List of airports in Syria

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Map of airports in Syria

This is a list of airports in Syria, sorted by location.

Syria, officially the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in Western Asia, bordering Lebanon and the Mediterranean Sea to the west, Turkey to the north, Iraq to the east, Jordan to the south, and Israel to the southwest. Its capital city is Damascus


Airport names shown in bold have scheduled passenger service on commercial airlines.

Public airports[edit]

Name Location served Governorate Held by ICAO IATA Utilization Helipads Runways Shelters Squadrons Coordinates
Aleppo International Airport Aleppo Aleppo pFlag of United Arab Republic.svg OSAP ALP Public
10 1 8 ? Squadron Mi-8 Hip C
? Squadron Mi-8 Hip C
36°10′50″N 37°13′27″E / 36.18056°N 37.22417°E / 36.18056; 37.22417 (Aleppo International Airport)
Damascus International Airport Damascus Damascus pFlag of United Arab Republic.svg OSDI DAM Public
0 2 16 522 Squadron An-24, An-26, Il-76
565 Squadron Yak-40
575 Squadron Falcon 20E, Falcon 900
585 Squadron Tu-134, Boeing 737
33°24′38″N 36°30′51″E / 33.41056°N 36.51417°E / 33.41056; 36.51417 (Damascus International Airport)
Deir ez-Zor Airport Deir ez-Zor Deir ez-Zor pFlag of United Arab Republic.svg OSDZ DEZ Public
0 1 4 8 Squadron MiG-21MF/UM 35°17′07″N 40°10′33″E / 35.28528°N 40.17583°E / 35.28528; 40.17583 (Deir ez-Zor Airport)
Kamishly Airport
(Qamishli Air Base)
Kamishly Al-Hasakah pFlag of United Arab Republic.svg OSKL KAC Public
0 1 0 37°01′14″N 41°11′29″E / 37.02056°N 41.19139°E / 37.02056; 41.19139 (Kamishly Airport)
Bassel Al-Assad International Airport Latakia Latakia pFlag of United Arab Republic.svg OSLK LTK Public
15 1 0 618 Squadron Mi-14, Ka-25, Ka-27 35°24′03″N 35°56′55″E / 35.40083°N 35.94861°E / 35.40083; 35.94861 (Bassel al-Assad International Airport (Latakia))
Palmyra Airport Palmyra Homs pFlag of Islamic State of Iraq.svg OSPR PMS Public
0 1 16 34°33′27″N 38°19′01″E / 34.55750°N 38.31694°E / 34.55750; 38.31694 (Palmyra Airport)

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