtälje ESHY hospital
Örebro ESHQ hospital
Skövde ESHO hospital
Stockholm ESHD Danderyd Hospital
Stockholm ESHG Stockholm Gamla Stan Heliport
Stockholm ESHT Stockholm-Gärdet heliport
Stockholm ESHL Huddinge Hospital
Stockholm ESHK Karolinska Hospital
Stockholm ESHC Södersjukhuset hospital

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