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List of airports in Tanzania is a partial list of aerodromes (airports and airstrips) in Tanzania.[1]

The ICAO airport codes for Tanzania begin with the letters "HT".

Airport names in bold have scheduled commercial airline service(s).

Runway information is for the longest runway and/or the one with better surface (when more than one is available).


Tanzania Mainland[edit]

Tourists arriving at Seronera

The mainland (excluding Zanzibar) has 27 airports. The Tanzania Airports Authority (TAA) operates all the airports except for Kilimanjaro International, which is managed by the state owned Kilimanjaro Airport Development Company (KADCO).[2]

Key Airport of entry
Location Region ICAO IATA Airport name Runway (m) Surface
Arusha Arusha Region HTAR ARK Arusha Airport 1,620 Asphalt
Bukoba Kagera Region HTBU BKZ Bukoba Airport 1,325 Asphalt
Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam Region HTDA DAR Julius Nyerere International Airport 3,000 Asphalt
Dodoma Dodoma Region HTDO DOD Dodoma Airport 2,500 Asphalt
Hai District Kilimanjaro Region HTKJ JRO Kilimanjaro International Airport 3,600 Asphalt
Ibadakuli Shinyanga Region HTSY SHY Shinyanga Airport 2,000
Kilwa Masoko Lindi Region HTKI KIY Kilwa Masoko Airport 1,800
Lake Manyara Arusha Region HTLM LKY Lake Manyara Airport 1,220
Lindi Lindi Region HTLI LDI Lindi Airport 1,748
Mafia Island Pwani Region HTMA MFA Mafia Airport 1,500 Asphalt
Masasi Mtwara Region HTMI XMI Masasi Airport 1,275
Mbeya Mbeya Region HTMB MBI Mbeya Airport 1,569
Mbeya Mbeya Region HTGW Songwe Airport 3,330 Asphalt
Moshi Kilimanjaro Region HTMS QSI Moshi Airport 1,569
Mpanda Katavi Region HTMP Mpanda Airport 1,820 Asphalt
Mtwara Mtwara Region HTMT MYW Mtwara Airport 2,260 Asphalt
Musoma Mara Region HTMU MUZ Musoma Airport 1,600
Mwadui Shinyanga Region HTMD MWN Mwadui Airport 1400 Gravel
Mwanza Mwanza Region HTMW MWZ Mwanza Airport 3,010 Asphalt
Nachingwea Lindi Region HTNA NCH Nachingwea Airport 1,795
Nduli Iringa Region HTIR IRI Iringa Airport 1,670 Asphalt
Ngara Kagera Region HTNR Ngara Airport 1,445
Songea Ruvuma Region HTSO SGX Songea Airport 1,617 Asphalt
Sumbawanga Rukwa Region HTSU SUT Sumbawanga Airport 1,428
Tabora Tabora Region HTTB TBO Tabora Airport 1,900 Asphalt
Tanga Tanga Region HTTG TGT Tanga Airport 1,255 Asphalt
Ujiji Kigoma Region HTKA TKQ Kigoma Airport 1,794 Asphalt


Airports in the Zanzibar Archipelago are under the jurisdiction of the Zanzibar Airports Authority.

Location Region ICAO IATA Airport name Runway (m)
Pemba Island South Pemba Region HTPE PMA Pemba Airport 1,517
Unguja Island Zanzibar Central/South Region HTZA ZNZ Abeid Amani Karume International Airport 3,007


A giraffe passing by the Mtemere Airstrip in the Selous Game Reserve.
Location Region ICAO IATA Airstrip name Runway (m) Operated by *
Loliondo Arusha Region HTLD Loliondo Airstrip 1,535 TAA
Mikumi National Park Morogoro Region HTMK Kikoboga Airstrip 1,330 TANAPA
Mombo Tanga Region HTMO Mombo Airstrip 1,285 TAA
Morogoro Morogoro Region HTMG Morogoro Airstrip 1,000 TAA
Kilimanjaro National Park Kilimanjaro Region HTWK West Kilimanjaro Airstrip 1,244 TAA
Ruaha National Park Iringa Region HTMR Msembe Airstrip 1,288 TANAPA
Rubondo Island National Park Mwanza Region Rubondo Airstrip 1,242 TANAPA
Same Kilimanjaro Region HTSE Same Airstrip 750 TAA
Selous Game Reserve Pwani Region Mtemere Airstrip 1,232 MNRT
Seronera Mara Region HTSN SEU Seronera Airstrip 1,570 TANAPA
Singida Singida Region HTSD Singida Airstrip 1,057 TAA
Songo Songo Island Lindi Region Songo Songo Airstrip 1,050 TPDC

* TAA Tanzania Airports Authority, TANAPA Tanzania National Parks Authority, TPDC Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation, MNRT Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism

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